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Captcha ate the longwinded post, grrrr

Basically my friend and I were talking about Guy Gardner (Green Lantern protag) vs every space marine ever, and it led to who would be the strongest possible Green Lanter. He said Batman (As the Green Rings run off willpower, which Manbat is in excess of), and I brought up Sisters of Battle. I'm fairly confident whatever the leader of a SoB chapter is would be mindblowingly full of willpower, but I can't think of a way to accurately describe it. I know one example is that heretical SoBs are rarely seen, at least in comparison to CSM or Cultists, but he doesn't really understand the power of chaos's influence so it doesn't help.

Do you guys know any good examples of a SoB defying the impossible through faith, or at least a bit of fluff or something that describes their willpower?

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the bloodtide incident

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Ephrael Stern before she went to Parnis.

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There's the fact that they can cancel out what's essentially magic by denying it exists hard enough.

More practical examples? Shit like this happens from time to time.

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It's not that battle sisters have more willpower than marines (they probably have less, since they don't get hypno-conditioning like marines do, as far as I know) it's that they have more faith, and a spiritual connexion with the emperor that makes them able, collectively, to manifest his power. Marines do not worship the Emperor as a god, and usually don't devote themselves to him as hard as the sisters. Those that do (Black Templars) happen to have their own miracle-dudes (Grimaldus and the Emperor's Champions).

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Batman wouldn't be a good Green Lantern, he has far too many issues to effectively wield the ring and his entire mindset and the way he operates make the ring a poor choice.

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Remind him of the time Bats put on a green ring, saw his parents talking about how they didn't approve of hie nightlife (facing your worst fear every time was standard at the time), and couldn't handle it.

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Pretty sure Batman has put on the ring at least twice, both times he didn't really make the cut.

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Remind him of the time that an alien weapon seeking those of great will and able to overcome fear showed up and didn't pick Batman, didn't even rank him in the top three.

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Wouldn't their completely unshakeable faith actually make them really good BLUE Lanterns?

They have an absolutely colossal amount of hope in the fact that Big E knows what he's doing and is protecting humanity.

They're not exactly "All Will Be Well", because this is fucking 40k, but still.

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Due to humanities utter inhumanity to everything ever, they'd be perfect candidates for the Indigo Tribe as well.

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Or red.

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Any living saint.

They have so much willpower that they posthumously ignore death. It happens. THEN they ignore it.

Come on.

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>a spiritual connexion with the emperor that makes them able, collectively, to manifest his power

So basically, the SoB have their own version of the WAAAGH!?

Sisters of Battle: the Orks of the Imperium.

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That's absurd, everyone knows you can't have a proper WAAAGH! without banners.

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Sister make...a lot of Lanterns.

But yeah, the fact that St Celestine keeps getting back up is a good example. Or the fact that they can keep a tank going with sheer grit and willpower after it's been hit with enough force to make it little more than scrap metal.

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Going by Blood of Martyrs? They have enough faith to Shining Finger chaos marines.

Which is, as an aside, one of the reasons I want to make an Unarmed Sister of Battle for a silly game. Unfortunately they don't get the Unarmed Warrior and Unarmed Master talents.

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>Do you guys know any good examples of a SoB defying the impossible through faith, or at least a bit of fluff or something that describes their willpower?

Well they are girls in 40K.

You think there are no girls on the Internet? Try 40K. NO GIRLS ALLOWED!

OK, maybe some Eldar and stupid, sexy Tau in fanon. But otherwise? It's a boy's club. No female Space Marines, ever. Female Guardsman, Orks? Show me the models.

Admittedly some Eldar, and Tau can be any gender in those hot and sexy mecha. But if you want girls in the Imperium? It's SoBs all the way.

They got there through a force of will that to even describe it? Doc E.E. Smith of Lensman fame would blush from the purple prose required.

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So true it hurts.

When was the last time you had to break a Guardsman's spine with your bare hands JUST TO GET A SQUAD OF THE SEXIST FUCKERS TO LISTEN TO YOUR SUGGESTIONS?

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Their fault for being born women. Imagine what that dedication would get them if they were men.

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Your logic, sir, is without flaw

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black templars

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Looks like someone forgot to check his Mehreen privilege at the door. The only thing I hate more than Chaos is supermanchildren. How are you even regular men ic you can't please a woman for the emprah? Get sum, Warpdick!

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A real men can attend to his duties and not the random desires of whatever woman wishes to be filled.

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Brain hemorrhage time.

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I hate girl gamers.

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>They have enough faith to Shining Finger chaos marines.

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SoB are actually badass because FFG don't have a snuff fetish.

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I would also like to know.

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That's only the PC Sisters of Battle. Others don't have Fate Points. Exception for the extremely powerful ones who can get that one talent, but they're not just any sister either way.

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The only people worse than 40k fagtards are the 'who will win' fagtards.

