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The Eldar 'end-game' scenario is the awakening of a new god, Ynnead, to destroy Slaanesh. This is done by collecting souls into the Infinity Circuits of craftworlds. Eldar don't reproduce fast or well due to various reasons.

What's stopping the Eldar from using the Dark Eldar as fuck factories to produce babies, who they can then kill for additional souls. Both Eldar types win big time and it doesn't involve extinction.

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Because Mystic Mumbo Jumbo. At best, you'd end up with a God of Baby Factories, who would be eaten by Slaanesh.

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Babies have tiny souls barely worth making. It takes a long, rich, cultivated, or fanatical/pure/powerful/destined life to get big souls.

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Well, the Eldar will naturally be turned of by the idea as soon as they hear the words "fuck factory" due to ethical concerns. Plus, they still won't reproduce fast enough, can't capture enough DE to start the rape industry, and I'm pretty sure a soulstone is needed to transfer a soul into the circuit. Generally, the idea will just go nowhere.

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>obviously hasn't consume a baby soul


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sounds like mary sues have delicious souls

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Even if soulstones can't be used by Dark Eldar, the normal Eldar could simply copy the Dark Eldar's cloning techniques. Or is there something I'm missing?

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Recycling! They should re-use soul stones.

This is a big business opportunity. Industrialize this whole god-thingy process, streamline it, full-time R&D on this. Find what is the most effective age/soul power ratio. Get the backwater exodite rednecks in on this too. Invent new drugs to make fucking more pleasurable to entice more Dark Eldar into the business venture.

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Clones explicitly don't have souls.

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it sounds chaosy like fuck for one, which probably isn't the way to go about this.

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>Let's have a huge orgy to defeat Slaneesh
I see a flaw in your logic good sir.

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artificial insemination then?

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Except for Ork stuff, I think the best design in the whole 40k are the eldar wraithbone constructs.

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The invitro techniques used by the DE are fueled by pain much like their regeneration tech. The CWE are very against this as it feeds Slaanesh and is very immoral.
Unfortunately, Eldar can't even produce soulstones, they only get them from croneworlds. At that point they won't even need DE though. Plus, they can't into capitalism. Fuck, now I want a rogue trader to actually try this.

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/tg/ ~ killing babies

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soulstones are incredibly difficult to make
you'd need to waste incredible amounts of efforts creating millions of soulstones, each of them only containing either an immature, useless soul that doesn't give a fuck about killing Slaanesh (making Ynnead much less effective) or plain fucked-up dark eldar souls.

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dark eldar souls are shitty cuz slaanesh is constantly licking them so that's why cuz they need to torture people cuz it invigorates their little black souls

>implying the dark eldar would help their craftworld cousins in the plan instead of just laughing and continue being assholes

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they should just make a new god for shit and giggles, doesn't matter what they create

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Still doesn't solve the problem of long gestatition and slow maturation.

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Wouldn't it be kinda pointless to awake this new god? By now slaanesh has mindraped the vast majority of the eldar AND countless other mortals.
How could he be more powerful when all you feed him with are the souls of the few remaining eldar?
That is assuming the other chaos gods do not give a fuck and are all like "Slaanesh plz go".

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Mostly because the Dark Eldar are exponentially more powerful than the Craftworld Eldar and have no interest whatsoever in the whole Ynnead outcome.

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they're exponentially more powerful on a strictly military and economical scale.

They're much less powerful regarding all things psychic and magical. Their psychic engineering is limited to weaponry and rejuvenating stuff, as far as we know. Practical stuff.

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Human souls can survive inside soulstones, right?

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Because that's human thinking OP.

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we don't know.

The fluff suggests that each soulstone is designed to work on only one person.

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The average Dark Eldar has turned into a kind of psychic vampire over the millennia, so I imagine that would have an effect on any babies made.

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We know they can temporarily survive in Wraithbone.

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Because Dark Eldar souls go straight to Slaanesh - and I guess the same would go of their kids?

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I always wondered how do the dark eldar stop themselves from being devoured by slannessh. I mean they do practically everything his followers do. I understand Commgraph being outside the waprs influence, but they leave it every now and then.

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What is it with you faggots and your 'end game' for everything. Nobody wins 40k, everyone just loses. Why cant you just deal with that.

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They are basically soul-vampires.
They raid planets for captives and torture them to replenish their souls.

