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I've seen /tg/ approved vidya, movies, literature, and music. And these made me curious; what are /tg/'s favored manga/anime?

Pic related, seems like it'd be one.

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Record Of Lodoss War is how we all wish our fantasy campaigns will go, Slayers is how they always end up.

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the greatest anime of all time. I'm gonna throw out my opinion without conferring with the board. THAT IS HOW A MAN GIVES RECOMMENDATIONS!

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Pretty much this.

The Slayers RPG book actually formed the basis of magic in DnD 3.5

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Personally love Berserk and would literally defy reality and fart out money for a good way to make a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game. Not sure what else would go well in /tg/.

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Underwater Ray Romano and Scrapped Princess tend to come up every time in fantasy anime threads
Gundam is fairly popular, and to a somewhat lesser extent all giant robots
Nyaruko had a strong presence on /tg/ while it was airing, much to some people's chagrin
Magical Burst is popular here, so Madoka should by extension be included

almost anything, really, is potential /tg/ material; I'm working (and I use the term working loosely, in that I am not explicitly not working on it) on an [email protected]/AKB0048 themed game, and [email protected] got mentioned occasionally while it was airing a year ago as well, with some people throwing around ideas for an idol-training simulation game that never went anywhere, as far as I know

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Did it really? Because the Slayers anime was basically a complete retelling of the writer's D&D campaign.

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Indeed. But the game Hajima Kanzaka played(2.0 I think) was a bit different, his character was named Luna and she was a warrior of some kind.

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TTGL is alright. It's fun, doesn't give a fuck and loves older series like Getter or GaoGaiGar so much it's hard not to smile when you spot all the references and whatnot.

I'd still have to put GaoGaiGar as being the superior show.

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Paranoia Agent, Mouryou no Hako, the Higurashi and Umineko series' and Another.

Go go World of Darkness.

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Berserk is how you want your DM wants your DnD game to be

Record of Lodoss Wars is how the party want your DnD game to be

Slayers is what your DnD game will ACTUALLY be, if it's any good

and Gaia Online is how your DnD game will end up if you have too many of "that guy" running amuck

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>constant complains about how dnd sucks
>everyone who plays a pen and paper plays it

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Busou Renkin.

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That's nonsense. Not everyone plays D&D. I damn sure don't. I play HERO.

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Pokemon. Not so much the anime as the games though. I just really like pokemon, and enjoy that we made it into a tabletop games. I fuckin love you guys.

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>vast majority who play pen and paper play DnD
there you go

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Type Moon and specifically the Fate stuff

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That's more accurate. I like to think of D&D players like I think of 40k players: basically the abused housewives of the gaming community.

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Strike Witches

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I'd say a fair majority of people who play pan and paper games started with D&D because it's the most well known tabletop. I personally love D&D for its' involvement in getting me to play PnP, even though I don't play it currently.

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>The Slayers RPG book actually formed the basis of magic in DnD 3.5

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Also Boogiepop Phantom, Shamo, Monster and Kurozuka.
Wouldn't say they were /tg/ approved, but I've certainly used their influences in making games.

Shigurui is incredibly awesome.

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>Slayers is how they always end up.

Dont you mean pic related?

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Explain if you don't mind. I'm not mad or disagree, I'm just not quite sure what you mean.

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Along these lines, I believe Tales of Phantasia was also a D&D campaign.

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Bastard!! is really DnD ish. The art gets tiers better later on.

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Shamo? As in, the amazingly violent story about a well-off japanese kid who stabs his parents to death and ends up learning karate in prison to survive?

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Then he becomes a street fighter and professional martial artist then travels to China to study under a master yeah

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Simply put, their game abuses them badly, time and time again, but they keep coming back.

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I really wish there is a DM who will let me reenact Those who Hunt Elves. Don't care what system but too bad they all will think I am putting my fetishes into the game.

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Cool, just kinda surprised me to see Shamo in a /tg/ thread. The manga is/was great, there was a time when it wasn't updating so I stopped reading right before the fight with the former dancer prodigy guy.

Also the China thing never happened. Even the manga acts like it never happened. I dunno why it was made, who thought it was a good idea, who refused to stop it against all common sense, but it's okay, because it never really happened.

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I see.

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It went on hiatus and last I heard the guys involved were arguing (presumably for the same reasons you mentioned).

It's World of Darkness, mortal.

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I'm not the one merrily spending thousands of dollars for games that hate me.

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I like Moribito

>I need to get to this town and find a decent blacksmith
>Oh I'm now embroiled in an epic plot that directly involves the Emperor and the fate of the country

Great series.

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>dat scenery porn
I came.

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I'm not really a tg regular but I thought you guys would've liked the tower of druaga, that's pretty much dnd.

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Anybody here like the Lair Game?

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I frequent /m/ a lot, so I do like a lot of older anime. Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Record of Lodoss War and Bubblegum Crisis are some favourites of mine.

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Dorohedoro is definitely my favorite manga. I can't really find anything wrong with the series, aside from only 1 volume per year. Hell, I think it would make a great tabletop game.

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It only started being somewhat popular since the adaptation but Magi's world is pretty rpg like.

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TTGL is actually pretty bland. It just plays off the "wacky" Gainax style and retarded end fight.
Hideously overrated, honestly.

Kamina dies like a bitch.

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It is childish, but that's who it's for, so it succeeds.
Overrated is one thing, no need to say hideously.

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TTGL uses that veneer of childish crazy overblown anime power expansion to wrap up an incredibly meaningful story. If all you see is the silly, I feel sorry for you, because it's really, really good. Maybe watch it with an open mind and no preconceptions?

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> incredibly meaningful story
> civilisation is the cancer of the universe derp
TTGL was an alright show but don't fall into exaggerations.

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any story can be summed up like that.

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Franken Fran, for all the raisins.

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Berserk is going to shit because Miura only cares about cute little girly stuff now.

Now that Japan is starting to be exposed to mlp it's only a matter of time before he crosses the last line.

