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Just came across this, and it made me laugh too hard to not share

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I chuckled. Funnies thread?

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What IS the deal with finecast that look like they held a torch to the old metalcast molds until they started to melt? Christ, I've seen enough people work on Forgeworld models to realise that shit is NOT what good resin looks like.

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Anyone have the OVER 100 SKULLS AND COUNTING! version?

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I know I have it somewhere

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fuck. too much /b/ shit to find anything.sry

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Did you see this on tumblr?

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10/10, would rage again

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1000000000/10, would furiously scream at monitor again

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It's possible to be such a waste of organic matter? In comparison /b/ and /pol/ are the finest groups of human being avaiable!

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Deviantart. A magical place.

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I laughed till i peed a little.

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Fucking bugs man...

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I've got more of the same kind, but I don't think your blood pressure can take it.

So let's go with something slightly less depressing.

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More. I want to get so mad I die.

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Funnies you say?

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>I've got more of the same kind, but I don't think your blood pressure can take it.

Bring it! I have low blood pressure and i haven't had a good rage in a while.

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No! Needs more rage to fuel our bloodlust!

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I don't identify as gay or straight. I consider myself a "whatever the fuck I feel like-sexual"

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Forgot pic

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are the two headed eagles liens or genetically engineered, or are they Frankensteined?

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I shall start off easy, this barely registers on the madometer.

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In that vein:

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Ugh christ I had forgotten about that shit. Fuck you for reminding me.

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Hey, that's me!

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No, that was me!

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No! It was me!

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No I'm Spartacus

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But I'm Spartacus!

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Daily reminder that every post on 4chan is made by the same person

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Why do I feel like that whole comic was contrived just to stick that last pun in there?

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I'm Alpharius!

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Either one of you is joking or both of you have something against retarded cripple Nigerians

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You know this doesn't make me mad just kinda sad.

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That's the good shit, I wonder how many Japanese people do the same thing when we get hit by everything cause location is a bitch.

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We don't, because we're polite and mostly educated.

That is to say, we kept our joy over 9/11 inside instead of putting it out in public

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My evil plan is complete.

Now, some Tumblr.
Just reminding you what's out there.

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Dammit, America.

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That's nice :3c
Shame that even those few in our country acts such a way.
I need more /tg/ lovecraft pics

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This makes me chuckle heartily

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Post the one about the Bugchasers.


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I don't get it

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>nikola tesla our modern day prometheus


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I have a couple.

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Edison was and engineer, Tesla was a Scientist. You shouldn't compare them.

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>I have a couple

But, why

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Rolled 66, 31, 20, 34, 65, 4 = 220

All of my rage.

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which is pansexual

i.e. gay

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congrats, you're bi

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Is from a comic? I'd watch it!

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wrong wrong wrong wrong.
Tesla was an electrical engineer, and an average one for his time at that.

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u wot m8?

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Wait...is this nurgle or slaanesh...what?
Is he getting himself an infection...huh?

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He wasn't average he really was a genius. H was just crazy eccentric and more than a little paranoid so all of his crazy awesome research is in a cipher nobody knows how to break. The parts of it we do know about are pretty nice though.

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Dude he invented a gun that does triple hits on a 6.
Can you do that?

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Technically, bisexual only refers to attraction to cisgendered individuals of both sexes. Attraction to transgendered individuals, shemales, etc. falls outside such definitions.

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Is that Joe Dirt?

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Go back to Tumblr and whine about Social Justice and how all CIS people should be killed.

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Fuck the CIS though. The Republic is the only true way for order in this galaxy.

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Pssh, the Empire is the way to the future.

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Oh please.
That bloated, corrupt mass of bureaucrats and career politicians is a house of cards waiting to fall in on itself.
Honestly, I'm amazed that it took this long for a split off to occur.

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At least we've got a Government. You CIS people are just a giant corporation.

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Rolled 92, 84, 79, 14, 5, 13 = 287

WTF is with /tg/ and politics?!

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Mainly because /pol/ is filled with "DA MANDALORIANS ARE DA BESTEST" garbage.

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Why do you hate the fact that I'm so successful?
There's the biggest problem with your Republic right there, I have to worry about those bleeding fucking hearts like Amidala worrying about all the assorted scum in this fucking Galaxy while good, honest people get stepped on.
Don't get me wrong, I hate those sniveling little Nemodians as much as the next guy, but at least we aren't kneeling to the whims of every wretched little alien species we find out there.

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That drives me up the wall.
They're just a bunch of mercenaries and savages, yet somehow they're the greatest race out there?
It's like saying those rejects for Alzoc III are the best at anything.

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Best at lolhonor and dying at least.

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/tg/ - Socioeconomics at its finest

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You ever hear the term "armchair general" or "keyboard warrior?"

Combine this with the "Dunning-Kruger effect," and you'll have your answer.

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>only politicians are allowed to talk about politics

Go fuck yourself

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Obviously, just like how if a chef serves you a plate of steaming donkey shit you're not allowed to complain, because he's a chef, what do you know, pleb.

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You go in an deliver more anger then Gordon Ramsey working for the Angry Marines.

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I dont buy finecast. Ebay the metal ones, cause cheaper. Whats the deal with it though? They melt or something?

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>You go in an deliver more anger then Gordon Ramsey working for the Angry Marines.

