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I'm thinking of playing Warhammer. What is the best army for a beginner to play?

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Imperial guard, tanks everywhere.

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You should play what you like.

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Either Necros or some type of Space Marine

Both are cheaper to get into than IG, because IG means lots of tanks or lots of squads. Also both are forgiving to play, since you can make a mistake and not be totally screwed.

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Boy.. we dont get this thread 90 times a day and the OP if serious would never be able to get this information by lurking more than 5 minutes

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>I'm thinking of playing Warhammer.

You're in for a world of disappointment.

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Learning how to play takes very little time. Building an army however takes a huge amount of money and time and it will likely be a looooong time before you even consider starting a second army.

So don't worry about 'beginner armies'. Go with >>21393930.

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We get it like 2 times every 3 days calm your shit.

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oh ok

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Fair point. We really need a sticky with the following:

>link to the GW site
>reminder that other games exist and are worth checking out, although there might not be (m)any players locally
>reminder that miniature hobbies in general are expensive, and that GW in particular is shockingly expensive
>link to cheaper online stores

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(different guy here) What about Warhammer Fantasy instead?

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Why not just make a sticky that says: "Ask Google first."

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Playing for fun or competition?
Friends or strangers?
Dakka or choppa?
Armour or infantry?
Good or evil?

Best bet is to pick the army you like looking at and playing as.

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Much better, because it has Medieval Germany.

Play Empire. They're well rounded and have the best clothing.

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This is one time I can honestly say PP is better than their GW equivalent without being a douchebag faggot Warmahorde shitposting derailer.

Unless you are playing a smaller army like Ogre Kingdoms or absolutely MUST play a WHFB army because you love the way they look, I say Hordes is superior.

WHFB games tend to be at a much larger points bracket and almost all the armies require hordes of miniatures to deploy in blocks. At least 40K has a lot of small, elite armies and play smaller games. WHFB hordes make 40K hordes look tame.

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Insulting HRE by calling them Germany, what are you even doing?

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> GW in particular is shockingly expensive.

Hordes was here. Sixty bucks for ten plastic dudemens in static poses with no extra bits. What's expensive now?

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shit rules
greedy company

yea sounds like a great hobby

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inb4 "we pay less to play a game than you"

Because Warmahorde players are stupid faggots who like paying more for less and then use that as a defensible argument.

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People like you dislike it so that's already a plus in my book.

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Ok then, what would YOU recommend?

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You're right, I have sinned against the Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation and/or Imperium Romanum Sacrum Nationis Germanicæ!

Stop being German, person who wants to start playing WFB, and start being Holy and Roman and Imperial.

And remember, bitches love Christ and Eagles.

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If you buy smart and trade once you get into the hobby you can bypass the expense and greed by a good deal.

The rules can be lame sometimes but of you are just playing with friends and family in a relatively casual environment it's great fun.

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This isn't /a/

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Unless you eBay or plan to play at 1000 and below forever, I'd say you still need about $400-500 to get yourself completely set up. But then you're set for life, unlike other hobbies like card games with set rotations or video games.

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You know what? I'm a GW fan boy but most of the new GW releases are one pose only. Look at the forgefiend. Have fun making your own distinct stuff with that. Or Aspiring Champion or Dark Apostle. No extra bits.
Its dissapointing. It used to be that GW plastics were fucking amazing.. now.. ehh (beautiful of course but with little ability to customize)

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Now you're talking!

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Just ignore him. There aren't any real alternatives.

Warmahordes: Lot of players, but you pay more and get less models. Overall cost is less. Not as many players as Warhammer, but in some areas they'll have the same amount, or people will say they don't see any GW players or have 1-2 more PP players so claim the game has a larger playerbase.

Any other game: either crazy expensive miniatures even moreso than GW and PP, or non-existent playerbase. Some historical games like Flames of War you might be able to find a playerbase, but then that's only if you like historical games. For shit like DUST and Infinity and whatnot, forget it. Malifaux is one, but again no players.

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I, uh, assume you mean 40k. Warhammer by itself usually refers to the Fantasy setting. It really depends.

First off, you're going to have to learn most of the rules of the game eventually, so don't think about which army has the most convenient mechanics, and think more about which one has the gameplay style which suits you better. I'd recommend narrowing things down to which army looks aesthetically pleasing to you, and then proxying said army's units and running some test games. The worst thing you can do is buy into this game and not like the army you started in with.

