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Hey, everyone.

Due to some RL bullshit, I can't do anything productive on my day off, had some unexpected expenses and generally feel really unmotivated to do ANYTHING.

So I thought, why not make a motivation-thread?

Tell us about your unfinished /tg/-projects you just can't find the energy to finish. Tell us what's stopping you.
Be a support to all the other Anons who can't get shit done and kick their butts to action!

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Posting in this thread is keeping me from getting on with my /tg/ projects.

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Yeah, lurking is often a sign of not getting shit doen, but rarely the root cause. So while you are here, you can tell us about what really stops you from working on your projects and what they are

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I would post about it but...eh. Don't really feel like typing all that shit out.

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No. I'm being completely serious. I have an extremely rare compulsive disorder that patterns off this exact prompt. For as long as this thread is around, I'll be unable to do anything other than watch it and post in it.

I actually have trouble even breathing calmly and properly when so fixated.

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Oh come on~

Here, I will tell you about what stops me, too!

Mainly I am really unmotivated, because my sewing machine broke. I have no idea what's wrong with it and getting it repaired would cost more than it is worth.
So new machine it is. This sucks, because of the money I now have to invest, but also because I am not sure WHAT machine to buy. This is a great opportunity for an upgrade, but do I really need a more expensive machine?
Add general financial issues on top and yeah... my motivation is in the basement, drinking cheap vodka and contemplating suicide

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I have a game that's about to play in four hours. It's on IRC.

I usually write big intros and scene descriptions before hand.

I can't find the motivation to actually write though.

I disgust myself sometimes.

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Well, there is your problem.

Get into psychotherapy

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>contemplating suicide because your sewing machine broke

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>reading comprehension

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A pair of them I got dirt cheap.


I do not have a Ork army and have other armies that are higher on the to do list.

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I'm in psychotherapy. It's an intensive process and the effectiveness of immediate help, even just symptomatic treatments, is quite low. Please don't be blasé about my problems - it's hard enough to be taken seriously as it is.

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Well, are you at least working on those other armies?

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Esh what sort of sewing machine is it and what is the problem?

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My group is stagnating. Three players live an hour and a half to the west. One player lives an hour to the south. To the east there is a white house.

Anyway, I'd really like to start a cyberpunk game, but I'm afraid that I'm a terrible DM. I ran some DnD years back and, looking back, it was completely awful. In the past year I've done two Spirit of the Century games, and my players have said that I did really well, but I'm afraid they're lying to me.

So, two reasons why no work is getting done. I'm terrified of disappointing my group, but also suspect that it'll be six months before we get together next.

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>contemplating suicide because your sewing machine broke and you blew all your money on alcohol
How stupid can you be?

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>reading comprehension
Seriously motherfucker, she's saying her MOTIVATION is drinking vodka and contemplating suicide!

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it's a 7 year old carina creativ.

I am not really sure what causes it, but whenever the needle is even slightly to the right side of the center, it wont catch the under-thread at all, which makes everything, but a straight stitch useless. Also it's making weird noises.

I suspeced that the piston that moves the needle got somehow pushed up, but the weird noises are coming from the under thread bobbin...

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Gladly, I am almost finished and done with playtesting for my X-COM tactical boardgame which plays like a mix between spacehulk, descent and classic wargames.

And then I arranged a meeting with a publisher in my country about getting my newest rpg published. its a LARP and directs itself towards first-time LARPers and educators who wish to use roleplaying games in their work. LARP is pretty popular around here actually and many kids institutions want to use it but its controlled by a very little group of people - I want to change that by making this guide available to them so they can start up their own LARP with simple rules and setting with an all-purpose-plot-insulation so they can make the setting excatly as they want without too much effort.

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Cheap alcohol too, so they must be incredibly drunk.

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I keep meaning to write a book.
I have all the characters done, I have the story in my head, the plot is fine, hell I even have most of the scenes planned out, but I can't seem to type the fucker out.
I also have trouble coming up with how to connect all the scenes I have in my head together.

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Tau just need Painting and Chaos is in full rebuild mode.

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If this is the same Esh-Esh who gives away swag sometimes on /tg/, I just need to say this: I received the dice squig. Its belly is now full of dice.

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I'm currently writing up the lore for my character's homeworld and the thing that's keeping me from continuing is... posting here.
Yes, I'm posting here because I can't stand to watch you cry.

Kopf hoch, Mädel!

And because I can't not post this:

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Well, no master ever fell from the sky. Experience is the key to greatnes, so just RUN the game. The worst you will do is a meh-tier game, but you will only get better from there.

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From the words of Glen Cook.

"Don't talk about writing. Don't tell me about your wonderful story ideas. Don't give me a bunch of "somedays." Plant your ass and scribble, type, keyboard. If you have any talent at all, it will leak out despite your failure to pay attention in English. And if you didn't pay attention, learn. A carpenter needs to know how to use a hammer, level, saw, and so forth. You need to know how to use the tools of writing. Because, no, the editor won't fix it up. S/he will just chunk your thing in the shit heap and go on to somebody who can put together an English sentence with an appropriate sprinkle of punctuation marks."

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Draw the different ideas and scenes on a board and try to connect them visually.

Having a visual guidance always helps me a lot to organize things.

The very same. Glad you enjoy your prize


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Looks great. Good job!

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I've been meaning to create a campaign setting that will be part of one giant consistent universe for all the campaigns I will run in my life.

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That's quite ambitious.

I am just not sure if it's a good idea. Will all your games be rather similar, or will that setting encompass radically different sub-settings?

I have troubles imagining a setting that could encompass things like horror, high fantasy and hard sci-fi at the same time

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Yeah, well.
Just play DSA.

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Ive been working on a single or multi-player board game.

The setting for the game is a generic nuclear post apoc, or a Zombie Post Apoc.

