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40k lists thread? Go on then.

I know Grey Knights are somewhat easy mode for 40k but is this list too cheese filled?


Brother Captain, Psycannon, Hammer, Rad Grenade (210)

Inquisitor, Power Armour, Daemonsword (52) with 10 Death Cult Assassins in a Chimera (205) = 257


5 Paladins, Psycannon, Incinerator, Hammers, Banner (325)


10 Grey Knights, 9 Halberds, Hammer (255)

10 Grey Knights, 2 Psycannons (220)


Stormraven, Lascannon, Typhoon Missile (230)

Comes to 1497

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Warpsmith (Burning Brand of Skalaphrax, Aura of Dark Glory) 155 pts
Chaos Space Marines (9+ champion (with power sword), 2 melta guns, Icon of Vengeance) 200 pts
Chaos Space Marines (9+ champion with combi-plasma, 2 plasma guns, Icon of Vengeance) 205 pts
Fast Attack:
Chaos Spawn (Mark of Nurgle, 4 Spawn) 144 pts
Hell Drake (Hades Autocannon) 170 pts
Heavy Support:
Maulerfiend 125 pts
Total: 999 pts

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>10 death cult assassins.
"I swear I keep all those bitches in latex for combat purpose only."

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That's actually about the least cheesy you can possibly get in GK. Stormraven is kinda ehhhh, but it's just a single flyer and Stormravens are not that cheesy, so fuck the haters.

I can't decide on how whether I want 1 or 2 drop podded Sternguard, 1 or 2 Riflemen dreadnought. Depending on how I go I'll use the points to upgrade as many of my 3 predators from AC/HB ro AC/las. HQ is terminator storm shield lib and I've got 2 tac squads melta/ML in rhino.

So if any C:SM players have any advice...

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honestly i think that grey knight list would just get ran over. especially by the new chaos dex that can just drop ap3 flamer templates on your only scoring unit.

there's a significant lack of boots on the ground, and that really hurts grey knights in 6th ed. Those paladins could be normal terminators instead, and nothing would change.

Your chimera is the only vehicle, so rest assured its going to get blown up on turn 1, which will kill half the death cultists inside and make the squad irrelevant.

the paladins are just gonna get run over by a rhino full of melta guns, the stuff that kills termies is going to kill them despite having 2 wounds. instant death is a big deal.

the grey knights are the only objective sitters in the army, so if they get shit on, you have to table your opponent to win.

the stormraven is cool, but i dunno if its necessary at 1.5k, you might want to reinvest those points in more models on the table.

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Given I know my regular opponents have between them 2 Dakkajets, a Stormraven, a Vulture and a Vendetta I needed some flier defence.

Also I'm considering using High Elf Swordmasters as my Assassins given I've converted my Paladins to look medieval with elf helmets, dragon iconography and lances. More of the Knight side of it. I've got loads of the Terminator shoulder crests and other Inquisition trinkets to bedeck them with.

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as a CSM player I have some advice for you-

Take your predators, rip the guns off, throw them out, and remodel them as razorbacks or rhinos.

predators are the weakest weapon platform in ANY marine book, and they are especially weak now that chaos has a fast attack section that actually works. 20 point bikes and 17 point raptors dropping melta guns in your lap, obliterators teleporting into your backyard... the ways to pop a predator are endless, its a weak investment.

blood angels can take a flyer or a fast vindicator instead, space wolves have long fangs, vanilla marines can get a storm guppy... the pred is not the tank it was in previous editions.

the predator does not offer the economy or the firepower of any of the units that can do its job, or the resilience to make it worth it. its the only 3 lascannons in the game that you can walk right up to and glance to death with krak grenades. all the other lascannons either fly or have bullet catchers in front of them.

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Aegis Defence line then the Stormraven is eating twice as many points as you need for AA duties.

>> No.21282162


Haemonculus 50


4 x Trueborn (4 x blasters) in Venom (dual splinter cannons) 173
4 x Trueborn (4 x blasters) in Venom (dual splinter cannons) 173


5 x Warriors (blaster) in venom (dual SCs) 125
5 x Warriors (blaster) in venom (dual SCs) 125
5 x Warriors (blaster) in venom (dual SCs) 125
5 x Wracks in venom (dual SCs) 115
9 x wracks (acothyst with venom blade) in raider (disintigrator) 165


Ravager (flickerfield, 3 x dark lances) 115
Voidraven (flickerfield) 155
Voidraven (flickerfield) 155

Eldar Allies:

Farseer (runes of warding, singing spear, doom) 93

5 x rangers 95

3 x war walkers (2 scatter lasers each) 180


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>loyalist Predator

Say what? Everyone I know of swears by dakka preds.

>> No.21282173

Farseer - Fortune, Guide, Jetbike, Singing Spear, both Runes, Spirit Stones
5 Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent with TL Bright Lances, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones
6 Guardian Jetbikes - 2 Shuriken Cannons, Attached Warlock with Singing Spear, Embolden
6 Guardian Jetbikes - 2 Shuriken Cannons [Farseer goes here]
3 Guardian Jetbikes - Shuriken Cannon
3 Guardian Jetbikes - Shuriken Cannon
Fast Attack:
3 Vyper Jetbikes - 6 Shuriken Cannons
Heavy Support:
2 War Walkers - 4 Eldar Missile Launchers
Fire Prism - Shuriken Cannon
Fire Prism - Shuriken Cannon
---1500 points

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if you're kitting your stormraven to fly interceptor missions I'd drop the twin las and go with the twin assault cannons.

on a lascannon vs an AV12 flyer, the lascannon will hit (BS4 Rerolling) pen on a 4, and glance on a 3. That's pretty good odds for business, followed by a 5 to kill. So you have about a 50% chance to land a good hit, and a 33% for that good hit to count.

The dakkajet will take a hullpoint just for being hit by it, and again, a 33% for a kill shot.

On a twin assault cannon, all 4 shots will hit (close enough, BS4 rerolling) with 6s to pen AV12 flyers, and a rend will turn that glance into a pen. That's worth gambling on.

On rear armor on a valk or into a dakkajet, you'll just shred them right off the table on hullpoints.

the lascannon is wasted on the contingency that it has a one shot flat chance to kill the model, regardless of how well heavy or lightly armored it is.

If it was a meltagun, that would be considered a good thing, because meltaguns do that on 50% odds, or 66% if its open topped.

You can gamble on the lascannon, or be pretty comfortable with the assertion that the assault cannon will kill rear armor valks/dakkajets with one good salvo, and strip hullpoints on AV12 with any luck, whereas the lascannon is gambling on a 33% roll on a pen table to stop its foe.

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Why not ditch some of them for some DE allied units?

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Yyyyy-no. That's not cheesy at all. Don't worry, hope you don't get rolled.

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Add a servoskull, OP. It's only 3 points, and the Inquisitor should have access to it.

But no, this list doesn't seem cheesy. GKs in general aren't as great as they used to be (still a solid bronze medal winner, though), and Paladins are pretty bad now (and Pallies don't want to be near things Incinerators are good against, and there aren't enough models for a Banner to be worthwhile). Brother Captains aren't great (there are cheaper ways to get rad grenades, like the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, who is pretty much better than an Ordo Malleus one in every way). Choppy henchmen are pretty meh (considering this is shooty edition 2: Electric Boogaloo). Only 2 psycannons in your Strike Knights, lots of halberds you don't need (Strike Knights really shouldn't upgrade their force weapons except to get 1 hammer per squad). And only one Stormraven.

Yeah, this ain't a cheesy list. Not by a long shot. It could even stand to improve somewhat.

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They look awesome.
Also, a billion guided S6 shots.
The 5+ Jink saves makes them reasonably decent now, too.

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Replacing the Paladins with normal Terminators and the Brother Captain for a cheaper Psycannon Inquisitor frees up 225 points which is enough for another 10 man GK squad. Then you've got 4 scoring units, which seems better.