There are, of course, other factors to consider. The one block people tend to trip on is financial cost of armies. If you're really interested in the setting enough that you don't mind narrowing down your starting choices of armies to a handful (and you will HAVE to do that if price is truly a concern), then there are a small handful of options... all of them Space Marines. Look up Draigowing, Deathwing, and Loganwing armies on google for a start. The absolute cheapest you could go is with Chaos Space Marines, who can make use of the Dark Vengeance box set to start an army that can go up to like 1600 points altogether if you convert and paint every model in it FOR KAY-OSS.

On the other hand, you might be a tourneyfag. In which case, be prepared to either hand off a shitload of your money, or do some hardcore budgeting, as 40k (like all /tg/ games) can be a slippery slope. That said, the factions widely considered to be the best are Necrons and Grey Knights. Regardless of who you use, IG and Eldar are considered immensely useful allies.

Do remember that you'll also need the main rulebook (ebay the paperback to save money), the codex for your army, and maybe some dice and the relevant templates.

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Changing poses is as simple as clipping 45 degrees off the top of a shoulder joint. Some of the stuff like Warmachine guys are literally UNPOSEABLE. They are like the GW snapfit stuff.

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> most of the new GW releases are one pose only

You mean the resin-sculpt HQ models and the vehicles? No shit they're monopose. Look at the MPPKs. Those things are customizable as shit. Arms facing whatever way, interchangeable heads, twistable torsos, weapon options, gubbins and flash...

Seriously, look at the troop boxes that have been put out lately. Fucking oodles of extras. You're up your ass if you think new plastics have gone down in quality.

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>no players
If that's true, how do those games continue to sell products?

Plus, y'know, some people play with actual friends. So a group of people get into a game together, and have people to play with. It's like magic!

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> There aren't any real alternatives.

That's some hardcore marketing you've got going on there.

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they don't

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Finecast is still more poseable than a lot of the competitors. Either their arm will come separately or they'll have customizable wargear.

Of course you can always force the poeability yourself with a razorsaw and greenstuff. Works for any company's products.

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>implying it isn't a reasonable argument
Player of neither here. GW seems to cost less per model, but you generally need more models to make up an army. GW is therefore in total more expensive. Granted, you might want the models in themselves, in which case more models is good, but if you're not... Warmahordes will be cheaper.

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>You're up your ass if you think new plastics have gone down in quality.

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A single plastic monopose figure that had to have a custom mold made for it because it's not multipart and doesn't show in any of the box sets?

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what is MPPK?

I think he does have a point though. New releases seem to be amazing in quality but limited in customization.

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It's the only marketing GW knows!

"Other companies? No, there aren't any. Of course not."

"Other games? No, GW has never made any other games. It's always been Warhammer, 40k, and LotR. Those are your options. Enjoy."

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Thanks for proving my point.

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Infinity has a playerbase where I am...

Check the FLGS and ask what games people play.

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I don't normally use the phrase 'sick burn', but... ooooooh, sick burn.

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No you don't. 1 HQ and 2 Troops is all you need to play. And there are skirmish rules for going even lower.

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I spent $160 on a complete Dark Angel army

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>No you don't. 1 HQ and 2 Troops is all you need to play. And there are skirmish rules for going even lower.

Yeah, try getting anyone to actually play you at that level. Everyone wants to bring their toys, they don't give a fuck about low point games.

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Why play with models at all then? Just use coins instead of models and play Warmahordes since they have cheaper rules and supplies.

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Multi-Part Plastic Kit.

Compare current Spice Wufs sprues to old ones. Compare current Tactical Squad sprue to older ones. If you look beyond the starter sets, plastics have only gotten better.

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DA terminator armies the go to choice for instant fun.

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The question isn't if the sculpts are amazing. ... they fucking ARE! I mean holy shit..

but good luck doing anything with those that makes yours look unique without going apeshite with the greenstuff and bone saw.

Heldrake... AMAZING! but only thing you can change around is the gun/tongue

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Play Draigowing then.

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The idea of avoiding the ridiculous prices on GW's main site is a good one. Let me help you with that.


An example of some solid online retailers. ebay will also do a whole hell of a lot to save you money. There's also thriving secondhand markets on some forums. For instance, Dakka has people who may be willing to part with their armies for cheap.

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You can play Warmahordes with smaller armies too, no? Not sure of the minimum, but I think it does starter sets for something like $50.

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actually a lot of people near me loved kill teams and more than likely will also go for the new battle force recon rules as well.

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> Implying small games aren't fast and fun as hell

Man, most of us are just happy to get a game in.

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30 termies, 1 named character, 1 land raider, 3 bikes.