The Main world map is a large section of the American West. With several large and small towns.

Each player has a Mini on this map to show where they are. As you travel along the main map, you move your fig, and roll for encounters based on terrain type. and time. If you roll on to an encounter you use an randomly generated encounter map. The game will use tiles similar to the D&D 4e Board games. Put the tiles down, place foes based on your encounter type.

The Foes have cards, and on each card are their combat stats, and behaviors in combat. Things like Move towards the player with the most health, and attack with a ranged attack, or Move to the nearest cover and fire once a round, but roll a d6 on roll of 4-5 break cover and attack with melee weapon.

When you move to any "Land Mark" location on the main map, you will roll once, to determine its state, for example the big main city. When you roll it could end up and deserted and infested, roll on table X for encounters when passing through or scavenging, or it could be partially inhabited trading town, where you can buy X,Y,Z, from the inheritance.. this aspect of the system will ensure that every time you or your friends play, despite the locations being in the same place they are different every play through.

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That sounds really great. Will there be any goal to the game? The DnD games for example has preset objectives which the players have to achive to win.

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I want to include crafting and strongholds.

You will be able scavenge locations for raw materials, rolling on a table to do so, with the chance of finally depleting an area of salvageable goods... There will be several stronghold locations on each map, where a player get a basic house of some kind, prison, bomb shelter. With X amounts of materials they can improve the safety factor of the location, and turn it into something they can get more out of it. i.e. farming, recruiting NPCs to man it.

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It can be played sandbox style, or with objective quests for the players, like locate warlord X and kill him, or build a Stronghold to X level in set amount of time. Even during sandbox play there would be generic fetch quests.

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It just seems like having to keep track of a lot of things. Will that be any problem?

What if you have to pack up the game, because you need the table, but you want to continue playing that campaign, because it rocks?

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I know it sounds book keeping intensive, but this will be simplified with playing aids. For example, you will have your a section on the main map set aside to place tokens on that track time. Moving X tiles in one day over Y terrain type on foot means Z time passes, so you slide the time token a day forward. Its a simplified 7 day week, 4 weeks a month. 12 months a year chart. It will also feature a day section, with 24 hours, you just move the track tokens to update it. For example scavenging in an area would take like 4 hours of work per try.

The Players sheets would also feature simple trackers, like hunger/thirst/wounds. that you just move tokens on to keep track of.

It will be similar to how you track time and other things in the board games Star Smuggler and Barbarian prince. Pic Related.

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Just note the positions of all of the little trackers on an included SAVE sheet, and you should be able to pick up right where you left off.

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That's true. But I don't even know what system to run it in! I don't know what kind of story I want to tell! What if they're bored? Etc etc etc

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Please don't do this. Don't translate proverbs.

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well, ASK them.

Find out what they want to play and do your best to provide that

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Alright, little sweet tooth cat, I give myself beaten.
You have really showed me where the hammer is hanging.

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Sorry to hear about your unexpected expenses Esh-Esh.

I have a group of homebrew mercenaries in the solar system hanging in Limbo for years now. The group is solid, we're playing other campaigns, so the players are still there. The setting is a space frontier kind of thing with dystopian megacorps nations reaching out to the asteroid belt for resources and a mysterious shattered rogue planet with 20-minutes-into-the-future tech. The main location is a ragtag asteroid city of civilians modeled after New Orleans (including a Voodoo cult, exotic food, and lots of music). The basic tension is between company fleet interests, settler survival, and weird cult terrorists hunting and utilizing mutant magic in a myth arc plot into transhumanism and psycher powers changing mankind and what it means to be human. But the players haven't even seen any mutant powers yet.

Now I'm working on a Stargate clone that focuses more on the atmosphere and constellation of the movie but uses the planet-a-week convenience of the show, and on a small con round of Engine Heart. But I'm co-GMing a big Laundry campaign so everything else is on a bit of a low sizzle anyway. Doesn't look good for space New Orleans.

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I will show you the greatest motivational picture that is know to writefags.
Brace for shitstorm

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Crap... Now I feel bad. Damn you, you magnificent bastard... damn you.

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I have the day off work 'cause weather, I should be working on my DnD homebrew rules but I'm an unmotivated buttguy

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Another hurricaner, eh? Anywhere near DC?

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I should draw something. But I can't... I just can't. Been that way for weeks.

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No, I'm in NC, the offshoots from the storm caused a pretty significant snowstorm where I live

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All of my lab work and homework is leaving me with less time to work on my spritework for an Engine Heart quest thing (not on tg but rather a dedicated choseyourownadventure style forum).

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I got a couple boxes of guard yesterday to work on(cadians, and a catachan commanadsquad-I play catach-adians). The reason I haven't done anything yet is I have two midterms tomorrow, but I hate one class so much (which i need for my degree) that I'm on here instead of studying.

Fuck GIS.

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is there any way anons can chip in for a new sewing machine in exchange for dice bags or something of the sort? Because you do awesome work, but I always fail at being here for your give-away threads.

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I've missed getting into a doctorate by 0,7 point, because entry commission threw at me some bullshit questions.
In result I'm depressed, and so I don't have motivation for anything /tg/ related.

Does my response satisfy you?

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Do a Kickstarter!

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I was dissatisfied with how Pokemon: Tabletop Adventures turned out so I wanted to created another one based heavily off of Old School Hack. The different attacks of any particular Pokemon would have qualities such as [Heavy] or [Ranged], instead of individual weapons did in the original system.

I just feel way over my head.

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I had to completely stop all my /tg/ hobbies due to lack of time

I don't even fucking know what I'm doing on this board

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You should never buy a boat, cat. A boat is a hole in the water you throw money into.

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I'm trying to just run a session but I think my players are losing interest before we've even started.

