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What type of snake would snake people come from anyways?

Venomous or Constrictor?

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Most of them seem to combine elements of both, but I think constrictors make more sense overall, simply because of the size factors.

One could, however, envision two distinct broods. One, of small and poisonous snake people, and the other of enormous constrictor snake people.

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>Dat feeling when no one will make a snake people based off of Sea Snakes

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Her hand is at a really odd angle compared to her arm.

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there'd probably be several subraces

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When you've got a muscular tail that would probably be over 10 feet long, why not strangle motherfuckers with it?

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mite b cool

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>some of the most venomous types of snake people
>imagine the horror stories of entire boats being attacked by Sea Snake people, most dieing within moments because of the venom

I'm never swimming again

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The cool thing about snake people is constriction. We have spider people for poison.

And by "people," I mean "monster girls" and so do you.

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dont worry, most Sea Snake bites rarely use all of their venom

However there have been historical records of DOZENS of sea snakes swimming in a group so they might have a damn good pack mentality compared to other snake people

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>We have spider people for poison.

But...but what about tarantula people!

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But they don't need to use all their venom. A single drop of sea snake venom can kill.

Doubly so because you're swimming in the ocean at the time and will surely drown if you are even partially incapacitated.

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Cuddle times.

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too fuzzy

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One type based off venomous ones, one type based off constrictors. They have been at war for generations.

Also, the venomous-types are all normal human sized, while the constrictor-types a re giant-sized.

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Adorably tsundere king-snake girl trying vainly to convince people that, no, really, she's totally venomous, so you'd better watch out...

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They're for snuggling and receiving fuzzy 8-limbed hugs from.

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>One type based off venomous ones, one type based off constrictors.

>one type

fuck I'm going to have a hard time choosing between Rattlers, Non Rattlers, Sea Snakes, and Cobras

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It depends on the snake people. In D&D yuan-ti are explicitly described as resembling any venomous snake. Wereserpents, meanwhile, are constrictors.

Some yuan-ti tribes resemble sea snakes.

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well she is being crushed you know

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>Milk Snake Chan is the completely harmless twin of Coral Snake Chan aside from a different colored stripe

White is safe

Yellow is not safe

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>Your snake people wont have GATLING GUNS for tails

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I just realized something. Wild West Redwall/Mouse Guard.

Can we make this happen?

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Likely constrictors. Venom is very expensive from a biological standpoint and so is being very large, combine this with the fact that having a having powerful venom for subduing prey is fairly redundant for a 20-30ft tube of muscle. Given the size of the typical portrayal of a naga (snake person) it would seem unlikely that they would have some kind of poison

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try hundreds

i speak from firsthand experience

never going spearfishing again

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True there. Sneak up, wrap around, and hug them to death. It's what they pretty much do and once you're in their coils next to nothing is strong enough to break free/get them off their neck/chest/ect...

Which is why we love Lamia-type monstergirls, they can hug us to death metaphorically, being tenderly wrapped in their immensely strong body, knowing they could crush us but also knowing they never will even as the embrace tightens...Oh yes...

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/tg/ really does love monster girls, doesn't it?

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>hug us to death metaphorically
Just keep telling yourself that...

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I think most venomous snakes usually don't use all/most their venom (although were I'm from its common knowledge baby rattlers are an exception). Sea snakes do rarely bite (humans) though.

Have you checked to see if its a seasonal thing?

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And yes, yes we do. They are one of our favorite things. Hang around on this board, they'll soon become one of yours as well.

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Lamia dump?

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what is /tg/ supposed to be talking about?
i've never been here before, what exactly is a traditional game?

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>people are terrified of her
>she can never love
>she's mild mannered and shy
>just wants a hug


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Constrictor, definitely. They're the ones that need size in order to hunt different prey. Ones that hunt by venom have no need to accrue size and more grey matter because it doesn't improve deadliness; a constrictor can hunt new stuff when it's bigger. Poisonous snakes would certainly never think of using tools to hunt instead of their fangs.

Not sure what they'd need brains for, though. Improved tracking?

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Nominally speaking? Board, roleplaying, card, dice, tabletop, etc. games. Basically anything not electronic.

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Constrictor Beserkers and Venomous Assassins sounds rad as fuck.

Just imagine it, some big ol angry snake bitch wielding two maces wraps you up and just starts wailing on you in a red haze of rage whilst simultaneously crushing your bones in her coils.

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monstergirls are the MOST /tg/

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It's hard to say what we're supposed to talk about.

In theory, /tg/ is meant to focus on D&D and Warhammer, but in practice we handle everything. Odd softcore porn, weapons, politics/racism, literature, history, whatever.

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Naga from WC3.

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I have seen one once, actually. And jumping spider girls.

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I can imagine it now. The it's physically killing me with how cute it it.
Deathly Adorable
Murderously Moe
Crushingly Cute

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One of the main things is Dungeons & Dragons, which leads to discussion of fantasy settings in general, which leads to damn near everything.

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its a mixed bag

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ok, that's what i was thinking, stuff that isn't electronic, and that's what threw me off because i thought the whole snake girl thing got popular from monster girl quest
but then i guess it's more like a place for people who like /tg/ to talk about what ever

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... AC130? isnt that a fucking jet bomber?

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We were in this business WAY before monster girl quest

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The slime one was pretty recent, I thought.

Anyways, lamia berserkers. I like the idea. Lamias are usually portrayed as all sneaky and agile but in reality you have what is basically half a car worth of pure muscle barreling at you and let me tell you, that shit would be scary as fuck.

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MGQ was made FOR an audience, you know. It didnt just spawn one out of the blue.

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It's a gunship.

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Nope. It's a converted version of a huge cargo plane with a battery of broadside mounted cannons.

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what....what is she showing me?

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Her love, you racist.

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What >>21365193 said. Though I would add:

When it comes to RPG's, We here don't need a fancy computer with billions of lines of code to play (Though they have been a great boon as I shall explain below). The dice make it random and we ourselves fill in the rest. It's quite fun, hit up a "Game Finder" thread sometime. Thanks to IRC and other internet venues distance between GM's and Players is no longer an issue. Just get a day consistently off of work, sit down, and have an adventure that is not confined to the narrow paths most any video game binds you to. Essentially, we here at /tg/ specialize in using our imaginations. Systems and such are just an aide in our quest for telling a great story, together. Also amusement, no greater joy than a nat 20, no greater fear than a nat 1. Keeps everyone on edge a bit.

