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Dear fa/tg/uys,

I'm interested in getting into Warhammer fantasy. I want to start a Vampire Counts army. What do I need to know to get started? Is there any major differences between WHF and WH40k?

What does a WHF list normally look like? What do I need to get my counts list rolling?

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>What do I need to know to get started?

Lots of undead

>What does a WHF list normally look like?

Level 4 Wizard Lord
Shit tons of big ass blocks

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Soooo... spam zombies?

That sounds fairly simple, and kind of boring.

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zombies cant kill for shit though so you better have some grave guard, ghouls, and terrorgeist/vargulf

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>twf GW will never put Nercrarch in any spotlight again

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One plus for vampires is that you have a usable swarm

Might be worth having 2 units of bat swarms and a vamp who can buff their numbers

Also Ethereal Characters are hilarious

Just watch out for crumbling

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Before you start you should consider whether you want to play for fun and don't care much about winning, or if you play to win and don't care much about how. In the case of the former you can pick anything you want. In the case of the latter you want 300 zombies and some skeletons to go with that. Throw in a vampire Lord with level 4 in wizardry and you're just about done. Pick some Dire Wolves or something for attacking the enemy flanks and you're good enough for tournament play.

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Never ever.

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Core for any army of VC now should be 40Grave Guard, and at least two blocks of 50+ zombies/skellies. Otherwise, they have actually done a pretty good job with the book, nothing is particularly useless, other than the ghouls being overpriced, and bats being a bit shit.

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I'm looking to play for fun. I picked blindly from the army lists based on which aesthetics I found pleasing. I'm fairly new to table top games in general, and likewise my WH40k army is based on fun and fluff, not tourney play.

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I run 3 units of 20 wolves for my vampires. The idea is to get the wolves to get on enemy units flanks then have Blood Knights or the big ghouls come in to tear into the fixed unit. Best thing is that my army is pretty much unaffected by stomps because of no infantry.

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You sir are mah nigga.

You can pick pretty much whatever you like then. Keep in mind that the common numbers for our infantry in this edition are 15-20 for ghouls, 20-30 for graveguard, 40-50 for skellies and 50+ for zombies.

The only unit you should really avoid are Fell Bats. They are just terrible and don't serve any real purpose. Unless you want to Nehek them like a mad man to have dozens.

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By the way, anybody see this? Supposedly this is going to be the new Vampire Count's bundle.

1X Dragon
1X Shrine
1X Corpscart
1X Vargheists/Crypt (3)
1X Zombies (20)
1X Skeletons 20
1X Ghules 10
1X Knights 5
1X Necromancer

I think it looks pretty interesting. But, I'm pretty sure it's gonna cost an obscene amount of dosh.

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