Not really /tg/-related but I can't find the motivation to practice music lately either

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>not enjoying contemplating suicide
Do you even wish somebody would tell you you're fine?

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Esh-Esh, if you get a new sewing machine then if you have enough money for it get a strong one that can sew several layers of fabric together. This will you could make gambesons and similar stuff quick and easy, then you just need to sell it and swim in all the money... Or give away of them for free as you usually do it...

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Sorry, I was out grocery shopping.

Being an incredible slob has it's unexpected advantages.
I just go so much deposit back from old soda bottles that I could buy food and drinks for the next two weeks AND GET MONEY BACK!

oh lol

what kind of homebrew? Tell us about it!

Go study. Take a 15 minute break every 45 minutes.

d'aaaw, thank you very much. If you want to help, you can buy stuff from my store, or commission me for a custom piece.

I just sent the order out for a new machine. I decided to just fuck it and give the electronic variety a try. If I don't like it, I can just give it back. Put me in the red on my bank account, but I can manage.

Unfortunately, only US citizens can start a kickstarter campaign

You are coming here for the fine company and good memories.
Hey, if you have time to come here, you also have time to at least play a play-per-post style RPG on some forum, or participate in some quests. Not alöl hope is lost, friend.

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Yeah, durability and strengh were some of my main criteria.
Also a high usability and comfort, since I am using it A LOT.

I decided to try the "W6 N330". It's a computer controlled allrounder, but according to the reviews it's the tank of electronic sewing machines

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>but I always fail at being here for your give-away threads.

I have a mailinglist, you know... send me a mail with "mailinglist" in the subject and I will notify you in advance.
Also the next giveaway is tomorrow 6PM EST.

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Don't you have a sufficient number of US citizens on hand to do so?

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Zweihundertfufzisch Okken. Net ohne! Schaut aba fein aus des gude Stück.

Hassu n Muster fürn Weighed Companion Cube? Scho ma genäht?

>> No.21356566

I would. But eh...
Might as well, just hope my store will bring the costs back in.
A kickstarter for ~200-300€ seems a little misguided. I might start one for things like opening an ACTUAL business, or moving to another place

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I'm sorry, I tried to write a serious answer, but that writing style resets my brain, everytime I read it.

>> No.21356587

What's wrong with Stuttgart?
Oh wait, no, I've been there.

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>> No.21356657

B-but I suck at writing and could never do the story justice. Same deal with drawing.

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i have a deathwatch adventure i still have to finish

i have a small scale skirmish game for 40k im working on, basically involves 40k heroes and elites taking on a planet full of orges

and a fucking massive casting project that i'm over thinking.

>> No.21356943

again: experience does the trick.
Just write stuff and dont be afraid of people's criticism. It will improve your writing

>> No.21356964

> fucking massive casting project that i'm over thinking.
casting as in making miniatures, or auditioning people?

>> No.21356967

>i have a small scale skirmish game for 40k im working on, basically involves 40k heroes and elites taking on a planet full of orges
You have a funny way of writing out your plot when in reality it will be "a planet full of ogres struggling desperately to fight off a tiny handful of invading god-mode sues.

On a side note, WTF are Ogres doing in 40k?

>> No.21356980

lol! making miniatures.

auditioning people would be easier i fancy

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Ouch. >>21353439 here though. At least Im a step or two closer to be at least her equal now. Truth be told, I am also trying to get a childrens book I wrote published.

Been working on all three projects for years now but then 3 months ago, something wierd happened and I started being really focused and actually following my plans and now Im seeing two different publishers and networking amongst local LFGS owners to get my boardgame published.

I feel so fucking proud.

>> No.21357019

ice world that is used an invite only safari other monsters are there as well its basically an excuse for a big cc romp against some fantasy hardcases and drink beer

>> No.21357035

good for you bro! whats the game about?

>> No.21357085

>planet full of orges
You either misspelled ogres or orgies. Either way, I am sickened, but intrigued.

>> No.21357094

The boardgame is an adaptation of X-COM meant so simluate the very early states of the game where you have a ton of rookies fighting snakemen, floaters and other bad stuff. I found out how to keep Hidden Movement for the alien player and even encourage most of the classic rookie strategies (with rookies as scouts or holding primed bombs) without making too complex to actually play (unlike most other X-COM clones). I can drop a description of it, briefly explaining the (ultra simple, I might add) rules and concepts.

The book is a LARP system usable in my country for institutions. There is a huge LARP focus these years and educators and teachers alike love it as a method of teaching so stuff becomes interesting and feels relevant (didactics if that means anything to you)

Im so fucking happy right now. Yay for me!

>> No.21357110

I have writefagged before, but I'm talking about my own non-/tg/ scrawlings that I can never properly execute.

As for drawing, I'm working on it, but life smacked me upside the head and told me to stop doodling for a bit. I plan on getting back into it soon, though.

>> No.21357119

orges.....but you know....there are after parties

>> No.21357124

Also, i renamed everything and slightly rewrote the fluff to avoid copyright ofc but the basics of the bacground and concepts is the same. I have 4 expansions planned out, deepening the game substantially to also include terror missions, advanced aliens like ethereals, advanced tanks and eventually a regular geoscape so you can play campaigns. I wont write the expansions before I get somewhere real with the core game though but its all already planned out

>> No.21357148

i would like to see those

>> No.21357156

And by X-COM I mean the very first X-COM btw - not the current newest one. Im talking 12 suicidal rookies armed with pistols and rifles, blowing up team mates when you mis on grenades and making map-wide headshots with lucky bullets. Its pretty damn fun to play but its still very much in playtesting

>> No.21357168

Sure Ill dump then. Might take a few minutes for me to find it but it is prewritten so its just a matter of dumping it

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>> No.21357175

I'm just gonna assume its ogre orgies.