Rape in a can

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Reverse the wing blades. Add a tail. You can do tons of stuff.

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I don't know about anyone else, but my LGS regularly does escalation tournaments, where we start at 500 points and gain 250 each week.

I've never made it past the 1250 mark.

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Because models are cool? Doesn't mean you necessarily want a metric shit-ton of models...

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ebay retailers are best for non USA non UK fags.

that sketchy sprue wholesale

100 ork boyz, $200


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really irks me how so many people buy the new GW kits and just hack the shit out of them to modify them and the hack jobs are ok but not amazing.
Doesn't justify fucking up an expensive kit.

>> No.21394389


Yeah, you can. But if you start reducing model cost and go down to games that involve 1 or 2 models per player (which I think you can for GW and you may or may not with PP) then GW still wins out because their models tend to cost less per figure. "Warmahordes plays with less figures" is a slippery slope.

>> No.21394392

Again, vehix and characters (and Warhammer charamonster sets, which are basically both) are not poseable because vehicles are STC approved and characters are fucking unique models. Of course they're static.

Try looking at the new Raptor/WT box. It's fucking glorious.

>> No.21394394

Actually the wings are very modular.

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Oh hey, maybe you guys can help. I'm lookign to do a campaign with my friend over Vassal, and Planetary Empires seemed fun, but the one /rs/ link is dead. Does anyone have a copy?

>> No.21394397

>Land Raider

Goodbye, wallet.

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my LGS has some fun Malifaux players. Me and two other players got some bros into it too, so it's a small, fun playing choice.

Also the fact that 35$$ can net you an entire army right out of a box, and the models are generally pretty damn good is a good selling point.

I use Malifaux to get cheap players into the store to play. Prepare for an absolutely atrociously set up rules book though, and getting used to not using dice can take a game or so.

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>models are cool

There you go. So shut the fuck up with the anti-GW pro-PP bullshit. Models are models and models are cool. If I like Gundam don't fucking shitpost about Bandai all over the thread and promote Five Star Stories.

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I like malifaux variety and setting don't get me wrong but am I the only one that feels it is incredibly hipster?

>> No.21394434


There are torrents readily available if you go that route instead of direct download site.

>> No.21394435

If you're not submitting them to contests, who gives a shit? I bought my dudemens so I could hack and chop them into a billion itty bits because fuck you I'm the space pope.

>> No.21394445

mine was $60

>> No.21394448


Malifaux IS the hipster wargame. What did you expect? That's kind of the appeal too. The hipster punk saloon stuff.

>> No.21394449

Hey, if you don't have a torrent tracker, I think I might have a copy sitting around. Gimme a bit to remember my Mediafire password and I'll see about uploading it.

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Ehhh some of the models can be(looking at Guild and some Arcanists...)

But to be fair there's also zombie hookers, swamp things, redneck goblins with pig-apults and the main undead guy has a model where it's him being carried in a pimp-chair by undead is pretty sweet.

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>buy an expensive kit
>hack it up
>probably add another sum of parts from other expensive kits onto it

It's just retarded i'm sorry no offense.

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Check out this guy. He's edgy!

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>> No.21394482

I'd say it's a bit on the dark-end for hipster, though some of the more 'nice' factions are very steampunk-hipster-fetish.

>> No.21394498

> expensive parts
> excess bits I've had laying around for four years
uhhhh... you're not really getting how much extra gubbin you get from MPPKs are you?

> edgy

>> No.21394509


'ere you go. Planetary empires.

>> No.21394511


Yeah, I was getting major Ork vibes from the guy talking about how he fucks up his kits and doesn't give a shit.

But I support this guy's right to call Orkz edgy. Fucking hipster greenskins. Why can't they be tacticool and efficient like the rest of us?

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>I can't like both aspects of wargaming

Come on, now.

>> No.21394517


Yeah I left it out but Malifaux strikes me as sort of dark, gothic, hipster steampunk. And not hipster in a bad way, just hipster as in like...hip.

>> No.21394520

pick one

>> No.21394525

Don't you see if you have to hack up a GW kit to make it better its a failure on GWs part to make a cool kit.
You shouldn't buy a kit you don't like and feel tempted to modify till its unrecognisable.

This is one of GWs marketing strategies. ie "Conversions" or kitbashing

>> No.21394532


I never get tired of this smiley Dread o' Lantern.

I need to figure out how to add smiley faces to my coffin dreads.

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Whoops. That was intended for the other guy.

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nah I feel malifaux has the potential to be hipster bad.
Though it depends on how hipster are the players.