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Grey Knights 1500

Inquisitor - Psyker (Divination), PA
Inquisitor - Psyker (Divination), PA

Vindicare Assassin
5 x Psyker Henchmen
5 x Psyker Henchmen

10 x Grey Knights - Psybolts, Hammer, 2 Psycannons
10 x Grey knights - Psybolts, Hammer, 2 Psycannons
(Inquisitors go with each of these squads, deep striking)

Stormraven - TLAC, TLHB, HurriBolters, Psybolts

Dreadnought - 2 x TLAC, Psybolts
Dreadnought - 2 x TLAC, Psybolts

Aegis w/Quad Gun

Thoughts, /tg/?

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So much for the advice I was given that TAKE A BIG SQUAD OF MELEE GKS WITH HALBERDS AND ASSAULT OUT OF FLYERS EVERY DAY would win games. The guy said "don't bother with any heavy weapons in your army, GK should be in combat with I6 power weapons.

>> No.21282280

the dakkapred is at least cheap, and has that going for it, but in general, you're paying for guns on a vulnerable vehicle that could instead be guns somewhere else in the army. All those guns could just be combimeltas or meltabombs on sergeants, because its easy as shit to melee a non-walker vehicle now. I would say that unless your opponent is running land raiders (you're already winning if that happens) getting a 3+ to hit in melee on a vehicle is going to land enough humble krak grenades on the back door to make the sarge's MBs irrelevant.

space marine books are spoiled for choice in terms of where they can get guns. you can get combi guns on sternguard. you can get dual multi meltas on landspeeders, you can get a storm birdie with twin assault cannons.

there's no need for a tank that's going to sit in the backfield and not be as resilient or hard to budge as a devastator squad, who can take better advantage of cover, deny objectives, and provide equivalent firepower, and not get automatically destroyed in melee because its a vehicle.

you're spoiled for choice for faster, harder hitting options- I'd rather just move my big guns to fast attack. Plasma and meltaguns on bikes and big guns on flyers will get firepower where I want faster and just as cheaply as a predator, with the benefit of maneuverability, and without being killed by one lucky lascannon shot on turn 1.

>> No.21282283


I think he might be planning on combat squadding the strike knights.

But yes, if we were to start suggesting improvements, replacing the Paladins with terminators would be a good start. But I wouldn't give an Inquisitor a psycannon. That's what his squad is for.

>> No.21282301

OP that is one crappy list, no cheese to speak of

>> No.21282302

Are Warrior Acolytes with combi-meltas at all useful?

>> No.21282323


Well I play against a lot of Ork lists so what would you recommend in place of the dakkapred?

>> No.21282324

Depends on how much they cost

>> No.21282333


If I don't want to buy flyers or dedicated AA (I'm waiting to see if my missile launchers gain AA, new flyers, Storm Talon point reduction, etc) what would you recommend in the heavy support slot? Devastators in razorbacks? Vindicators? Those seem even more vulnerable and expensive.

No heavy support at all?

>> No.21282343

Grey Knights

Librarian - 220
- Warding Stave
- Empyrean Brain Mines
- Servo Skull
- The Summoning
- Vortex of Doom
- Might of Titan
- Sanctuary

Grey Knights Strike Squad - 255
10x Grey Knights
- 1x Hammer
- 2x Psycannon
- Psybolt Ammunition

Grey Knight Terminator Squad - 255
5x Terminators
- 1x Psycannon
- 1x Hammer
- 3x Halberd

Dedicated Transport
Rhino - 40

Fast Attack
Stormraven Gunship - 260
- Twin-linked multi-melta
- Twin-linked assault cannon
- Hurrican Bolters
- Psybolt Ammunition
- Warp Stabilization Field

>> No.21282347


Well, it's not that halberds aren't great (they are), it's more that they're very expensive on Strike Knights (which, as troops, are supposed to be cheap).

On purifiers, hell yes, you upgrade every one to halberds. There's also an argument for equipping almost all of your terminators with them (though I prefer to give them mostly hammers, for the extra strength and AP2). But on Strike Knights, that's 45 points for 9 halberds.

And missing out on psycannons is crazy talk. GKs are an all-rounder army. They sit 24" away and shoot holes in you to soften you up, then charge to finish the job (or if they find themselves getting outshot, which won't happen often). Psycannons are one of the main reasons for this. A single psycannon in heavy mode pumps out almost as much firepower as 4 guys with stormbolters. Plus they can mess up light vehicles. And heavy vehicles. And fliers. And really, anything.

>> No.21282349


Acolytes are 4 points for LD8 guardsmen with carapace armour and a laspistol/chainsword.

Combi-meltas are 10 points.

>> No.21282361


>really, anything.

They're less effective vs AV13/14 however.

>> No.21282365

its a cute theory, but consider this.

That flyer can't show up until at least the top of turn 2, gauranteed.

and it can't disembark the passengers until at least turn 3.

I mean, it can technically drop the kids off on the table edge before it moves, but that would defeat the purpose, as a transport can only move so far and disembark passengers, and flyers have a set movement value, so for passengers to get off a flyer, they must zipline down before it moves.

This means that your flyer assault commitment is a turn 3 push in your best case scenario.

The rest of your army has to weather your opponent's assault until that actually happens, and keep in mind, if your opponent has any air-to-air or anti-aircraft assets, he will dedicate them to blowing up the stormraven, as a crash and burn for embarked passengers is a practical guarantee to kill everyone inside.

so really, for this strategy to be valid, you have to already be winning the game on turn 2 and have your opponent completely paralyzed for your flyer assault contingent to arrive unscathed.

naturally, this isn't a guarantee either- with flyers, turn order matters. A vendetta can kill a stormraven, and a stormraven can kill a vendetta- what matters is who showed up on the table first, because the second one to show up could just immediately fly in and dump everything into the one that showed up first, and the fact that you already did or didn't have ground control would be totally irrelevant.

and that's the contingency of flyer assault.

it is good, and it can work. It can be very brainless if you pull it off- But if your opponent flies in behind you and does a cockpit-to-cockpit middle finger and then lascannons you? Yep, you just got fucked, Top Gun.

>> No.21282393


If I were to suggest improvements to the OP's build, I would start with replacing the HQ choices with a single Ordos Xenos Inquisitor with Rad Grenades and Power Armor. He can keep the Death Cult Assassins and the Chimera (though I would make sure to replace the Heavy Bolter with a Heavy Flamer).

The Paladins would become Terminators with a single psycannon.

The two 10-man units of Strike Knights would have swords, 2 hammers, and 2 psycannons each. Stormraven can stay (not too familiar with their wargear).

Core stays the same (but is much more optimized), and it would free up a lot of points for other stuff (like more vehicles; a single vehicle at 1500 just gives your opponent a convenient place to unload all his anti-tank fire).

>> No.21282414


shas'el tl missle-pods, blacksun filter, iridium armor, stimulant injector 101
2 shield drones 30


2 xv8 crisis suits tl missile-pods, target array 106


12 firewarriors 120
12 firewarriors 120

fast attack
8 pathfinders 96
devil fish, disruption pods 85


1 hammerhead rail gun, burst cannons, disruption pod, blacksun filter, multi-tracker 170
1 hammerhead rail gun, burst cannons, disruption pod, blacksun filter, multi-tracker 170

total 998

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Admittedly the only game I've seen this guy play had him table a Nidzilla army, and Tyranids don't have effective flyer countermeasures.

He seems a lot of talk really although his "deathstar" of a Brotherhood Champion, 10 Halberd Strike Knights and a Stormraven apparently killed a Trygon and a Carnifex with minimal losses.

That said I heard him say something about being able to assault from a zooming flyer so he might just be full of shit.

>> No.21282430

Thanks for the tip - those changes are very doable with what I've got.

>> No.21282431

"Playing orks" is the magic word that makes the predator actually show up. Its the only scenario where its actually preferable to other options in its native slot, abusing the fact that orks have trouble against vehicles.