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Doesn't her face very much not look like that

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Yeah, she's actually Much hotter!

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>Miura only cares about cute little girly stuff now.


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Not really, and other than that overused story base there was nothing particularly meaningful about it, unless you consider the friendship is magic thing as meaningful. Most people just like it for gainax antics really. Now I'm not saying it's a bad show or something but some people tend to really overglorify it.

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Haha no.
You probably thought NGE was deep and meaningful as well.

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Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There

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I can only agree.

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And thus the concept of my dickass pyromancer was born.

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It's alright buddy, there's no need to be angry.

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Deep, no. Meaningful, reasonably so, although it's lost some of that because it's been mimicked to fuck.
Basically the whole thing is a giant
"Hey! Hey you! The fourteen-year-old nerdy kid who's pissed at the world! Yes. People suck. We hurt each other, whether we mean to or not. That's just the way it goes. Butthat RISK of being hurt, that chance that it could explode in your face, THAT is what makes it worth it. It's what gives meaning to the happiness we make for ourselves, and the love we manage to find, in this shitty dungheap of a world, meaningful and valuable. So stop fucking bitching, get out there, and take some risks! That girl you think doesn't even know you're alive? Maybe she likes you and is just waiting for YOU to make a move. So get off your ass, go out there, and DO IT FAGGOT!"
TTGL on the other hand is just blowing shit up fun, with a bit of "Have some fucking balls and DO IT FAGGOT!"

Actually, a LOT of Gainax shows boil down to "DO IT FAGGOT!" as part of any "meaning" they have if they have one. Maybe because it's what the guys there would say to their younger selves if they had the chance.

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I love you <3

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There should be a rule against zipper-mummy-chicks being this fapworthy. Gods above.

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Wasn't someone going to run a WoD campain based on Junji Ito's Uzumaki?

Have we heard anything else about that?

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I like Perfect Blue, and Ghibli's work.

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Never will I run a cyberpunk game that captures the mood of Mamoru Oshii's films.

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No, but I would play the shit out of that.

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>ctrl+f "Jin-Roh"
>no results
Come on /tg/, really?

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It's basically WoD Mage meets DRYH.

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Biscuit Hammer.


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Seriously, it's a great manga, I highly recommend it.

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I liked Break Blade quite a bit. Both the OVAs and the Manga.

Also why hasn't Nausicaa been mentioned yet?

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>Finding out why she wants to do that

That manga is so fucking sad. Goddamn. That author, in fact, is a wizard with emotion.

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Here and Now, Then and There.

>> No.21306351

Sadly, I agree with this guy.

>> No.21306355

>That rock girl in the other manga

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK, why do my waifus always die.

>> No.21306371

Why do I keep reading this author's works?

>> No.21306386

You're sadistic.

On that note, the opening of Narutaru's animu is fantastic.

>> No.21306392

This series broke my heart.

>> No.21306396

you mean masochistic. Reading those is like self flagellation in pain threshold, only for the brain.

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Nausicaä has the best and most thought out setting in any manga I have read. I think that most manga suffer from the fact that the writer of the series has rarely designed the setting properly before starting to write the story, and then the fictional world just expands and expands as the story goes. The characters never seem to visit the same places two times and the places feel more like stages or scenes for things to happen rather than actual places in an actual, living world.

But in Nausicaä things seem to work and the world seems very lively. The manga is also about 12452 times better than the movie.

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I think GRRM would enjoy it.

>> No.21306421

my nigga
I seriously recommend this manga to anybody.
This and 20th century boys,

>> No.21306442

Oh man, everyone needs to read 20th Century Boys atleast once.

>> No.21306452

I read 20st Century Boys up until the first time skip and lost a bit of interest because the jump seemed sudden; should I go back and finish it?

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The entire Kerberos franchise is very /tg/.
The manga, if you can find it, is well worth checking out. As are the other two life action movies based on the universe, Stay Dog and Red Spectacles.
Stray Dog was made after Red Spectacles, but takes place before it so that's a better order to watch them in.
And of course, if you haven't seen Jin-Roh, here.

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Yes. The jump was weird, but it manages to keep up an interesting story throughout the series, in my opinion

>> No.21306488

Yeah, it was meant to be sudden so that there would be some mystery in figuring out what happened at the climax. For the most part it only gets better from there on out (even though I don't really like one of the new characters they introduce, but that would be spoilers).

>> No.21306490

I found it incredibly annoying how the writer ends almost every single chapter in a cliffhanger and then moves to another sidestory in the next. It's a good way to increase excitement for a couple of times, but when you see it the hundreth time in a single series it just gets really old.

It's still a good story and has lots of love towards Tezuka-style stuff.

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I recommend this manga too. What's 20th Century Boys about?

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I'd also recommend Oyasumi Punpun, but it isn't /tg/ related.
It is still an amazing drama, and holy shit is it depressing.

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I would absolutely love to run a game set in Last Exile. It's got the good elements of steampunk and dieselpunk. And dem airships.
Shame the second season was so shit.

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And everyone wants to be a Range Murata-drawn little girl.
Or is that just me?

>> No.21306526

I would agree with that, but he always seemed to come back to it later on, so it was somewhat excusable.
What isn't it about?

>> No.21306545

>not wanting to be a courier vanship pilot, exploring the skies, getting into adventures

>> No.21306548

Childhood, growing up, 70's music, and the end of the world.

>> No.21306562

Being a child is highly overrated. But otherwise, I agree entirely.

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Actually just about everything Gainax does is pretty /tg/ in some way. Wings of Honneamise is a very hard sci-fi about an alternate Earth's space program with political intrigue, assassination, mental breakdown and science. Not to mention some fantastic set designs and some absolutely fantastic hand-drawn animation.

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[C] may not have been the best, but goddamn I loved it so much.

>> No.21306576

Ah yes, Royal Space Force. Love that movie.

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Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It's like That Guy running a ship in Rogue Trader but you're not sure if he's really That Guy or pretending to be That Guy and you can't kill him off no matter how hard you try.

