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Hey, /tg, gotta ask

Is there more to Slaanesh than just sex and drugs?

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Anything, ANYTHING, taken to excess empowers Slaanesh. Studying till you pass out due to exhaustion, trying to get your drawing to be a truly perfect replica of some other down to the nanometer... Things like that are also worship to Slaanesh. It's just that it's very, very easy to go overboard with drugs and sex. You can do it with other things but those two are the easiest so those are what most worshipers go for.

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Ash Ketchum. You want to be the best? That ever was? You want to perfect every aspect of your art?

That's Slanesh. Most folks just seek to experience perfection rather than craft it themselves.

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You can be a Slaaneshi cultist gourmand, collector, reader, musician, whatever. You just have to take it to the absolute DOUBLE MAXIMUM EXTREME.

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Of course. Slaanesh is the God of excess, doing anything that is your passion to the utmost of extreme. He/She/It is the God of pushing boundaries far past breaking point. Do you like art? Then Slaanesh wants you to paint the most striking, disturbing, and eerily beautiful piece you can make. Do you like music? Then Slaanesh wants you to make music that is so piercing that your brain can barely handle it. Yes, sex and drugs are prominent, but he is about perfection, the excessive, and being whatever you want to be, and being the VERY best at it.

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Slaanesh is the god of EXCESS.

NOT the god of sex and drugs.

Fuck OP you have made me really mad.

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I'm making a fallen Salamanders successor chapter that fucked up their sleep cycle implant so they barely sleep, and as a result would spend weeks at at time obsessively at the forge making weapons and armor and were driven insane by their constant wakefulness and pursuit of perfect craftsmanship. Of course, Slaanesh took notice and took them into his fleshy and perfumed grasp.

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You can be a total Slaaneshi badass who is obsessed with being the greatest fighter there ever was, right down to covering your house with razors so that you can constantly train to never be taken off-guard

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Its not nurgle

but when I eat McDonalds I shit excessively. Like 4 steamers in 2 hours.
Fukken Slaanesh!!

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The important thing, of course, is that you will NEVER be satisfied, because Slaanesh isn't about happiness or satisfaction, just the unhealthy pursuit of it.

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So does this mean the entire Imperium is Slaaneshi?

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Pleasure and decadence are parts of his sphere. Meaning sexual and chemical induced pleasure falls in his domain.

Ergo, Slaanesh is the God of Sex and Drugs.

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But that's just one of hte things that Slaanesh falls under.

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Do you have a hobby? Perfect it.

You've perfected it? Make it more perfect.


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Slaanesh isn't just the god of those things however
It is the god of excess, pleasure etc etc. the lazy writers just generally choose the easy route of "slaanesh is the god of raping things to death and doing enough coke to OD a planet"

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>excess and pleasure
so, it still boils down to sex and drugs.

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An entire fort taken by a Fell Mood.
Jesus Christ, I bet THAT pissed off the player something fierce.

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>Space Marine game of Dwarf Fortress
My money.
Take all of it.

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>gretchin spots you
>"Ssssspace marine!"
>you die

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Slaanesh gets his power from pleasure.

Be it an innocent crush, feeling satisfied after a hard days work or slapping your dead grandmother's titties with a severed donkey willy.

Slaanesh is different from the other gods in that aspect that while Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle demand you feel or do certain things, with Slaanesh it's all about you and what makes YOU feel good. If you don't like it, Slaanesh gets nothing from it.

So if you like painting and it makes you feel good, Slaanesh is pleased. But like with any drug, you build resistance to it. In time painting the same old does not fill you the same way it did. So you start to experiment. You find new ways to spark that same feeling. You become obsessed with the perfect picture, the perfect combination. You work and you work.

And only when you're run down wreck of a man with nothing else left to give, and only death as the final experience to be had, you are free to shed your mortal coil. And in death you find that it's not a sweet release, but a dark damnation, and you wasted your entire life for nothing.

This is Slaanesh. These are the empty promises he makes, sweet words to hide the poison that lies within. A cheap hooker telling you how big you are and how she loves you, and in your drunken stupor you believe her, but in the morning you're left with a hangover, light wallet and maybe a VD or two.

Reason why sex, drugs and rock'n'roll is the most popular aspect of Slaanesh is simply because, well, there's different things people like, but about all like sex, no? And drugs make you feel good. Nobody takes them for the great complexion and hygiene, or as a dietary supplement, but for the time between the taking the drug and the terrible aftermath.

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You mean, if mortals, whose emotions manifest in the Warp and in time gave birth to the dark gods as well as sustain them, yes.

When a guardsman kills a xenos, it empowers Khorne, because day without blood is a day without sunshine. The change from life to death empowers Tzeentch. The death and new life that will grow from the rotting corpse will empower Nurgle. The satisfaction the guardsman feels for doing the Emperor's work will empower Slaanesh.

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Yes, OP, there is...

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So when a Tzeentch cultist stays up scheming all night giggling like a schoolgirl, he empowers Slaanesh?

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Vanity and Charisma go hand in hand with Slaanesh.

People will worship the ground you walk on, they'll practically eat it.

But it won't even compare to a fraction of the love you hold towards yourself. Because you're a selfish, arrogant twat.

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Is fashion for Slaanesh as it is excess or Tzeentch as it is something constantly changing?

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In BFG it's said that Slaaneshi ships are overly decorative and prettied up.

I'd say Slaanesh in general, but Tzeentch gets his share from the changing bits. I don't see Tzeentch much caring about the aesthetics of things rather than the metaphysical.

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