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You will never be a powerful, good-looking monstergirl with a human husbando who cooks and keeps house for you.

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>implying it's at all proper for your noble husband to do the work of servants

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Im pretty sure that is supposed to be a giant girl kneeling down, but all I can see is a giant girl with the proportions of a midget standing on her tiptoes and resting her arms on her big fuzzy boner.

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Can I be the human husbando with a good-looking monstergirl waifu?

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fuzzy boner cannot be unseen. thread is now sexy

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It's a dog-girl version of Falkor the Luck-Dragon from The Neverending Story.

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Only if you withstand the girth of her giant fuzzy boner.

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well that's alright with me, I guess

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By my nether, no! The girl in OP's pic is not *that* good-looking.

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i will bear this burden

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>big fuzzy boner.
Talk about a rib tickler!

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Just give up already and prepare to PRAISE THE SUN!

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Damnit /tg/, stop making me wish I had a big fuzzy boner to bury up to the hilt in my boyfriend.

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>liking anyone above the firekeepers

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Is that Dark Souls? Never played it, but /tg/ seems to like it for some reason.

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I wouldn't want to be a monstergirl, but I would totally a monstergirl. In a fucking heartbeat. Like a gorgon in a hoodie. Be still, my heart.

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What manner of beast is a fluffy dragon, anyway

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Someone with a fluffy tail and dragon fetish.

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An abominable one.

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Who art thou?
One of us, thou art not.
If thou hast misstepped into this world,
plunge down the plank and gtfo

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I've ever played it either, but apparently it's the cat's meow

From what I've seen it seems like it's a great setting and gameplay a bit too dependent of hit and run wars of attrition and exploiting bad AI

Also hot bitches and bitchin' knights and hot knights

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You are the worst kind of person.

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How about a competitive storytelling game where each player is a she-creature tied to a specific location, competing with the other players and with NPC antagonists (like kingdoms and religious orders) for control of the map/world by managing their harems of beguiled/bewitched men and sending them out into the world to spread their influence?

For instance, as the Mountain Witch do you send the Black Knight, the princely warrior you ensnared through enchantment and have corrupted into your murderous champion, out to lead an army of the monsters your demense generates out into the world in a more unorganized fashion most of the time, or do you keep him close at home to protect you from adventurers? And what if his antipathy towards the minstrel you have under your spell, managing your finances, ends in a murdered minstrel and the harem being over-budget?

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Ahem. You will never be a strong, attractive monstergirl who comes home from a busy day of adventuring to a human husband prepared to do *whatever* it takes to help you relax.

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>gameplay a bit too dependent of hit and run wars of attrition and exploiting bad AI
For bad players, maybe. They're fun because player skill is actually rewarded. And exploration is encouraged.

Until you play online.

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I don't know if the setting is all that great. The story and plot is pretty much non-existent and most of the exposition or whatever is found in the form of easter eggs. The game is difficult, but lacks much depth. The art style is mostly just generic, with an occasional exception.

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Its a hoot and half, lemme tell ya. I kinda stopped playing once I got to Anor Lando, but I plan to rectify that soon.
No one ever invaded me...

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You could call me a...Punnery Sergeant!

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She's a half-breed, if I recall.

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>The story and plot is pretty much non-existent

That's not "setting," that's "Story and plot"

Setting is the places, the denizens, the way magic works, etc, etc.

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Touch Touch :3

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>peaceful people
>wheel skeletons
Yeah, no. You're already dead.

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I killed her and took her soul and keep it with me


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Hours and hours of Dark Souls lore explained in depth. Funny enough it has more story than most video games.... Just have to piece every single thing together.

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Oops forgot link


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MH will always be better than DS. I'm not a weeabo, but the Japs have it right. MH is far more popular than DS over there, but here all the scrubs jizz over DS and have never played MH or only the ez mode Wii version.

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I think we're losing track of how you will never be a brave monstergirl with noble features, whose greatest treasure is a humble human male with an innocent smile.

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I'm tired, what do you want from me? Besides, my comment distinguishes between the setting and the narrative. While the plot and stuff ain't much to write home about I don't know about the setting in general.

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I like and enjoy both MH and DS

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DS and DS actually have atmosphere. MH doesn't.

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I'll simply beat up someone and claim them as my husbando, then!

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They're 2 totally different types of games though.

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I think you're losing track of your MOM

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Is this one of those summarizations that jumps to conclusions or overanalyze because of general ambiguousness, or does it state established fact and mentions that the vague bits are open for interpretation?

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God, I hate hunon with a passion.

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You bitches are smalltime.

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I think you're right

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>puts all that effort into drawing and coloring
>doesn't fix that retarded facial anatomy


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She was diagnosed with dementia two years ago. I don't even know who she is anymore. She doesn't even know who I am anymore.

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>white people problems

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>not being a monstergirl, defeating whatever monstergirl you think is the cutest in battle, then keeping her as a submissive waifu/honorable loyal underling

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Come on you guys, like 99% of my other monstergirl images are more NSFW than /d/ in a dress on Valentine's Day

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Same story with my grandmother. She doesn't know me at all. She thought my sister was her mother. Sometimes, she just doesn't get up in the mornings.
During her birthday party, in front of the entire family, she broke down and told us that she was tired of being a burden, and we should just let her die.
All of my 8-13 year old cousins where there to hear, and I didn't know what to tell them.

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>white people are the only ones who can have mental degradation

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Not the poster of the link, but Epicnamebro makes very little speculation, and he always states what is speculation before he does. Otherwise every bit of information is from in game dialogue or items that have lore information in their description.

Dark Souls actually has a very deep plot and story, just most people are happy to wade in the shallows and expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter.

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monstergirl thread? i can into this.

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Brown people are allowed to love their parents too you prick

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>all monstergirls have same idea
>pic related happens

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It was bizarre hearing Sandy from As Time Goes By in a game, as well as so many other voice I vaguely recognised from years of British tv. I recently found out Knight Solaire was in The Bill for twenty years, alongside at least half the rest of the Dark Souls cast at one time or another. Dusk of Oolicile was in Grange Hill. Ingward was Gorwen the Dragon in Look and Read's "Through The Dragon's Eye". None of that means anything to anyone outside the UK, but it made me weirdly happy. Logically I know it's purely because they've got so many English actors, but its still seems really odd hearing them in a game for some reason.

Incidentally, this is what Priscilla looks like in the real world. She does a quite a lot of audiobooks.

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what is this game?

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You will never have a human husbando who will, rather than try to reach the meager bounds of his own human strength, helps you to become the most feared, most ferocious monstergirl of all history.

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You had no childhood.

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the title is right there in the picture jesus what do you want me to read it to you

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Not that guy, but I've never heard of this game. It's European, isn't it?

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The catgirls in that movie were spectacular not that Mutio isn't great, but them Polynesian Catgirls, man...

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Wait, catgirls AND fish females?

Brb, sitting my ass down and watching some FINE-ASS LITERATURE

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Brown people don't know their parents, so they can't love them.

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my days were spent on risk, chess, sorry, and privateer

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I've never heard of Ravensburger either. Sounds like an European company to me.

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Don't bother, the series is just a long, terribly ham-fisted tract about how humans suck.

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The alternative is reading Dickens

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Me being a "husbando" to that abomination? I put her down the exact same way as I put down her father.