>> No.21357190

What do you want from an X-COM board game?
I am working on a heavily X-COM inspired boardgame and would really like to know what you want from an X-COM inspired game so that it feels like an X-COM game.

As my game is now, it features 12 soldiers facing off in a one-off with aliens. Combat is deadly, rewards close quarters, scouting out your opponent and the alien players units are hidden until spotted by the CTI player (the human player). It is meant to resemble an early mission in the first X-COM game so psionics is not an option really. Also, the alien player has hidden movement! Instead of moving units, he moves Beep Counters which symbolise beeps on the motion scanners. Each unit inside a beep counter counts towards its size. 1-3 units = small beep counter (4 squares), 3-5 units = medium beep counter (6 squares) and 6-9 counters = large beep counter (9 squares). When spotted, the units are placed as normal but this means that the CTI players never know if its a lowly Grey or a super bad ass Slither until they scouted it.

All units have 2 actions per round which can be used to move, attack, use an item (like a grenade) or make ready for reaction fire. Most stats have a base of 2 and to attack you roll STAT d6. Most weapons hit on 4+ but pistols and combat knives hit at 5+, while stun rods hit at 3+. 6´s explode and if you beat the range to your opponent in your roll, you deal double damage (ie. if you roll a total of 7 and your opponent is 7 or closer to you, you deal double damage). There is no range limit but the game rewards up-close-and-personal combat. If you miss with a grenade, it doesnt fly all the way and you risk blowing yourself or your allies up.

>> No.21357199

The stats I added are pretty basic compared to the pc game because I wanted the game to be easily played and not bogged down by technicalities. Speed, Ranged Combat, Melee Combat, Health, Bravery and Psionics (with armor being a sub stat awarded by armor). 1 success = 1 damage and since base is 2 in all stats (except speed which starts at 5 and psi which starts at 0) combat is pretty deadly. If you get hit but dont take damage because of armor, you still lose 1 Bravery. Bravery regens at 1 per turn (if you have an officer in your squad) but this means supressive fire can wreck your shit, even if you have some bad ass armor.

The CTI players have 1000 credits per soldier and can buy equipment for that. The Alien player has 1 Alien Point per soldier (12) and buys small squads of 1-3 aliens which come pre-equipped with alien weapons - this is instead of buying the individual weaponry for the individual units. Equipment is almost identical in concept to the X-COM game with the addition of a Sniper Rifle and a Combat Knife as well as the removal/tweak of a few of the items which just dont make sense (like the flare)

Also, different types of weapons have signature effects so its easier to remember and decide what stuff does. Ballistic (CTI basic weapons) have no bonuses. Laser weapons give +1 Ranged Combat (+1 dice to your attack stat). Plasma weapons give +1 damage (after your attack is resolved but before doubling damage id applicaple). Pistols hit at 5+, rifles and heavy weapons hit at 4+ and advanced melee weapons hit at 3+. Hover Suits (Flying Suits) will be available but will be working as a jump pack rather than actual flying because of intrinsic boardgame limitations.

>> No.21357208

I included Greys (sectoids), Hovers (Floaters), Slithers (Snakemen) and Brutoids (Mutons) so far, with plans on adding Psicons and terror units in a possible expansion. Each race (except Mutons) have a crew of soldiers or a single officer you can buy for points. Greys officer have limited psionic attacks for instance. Hovers can fly as if wearing a hover suit and slithers take up more space so they count as if taking up twice as much space on the motion detector (so in a medium beep counter which normally requires 4 units you can either have 4 Greys for instance or fake it and only use 2 Slithers. This makes it much harder for the CTI team to decide where your troops are).

It is for 2-5 players, 1 player always playing the aliens and the rest of the players playing the CTI with the 12 soldiers divided up between them. I didnt add tanks for this version because this first proof of concept aims for the initial small ranged skirmish combats of the early game. I have planned out 4 expansions, adding advanced alien units and equipment, terror missions, base missions (CTI and Alien) and eventually an entire campaign if it is well recived.

>> No.21357219

I bet it's shit like this that encouraged Pol Pot and Matt Ward

>> No.21357224

As for actual gameplay, the CTI players move their characters rather normally in boardgames while the Alien player moves only 2×2 or 3×3 square Beep Counters depending on the number of squares the hidden aliens take up. These Beep Counters represent the beeps on the CTI motion scanners. When revealed by a CTI scout, the beep counters are discarded and replaced by actual units but until then, its one of the prime assets of the alien player to be able to mind-play with the CTI players, using this to affect their strategy. Slithers, being large, takes up 2 squares and thus, is a great race to confuse the opponent player in regards to the Beeps they get from their motion scanner because the enemy can never be sure if a large beep is just 3 Slithers or actually, for instance, a horde of Hoverers coming their way.

>also, Psicons = Ethereals on the former post, in case you were wondering.

>> No.21357245

sounds cool man. i like the cut of your jib!

>> No.21357285

Im glad to hear. The last time I dumped it, reactions were super positive so Im hoping for the best. Now Im really just waiting for some thich cardboard in the mail so I can make some proper board sections for the map.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on it, please do tell

>> No.21357315

sadly this place is filled with jerks desperate to shit on literally anything no matter how awesome. how is the board going to be laid out?

>> No.21357327

>Tell us what's stopping you.
Wrote 3 pages of lore, taking a break with some M&M's and cranberry juice right now. Feels good, man.

>> No.21357333

>sadly this place is filled with jerks desperate to shit on literally anything no matter how awesome.
>The last time I dumped it, reactions were super positive

>> No.21357406

Yeah I know but it actually didnt happen last time I posted it. I even had a few anons saying that if they saw a game like that in their FLGS they would probably buy it on impule if nothing else. I have no idea what happened but I have never seen so posivite critique on tg before.