>> No.21394545

>Player of neither here
I was just responding to these guys: >>21394094, >>21394111, who assumed I was talking about Warmahordes because herp derp Warma vs. Warhams.

>> No.21394546

Thank you kindly, sir.

>> No.21394558

Then yes, probably. Everyone that can thematically wear them has goggles. EVERYONE.

You have any armies? What sort are you running? I've got Rasputina, the Viktorias, Kaeris and I recently picked up Molly cause an undead crying girl scaring huge guild bruisers is hysterical to me,

>> No.21394581

I never said you can't like both.

Better is subjective, dipshit. I added Grey Knight melee weapons and Fantasy shields to my Ravenwing bikers. Are there rules for it? No. Is it in the codex? No. Will everyone agree that it looks better? No. But I like it better, and that's what matters.

>> No.21394584

Oh I have a few malifaux crews you have probably never heard of...

>> No.21394600

Ah i see so you aren't even doing WYSIWYG conversions. You are basically an uncontrollable kit destroyer.

>> No.21394612

All the players I know at my LGS are generally either:
A) 40k grognards looking for something to give them a chance to play(our 40k crowd is stunted since there's another gaming store full of neckbearded That Guys down the street)

B) people who used to play tabletop wargames and have kids now/jobs/a life but less money.

C) A couple of random bros that got into it due to the theme.

Only one of them has a fedora. But he likes hte cock so I guess it's okay?

>> No.21394621

>no fun allowed

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> destroyer

That mindset just means you're not a modeler. Bike Knights are metal as fuck.

I could use 'em as a Space Marines biker command squad if I wanted to. But I didn't think about that while I was building them. I just thought "You know what these fuckers need? FUKKEN HALBERDS."

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>not removing mold lines and leftover sprue

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It was meant for the guy who was saying kits were being "destroyed." While I understand the line of thinking for WYSIWYG, modeling something for the sake of Rule of Cool (or whatever aesthetic points someone may or may not be thinking of) is as much a legitimate part of the hobby as anything else.

To say otherwise is the Emperor-damned DEFINITION of nofun.

>> No.21394675

Holy shit, if GW can make Dark Angels half as cool as this for their new codex everything will be awesome.

But they probably can't.

>> No.21394678

That's before I cleaned up the model. It was a proof-of-concept piece and a testbed to see how the idea would work.

>> No.21394690

duuude don't get me wrong. Conversions are great. I love conversions. Destroying a kit is just well personally I remember when I used to destroy kits because i had this awesome idea. Then just regretted it afterwards. Waste of money.
I was also specifically referring to the Heldrakes that people seem to keep buying and completely redoing. If I converted a heldrake i'd do a head swap. That is about it.

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Oh, fake hipster sarcasm. Brain-fart. It's late.

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Wow. That's high praise. Thanks, buddeh.

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> Doesn't fill in tire gap with filler and then sand it down

>> No.21394723


My mistake for inferring a hidden pro-X agenda, then. I've had to deal with bullshit in 40K, WHFB, AND Warmahorde threads of all places so forgive me if I'd rather stay on topic than get another stupid shitstorm with the exact same arguments repeated ad nauseaum.

>> No.21394731

Again, pardon the sprue flash and junk. I've shaved the model down to look less shit.

>> No.21394732

looks pretty clean to me

>> No.21394736

>You are basically an uncontrollable kit destroyer


>> No.21394742

this one looks cool. Especially the daemonette head.

>> No.21394749

It was a concept piece. It's not finished. I haven't even gotten all my foot troopers finished yet and I need to polish my honour guard before I can get to my bike knights.

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>> No.21394753


Nemesis Halberds ARE WYSIWYG, provided the model has rules for power lances or power axes.

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File: 542 KB, 3072x2304, 7HwjU - Imgur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, the shield is pretty awesome on that one too. Not sure how well you can see it in this image. I suck at lightboxes.

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>> No.21394787

I still need to sand down the mold lines, clean up the shoulder, de-flash a few of the parts, etc.

>> No.21394802
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Bitch please this thing is god tier for crazy metalband cover conversions.

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File: 82 KB, 750x750, Knights of Glory but not really but still yeah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cool story bro

>> No.21394824

Looks like you left the mold lines on the drawing as well.

>> No.21394826

Glorious. If I were to do a heldrake, I'd use the tentacles as the front. Make it look like a Spelljammer thing.

>> No.21394835

I didn't draw this. Just found it in a drawthread. My hands are way too stupid for pen-and-paper shenanigans.

>> No.21394847


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