>> No.21306592

I used to dislike being named Tylor. This series changed that.

>> No.21306600

>You can't tell if he has loaded dice, or if the situational bonuses just HAPPEN to be lining up perfectly

>> No.21306604

>It's like That Guy running a ship in Rogue Trader
What is this and how do I get it inside of me?

>> No.21306608

I am Michael Collins.

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Irresponsible Captain Tylor.
Go forth, Anon, and immerse yourself in it's glory.

>> No.21306617

It's basically about a dude who lucked into a ludicrously high rank and has 0 experience or trainign running the absolute worst ship in the imperial fleet

It is fucking awesome

>> No.21306624

BLAME! a.k.a. "I have no clue what's going on, but damn that's a big robot". Great inspiration for an Hive based Dark Heresy game.

>> No.21306630

I suppose I could continue with more from Gainax: Gunbuster.
Little girls wearing unitards while learning to become MEN to pilot a giant robot and save the earth from space monsters. Also one of the most heart-wrenching and yet beautiful endings Japan has ever come up with.

Here, the main series:
Then the sequel OVAs. The OVAs are quite as good, but have some good episodes. Sadly they end on a MASSIVE cliffhanger.

>> No.21306640

>Also one of the most heart-wrenching and yet beautiful endings Japan has ever come up with.

All my feels. From the button of my cold, 3-chambered heart. All my feels.

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>> No.21306644

Sword art online is an amazing anime. Also Anicrad was like 90% of my campaigns i've been in

>> No.21306652

>Get spoiled on SOA

>Can no longer enjoy it


>> No.21306664

Are you the guy who started another thread? Was that an accident?

>> No.21306690

Continuing on is Nadia The Secret of Blue Water. Loosely based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and paying homage to other works by Jules Verne it's a new and unusual but still worthwhile take on Verne's character of Captain Nemo. The titular Nadia is Nemo's long lost daughter who chances upon the Nautilus with the help of a French boy genius named Jean. There they join Nemo in his crusade to save the world from the evil Neo Atlantians. It's got a fabulous cast of characters and a wonderfully steam-punky setting. It does suffer from poor quality filler that was outsourced to Korea, so the episodes on the island and the African village get pretty bad. Still it comes back strong with a wonderful conclusion and is still well worth the 63gigs the BD rips take up.
And yes, I love the gloriously 80s soundtrack.

>> No.21306695

Man, I really wish I could enjoy this series. I loved Accel World, and I've always been a fan of .hack//, but I just can't stand Sword Art Online.

>> No.21306699

Reminds me of someone...
Pity Monks suck in the vast majority of games.

>> No.21306708

....Capcom All-Star was pretty weak, but goddamn it had some good endings.
Zangief's is great as well.

>> No.21306709

I had the same feeling, to be honest.

Though the first episode was hilarious in that it felt like I was watching the SWTOR launch.

>> No.21306714

Haw, I never thought of it like that. Got a smile out of that, haha.

>> No.21306715

Another fun fact about Nadia, Shinji's character design is essentially Nadia with some small changes. Pic related.

>> No.21306717

PLANETES and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Add on Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt, if that counts.

The first two are examples of great, relatable, believable characters in fantastical settings, while the last is simply a hilarious work of art.

>> No.21306720

Shin Angyo Onshi is how a D&D campaign should play; through with the setting switched, it's really a 40k story.

>> No.21306723

Next would be Evangelion. I would liken Eva to Catcher in the Rye. It's got a lot of things going for it, but it's often WAY over-hyped as more than it really is. Still, it's all but required that you be familiar with it to be taken seriously in discussions of the medium. Just be sure to watch the original series first, then End of Evangelion then the Rebuild movies if you want to see the remakes or possibly sequels. No one knows for sure how or if they tie into the original series.
There's little else I can really say about the plot of Eva. Most of us on 4chan for more than a year know about most of it by way of osmosis.
Yeah Yoshiyuki Sadamoto tends to make a lot of his teenagers look the same. Before he went off the deep end when doing FLCL, but I'll get to that later.

>> No.21306726

Black Lagoon feels like a modern campaign.
Revy is played by the group's that guy

>> No.21306729

>Man, I really wish I could enjoy this series.
I wish that even more. I've read most of the Light Novels (I was fucking bored and I have this compulsion to finish a series once I start it even if it's shit.) and I can say that the saddest part is that the author has some GREAT ideas (like GGO, Seriously that's a fucking awesome concept), but he just executes them SO badly, and Kirito is SUCH an unlikable asshat (Klein is a better character, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it) that the whole thing just falls apart.

>> No.21306739

I'm not saying your wrong, but I'd beat the shit out of a GM who had a .50BMG anti-material rifle round bounce of a helicopter.
I wanted to like Black Lagoon so much. I tried so hard.
Why did it keep making me hit it? Didn't it understand that I loved it?

>> No.21306756

FLCL is... strange. It's not random despite what many will tell you. At it's core, it's the story of a boy learning to grow up. But it's told in the most wacky, wild, strange and fantastical way they could and given a great soundtrack by The Pillows. Robots, monster, government conspiracies, aliens, pyromaniacs and more in just six episodes.
The setting is like a whole town of That Guys while the main character tries hard to just be a normal human being.

>> No.21306759

>everything Gainax does is pretty /tg/ in some way.
am i hearing "Hanamaru Kindergarten the Tabletop"

>> No.21306769


I didn't like FLCL, but I didn't dislike it. The plot wasn't forward-moving enough for me. It managed to make me feel stupid for not getting it at the same time as it being goofy as all hell.

Maybe I'll rewatch it someday.

>> No.21306770

"This is not a bug. It is a feature."

>> No.21306776

you can't take the action scenes seriously at all, it just falls apart if you do
watch it like you would Equilibrium

>> No.21306789

Each player is a kindergartner, the adventures are imaginary?
nah, this will never work

>> No.21306793

>Revy is played by the group's that guy
Nah, the group's That Guy wouldn't have any development like she got during the Fujiyam Gangsta Paradise arc. Revy's just a well-played asshole.
Now CHAKA would be a That Guy.