But I digress
Remember those squared sections on the farm land maps in the first X-COM? Im going to make map sectionsmuch like those, taking up 10×10 squares. Some map sections have 20×10 squares (so 2 squared sectors) and a few have 10×10 squares. The basic layout is pic related but it can vary from mission to mission so you can play longer maps if you want.

Also, the Transporter and the UFO will be templates so they can be placed anywhere - even halfway through houses or across hedges, which means that you can make games even more different from eachother.

>> No.21357430

I'm slowly working on a heavily converted Ork army.
I'm planning them to be half kult-of-speed-esque mechanized force, half armored krumpany Blood Axes, if it matters.

Right now I'm just trying to get to the minimum legal force of 1HQ, 2 Troops, and I'm at a standstill because I've either lost the muse on that vehicle/unit or are unsure how to proceed.

I'd post pics and ask for specific advice, but >nocamera

The fact that I'm constantly bombarded by /tg/ bitching that GW is a horrible company (it is) 40k is a horrible, unbalanced game (it is) and that the fanbase sucks (insufficient data for meaningful response) doesn't help a lot either. Just about all of the players at the LGS have gone over to WarmaHordes, anyway, so I can't even use "Get it to a playable state and get some games in." as motivation.

>> No.21357434

I've been working on a homebrew system that's a mix of FATE and OpenD6. I have most of it written down so that my players can read about it, and the rest is in my mind. I can't be assed to finish it, 'cause I know that half of them will go "tl;dr, explain it to me" anyway.

>> No.21357437

That means you basically have 9 squares of land, customizeable at will depending on the mission - or if you just to randomize it up and have a friendly tactical match you can do that as well without having to place them in any particular fashion.

>> No.21357443

my sarcasm detector must be off sorry

>> No.21357476

Did you check out SD6 - or Simple D6? Its on 1d4chan. It sounds very much like what you are explaining is in SD6 already. You can take a look at it and modify it if you want - its a 1 page ultra light rpg, using only d6 but without having target numbers in the traditional sense. Also has a pretty cool critical success/failure system you can check out if you like.

I made it so you can use it for whatever you want.

>> No.21357546

That's the other reason I was afraid to work on this. It's such a basic idea, I figured someone else did it before.

>> No.21357551

Just found the link. There are also character sheets dumped by some anon and thoghts for vehicle rules in the discussion area.

>> No.21357563

Have your spirits lifted.

>> No.21357583

Oh dont be! Use it as inspiration and make your own awesome system if you want! There is nothing which quite beats a system writte specifically to the setting in question. SD6 is written to be as generic as possible so you can use it for anything from pirates to space marines to high fantasy.

>> No.21357607

Be the leaf...

>> No.21357636

And give no fucks. Then you shall be inspired.

>> No.21357660

Upon reading through it, that's not exactly the bent I was going for. So it's all good, I need to press on either way.

>> No.21357722

Great! The more the merrier! The critical hit system seemed pretty popular back when I pitched it to tg a while back. I didnt even look at it since then actually - back then it had 300-ish hits, most from me when editing it. Now its over 4200. Im super happy that people seem to be able to use it for their own games.

I wrote it for game I called Gentleman Zombie Twaddle, about WW2 veterans celebrating the 50th annerversery of their meeting (making them 65-75 years old) and then nazi zombies come and try and ruin the day. And yes, it was the butler who did it. I have been meaning to translate it into english but I just never really had the inspiration to do so properly sadly.

>> No.21357724

I'm making hamstew for my group to play since they're all burned out on anything that isn't MtG and I'm getting tired of playing the same decks forever but too poor to make too many new ones.

D6 roll-over system. Players roll XD6 where X is the stat they're rolling and try to roll according to a success threshold. This threshold is based on 5*X, so 4D6 have a highest potential roll of 20, technically. Feats and equipment can increase the values of those rolls, and rolling over the maximum amount leads to a Critical success where the GM will ask the player what they did since they did it so well.

Abilities all cost Experience, which is awarded through combat and other such character-driven events. Abilities have a Pro-Type (Combat, Magic or Meta) and a Sub-type. I'm mostly having trouble making abilities under the pretense that I'd have to make enough abilities. And by enough I mean a satisfiable number for each sub-type with experience values that make sense for the ability attributes.

My inability to understand balance is the biggest thing holding me back right now. If I make one thing good I need to make anything that even remotely interacts with it good. I feel like I have to validate any possible build or potential character archetype, which is wrong, I think. I'm also wary about leaving out some elements like Holy and Dark because they'd only really interact with each other and that's bad.

I'm also lazy. Anyone got inspirational music? I'm on a real Pendulum bender.

>> No.21357749

link cable. Took me a second

>> No.21357879

I dont mean to push SD6 out but if you look at it, scroll down and look to the right you have the statistics for rolling 1, 2 or 3 d6. You can use that for balance considerations so you dont have to do all the math yourself.

Most people prefer bell courve (ie, most rolls in the middle categories, extremes being exponentially rarer) while also having a need to experience awesome rolles a little more often than bad rolls. Just a tip from someone who designed rpg´s (and vidya for a major company for that matter) the last 10 years

>> No.21357889

Currently in the midst of a stack of unfinished game design ideas.

1) A space combat wargame intended to play a bit like Dystopian Wars/Firestorm Armada but themed around sci-fi anime cliches. Wrote up a ruleset and 5 factions (generic JAPAN SELF DEFENSE FORCE with Nadesico/Macross/Yamato references ahoy, 40k ship styled Soviet Union, not-Holy Empire of Britannia in space, Space Elf Dictatorship and Antispiral style AI) before realising A) the rules didn't work as intended and B) Dystopian Wars did it better.