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But it also has jazz and psychic whales fighting submarines, so its your call. And stupid sexy fishlolis in stupid sexy James Bond style music sequences.

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You poor, poor man. I'm so sorry for you.
Have a monstergirl.

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You'll never have a human husbando who shyly admits to you during post-coital cuddling that he sometimes gets scared you'll hurt him with the intensity of your making love to him.

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You will never be a valiant knight and slay horrible crossbreed abominations of women and monsters with a sword imbued by the warm light of the grossly incandescent Sun.

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Hey, I love Risk!

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Sorry I had fun with other games. Considering we house ruled the FUCK out of risk (At one point, I believe invasions were decided by the pokemon TCG) I dont think it was all that boring

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This isn't /v/ son. We're not stupid.

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>translation: Your snake half weighs like a billion pounds, gawdayum

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>invasions were decided by the pokemon TCG
I don't know what abomination you've created, but it's terrifiying.

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No being is both inherently and irredeemably evil, if if I meet a monstergirl who seems to be so I will purify her with my holy dick. That goes double if she looks like >>21333499

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>you will never have a husbandu that is the god of war incarnate, capable of laying waste to entire nations and killing death itself, and more than willing to destroy the world to help you

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Considering it had moments where the fate of my empire was in the hands of a single rattata occupying iceland, I'd say it was fun as hell even if I dont remember the rules

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Dark Souls was mentioned in this thread and I needed to make sure nobody mistook it for a decent game.

Dark Souls is the most poorly designed game I have ever had the misfortune to play. It was a chore all the way through. You spend hours learning all of the dozens of enemies' attacks so that you know how to run past them because defeating them gives almost no reward and fighting them is a waste of time. Then you get to a boss and die once or twice before you figure out where to stand to take 0 damage for the entire fight. It took my first character over 10 hours to ring the first bell. It took my second character maybe half an hour.

Then you try to explain to other people why that's poor game design and they just throw a huge variety excuses and insults at you because they think playing Dark Souls gives them a huge e-peen.

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As someone who was a middleschool around the turn of the century and thus played the Pokemon TCG during lunch time every day this sounds like the best RISK-fix ever.

>> No.21333731


Considering it's the Irish, my money is on the Rattata.

>> No.21333743

P.S. it did have some fun parts but those were surrounded by hours and hours of shit-tastic grinding.

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That's cool.
You can go now.

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Honestly, as a lamia, why aren't you holding them in place while you're on top to begin with?

>> No.21333770


/v/ pls go.

And the take the stale pasta with you.

>> No.21333772

And I enjoyed the game.

Though i also enjoyed drakengard for some ungodly reason so maybe I'm not the best judge

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You will never fight and win a dangerous duel for your human's sake, then have him embrace you and tell you how grateful he is, and how amazed he was by your display of prowess.

>> No.21333780

It's an enormous young half-dragon girl.

>> No.21333787

Wow Merisiel, you're kind of a lazy bitch.

>> No.21333791

>you'll never have a bro as shit bro that's so bro it's a warrior of the brolight whose name is sunbros
Fuck your fetishes OP, I just want a bro.

>> No.21333807

Lamia master race represent.

>> No.21333811

>They're fun because player skill is actually rewarded
Well actua-
>Until you play online.
Yep, you're right, fuck lagstab.

>> No.21333817

Eh. My friend recommended DS as the best RPG he's ever played. I had more fun talking to him and chatting about how much the game screws you over than actually playing the game, and it's a nice non-example of good design, so I figure I got my money's worth regardless.

>> No.21333818

did you fix australia's invulnerability?

>> No.21333857

>half human half dragon spawn of caim and angelus

Jesus christ can you imagine?

>> No.21333880

This is me giving a fuck.

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>Be monstergirl
>live lonely life in caves with just me and my mom
>human dad died years back in the war
>never really had any friends, especially not human ones
>mom passes away, leaving me all alone
>Some humans find my cave
>they start taking my things without asking
>I nervously try to talk to them, telling them that its okay, I didnt really need my grandmothers harp anyways
>They decide to smite me in the name of justice
>I accidentally turn one of them to stone in fear, the other one runs away
>Now theres a bounty on my head
I just wanted a friend...

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Sort of. Water pokemon were assigned to oceans and could transport however many units made sense to our 10 year old minds

>> No.21333924


Soon enough hellspawn....soon enough....

>> No.21333955

No love for the classics?

>> No.21333961

Ive never even been to hell!

>> No.21333962

Grahahaha, another easy slaying!

>> No.21333964

>why aren't you holding them in place while you're on top to begin with?
Doing all the work myself? Well, I could, but it would feel like I'm making it far too easy for him. I mean - it's cute when guy actually makes effort, it shows that he really cares... of course I don't mind taking initiative halfway through I mean - I can't make him do all the work either, right?

Well, unless I'm really horny, then I'd just wrap him, sting in a mixure of mild paralysing venom with strong aphrodisiac and keep riding him for couple hours...

>> No.21334006

I'm not into lamias so don't expect this to go beyond friendship, but it is the duty of a paladin to defend the innocent from those who would do evil, including >>21333924 and >>21333962

>> No.21334022

I just wanted a waifu worthy of me

>> No.21334058

>you will never be a man in the midst of passionately making love to your lamia waifu when she decides to wrap you up in her gently overpowering coils and take complete control

>> No.21334064

Well, I guess there's something to be said for them getting nice and warm from the exertion...

>> No.21334079

>You will never be a powerful, good-looking monstergirl with a human husbando who cooks and keeps house for you.

D-don't say that! The future is almost here! I bet full body reconstruction surgery will be a thing in just a few years! I heard so on the internet! There's still a chance that I can be the monster girl waifu that I am on the inside!


>> No.21334083 [DELETED] 

You dare protect that wretched wench of an abomination conceived by fornication while not in the missionary position?


>> No.21334093

You've never played Dark Souls.

>> No.21334103

Fluffy tails may never be a thing, but at least I may get to stroke me some elf ears in the far off near future.

>> No.21334119

You dare protect that wretched wench of an abomination conceived by fornication while not in the missionary position?


>> No.21334136

Aw man the day we get elf ears I'm going to buy 5 Link outfits and never ever wear anything else ever again.

>> No.21334179

As long as you wear a different color every day.

>> No.21334191

to be quite fair, sir knight, I was conceived doggystyle

>> No.21334192

You have no proof that she was conceived out of wedlock. If non-humans may be baptized (as in the original version of St. George's legend) then there is no problem with one marrying a human and bearing his child.

>> No.21334193

You will never be a brave monstergirl adventurer, who captures and tames a feral human, and has to teach him the ways of civilization.

>> No.21334204

The Horse and His Boy, but with sex?

>> No.21334212

>likes a guy
>says nothing
>does nothing
>even though he probably has low standards


it's obvious to noone except you

>> No.21334234

Didn't you faggots lose the shipping war?

>> No.21334248

I have no idea what the fuck you're on about

>> No.21334251

>On -MY- /tg/

>> No.21334255

They're still butthurt about it, all these years later.

>> No.21334256 [DELETED] 

I... I...

Silence you! Lest you feel the wrath of a wrath of a mace larger than my own torso!

