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Looked for one but couldn't find one, so here it is. Painting and conversions, show my what your currently working on, because the common man needs to show off his bits just as much as the master painters.

This is my current project, head swap with a forgefiend done for both models.

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Pretty cool. Is that a head option or if not, where'd ya get the bitz?

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came from this models head option, literally just swapped em over

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Looks like it's from the new dino-tron kits.

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Not the best picture quality, but my current Chaos Warshrine WIP.

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Side view

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Close up on the howdah thingie

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working on dv marines, trying out techniques.
gotta say i'm much happier with light dry brush than edge highlights

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damn son those suckers only just came out. looks boss so far.

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Painted these up recently.

Also painted a Hellcannon yesterday but haven't photographed it yet.

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Looks shit

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Yeah, the drybrush one looks better.

Very rich green you've achieved.

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Every time I go to paint my plague marines I secretly want to turn them into alpha legion ever since reading Legion. Also those are sexy

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Your face is shit.
See? I can do it, too.

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Land Raider Redeemer, SoB style. Because sometimes you want to pray AND set fire to people at the same time.

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Aforementioned Hellcannon.

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what did you use for the base, tell me your secrets

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I"m always tempted to make an Alpha Legion army completely painted in Ultramarine colours. All CSM parts and rules, but blue and gold with all the correct insignia.

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here are some death company i have like 99% done.

little touch ups here and there, paint black on the bolt pistol barrels ect.

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and tops

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Nicely painted.

I'm not sure about the use of green though.

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the tears from smurf players would be glorious

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It was included in the Finecast Hellcannon box.

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I'm the guy with the Alphas from earlier, my largest army is Ultramarines.

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i thought it would be something you dont see.... makes the blood drop gems pop out.

here is is on some of my troops

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some ork boys i've finished yesterday

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very well painted, but goddamn those tufts are huge

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Lies and slander, I've seen those gits on Da Waaagh!

youze deffskull

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i had some army painter tufts and didn't know what to do with them so.. btw. GW tufts are better IMHO

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Why are you such a faggot?

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i'll take that as a compliment

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finished these last week, quite happy with how they came out

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They look shit

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Rolled 95

I really like the paint job on your Alphas. Almost makes me want to do my Chaos stuff in that scheme. (Still going to do it Black Legion / Khorne.)

You can fuck right off you witless tool. They're obviously not done yet, and look fine for the painting stage they're in. There's something wrong with you, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a shotgun lobotomy.

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Nice vibrant orc green you've got going there.

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Rain Man pls go

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thanks, the flesh is the most important on orcs for me.

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Why such a faggot?

And I'm sorry if he cannot paint dOrcs correctly

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advance in my general direction male who shares the same parental background as I!!!

lets see some time stamped pics of some of your models bra!

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this post goes for you guys to!


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Another Heldrake here. working on the head today

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Reminds me of the good times

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Maybe on Teusday when I have access to my stuff.

I haven't gotten much farther than this, which was posted a couple of weeks ago in a paint thread.

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manly tears shed on the memories of TSOALR

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looks shit.

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and from another angle

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damn captcha eating my stuff
Brass scorpion progress, just legs to finish.

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Just finished this shield for my Khorne Knight. I know I dun goofed on the edges of the shield but I'll fix that when I pick the model up again.

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>original assault ramp not replaced by ramp leading from church door
>not enough skulls
>no stained glass
>no bell-tower
>windows not replaced by heavy bolters
>not enough purity seals notpure/10

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edge highlights are so late 90s - mid 200's

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its all about the dip now!

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I need to build a 5-man Thousand Sons biker squad so i'm hitting the concept art. I need feedback on my idea.

5 ornate flying discs (scratchbuilt discs of tzeentch basically) outlined with runes. The two "bikers" that have the basic TL-bolter have the foremost sigil be painted silver. The 2 special weapon "bikers" will have a different sigil painted in a mix of bright red/blue (to signify flamer/melta and plasma colours) while the champion gets a slightly more ornate disc with a unique sigil. This is to be able to know which is which by looks, while the available army list will show what armament they have as counts-as.

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Did this for a friend who bought DV in an effort to get some of the peeps who were interested in warhams into it.

Looks a bit shiney because the wash was still a little wet at the time of the photo

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Also did a cultist because why not.

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And then there is this guy

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I second this because Battle Budgie is too amazing alliteration.

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Cool shit, though. Props to you.

Anyone wanna gimme feedback on this? >>21427583

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It sounds pretty cool, though why anyone would take anything but Nurgle bikes is beyond me

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Viris colratha dath sethicara tesh dasovallian, Solruthis veh za jass

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It's cause I play Thousand Sons, mono-tzeentch and all that (though leaving the bikers unmarked cause it's 15 points wasted otherwise). I could use some advice or cool modelling tips. How would YOU go about making biker counts-as for tzeentch?