2) 2000AD/Heavy Metal meets Borderlands meets Cyberpunk skirmish game with cops, mutants, gangsters and hackers all fighting it out. Very much a broad-strokes genre parody filled with puns and references. Intended to be heavily narrative and mission-based, with rules for nonlethal takedowns etc. Currently needs playtesters before I start trying to balance special characters and the skill system (current special character ideas include knockoffs of J-Decker, Robocop, the Dirty Pair, Judge Dredd, the Doom guy, various Batman villains and Fallout style supermutants)

3) Some kind of ultra-rules-light miniatures or board game based on Girls Und Panzer intended to play a bit like Wiz-War or Frag, but with moe girls in tanks.

>> No.21357892

just made some delicious salad for university tomorrow.
Will now sort all my working materials. If I can't work on orders anyway, I'll stay motivated by making my working area as nice as possible to welcome the new machine into it

>> No.21357905


>> No.21357911

Are those just setting ideas, or actual games with system and all?
Because the cyberpunk one sounds like fun

>> No.21357932 [SPOILER] 

I'm stuck with my quest idea and I could use some help. I was going to host it tomorrow, but now I'm not so sure. It's just a one-shot if anyone can help me run over the details. Kinda nervous here, and I think it's because I'm not so well prepared. Spoilers: "It's Ghostbusters.").

>> No.21357956

I recently played in a few really great ghostbusters games.

Tell us about what you have so far! We might be able to help

>> No.21357972

Cool! Fire away!

>> No.21357986

The first two were supposed to be miniatures games. I had a whole rulebook written for the first as I said, complete with faction background and loads of ship rules, then I found out the damage rules, while genre appropriate in that battleships would just go MACROSS CANNON FIRE and wipe out the enemy fleet in a hail of stock footage, made half the factions completely useless because their ships would die without firing a shot.

The second I actually have playtested and it seems to work so far. These are the (very rough) rules.

>> No.21358016

The topic of curves with rolling came up to me previously when I discussed this idea on this board. I lowered the ceiling from 6*stat to 5*stat because of that. Further, the input from external sources that increase the die-roll value (equipment and abilities) are essential to the system's character building.

Aside from that, there are Bonus Dice, which are acquired by having experience without spending it. They add an entire die to a stat roll without increasing the stat, meaning that a stat of 4 with 2 bonus die will roll 6 dice to beat a 20.

Success thresholds are also considered with a curve in mind, where a middle (12-14 out of 4d6) would be a success. Anything over 50% of the *stat would be success for a basic thing like a normal attack or defense and possibly closer to 75% (>15) for a more difficult activity.

So yeah, I've thought all the higher math out to a point. I just need to make the abilities balanced out right. Thankfully it's all played with relatively low numbers. 10 damage on a single attack is a damn-high amount, for instance, because of how low all the numbers are. Stat 2 is average human level, for instance, and 4 is low-level superhero tier.

>> No.21358043

And here's the weapons and stats for the models.

>> No.21358079

I understand why you wrote the rules like that, but unless you are a lawyer that looke pretty confusing and more like a law script than rules for a game. I dont mean to be negative but you may want to soften it up a little to it becomes easier to read. Its better to have 10 pages you want to read than having to decipher 3 pages which are really not too appealing.

But I assume you are going to look into that once your rules are as you want them to be right?

>> No.21358119


Well, here it is roughly:

You and the NPC rookie get a call to investigate a haunting in an apartment building. The call has come from an elderly woman who is pleasant enough, but appears to have dementia and thinks you're actually a pair of exterminators who have arrived to take care of the roach infestation. The call was actually made by her cat, who is actually a supernatural being and can communicate telepathically. The cat was rescued by the old lady and has been recovering with her care in the apartment. While it's been convalescing, it's detected an evil presence in the apartment building. It's been gaining energy by feeding off the residents of the building and is about to resurrect itself. The cat asks you to stop it before it's too late. Of course, the entity has amassed an army of sentient cockroaches which it has promised to ascend them to godhood once it recovers it's strength. Giant ecto-fed cockroaches defend it to the death as you make your way downstairs to the source of the evil.

>> No.21358121

This is still the work-in-progress form so yes I'm definitely planning to make it more user-friendly if it ever gets to a finished project.

As it is I work like that to make sure I don't forget anything, and everything's easy to find for playtesting. While I'm still probably going to be changing stuff every few runs through the game having a concise document is best.

>> No.21358195

Woah hey just checked this thread, I'm the homebrew guy. I'm working on a homebrew loosely based on 3.x DnD that aims to keep a good level of customization but cut out minmaxing bullshit and put the emphasis back on roleplaying. I'm feeling kind of directionless when it comes to character progression right now though so I'm not doing anything about it.

However, I did start back on one of my other projects while I wasn't monitoring the thread, which is a set of animated brushes for GIMP that I will use to quickly draw fantasy maps. That is coming along nicely, and this thread helped inspire me to do SOMETHING and this ended up being it.

>> No.21358219

sounds silly enough for a GB game. I like it.

Now it all comes down to the liitle details. How about the roaches still fear light and the chars can use that to their advantage somehow if they figure it out. Also what kind of entity is the BBEG?

>> No.21358235

Continued from this post. Ran out of characters:

The source is a mummified dwarf cadaver housed inside of a locked briefcase. Haven't found a good backstory for it. Sometimes when a tenant in an apartment building dies, if there is no next of kin to claim the property, the owner can make a claim on it. It usually involves a lot of legal work, so it can backfire. The tenants items were moved into storage and there they've been sitting until they can change hands or be discarded. I was thinking of having the tenant be a retired magician, who was using a south american fetish of a old shaman to make his tricks actual magic. Be he died from it's use and his estate was left for grabs, with the fetish still locked away in it's case trying to find a way out.

Not sure if that's a good BBEG explanation.

>> No.21358280

That looks super cool! Do you ship internationally? I am seriously considering buying that monster dice pouch - does it come in black? White looks dirty so fast if anything gets spilled on it at all.