>> No.21334278

That's not surprising, though I could have sworn they were preoccupied by shipping the bad guy and the fat guy of the new series?

>> No.21334293

What do you mean *your* /tg/? I've been here a while you know, and not just because I can't find my way out and am afraid to ask for directions.

>> No.21334294

>Shipping Zutara
>Shipping ZUTARA


>> No.21334302

Silence! Lest I pound you into the earth with a mace larger than my own torso...

But how!?

>> No.21334313

Your only "proof" of her evil is refuted, and you respond with threats of violence? You are no paladin, and I daresay you are hardly a knight either. Very well, let us duel, and when you fall before the righteousness of my cause perhaps you will repent your hateful ways.

>> No.21334338

Rolled 13

...Are you dense? He came inside her vagoo goo with his penore. The white sticky stuff inseminated the ovum. the ovum imbedded itself in the walls of the wet cavern and matured into a fetus

>> No.21334403

Oh, no saintly title of paladin or knight matters to me. All that matters is that lukewarm lump of humanity she holds in her heart...

>> No.21334416

Can I eat him when you're done?

>> No.21334428

Only if you stop shoving bitches in your giant gaping vagina.

>> No.21334436

it was a wild night

>> No.21334456

Roll for initiative, cur.

No, even if I am forced to kill him honor is due the dead no matter their circumstances in life.

>> No.21334474

Did I hear a fight going on?

Without me?

>> No.21334475

Oh come on, that was only once!

>> No.21334521

>Not doing the proper paperwork to confirm if she's a dangerous abomination and not a law abiding citizen before attacking.

Bunch of barbarians...

>> No.21334529

Emperor x Isha OTP

>> No.21334531

Rolled 15

You still stand up to her when she has shoved humans into her vagina!? I hope you enjoy tasting dirt.

>> No.21334542

I thought it was Macha.

>> No.21334556

Actually, it was a loli succubus. So who knows, maybe she was smiting evil. With her vagina. Kinda like what paladins do when they dick the evil out of someone. But with her vagina.

>> No.21334557

>You will never be a powerful, good-looking monstergirl with a human husbando
.... Good?

>> No.21334568

Rolled 6

I'm pretty sure that's a different lamia, if the humans didn't consent I'll deal with her after I'm done with you. Also, are you trying to cheat by rolling d100s or are we not using d20?

>> No.21334592

>Dark Souls
>Using d20


>> No.21334612

Now, now neighbors, why dont we calm down and talk our differences out. they are only attacking these creatures because they dont understand them, and the best way to understand them is through polite conversation. would anyone like some tea?

>> No.21334614

My character's based off a D&D paladin, I've never played DS so how the hell would I know what system it uses?

>> No.21334653


Cheating? I am a saintly paladin of the Way of White!

Ergh... If you say so, Mr. Rogers...

>> No.21334654

Rolled 2

flip a coin.

heads you win, tails....

>> No.21334722

Before you claimed not to be a paladin and now you change your story?

*bows head* I will of course submit to the will of a Saint in this matter.

>> No.21334724

I bet Mr. Rogers' demon soul is worth at least 50,000 souls.

>> No.21334817

What possible reason is there for someone to kill Crossbreed Priscilla? It isn't even a plot-required kill.

>> No.21334840

>Wanting to take Mr. Roger's Soul

You'll either be dead if you do it, or drinking coco with the man after you attempt.

>> No.21334871

That would imply that it is somehow possible to attain his soul. We both know how plausible that is, anon.

>> No.21334893

Now now, there's no need to be so aggressive neighbor. My soul isn't worth so much as to be worth a fight. No one has managed a fight against me anyways. Wheel skeletons have some fascinating stories, let me tell you

>> No.21334911

Dood, I've played with people who, in the opening scene of Halo, immediately started shooting the NPC marines and stuff and got us killed by our own troops

Videogame players are mad! Mad I say!

>> No.21334944

Forgot to attatch my pic. sorry about that neighbor

>> No.21334959

>you will never be a wise wolf traveling the land getting into business shenanigans with your silver-haired husbando
>you will never own a sweet cart and use it to travel the land with a wise wolf goddess who wants you to talk economics and touch her fluffy tail

>> No.21334972

You know those weird frogdog things in Half-Life? They were originally friendlies, but the developers found that players would murder them no matter what, so they made them enemies.

>> No.21334983

I would do some sort of Neighbor Rangers silliness as a response, but all I can come up with is Flanders, Wilson and Totoro.

>> No.21334989

Bullsquids? Really? Please tell me that's not the case.

I like bullsquids. ;-;

>> No.21335017

Yup, bullsquids, thats the one. They were supposed to be your friendly neighborhood extradimensional dogthing bros, but the playtesters would have none of it.

>> No.21335808

Of all the places I'd expect to see discussion of this artist. Does anyone know if he still posts art anywhere?

>> No.21335856

So is it recommended to have played Demon's Souls before Dark Souls?
And if so is there any word of it being released on PC in the future?

>> No.21335896

I played DaS first and didn't really feel lesser for it. The plot isn't overly important to the game, anyways. Its like a 3D Castlevania more than some gripping plot driven rpg.

>> No.21335955

>You will never be a brave monstergirl adventurer, who captures and tames a feral human, and has to teach him the ways of civilization.

I'd read this.

>> No.21336143

I remember having a thread about this a few months back.. Something about far-future people getting into genetic splicing, full body augmentation, and other weird stuff like it was modern day body modding.

So, instead of a lousy tramp stamp or an eyebrow ring, rebellious teenagers get cat ears or wings..

Can we discuss this? Let's discuss this.

>> No.21336175

I'm pretty sure Shadowrun has some stuff like that and I know for a fact Batman Beyond does.

>> No.21336183

Yeah, actually, Batman Beyond did a few episodes about that, didn't they?

>> No.21336218

Those bloody sploicers were always around in the background, but they got quite a few episodes devoted to them on top of that.

>> No.21336250

God damn that series was good...

>> No.21336270

>be dragon/demon halfbreed
>Mother leaves me in charge of a tribe of lizardfolk who worship her while she goes off to do dragon things.
>raid the fuck out of caravans, plunder, slaughter, take captives, exact tolls, etc.
>Happen to capture a bard. He's a worthless human, so order my lizardfolk to kill him.
>Seems to know draconic, starts babbling and pleading for his life.
>Flattery and offering anything he can, mostly really minor magic and stories. (Stories? Hah!)
>But the flattery is kind of nice, and a bit more eloquent than most of my minions are.
>Delay for a a day or two. Can always kill him when I get bored of him.
>Spins tales of distant places, kingdoms and heroes, adventures and myths, gods and wizards.
>Places I've never even heard of, places I can't even imagine.
>All the while, flattery, flattery everywhere. Obviously because he's terrified for his life, but it's still nice, and it sounds like he actually means some of it.
>End up sleeping with him. He's weak and fragile, but pleasantly different from lizardfolk.
>A day or two becomes a week
>Claims he was an adventurer, on his way back from doing something on his own, says there's an epic quest he was going to meet up with some comrades to go pursue. Endless glory, wealth, prestige for being the ones to accomplish it.
>Sounds kind of fun. See distant lands, kill things, gain wealth and fame. Mull it over.
>A week becomes a month.
>Decide to give it a shot. Living in a jungle with lizardfolk gets old after a while anyway.
>Leave best lizardfolk in charge, follow bard to civilized lands.

