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Tell me /tg/ what does it mean to be a Paladin? I'm not talking about what the definition of a Paladin is, but WHO a Paladin is. In your mind, what is it that really makes an individual worthy of the title of Paladin?

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He must be Optimus Prime or Captain America.

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Devotion to an ideal that you will never stop upholding. No matter what.

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"Never Compromise! Not even in the face of armageddon!"

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>Devotion to an ideal that you will never stop upholding. No matter what.


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A TRUE Paladin?
Not retard edgy child spouting nonsense and moralfaggotry?

Work for the greater good. Do even evil for greater good. Sacrifice everything for greater good, even your family, love and life.
That is paladin.

So basically, a good antagonist.

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You must not allow anything against your beliefs to exist, not even your friends. If someone so much as steals a french fry and you see them do it, you have to call them on it and probably kill them. Always be extremely haughty and act as if you're better than everyone else because, hell, you are, you're a Paladin and every other god that isn't the one you worship had better get out of your way.

Oh, and it's okay to fuck demons as long as you do it to get information from them and then kill them. Enjoy.

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Rebel! Rebel against oppression! Rebel against apathy! Rebel against injustice! Rebel against the rebels who are going to far! Rebel against your group, god and church when they are wrong! REBEL like the fist of the North Star!

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First you grab the Sword of Justice, then you grab the Shield of Virtue, the you put the cape of freedom and proceed to save the world. Even from itself.

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I like my Paladins to be fanatically devoted to their cause/deity, brutally smiting those who get in their way or threaten their cause.

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do kids these days still get the referenced quote from OP's pic?

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>what is it that really makes an individual worthy of the title of Paladin?
That they all fall. Every single fucking paladin ever faced with a non-binary choice falls.

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And that they know this is what makes them Paladins.

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It's a shitty movie anyways, The quote sounds a lot better when you don't know where it's from.

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Well, the term was originally used to refer to a group sometimes called "The Twelve Peers", the foremost warriors of the court of Charlemagne.
Mind you, their exploits are largely fictitious, representing Christian martial dominance over the Saracen hordes.

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In summary:
A paladin knows that one day he will die, or fall, or simply fail to protect an innocent.
He knows this, but until that day he will give his all to make THIS day better.

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>Flight of Dragons
Corny? Yes. Shitty? Fuck no.

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Flight of the Dragons wasn't a terrible movie, but it did suffer from a bit of corny writing.

That said, I find myself a bit torn between PALADIN, AWW YEAH and that scene of HUMANITY, FUCK YEAH when the scientist goes ballistic on the villain and starts shouting the various disciplines of science at him.

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Rolled 2, 4 = 6

Picture related.

It's all about you. You are better than other people.
You let them know it. People have no need to improve themselves they only need you.

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Everyone's a hero in their own way
everyone got villains they must face
they're not as cool as mine...
but folks, you know it's fine to know your place
Everyone's a hero in their own way
in their own not-that-heroic way

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Go ahead – run away
Say it was horrible
Spread the word – tell a friend
Tell them the tale
Get a pic – do a blog
Heroes are over with
Look at him – not a word
Hammer, meet nail!

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MFW im sitting here waiting to go to a halloween party in my Dr Horrible costume.

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Fucking shortsighted zealots.

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