Actually, .50 BMG WOULDN'T do shit for dick against a Hind, they're just THAT heavily armored. There's a reason they're called "The Flying Tank". And the action scenes are the bastard lovechild of John Woo and Quentin Tarantino, and that's awesome.

>> No.21306794

Redline is technically a movie rather than a series, but still fantastic. The plot is nothing amazing, but it's wonderfully hot-blooded. The animation is smooth as all get out (Four years! Hand-drawn!) and the soundtrack is great.

Howl's Moving Castle needs no introduction, methinks.

>> No.21306804

to be fair i've actually stolen quite a lot from that show. pic basically happened in my game and the group's paladin ended up with anzu

>> No.21306806

Yeah, that's my fail.
I couldn't suspend enough disbelief to make Roberta work. I just hated it soon as I understood it.
Gah. So fail. First modern crime anime I'd seen in forever, and I got toxic. I watched more Noir, and that was awful.

Also, to >>21306756
I commend Dagger of Kamui, though I also like Tenchi Muyo and El-Hazard so I deserve my Hated Namefag status.

>> No.21306811

>It managed to make me feel stupid for not getting it at the same time as it being goofy as all hell.
The goofiness is part of the point, and you're not stupid for not "getting" it dude, it takes a while to really "get" what's under the craziness. You want the truth? It's just a metaphor for puberty. Like the ears, for example? They're an awkward boner allegory. It's also saying "Don't be in such a hurry to grow up. Enjoy being a kid while you can."

>> No.21306812

Abenobashi is a great setting for a campaign since it's basically anime Sliders with absolutely no restraint.
Jumping from one twisted world to another. This is one of the few anime series where the English dub is far superior to the Japanese. FLCL also had a great dub but that was because it basically mirrors the Japanese track.
I lol'd. That would be something great.
I didn't like it the first time I watched it, either. It's definitely not for everyone. It's basically Gainax being apologetically Gainax.
>Four years! Hand-drawn!
But I do second Redline. Not much of a story but absolutely gorgeous visuals.

>> No.21306813

Tetsujin 28 is my favorite gundam.

>> No.21306819

> Trigun makes for a good Deadlands inspiration. I also take it as an opportunity for Paladin-building, but that's just me.

> Revolutionary Girl Utena is another one of those 'artsy' animes that plays off gender roles and story-telling archetypes. Think of it as the Jung to Evangelion's Freud. Good fodder for a Changeling: The Dreaming game, or even In Nomine.

>> No.21306827

didn't we already modify that F-zero system to fit Redline?
totally /tg/ related

Also, I would kill for a campaign that's somewhat fantastic like Howl's Moving Castle, more Narnia than Lord of the Rings (although with less obviously biblical parallels)
Something where encounters with NPCs were memorable.
I remember there was one thread where a DM had the characters run into a bunch of bears playing poker in the woods. The party joined the game and wound up winning but all the got were nuts, berries, and a salmon.

>> No.21306828

>Not much of a story but absolutely gorgeous visuals.
Well, the story's enough, I mean it's not "loldeep" but hey, it's a racing movie, not some grand philosophical meditation, and the characters are awesomely silly. And by the way you are a terrible person for not mentioning the awesome soundtrack.


>> No.21306831

I'd love to run a One Piece style game someday. The closest thing I can think of is an Exalted game set far in the west.

>> No.21306832

>The body is heavily armored and can resist impacts from .50 caliber (12.7 mm) rounds from all angles, including the titanium rotor blades.[citation needed]

As I know it the HIND can reliably bounce 5.56 and 7.62, but nothing larger.
I've got no faith in a helicopter bouncing a round usable on actual APCs/AFVs.

>> No.21306834

>ctrl f
>0 results
for shame /tg/

>> No.21306837

Diebuster is the much more cartoony sequel to Gunbuster. It has a very different and far less serious tone and artstyle, but the setting with the Topless Organization with the varied and storied Buster machines could easily be made into a campaign setting.

>> No.21306844

Basically 99% of the time if you can't figure out what something is in the show its a dick joke.
Now, dick jokes are a low form of humor, but they do it so much, constantly, and in so many different ways that it is really impressive.

>> No.21306858

Next was TTGL but I think we've been over that one so many times I don't need to reiterate.
Panty and Stocking would actually be a fun setting since it's basically two That Guys as angels trying to, eventually, earn their way back into Heaven while under the care of a psychotic black priest.
It's dirty, raunchy, disgusting and repugnant. It's a fantastic 13 episodes with an ending that ruined /a/'s Christmas two years ago.

>> No.21306865

There was no better way to end that series and everybody knows it.

>> No.21306870


I liked the ending! It was the usual Gainax ending but it worked for it. Not a disappointment by any stretch.

Still hoping for a season 2 with the Demon Sisters.

>> No.21306875

I need a Scanty & Kneesocks with Brief sequel ASAP. Too bad it'll never happen.

>> No.21306897

All this time and only one brief mention of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?
Oh man, the fabulousness of Jojo's knows no bounds. So many possibilities for settings and game ideas in the various generations. Even before the stands are introduced.
I never meant to imply the ending was bad. Just noting that /a/ collectively shitting itself inside out over it made it all the more sweet.
Sure it'll happen! I mean, Imaishi has his new studio. All they need is a little money and they'll get right on it! Totally! ....but probably not.

>> No.21306918

Has trigger done ANYTHING yet?
Also, /tg/ has better anime discussions than /a/, why am I not surprised.
My only disappointment is that I can't figure out a way to link The Tatami Galaxy to traditional gaming.

>> No.21306919


At least, someone remembers Trigun. But /tg/, why no one mentioned Cowboy Bebop yet?

>> No.21306925

Bebop goes without saying.

>> No.21306929

>Tatami Galaxy
>Tatam Galax
>Tata Gala
>Tat Gal
>Ta Ga
>T G

>> No.21306930

Because everybody and their grandmother has seen it.
Its great, there isn't much else to say.