>> No.21336279

>Tells me he'll cast a disguise spell on me so we can enter the city without attracting attention.
>Go in.
>More people than I've ever seen, let alone in one place.
>Gawk at everything, keep bard near me so I can ask him questions.
>Get for a room at an inn for the night.
>Really enjoying things so far. Passionate sex, sleep on thing called 'mattress'. Decide this was a good choice.
>Wake up as he tries to stick a knife in my back.
>Some piddling little thing he must have stolen yesterday. Amazed he got it through my skin.
>Smack him across the room. Stalk after him.
>Starts screaming, shouting about being attacked by a demon. Climbs out window.
>Follow. Catch him in the street, rip his tongue out, watch him drown in his own blood.
>People coming; I have neither clothes nor disguise.
>Kill a few guards who get in the way, make it out of city with bounty on my head.
>Knife wound isn't that bad, but it hurts.
>Shouldn't hurt, hurts anyway.
>Return home poorer, humiliated, injured, confused, angry at myself for not knowing better and for still hurting for no reason.
>Mother swings by. Finds out what happens, laughs at me.
>Hate her.
>Hate lizardfolk.
>Hate humans and their city.
>Hate bard.
>Hate myself.
>Angry. Bitter.
>Take it out on lizardfolk minions.
>They hate me.
>Well, I hate them anyway.
>Angry. Bitter.
>Get killed by adventurers two months later.

>> No.21336311

Not houndeyes?

>> No.21336326

Derp, I think it actually was houndeyes. I just remember reading that about one of those two critters while back

>> No.21336333


T-That wasn't a happy story at all!


>> No.21336386

Not all bards are assholes

>> No.21336393

That bard is an idiot, he could have had himself a dragon/demon waifu/ companion on his badass adventure. That would have come out so handy.

>> No.21336420

Could just be a normal person who doesn't like living in terror for his life at all times.

I mean, I agree with you, and I am the author, so I'm busy defending my own work here, but it seems like a plausible response from a relatively normal person.

>> No.21336422

Why does he hide? He has a monstergirl harem; a think us mere mortals can only dream about as we touch ourselves!

>> No.21336466

>normal person
Pick one

Maybe he's tired, maybe he's afraid he'll have to do them all at once(not a recommended tactic when they're all much larger than you), maybe he's an inconsistent goofball laying hide and seek with his kids, maybe the author thought it would be funny to draw, maybe he was seducing the bedposts

>> No.21336485

But they are spoony.

>> No.21336492

Do you know how much gold he owes in child support?

>> No.21336497

Some of them have to be at some point. If only the new ones before they realize the kinds of fucked up things their profession leads them to.

>> No.21336520

A normal person would just run rather than try to murder a fucking dragon.

>> No.21336537

Remember, demon/dragon. Twice as stupid to try to kill when you are a feeble bard.

>> No.21336538

Well, she did hold his life on a thread for a month, in shitty conditions. No one said that the first laying was consensual on both sides either.

Really though, he was still an idiot. He could of easily stole away from the place and she would probably never of found him again.

>> No.21336572

True enough. Maybe he wasn't thinking clearly, or maybe he genuinely was stupid.

>I'd hit that picture like the fist of an angry god.

>> No.21337045

And according to the Bard's Big Lineup, he's hit some significantly larger than himself.

>> No.21337162


>Wake up, bard isn't there.
>Empty room.
>No disguise.
>Wait in case he's coming back.
>Have to leave room eventually. Head down stairs and try to find someone to ask.
>Everyone screams. Most run.
>Couple try to attack me.
>Crack some heads, leave them moaning on the ground. Grab one and ask where bard went in broken common.
>Won't stop screaming, can't understand what he's saying.
>Discard in disgust. Still don't know what happened to bard.
>Bunch of people in matching armor showing up outside, look like caravan guards or something.
>Shouting something at me, can't understand. Getting irritated. (Bard was handling the languages yesterday, where is he?)
>Shout back in draconic.
>They attack.
>Kill them all with minor wounds.
>Go looking for bard.
>Everyone runs screaming, can't talk to anyone I catch. Run into a few more guard-types here or there, but the ones that attack aren't too tough.
>Some of them have bows, though, and that tends to hurt.
>Eventually realize I can't find him.
>Realize he probably knew that.
>Probably escaped.
>Planned it from start, probably.'
>Really angry.
>Large group of guards chasing me.
>Want to kill guards. Want to kill bard. Want to kill everyone.
>Attack group of guards. Fierce fight. Get heavily injured.
>Realize I can either flee the city or stay to try to find him and get answers/vengeance, and probably die.
>Don't really care about dying, just want to find him, get vengeance.
>Eventually am brought down by combination of blood loss, numbers, and exhaustion.
>Body is cut up by wizards for spell components.

>Meanwhile; bard rides hell-for-leather on a horse he bought/stole away from the city.

>> No.21337430

Wow, I think that hurts even worse than the last one. We asked for it, though.

>> No.21337485

Eh, both of them were rather ho hum

>> No.21337614

In that case I'm just a gigantic overemotional pussy, then.

>> No.21337617


Its OK anon, I could know what to say either.


>> No.21338350

You aren't alone. Some feels. ;_;

>> No.21339310

Why do people feel the need to write stories with a sad ending? It literally flies in the face of fantasy storytelling that's been established for something like 6000 years. The first written story by mankind, The Epic of Gilgamesh, was an idealistic story about larger-than-life heroes that portrayed all the virtues of their time.

So why now do people write stories where everything goes horribly wrong and ends in tragedy? Even traditional 'tragedies' have some light at the end of the tunnel; by their death, Romeo and Juliet allowed their families to stop fighting, just as an example. Stories like this Anon wrote are just pointless.

Stories are meant to inspire and entertain. They are meant to drive us to great feats, to emulate the heroes, they are meant to warn us from evil and lighten our spirits, not destroy them and shatter dreams we have of a better future.

And above all else, people don't like reading sad stories. When the dreams we have are destroyed and the characters we love killed with no bright spot, it doesn't feel good. It defeats the purpose of the story; to entertain. Further, as this is a fantasy story, why not make it idealistic? It's not like the real world, where you EXPECT things to go horribly wrong; in a fantasy world where anything is possible, why can't there be a happy ending?

>> No.21339475

>and breaks your goddamn spine

>> No.21339694

>be half dragon monster girl
>mother died in child birth, father is evil ruler of a nation of slaves.
>father has like 60 kids and he ignores all of us, some of my brothers and sisters aren't even intelligent.
>Father encourages chronic backstabbing disorder so I can't even trust my own family.
>Father makes deal with demon, kills 3/4ths of his kid, I get spared somehow, he becomes dracolich.
>The entire nation and all the people in it just become fuel for this massive undead army he's building. People are brought into the palace and butchered for spell components/used for experiments/turned into undead
>the backstabbing gets worse and I still can't trust anyone.
>Father starts kidnapping princesses.
>princesses, princesses fucking everywhere. Some of them aren't even princesses they're from countries called "republics" instead of kingdoms or "Free Cities"
>Do my best to protect the princesses, even the bitchy bratty ones.
>I get hurt real bad by my siblings and some of the princesses die

>> No.21339727

I had a long post thought up as a response, but I think I'll settle for brevity.
>Personal opinion.