For an all comers list in a tournament setting or league play, where you will face an array of opponents? Would never predator. Playing orks all day? shove it down his throat. This is the correct course of action.

vindicators are fun to use, but only blood angels make them really excel. if I were to use vindies at all outside of a blood angel army, i'd run at least 2 of them for target saturation. you can't count on a vindicator actually performing, but you can count on your opponent throwing everything at it out of fear of that pie plate. the 'vindicator effect' is worth the points alone, however the vindicator does suffer the same weaknesses as a predator- "being a vehicle in an edition where vehicles can be destroyed, in an army where you can have firepower on models that aren't tanks."

>> No.21282433

Chaos Lord - Terminator Armor, Sigil of Corruption, Mark of Nurgle, Black mace, Gift of Mutation (200)
20 Cultists - 18 Autoguns, 2 Heavy Stubbers (118)
10 Plague Marines - 2 melta guns, Champion power fist (285)
5 Possessed - 2 Gifts of Mutation, 5 Marks of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess (200)
5 Terminators - 5 Marks of Nurgle, Chainfist, 2 Powerfists, Heavy Flamer, 3 combi-meltas, Champion Lightning Claw, Champion Power Fist (265)
Fast Attack:
5 Raptors - 5 Marks of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, 2 Flamers, 2 Champion Lightning Claws, Champion Melta Bombs (180)
Total: 1248

Thinking of replacing the possessed, but im not sure what would be a better investment.

>> No.21282442


Weird thing is, he would have been better off using some terminators with that Brotherhood Champion. Could have pulled off the same thing, but more effectively.

Strike Knights are really for holding objectives, shooting, and deepstrike denial (Warp Quake). They can crush marines in assault, but that's a side benefit. Terminators, on the other hand, are built for assault.

>> No.21282446


I'm much more of a fan of devastators, and they are more resilient than tanks. between sitting in cover and having bolter marines in front for ablative wounds, devies will absorb more enemy fire and continue to perform. Keep in mind that standard missile devies also offer very compelling anti infantry and anti tank options, easily a better loadout than an autocannon/HBs.

No heavy support IS an option though.

The fact of the matter is, it takes 3 BS4 melta shots to kill any vehicle in the game.

2 out of 3 will hit, they will roll an average of 7 on 2d6, which comes out to 14, a pen on anything but a landraider, and after that, its a 50/50 shot for vehicle asplode. You got 2 pens in, so probability says you just killed that vehicle. even more likely if its open topped.

you don't actually really need heavy support with options like that. you can dump melta guns and combi meltas on bikes or run double-multi landspeeders, throw them down the table, pick a tank, and kill it. actually sitting in your own corner taking lascannon potshots? what the fuck is that shit, 3rd edition? I'd rather just have fast stuff and put guns where I want them.

the best anti tank unit in my army in my old codex was "plague marines with melta guns in a rhino" They blew up more leman russes than my defilers and obliterators, and that was back when defilers were cheap and obliterators were T5 out of the box.

>> No.21282449

A dragon and the 30 points spent on other stuff

>> No.21282463

Someone posted this list awhile back, I shamelessly am going to steal it.

Nemesor Zahndrekh - 185 pts
Royal Court: 1 Harbinger of Destruction w/ Solar Pulse, 2 Harbingers of the Storm - 105 pts

5 Necron Warriors: Night Scythe - 165 pts
5 Necron Warriors: Night Scythe - 165 pts
5 Necron Immortals: Tesla Carbines - 85 pts

Fast Attack
8 Scarab Bases - 120 pts

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge: Tesla Cannon - 90 pts
Annihilation Barge: Tesla Cannon - 90 pts
Annihilation Barge: Tesla Cannon - 90 pts

Big Mek: Kustom Force Field - 85 pts

20 Boyz - Shootas, Nob w/ Power Klaw and Bosspole - 160 pts
20 Boyz - Shootas, Nob w/ Power Klaw and Bosspole - 160 pts

Total - 1,500

>> No.21282479


>Admittedly the only game I've seen this guy play had him table a Nidzilla army

well, there's your problem.

Tyranid players are kicked dogs. Half their book is garbage. If you see a tyranid player, take him to lunch and buy him a cheeseburger, he deserves it for sticking to his army like a beaten wife.

Every army in 40k gets a turn to be the worst. Every army except space marines, naturally. Right now, its nids on rotation. Naturally, eldar players would chime in and complain right now too, but they're eldar players.

The fact of the matter is, if he tells you its good because it steps on nidzilla, you should laugh on into the night.

nid players don't play nidzilla because they want to win, they play it because they have big hearts and love big bugs.

he might as well be telling you he did some other heroic feat, like taunting a dog on a leash or making fun of a fat kid. That's what its like to kick nid players while they're down. its not cool, man.

>> No.21282480


>not sure of what would be a better investment

A forgefiend. Possessed are only vaguely decent against opponents like Orks or any non-meq who isn't in cover.

Or some chosen with some plasma in a rhino.

>> No.21282483

His army I think was the Champion / Strike Knights, a Plasma/Fist dread, a Psilencer/Incinerator Dreadknight, 5 Sword Terminators with banner and a Hammer/Orbital Strike Grand Master. Plus the Stormraven.

It seemed an odd choice but it completely wrecked the Tyranids.

Was he right about being able to disembark and assault from a Stormraven in flyer mode?

>> No.21282487


>Every army except space marines, naturally

Vanilla marines pretty much sucked forever until 5th edition.

>> No.21282489


And try to get some more vehicles in there. Maybe a rhino or two.

But above all, have fun. That supercedes all other list advice.

>> No.21282491

Whats the general consensus on Maulerfiends vs. Forgefiends?re

>> No.21282507

Im a nid player and im sad now.

>> No.21282508


Heh heh heh.

Psilencers are a trap. Do not, under any circumstances, use them. They are bad, and never worth it. Yes, even when they're free and you only have to give up the force weapon for them.

The best way to use Dreadnoughts as GKs is to give them two TL autocannons and Psybolt ammo. It hits S8 (the magic number) and gives the GKs a way to overcome their weakness of long range shooting. It's also incredibly cheesy and should be avoided if you don't want to be "that guy".

>> No.21282513

Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out. My local meta is very very casual, as I recall there are 2 Nidzilla players, 3 Orks (one of whom uses 3 Looted Wagons), this guy with his amazing Grey Knights, a Guard autocannon / flyer / Russ horde, Eldar jet bike spam and an infantry heavy Necron list.

It's refreshingly casual.

>> No.21282514


Hey man, mind if i ask you a few Tau related questions? I'm interested in starting an army.

>> No.21282526

make sure you convert doll heads of your favorite anime characters onto your squad leaders. If you don't you're basically a joke in the tau community and will be ridiculed.

>> No.21282535

6 man las/plas in a las/plasback was a big deal in the beforetime, in the long long ago.

and back when black templars were in the armageddon codex, and could have bp/ccw on normal marines and jump 40 guys out of rhinos and just start chainsawing people.

but these were the old days, before we had wardexes and sanguinors and blood blooders and space yiff thunderyiff cavalry. NOUN ANGEL chapters were only 2 or 3 unit options and some wargear items different from their peers. I wouldn't say "suck forever." 3rd edition was very good to any asshole with an iron halo and a power weapon.

this. I'd rather have pretty much anything than possessed. I would have said terminators, but you already have those. I would happily take a dakkafiend or a maulerfiend or a dragon or even a rhino full of dakka chosen, although to keep them cheap i would take combi plasma over normal plasma- personally. I think you only really need one good devastating round of plasma fire to make that unit really count. After they bust a single good shooting phase, they can just jump back in the rhino and go home.