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Rolled 1

"But I don't have that high of an attack bonus!"

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This seems like a good time to ask:
A while back there was a bit of writefaggotry about a medusa falling in love with a human and accidentally turning him to stone. She never left his side, even until her death.

Along with it there was a comic of sorts about a hero who married a medusa who was accidentally turned to stone as well, but she found out she was pregnant afterwards. At one point the daughter medusa was kidnapped and the stone father saved her.
I can't find it anywhere, anyone got it?

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where... where am i supposed to put it, i don't see anything

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Sounds like something she should have gone on an epic quest to resolve to be honest.

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You can't really tell that looking at the front of a normal lady either, unless they have a particularly long vagoo.

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It appears, to your great misfortune, that her genitals are located on the snake half.

If my knowledge of snake biology serves me, you stick it where those angled scale come together. The scales should sorta slide apart a bit to reveal a suitable orifice.

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yeah, i had to look up that nat stuff
i thought it was going to be drugs

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"Lamirez, you're holding the stinger backwords!"

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Dude, we were into Monster Girls before there even was an internet (and games propagated by said means). Like >>21365340 said, it was made FOR and audience, not to create one. It's that fucking popular because there are more elegan/tg/lemen than you know (also /a/nons, but who the hell do you think turned them on to the wonderful world of monster girls in the first place?...)

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>The scales should sorta slide apart a bit to reveal a suitable orifice.
I'm not so sure I like this game anymore...

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hehehe clever

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Not all of them are shaped like that.

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...and then anon was a rape victim.

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On that note, I'd like to digress slightly:

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but there's no separated legs for it to hide under
ah, this makes more sense, i did a google image search for snake vagina and instead of snake vagina's it was a bunch of pictures of women with snakes in their vaginas, i was gonna change my search and the i realized how fucking crazy it was searching for images of snake vaginas
wtf is happening here, i've been here like 10 minutes

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Who says they had to evolve from snake at all?

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Rolled 59

gunships turn

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It's called a "cloaca" and you have a 5% chance every hour of having an additional fetish, unless you bought a high will power.

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>there will never be sexy gator girls

>> No.21365614

That would be because reptiles don't have vaginas.

They have a cloaca instead, which serves both as genital orifice and anus. Proceed at your own peril.

>> No.21365621

Rolled 1

Oh boy, here we go.

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Every goddamn time. I'm not even him. This is why I took a high will power.

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Oh ho.

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I have come to despise this word, if only because of the overwhelming egotism it implies.

>> No.21365688

I hate the term ca/tg/irl for similar reasons, so I know how you feel.

>> No.21365689

decaden/tg/ays would be more fitting anyway.

>> No.21365709

I'd really rather not be.

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What's wrong with overwhelming egotism?
We're the best pieces of shit in the whole piss ocean, motherfucker.

>> No.21365723

Which is why it's rape.

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how many people can spell decadent though?

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We're really not. Just because we're better at discourse doesn't mean we aren't still discussing inane shit.

I just wish /tg/ would stop stroking itself over its own perceived superiority.

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I have nothing else man! I HAVE NOTHING ELSE!

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'sup Oscar...

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Everybody, I'd hope.

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Generally speaking fa/tg/uys are better behaved than most other boards and that's reason enough to be proud.

>> No.21365806

Prepare to have that hope crushed.

>> No.21365807

Oh man get a load of this guy

>> No.21365809

Why? We're a pretty solid board of reasonable repute.
No sense in not being proud.

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I fucking love Lamias. They're cute as all hell. Imagine hugging one. Or being hugged. Imagine carrying your Lamia daughter around when she's too tired to slither after a long day in the park.

There's just one thing that prevents them form being my monstergirl of choice.

Namely butts.

The back is a huge thing for me, almost a deal breaker. And as far as I can see, all you get with a lamia is, well, the snake. I've tried working the butt in there somewhere but I can't make it work anatomically.

On the other hand, If someone has a picture that has it working out alright and not looking weird as hell I'd be ecstatic.

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Except when it comes to stuff that REALLY sets us off (like moderation or quests), then we sperg out like everybody else.

>> No.21365829

Hey, can't have everything.

>> No.21365834


But it's all in jest my good sir. We aren't really egotistic, we don't think ourselves better than anyone. But at the same time, this pretty much is the most chill and laid back board here. It's hard to really troll us, we discuss things seriously that would have sent most into a shitposting trollfest, and we stay on topic pretty consistently. I swear the average age for this board has to be somewhere north of 23 due to maturity...

>also I think pic has got it down.

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Hence the qualifier "generally speaking".

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The "elegan/tg/entlemen" thing ties into the "/tg/ gets shit done" mindset. There's really only a few people on /tg/ that would tentatively qualify for the more prestigious moniker; the rest of us are fa/tg/uys.

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Pretty Lamia might be up your alley, depending on your concept of "weird as hell."

>> No.21365860

let me see here... This do anything for ya?

>> No.21365862

As long as they're in the ballpark, spellcheck will cover the rest. Which as far as I'm concerned is good enough.

Because "we're awesome" is a dangerous position to take. If it's true it should be self-evident, and if it's false there's no reason to say it anyway.

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>But at the same time, this pretty much is the most chill and laid back board here.

Not by a longshot. /tg/ gets steamed pretty regularly.

If you want a chill board, you'll have better luck in /po/.

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at least for a clothed option

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What is your monstergirl of choice, and what do you find lovable about them?

>> No.21365882

Be easy as hell to give your daughter rides on your shoulders, and you'd worry less about her being able to hold on.

And picture her twisting around your leg trying to get you to do something like kids do, and just walking around the house with her coiled on and laughing the whole way.

Then there's it giving a whole new meaning to curling up in front of a fire and watching a movie together.

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A dangerous position to take? How so?

>> No.21365900

Except that "decedent" is also a word.

Also, there's a very good reason to say it if it's false: it's funny.

>> No.21365905

Don't forget using emoticons :)

>> No.21365907

Or this one?

>> No.21365916

It's a small step from congratulating yourself on the internet to becoming Hitler!

>> No.21365926

We get steamed yes, but even that is somewhat entertaining to me. We're somewhat coherent in our rage, I can't say that for everyone. Never been to /po/ though, their interests were never really my thing...

>> No.21365927

I believe this image is relevant to the topic of the thread.