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It pisses me off that it looks so good....

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I did that with my Ultramarine army. Traitor Calgar is best Calgar.

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looks bland and lacks impact in his appearance, dipping tends to do that so don't take the easy way out next time.

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It looks like he dropped a basecoated model in syrup.

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Whatever he said!

God damn that head looks good. But it wouldn't work with my raptors.

Now if only that goddamn Aspiring Champion model was easy to head swap...

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The average model painter, who's painting for table top use, is not going to be able to shade and highlight armies to that quality in even twice the time using conventional methods.

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Using washes is just as quick and allows you to switch between different coloured washes.

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Wait wait wait, you mean to tell me that GK Librarian is actually just basecoated and then dipped into what exactly?

It looks fucking amazing.

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Wow, I could never justify paying this much if I didn't spend hours on each model.

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Well, each persons mileage varies. I would personally rather have my 2,500 points of Beastmen painted in a week and on the table to be enjoyed.

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It's quick, but not as quick. I mean you literally stick the model in a can of dip, shake it off, done. Washing is great, and a slightly better finished product, but not as fast.

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It's consecrated and dipped by an ordained minister into one of the last remaining pots of Devlan Mud.

It is slowly running out.

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Not judging, I just don't find the rules to be that good.

I'm just in it for the models, but still play now and then.

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if this were highlighted again after the dip.. it would be fucking amazing... don't be a lazy dipper. the dip goblin will stab you in your sleep otherwise.

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How the flying fuck does it dry with every drop being on exactly what you want? Everytime I wash, shit gets fucked due to GRAVITY with splotches and patches everywhere.

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I really didn't like that arc.

>> No.21430192

In progress. Currently working on details. Then its a coat of sealer and on to weathering.

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Also in progress. About to start detailing.

>> No.21430220

You need to consecrate it, meng.

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Not the most recent photo of this one. Have since gone over the lighter color making it a little less blue to give it more contrast. Started detailing the buttons on the breastcoat and the awards.

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You best make those eyes googly

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Shake it off, bro.

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Did any of you get any money from painting miniatures (commisions, ebay and such)? If so, how?

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Battle Budgie with googly eyes is now going to have to be my 2nd Helldrake, fffffffffffffffffffff I suck so much at painting yellow ahahha. Will be worth it though.

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I don't get why anyone does this at all, it looks like shit. Sure its fast, but it looks like shit.

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Hey man that's some pretty nice blending/pseudo blending you've got going on there.

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Take pictures when you do it

>> No.21434416

>pseudo blending

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Working on some Dust Warfare stuff right now, and I need some suggestions. How do you folks go about painting skin that's mostly undead? Flesh has ever been my weak point, and I need to make these Axis zombies pop a bit, so I wanted a brighter skin tone. Also, painting heavily rusted metal is new to me too, so any ideas there would be sweet.
Pic related, just finished this one, and totally missed half the mold lines.

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Did you prime that model before you started painting?

>> No.21434676

Hot damn that looks good
I think there's some modelling stuff meant to look like rust, but I can't remember where I saw it.
I don't know about the flesh though

>> No.21434954

Thanks for the compliment, it's much appreciated.
I've messed with pigment powders and such before, although I'm clean out right now, and stuck with age-old GW paints. My usual MO for flesh involves starting with a brown and working my way up from there, but it just doesn't look right on zombies - much too, you know, healthy looking.

>> No.21434988

Try starting with a yellow-ish color, or maybe a white?
It might get that "dead flesh" feel.

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>>21429205 Here

All the stuff I posted was basically just primed, given a basecoat for each color, cleaned up the sloppy bits, and then brushed nuln oil on to where it needed it.

Though you probably consider my stuff bad too thats fine, just not many people have been hounding me for it like the Librarian above

>> No.21437345

My Heldrake haven't done much else to it due to work and such. Oh and currently working on reposing Kharn.

>> No.21437357

and from another angle I also need to pick up some small chain for it. Once it is done it will be time to move onto my Daemon Prince.

>> No.21437482

And a shot of my Forge fiend. Because Dakka and stuff.

>> No.21437521

I hope you're going to give it googly eyes.

>> No.21438708

I second this notion. I've yet to see an instance where googly eyes have not enhanced a Warhammer model.

>> No.21438774


No, he should put some plasticard in that hole and make it a deep sea diver Forgefiend.

>> No.21438786

That...is also an excellent idea. Cover it with kelp and starfish!

>> No.21438839

Why not both?
Googly eye deep sea diver!