I personally love the maulerfiend. a lot of people find the dakkafiend very attractive, but the thing I like about mauly is that he forces your opponent to act- On turn 1, he's halfway up the table. If your opponent goes first and moves out into no man's land, he can easily get a turn 1 charge. you can put a maulerfiend on the table and tell your opponent, "if you don't deal with this immediately, I will shove it down your dickhole." and that's pretty impressive.

>> No.21282542


>but these were the old days, before we had wardexes and sanguinors and blood blooders and space yiff thunderyiff cavalry

It's sad that the people who play those codexes and say they're 'TOTALLY BALANCED' don't realise that the only reason they seem balanced is because the power creeping codexes have outnumbered the more average codexes.

Eldar and BT used to be considered top codexes for crying out loud!

>> No.21282543

Very much agreed about the pred.

Not so much on the Vindicator. I play Vanilla and I swear by them. I don't think I've every played a game against the many opponents I have over the years without the thing at least making its points back. Plus, it's just so much fun to use!

>> No.21282544

what do you want to know?

>> No.21282551


Just any general tidbits of info you think is good to know about Tau, any add ons or units to not go near would be nice.

>> No.21282561


>any units not to go near.

Not that guy, but take your commander,fill your elite slots with Battlesuits, balance your FA slots between pathfinders and piranhas (or XV9s if you have the dosh), and strike up a further balance between Hammerheads and XV88s.

>> No.21282566

They're getting a new book next year, so they'll I'd just stick to the core stuff.
Devilfishes with FW inside, 12 Crisis Suits, Broadsides. Buy nothing else.
Except maybe Piranhas, they seem okay.

>> No.21282580

Avoid Vespid and Skyrays oh and Ethereals.

Kroot are not as good as they used to be
TL missile pods are your Anti air
Missile pods and Plasma are out go to suit weapons.
and the ususal SPAM XV8 to do good things.
Stealth suits are heaps better than they were.
and yeah

DEVIL FISH are the King of transports who don't die.

>> No.21282587


Kroot may not be As good as they were but they're still cheap as fuck and you can flood the board with them.

>> No.21282590


I like devastators, but two problems:

1. Missile Launchers (and to a lesser extent, other heavy weapons) and their backpacks are very expensive to buy either loose or in extra devastator boxes. Doesn't really matter, but it's there.

2. You start losing firepower as soon as the squad starts taking wounds. Should I be upping the squads to 10 for ablative wounds? Seems very pricey but I've seen it mentioned. Or do I just use 5 and a transport?

>> No.21282596

>DEVIL FISH are the King of transports who don't die.
King of Tau transports, at least.

Wave Serpents, those Necron flying doohickeys, Valkyries, there's are much better transports out there.
Devilfish are still nice, mind.

>> No.21282600

buy skyrays play hammerheads

>> No.21282608


Thanks guys.

Whats the deal with like, Suit, Vehicle and Troop Armory Upgrades?

Any to avoid, any to always have?

>> No.21282611

Clearly, bitches don't know about my 3+ jink saves.

>> No.21282614

I use Missile Devs in my FT and I just keep them cheap and pick your shots wisely 130 points for 4 missile launchers hells yeah.

>that decal in >>21282580 makes me sad every time I post this fish.

>> No.21282616


Great thing about MEQ is that all the tanks are Rhino chassis.

>> No.21282631

Speaking of marine devs, is it worth it to take Vaylund Cal to give them FNP and fearless?

>> No.21282640

unless you have a specific purpose for your crisis suits, plasma rifle and missile pod with multi-tracker is the way to go. If you have a hard time filling your elite slots or have a vehicle-heavy meta, TL fusion with a targeting array deep striking in is a cheap one-use broadside, and I guess groups of flamer suits would be neat? (maybe?) I stick with fireknife (the first pattern) and take other units for every other role.

>> No.21282645

What's wrong with the decal? Am I retarded, cause it looks fine to me.

>> No.21282646

You should only use sexy decals

>> No.21282661

FW character? Dunno What else does he do?

Group went all Nazi on FW things after I started doing better by using Tetras.

>> No.21282662

actually having all the guys shouldn't be an issue, unless you're one of those fancy SPACE NOUN or NOUN ANGEL codex that for some reason is too good to actually have normal bolter dudes.

you should have enough missile launchers hanging around from tactical boxes or starter boxes you've acquired over the years, or if not that, you should be able to find kids around the LGS who have zooka dudes hanging around.

There's a secret undermarket of 40k illuminati that trade in specialist kit- All the 13 year olds, the new kids, the marine players obsessed with AP2, they jump on the lascannons and plasma guns and shit and forget the more humble workhorses like the melta gun, the missile launcher, the flamer. Find these kids and trade with them.

secondhand and crappy painted models will work too, citrus-based degreaser will strip the paint off plastic without destroying it.

on the subject of having extra doods in devie squads? absolutely buy the ablative bolter guys. As your opponent closes in, it won't hurt to start adding bolter fire to your salvos, especially if he goes for a charge and you get to overwatch.

and buying extra bolter dudes for ablative wounds looks expensive, but what is more expensive? Having extra bullet catchers that jump up and save your heavy weapons, or having a tank that can get popped on turn 1 by a lucky lascannon hit?

It takes 1 lascannon hit to kill a predator. It takes 6 lascannon hits to kill enough marines to get to the point where you actually start losing firepower.

>> No.21282663

The problem is it isn't custom it is farsights logo and he sucks.

>> No.21282671

Personally I've found TL Missile Pods + Flamers (or BSF) nice at small points. Cheap, accurate anti-tank.

>> No.21282676

there is ripple in it and I just haven't gotten around to removing it and replacing it.

Gah Shadowsun vile lapdog to those Ethereal filth caste.

>> No.21282689

I want to make an army full of F4 Fantoms being my Vendettas, who will be with the three TLLC and two Heavy Bolters.

Offset will have a unit of basilisks with camo nets sitting behind terrain. Trying for that dick cover save, spitting from a corner most often beyond 36"(even 48") from the opponents guns.

Would I be that guy? The list I want is 1500 so I can pull at least 6 vendettas and 3 basilisks and armored flamer veterans this way.
>I prefer the wall of death rule

Air support that can fight anything with troops that are given decent equipment and artillery for everything land based. For a modern military feel.

>> No.21282690


He's the Iron Thane of the Sons of Medusa

215 points for a WS5 BS5 STR5 T6 W3 I4 A2 LD10 dude with a Servo-harness, Artificer Armour, Iron Halo and a thunder hammer.

He's got all the usual techmarine rules, ATSKNF, makes Dreads able to be taken as HS choices like a MotF, replaces combat tactics with Fearless (better in 6th) and makes all your Devs get free FNP although they can't sweeping advance.

>> No.21282691

This is going to be my next decal and then I am going to use the sickle and pulse rifle symbol for the other side.

>> No.21282708

you should tell them to sit and spin.

Some of tau's most attractive units that fill holes in their codex are forgeworld. they add a lot of dimension to that book.

people who cry about forgeworld are whiners. The fact of the matter is, there's less overdesigned power creep in FW units than there is in codex units.

How the fuck can anyone say forgeworld shit is OP when vendettas cost 130 points for 3 flying TL lascannons, AND get to drop off suicide vets?

How the fuck can anyone say forgeworld shit is OP when stormravens get every gun ever, have power of the machine spirit, and are immune to melta damage and can carry marines for 200 points?

What is the comparison to death croissants? to broadsides? to a normal, bargain basement leman russ?

There isn't one. the FW guys actually playtest, they don't let Cruddace roll in and shit a plastic flyer kit and call it a day.

The only units forgeworld makes that are really abusive are the saber platforms (which aren't even that bad, and bravo to any saber spammer that shits on Cron Air.) and the SM/CSM assault vehicles. The AV dread drop pod is brutal, the dreadclaw is brutal, and the storm eagle is really good.

After that though, everything forgeworld does is just flavor and sidegrades. Haters can deal with it.