>> No.21365936

Well that's all the Snake-Tukas I have without breaking too many rules.

>> No.21365943

Why yes, yes they sure as hell do.

>> No.21365946

Go to bed, Godwin.

>> No.21365956

Now, I'm pretty sure I'm not Hitler.
Pretty sure.

>> No.21365967

Remember how /co/ used to swear up and down that "/co/ is love" and whatnot?
Look at what happened to them.

They got too stuck up their own asses.
They let their guard down. They stopped trying.
And their flying city crashed.

That's what happens.

>> No.21365968

You mean papercraft models of Warhammer 40k figures aren't your thing?


>> No.21365976

How would you be able to tell if you had becoming Hitler, anyway?

I mean, there are obvious symptoms like growing that little mustache, but what if he's just possessed your body? What if you have Hitler in your very soul?

>> No.21365988

Post on /d/ and link from here!

Link back here too, in case anyone there wants SFW lamia. I guess they don't see those too often there.

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>> No.21366003

Tumblr came marching in. That's what happened.
/co/ is love occasionally holds true now and then.

Besides, if they couldn't hold their flying castles, it's forfeit anyway. What sort of wizards lose a flying castle anyway?

>> No.21366006

I kind of have the opposite problem. The skeletal structure of a snake is basically one big vertebral column, and most tauric fantasy hybrids connect at the base of the spine, but they still have the pelvis wedged in between the two (even though it doesn't appear to serve an anatomical purpose) and the snake physiology picks up as an extension of the coccyx or something. A creature that doesn't sit down in the traditional sense doesn't really need to have an ass, even if it's a very nice one.

>> No.21366007

Didn't the "X" General circlejerk culture start on /co/ as well?

>> No.21366014

Interestingly, I was coing to say the same, except with pic related.

Other symptoms include an inferiority complex, writing and /or publishing a rambling incoherent rant, and being a mediocre artist.

>> No.21366016

I suppose you have a point.
I'm a tad forgetful.

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What the fuck am I listening to?

>> No.21366032

Stop, don't be a fag.

>> No.21366036

That post with that image maeks me sad.

>> No.21366055

Well someone in this very thread misspelled elegant gentleman, so the bar is not very high.

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>> No.21366070

I'm sorry if I made you upset. I meant no offense.

>> No.21366072

Hitler in my Heart.

>> No.21366082

>Tumblr came marching in. That's what happened.

If /co/ really was love, it wouldn't have mattered. Blaming other sites for the shifting of a board's stance on certain things is ridiculous and a shitty copout that removes responsibility from the posters themselves (think /v/ and the reditt witch-hunt which occurs every time somebody has a differing opinion).

>> No.21366088

Who said they had too? That "pelvis" could just be more muscle, merely a transition from the scaly to non-scaly part. Not hard to imagine actually.

>> No.21366111

The issue with your stance if that taking pride in something is wrong.
Sure, /co/ wasn't really love, but it had its moments. /tg/ is exactly the same way. Mostly inane shit, with the occasional gold found now and again. When you have a board damn near dedicated to imagination itself, sometimes some surprising things are found.

>> No.21366122

>> No.21366163

The problem occurs when people become OVERWHELMINGLY prideful and start shitting on other people, thinking because they're associated with something they're somehow intrinsically better than somebody else.

You know what we've become? Goddamn FOOTBALL FANS.

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>> No.21366169

Kinda like this, but bigger.

>> No.21366175

Here's the problem: tumblr came in and became the majority, rather than an obnoxious minority that gets shouted/talked down. They changed the board culture, which is beyond anyone's control.

>> No.21366178

Now that was a good comic. One of my favorites. Definitely solidified my desire for monstergirls...

>likewife ebratii
I don't do waifu's captcha, but I did like her.

>> No.21366179

oh wow. I didn't really expect-
Just wow.
This is why I love /tg/. Thank you kindly anon. I realise now that my imagination isn't as vivid what I thought it was.

Well, up until this very moment I had wolfgirls pegged as my favourite. Speaking in broad sweeping generalizations, A long, broad tail that curls up around me when we're close, a muscular body that definitively can keep up with- and probably outperform me in- physical activities, a loyal disposition and fierce protective tendencies when it comes to home and family amongst others are all qualities that I am looking at. There's probably more, but I'm sick and a bit tired so I can't articulate well right now.

>> No.21366183

>Other symptoms include an inferiority complex, writing and /or publishing a rambling incoherent rant, and being a mediocre artist.
Mein gott, all of our drawfags are Hitler!

>> No.21366195

Says the guy posting that cunt.

>> No.21366200

>You know what we've become? Goddamn FOOTBALL FANS.
Jokes on you, we already are.


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>> No.21366212

Then there's the fact that Orks (and subsequently, their fans) are basically rugby hooligans.

>> No.21366213

>It's a converted version of a huge cargo plane with a battery of broadside mounted cannons.

>> No.21366217

I got this, too. Doesn't really make sense, but its a nice ass all the same.

>> No.21366225

My main partition was wiped recently, so I'm low on whimsical reaction images.

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>> No.21366239

>> No.21366260

Bored Americans doing what bored Americans do best: making ridiculous stuff. You know we have a hadron collider that's like 2-3 times bigger than the one in the news? The only problem was that the money ran out on the project before it was finished. I really wish we hadn't become a country of loud, obnoxious, twats. A little humility would have done us some good. A government that wasn't rapidly transforming into a 3 ring circus would also be nice.

>> No.21366261

[ſpoiler]I ſuſpect that was actually "likewiſe".[/ſpoiler]

>> No.21366267


>> No.21366275

>> No.21366277

Hey, hey, mounting broadside cannons on a plane is fairly awesome no matter how you slice it. Don't be all hating on your country, now.

>> No.21366288

I'm not hating, I'm not even angry, I'm just disappointed.

>> No.21366304

I don't want to derail thread, but let's just say that there are more than a few guys you probably have never heard of that are going "Just As Planned" in that regard. Research, that is all...

>> No.21366323

So, do you support the Rogue Trader or the Lord of Change in this year's election?

>> No.21366335

And the fact that this is a thing is also disappointing. I don't want to think about how many people I've ran into who have based their entire lives around 40k. Even when they try to give advice, it always falls back to 40k.

>> No.21366338

Why can;t real Albinos be so pretty?

>> No.21366349

People act differently online than in real life, you know.