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>> No.21439298

What is that?
Why doesn't it have a mouth?

>> No.21439385


It's a Houndeye from a videogame called Half Life. It was a pretty good videogame for its time and recently got updated by a mod team. I haven't gotten a chance to check out the facelift but the mention of googly eyes just reminded me of this little guy.

>> No.21439426

Oh, those things from half-life? I never played the first one, but I've seen them before.
That 3D model of it looks weird though.

>> No.21439480


I'm pretty sure the first pic I posted was a fan recreation.

>> No.21439530

I guessed as much. It reminded me of Spore

>> No.21439539





>> No.21439819

Not everything has its mouth in the front.
Houndeyes have a beak in their chest/abdomen.

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All I can hear is shotgun blasts and swearing

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>> No.21440272

Can someone gimme feedback for this, I posted it yesterday and nobody cares.. >>21426301

>> No.21440651


Looks alright. The tongue and the red field sort of blend a bit. Not sure if that works but it's a matter of opinion.

Is the tongue supposed to be fleshy? If so, you might want to paint over that black line.

I would suggest taking some dark brown or black (or mix a little of both onto a palette), dilute it into a wash, and then go over the bolts on the shield rim. This should gather the wash around the edge of the bolt and make it pop out a bit.

That's about it, I guess.

>> No.21440709

Needs some razorwire.

>> No.21440711

It's decent. Try some NMM next time and it will look much better.

>> No.21440740

I need to fix the bolts yeah, I can't do bolts to save my life. The paint gather on the edges of it and makes it look plastic. Will give it a look-over, thank you.

Thank you as well but I like doing metallics myself, I prefer the shine plus I seriously suck at NMM and techniques that require actual light-knowledge. My highlights are always just "EDGES". I almost gave myself a hernie worrying about my painting but I decided I got my own style and i'm sticking with it, having much more fun that way.

>> No.21440748

Also the tongue does stick out a fair bit in person, just the photo is very close with lots of light.

>> No.21440786

Primed black, then dry brushed tin bitz, then dry brushed boltgun metal, then washed with black, then picked out all the weathering with mithril silver, dark angels green highlighted with goblin green.

ahhhhhhhhh drybrushing, the good old days before faggots with airbrushes.

>> No.21440885

>ahhhhhhhhh drybrushing, the good old days before faggots with airbrushes.
Not only both things predate miniature painting. But one is a technique used for texturing, while the other is a tool designed for priming and base coating.

>> No.21441062


Airbrushes have been used in mini painting to establish light and darks by way of the "pre-shading" techniques

>> No.21441174

>Airbrushes have been used in mini painting to establish light and darks by way of the "pre-shading" techniques
I know, but that still
has nothing to do with drybrushing, and is a secondary use of the airbrush.

>> No.21442571

>secondary use of the airbrush
according to you

>> No.21442580

>according to you
Sorry, it's true that it's not secondary. Not enough people use airbrushing for miniatures to it even be a secondary use.

>> No.21442642

>but I decided I got my own style and i'm sticking with it, having much more fun that way.

>Tfw finally happy with your painting style and everything you paint looks as good as the Sistine chapel to you.

>> No.21443738

Started painting up my chaos army I've had lying for over a year.

>> No.21444892

I like it. Khorne's always been my favorite God, though, so there might be a smidge of bias.

>> No.21445365

shitty phone camera, but you get the idea.
I have so many warzone minis its nice to practice on them.
Does anyone have some good blending techniques? my painting comes out very cel shaded, cartoony... i'd like to graduate to subtle blending.

>> No.21445507

that is one sweet wolfbane.

man i loved warzone back in the days...

>> No.21445581

me too, I was gutted when my brother lost all my counters. Wolfbanes still look really good as miniatures, I've got some of the real old mutant chronicles freelancers to.. they are so old school ahaha

>> No.21446593

This is my current work in progress.
I'm trying to do something new instead of dry brushing everything and the use a black wash. Wish me luck.

>> No.21446719

Just painted this old geezer. I'm very satisfied with the result.

>> No.21446761

I really like this model.

>> No.21446803

And the last.

>> No.21446809

Not fond of the model, but you did a good job on it. The face, especially.

>> No.21446930

Not very recent

>> No.21446969

You have been found guity of the crime of not resizing. sentence, DEATH.

>> No.21446982

You don't use 4chanX so the images fit the width of your screen?

>> No.21447012

I click on them and they fit to screen, still fucking huge tho and the first thing I see is a extreme close up of the head. paint jobs don't look good at that res.

>> No.21447061

Is this good?

>> No.21447279

white needs some work, the scroll also could use some more smoothing of the colors, the highlight is uneven if you want to keep it that way, or smooth it out.