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DE Childhood:
Hey kids facebones here and welcome to your first day of school! Now lets begin your schooling. First I want you to split off into pairs and fight eachother to the death with your bare hands. Firstblood gets a gold star!

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>To fight Slaanesh

I think that isn't how it works.

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What if you used Dark Eldar cloning devices to clone Craftworld Eldar? Then used those souls to go into the Infinity circuit?

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They arent clones theyre tube babies. Pesumably if you were to give them a soulstone they could be raised as regular CE instead of being reared on death and suffering.

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Same difference, It'd work, wouldn't it?
Dammit Eldar, get your shit together.

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What so you can play the codex without crying about it not being ward level victorys everywhere wank

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V pls leave

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How about the well-known fact that Elves are retarded, space elves even more so.

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OP, are you Slaanesh trying to corrupt the remaining Eldar?

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This. There is no fucking "end game" because that would imply the setting will ever advance.

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you Tzeentchy nerds are overthinking it again, as usual.

Just go with it. Personally, I think there's a lot of great ideas in this thread.

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Aren't most DE grown in vats now?

Would vat-born (half-born) Dark Eldar not be worth a soul, even if they were adults?

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Thankyou, at least one other person gets it.

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>Dark Eldar
>Help the craftworlders after the millenia long BLOOD FEUD

Don't go thinking it's been forgotten.

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Presumably, the god who's sole portfolio is "Fuck.You.Slaanesh." is going to have an advantage over Slaanesh- think a wedge splitting a log, the log is a lot more impressive in many ways over the wedge, but the second splits the first in half with no damage to itself.

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>Implying a faggoty Eldar god could beat a Chaos god.

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>because that would imply the setting will ever advance.
We're talking about the *setting*, not GW's policies.

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The Eldar god of war lost at the height of the Eldar Empire, sad dead god of the dwindling cry babby remnants ain't gonna do shit.

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This is a god of Death.
A god created by Eldar dying. It's not a god of war like Kaine, more about fighting than destruction. It's a force of certain doom. That's what he represents.

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Ynnead isn't just another Eldar god, the other gods were warp spawned manifestations of the Eldar races psychic profile, Ynnead IS the Eldar race's psychic profile, he's basically every single Eldar god, along with every single Eldar soul doing the fusion dance

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Relic please leave. Youve been shitting up the lore like cs goto

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Ynnead is the Eldar Emperor.
Oh Gee Dubs, thou art a font of creativity.

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>Shitting up the lore.
Relic "Got" 40k, unlike some current writers.

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Khaine was about fighting an winning, he lost. Hard. Babby ghost god would be a sorry sight compared to him.

>Ynnead isn't just another Eldar god

Yes he is.

>the other gods were warp spawned manifestations of the Eldar races psychic profile, Ynnead IS the Eldar race's psychic profile, he's basically every single Eldar god, along with every single Eldar soul doing the fusion dance

Slaanesh is too, he eats souls whole. And he's eaten far more.

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>Not Iron Lore

Step up.

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>Slaanesh is too, he eats souls whole. And he's eaten far more.
You don't... get Slaneesh do you?

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Yes, I do.

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Don't mind me.

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he does.

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>Implying I didn't eat Ynnead's face on Malan'tai
>Implying I'm not coming for the rest

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>The Kabalites of the Last Hatred have a morbid interest in the forbidden arts. Though they outwardly seek to master the transition between life and death, their aims are far grander than those of petty necromancers. Some say the ‘Haters’ seek to transcend mortality entirely, others that they wish to exterminate the Eldar race and enslave whatever entity is born from the ashes. Madness this may seem, but any who have looked into their eyes will never truly dismiss their ambition. Certainly they prosecute their kin-strife against the Craftworld Eldar and their Exodite kin with unmatched fury.

>Originally famous for their pain-farms and a talent for keeping their wretched captives alive indefinitely, the quest to drain every last drop of suffering from their ‘clients’ has led them into infamy. In recent decades the Kabal have mastered the technique of permanently binding a soul to the cadaver from which it would usually depart at the moment of death.

>The carnival of corpses that accompanies them to war is merely a distraction to draw attention from something far more sinister, for down in the pits under their stronghold, the Kabal practices ever more complex rites. Here the Kabalites unpick the tapestry of life, studying the nature of mortality in gardens hung with wax-skinned undead arranged in artful but unnatural poses. Should they ever succeed in their quest, the lines between life and death may be irrevocably blurred.