>> No.21366351

the non-black people albinos actually look pretty good, it's just so hard to find pics of them since if you look up "albino" you just get africans

>> No.21366354

Because they are monsters.
All of them.

>> No.21366361

Uncanny Valley. Also, red eyes are creepy.

That's what I'm talking about, people I've met in real life act like this.

>> No.21366374

Some of them are.

>> No.21366377

Well this turned into quite the treat. Do continue if you have more, I am beside myself I assure you.

I understand what you mean. I personally try to not look too closely at the actual 'how the hell would this work' aspects of the monstergirl phenomena in general, especially when you delve into things like dunahal (or how you spell it). If it works aesthetically then it works for me. And the kind anon above just made combining my fetish for behinds with lamias work for me. And work it does, by god.

My brain is reaching worrisome levels of d'aaw.

Hmm, not quite what I am looking for, but you ARE right. That IS a nice ass.

>> No.21366386

Then I'm sure this will piss you off.

>> No.21366393

>purple eyes
All of my want.

>> No.21366394

Say, any chance you gents enjoy spiders?

>> No.21366395

How the hell would she drive?

>> No.21366412

I was in that thread, so no, not really.
Same way people paralyzed from the waist down drive: there's a car for that.

>> No.21366421

You only need one foot for manual cars. It shouldn't be that bad, snakes are pretty handy with their tails.

>> No.21366423

Sho nuff

I mean, albinos are a tiny fraction of humanity

And people you find attractive are also a small fraction of humanity

So you have a fraction of a fraction, so of course there's not going to be many attractive albinos

>> No.21366425

Were you around for the thread where spider vagina was being posted?

>> No.21366430

only when they're yandere

>> No.21366450

>the thread
>implying there was only one

>> No.21366460

/a/'s reactions were hilarious.
Are we talking about a drow or something else?

>> No.21366476

>> No.21366492

No, actual spider anatomy.

>> No.21366505

It made me laugh for days, specially when /a/'s jimmies were rustled.

>> No.21366520

I'm going to keep screaming forever now.

>> No.21366521

spoilers anon, this is a blue board

what did /a/ do

>> No.21366522

Whats the story behind that gif and why did it leave /a/ assblasted?

>> No.21366527

But both are one and the same my dear anon, "Just As Planned" you still believe there's a difference...

>> No.21366533

>the thread
>implying one
I lost count of the number of times I have seen that spider vagina.

>> No.21366543

Download Wasurenagumo. It's only 25 minutes, and you'd be doing yourself a disservice to spoil yourself.

>> No.21366547

huh, it's not even that terrifying

>> No.21366548

look up wasurenagumo, it's too adorable for my words to do justice

>> No.21366556


It's fa/tg/uys you fools.

>> No.21366571

I beg to differ. Sadly, I have not saved any.

>> No.21366581

>derp I meant to respond to >>21366323, sorry about that.

>> No.21366591

Fa/tg/uy I'm fine with. Its all the peripheral ones people came up with to soothe their egos that bug me.

>> No.21366592

If by "adorable" you mean "horrifying", don't be a jerk. There are exactly two scenes they could add to that to tell the entire story and one of them is incredibly depressing.

I could have sworn that spiders didn't give a fuck about their parents and that the parents would eat them if they aren't fast enough. Her feeding the cute girl to her mother doesn't make sense.

>> No.21366595

I find myself conflicted. On one hand, I'd really like to see just how serviceable that spider pussy would be for some interspecies loving. On the other hand, human-sized spiders would be unspeakable horrible.

>> No.21366597

You see, this monster girl is just poorly done. Look at how suddenly she transitions from girl to snake at her butt. Now, a sudden transition to scales is fine but the artist could at least have had the obvious circles turn into darker skin to finish up rather than being cut off.

>> No.21366624

Most spiders don't give a fuck about their offspring, but wolf spiders actually take care of their babies for a while.

>> No.21366634

To you maybe, but for me...

>> No.21366637

i thought it was adorable. don't be surprised that i have messed up standards, i browse 4chan. i also found future diary to be romantic as fuck

>> No.21366640

>not sure if d'awww or terrifying

>> No.21366650

Right, but that definitely wasn't a wolf spider.

>> No.21366658

Right. If you guys are going to keep posting spiders, I'm going to have to leave the thread. They fucking terrify me.

>> No.21366667


>> No.21366683 [SPOILER] 

I honestly can't see how you'd find Wasurenagumo sad or horrifying.

>> No.21366689

The large one required a sacrifice. It was either the man or the girl since they both were in a trance. The little one decided to minimize competition and keep him all to her self. It is also implied that she takes over the girls identity.

>> No.21366701

Could have fed her a wolf or something.

>> No.21366726

Because that's not how it happened. Also because I'm not some aberrant who thinks replacing people is alright, unless those people are huge bastards in their own right.

>> No.21366736

The sacrifice had to enter the house and enter the trance.

>> No.21366745

Wouldn't be that hard to get a wolf in there.

>> No.21366789

Why were /a/'s jimmies rustled, out of curiosity?

>> No.21366794

I don't know. I'd assume it'd have to be human, since the myth/legend that the little spidergirl came from was about the spider monster eating humans.

>> No.21366805

Watch it, it's a lot better if it isn't ruined for you.

>> No.21366816

The moe girl dies.
Guardian of the Sacred Spirit had the characters breaking from tradition and that worked out great. I don't see why that wouldn't work out here.

>> No.21366827

for those of us that did watch it, why were they upset

>> No.21366840

you shut your whore mouth anon

>> No.21366842

The animators dropped the ball at the last second.

>> No.21366849

Again I don't know, they don't have the same powers as they had before? They couldn't seal the monster back up, only sate it's hunger?

>> No.21366872

It would have made a better story if they'd taken from Guardian of the Sacred Spirit where the character has precisely fuck all in the way of powers beyond "fuck shit up with a spear".

>> No.21366916


>> No.21366918

Yeah, probably, but I feel that it was refreshing to see anime that wasn't all about the happy ending and actually breaking the mold. I enjoyed it, and will admit that I reacted when the girl was dropped.

Anyways. Monster Girl Thread?

>> No.21366928

I think we are beginning to not even wait for a topic originating on something /tg/ related to lead elsewhere. Lately I've been seeing threads starting with stuff not related to /tg/s intended topic. One should have been on /co/, and the other was a humanity fuck yeah thread. I fear we are slowly degenerating into another /b/.