>> No.21282716

Tyranids 2000 pts

Swarmlord + 2 Tyrant Guard with Lashwhips

3 Hive Guard
2 Venomthrope
3 Zoanthrope

16 Genestealers w/ Scything Talons and Toxin Sacs + a Broodlord w/ Scything Talons and a Toxin Sac
12 Hormaguants w/ Toxin Sacs
12 Hormaguants w/ Toxin Sacs
11 Horamguants w/ Toxin Sacs

Trygon Prime w/ Toxin Sacs
Trygon Prime w/ Toxins Sacs

>> No.21282718


FW is inconsistent.

The books are filled with a mix of crazy over the top OP stuff, some middle grounders, and a bunch of other shit that doesn't even work properly and just flat out sucks balls.

>> No.21282749

Haemie, liquifier gun -60

Trueborn x 4; 2x darklance, Venom; SC, GT - 168
Trueborn x 4; 2x darklance, Venom; SC, GT - 168
Trueborn x 4; 2x darklance, Venom; SC, GT - 168

Warriors x 8; blaster, Raider; splinter racks, GT -162
Warriors x 8; blaster, Raider; splinter racks, GT -162
Warriors x 8; blaster, Raider; splinter racks, GT -162
Warriors x 8; blaster, Raider; splinter racks, GT -162
Warriors x 8; blaster, Raider; splinter racks, GT -162
Wracks x 3 - 30 (Haem attached here)

Scourges x 5; 2x blaster 140
Scourges x 5; 2x blaster 140

Ravager (whatever) 105
Ravager (disintegrator) 105
Ravager (disintegrator) 105

>> No.21282760

>DEVIL FISH are the King of transports who don't die.

Ah yeah, a flat out devilfish thats 12" away from anything will have a 2+ save. its great to keep a squad alive and then rush them to a point late in the game.

best part is if you give it 2 seeker missiles, it can move up the flank fairly quickly and still loose off those missiles with some marker light support.

generally try to give your suits a specific task. the best suits imho are
missile pod, plasma rifle, multi-tracker (anti elite/monstrous creature/light vehicle)
Twin linked missile pods, flamer (anti light vehicle/flier)
missile pod, burst cannon, multi-tracker (anti medium/light infantry/light vehicle)

disruption pods are a must on vehicles,
you can get a sky ray box kit since it comes with all the hammerhead variant weapons, but really you want to stick to either railguns (versatility) or ion cannons (cheapness).

black sun filters for your long range units

the rest at your prerogative


>> No.21282769

you mean stuff like flayed ones, ogryns, tactical marines, all the sisters of battle units that aren't chicks in power armor or rhino-chassis tanks, predators, those whirlwind missiles that deploy mines, vespids, krootoxes, half the special characters in the game, the guard artillery that isn't manticore rockets, dreadnoughts that aren't ironclad or psiflemen or librarians, assault squads, thousand sons, and crisis suit loadouts that aren't fireknife?

Because honestly, you didn't make any accusation there that GW wasn't guilty of 20 years before forgeworld existed. If anything, its proof of the fact that they're MORE consistent than their parent company... In rules, book quality, and casting.

>> No.21282780

>tactical marines
>rhino-chassis tanks
>assault squad
>crisis suit non-FK

These are actually better than you think.

>> No.21282788

this list has the magic word in it- "splinter rack."

Anytime you motor a raider up to something and then throw down 2 fistfuls of dice, and then pick them up and reroll the failures, your opponent will eat shit.

>> No.21282794


Anyone? I just want to know if he's actually worth it.

I know Tyberos is pretty good, I'm just curious about the other Badab characters.

>> No.21282799

also a recent list i used that worked well was

Shas'el with missile pod, plasma rifle, multi-tracker and vectored retrothrusters, stimmulant injectors

3x crisis suits missile pod, plasma rifle, multi-tracker

3x Twin linked missile pods, flamer

2x 11 fire warriors

heavy support
2x broadsides

1x ion cannon hammerhead.

total 1000pts.

i can't be clear on the points cost since i can't remember the exact upgrades i had but i'm pretty sure these were the models i had in my list, with some upgrades.

(the above image is my fire warrior transports, this neutral coloured devilfish is for my ethereal and his honourguard (only a display piece, not really used too often))

>> No.21282817

Basilisks rock.

>> No.21282827

Some of those may even be true-

and for the sisters, I said "units that AREN'T chicks in power armor or rhino-chassis tanks." Its the penitent engines, the henchmen, and the repentia that are disappointing.

also, i'm a big fan of twin link flamer deep strike bbq crisis teams.

But that's not the point.
The point is that you can't attack forgeworld for being inconsistent or having a wonky track record for hit or miss units- not when you can walk into any GW store anywhere in the world and see the same box of flayed ones or vespids that's been sitting on the shelf since 2005.

calling out forgeworld for being all over the board on unit design and rules is a pretty dire accusation when you compare it to the shit that the in-house codex writers get to make, like Woofy Woof born riding a space woof and his thunderwoof cavalry buddies, or Sanguinor and his sanguine sanguinary Bloody Blood stormravenhawkmagpie.

>> No.21282828

upgrade your stealers in ymgarls make the squad smaller. Then they can assault in the turn they arrive.

>> No.21282829

Gotta agree with your group here. FW shouldn't be allowed. Way too many bad experiences.

>> No.21282848

A lot of the other crisis suit variants are actually really amazing, the fireknife is not the be-all end all.

The problem is, is that the crisis suits are the only options for plasma or missiles in any number.

also it doesn't stop the fact that even without using fireknives, all crisis suits should be maximized units. (one of my favorite unsung crisis suit is flamer, burst cannon, multi-tracker, its great at taking objectives away from hordes and it has won me many a game, but its shit against vehicles and marines)

>> No.21282854

My elite's are full

>> No.21282868

He is pretty good. Did not notice the T6 still would not use him personally but then BA dex and Flesh Tearers.

>> No.21282874

i'd rather twin link the flamer than take the burst cannon, as i said above. I like it cheap and burny, and if you get a good spread, you'll kill everything with fire before you get a chance to fire the bursties. rerolling flamer wounds is gonna make a unit take 30 armor saves, that's not happy odds even for terminators.

>> No.21282880


The dual missile spam one is really good. Death Rain, I think? Also there's a third one commonly used to. Firestorm? Sunforge? I have no fucking idea, honestly.

>> No.21282883


215 points, man...

>> No.21282894

You married to the venomthropes?

My elites are full is the mantra of the nid player.... many sadz.

I just think you've got one round of shooting at least for the stealers' to endure then overwatch. And they are also fairly expensive. They are awesome once in combat, but they gotta get there man.

>> No.21282921

Yeah whenever I run venomthropes they are nothing but value. I can totally see why to run the Ymgral, I run them as an 8 man in ever point bracket but 2000, but my friends insist on bring a stupid amount of tanks at 2000 so I need the hive guard and the Zoanthropes. And with these tanks come blast weapons that are atleast AP 5 or 6, which is where Venomthrope saves quite a bit of the Hormaguants.

>> No.21282923


And? He's survivable, 2+/4++, hits at S10 in CC, is immune to str based ID, has a servo harness, repairs vehicles, bolsters defences, makes your units fearless, makes dev squads FNP, makes Dreads able to be taken as HS.

How is that not worth 215?

>> No.21282937

and then the more expensive Ymgarls get overwatched to death due to lower numbers.

that or Die due to not being able to show up in the chosen terrain piece.

Or you can just cheat with that rule.

>> No.21282938

In the next update (which I had hoped would be a few months ago when I bought the army in June) is 4 types of suits
stealth suits with 1 hard point
fast suits that move 12 with 2 hard points
crisis suits with 3 hard points
broadsides with 4 hard points and can take heavy weapons.

This would allow a lot of mixing and matching and you have to decide what you need more. Stealth suits would be good because they have amazing cover saves but hurt because they can only take one weapon choice. A fast suit might be great with a fussion blaster and plasma rifle but the speed means nothing with tl missile pods. Broadsides with tl rail guns and tl missile pods would be the hotness.