>> No.21339731

>Bed ridden, can't move, we've locked ourselves in a part of the cellar. I don't know what to do any more.
>the others try to nurse me back to health, I don't know if I'm going to survive.
>blood and ichor floods the basement and we're ankle deep in undead fluids and rancid blood.
>There's fighting outside in languages I've never heard, eventually someone breaks down the doors
>Everyone, even me gets rescued by paladins.
>They work for a sorceror of some sort and I get brought to a magical castle that walks on ten legs.
>An army made up by a coaltition of races is besieging the city and there's a flying ship along with the walking castle and a thousand flying carpets
>I get healed and mostly ignored by the paladins after that, they say their lord is fighting my father along with a bunch of other heroes at the core of the city.
>I want to help, but I can't think of how.
>wait I know where father's phylactery is.
>Say that I know where my father's phylactery is.

>> No.21339740

>why can't there be a happy ending?

> why can't there be a happy ending?

Because cynicism and skepticism is seen to be intelligent and perceptive.

>> No.21339764 [DELETED] 

>implying the first thing you wouldn't try if given shapeshifting technology or magic would be to turn yourself into a hot girl

>implying the effect would wear off before you're done schlicking in your new body, leaving you stuck like that

>implying you wouldn't go on an epic quest to find a new sample of the shapeshifting mcguffin

>implying you wouldn't find true love during the journey and come to accept your new form

>implying it wouldn't end with you voluntarily staying that way and marrying your husbando

Bros, do you even traditional games?

>> No.21339767


>> No.21339769

>Paladins, mages, and a a whole bunch of golems using crossbows escort me back to the palace.
>we fight my siblings and my father's servants and undead and eventually make our way to the vaults.
>mages blast open the vaults and we fight our way past undead dragons, flesh golems, far realms summons and other horrors.
>We find the phylactery, its an adamantium golem in the shape of a dragon with the phylactery at its heart.
>The paladins call for back up.
>Their lord appears, he's a tiefling wearing platemail underneath his robes and he's using wings of silvery light to fly.
>We have angels and elementals and even more golems to help us fight now but it seems like we're all going to die.
>A lot of the paladins and mages do die but that just make their lord angrier and he eventually winds up fighting the golem with his staff

>> No.21339774

>implying the first thing you would try if given shapeshifting technology or magic wouldn't be to turn yourself into a hot girl

>implying the effect would wear off before you're done schlicking in your new body, leaving you stuck like that

>implying you wouldn't go on an epic quest to find a new sample of the shapeshifting mcguffin

>implying you wouldn't find true love during the journey and come to accept your new form

>implying it wouldn't end with you voluntarily staying that way and marrying your husbando

Bros, do you even traditional games?

>> No.21339789

>amges bust open the door
>we get on the floor
>everyone dances dinosaur
>then lich laughs and kills everyone.
there, storyfag done.

>> No.21339793

>implying I wouldn't accept my new form from the start

>> No.21339809

>The Mage Lord eventually manages to cast a spell and entangle the golem withslimy black tentacles.
>He strategically inscribes and detonates explosive runes at key points and takes the golem apart piece by piece.
>He destroys the phylactery, sends the survivors back to the walking castle escorted by golems.
>eventually my father dies and the city gets taken over by the coalition.
>it's kind of a moot point because my father killed all his intelligent subjects or turned them into monsters, this will always be a sad place.
>Mage Lord protects me from members of the coalition who want to punish me for being my father's daughter.
>He lets me stay on his castle and teaches me magic.
>he's got 2 or 3 women vying for his heart, but someday I'll prove to him how much I love him and he'll marry me.

>> No.21339816


>> No.21339821

> Epic battle of good versus evil
> Monstergirls
> Inc. Half-dragons (yes please)
> Is so white-knight it hurts
> So there. So very there

I bring soundtrack too! Why can I never find th version with a long enough fanfare though? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUIZvAe3RBg

>> No.21339889

To be honest I think
did it a lot better.

>> No.21339967

It's late as fuck cut me some slack. but yes that person did do a good job on his green text tragedy.

amusingly enough I was litening to this when I wrote it.

The LotR flicks do have a damn good sound track though, thanks for the compliment BTW.

>> No.21340760


>> No.21342259

The tragedy genre's existed for a long time too. Albeit nowhere near as long as the epic of Gilgamesh, but good luck topping that.

>> No.21342585

Because sad stories evoke Dem Feels. Not necessarily quality writing, but I never claimed to be doing literature here, and it's easier to do all-bad-end rather than trying to temper it with some light-in-the-dark stuff.

Also, because I was trying to suggest that any of the random villains a PC kills might have it's own story.

It's not like I enjoy seeing bad things happening to characters I like, but I do like reading the occasional sad story, if only for the emotions, feels, and connections to the characters they generate for me. Sorry it doesn't work for you.

>> No.21342628

Its because /tg/ is filled with a bunch of big blubbering vaginas who will get all weepy and proclaim you as the best writer evar if you off a few little girls. Which is ironic, seeing how they make fun of Goblins so much for being so SAD. Its simply so much easier to write a sad story and get praised for it.

>> No.21342677


There's a difference between being sad and being hilariously maudlin and incompetent. Goblins is the latter.

>> No.21342717

>Goblins is the latter.
And so is a great deal of /tg/, including that dragon/demon story in this very thread as well as shit like Bakers Daughter.

>> No.21342727

The only good goblins are Pathfinder goblins anyway.

>> No.21342742

Your opinion is evidently not shared by everyone.

>> No.21342753

Well shit, I never realized that! And here I thought all that wankery over Bakers Daughter was just ironic!

>> No.21342755

I simply murdered the shit out of Priscilla the first time I bumped in to her. No regrets since I don't play Dark Souls for waifu-shit.

What say you, fellow Sunbros?

>> No.21342798

Then what made you think that pitching a fit over other people's opinions was going to make them care about yours?

>> No.21342811


>not wanting to fuck a redheaded baker's daughter

Do you even adventure?

>> No.21342824

>stating an opinion
>pitching a fit
Right, right. And if you notice, the post I responded to explicitly asked why people overdo the sad shit, and so I said why.
That story was overwrought and contrived as fuck and you know it.

>> No.21342833

Enough bickering, let's get back to what's important - monstergirls, their apparent difficulties in securing decent husbandos, and how lamias are the master race!

>> No.21342849

You are no True Knight.

>> No.21342858

Do you usually include the phrase "big blubbering vaginas" in your opinions?

>> No.21342869

Oh shit, it's like people have individual taste instead of joining the hivemind.

Tragedy has always been a stock element of fiction because it happens in real life and having it in a fictional situation helps it make more sense.

I rather like a sad story to break up the monotoni of the avalanche that is made of eternal success stories.

>> No.21342908

DS comics? Okay.

>> No.21342912 [SPOILER] 

What can I say? Chivalry is dead. Or maybe it's undead in this case?

>> No.21342920


>> No.21342930


>> No.21342931


>> No.21342938 [SPOILER] 


>> No.21342942

I will defeat you.