>> No.21366950

You could have watched Evangelion for that. Anime actually has a lot of series with downer endings.


Technically, that one started off as a super hero game thread, but instead of arguing like a bunch of twats, we moved it to comics.

>> No.21366995

Can I come back to the thread now? Are the spiders gone?

>> No.21367001

Goblins are the superior monsterwaifu.

>> No.21367006

Thing is /tg/ is a very broad board. HFY thread can be regarded as a idea thread for a sci-fi campaign. It's variable and malleable, which is why /tg/ is what it is.

Not the same, EVA is always depressing. Few anime actually build you up just to get knocked down. I mean everyone who looks at this thread probably wants a happy ending if a monster girl is involved. The OVA was refreshing because it was so unexpected.

Yeah for the most part.

>> No.21367014

It's pretty hard to become another /b/. Monstergirls are ALWAYS /tg/ related, and insofar as /co/ is concerned... It's not like our interests are *exclusively* boardgame/cardgame/pen&paper RPG. We're human after all, we have many interests. It's just that we tend to fold our other interests into the above mentioned primary categories. Seriously, AdEva, Dungeons the Dragoning 40k, we've taken a diverse array of interests and friggin' made them more than suitable for /tg/. We get shit done son.

>> No.21367021

Haven't seen much goblin monstergirl outside of MGQ and MGE. Have anymore?

>> No.21367026

I've seen this >>21365195

around a few times, so if some kind anon would oblige, source?


You might have a point. I know we pride ourselves on our derailments, but it's normally not too bad because we have an established community, so things are kept to a reasonable standard. However, in the summertime, this could start being an issue. We don't fare too badly because we try and assimilate the new people, but if we have lax standards as to what constitutes a thread, we will end up with more and more /b/ style threads.

Self moderation is the key really. Janitors and mods that get too intrusive have a history of killing /tg/, so we need to try and make it so they don't have to.

>> No.21367031


>> No.21367038

Google it.

>> No.21367039

>> No.21367043

Nonsense, Outlaw Star had an ambivalent ending, the main character gets out of jail and he goes on another adventure, but the bastard still owes lots of people money. Cowboy Bebop had a downer ending, where the main character dies, and stays dead. Digimon Tamers had a really downer ending, yeah they saved the day, but the kids never saw their digimon again. EVER. Big O has a downer ending, everything returned to the way it was at the start of the series, except for what 3 people know. So on and so forth.

>> No.21367044

Not much. It's hard to find good goblins.

>> No.21367046

So what the fuck did I just watch? And is it just me or did the old man have his very own spiderbitch?

>> No.21367063

You saw an anime by ToroToro, and the old man had a slime. Go pester /a/ about it, while you're at it; I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

>> No.21367064

>> No.21367065

Boku No Pico

>> No.21367097

>the old man had a slime
Huh. Thought that was webbing.
>Go pester /a/ about it
Well okay! I'm sure they would love to - hey, wait just a minute...

>> No.21367103

>mfw not sure if just monstergirl or covert furfaggoty

>> No.21367104

Go away /a/, and try harder next time. A real troll isn't that obvious...

>> No.21367107

This isn't that place to discuss this, but I'll reply once more. All those series had at some point foreshadowing of something that dark or grim or however you desire to label it. The OVA however up until that point was a happy lighthearted romp, and then shit gets turned on it's head.

So jealous of the old man and I hope they decide to animate his story or some slime girl action some time soon.

>> No.21367120

I'm not trying to gull you this time. I'd like to see if a thread'll kick off.

>> No.21367130


You know, I can see how monstergirls could get incredibly annoying after a while.

> "Holy shit, I just want to go through ONE DAY without BEING RAPED."

>> No.21367134

what is this /a/?

th manga is Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

>> No.21367151

I'm going to go ahead and delve deeper into my own newly created combination fetish here, so feel free to skip this post and tell me to shut up if it causes you discomfort.

Imagine coming home. She's laying on the sofa, tail coiled on the divan. She looks up lazily at you and smiles as she lowers the volume on the TV.
You've just been out to the local cosmetics shop and bought a general purpose skin lotion/massage oil which the cashier assured you fits all types of skin, guaranteed. "You could rehydrate a lizard in the desert with this" he claimed.

Well, a lizard isn't quite what you had in mind.

You fold up the arms of your shirt and unbutton it a bit as you sit down next to her. Despite the chilly late October weather you've been having your flat is almost 25 degrees Celsius and the sudden transition from cold to hot made you sigh in relief. While you were out she lit a couple of scented candles, which now adorn the windows and the table next to the sofa, spreading an exotic scent in the room.

For the past couple of weeks you've noticed that she's been looking a bit strained. When you asked, she told you that work has been a nightmare, and she's begun to tense up even when she's home. You tried to help her out but you just couldn't get through those knots by her lower back.

Error field to long

>> No.21367158

Now, a few secret evening courses later you're ready to try again. "This is really sweet of you y'know, but really, I can just take a bath. It'll probably sort itself out eventually" She says as you help her out of her tee. "I know that you mean well but I don't want you to hurt yourself..."
You flex your now much more supple and hardy fingers and smile. "Just lay back and try to relax and leave it to me" you say. She begins to say something but it's left hanging in the air as you begin to pour a small amount of the lotion onto her back. "Oh, that feels nice" she says, dragging out the 's'. You love it when she does that, it always reminds you of her tongue. It's largely a sound young children do, but she never really managed to rid herself of the habit.

You hold the bottle in one hand and being to swipe the clear and oily liquid out over her shoulders and upper back, adding more all the while. It's a friction based brand, and as you pour and press it heats up slightly.

>> No.21367167

Yeah, that one of the qualms I have with MGE and MGQ's setting personally. To make this a bit more /tg/ related, does anyone have any stories of monster girls in their campaigns without being fetish-y?

>> No.21367169

As the anon who just watched it, I liked it. Bit of a shame that the only person who showed any rational thought got punished for it, but I guess that's what you get for not loving the spider.

>> No.21367175


Sorry, I full retarded, it didn't even occur to me to do a reverse image search.


Thanks anon. It is interesting to see how many different boards bleed over into /tg/ though. We're like the UN of a planet of basement dwellers.