Someone draw this

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>I beat my wife

no u fuck urself wifebeater

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I can't, I'm too busy fucking my wife while beating her

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youre a disturbed individual

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Not a drawfag, but I'll fine one.

I'll find one...

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Can i watch?

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>someone saved my shitty work in MSPaint
Thanks for the happiness bro. Have some Brute/Maulerfiend from Mass Effect 40K.

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Only if I can beat you too

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lmfao that actually made me laugh. you got my vote

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oh god anymore like this

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>that feel when people post the shit you made

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Why would there be a box of tissues next to her computer if she's a girl?

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Any number of reasons

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Congrats, you passed your Spot check

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Strangely enough, the female of the species also suffers from colds, flu & bunged up noses occasionally.
Although I have to admit that probably isn't what the artist had in mind.

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Doesn't the female orgasm also have byproducts that you wouldn't want all over your floor?

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This shit makes me think. Is that how everyone outside the hobby sees us?

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This shit seriously boils my blood. Fucking disgusting murderers, all of them.

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When you're not 13 year olds with too much money, YES.

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Standing still won't save you. Nothing will.
You're not safe at home, either.

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No, *I* am Spartacus!

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I wanted to post on my tumblr but there was only windows IE6 on the computer. I went to install Chrome but when I checked my privilege I wasn't an admin.


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Hah, clever.
>Checked your privilege


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Ah, yes. Nothing like a healthy dose of RAGE to start off the day.

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Does anyone have the "Lizardmen we do we do" song screen cap?

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still true.

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are there any more of these?

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Usually I just find bronies strange. This picture makes me angry.

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This made me rage, until I noticed Steve Carell was one of the guards.

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Trust me, 9/10 bronies will find that disgusting and equally rageworthy.

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I know, I just don't want to turn this into a discussion about bronies.

I enjoy the show.

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I'm a brony and I want this image to go away.

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the original is funnier - just cadians singing teenage dirtbag makes my side go stratospheric

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Correct. I am one of the more /b/tarded ponyfags from /mlp/ and even I find that insultingly stupid.

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Ah yeah, completely understandable.

Anyway, I should post something on topic.

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I actually find the response interesting. I've seen many people having a difficult time truly sympathizing with the suffering of others due to not being able to associate with them. They aren't "emotionally in tune" with them. You know how you need to see something happy in a drama in order to make the drama that much worse, right? I think it is because it helps us become one with the suffering of the characters. We see them happy and say "hey, I can be happy too! This guy isn't just some tool to make me feel bad, it's an actual person." Some people, usually through intense isolation or distrust of other humans, will have a hard time identifying with random Jew from ~70 years ago. But to see a simplified representation of a human (Rainbowdash) experience the sadness, then we are able to use her as a medium to understand the sadness of others. (Also, it's not that Rainbowdash is looking at this from the outside and saying it is horrible, it seems apparent that she is being swept up in the horror as well.)

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Does anyone remember this thread?

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Oh fuck, I'm in stitches.

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I can see your point, the association which comes from watching a character, understanding their drives and stuff.

It is still a damn foolish thing to say on the net though, because of associating a fictional character with a real tragedy can often be offensive.

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Oh yeah, he was gonna eat shit for that one, that's for sure.

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Everyone make a character based on the name you get.

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It's an interesting concept. I think a lot of us are like that to some degree - we'll be unfazed by a guro gif image, of some human dying but when it comes to some poor dog or something and we tear up. I think it says a lot about us that we empathise more with dogs than with other people.

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Ey! it doesn't have to be gay!

Maybe is bi.

>> No.21356734


What kind of character is named "Sun Stroke"?

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>That warbattle feel

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bi doesnt exist on the internet or tv. if your a guy and like to see dicks once in a while your gay.

im bi btw

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>Doesn't know that dick is the third-most-looked-for feature by straight guys.
1. Breasts
2. Ass
3. Dick
4. Feet

>> No.21356854

Yeah....but straight guys look for it to make sure it's not there.

Also, legs come before feet for the rest of us, you disgusting foot fetishist.

>> No.21356882

>looked for
Sorry, meant "Sought-after".
This is based on search and hit statistics on porn sites. Straight men like the dick.

>> No.21356883

My next Mutants and masterminds character will be called BattleWar

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>First roll: 61
Looking good...
>Second roll: 61
Okay, what?
... ...
I can work with this.

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Oh, sure.

You got any citations?

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Had to search my response to the post with the video on Foolz.
Turns out, I am the only person to ever type "fucking hets" in foolz's 4chan archive.

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Ultra ultra? You're the Ultra ultra! The ultra member of a legion of ultra men! ultra sun, ultra night ultra blood, but you're ultra ultra!

>> No.21356997

>Feet is the fourth most desired attribute

But vat about the MUSCALS? Or the... swimsuit model equivalent of that !?

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I'm surprised that I've actually been able to use this picture two other times.

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Well...uhh...I don't quite know what to say...

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>pouches is a stat
Oh god tell me you have rest of this!

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This made my day. Thank you.

>> No.21359638

This is true, I'm a straight male and whenever I meet a person or animal, I check out
1. Face
2. Dick
3. Ass

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Here's one that's closer to my experiences with finecast.

>> No.21359734

capped this one myself, in a thread here on /tg/ some time age.
every time I read it, it makes me smile.

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Funny but not even remotely worksafe, buddy.

>> No.21359788 [DELETED] 

>That Doujin
Oh god, WHY!?

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