>> No.21306931

Everyone has better anime discussions than /a/.

>> No.21306936


>> No.21306940

>Has trigger done ANYTHING yet?
Aside from animation work for other studios, they've been slowly working on a little witches thing. I can't find the proper title right now.
> why no one mentioned Cowboy Bebop yet?
Or for that matter, Outlaw Star. I've always wanted to houserule a caster gun like Gene's into a game of D&D.

>> No.21306943

Well, it's not like PSG has much to do with us either.

>> No.21306945

>Thinking I got it from wikipedia
No, I'm familiar with the Soviet Union's time in Afghanistan and the fact that the Mujaheddin had SERIOUS trouble bringing them down with ma deuces and indeed anything short of 23mm cannons, which is why the CIA sold them Stingers.
>usable on actual APCs/AFVs
Actually, it doesn't see that use anymore. Anti-materiel rifles are no longer all that effective due to the fact that modern armor is massively better than what was in use when they earned their names. Now if one were to use a SLAP (Saboted Light Armor Penetrator) round you could do it, but the odds of the Lagoon Company, with their constantly strapped for cash status, HAVING a magazine of SLAP rounds on hand is unlikely.

>> No.21306962

ADHD is my excuse.
Yes, Cowboy Beebop.
CB reminds me of Borderlands 2's advertisement campaign in that 90% of the series isn't at all about the central themes of the series much at all any more then BL2 was about blaring dubstep, spraying shells, and a 3rd person camera.
You'll go into it expecting semi-criminal hijinks and wacky character interactions and you'll get that...but you'll get more, too. As CB winds down the darkness that was just lingering around the edges will finally bubble up to center stage.
Same with Trigun. I tend to associate the two very closely.

>> No.21306970

/tg/ = Anime and Cold War era military hardware.

>> No.21306973

Fair enough, duly noted (x2).

So the AM rifle's now just a massive conventional sniper gun?

>> No.21306978

Don't forget we're also medieval /k/ommandos who love katanahs...

>> No.21306983

so, like /a/ with fewer waifu threads and /k/ without the politics
I actually creamed my pants while typing that

>> No.21307010

Berserk has the Manga that all of /tg/ has read, yet nobody ever seems to talk about. It's an unattainable level of grim. It is fucking impossible to run something that horrific, depressing, and macabre as a campaign. It's like the unholy grail of dark fantasy.

>> No.21307011

Nah, SLAP rounds let it bring down APCs still, it gets used for UEO (unexploded ordnance) a LOT, it'll bring down most other military helicopters (seriously, how the fuck does the Hind even FLY?! It's like a Dragon, the laws of physics say that it shouldn't fly, but it does. And it then flies in the window and fucks physics' girlfriend, then when physics gets pissed it just flies away laughi- what was I saying? Oh, right, how AMRs are used today), it'll severely damage the engine block on any unarmored vehicle and most lightly armored ones, so it sees use at checkpoints to stop any car that tries to Dukes of Hazzard the gate.
Hinds are just pic related in the air. And I fucking love 'em for it.

>> No.21307019

That's all its ever been. A bolt action Ma Deuce.

>> No.21307023

Surprised no one's brought up Cromartie High School. It's another that tends to go without saying but it's basically what would happen if someone were to let /tg/ run a high school/

>> No.21307025

The manga for that series is actually entertaining

They still use the things, too. My Chair-Force Uncle was overseas training the Afganis how to maintain and pilot all the left-behind soviet gear

>> No.21307043

So they fly around yelling "suck my dick i'm a HIND D"?

>> No.21307048


>> No.21307057

>/tg/ run high school
Do want

>> No.21307059

Hellsing. How most of VtM games end up. Hell, they even have a catboy

>> No.21307060

Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Nausicaa And The Valley of the Winds, Legend of Black Heaven (Kacho-Oji!), Spice and Wolf (want more mercantile, less dicking around with Horo), Beautiful Dreamer, and my favorite, Lupin III.

>> No.21307071

>hellsing has a catboy
it also doesn't have a catboy

>> No.21307078

*paying attention*
Hmm. Educational. Thanks.

I'm enlisting in November. Any reaction thoughts?

>> No.21307092


>> No.21307094


>> No.21307096

OH! I forgot about the coolest thing a .50 can load up these days. Raufoss (or Mk 211 Mod 0) rounds. They're Armor-Piercing, Explosive, Incendiary rounds. Supposedly, you can shoot a cinderblock wall with one and it'll blow a whole section of the wall into the guys on the other side like a shotgun blast. Supposedly.

>> No.21307111

>Any reaction thoughts?
I think it's kosher. Just don't stand in the way of flying metal and it'll all end well.

>> No.21307115

>ctrl f "Baccano!"
>0 results

/tg/ I am disappoint.

>> No.21307120

Do you like men?

>> No.21307144

>Legend of Black Heaven


>> No.21307150

I can tolerate them.

>> No.21307154

You know it don't make you gay if you think Walter's hot. We all think he's hot.

>> No.21307156

You'll notice that anime came out and there were no Berserk chapters for the duration of the season.

>> No.21307158

Curse my outlier status, I don't.
I'm sorry.

>> No.21307163

Saw a vid of one of these hitting a cinderblock wall and then ballistic gel. The steel penetrator went through both blocks, tore a massive temporary wound channel that almost split the blocks in half. The entire permanent would channel was fucking lined with concrete dust and bits.

>> No.21307171

God I love that second song. I love what they did with it, I love where it came from, I love everything about that show. I love how you don't really know if things are going to be all right until the last second, and the ending is sublime. Kacho-Oji even made one of the best AMVs.

>> No.21307174

I love those airships and I actually LIKE the Guild. I mean sure they're douchbags but still.

>> No.21307175

just wanted to jump in here and sport some love for Black Heaven- Gabriel Tanaka should definently be the inspiration for more bards.