>> No.21367192


She sighs contently under you and it's all the approval you need. You continue to pour the oil over her lower back, letting it run over her cheeks and drip down her tail. A slight shiver runs down your spine as your hand glides over her rounded behind and you feel the transition from skin to scales. It's not rough, but it's definitively a different sensation than her bare skin. You don't think you'll ever get used to it, not that you mind. It's just another one of those things that you love about her, though you know that others find it peculiar to say the least. Your parents confusion and disapproval springs unbidden to your mind and you press the mental image back as you empty the last of the bottle and put both of your hands on her, running over her back and down her entire coiled length. She is very well muscled, though you suppose she'd have to be to be able to move her entire mass like she does, at the speeds that she does.

>> No.21367195


Do dryads count?

Because our Bard was once flirting with a dryad, and he sketched a spontaneous portrait of her - Presenting it to her as a gift.

Unfortunately, he presented it to ON EXPENSIVE PAPER. Made from TREES.

Six combat rounds later, the grove is on fire, the wood is on fire, the dryad is on fire, THE BARD IS ON FIRE.

>> No.21367202


In the beginning, you reflect as you start to actually apply pressure to her muscles, you couldn't help but think of her lower body as a leg-analog. "It's the part of the body that lets her move about" You'd think to yourself. Now you've realised that it's so much more than just that. The things she can do with the tip of her tail puts your manual dexterity to shame, and you are pretty proud of your hands after years of typing quickly and painstakingly painting miniatures.

Her moaning brings you out of your revere. "Right there, I don't know what you did but do it again" she says almost pleadingly, raising a part of her tail up towards you. You run your hands over her scales, warm to the touch, shining and slick of the oil you've used and probe with your fingers. You find a large knot, buried in her muscles and apply a steady, rhythmic pressure to it around and in-between her scales. An almost orgasmic sigh is your reward as she smiles broadly in relief, eyes closed. "Where did you learn thaaaaaat" she mumbles as you move your hands upwards again, enjoying the different tactile sensation her skin offers to her scales. You bring firm hands over her buttocks and drink deeply of the sight over her oiled form shining slightly in the light of the flickering candles.

con't y/n?

>> No.21367203

/v/ gets it too. Boku no pico is pretty mainstream, 4chanwise.

>> No.21367205

Do continue writefaggotry is always welcome.

>> No.21367212

We can make games about everything, so pretty much everything can be used here.

>> No.21367213

>the UN of a planet of basement dwellers.
our new official tittle

>> No.21367222

I took a break for a bit since /tg/ pissed me off, and when I came back today, there was a monstergirl thread on the front page.

>> No.21367233

Please, do go on. You're managing to write a fine piece of erotica and I for one will not even try to stop you...

>> No.21367238

>con't y/n?
Please do, writefag-anon.

>> No.21367243

>you will never give your lamia an oil massage to help with her shedding
Now that you've made me depressed, continue.

>> No.21367351

please do

>> No.21367358

Who do you guys think the best choice for him is?

>> No.21367371

Hurry up damn you and continue!

>> No.21367382

I'll be butangery if Miia doesn't win the Monster Musume.

>> No.21367400

Obviously, this is not including turning them all down, because that's the best answer until he can get them more acclimated to human culture.

>> No.21367413

Miia 5ever

>> No.21367422

You and me both.
>mfw da lamiias win da mustard monsoons

>> No.21367430

Knowing Japan? Harem ending.

>> No.21367432

The trick is that /po/ is also completely on topic. It's easy to stay chill when posts only ever relate to projects that are underway. And it does get pretty pissy in its own way when someone gets full of themself or they're left hanging.

>> No.21367444

While we're on Monster Nichijou, here's a neat little tidbit for those out of the loop.

>> No.21367446

In one of my 3.5 games my male human warblade ended up as a marilith. Well, not completely fiendish, but close enough.

That's basically the only time long-term gender-changing and specifically turning into a monstergirl happened in any of my campaigns--mostly longterm because the character himself(herself?) wanted to distance himself from any vestiges of his past, and because the new form was ridiculously combat-effective.

To tie this to the topic, his/her snake half was definitely that of a constrictor, given I wrapped up and constricted an enemy wizard into unconsciousness on more than one occasion. It's made me think that most snakepeople are constrictor-types-- given the size, their snake halves are probably gonna be really strong!

Also, getting squeezed by a fit multi-armed snake-girl is my fetish. Well, it is now, anyway. Thanks /tg/.

>> No.21367465


He made a sequel to the first Spider one?

>> No.21367477

I gotta ask, cause I've always been curious: What's the appeal of a slime girl?

>> No.21367489

>> No.21367494

I could try to explain it, but you really wouldn't understand, basically the person misses the womb on an instinctual level, and doesn't realize that's what they want: something warm, slimy, and all-encompassing. I don't understand it myself, but I can explain it.

>> No.21367495

Broken arms can do that.

>> No.21367497

Oh yeah. It's filled with 100% more Dawwww.

>> No.21367520

That he did The dude declares his undying love for her. She accepts, and they live pretty much happily ever after. Can't say I dislike that ending...

>> No.21367522

I'll have to check that out at some point

Not now, though. I must ration my niche smut responsibly!

>> No.21367523


Does cow leather make humans unhappy?

Does a hawk not eat other birds?

People play nature spirits as being preserving but honestly, nature is a bitch.

A dryad should not auto-rage about paper, at most she should inquire about how it was made and rage based on that.

>> No.21367531

Or its similar to lamias and people just want extremely intimate hugs. I think a lot of fa/tg/uys just want a really good hugs.

>> No.21367536

...Isn't this just straight up admitting that there isn't a real plot and it's plain ol' harem fanservice all the way?

I mean, it was already obvious, but to all but say it outright...

>> No.21367546

may i request sauce for this please?

>> No.21367558


>> No.21367560

Again, Google it.

>> No.21367564

I like to play my nature spirits as incredibly vindictive and plotting. They practically get off to the idea of strengthening the mother earth that they are so intimately connected to by killing off weaker species. Nature only needs facilitation, not preservation, for to preserve implies that it is week and needs protection.

>> No.21367576

We didn't run out of money you twat we found a better way. Christ on a bike you people kill my faith in humanity a little more every day

>> No.21367584

again go back to /a/

>> No.21367589

They took the funding away from that project, that's what happened, that translates to "ran out of money" to the people working on the project.

>> No.21367594

You can find it with a single click. It's impolite to ask others to do your footwork for you.

>> No.21367598

>yfw people keep on talking about delicious monster girls

>> No.21367615


I know I do...

