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Just got my notice by e-mail. Tentacle Bento is shipping and should be at my door any day now!

For those that don't remember what Tenteacle Bento is:

"Tentacle Bento is a cheeky, fast playing trick taking card game for 2 to 4 players. Each game puts you in the enviable position of being a horrid, tentacle flailing, slime oozing monster from outer space. Cleverly disguised (of course) as an adorable, and newly enrolled student at Takoashi University, an all-girls school nestled in scenic Japan.

Play requires matching a student, a location, and an action in order to get points for that student. Any suit combination of these cards is sufficient for a "sloppy capture", but a "noble capture" (all items of the same suit) allow you to capture up to three students simultaneously. Noble captures also allow additional game actions.

Suits in the game are "cute", "sexy", "sporty", and "smart".

Cultural events (such as Sports Day) and special personalities can also modify the basic game play."

I had to drop a good portion of my welfare money on it to get the pre-order with the special cards, but I think it was worth it. I mean seriously, where else can you get a game about demon tentacles raping young schoolgirls?

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For those that don't remember, Tentacle Bento intially had a kickstarter to try and make the game a reality. But some uptight fuckwits on kotaku had a problem with it, wrote an article decrying the game (some shit about violence/rape against women... psh!) One or two critical articles get written and kickstarter folds like a house of cards, and the game was later pulled from their site

Luckily, the guys at soda pop weren't going to let some prudes stand in their way of a good old fashioned hardcore tentacle raping, and started funding on their own site.

Now the game is funded, and months later, it's finally shipping! Hooray

tentacle bento general / tentacle bento image dump.

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the old kickstarter page:

the new fundraising page:

the kotaku article:

dakkadakka discussion (cancellation tank begind on pg 6)

insert credit article that kicked off the entire thing:

moar bitching:


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You know, I'm one of the most reasonable people on this board. Big on pro-women, anti-rape in games, and this game strikes me as a cute parody. Seriously, who is being protected here? All the real-life victims of tentacle rape and alien abduction?

Bitch, please


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Kotaku is shit and their opinions should never be recognized as valuable, much less valid.

Enjoy your silly parody, there's no harm done.

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I think the complaints were just from the "no-fun-zone" femnazi extremists. The same ones where if it was a game about dudes getting ass-raped in prsion, they'd think it was perfectly ok and acceptable because rape can't happen to men.

But I think the real victim here is me. Because the kickstarter got cancelled I had to wait even longer to get my hands on this game, and that's just unfair to me, I put up my hard-earned money to make this game a reality, what right do those uptight fucks at kickstarter and kotaky and insertcredit have to make me wait?

White heterosexual men are the most discriminated against people on the planet, I tell you.

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It's the age of good feelings and coddling, so of course people get anal pained over something they can simply opt out of.

But I'd have to actually see a game done before I even try it.

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It's my opinion that any censorship is bad. You may disagree, and that's fine, but in my mind, this is no different than if Barns and Nobel took all the DnD books off the shelves because Christians.

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Goddamit, why don't you just play Panic High School? It's like the exact same fucking thing.

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>Panic High School


>Panic High School is a studio remake of Sogo Ishii's first 8mm film of the same title

Less guns more tentacle rape, please

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I was hoping they'd have some copies at Gencon for some reason. I would totally get this as an impulse buy, but if I have time to think I have a few other tabletop stuff I'd want to pick up first.

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It would seem that fans of the game like talking about the imbroglio surrounding the game more than the game. Perhaps it appeals to people who think it makes them edgy for liking it? It started shiopping a few days ago as there have been people who already have it, and each and every time they talk more about 'how the squares tried to stop it' or some such bullshit, and only sort of talk about the game.

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Tentacle monster aliens grabbing college girls is a serious real-world issue?

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You should be saying too much censorship is bad.

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No, rape is, and presenting it as "Tentacle monster aliens grabbing college girls" is how it's being trivialized.

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I don't know a whole fuck of a lot about the game, but my reaction is this.

Nerds on the internet are sexist as hell. If they're complaining that something is too rapey, it's not because they think rape is bad, it's because some other aspect of it causes them to be anally anguished and they need a good excuse.

sage because it's going to be elf slaves and porn dumps in like ten seconds, guys, seriously, let it die

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>Trivialized only because women are involved
>Men being raped has been played as a joke for years

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Sorry, I just sort of assumed there was an English edition. Ignore me.

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The card artwork looks sick as hell. I know *I'll* be fappin' it to these lovely young ladies.

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Vroom vrooming in a Vroom Vroom thread.

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PGo rant about how 9/11 was caused by impressionable muslims playing too much Katamari Damacy, a vile game that trivializes the tragedy of property destruction

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Is it a game? Video game? What? Link to a website with more info?

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Shut up, this is a serious discussion I'm trying to have here. Do you have any *idea* how long it's taken me to get this game?

I'm like, pre-fapping it right now with anticipation.

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I don't know a whole fuck of a lot about the game, but my reaction is this.

Nerds on the internet are sexist as hell. If they're complaining that something is too rapey, it's not because they think rape is bad, it's because some other aspect of it causes them to be anally anguished and they need a good excuse.