Also gonna toss out Jormungand- a new anime, but it's /k/ as fuck and I swear someone suggested running Koko and Balalaika from Black Lagoon expies as a mother/daughter Mr. Johnson combo in Shadowrun and I just about came rainbows.

>> No.21307176


/tg/ got me into this one. Come for the useless meat, stay for the economics (and love triangles).

>> No.21307178

Yes. We all KNOW Miura is an [email protected] fanboy. He ADMITS it. The good news is that it keeps him HAPPY. And a HAPPY Miura is a Miura who's more likely to give Casca a good end.
Haven't clicked yet, but it's Code Monkey, right?

>> No.21307186

yep, Code Monkey.

>> No.21307197

>Also gonna toss out Jormungand- a new anime, but it's /k/ as fuck and I swear someone suggested running Koko and Balalaika from Black Lagoon expies as a mother/daughter Mr. Johnson combo in Shadowrun and I just about came rainbows.
Anyone else fanwank them as being in the same setting just because it would be awesome to see the casts meet? Mind you Revy would be in her 40s by the time of Jormungand. Revy in her 40s...
I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.21307208

One of the only other AMVs I love, Reel Big Fish - Hungry Like The Wolf/Lupin III. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI3GgMx3wco

I still regret that the BESM game where I rolled up one of a Lupin expy's many various kids around the world with all the skills to take over his missing dad's place as the greatest thief in the world ended badly. Everyone just sort of drifted away.

>> No.21307210

Yeah, the screens I've seen make it look kinda fucking awesome.
Definitely have some hopes.

>> No.21307213

Lets crank up the manliness in here.

>> No.21307220

>Black Heaven (課長王子 Kachō-Ōji?), also referred to as The Legend of Black Heaven and Kacho-Ōji, is a thirteen-episode anime TV series about the middle-aged members of a short-lived heavy metal band and their unexpected role in an alien interstellar war.
Why was I not informed of this?

Is it anything like Detroit Metal City?

>> No.21307226


>> No.21307232

Dese niggas know what's up. /tg/, if you HAVEN'T seen Legend of Black Heaven yet, do so. It's only thirteen episodes, and it's well worth it. And >>21307175 is right, Gabe/Oji IS a Bard. ESPECIALLY considering what he does with his music.

>> No.21307238

Legend of Galactic Heroes and Top Gun. Twofold proof that the manliest stories are also the gayest.

>> No.21307240

You're gonna be joining the military. You're gonna have to get used to non homo homo antics.

And you will like it.

>> No.21307241

There's a comic about that already. Think it was an extra in one of the volumes in either BL or JMG. Koko was a kid at the time.

Wish the last few volumes would get translated..

>> No.21307279

So I've been warned.
Also coffee and cigarettes are damn near mandatory.
I'll be ready.
I'm packing my A-Game, and my WAAAAAGH face.

>> No.21307281

>There's a comic about that already.
Well yeah, but that was an omake. Still enough to plant the seed, and get me thinking about the glorious asskicking Revy and Valmet could get up to. Or how half the fucking city would get wrecked were they to fight.

>> No.21307315

>you will never see Valmet and Revy in a shower room complimenting each other for their toned, athletic bodies, before teaming up to kick copious amounts of ass.

>> No.21307330

>You will never see Revy and Valmet getting hot and heavy
>You are okay with that, because Valmet's body is only for Koko

>> No.21307335

I'm excited for Jorumgand's next season. It's the new black lagoon for me. Something I'll never forgive Hiroe for dropping to do touhou futa.

You hear that? I hate you.

>> No.21307347

I watched a couple episodes of Michiko to Hatchin on a stream a few weeks ago. Not a favorite, but pretty good. I keep thinking I should track down the rest of it sometime.

>> No.21307358

>no World of Tanks I mean Girls und Panzer

That show is a lesson in why you never go full Jingo.

>> No.21307414

If you skip the longer generic schoolgirl parts it's not bad but the Manga is better IMO...

>inb4 weeaboo

>> No.21307430

Yes the Manga was. I like tank nerd much much more than generic moeblob.

>> No.21307894

Another awesome thing about Black Heaven:
Gabe's English voice? Beau Bilingslea. Jet. Motherfucking. Black. Playing an office drone who's also an epic level Bard.

>> No.21307955

>M3 Lee
I hate you.
So much.

>> No.21307971

Dat tank.

>> No.21307995

>mfw the opening scene is like a dream team in WoT, which I almost never get.

Also, how many episodes are out so far?

>> No.21308091

Black Lagoon.

Because, in the end, everybody loves Balalaika. Shit, I love saying her name with the jap accent. "barrarraika"

>> No.21308114

She was also quite cute when she was young...

>> No.21308648

>no Vinland saga
Do you even Norse?

>> No.21308748

I read this up to the point at the beginning where there was that guy who looked like a frog.
What is up with that?

>> No.21308756

Dudes were ugly before health care was a thing.

>> No.21308820

That's like one guy in the entire manga.
Also the art style gets much grittier and realistic in a very short time.
Keep reading.

>> No.21308832

>Guy punching a horse with enough force to send it flying

Will read.

>> No.21308854

Katanagatari has an rpg-friendly plot.
Also this song.

>> No.21308889

Vinland Saga started out as a shonen series and the cartoony, less detailed characters show up only here. Later it went to a slower publication aimed at older readers, and the cartoon characters stopped showing up and everyone became more and more gritty, realistic looking.

>> No.21308940

>Underwater Ray Romano and Scrapped Princess tend to come up every time in fantasy anime threads

Not Saiunkoku Monogatari?

First Episode you think that it's just a terrible clone of Saiunkoki Monogatari, end of first Arc you realize that a group of immortal, body-snatching sages are actually pulling many, many strings behind the scene and have opted to let a large part of the population perish in a plague just to get the Emperor and on the off-chance that the youngest of the Princes may make a better king... and they're willing to destory everything he loves plus the Empire if it turns out that he's a disappointment.

After that, the story goes into full overdrive as he and the people surrounding them start their attempt at getting a broken Empire into working conditions again and gather all the power required for that in the hands of the young Emperor.

