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Eldar art thread? Go!

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A Slaaneshi delicacy

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Majestic Chicken recolor thread?

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Mama Banshee

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Skorpion Big Boss

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please no
please go away

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You can really taste the rainbow in this thread.

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>>Implying that's a bad thing

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2nd edition cover bros

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Dem colors. So pretty.

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>>2nd editionmind

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>Majestic Chicken recolor thread?

Please no, they're all terrible.

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>Titles it Call of the Webway
>Colors the portal a shimmering blue-purple
>Doesn't realize it depicts the newly incarnate Avatar striding out of the flames

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This is just as awful as those recolors.

Bad turn in the thread.

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Go away Wuya. You are not a spess elf.

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To be fair, it was one hell of a surprise to see an ugly little ghost head thing turn into >>21329937.

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These guys look more like Eldar Corsairs and Pirates than the Forgeworld models.

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Dark Reapers?

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Why is Jamie Lee Curtis young again? Why does she have long hair?

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best farseer

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I prefer the One Blanche did, with crystal circuitry and bionics and a faux-hawk

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those are rather impressive in color.

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Eldar pirate

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I don't know

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A while ago a kind fa/tg/uy was on here who had got the Blanche artbook that was exclusively available through the old Skullz program and dumped a bunch of stuff.
Good reminder of why I come to /tg/.

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do you know how I could find it back in the foolz archive?

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>totally excessive hair crest

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there is a pretty awesome pic by Darius somewhere with a Fire Dragon Exarch holding his Blasting Pike over his shoulder and a female Harlequin playing around on the top.

>mfw I have the Druillet eldar pics by technomancer somewhere.

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No idea, unfortunately.

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well, could you upload it on mediafire or something?
Or, I dunno, dump it someday on /tg/ with "john blanche artbook" written in the OP title so that we can find it back.

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The fuck? Is that Ulthwe?

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I love Eldar and I'm not afraid to say it.

Farseer and warlock models are especially delicious.

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Iyanden, if I recall correctly.

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That looks suspiciously like the Eye in the background though...

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maybe I'm mistaking it for another one

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Goddamn it, wraithlords look so cool. Why must they suck?

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Theyre pretty awesome now. Get a lance-sword lord, and you have a landraiderbuster thats also pretty good at killing dreads and sergeants now.

IC makes all the difference when there's powerfists lurking in a squad.
>"Fuck you sergeant fisty, i want your face!"
>"Yeah no, I ain't fighting that thing."
>"Fair enough" *start slapping marines to death left and right*

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Ah...our cowardly kin.

Fear not, the Blood Feud is not FORGOTTEN!

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Is it wrong that I read this in his voice?

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I sometimes dump them in Blanche threads. Just keep an eye out and you'll get them sooner or later.

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Nope, because that's a quote directly from the game.

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dem hips.

dem hips, man...

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You know, with how many depictions of banshees there are with them having huge amounts of T&A, I cant help but wonder if they stuff their armor to look more feminine. Maybe, the awkward boners of the enemy are made to add to the confusion caused by a Banshee charge.

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We really need some more cyberpunk flavored art like this.

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I think if I did Eldar I'd fire all the facial detail off the models so they all have the smooth, blank creepy look of the Wraithlords.

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And by fire I totally mean file.

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I think a lot of the mask detail is actually inset, though, so maybe just fill it up by THICKENING YOUR PAINTS?

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True. A little bit of smoothed out greenstuff could also do the trick.

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...huh. I knew the Eldar were David Bowie, but I didn't realise some of them were Nick Cave.

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Oh Khaine's bells, is it that forgeworld Aspect?

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Yes. Shadow Spectres.

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Shadow spectres, delicious sneaky little fire prisms.

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Words cannot express my approval... and I don't even play this game.

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Funny, I was just working on giving my wraithlady a face. And tits
I propped up the mask part to angle it back and make it more of a gorging veil/visor, which reveals chin and mouth. Sculpting lips is a total bitch though.

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Awesome guys. Remind me of that harlequin character in...errr...whatssername, that SoB comic.

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why does the hive tyrant (if that's what it is) have a mouth in its crotch?

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pics? I've seen faces painted on but never any sculpting work.

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I've always loved this picture. It just seems so quintessentially Rogue Trader. It's got an undercover Space Marine and an Eldar. Fuck yeah.

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The real question is... why don't you?

Trick question, of course. Look down. You actually do.

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Last I checked mine has neither beak nor teeth.

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>Nick Cave

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>mfw there is more than one Nick Cave in the world

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they really need to make an exodites codex, or atleast put make a few units for the new codex

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Rumours say Dragon Riders will appear. No wings, though, so they're probably more like Dinosaur Riders.

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>Implying exodite dragons ever had wings

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In my book if it ain't got wings, it better stick to calling itself a Lizard. Unless it's a Chinese dragon, but those guys are weird.

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Your book is inaccurate. Exodite dragons do not have wings. They never had. The only exception is elves, and even those do not normally ride winged dragons. They're also so retarded culturally that they aren't even called "eldars" so, their winged dragons don't count.

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Huh. First time I've seen this classic appear on /tg/. I remember a WD with this on the cover, many many years ago.

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>Putting any faith in current Eldar rumours

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I think this was the box art for Guardians in Epic.

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Nah, it was the cover of "the doom of the eldar"

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Not even a goddamn gram of punk int that shit.
It's neat, but aint cuberpunk even the least.

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Probably both. I also recall it being on an Epic box, years ago.

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Ha ha ha, contribution!

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