And the worst of all those sorts are the 'lel batman wins becuz batman' fagtards.

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Sisters have been known to fall to chaos.

Better option would be Grey Knights. Canonically they have the strongest willpower in the Imperium.

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Obviously Simon, or this sexy motherfucker right here, would make the best GL.

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It can't really be considered willpower. Maybe in part, but a lot of it is the genetic wards and implanted mental engrams.

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Please Respond...

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>who would be the strongest possible Green Lanter

Hal Jordan.

We're done.

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Guy is canonically more powerful, but he lacks the author-love to actually do the job, plus he's a joke character, he's just an incredibly lethal joke character.

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Where in the canon is this stated? I like GG, but he is no Hal Jordan.

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It was in one of Geoff John's wankfests, where he specifically stated that Guy's will is so powerful his ring constantly sparks, because it can't really contain his power. The sad part is that, while Guy is a joke, he's still smarter than Hal, and has a wider imagination (he does more with the ring than fucking boxing gloves, just not much more), but that's mostly because Hal is a complete fucking retard.

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He's also the only Green Lantern Superman can't really just steal the ring of by thinking really hard.

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see >>21425026

Simon. His ring would be his drill!

Pic related is all bluff and bravado. He's canonically the weakest of the lot, but Simon believed.

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I don't know, Captain America is probably in the same league as Simon.

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Thor's will aint too bad either, he once willed himself back into existence out of boredom.

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You're mis-remembering Green Lantern: Rebirth, in which Hal remarks on the particular styles of the Earth Lanterns. Guy's ring is certainly sparking with power and eagerness, John's constructs are designed from the inside out, Kyle's boundless creativity is made manifest in endless variation - and Hal Jordan's own strength is his unbreakable will. Your favourite is not necessarily the strongest, sorry.

As for the boxing gloves, that was on Hal's mind a lot due to sharing a love of the sport with Olly.

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Hal's never had his ring say "I'm not actually powerful enough to do that" All 3 of the other primary Green Lanterns from Earth on the other hand HAVE been told to fuck off by their ring.

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Hal doesn't take "no" for an answer.

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Then he gets to die in space like the others almost did.

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I know for a fact that Hal Jordan eats, drinks, and breathes willpower. This is fortunate, because his bodily waste is also willpower.

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The reason the rings told their Lanterns "no", is because if they actually pushed that much willpower through, the ring would break. Push all you like, you're going to be sucking vacuum. Also: go to bed Geoff Johns.

>> No.21425721

Blahblahblah. The ring is a reflection of the Lantern's own psychology. The reason their rings would break is because they were (relatively) puny men.

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Were that true, Hal's ring would barely function, because he barely functions.

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I'm still waiting for you to dig out any actual canon that shows GG to be more powerful than Hal. So far all we've established is that you don't really know your shit.

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The burden of evidence is also on you, because you haven't shown fuck all either.

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Well, actually, I cited Rebirth. I know you didn't read it, but that's not my fault.

>> No.21425805

But you didn't show it.

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Wasn't it Hal who batman made the plan to break the his will in order to beat him? The plan that was stolen along with all batman's plans to defeat the GL if any of them became evil?

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Not that any of Batman's plans actually worked, the only one that could have been remotely successful was the one to kill Superman.

>> No.21425858

Anyone is free to look up Rebirth and prove me wrong. I'm not making some airy-fairy claim about some canon in some comic somewhere with no definite title.

Batman's been wrong about Hal Jordan before.

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All of them worked. When batman intervened did they become ineffective because he knew exactly why they worked.

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Batman would make a terrible GL, he has too many issues that can't be dropped. However he would make an excellent Sinestro/Arkillo Corp member. He's so damn scary, aliens on distant worlds whisper his name in fear of summoning him.

Guy is more powerful than Hal, he has so much will it leaks. Hal has given up before, twice to parallax, and once to Spector.

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Flash worked his way through his own problem. Martian Manhunter merely needed a minor hand getting over his problem. Superman was right fucked, even the League actually had problems trying to save his ass. The plan for Wonder Woman didn't actually make any sense, she's smarter than that.

Those plans sucked.

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>Guy is more powerful than Hal, he has so much will it leaks.

This is a failed recollection of Green Lantern: Rebirth. Try again.

One must also remember that GG has given up to... Hal Jordan.

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Because Geoff Johns is a fanboy.

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If I remember correctly didn't the flash get talked through the plan by batman? All the plans worked up till batman got back in the picture and informed them they were being fucked with. Granted superman was the only one that had to have someone help him because the plan was so simple yet so good.

>> No.21425928

I recall Batman being buried alive (as if that would work) by Bane when Flash was dealing with his problem.

>> No.21425940

I remember batman telling him on comms to go through the ice and pray, but I could be wrong it's been a while.

>> No.21425983

>Let's argue about the canon, and if I don't like it, it's not canon!

And then anon was the fanboy

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