>> No.21308995

>Black Lagoon.

Not Sharks of Lagos?

Basically some guy gets the diamonds he had hidden in his ass stolen by local cop... who also bust his balls while they're at it.

So he takes over a local pirate gang and goes on a killing rampage until they all get shot and a shark comes along and steals his soul.

>> No.21309204

Mahjong is a traditional game, so I'd suggest Akagi/Kaiji. Also /tg/ love games with shitty graphics, so the terrible artwork shouldn't throw you guys off.

(I read like 50+ chapters of Akagi dispite not knowning the rules of Mahjong or having any fucking clue what was going on.)

>> No.21309406

> Why do I keep reading this author's works?

I have no idea, but I'm the same.

His comics just have the feel that no-one came and told him how to tell his stories. Due to this, they're exceedingly exploitative and of rather bad taste, but... unique.

Gotta love that.

>> No.21309458


Eh, that collection of one-shots about men's problems was rather touching.

Plus gawddamn, you gotta love them aircrafts he draws.

>> No.21309504


>not activating Shun Goku Satsu and dropping the meteor into hell

That's still pretty badass, though.

>> No.21309554

Do we know when that's coming out?

>> No.21309582

I just can't bring myself to hate him for that

Its really good touhou futa

Also, was that actually true or just a dumb /a/ rumour?

>> No.21309586

>Smiling cute child Jotaro
>Not angry child Jotaro beating a grown man into submission
>Use the ripple

Do you even Stardust Crusaders?

>> No.21309614

I was talking about Jormungand, actually...

>> No.21309630

Shit, wrong link

>> No.21309692

BLAME! is the reason why almost every game I run is in a dyson sphere. My players might at some point realize that every single game that they have played are actually all in the same setting.

So far they've come to know that there's usually "something big" beyond their worlds.

>> No.21309788

No one has mentioned Drifters? I think it's pretty good, and a tad /tg/.

>> No.21309817

>dat Joan
Yeah, it's pretty good. Too bad Hirano is such a lazy fuck and takes forever to get anything done.

>> No.21309823

>Vinland saga
Farming, regrets, hope and hand to hand combat!

In that order these days. I think I haven't seen a single real fight in a while, mostly farming and regrets.

>> No.21309826

>entire thread
>no Hoshi no Samidare

>> No.21309831

You didn't read the latest few chapters.

>> No.21309834

You haven't caught up then? Thorfinn is fighting Snake right now.

>no Otoyomegatari
>no Wolf's Gate

>> No.21309837

Biscuit hammer was somewhere in the middle.You skipped it, you lazy bum.

>> No.21309841

I actually just control + f'd 'Hoshi' and 'Lucifer'. Was Shingeki no Kyojin mentioned?

>> No.21309844


It gets mentioned under the baka gaijin name Biscuit Hammer.

>> No.21309847

Also Spirit Circle his new thing is good.

>> No.21309862

Shingeki no kyojin hasn't been mentioned, I think.

The thing makes absolutely no sense, and just creeps along while everybody dies.

I think the story will end when everybody dies, and maybe people will find out what it was that made humanity die.

Or not. Everybody will just die with regrets and nobody will find out what it was that destroyed humanity.

>> No.21309863

Tower of God.

>> No.21309867


I'm digging Spirit Circle. I enjoyed Psycho Staff (even though it was only seven chapters), and people seem to like his other ongoing. It's more straightforward shonen though, not sure if I'm going to keep reading. Spirit Circle looks like it's setting up to be great, though.

>> No.21309869

>The thing makes absolutely no sense
It has some of the best foreshadowing I have ever seen. You're kind of a dumbfuck, apparently.

>> No.21309875


>> No.21309893

Man, whatever. I don't know, it's actually been possible to predict who the other Titans are going to be and stuff. From even quite far back, like when Annie is fighting Eren in the training part she's protecting the nape of her neck subconsciously.

I admit it might seem confusing, because there are like at least two distinct Titan factions and a whole bunch of human ones and new mysteries *are* continually introduced, but old mysteries also *do* get resolved. I think it's a pretty well put together series ("best foreshadowing I have ever seen" is a bit of an exaggeration though).

I mean it's actually more consistent in its setup and delivery than most manga. Even something like Pluto, I remember being dissatisfied with because about halfway through the buildup drops and you just get a sequence of new revelations with little support. Shingeki hasn't done that yet.

>> No.21309908

Gintama because it's fun and serious in all the best places.


>> No.21309910

Yeah I'm really interested to see where it's going. Has... Historie been mentioned in this thread yet? What about Green Blood or... Suicide Island?

Okay I'm just listing manga I like now.

>> No.21309939

Oniwakamaru the Visitor.

>> No.21310098

Does anyone read manga on an e-reader?
I've always wanted to read more manga but I find reading it on my desktop to be a chore.

>> No.21310209

Seconding the previous suggestions of Hoshi no Samidare/Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer. It's a nice sorty which could form the basis for a very different modern fantasy game.

Another series I'm surprised hasn't been brought up is Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. It's set in an amazingly detailed world of futurepast magitech fantasy. It's got extremely varied and unusual powers and fighting styles. Animation is solid and voice acting is good. The soundtrack is Elder God tier.

>> No.21310220

I do, actually. And I enjoy it quite a bit.

>> No.21310235

Seconding PLANETES.

It's hard sci-fi.

No, you're thinking too soft.


I'm not sure you understand how hard I'm talking about here.

>> No.21310261

Planetes is not that hard sci-fi.

>> No.21310393

I dunno. No FTL; space travel is expensive, dangerous, and unpleasent; Radiation sickness is a risk; being born on the moon has caused one character to have constant bad health.

It's one of the hardest bits of Sci-Fi I've seen. Can you provide harder examples? I'd actually be quite interested in it.

>> No.21310430

Maybe it is pretty hard. I don't categorize it as such because the focus is so much more on the personal relationships of the crew and there's not a ton of tech jargon or derail.