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It's a serious issue for women, and games like this can be rape flashback triggers for women.

It demeans women and gets across the idea that it is okay to rape them.

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So, where's the rape? Please point me to it.

Also, what absolutely slays me, is that if this was about guys getting alien abducted, then it could be a hundred times more graphic and no one would bat an eye at it.

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Using some more of our tax dollars, welfare queen?

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I don't follow. It's a jokey game, meant for reasonable adults. It's not meant to trivialize anything. At no point do they say, "RAPE IS A WONDERFUL THING." They specifically say the game is silly & goofy

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Just like D&D demeans christians and gets across the idea that it is OK to sacrifice them to Satan, amirite?

Back in my day trolling meant something

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I'm sorry but you've obviously put a lot of effort into making this a perfect Vroom Vroom thread. Which is really just 2 things.
>controversial topic
>mention using welfare money to buy it

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Then they can ignore it.

I've met people with very easy triggers for different things, should we ban those too?

Also, you're putting women on a pedestal.

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I'm not a welfare queen, I have no legs, remember?

If your racist companies would hire me, I'd be working,

And I might be getting a job at gamestop soon. That'll give me enough money to buy anime girl card protectors.

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I agree, and I don't get where people are getting this shit from. I don't see the rape anywhere. Call me when there's some tentacle in vagina action.

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>rape flashback triggers

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The topic isn't controversial in and of itself, I'm just happy the game is out, and I'm sure others pre-ordered it as well.

I'll do a game review once it arrives.

And yeah, I used welfare money, so what? It's *my* money after all, I earned it, I'll do what I want with it.

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Look, one could make the case about the the tentacle hentai genre somehow trivializing rape, but this game is a parody of that genre. There's like two steps of separation here.

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>I used welfare money, so what? It's *my* money after all, I earned it
N-no... no the point of welfare money is that it's not, and you didn't. Aren't you Conservative?

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I'm glad too see this finally coming out

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>And yeah, I used welfare money, so what? It's *my* money after all, I earned it, I'll do what I want with it.

>welfare money
>earned it


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This game's kickstarter should have been taken down for it being a boring game built on a cliche idea.

But then most of kickstarter would be taken down

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Card game. Not much about it online for whatever reason, but I see it in game shops pretty frequently. Bit of a classic in some circles as I understand it.

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You're an uptight prude if you think a game like this is a problem. We can shoot, stab, burn, freeze, and do other terrible things to people and be murder hobos in RPGs. But a game that jokes about tentacle hentai (and doesn't even explicitly mention rape) is a serious problem?

What the fuck man? Seems like it would take a White Knight or a real hardcore Feminazi to hate this game. It's just cheeky good fun for mature adults.

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>cheeky good fun

...is trivializing rape, degrades their claims of legitimate rape when it does happen, degrades women, and devalues their contribution to society

Seriously, you can't be this dumb, can you?

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>Using welfare check to buy fetishistic, weaboo card game.
>feelings of entitlement.
Fuck you with a stick, OP.

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I am conservative and I *did* earn that money.

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It's not actually explicit. Don't get me wrong, I find the premise fairly retarded. But it's hardly the worst thing out there, and it isn't the second coming of FATAL.

I still reserve the right to villify you bastards, though, because the last place where I want to pop a boner is at the gaming table.

>oh wait it's a Vroom Vroom thread.


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>be on welfare
>be given money...for being so poor!
You were given money without any strings attached. There's nothing wrong with spending it how you please.

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Again, why is it more important that a woman is being raped being "trivialized" than the years of jokes about male rape?

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What did you do for the government to receive money from it? Where is the exchange of goods and/or services?

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Dood, stop

That faggot has just been rewriting the same post over and over

You're not "discussing" anything, you're talking at a mindless shitposting troll

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But that's not cool either!

>My booty is mine and I am going to protect it.

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The government says "if you're poor enough, we'll pay you!"
He earned it by being poor enough.

>> No.21380616

>You were given money without any strings attached.

I don't know how the US does it, but in the UK, there certainly are strings attached. If the Job Center doesn't think you're doing enough to actually try and find a job, your money gets cut pretty quickly.

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My welfare is fine, and as for the economy, your boy Obama has brought us together. In fact, if he brings us any more together, we're gonna kill ourselves.

Just kidding, he's really done so little he's wastes the last four years and added back exactly as many jobs that were lost, which is actually a net loss when you count our population growth over the last four years.

We can't have a space program but Leeroy can sure have his sweet, sweet welfare check every month.

As for the economy, Obama's budget is whacked, and he has spent more than double what Bush ever did.

He's done such a great job, that your Dear Leader is in a dead heat in the polls, and has practically handed to election to Romney.

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Higher-res images when?

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I will accept that, but that's a filthy liberal perspective. Conservatives don't believe in government handouts.
Vroom Vroom DID build that, and I want to know how.

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You're the 47% who will never vote for Romney... I don't get it.

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How have I been rewriting the same post over and over? This is my first post on Tentacle Bento.