>> No.21367634

Sorry, this was a very spur of the moment. I'm not a fast typer, sadly. Thank you for the overwhelming support though.!

Smiling to yourself, you run your hands up the small of her back, and up to her shoulders again. She is tense here too, but it's more in a general sense.
Using the flat of your hands, you make circular motions up and down along her spine. Her breathing slows down and gets heavier as you go along, and it's not long before
you can't help but think that she's asleep. Moving down again, you indulge yourself and take the time to fully appreciate the firmness of her bottom,
taking large but steady handfulls in outwards and inwards motions, momentarily stealing a glance of the area hidden beneath before you let go and move down
towards her lower body again. You really can't get enough of her tail, you've admitted this to her on more than one occation.
She's always a bit embarassed over your honesty, but really, who can blame you? For one thing it's incredibly exotic.

>> No.21367636

Imagine the hugs from a six-armed snakegirl...

>> No.21367639

With most monstergirls, the first problem is figuring out where to stick it. But not with slimes.

>> No.21367652

The texture and feeling of the scales, in the scale of her actualy body....
In the very beginning you thought that she would be rough to the touch, and you were almost afraid to let her lower body near you, fearing scrapes and burns.
You laugh at it now. Her scales are oh so very soft and pliable. Bending and shifting as she moves. It's also strangely sensual, the way she doesn't so much move as *shift* and *slide* from one place to the other. You've caught yourself being mesmerized by her just moving from one side of the room to the other on more than one occasion.

>> No.21367657

I would just watch her juggle. All day.

>> No.21367670 [SPOILER] 

There's nothing wrong with wanting really good hugs...especially the kind of hugs that lamias love to give.

>> No.21367671


Rubbing your hands down you create a warmth that seems to beam along her and you reach the very tip of her tail after a little while, where you stop momentarily and grasp it with one hand. Her tailend is very sensitive, or so she keeps telling you, and you exercise due caution as you softly ply it between your fingers, moving and pressing here and there.
A soft moan almost startles you and you look up as she begins to raise herself on her arms and turn to you, her eyes dim and her cheeks flushed to a slight red. "I thought I told you that I'm sensitive there" she says. "Yes I know" you reply. "That's why I'm careful, I didn't hurt you did I?". You feel a cold weight settling down your stomach. "No, no you didn't dummy" she says and you imidietly relax, a weight lifting from your shoulders almost as soon as it had settled. "I mean I'm -sensitive- sensitive".

It takes you a few minutes to realise what she means, while you absently knead the tip of her tail in your hands. Her biting her lips is what sets you off. "oh"
She smiles and sits up, and smoothly pushes you towards her with her tail. "Come here you, I think It's time you took care of the front as well" she says huskily and you can't help but smile broadly.

>> No.21367674

You can tell me what it is with a simple click and significantly less effort and no cost to yourself. You sir are no thespian.

>> No.21367677

Keep. Fucking. Going. Dude. This is almost A grade material.

>> No.21367695

It is not good to enable ignorance; teach a man to fish and all that.

>> No.21367700

Okay yeah that was just bad, I think I feel a fever coming on. Don't know if I can keep the quality up much longer.

>> No.21367714


>> No.21367724

Ignore what the picture says, she just too tsun to admit how good you are.

>> No.21367740

Right then, typan'

>> No.21367751

Damn right you are. /tg/ wants and demands high quality smut. And you sir, are delivaring so far...

>> No.21367776

We have every capability of a LHC the size of texas, I promise you

>> No.21367799

although i respect your motive i dont really think this situation calls for such a serious mind set. We're talking about me asking for the source of a manga here, not researching for my college thesis.

>> No.21367803

Look! Tits! Stop talking about science!

>> No.21367808

If you really can't come up with a good ending, please don't leave us hanging. A quick wrap up to just finish the whole thing up if needed. There's a special sort of sad for an incomplete story.

>> No.21367812

Source? I have no clue what to look for and have never heard of this.

>> No.21367826

Since the subject seems to have come up, I need more shots of mariliths a la >>21367657

It's for a, uh, project.

>> No.21367861

Is the project your penis?

>> No.21367880

this sir is some good smut. please do continue

>> No.21367890

Hurry up and deliver the rest you, I gotta go to work soon damnit, I need the rest of this story before I do you good writefag...

>> No.21367926

your thinking of a different thread. the one I'm talking about actually had more to do with cartoons (disney to be specific) than comics.

>> No.21367966

Actually, this is kind of relevant. Does anyone know offhand what the level adjustment for a shinomen naga constrictor is in OA 3.5e? Or maybe someone who has the book? I had kind of wanted to try building a grapple build and my DM gave me free license, but my copy is 200 miles away.

I can offer images in return.

>> No.21368018

Here. Sorry for the wait, I'm fighting a fever while trying to quality-control my own writing.

You embrace her fondly, holding her with both arms and continuing to rub her back and bottom as she leans in to kiss you passionately. Ah, her tongue.
While not split as you'd imagine a snake's would, hers is abnormally long compared to yours, you reflect idly as yours touch, and she takes lead. You slide your hands from
her lower back to her hips, and remind yourself to visit that comsetic store more often. True to his word, the lotion the cashier recomended still hasn't dried up. You begin to
smear her sides with it, oiling her up as she unbuttons the rest of your shirt and coils the end of her tail several times around your leg. "You ARE going to introduce me to the magician
whom you learned secret hand-magic from later, right?" She says smiling as she finishes removing your shirt and throws it along the floor. "I can't believe how good I feel" she continues.

"Well, then it was worth the effort" you say, not hiding a feeling of smugness as you begin to work her belly with the oil, giving it a glancy sheen. "Tease" She accuses inbetween kisses,
and you notice that she somehow managed to unbutton your jeans with the tip of her tail. She smiles and closes her eyes momentarily as you move your hands upwards over her bossom and enjoy polar oposite texture
of her scales; incredibly soft and yielding. You work the oil in with gusto, moving your hands to her back and bottom (where you admittedly used maybe a teensy bit too much) to gather up more oil, before
sliding them to the front again. She moves more exitedly and rubs herself against you, touching your chest with hers and coating you in the oil. You have to admit that it DOES feel rather good. Maybe you should
recomend that store to some of your friends too, later on.