But you saying that makes me realise it's free of even the usual 'hard SF, save for this one story element that allows teleportation/FTL travel/psychic powers/whatever'.

>> No.21310482

Oh god no not this shit. Abenobashi has no idea where it wants to go, and it falls completely on its face because of it. The first half is completely random oddball comedy, but then in the second half it tries really hard to get serious. You can almost buy the story it's selling at this point, and it seems like the ending is going to be deep and have an excellent message, but then stupid as fuck deus ex machina happens to ruin any chance the show had of a good ending.

>> No.21310506

Ah true, I can see that.

It's not a sci-fi series, but it has a sci-fi setting.
(And of course, there's always Kessler Syndrome to worry about.)

>> No.21310528

>no It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular

This is Neckbeard: The manga. It IS /tg/.

>> No.21310576


>> No.21310611

Rolled 92, 93, 53, 79, 22, 35 = 374

Lodoss for that matter was also one.

As the matter of fact, a lot of things was born from D&D campaings. We should start separate thread for documenting them.

Oh, and throwing my hat into the ring: I love Berserk, Vinland Saga, Pluto, Armored Trooper VOTOMS, Zetman, TTGL, Code Geass, Redline and Getter Robo Saga.

>> No.21310638

Rolled 84, 21, 12, 73, 61, 99 = 350

Oh, and Devilman and Hellstar Remina, I forgot about those.

>> No.21310751


Read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea .

3/4 of the book is listing recently discovered maritime species.

That's hard SCIENCE Fiction, with the focus on SCIENCE.

>> No.21310810

>Armored Trooper VOTOMS
My nigga

>> No.21311015

I like Berserk and Blade of the Immortal and JJBA.

I also like Team Medical Dragon and Jin.

The latter of which is almost like a PC game anyways. Modern Japanese brain surgeon is thrust into late Edo Era Japan, says 'fuck it' and starts using modern medical knowledge a dozens of years too early.

>> No.21311071

Yeah, Jin is really good.

>> No.21313887

sure it is

>> No.21313945

she didn't

>> No.21315793 [SPOILER] 


>> No.21315854

>/tg/ likes Legend of the Galactic Heroes

I'm glad.

>> No.21315862

>reddit girl
>on /tg/

>> No.21315875

>Thinking that originates on Reddit
Dude, that got started on /a/ years back.

>> No.21315889


>> No.21315892

You mafe me smile, anon. But you're still a cockmongling dickwad. Die in a fire.

>> No.21315904

I'm rather fond of Aria and Kenichi myself. And Oh! My Goddess, although the jury's still out on that little plot twist a few chapters back.

>> No.21315906

>not liking Legend of the Galactic Heroes

>> No.21315927

Abenobashi knew what it wanted to be and where it wanted to go. Yes, the ending is a copout of the theme it was building towards, but it ultimately kept itself consistent tonally.

>> No.21315938


It makes me sad :(

I would bang that girl if I was ten years younger. I don't know why but looser girls give me the kinks.

Hm... maybe I really know why but I don't want to think about it.

>> No.21315943

I've spent all day reading this.
I have never been one to read manga but this is fucking great.
I am definitely considering making a Fujita costume.
Thank you for this thread, elegan/tg/entlemen.

>> No.21315950


It was good, but could've been better. The plot really went downhill after the Magician did not return

>> No.21315960

>liking the flag girl of reddit

You disgust me

>> No.21315976



>> No.21315986

1/10. Anon must learn to troll softer.

>> No.21316008



>> No.21316045

It's full of FABULOUSNESS, making ridiculous powers incredibly dangerous, and hellish optimisation. It's completely /tg/.

>> No.21316114

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Also, just so you know, volume 17 came out recently in Japan. We should be seeing it translated by December, unless there's scanlator drama going on. You can also pick up volumes 1-4 on amazon in English for a decent prize.

>> No.21316171

>series that starts with mayan mask vampires and evolves into horse racing with steel balls

yep pretty /tg/

>> No.21316209

>tower of god

>> No.21316217


After the horse race, we have a protag with no penis but four balls.

>> No.21316220

Oh god, yes.
any spoilers yet?

>> No.21316263

Thanks for recommending it.
The next series on my to-read list are Biscuit Hammer, 20th Century Boys, and Golden Boy.
I think I could get used to this manga stuff.

>> No.21316424

I've actually started getting into korean manwha would you like to suggest a few?

>> No.21316443

>any spoilers yet?
Go watch the Golden Boy OVA's instead. The Golden Boy manga becomes REALLY weird towards the end.

>> No.21316501


Not the same guy, but I've been reading a manwha called Magican.

>> No.21316547

There's literally only a handful of good manwha out there, but you should check out Ares for a good read.

>> No.21316630

Geneshaft: It has flying mechs, planet busting guns, human sacrifice near the end
Silent Mobius: Cyborgs, big guns, magic, daemons, blood pacts, someone who is basically an Arch Tech Magos

What's not to like?

>> No.21316660

I like the Breaker, Tower of God, and Trace.

>> No.21316753

Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you.
I had completely forgotten about that travesty, you fuck.

>> No.21316779

Throwing my vote behind Drifters, Biscuit Hammer, Blame!, Berserk and Black Lagoon as all being incredible.

Battle Angel Alita, Mushishi, Fullmetal Alchemist and Vinland Saga (omake related) are also utterly fantastic.

As for honorable mentions: Hunter X Hunter is an awesome take on a modern-day world where people can reach level 20, and Ubel Blatt is dark fantasy Code Geass with a more coherent & effective story (but still plenty of weird taste, so maybe read yourself before recommending to a friend).

>> No.21317401

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

>GM sets up awesome world based off of 1001 Arabian Nights where the players can dungeon-delve to their hearts' content

>players say fuck that and get wrapped up in magical politics

Also, Sinbad.

>> No.21317707

I-is Space Adventure Cobra allowed in here?

>> No.21318627

>Battle Angel Alita
Fuck yeah, Gunnm!

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