And if I'm not interested in discussing anything, why would I write up a page-long discussion of the game. Is that "mindless shit-posting?"

If anything I contribute more of value to these boards than all the elf-slave wat do and quest threads, which are fucking cancer.

Use your head, lib-tard.

I put in more work on these threads than you lieberals will ever do.

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Probably when the game comes out.

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But Romney is a revolting rich racist.

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That's because I work for my money, something you college-educated lib-tards will never do. I paid into the system, I deserve my money.

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Welcome to fucking /TG/!

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>politics, at all, even when replying to a troll
I was actually going to ask if the game played well or not, but now I'm just going to laugh at you.

>> No.21380726

I was referring to the anonymous troll, not you

You can tell because none of those links are actually directed at any of your posts

But, hey, your butting in to a conversation that you weren't a part of so you can spout your hate of quest threads and liberals has convinced me you're a faggot anyway, so good job.

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So, Vroom Vroom confirmed for the new Jim Profit?

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Romney started with nothing and worked hard for what he got. If anything he is underpaid compared to his compatriots and Bain Capital. Plus he took time off to manage the Olympics, which cost him even more money.

Sacrificing your wealth for the common good... something you liberals know nothing about.

>> No.21380741

Yeah, I hadn't heard of this guy before this thread, but goddamn this is shameful

It's like /pol/ and /jp/ had a lovechild and it dumped in in /tg/ to die

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>Started with nothing

You... you aren't serious, right?

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Less yakkin', more pictures of hot schoolgirls.

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Shhhh this has long ago stopped being a /tg/ related discussion. We all know he's full of shit.

>> No.21380769

But we believe in welfare and taxes, which is sacrificing our wealth so the government can a)pay people like you and b)spend it on roads, infrastructure, blablabla...
You're alive because of liberals sacrificing their wealth for the greater good.

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>Started with nothing
>Born into a rich family
>Using liberals as insult, on /tg/ of all places

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Do ALL the girls have C/D cups, or are there a few As, Bs, and flatchests thrown in?

>> No.21380783

Oh, sorry.

>> No.21380786

>guy who derails his own thread with /pol/itics gets mad when called on it

Okay, I laughed

But then I saged the thread, reported it, hid it, and called the cops

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They do that becasue they're *forced* to, not becasue they want to.


Romney's father actually *gave away* his vast fortune. Mitt Romney started with very little, and attended public school as a child.

You would know this if you knew the first thing about politics, or current events instead of watching the lamestream media.

Seriously, listen to talk radio sometimes. It's very enlightening.

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And those are outright lies. Right, I'm out.

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>reported it

You're not supposed to announce reported threads. Didn't your Dear Leader teach you respect for the rules? I guess he was to busy bending the rules with an affirmative active free ride to Harvard University.

>> No.21380823

You seem like a pretty cool guy, dude.

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>Romney's father actually *gave away* his vast fortune
[Citation Needed]

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Liberals are the ones who push for taxes and welfare! Conservatives try to shut that shit down!
I guess the Liberals are unwilling because they codify it (to force themselves to follow through with it, when they otherwise wouldn't?) and the Conservatives know they'll do it anyways so they find that making it a requirement is distasteful? Is that where you're going with that?

>> No.21380841

>listen to talk radio

>> No.21380855


Read their wikipedia, or spend some time on /pol/

But seriously, listen to that crazy talk radio you lieberals love to decry so much.

Then you wouldn't be embarrassed so much when people have to correct you.

>> No.21380857

>Respecting Rules
The only rule /tg/ has respect for is Rule Zero.

>> No.21380862

The DM always gets his way?

>> No.21380867

Look guys, I know you're enjoying making fun of the troll/delusional shitposter, but we really shouldn't encourage this threads- there's plenty of other boards where y'all can make like monkeys and fling poop around, and all will be fine and dandy, but /tg/ is not that board

We don't want to go the way of /jp/, do we?

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>Recommending to try /pol/
>Continuing to use liberals as on insult on /tg/, aka d-lite
>Trip fagging

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Who cares about what the OP is saying? Ignore him. Instead, focus on how Tentacle Bento is apparently real and being released.

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>listen to talk radio
No. I don't fucking want to.

>> No.21380881

I would like to know how this is offensive to anyone but the most deluded and estranged members of society.

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>not knowing the difference between namefags and tripfags

>> No.21380885


I'm outta pictures, but I would be pleased as punch if you all would stay on topic, and start posting some pictures, or discuss the game. I've been posting pictures throughout the entire thread, if you noticed.

It's everyone *else* who says welfare this and welfare queen that.

>> No.21380888

> >Trip fagging
Actually, that's just namefagging, not that it makes it any better.

>> No.21380890

Rule Zero is where the DM is always free to change the rules of the system to fit the game or setting.

I also said nothing about /tg/ liking Rule Zero.

>> No.21380892

what citation is needed. started several charity and volunteer organizations in michigan and colorado

try doing a bit of reseach and stop listening to State run media

>> No.21380894

There we go! dingdingding, I just won Vroom Vroom bingo!

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