>> No.21342950


>> No.21342951


>> No.21342953


>> No.21342962


>> No.21342965


>> No.21342975


>> No.21342979


>> No.21342985


>> No.21342990

Okay, Monstergirl + Dark Souls.

>> No.21342992


>> No.21342997


>> No.21343004

I accept your proposed measure, sir.

>> No.21343009


>> No.21343010


>> No.21343016


>> No.21343018

Yeah, this is why I think Dark Souls PvP is lame.

>> No.21343024 [SPOILER] 


>> No.21343028


>> No.21343035


>> No.21343047


>> No.21343054


>> No.21343057


>> No.21343066


>> No.21343073

Last one for a bit. Have fun without me.

>> No.21343142

They should remove backstabbing other players in sequel because 90% of all duels end with it.

>> No.21343254

I need to start gathering more pictures... or just get better sources. A lot of the crap I'm posting is just stuff drawn by friends. orz

>> No.21343436


>Mother is some kind of prostitute
>I'm some kind of halfbreed.
>Don't know what.
>Mother won't tell me.
>Everyone thinks I'm a freak, calls me names, asks if I'm a demon.
>Eventually stop caring.
>Mother's getting older, seems to be aging faster than I do.
>Pays mage's guild to take me in shortly before she dies.
>Take few classes, people still calling me names.
>Don't care, doesn't bother me.
>Someone discovers that my skin is some kind of spell component.
>Mother's dead.
>No friends.
>Get chained up in dungeon, periodically get sections of skin cut off.
>Goes on for a year or two.
>Can't remember how long.
>Can't remember the last time I got out.
>Don't care.
>Hurts less when I don't care.
>Some random elf comes by.
>Asking whether I can direct him somewhere, seems really surprised when he sees me.
>Think back to the month or two when I was a student here. Give him directions.
>He seems to have forgotten his question, starts asking what I'm here for.
>Tell him.
>He seem upset.
>Disinitgrates cell door.
>Walks over, grabs my shoulder, casts something.
>We're outside somewhere. Everything's insanely bright, can smell trees and things.
>He casts some other spell which he says it to prevent us from being found.
>Starts trying to treat my scars and injuries.
>Seems really upset or something.
>Asks if I want to come with him.
>Don't care.
>Don't care about anything.

>> No.21343441

>Nothing better to do, though.
>Go on few adventures with him.
>Doesn't stop talking to me, keeps asking questions, rambling on, or trying to make me laugh.
>'s alright. Don't really care very much.
>He finds out his family has died.
>He's expected to return home and take up minor nobility title or something.
>Gets there, seems really depressed.
>Invites me to stay, says I can leave if I want to.
>Don't really ca-
>Think it over for a bit.
>He has been kind of nice. It's been kind of pleasant.
>Turns out being a landed lord is almost as eventful as adventuring.
>Couple years go by. Find myself starting to care about more things.
>Like him.
>Don't know how to say it, worried about alienating him. (I'm not exactly pretty.)
>He asks me to marry him.
>Feel genuinely happy for first time in years.
>Say yes.
>He's overjoyed.
>I'm happy.
>Live happily ever after.

>> No.21343665

>not having the elf die and leave the monstergirl all alone in the world

>> No.21343666

It's gotten better now that they nerfed the fuck out of the ninja ring. Now you need less than 25% capacity to do flips.

The PC version is still a tad glitchy though. I've been in a few fights where I go backstabbed but instead of doing any damage the other guy just kicked me. Hell, half the fights I've been in turned into a guy with a lightning katana in light armor trying to slug it out with me with my halberd and giant's armor. Then I just get bored and kill them with wrath of the gods.

>> No.21343689

>Now you need less than 25% capacity to do flips.
I got fucked by that. Was trying to build a Knight that could do light rolls before the patch hit.

The goal increased by like 50 points...

>> No.21343763

As long as we're doing the happy monster girl thing..
>Be young, daring, male adventurer, seeking wealth and glory.
>Follow rumors of an ancient tomb that is supposed to be loaded with Gold.
>Find and conquer said tomb and reach the treasure room where piles of gold and jewels await
>Treasure is cursed!
>Get turned into a buxom Dragon lady and become bound to the treasure, forced to protect it for as long as I live
>Spend several years scaring off other adventurers, partly because of my duties and partly because I don't want to see anyone else cursed.
>Lone young man shows up in my treasure room one day.
>He doesn't seem interested in fighting for the treasure.
>Doesn't even eyeball a single coin.
>Offers me his hand and leads me out of the tomb.
>Curse is broken.
>He didn't take any treasure.
>He took me.
>Much Later...
>We are wed
>Happily married and living in a quiet village that has gotten used to my appearance
>He is the treasure I protect now.

>> No.21343769


>> No.21343786 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

>you will never properly satisfy her with your tiny human body

>> No.21343831

>not having a pure homosexual romance with Solaire
>lowering one's self to partake of sinful monster pussy

You fags gonna get indicted.

>> No.21343849

>I rather like a sad story to break up the monotoni of the avalanche that is made of eternal success stories.

but that's like the exact opposite ratio

>> No.21343856


>he doesn't know about sexual sorcery
Boy, I wouldn't even need to move a muscle to make her scream.

>> No.21343946

But in this thread, we're the monstergirls.

Who says we can't get heterosexually incandescent with the sunbro? Assuming we can tempt him over to the wild side.

>> No.21344079


You can beat the game at SL1 if you're skilled; you don't ever need to grind unless you want to.

>> No.21344163

If she looked like that...

>> No.21344169

>All these dragons

>> No.21344179


>> No.21344213

>Be a Mage, have a good time adventuring
>Find monsters, slay them
>Friends with bard
>Bard gets all the ladies, I gets none
>Friends with Fighter, she gets all the ladies
>Adventuring time!
>We find dragon(ness) and prepare to slay her
>Bard gets eatten
>Fighter gets smashed
>Try and slay the dragon but pass out
>Wake up tied and gagged, the Dragon(ness) saved me
>she reveals her gender
>have most awkward sex for a month, twice sometimes thrice a day.
>Wake up one morning to find that I'm untied & ungagged.
>Dragoness gone, leaving only an egg
>MFW my daughter hatches
>MFW I come home when thought dead
>TFW I explain what happened
>Raise little girl as best I can
>20+ years later, she goes off on herr own adventures
>MFW her mother comes back
>Try to run, but caught
>Dragoness wishes to help raise the daughter, a bit too late for that, but who am I to say?
>Year later the Dragoness and I marry, and have another daughter
>Life is sweet, but I'm aging
>Eldest daughter marries, and eventually the younger one does as well
>Die at 98 years old
>Come back via reincarnation as female Elf
>Have kinky sex for rest my Elven days, life is good

>> No.21344217


>> No.21344729


>> No.21344958

>Be powerful, glorious, and beautiful Red dragon.
>Adventurers show up, trying to beg some piece of my hoard off of me, that's apparently some artifact related to some quest of theirs.
>Begin considering how I'm going to kill them.
>Suddenly, their fighter jumps forward.
>Starts singing ode to my glory and power.
>Might have to let this one live...
>Declares me the righteous avatar of Tiamat, master of the world.
>Begs to know how he (and his band of minions) can serve me.
>Mildly amused. Send them to go kill off a black dragon that thought he could move into my territory.
>Even when they fail, they'll probably weaken him enough that I can handily destroy him.