>> No.21282944

fair play, ill be running tervi/termagant spam, but if i get the chance i shall try this out.

How do you find it works out? Any armies it is particularly weak against?

>> No.21282946


MotF does most of that shit for 100 points. You tell me if the extra 110 is worth it.

>> No.21282959

they have a better chance of surviving overwatch because of higher toughness and 1 less round of shooting (in theory).

As for cheating I mark the terrain without my opponent seeing ... if that is what you mean. I don't see the point in cheating tbh.

>> No.21282961

I only ever really get to play against IG and Blood Angels and it works ok, tanks are a problem as always but i pretty much made this list so I could avoid Terms/Terv. I hate Terms sooo much

>> No.21282976

>left suit
>aww yea nigga check out this swag paintjob straight outta the SHOP yooo shit be fly
>right suit
>hangs head in disappointment at splotchy fluffy white paintjob

>> No.21283008

Im not sold on the maulerfiend. I'd rather go with the forgefiend if you could. Drop the combi-plasma on the second squad and get a power sword instead. It'll be more helpful in all of the challenges that you'll have to make.

Oh, and for the love of the dark gods, give the Heldrake a Baleflamer. That and the Burning Brand will roast anything short of terminators nice and toasty.

>> No.21283013

I can live with the terms as long as they have poison. Plus i kind of like painting them for some reason.

>> No.21283021

yeah it is what I was referring to.
Had a game where my opponent did cheat with it he was a dick.

yeah I have to agree here. he buffs devs enough to make his Dread shuffle pointless and Oh noes the devs cannot Sweep. thats a huge set back.

Yeah not quite the Abadabbadoo/Draigo/Mephy style beast for his cost.

>> No.21283059

yeh thats fucking lame .... but then im an adult who doesnt need to cheat in 40k of all things. If i was so desperate for victory outside of my own ability to play, i wouldnt be playing nids in the first place.

Just for the record I put a token under the base of scenery and have an opponent turn round basically. Or if it doesnt have a base i write it down and put in my pocket. Its a bit silly i suppose, but i prefer that than nagging doubt of my opponent.

>> No.21283146

yeah we did the exchange lists and I told him to write down which piece it was. turn 3 starts and hes writing something down I pay it no heed and then somebody mentions he changed something on his sheet.

The Guy got all Defensive and then packed his stuff up All Glory to the Enclaves.

>> No.21283170

Imperial Guard list:


Primaris Psyker 70 pts

Techpriest Enginseer + servitor /w servoarm 60 pts

10 man ratling squad 100 pts

Guardsman Marbo 65 pts

Platoon Command squad + 4 grenade launcher 50 pts

Chimera 55 pts

Combined infantry squad (3 squads) + commissar 185

Veteran squad + 3 plasma gun + autocannon 115 pts

3x Scout sentinel squadron + lascannon 150 pts

Leman Russ Squadron 595 pts
2x Leman Russ exterminator (twin linked Autocannon with 4 shots) + heavy bolter sponsons
1x Leman Russ executioner + plasma cannon sponsons + lascannon

This is a list against my Tau roomie.

The general idea is that blob of infantry with commissar is joined by the psyker with either pyromancy (aiming for fire shield) or telekinesis (aiming for dome) to provide extra survivability for the poor guardsmen. They walk in front of the Russes to provide a shield from any nasty suits with fusion guns and hopefuly cover thanks to the new obscured rules.

The russes shoot any valuable targets and are set up with the executioner in the middle and a bit behind, so that the exterminators take any incoming shots.

Marbo is there to scare and hopefuly take out one unit of broadsides with his demo charge.

Ratlings will huddle in one of the ruins and generaly piss him off.

PCS and veterans are there to take any victory points left behind and take out any deepstriking suits.

Scout sentinels are there to outflank and take out another unit of broadsides or at least cripple it.

I didn't take any fliers because I decided I want a fair game against a player who doesn't have any fliers or anti-air capability.

Thoughts, comments?

>> No.21283174

Oh and also he doesn't take many vehicles. hence the lack of manticore.

>> No.21283190

750 Points list or 'I work with what I've got'

1x Overlord w/ Res Orb, Mindshackles, Sempiternal, Warscythe - 160
1 x 20 Warriors - 260
1 x 10 Warriors - 130
2 x 4 Scarabs - 120
1 x 2 Destroyers – 80

>> No.21283200

>All Glory to the Enclaves

My sides have joined the Greater Good.

>> No.21283210

Fuck all you horde players I hope you get arthritis from building, handling, and transporting all those models.

How do you even find the motivation to start that shit? It's like, you open the first box to start clipping off pieces and then you see 20 more and just give up.

>> No.21283224


They keep their workshops lined with the sad faces of MEQ players who design all their lists to meet the challenge of other MEQs.

Their tears motivate them.

>> No.21283255

Mah Thousand Sons and Necron general-purpose 2k lists. Wargear tweaked depending on enemy.

HQ: Sorc, +2 mastery, terminator, MoT, Sigil, Spell familiar, gift = 200
HQ: Warpsmith, aura + MoT + burning brand of skalathrax + veteran + gift = 185

Troops: 8+1 rubrics/sorc = 242
Troops: 8+1 rubrics/sorc = 242

Elite: 4+1 Termies/champ, 1 chainfist, 4 combi-weapons, 1 R.AC, MoT, vets, gift = 264

Dedicated Transport: Land Raider = 230

Heavy Suppost: 3x Obliterators, MoT = 234
Heavy Support: Forgefiend (H.AC) + Ectoplasma Cannon = 200
Heavy Support: Forgefiend (H.AC) + Ectoplasma Cannon = 200

Total = 1997

I'm seriously considering ditching the Warpsmith completely though, he's done fuckall but get killed near-instantly for the past 3 games I've used him in.

>> No.21283277


HQ: Overlord + Warscythe, Phylactery, Scarabs, Weave, Orb and Shifter = 220

Royal Court: 5x Lords + Warscythe, weave, scarabs, shifter = 600
Despairtek + Veil = 60
Destrotek + Gaze = 45
Eternitytek + Chrono + Cloak = 70
Stormtek + Field = 35
Tremortek = 30
Cryptek total = 240

Elites: 5x Deathmarks = 95

Heavy Support: 2x Doomsday Ark = 350

Fast Attack: 3x Wraiths + Whip Coils = 135

Troops: 2x10 warriors = 260

Dedicated Transport for Overlord/Royal Court: 1x Night Scythe = 100

2000 points

If fighting heavily mechanised army, exchange despairtek and Deathmarks (155) with 1x Spyder (50) and 7x Scarabs (105) = 155 total. Still 2000 points and i'm more effective against armour. I'm also considering not using the Night Scythe or tweaking something else so I can include a Tachyon Arrow for the Overlord, that shit's fucking insane. I started the game on my turn and blew up a Land Raider from across the board, even killed one of the embarked terminators from the explosion. fucking paid for itself ten times over before my opponent could even start playing.

>> No.21283337

Hey, guys, I just realised.

If the only ones with a homing beacon are the SM, then that makes them the perfect allies for Daemons, now that CSM can't help them lock onto their Icons anymore (which is all sorts of bullshit).
Also, did they by any chance retcon that Daemons have to enter the battlefield via DS? Can it be overwritten by Master of Deception? 'cause infiltrating Bloodletters would be all sorts of hilarious.

>> No.21283356

Farseer Guide Fortune warding whitnessing Stones Jetbike
Warlocks x3 Jetbikes Destructor x 3

Dire avengers, 10 Waveserpent Shuricannons Exarch Dual Cats Bladestorm
Jetbikes, 3 Shuricannon
Jetbikes, 3 shuricannon

Fire Dragons, 5 Waveserpent Shuricannon
Fire Dragons, 5 Waveserpent Shuricannon
Fire Dragons, 5 Waveserpent Shuricannon

Fast Attack
Nightwing, 1

Heavy Support
Fire prism, 1
Night spinner, 1
Fire prism, 1


>> No.21283358


Aren't SM unable to ally Daemons? And wouldn't they need to be battle-brother allies to share the homing beacon?