7/10 for table top painting

>> No.21447359

Would someone mind explaining what, precisely, a wash is? I see the term used a lot but rarely with an explanation.

>> No.21447423

Runny paint that gets into the crevices to form shades.

>> No.21447542


Ah, I see. Is the conventional wisdom to use this to enhance simple drybrushing(?) or replace it entirely?

>> No.21447556

yeah that size is way better.
regards to the painting, go over the white again on the shoulder. maybe do some writing on the scroll, dull the gold then highlight back up for more of a contrast. still good tho :)

>> No.21447597

wash for shadows, dry brush for highlights

>> No.21447607

before and after with washes.. and a little highlighting

>> No.21447619

Drill your barrels bro and your good to go. Seriously I know it sounds silly but it really does make a huge difference

I have like 9 more of these dudes to do, takes me waaaaay to long to finish up one though.

>> No.21447750

ohhhh .... and it seems really obvious to those who've done a lot of painting, but .... don't rush things. wait, wait, WAIT until that paint is dry before washing. the wait until that wash is dry before doing something else. *mumbles about mud*

>> No.21447840

I find washes used with either edge highlighting and/or drybrushing is the best combination. The more you use the techniques the more you start to get a feel for when and where to use them.

>> No.21447955

Master of Ordnance? Ive been thinking of making one but cant decide how to make him look artillery spotter enough..

>> No.21448053


Wow, very impressive.


Haha, my big problem is that I've got a perfectionist streak. I know I'm new to miniatures painting but it's annoying to be unable to instantly match some of the really impressive stuff I see online.

>> No.21448072

that what I was going for yeah, I just gave him binos, he used to have an extra antenna but it broke.

>> No.21448098

Is that the mechanical beast from Atlantis: The Lost Empire?

>> No.21448101


I really love that model as well. I don't know what it is but it's really great.

Staff especially.

>> No.21448116

What it is in the sense of 'What makes me think it's so great'. I'm well aware it's a VC Necromancer.

>> No.21448240

Helldrake, but that is the ye olde kind of look I was going for. All heavy metals and clockwork science.

>> No.21448373

Will keep in mind, thanks.

I wanted to, but I'm not sure how you drill into metal pieces. Is there a trick to it or do I need more powerful tools?

>> No.21448866

I use one of these for metal and plastic mans, just take your time with the metal models because if you rush it or choose to make the hole way to big you can risk boring out the sides of the barrels

>> No.21448895

the pic is pretty small, I can't really make out what that is, but I use an electrical drill with small pins. Is the thing on the picture different from that?

>> No.21449010


warning turn your sound off, horrible music incoming. But a really good vid of how to drill your barrels with a pin vice.

>> No.21449022

>Is the thing on the picture different from that?
It's a hand drill, you use your own body energy, making it enviroment-friendly and improving your health at the same time. Guaranteed purchase.

>> No.21449038

its a drill you turn by hand.. very small 4inches or so.

>> No.21449067

Thanks guys, I'll try to get one of those.

also lol music 2edgy4me

>> No.21449087

How the hell did he drill it that fast? All my drilling has been futile spinning that doesn't go any deeper than a small crater. If I press harder the drill bit sometimes slips because it's a piece of shit.

>> No.21449193

In this life boy, you gotta go fast

>> No.21449249

clamp the bit down tighter
or, wrap the smooth part in a small bit of friction tape then insert back into pin vise.

>> No.21451350

First Thousand Sons model. Overall I love the way it turned out, and with some more practice I think I'll have a really good looking army.

Thoughts, tips or suggestions?

>> No.21452052

>> No.21452204


>> No.21452250

and a kasarkin in vostroya colors

>> No.21452288

better picture

>> No.21454487

Planning on doing a Big Daddy conversion from a deep wars model, and now I'm thinking about having a group of splicers to go up against the big guy.
I'm thinking these zombies from wargamesfactory would make some good splicers with some work, but after working with some of their ashigaru I'm concerned with the assembly. Has anybody worked with this kit? How is it?
Also does anybody have ideas for a little sister model?

>> No.21454539


What blue you use, bro?

>> No.21454597

Haven't painted a miniature in 10 years and suddenly my younger brother wants to play D&D so decided to give it a try. Not that I ever was any good.
Tips appreciated.

>> No.21454604


>> No.21454610


>> No.21454641

With just water?
I can't get any fluid acrylics around here. Any alternatives?

>> No.21454945

>fluid acrylics
I mean, *wash, of course. I can't even remember the terms.

>> No.21455096

A Pano Knight I've been working on.

I'm not sure if I should keep the lute or not, so it's stuck on temporarywith blu-tac

>> No.21455123

did you purchase a citadel painting station...?

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