>> No.21344972


>They come back.
>Fighter brought the Black's heart and skull back, offers them up as tribute to my majesty.
>Accept, naturally.
>Amused and pleasantly surprised enough I'm in a good mood.
>Give them the trinket they want in exchange for a percentage of the Black's hoard.
>They leave, lizardman promises to return.
>That's the last I'll see of the-
>He comes back three months later.
>Offers the entirety of his adventuring haul as tribute.
>Okay, then.
>Pick through it, take most of his gold and gems, bequeath unto him a few weapons and magic artifacts that look like they might be useful to him.
>Thanks me for my magnanimity, vows to return.
>Keeps coming back, two or three times a year, bringing large amounts of treasure each time.
>Accept it every time. Start picking out a piece or two from my hoard to gift to him, if his latest haul doesn't really have anything that would be useful for him.
>Hoard expands to a satisfying degree off of this.
>Comes back unexpectedly at some point.
>Apparently, about to go face down some evil archmagewith the rest of their party. Dangerous, not likely to return, etc.
>Came to give me my tithe of his latest loot.
>Apologizes and asks me not to mourn for him if he doesn't return, for he died in battle in my name.
>Mourn? Hah.
>Still, he's been kind of useful. And it sounds like this archmage fellow may be a threat to me at some point.
>Offer my not-insignificant assistance.
>His face when.

>> No.21344985


>Go with them.
>Massive battle. Slaughter hundreds of undead, constructs, and conjured outsiders.
>Demean myself to carry their party into archmage's flying citadel. (Only because it's necessary.)
>Getting along alright with party wizard, reach understanding with party rogue, dislike but at least a little respect for the druid and paladin.
>They're all half terrified that I'll turn on them at any moment. (As it should be.)
>Confront archmage in his lair, over some absurd outer-realms crystal he's using to amplify his magic.
>He conjures a bunch of daemons and greater undead, adventurers and I attack.
>Fierce battle, difficult because the room we're confronting him in isn't really big enough for me to move much.
>Some kind of spell happens to hit archmage's outer-realm crystal, refracts into me.
>Get turned into an elven woman.
>An ELF!
>Suddenly can't fight.
>Suddenly not covered in three tons of muscle and armored scale.
>Lizardman notices, abandons fighting archmage, rushes across room to defend me from wraith.
>Battle suddenly much closer, but narrowly win.
>Everybody's wounded.
>I'm still a damned elf.
>Rogue compliments lizardman on his new girlfriend.
>Want to rip her head off and/or light her on fire.
>Lizardman decks her with his tail.
>Puts arm around me defensively, informs them that their next quest is to find a way to change me back.
>For some reason, immensely relieved.
>They aren't happy, lizardman defends me, points out how I aided them, may well owe me their lives.
>Surprisingly, paladin is first to come around. Rest do eventually. Agree to help.

>> No.21344998


>Travel with them for a bit.
>Slowly start learning how to do anything in worthless humanoid body.
>Suddenly respect humanoids for managing to do the things they do in these crappy bodies.
>Start studying magic with party wizard.
>Still mentally a dragon, learn very quickly.
>Argue religion and philosophy with paladin and druid.
>Discuss relative wealth and merits of different forms of valuables with rogue.
>Also traps and how to protect said wealth.
>Doing... other things... with lizardman.
>Adventure with them, finally manage to get my form back.
>Some bizarre side effect; can still assume elven form if I want.
>Could be useful. But important things to do.
>Fly back to lair.
>Studying magic day and night.
>Have to be ready in time.
>Lizardman visits.
>Brings treasure, begs my favor, sings my praise.
>Oh, you'll get my favor.
>Give him what he deserves.
>Polymorph him into a red dragon, a few decades younger that me, just in case.
>Demand that he pay me proper tribute, now that he is able.
>He obeys with usual enthusiasm.

>> No.21345075

This is good.

>> No.21345415

Good shit, this. Feel free to write more, I'm digging it.

>> No.21345427

Damn dude, dem asari.

>> No.21345771


>> No.21346015

Yo man, what's up with all these incursions of bitch-ass nigga dragons lately?

>> No.21346053

/tg/ recently rediscovered its scaly tendencies.

I have no idea, man. Apparently people just like 'em. I like them because they're fun characters/plot devices in RPGs, and engagingly inhuman without being completely removed from 'human'. Also, dat arrogance. Don't know about other people, though.

>> No.21346086

You mean you don't?

>> No.21346177

I'm thinking if I were to run a fantasy campaign, half-human, half-dragon, and half-dolphin creatures would all be relatively common. Other intelligent races look down on them for being xenophiliac hos. But nobody says anything about dragons in public because huge fucking monsters with breath weapons.

>> No.21346232

>Half dolphins
Well, they are terrifying rape machines...

>> No.21346273

I think /tg/ just has a fetish for monster girls/monsters-on-girls.

>> No.21346285

It's called xenophilia.

>> No.21346327

It's called fucking hot.

>> No.21346351

/tg/ prefer its girls to be imaginary

>> No.21346357

And I, for one, support it, if it looks anything like >>21346273 's picture.

>> No.21346372


For now, anon...for now...

>> No.21346438


>> No.21346442


This pleases me.

>> No.21346451

>Wrong picture. Like this one better.

>> No.21346967

Thanks /tg/. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I've had enough gloomy and depressing stories lately.

Also nice..! In a slightly strange way, but whatever, so long as everyone's happy!

...Cool? Eh, so long as they're happy (smitings will occur in the case of evil plundering of the surrounding land however).

I know not everyone like happy endings, but I'm just going to go ahead and stand by my position. I'm not a fan of stories that just leave the reader depressed. How is that fun? Then again, I don't understand how pain = pleasure either, so there you go.

>> No.21347059

Bittersweet endings is better then just flat out bad ending.

>> No.21347113

I think bittersweet/bad endings are just for feels. No one actually likes seeing a character the like get shit on and die, but if you can really empathize and feel for a character, (like, for instance, >>21336270 , both endings, for me,) the emotions bite a little harder when you understand their pain and share it.

>> No.21347416


Needed more time with her caged up with her feelings for anything being washed away until she would be in a cathatonic state just waiting to die.

>> No.21347617

Very, very much so. I can understand empathising with a character through hard times and feeling for them when they're suffering. but who wants to ultimately see all their struggles come to nothing and to just leave them broken and in despair? It's just depressing, not entertaining, which is what stories are; entertainment.

>> No.21347637

What makes you think that all of us turn depressed by a sad ending? I bet some people enjoy a sad ending because it puts them in touch with feelings they neglected.