>> No.21368031


As you move your hands down to the lower end of her belly, she manages to gently lower your pants by dragging them down your legs with her coiled tail, and removing them and your underwear altogheter. She smiles coyly at you
as she moves one hand to your own nether regions to find you ready and waiting. The intense turn this took nonwithstanding, You have been rock hard since you started coating her buttocks with oil.
There's something special about the way the skin looks and feels when oiled, and her scaly lower body doesn't help either, smooth and warm as it is. You move your hands downwards for a moment, and they come back warm and wet. She leans in close and whispers "I know you peaked", to which you respond with carefully nibbling her ear, making her moan again as you apply your dextreous hand to her nether regions. You can feel her shifting on the sofa, and in a sudden and not altogheter unpleasant turn of events you end laying down on her on the sofa, her tail coiled several turns around your leg and carressing your back. This is also one of the reasons you love her so much, though admittedly it's more of a
purely physical reason.
Everything is just so much more interesting with her.

>> No.21368047

"Ready?" you ask with a smile, to which she just giggles and kisses you in response. You hold yourself with one hand and guide yourself into her, uttering a shuddering breath in synchronisation with her as you do.
When your relationship got to this level, you had your doubts about how things would work. As it turns out, it's not much different after all. She presses herself (and you, by virtue of tail) closer and you begin to move in a rythmic
pumping manner, holding her close under-and-over the shoulder with one hand while caressing her face with the other. It's slow, rythmical, and you know it'll drive her crazy as she breathes hard and looks you deep in the eyes. You smile, and
she smiles back and you keep going for a little while, enjoying the feeling of her oiled up breasts pressing up against your chest, and her slick scales moving up and down along your legs and back. It's not long however before she decides to take control,
and push you harder against her. This is how she works when she starts to let go, you've realised. She can be quite timid in everyday life, but when she's at it and in the mood, she looses all inhibition.

>> No.21368054


You breathe heavily as you feel her warmth fold around your member, constricting you not unlike her tail is your leg, feeling more and more pressure as she reaches her boiling point. You kiss her again and ever-so-carefully nibble at one of her nipples, as she takes
a few of your fingers in her mouth, running her tongue over your whole hand. She moans ecstatically and the feeling is too much as she shudders and begins to climax. You let go yourself, and the two of you almost shout out in unison as you release your own warmth into her.
For a moment, the barest flicker of time everything but the two of you cease to exist you look down upon her and she looks back up at you lovingly, and then reality falls back into place and you both lay still on the sofa, breathing heavily. She slowly coils herself around you until you both are completely inseparable. You lay your head in between her breasts, and you matter-of-factly state "We're going to have to buy a new sofa". She breathes heavily and plays idly with her fingers in your hair. "Worth it" She says with a tired yawn, and soon the two of you are sound asleep to the just-audible sound of the in the background.

>> No.21368071

I don't want to needlessly ruin that image for anyone, so spoiler-text ahoy.

Apparently the only reason that got drawn is because the artist has a contortion fetish, and the fact that she's a lamia is merely contingent to that.

>> No.21368090

Ya did good son, ya did good... This thread will die, but the feels conveyed by that smut... will not be forgotten soon.

>> No.21368097

tv in the background*
Why u cut my text Replyfield?

>> No.21368105

>"Worth it" She says with a tired yawn, and soon the two of you are sound asleep to the just-audible sound of the in the background.
>the just-audible sound of the in the background.
>of the in the
Of the what, oh wonderful writefriend? Of the what?!?

>> No.21368130

Whatever. Here's another image in hope that once /tg/ cools off a bit after the lamia erotica, someone might answer my technical question.

>> No.21368159

I don't think the ReplyField appreciated this story. There's punctuations missing everywhere. Or maybe it's me. Maybe I thought I added punctuation but I didn't?

And that should be peeked, not peaked. As in, looking.

Oh god there's faults everywhere. How could I even post this? It's horrible!

Thank you kindly, though I can't say that I'm particularly proud of this piece, could have been much better.

>> No.21368160

I don't care to hunt through the thread again to find it. What was the question, again?

>> No.21368173

The great thing about smut is that no matter how terrible it is, someone will like it. I suggest cleaning it up (hurr hurr) later and reposting when you're happy with it.

>> No.21368177

Cool your tits. This is the internet, not the American Journal of Science.

>> No.21368189

Sleep deprivation causes many errors. No worries. We all fuck up dude. We all deal with it as a result.

>> No.21368197

Shinomen naga in Oriental Adventured 3.5e have level adjustments. My copy is at home, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me what said level adjustments are for a constrictor.

I am in the process of making cheese, as is traditional among my people.

>> No.21368207

Congratulations good sir. That was some truly lovely erotica, /tg/ will no doubt remember it

>> No.21368216

Thank you.
I will pop a pill or two, go to bed and take a look at this in the morning/evening/wheneverthehellIwakeup. If anyone wants me to, I could pop the 'clean' version on 1d4.

>> No.21368225

"Clean" and "Good Smut" are terms that don't mix son. Best if you try and archive this somehow...

>> No.21368229

Huh. I am now mildly surprised we don't have a more dedicated place to story writefaggotry. Carry on, if you would be so kind.

>> No.21368253

haha no. I know. I played on the inherent comedic value in what >>21368173 said. What I meant was edit and fix everything that is bothering-the-hell-out-of-me-why-can't-I-write-good-things before hoisting it up on 1d4. I suppose suptg could do with another Lamia/naga thread aswell.

>> No.21368265

I do not own the book and my google fu failed. Have you tried these? >>>/rs/Oriental+Adventures&from=ALL

>> No.21368270

ON the other hand, upon actually reading the guidlines for archiving threads on suptg
>>Image dumps of any kind
>>Rapefic, monstergirl discussion, or anything particularly creepy that smacks of basement-dwelling social pariah
>>Do not archive.

I guess not.

>> No.21368303

well this thread turned out better than expected. I'l admit i was a bit disappointed when "lamerez" did go anywhere, (that shit had waifu bait written all over it) but such quality smut was much more satisfying

>> No.21368340

Lamerez has been kicked around a few times. It's just a couple silly pictures that were made for the sake of the joke.

>> No.21368371

Yeah, mostly dead links, and the ones that are active seem not to be the edition I'm looking for.

We'd only be getting one session in before I went home to house-sit anyway, so I suppose a guess should be fine until then. I'm pretty sure it's a +2 or a +3.

>> No.21368451

Assume a +3 and magically gain a level if it's a +2?

>> No.21368597

That's how I'll be rolling.

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