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How does a GM deal with a Chaotic Evil party member in a group full of mostly Good aligned folks?

I've never dealt with this before.

And I'm worried the campaign is going to go tit's up when CE guy starts murdering people in the streets

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He might be a dick, but as long as he contributes and doesn't start murdering people in the street...

If he does, than the Good party better kill him.

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Slip the rest of the group 10 bucks to arrange for the character to take a long sea voyage. A really, really long voyage.

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Sit down with him and tell him that Chaotic stupid is just that, and that if he ruins the fun for the rest of the group you're going to punch him in the cunt.

Lots can be solved by being a caring, understanding DM who talks to his players.

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What if you have a fragile game group, which might collapse and split if someone flips out over their CE character getting gacked by the CG ninja?

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It's possible for there to be subtle evil and chaos, or somebody CE that doesn't just go around slaughtering people. It could be as much as being unscrupulous and not caring about the well-being of others. Hopefully he'll not be Chaotic Stupid; that's when things get difficult.

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First I would tell the Chaotic Evil character that no matter what happens, you will not defend him from his team mates if they decide to kill him for legitimate in game reasons.

Second, I would tell everyone else that no matter what happens, you will not allow them to use out of game knowledge to turn on their team mate.

Then, as long as he doesn't start raping babies or doing something else that makes everyone uncomfortable, let it play out. If you have mature people and good role players it will be fine. If you have moralfags or whiny babies who can't separate in player knowledge from character knowledge, it will end in tears. You will probably respond by doing what most GMs do and set in place a "no evil characters" rule. It's not a bad rule, although not necessarily a good one either, but most gamers need it.

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I'm in roughly this situation, as the CE character.

1. Remember that no human adheres to an alignment perfectly, and thus a CE character isn't going to be rapemurderkill all the time.

2. The CE character needs to be useful. In my party, I'm a tracker, I'm sneaky, I'm extremely tough and kill like nothing else.

3. The CE character has to be dangerous as a deterrent.

4. Never push too much. As a mortal being, the CE character should want to avoid death or imprisonment and thus should know that boundaries exist that should only be crossed when you won't get caught or when it is necessary.

5. Because it benefits the CE character to remain with them. In my party, I'm sticking with them because protecting the village gets me free board and a legitimate in a land were I'm free game for any noble to kill me, as well as riches (especially since the rest of the party waived their fees!) and a chance for social advancement while ALSO giving me plenty of people (bandits) to kill.

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logical consequences from his actions. and not just the local sheriffs and enraged villagers. why not get creative? maybe a random dude he thought it would be funny to kill has a son who happens to be a high level paladin who will dedicate his life to vengeance when he finds out what happened.

you probably can't (and shouldn't) prevent him from doing dick things but just how many/few fucks the NPCs he does dick things to give is entirely up to you. so if he wants to play a serial killer he's probably going to get hunted down and die like a serial killer unless he manages to avoid the consequences with superior planning or crazy luck, which will likely be a lot of fun either way.

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Find a new group. If someone will flip out because they're not allowed to be a super special snowflake or a full on murder hobo is not a group that is long for this world anyway.

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Chaotic Evil doesn't mean stupid.

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Ok, I've talked to said player, and worked out a good character, that is also evil, but not chaotic stupid.

Thank you again /tg/ - you are gentlemen and scholars

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Anecdotal evidence would say otherwise. And if someone on the internet said it's true it must be. Trust me, I'm saying it on the internet.

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I was sitting here reading that and the minute I heard "Sick a high level paladin on him" I thought
>Oh shit that ingenious
That should be my default answer to evil players from now on. Everyone has strong, well funded paladin uncles.

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give consequences. to everyone. the ce player goes rampaging in the street? the town guard/local paladin order might have a word with him. and with 'have a word with him' i mean smite the fuck out of him. the lg players start dicking arround with no reason (ce actually plays ce right, also helping their cause and they still try to kill him off without reason) there are usually laws against that too. even if it's just the law of common sense that letting a valuable partymember die might get the whole party killed.
tl,dr: where are actions, there are consequences. for everyone.

also, DON'T forget to mention that to your group. you don't have to get into detail, just mention that actions have consequences.

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