>> No.21283383

Actually y'know what? fuck the Warpsmith. I figure that while my army has plenty of mid-range and some long-range dakka, It's not very mobile. SO!

Replace Warpsmith with:
Fast Attack: 4+1 Bikers/champ (110) + 2 Meltaguns (20), Combi-weapon (10), powerfist (25), MoT (15), Vets (5) = 185

Same price, plenty more pain. Now I just gotta come up with a model concept for conversion work.

>> No.21283390

That's the cockblock in the whole thing. I can only hope that the Daemons will get an update soon now that alliances are possible (or at least remove their stupid MUST DERP STRIKE rule). 'till then, Traitor Guard.

>> No.21283393

MoT is pretty crap on bikes...

>> No.21283403

What he said: >>21283393
On Bikes, put ANYTHING BUT MoT. Either leave them unmarked, or considering that their secondary role is CC, give'em MoK, or for extra shits and giggles, MoS. Make sure the models are appropriately awesome.

>> No.21283410

I know it's shit due to the inherent jink but I play mono-god TS. I was thinking of making spectral being surfing on egyptian shield or screamers.

I know other marks benefit them more but fuuuuuuuck they'll bug the shit out of me if I mark them any other way.

>> No.21283420

then save the 15pts

>> No.21283431

Yeah, might leave them unmarked. Maybe fluff it in a way that they've yet to receive Tzeentch's blessing or something, so they are obsessed with earning his favour by doing suicidal charges at the enemy. I'll think of something. I can use the points to kit out my Land Raider with a Havoc Launcher and a Dirge Caster, making me 1999~ points too.

>> No.21283465

I would take Huron If I was you. He is badass and well yeah comes with the best trait.

>> No.21283489

Also comes with weird psyker powers and can be fluffed as a Prospect Sorcerer and frees up enough points those raider upgrades.

>> No.21283525

I'll consider it, i'm not really a fan of Huron to be honest. I did try out Ahriman once and he kicked some royal GK ass with his spell barrages. He's like the Gundam Heavyarms Custom in Disgruntled Midget Nerd form. Yeah he's fucking expensive but I'd rather field him, I really like the character and he has Huron's trait anyway.

>> No.21284217


>> No.21284285

You want cheese?

Malleus with inferno rifle, mastery 1, PA

7x henchmen with stormbolter 2x jokaero 3x servitors plasma cannon, razorback with TL lascannon

7x henchmen with stormbolter 2x jokaero 3x servitors plasma cannon, razorback with TL lascannon

6x DCA 5x crusader in a chimera with HB and multilaser

6x DCA 5x crusader in a chimera with HB and multilaser

Techmarine in one of the chimeras


Proceed to take objectives with the DCA and crusaders, and to shoot everything that moves with the jokaeros and the razorbacks, amongside the dreadnoughts.

If you want a power armour cheese, I have it for you too.

>> No.21284315

Chaos List i used in a recent tournament and cam in 2nd

Also Op i see no coteaz so you are good

Chaos Lord-Black Mace, MoN, Gift of Mutation, Sigil of Coruption, Melta Bombs, Veterns

Plague Marines -melta, melta powerfist rhino veterns x4

Obliterators- MoN, Veterns +2 x2

Vindicator- Daemonic possession

Helbrute-Reaper auto cannon

>> No.21284325

Was a 1750 tourney. Guess i should of mentioned that.

Had 2 major victories and 1 minor

>> No.21284453

I've got quite a bit towards a list like that, is there a way to make it less obscene but still keep the theme of Inq Guard?

>> No.21284461

Question, I know MoT is basically redundant for bikers due to the jink saves but since you don't move in CC, you only have your armour save. Bikers are meant for fast CC so... it should still be somewhat useful no? It'll only matter in CC and if you don't move your bikes (which is retarded), so situational but might be useful?

>> No.21284543

Actually, Bikes are a melta delivery service, quick, cheap and effective. A combination of LoS tricks and turbo boosts should keep them alive to deliver that one melta shot to ruin your opponent's day.

I once ran some bikes against my SW friend just for shits and giggles with a Spearhead setup, where in turn 2 the single surviving melta biker shot the Land Raider up like it was no problem. Much lol was had that day.

So to answer your question, either leave them unmarked, or give them MoN. If you want them to perform in CC, then MoK or MoS, depending on your taste.

>> No.21284591

I see. So since they'll just be there for melta-ing, you reckon I should just field the basic 2+champ or should I still field a nice set of 4+champ, perhaps for extra wounds?

>> No.21284593

For 1250 using stuff I've got I can run:

4 las henchmen, 3 plasma, 3 servitors, 2 apes, TLLC Razorback

3 Melta henchmen, 2 storm bolter, 7 boltgun, Chimera

10 DCA, Chimera

10 Strike Knights, 2 Psycannon, TLAC Razorback



That doesn't seem a completely unfun list to play against, does it?

>> No.21284626

Also, is there any difference to changing either CCW or bike TL-bolter with the special weapon? If I change the CCW, can i shoot the bolters and then the meltaguns for added punch?

>> No.21284653

5-man squads are necessary, as you said, for the extra wounds. They also look cooler that way (I have 2x5 of them, one squad Khornate, one squad Slaaneshi, because fuck yeah, CSM biker gangs that try to out-awesome each other!).

I'd drop the TL-Bolter because honestly, if you have a meltagun you'll never use the bike's gun. And a bike can shoot as many weapons in one go as many passangers it has, so in our case you either fire that melta, or the TL-Bolter. That CCW's extra attack can come in handy.

>> No.21284704

Haha, nice. Alright then, thank you! Now I just need to come up with the concept of Thousand Sons bikers that doesn't require any actual marine bits, cause i'm broke as shit right now.

>> No.21284807

Some players may be selling them or outright giving them away, so keep an eye out on that.

Oooor you could get some Biker bases and:
- use Chaos Knights models because fuck you, magic horses, like Ghost Rider
- use Screamer models for mounts
- use something that looks like/can be made to look like a Screamer, and then put the guy on top with the melta
- or otherwise be shameless because fuck yeah, CHAOS! Pic related.

>> No.21284837


Ork Warboss 129
Eavy Armor
Power Axe 7
Kustom Shoota 20
With Auxilary Grenade Launcher 8
Bionik Eye 5
Displacer Field 24


Nobz Mob 141
5 Nobz
'Eavy armor 35
Two power klaws 20
Three power axes 21

Evil Sunz Mob 130
10 Evil Sunz: Bolters, stikkbommz and flak armor. Heavy bolter 10


Battlewagon 150
Battle Cannon 55
Two heavy bolters 30
Reinforced Armor 10
Supercharged Engine 5

Battlewagon 191
Battle Cannon 55
Battle Cannon 55
Two meltaguns 16
Reinforced Armor 10
Supercharged Engine 5

Battlewagon 160
Battle Cannon 55
Four heavy stabbers 40
Reinforced Armor 10

>> No.21284881

I actually have a unit of Chaos Knights I had bought for showcasing but I assembled them all to represent a specific god with the champion being Undvided so they won't really fit.

Just need to find some shit that looks egyptian and FITS. I got these shield from Scibor I haven't used at all, they're about as tall as half the bike base, so 2 lying down would be as long as 1 bike base. Thinking of using them as a mount but it seems too small.. and what the fuck shall I put on it? FFFFFF-

>> No.21284961

500 point Tau list I've thrown together to try the army a bit.