>> No.21358284

What if the magician HIMSELF is locked in a box? He tried the "go into one box and appear out from the other trick, with the fetishj in his pocket. The fetish fucked him over and after dissapearing, the magician never reappeared and just died of dehydration in-transit between the two boxes

>> No.21358312

Thank you. I appreciate the copmpliment and you wanting to buy something!

They come in any color. And many, many patterns. I didnt include a drop down menu, because I can make WAY more variations than etsy allows me to list.

And yes, I ship everywhere, where postal services reach.

>> No.21358350

That's a very interesting idea. But I'm worried that the smell of the corpse might have alerted the authorities. I'll definitely consider it now. Thanks!

>> No.21358410

well, obviously the corpse was in magical limbo in between boxes and was slowly twisted by the corrupting influence of the fetish over the decades. Until something happened to the box, making the psychic corpse/fetish abomination reappear in real-space. A way to defeat it could be getting the corpse out of the box and seperating it from the fetish.

>> No.21358429

Question here for people (I'm the guy working on the SF minis game)

Keep fluff out of the actual rules text or mix it in? I personally like all the rules to be clearly explained rather than THE BATTLEFIELDS OF THE FORTY-FIRST MILLENNIUM ARE DANGEROUS PLACES WHERE YOUR ARMOUR SAVE IS THE AMOUNT YOU NEED TO ROLL ON A D6 TO NOT BE FELLED BY THE MYRIAD WEAPONS OF THE XENOS blah blah blah

Better to perhaps have an italicised paragraph in flavour and then the actual rule summarised clearly beneath, or some such. Or am I totally wrong here?

>> No.21358438

I love the idea of a magician being lost after a dissappearance act.

What if there was a party back in the 20´s with a ventriloquist magician and his talking cat? The ventriloquist did a magic number and the cat, trying to escape his master, sabotaged it and caught the magician between worlds to suffocate to death.

The magician, whose suitcase is still in the apartment complex, has been trying to gather power ever since to ressurect himself and take revenge on his cat. The cat, fearful for its life, contacted the players to get rid of the magicians suitcase (and thus the magician) but it doesnt know where it is. The magicians shennegans have caused increased ghost activity in the area and the players have to find the walled-in suitcase and destroy it before its too late.

The cat wants to escape but it has been caught in the area by a curse cast by the dying breath of the magician so it cant escape.

Also, the complex is naturally inhabited by old crazy and demented people who cant tell their ass from their hat, which should give a ton of awesome and fun situations

>> No.21358455

For the first time in a year I'm actually doing something with my Skaven army. I got 20 Stormvermin torsos and heads assembled, cut out their weapons for test fitting, and de-vented my Ikit Claw. Then I got distracted over whether or not to magnetize the Stormvermin, whether or not to wash Ikit with soap and water, and came on here to ask advice on both. Now it's 2:30 and I haven't done anything hobby today.

>> No.21358458

Keep the actual rule text factual, but add fluff below the titles of all the rules. Little quotes, or info-snippets.

This usually is the way I enjoy reading rules the most.
It keeps the rules comprehensive and relieves your brain from LEARNING RULES with little bits of interesting stuff.

>> No.21358480

Fluff seperated from rules. Always. It sucks having to read specific rules only to be bogged down in tons of lore you just dont care about in the situation.

I usually do this by making sure the lore is in the beginning of chapters and/or in easily noticable and seperated areas of the pages like small text boxes here and there. It makes it awesome to read for people who like the fluff and who are trying to get a sense of the setting while it doesnt obstruct the flow of the rules for people who just need to know a specific detail at one time or another.

>> No.21358504

oooh I love those ideas.

Extra points, if the cat is a rather nice guy and only did that to his master, because he was a genuine jerk. Not a horrible, or evil person, just a big jerk.

>> No.21358553

I'm DMing a Pathfinder campaign that hasn't met in ~5 weeks now (we planned to meet weekly) due to either my own inability to have shit prepared or conflicting schedules, and I feel right shitty about it. Every time I get inspired to work on it I've got something else to be doing like schoolwork. The same goes for writing; I'm a creative writing major but I barely do any creative writing because when I want to be writing I'm doing other shit for class, and otherwise I'm always more interested in lurking /tg/ or playing vidya (partially due to self-consciousness about my work due to lack of writing; vicious cycle ensues)

tl;dr I want to do lots of cool shit but can never seem to find the motivation/inspiration when opportunities present themselves.

>> No.21358616

I like my fluff separate. I like little bits of fluff scattered throughout the rules (but obviously separate from the rules) and then a big fluff section elsewhere, genereally.

>> No.21358619


Right...! Right..

This might entail the players breaking through the door in people's apartments and hacking up the walls and floorboards with a fire axe or something trying to find the source.

Oh totally. The cat is definitely a good guy.

>> No.21358721

Due to continual illness I only get to work on my /tg/ stuff a little bit at a time, an hour here, 20 mins there. That kind of thing. Best way I've found to get through any task is to have something interesting/funny to listen to. Podcasts, albums, tv & radio shows, that kind of thing.

Motivation at it's core though for me is having an achievable goal to aim for in the near future. I ready an army because I want to play games with that army an it'll not be as cool if my units are unpainted, I make clothing because I need a better pair of hose or doublet to keep me warm, I work on terrain because my gaming board needs to look more awesome than the typical club-owned terrain can provide.

Of course that takes a big hit if I've got no upcoming games and such, and then it's a battle to get started up again, the longer it's left the worse it gets, but eventually I manage to get back to the things I need to do, usually after playing a few hundred hours of something reasonably related (CRPGs, grand strategy games, Doom 2 wads...) to get my mind right off the problem.

>> No.21358746


That's the way I usually prefer things. I also find unit cards or quick-references are absolutely essential to making a game fun to play (and a strong selling point of things like Warmachine).

