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Heh. I enjoy these comics.

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yay cestree!

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Oh, neat. A useless thread that won't be deleted by a janitor.

Time to turn it into a Xeno thread.

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ha, new reaction image

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I thought you didn't want it to get deleted?

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But it won't, because if it has something else than Xeno in the OP, the janitor will be magically prevented from deleting it, whereas if it does, he will be magically compelled to delete it.

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>at first I was like
>but then...

someone do it
no, I can't shoop it myself

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I thought the joke was gonna involve bouncing tits

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doesn't really need it.

"its still stupid" really says it all.

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So this doesn't turn into porn eventually?


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Xeno is the poni of /tg/

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She was called "the littlest necron" about one year ago.
Then, about three months ago, her twitter feed opens, called "littlest phaeron".
About one week ago, the first episode of a new show produced by the creators of MLP airs. It's called "Littlest pet shop".
And how do people call Xeno? "Derpy Hooves".


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fair enough

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allow me to remind you of rule 34

no exceptions

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WAAIT. Stop the goddamn presses. The MLP:FiM crowd revived Littlest Pet Shop?

I don't know that I can even PRODUCE an appropriate feel.

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Holy fuck, these have the humor of the average Garfield strip. Why do yo keep spamming them.

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I haven't seen any good stuff.

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B-but we already have the Sister of Fire!

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Tits, mostly.

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it's ironic!
actually the humor is. Uh. Japanese. And not in a good way.

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James, fetch me my dictionary.
I think, I'll have to clobber a bitch.

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>humor of the average Garfield strip
>why do you keep spamming them
Blatantly untrue. I haven't seen a Ribnon comic in weeks.

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I know. It reminds me of that shitty trying-too-hard-to-be-Asian comic someone commissioned for that game about tranny gods raping human souls into pets or whatever.

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Then you'll have the Sister of Hips!

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It gets worse. Some cat in it called Zoe has the EXACT SAME COLOR SCHEME as Twilight. Even the hair colors. And we all know how many shades of purple that is! Seriously, that's just being lazy.

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Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?

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Sister of Fire is a SoB who falls in love with a female tau fire warrior, rescues and rehabilitates her and eventually elopes with her to the tau empire

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>some cat called Zoe
>my cat is called Zoe
>I'm the guy who called Xeno "littlest necron" first.
I'm afraid.
Is that an omen?

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You, sir, haven't seen bad Japanese humour.
Bad Japanese humour isn't even funny if you do know their social system and its restrictions but literally undetectable if you don't.

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Arkh. A comic for Arkh. You know, that kickstarter thing about tranny gods

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I, for one, find these comics amusing.

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Well Hasbro figured the reason behind miniature horse's success was the pallette used, so they're recycling it

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It was love. The purest love.

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No one ever called Xeno Derpy Hooves.

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So lewd!

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Me too, bruddah.

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And then god jizzed on everything and made everyone pregnant, regardless their gender and species.
And this is how the other gods are created.

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OH! Yeah I have zero idea what you're talking about, but at least the "tranny gods" makes sense now.

the makers made themselves into gods in the game

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and some other dudes

multiple times

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It was not lewd, it was love!

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That fucking game. All of my hate.

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They also own the IP, have since the... what, late 80s? Early 90s?

There was a previous short-lived cartoon that really existed to whore product. It's just... the thought of MLP begetting further spawn... I seriously cannot express the emotions this evokes. Maybe a squick-schadenfreude smoothie with horror sprinkles and a disdain whipped topping?

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Then you will enjoy this. Have some proof /v/ is not entirely lost.

They even came up with some interesting ways you could make a game about a tranny god good and analyzed the setting for Arkh and found it to be grimdark as fuck.

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Game? What game.
Arkh isn't a game. It was never a game. It will never be a game.
They WANT it to be a triple A game but the people behind this decided to put their political agenda so upfront and focus so much on their so called "message" that they forgot about what you need to make a game.

I've seen /v/ idea guys with better concepts/design/methodologies for making games than those guys.

And I don't give a flying fuck if they are advocating world peace or bombing USA, there is no game.

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all of my sides!

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A veritable waterfall is cascading from my optics.

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The fuck you say, bitch?

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I did, in fact, enjoy that. It's exactly what that POS deserves.

Well, THEY call it a game.

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>Game? What game?
The Game.
You just lost it.

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/v/ had a lot of fun during the Arkhstorm and their extreme exposure to tumblr and trans-this, CIS-that that it brought with it.

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Oh, like you're one to talk you goddamn hugwhore.

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Yeah, some people just shouldn't eat cream puffs.
The clumsy fuckers get the cream everywhere.

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Get out.

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I beg to differ.

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Huh. This is the first time Ive seen a thread die when a loli was posted.

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It isn't dead, though...

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Looks dead to me. Maybe it just needs more taucheese.

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Threads last for hours on /tg/. Going without a bump for a half-hour does not a dead thread make.

I am not opposed to tautits, however. Feel free to carry on.

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I know that, I was just saying that lolis usually make a thread a lot more lively rather than having the opposite effect.

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WHERE ARE THESE THRICE-DAMNED LOLIS?! I saw Garfield. And tau. That's it.

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There is never enough Cestree.

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There is always too much Cestree

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Oh, hey, it's PartyTau!
Show me your hooves!

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What is a tau party like, anyway?

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Lotsa tapdancing.

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Usually it involves a few female tau, dozens of diapers, chains, whips and a French guy with problems.

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a bit like this I suppose.

No wonder Anrakyr decided to exterminate them when he saw that.

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>Implying I'd go to an alcohol-free party even if it involved a few female tau, dozens of diapers, chains and whips.

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Alcohol dilutes the blood and makes it harder to staunch the bleeding.

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> Implying parties with a French guy ever lack alcohol

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How am I supposed to get hurt, if there's nothing but squishy, soft, chained up and padded blueberries?

>> No.21331694

Not you, the blueberries.
You have no idea what a slug-slurper with a whip can do.

>> No.21331717

oh, then why are you supposed to staunch their bleeding?

>> No.21331729

Because it's hard to replace them.

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That's shlicktau and chem-chan, not party tau!

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You got it mixed up. You do that with some daemonettes to invoke slannesh

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I never said it was.

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Sounds like a party to me.

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This guy gets it.
Why does Schlicktau have toes?

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