>> No.21348372


>Be a Bronze dragon chillin' in the tropics.
>Awesome jungle-covered island, dormant volcano provides excellent lair. Semi-submerged, camouflaged , hides my sweet hoard.
>Lots of relatively nearby sunken wrecks to explore or plunder.
>Tasty sharks.
>Warm, clear water.
>No people.
>Never seen any people, actually.
>Return from hunting some tasty shark, surface near my lair.
>Three ships.
>Exchanging sporadic cannonfire, two against one.
>Lone ship fights to the end, but goes down in flames. Powderstores go off just before it completely vanishes.
>Assume no survivors, and the two surviving ships don't seem friendly. Resolve to investigate the sunken ship the next day, return to lair to sleep off the sharks.
>Return to investigate, seems to have been some kind of warship. Heavily armed, lots of cannons, not much in the way of treasure.
>Oh well.
>Go to sun self on beach.
>There's... a body... here...
>Human female. Looks like one of the sailors. Badly damaged fancy outfit.
>Unconscious, badly sunburned, probably dehydrated. Indeterminate wounds from the actual battle.
>Care for her as I can, haul her off the beach and into the shade, get a bowl from the wreckage of her ship and bring her some fresh water, leave it near her for when she wakes up.
>She nearly regains consciousness while I'm doing this, moving somewhat and moaning slightly. Eyes blink open, stare at me, mumbles something along the lines of 'Monster...' and drifts off again.
>Eh, whatever.
>Satisfied, did good deed today. Head off to do other things, maybe she'll be awake when I return.
>Return, find her limping about the jungle, armed with the cutlass I found washed up on shore and left by her. Decide to polymorph and approach her.

>> No.21348392

>Decide to pretend I'm an island native, dress and disguise myself accordingly. Pretend to speak broken common.
>She seems suspicious, but can't exactly turn down help.
>Ask her what she's doing, (building a shelter,) offer to help. She accepts, spend day gathering wood and helping her get some essentials together.
>Eventually bid her goodnight and retreat into jungle. She tries to follow, shouts after me, but can't really chase with her injuries.
>Retreat to lair, sleep, decide to help her again tomorrow.
>Show up with fish, watch curiously as she insists on cooking them, help her start gathering food from the jungle.
>Spend day helping her, talking to her, leave in the evening.

>Find out that she is/was ship captain, in her kingdom's navy. Hunting pirates in the region, got ambushed, thinks she's doomed to be marooned here for the rest of her days.
>Seems really depressed about it.
>Try and cheer her up.
>Found her captain's saber and hat, had added them to my hoard because they were nice, but they were hers, and she seems to miss them. Return them to her as presents. Seems to cheer her up.
>Keeps being suspicious about who I am, what I'm doing here, where I live.
>Mentions off hand at some point that she has no plates or cups or whatever. Decide to get her some from the wreck.
>Couldn't find some of the stuff, so choose a few bits and pieces from my hoard to loan to her.
>Amazed, asks where I got it all from.
>Can't really tell her, she starts to guess.
>Seems to have decided I was a pirate, or am the son of some pirate and whatever natives live on the island.
>Seems very suspicious, but I am the only person other than her on the island.
>Still seems depressed over being marooned.

>> No.21348411


>It's not like my island is bad, or anything. Verdant jungle paradise. But apparently she misses her navy and kingdom and family.
>Guess I can understand family, at least.
>Promise to help her get off. She just looks at me dubiously.
>Kind of want to tell her what I am, but by now it's become a sort of game between us.
>Next day, don't show up, instead go ship-hunting.
>Find ship, swim underneath it, start pulling it towards island.
>Crew seems to panic. Lots of them abandon ship in lifeboats and such. Whatever.
>Takes a day and a half, manage to haul ship back home.
>Make sure they're going to cast anchor, swim off, find Captain.
>Approach her, tell her I got her a ship, lead her through jungle to where they're anchored.

>She panics.
>Apparently I got a pirate ship, one of the many she was hunting.
>Can't be found by them or they'll kill her.
>Well, that'd be pretty bad, I agree.
>Help her kill party that comes ashore.
>At night, swim out to ship with her and help her seize control of the ship.
>There, told you I'd get you a ship.
>She says she needs my help to sail it. Can't do it with just one person.
>Now I'm dubious, but okay.
>Says there'd be a significant reward for someone who did what I did.
>Might earn a knighthood, or something. Kingdom is apparently big on rewarding people who assist their personnel, and I've saved her life and gotten her back to civilization.
>Giant reward... and I can always come back... Well, if you insist.

>> No.21348423

>Port town, lots of people, ships, all sorts of races.
>Help her get there. Manage to find a few allies of hers in town.
>Suddenly, ships sailing into port, soldiery coming ashore.
>Apparently there's a war on? Or something?
>Captain and her allies are to be rounded up and executed.
>Offer to help her get out of here. They ignore me because I'm some native.
>Okay, then. Be that way.
>Hunted-and-hunter through town. Manage to assist. Eventually, she tells me I can leave, since this isn't my fight.
>Kind of annoyed, kind of insulted. Fine.
>Disregard war, explore town.
>Enjoying it, even spend the night in the town.
>Wake up.
>They were caught, sentenced to be executed. Walking plank, etc.
>Oh, that's not so bad.
>Well, wait, she wasn't so stoked about it last time she saw me in dragonform.
>But... it's better than death, right?
>Wait in harbor as they're lined up on the edge of a ship.
>They plunge into the water, I grab them and haul them onto dry land.
>Most of them are terrified.
>Captain isn't.
>Is startled, amazed, but she suspected something was up with me. (Not that I did much to dispel that.)
>Is okay with me.
>Attempts to recruit me into the war. Make it clear that I've no reason to fight for her country, but I'll help her, both since she's a friend and these people seem to have been most dishonorable.
>She understands.

>> No.21348473

>Help her and her rag-tag crew secure ships, get them to a friendly port. Inform her countrymen of the surprise attack, rally defenders.
>Use superior knowledge of the region to help her attain victory after victory.
>Manage to do it all as stealthily as possible, nobody except the original ones I rescued know I'm a dragon, she ordered them not to talk.
>Basically win the region soundly, firm victory for her and her king.
>Learn more about her country and so-on, too.
>And her.
>Eventually end up with her and, uh... Mrhmrm.
>War's won, called back to capital.
>Victory procession, being received by king.
>She's commended, promoted, decorated, etc.
>As foriegner/mercenary that assisted her on the credit of the crown, I'm asked what reward I want.
>I'm prepared, have plan.
>Request lord/governorship over the seas near my lair.
>Makes me a landholding lord, dignified representative, supreme power in the region surrounding my lair, and an entity of sufficient dignity that Captain (Actually more like admiral, now especially,) can... fraternize.
>Request apparently causes a small fuss. Presume it's because they assumed I was a simple savage, not bright enough to make any significant request.
>Glance at Captain to make sure.
>She's flushed and looks really embarrassed.
>King asks her whether she accepts.
>Wait, what?
>I thought I was making a request of the king here-
>She quietly whispers to me that her father is the governor of that region, she's his heir, and therefore, what I just requested was-
>Blushing furiously, asks me not to change my request. Immediately speaks up and gives the king affirmative.
>Father doesn't approve of his daughter marrying some foreign native at all.
>Comes around very quickly when he realizes that's not quite the case.
>Conspire with him and 'wife' to have bronze dragon added to family crest.

>> No.21348994


Cute but a bit predictable.

>> No.21349014

Yeah, didn't think this one was as good. I guess I'll settle for cute, though.

>> No.21349148

I still enjoyed it so it's not bad.

>> No.21349365

Predictable isn't always bad. Sometimes all you want to read is an interesting spin on established formulae.

Thanks, writeranon. You've brightened my evening somewhat.

>> No.21349445

No problem.

I kind of have a fetish for romance or tragedy, but especially of the dragon-related variety.

>> No.21349545

There's never enough of that.

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