>> No.21358902

Dammit, do as you all should be doing - write every morning. Just put shit down on paper. Make a habit out of it.

As for me I'm stuck at the part where I make my tabletop rules concrete. Though, I am feeling more motivated right now since the sudden shift to working at home due to hurricane has induced enough rage at setting my environment up that I just want to actually complete /something/.

...I think I'm going to go do that now.

>> No.21359144

Sorry for afk, was in the shower for a while there. Yes! The cat is the good guy! I just got an idea for the collection of it all

1: Players get a call from old lady
Old lady is demented and it turns out everybody in the house is an old coot. Catladies everywhere! The old lady thinks the players are roach exterminators. The PCs are assaulted by a ton of ghost-controlled roaches and the cat reveals itself after the encounter

2: It was the cat who mindcontrolled her to call the PCs because of a dark story. Back in the 20´s a magician found the talking cat and used it in his magic act, slowly becoming more ghostly and powerful. The Cat, fearing for what he was becoming, sabotaged the magician one day in said apartment complex, capturing him "between suitcases" so he suffocated to death, cursing the cat so it could never leave the place with his dying breath.

3: As the years passed, people died and their lifeforce seeped into the magician, allowing him to slowly regain power. Now he wants to raise himself from the dead and kill shit. The cat fears he will rise from the original suitcase which the PCs have to find in some old locker in the apartment complex.

>> No.21359155

4: The problem: the magician controls the roaches in the complex and they do his bidding after he turned them quasi-ghostly. The PCs have to fight an army or roaches with their blasters and capture them!

5: Once the suitcase is destroyed the PCs rejoyce but the cat says the power is still there. After debating, some old coot asks them what suitcase they are talking about and then says he has the other suitcase from back then somewhere but he doesnt remember completely.

6: Last section is about finding the second suitcase which is the last conduit the magician can come back from. While fighting an army of roaches. Perhaps even a super giant roach made up of millions of roaches as a final boss before capturing the ghostly suitcase!

7: Glory ensues while the old people wonder why the roach exterminators are looking for old suitcases and hammering down their walls.


>> No.21359223

And then the cat dies because it turns out it was a ghost all along, caught between the living and the dead world because of the curse from the magician.

Or whatever suits your fancy really. If the PCs need a mascot, here´s your chance

>> No.21360343

ok bedtime for me.
Thx for posting in this thread guys, keep being awesome.

Halloween giveaway tomorrow, be there!

>> No.21360398


>> No.21362400

I've got this idea for a 40k dreadnought basketball game, but I've never really had the motivation to actually put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking. As for why I have no motivation, I'm not 100% sure why, though a lack of a gaming group doesn't really help. Best guess would be that I never feel motivated to try anything that seems difficult, due to all academic pursuits in my childhood being incredibly easy to me up until about 14-15. Essentially, I never learnt self-motivation (or perseverance for that matter) during my childhood because I never needed to.

>> No.21362497

I currently have 70+ miniatures for my homebrew Heroquest-alike that I've yet to paint. Haven't the time to paint any of them though. Feels bad.

>> No.21368072

Good morning bump

Dreadnought basketball sounds hilarious. /tg/ would love it.
And yeah, I know that "never learned to study" thing. Kinda sucks.

>> No.21369492

Pic related. Wish I had time to work on it but I have been struggling with a chronic illness for a while now. It comes and goes, the going is a slow thing.

Haha, do it! Another project I want to get done sometime is a hex-based 40k conversion of Blood Bowl, but as a hockey game.

>> No.21369741


If I ever manage to get around to writing it all out, I'll probably post it on /tg/ and possibly try to do a game in a thread. I've also got some fluff pieces in my head for it, though again it's a case of actually writing them in the 1st place...

>> No.21369787

>>21357889 here

This thread has actually motivated me to start on Tankwondo: The Board Game of Tank Challenges: which is something.

So far I have a few scattered ideas for rules. Each player picks a tank from a selection available, and drafts a crew from the deck of crew cards (to represent the haphazard student club nature of it). This means you might end up with three gunners and no driver, but tough. You have to believe in the heart of the tanks and work something out.

You assign your crew and then total up your Tank Value (the total of your crew and tank stats basically) For every 2 points your load out is less than the highest, you get an Underdog Token, which either gives you an automatic success when cashed in or counts as a victory point at game end.

Next step is designing the conflict resolution. It's looking like it will be Robo Rally inspired in some way.

>> No.21369805



>> No.21369989


For some reason my brain got Taikwondo and Judo mixed up, and thought your game was about tanks throwing each other.

>> No.21370010

Hey, this is still a thing? I love Icelus and would like to continue building the planet.

>> No.21370014

Which might be even more awesome

>> No.21372271

Just wanted to say: Giveaway in 6 hours. Let that be your motivation to waste more time on this board!

>> No.21372392

6? then I fucked up this time zone change thing, I thought it will be 5

>> No.21372407

wait... Germany recently changed to winter time. It might be 5 I have to check now. Thx for pointing that out

>> No.21372478

my cellphone says it's 1pm in new york now, so yeah... in 5 hours (or rather 4:40 by now)

Sorry for the confusion

>> No.21373306

New sewing machine arrived! (Yay amazon prime!)

But honestly, this didnt do my motivation much good. This machine feels... awkward. I am not sure it's because it's unfamiliar, or if it really is not well suited to my needs. I'd LIKE to order that other machine I have my eyes on, but that would put me 250€ into the red on my bank account. I'd eventually get the money back, since I'd return one, or even both of the machines, but still...

>> No.21374435

>New sewing machine arrived!

>> No.21375340


>> No.21375771

Raffle when?

>> No.21375796

right now

>> No.21378209

Don't worry Icelus and the Nightmares aren't dead. Just sleeping!

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