Haters gonna kill everyone.

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'Parently not.

Slaneesh represents one aspect of sapience. The drive for sex, food, perfection, the will to achieve skill and mastery.
Ynnead represents doom.
Not decay, not battle, not destruction.
Certain, inescapable, doom.
When Ynnead rises there won't be any Eldar to celebrate, there won't be anything but the certain doom.

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Ynnead is nothing of the sort. He's just their faggy god of the dead. Khorne wears the heads of such lesser gods on his rings.

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>> Gets the lore
>>Khornate sorcs
Homeworld was the last good thing relic did and you know it

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>One Khornate Sorc

Their mistakes were better than the shit GW gets right these days.

And CoC > Homeworld.

>> No.21375559

>no homeworld 3
It's bittersweet. I want more Homeworld, but I also don't want them to piss on Homeworld.

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>not liking cataclysm

Peasant tier

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Crull had several. Their spells and psychic trickery were his only means of collecting blood to appease Khorne.

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Crull was though.

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>not running blood banks

Games workshop obviously doesn't understand the volume of blood that can be produced and made to flow through universe spanning charity.

I should explain this to a khornate at some point.

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Though he's established to hate sorcery of the biggest defining bits of fluff about khorne is he doesn't care how the blood is spilled or who spills it, only that its spilled in the first place. Using sorcerors to kill people would probably piss him off a bit, but more skulls is more skulls

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>more skulls is more skulls
>the sorceror explodes their skulls

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Well, he was wearing the colours of a Khornate warband calling itself the Blood Legion of Khorne, who appeared to be a splinter of the World Eaters, the Legion known for hating psykers so much they hunted down and killed all their Librarians during the Heresy.

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Khorne very much cares how it's spelled.
No trickery, and they have to be capable of fighting back.
Otherwise it's just done to get your rocks off and that's Slaneesh's thing.

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I mean spilled.

What he doesn't care is from whom the blood flows.

>> No.21375639

I thought khorne wanted blood to flow?

If it spills, it can't very well flow very far.

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Double wrong. Khorne actually just wants a puppy

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Khorne wants bloodshed, glorious combat and war.

Murder is for Khaine, and he's a faggot.

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>No trickery, and they have to be capable of fighting back.

His greatest rival is Tzeentch, and he'll still buddy up with him if there's blood to be had.

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>Implying you're not the casual.
Remember back when he'd kill his chosen who killed civillians?

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He was, but Krull himself barely tolerated the sorcerer's presence. He didn't like the necessity of it.

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>implying slaanesh isn't a faggoty eldar god.

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well, eldanesh and slaanesh sound similar, so they're like brothers/sisters right? so ya slaanesgh is pretty eldar

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>so they're like brothers/sisters right?


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Wrong. Fantasy Khorne wanted the blood of warriors. 40k Khorne just wants blood, no matter which side and from whom.

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What hideous logic is this cancer

>> No.21376017

Fantasy Khorne doesn't care either.

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do you literally not know a single thing about slaanesh

>> No.21376042


What are you on about? I'm just taking any chance I can to call slaanesh a faggot.

He's a faggot

>> No.21376071

fine, I looked it up, I guess i forgot that there's like a third one or something? Ulthanesh? so they're like three in the esh family of eldars

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Slaneesh is a faggoty eldar god you incredible jackass.

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He's Chaos, and has also been molded by humans, making him a superior god than the Eldar ones.

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The Dark Eldar are, pretty much, a different species all together from Exodites.

While Craftworld Eldar keep warlocks and psykers, Deldar have shunned them for millenia. (Attracts Slaanesh's attention)

So, the Dark Eldar have evolved into a more physical version of Eldar. Posessing reflexes and strength far greater than vanilla Eldar but from stunted to almost none psychic potential.

So it's possible that Deldar souls just don't "function" with soulstones.

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remember when that's only ever been the case in Fantasy? Which is explicitly NOT what we're talking about?

40k Khorne has always been 3edgy5you.

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5/10 if you're trolling, if you're actually like this then I'm very sorry for your parents.

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claims no speciation between Craftworld and Deldar.
I have taken the liberty of greentexting it in advance.

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