Unit: Crisis Shas'o
Wargear: Plasmagun, Fusion Blaster Multitracker,

Unit: Fire Warrior Team
Upgrades: Shas'ui leader, Markerlight,

Unit: Devilfish Troop Carrier
Upgrade: Seeker Missiles, disruption pod

Unit: Fire Warrior Team
Upgrades: Shas'ui leader, Markerlight,

492 overall

>> No.21284976

Looks good to me, you can't really fuck up such small lists due to being just the mandatory choices with a handful pieces of wargear.

>> No.21284985

CSM surfing on shields, perhaps? Make it look like a small Disc of Tzeentch and it should be okay. Or a sun symbol to ride on, if you want a more Egyptian feel. Take a look at the Necrons/Tomb Kings for inspiration.

>> No.21284999

Do any of you have a decent PDF for the new CSM codex? I don't really want to drop a bunch of money on it just to find out that it sucks.

>> No.21285016


>> No.21285030

It's great, buy it. Also thick enough for pic related.

>> No.21285064

At least I'm doing the slightest of things right, just wait until I try for a 2000 point list, that I'll screw up by filling it all with kroot warriors.

>> No.21285066

Hm, I might. I'm already using the Warpshinx as Forgefiends with replacable torsos so the Necrosphinx are Maulerfiends. Might as well. Thank you!

>> No.21285168

Glad I could help.

>February Pubpari
Slaanesh sends her greetings as well.

>> No.21285230

Haha, tell her thanks! What do you think of this idea?

A Disc of Tzeentch covered in carved runes, heiroglyphics and patterns. I could have two with one particular rune on the front, 2 with another and 1 different from both. I'd paint the first two runes in silver, the second two in red/blue and the third in something like purple.

Silver = TL-bolter
Red/Blue = Melta/Flamer/Plasma
Purple = Champion

I'd make some limbs n shit come out of the disc to count as CCW etc. Basically the rune shoots the attack.

>> No.21285259

Sounds great, make sure you post the pics when they're done. I may not be around but the idea is worth sharing I think.

>> No.21285291

Of course, just might take me a while before I get the personal sketches done and the actual kitbashing to begin. I'm pretty anal so I don't move ahead until i'm sure i'm happy with something.

>> No.21285354

>I'm pretty anal so I don't move ahead until i'm sure i'm happy with something.
I think I know why Slaanesh likes you so much.

>> No.21285534

My 500pts Bad Moons Ork force

HQ (115pts)

Warboss (115pts)
Furious Charge, Independent Character, Mob Rule, Waaagh!
'Eavy armour (5pts) ('Eavy Armour), Attack squig (15pts) (Attack Squig), Bosspole (5pts) (Bosspole), Power klaw (25pts), Stikkbombs (Stikkbombs), Twin-linked shoota (5pts)
Elites (130pts)

Nobz (130pts)
Furious Charge, Mob Rule, Waaagh!
Nob (25pts)
'Eavy armour (5pts) ('Eavy Armour), Choppa, Slugga
Nob (25pts)
'Eavy armour (5pts) ('Eavy Armour), Choppa, Slugga
Nob (25pts)
'Eavy armour (5pts) ('Eavy Armour), Choppa, Slugga
Nob (25pts)
'Eavy armour (5pts) ('Eavy Armour), Choppa, Slugga
Nob (30pts)
'Eavy armour (5pts) ('Eavy Armour), Choppa, Shoota/rokkit kombi-weapon (5pts) (Kombi-weapon)
Troops (120pts)

Ork Boyz (60pts)
Furious Charge, Mob Rule, Waaagh!
10x Boy (60pts)
10x Shoota
Ork Boyz (60pts)
Furious Charge, Mob Rule, Waaagh!
10x Boy (60pts)
10x Shoota
Fast Attack (135pts)

Deffkoptas (135pts)
Furious Charge, Hit and Run, Mob Rule, Scouts
Deffkopta (35pts)
Choppa, Twin-linked big shoota
Deffkopta (50pts)
Bigbomm (15pts) (Bigbomm), Choppa, Twin-linked big shoota
Deffkopta (50pts)
Bigbomm (15pts) (Bigbomm), Choppa, Twin-linked big shoota

>> No.21285577

Perhaps. I actually did a lot of philosophising regarding the nature of the Chaos Gods with my best mate whose also a big fan of the setting. The whole concept that they are emotions given form. Thoroughly corrupt and perverted and yet can still embody good wholesome traits, because that's how emotions are. You can hate someone so much you feel you can go insane, you can loathe their very essence yet you can still sometimes find yourself admiring them and seeking their attention even if you think they are beneath you completely.

Like real-life humans the chaos gods are multi-faceted and one could go on and on about it. I had the idea of crafting a charm necklace or bracelet with all 4 icons of chaos with a 5th for the 8-pointed star. Fictional or not, they represent an umbrella for embracing the myriad emotions and traits that make us human. Worshipping chaos is embracing your humanity.

Sorry for being gabby, just felt like spilling it. This is why I play Chaos.

>> No.21285624

I dont have my list on me (work) but...

Primarus Psyker
10 Vets (setup to hold points) + Chimera
10 Vets (setup to hold points) + Chimera
10 Vets (setup to hold points) + Chimera
10 Vets (setup to hold points) + Chimera
30 Rough Riders


Max Zerker + Chainaxe group
30 Khornite Cultists
Defiler with Dirge Caster

Chimeras screen assault force. Vets ride or sit on objectives as needed.
Defiler + 30 rough riders behind the chimeras.
Zerkers and cultist horde follow behind that.

Chimeras break aside once everyone is in range. Defiler goes full length to get within dirge range of target.

Rough Rider Mogul squad charges the defiler target. THe other two squads assist as need be. This opens up the enemy.

Zerkers and cultists follow into the breach and fuck the enemy over.

>> No.21285700

Are you me, by any chance? Except for the necklace part, that's what I like to believe about the Chaos Gods as well. Pair that with all the bullshit I could call on Big E and lo and behold, suddenly the Chaos Gods are the good guys.

Pic related, this is how I imagine the Chaos Gods. Shits and giggles all day erry day.

I know, opinions.

>> No.21285770

Perhaps we are, Tzeentch works in mysterious ways.

I wouldn't call them the good guys. 40k GRIMDARKNESS/EVERYBODY'S AN ASSHOLE aside, they simply embody emotion. We humans are capable of incredibly beautiful, good and positive things but the same person who can exhibit such traits and do such deeds is also capable of atrocities that shake us to the core.

But yeah, The Emperor was an asshole either way, although he did what he believed was right, so i'll give him that. Universe's Greatest Dad!

>> No.21285828

I meant "good guys in 40K terms", especially compared to the Emprah. That speaks volumes about the fluff I guess.

>> No.21285836


A lot of 7s in there...but anyways.

I had a debate with a few friends lately too...we wondered if the "way" chaos works might not be reality.

Nergal aside (a persian god who Nurgle is based on, who also has Khorn's traits. Look it up!) ... not saying any of the gods are real, but rather...

Human emotion has an energy to it. Look at how some things happen like a tidal wave of emotion. It makes a physical change that can be 'felt.'

What if the old stories and myths are true? Hercules was real. The gods were real. Why? Because mankind genuinely believed in them. Because the emerging society had a lot of emotion behind their decisions to believe.

Their emotions gave birth to deities that only existed as long as their emotions for them did. That their emotions fueled and powered them.

Long story short: Lets give birth to Slaanesh now.

>> No.21285908

Haha, interesting. That's how a lot of deities exist in the Supernatural TV show, I love that. In it, the majority of old gods like Aztec, Greek etc gods became weakened due to things like Christianity becoming the dominant religion, so some gods started maintain low profiles as mortal families. Some outright state that due to the lack of worshippers, their powers waned greatly.

It's definitely an interesting concept. The probability, thanks to science, is just as sketchy as any religion but then again faith is a powerful tool and motivator in general, let's not forget thousands of years of human history. Worshipping Chaos in real life... One could say we already do, each and every one of us.

That's the beauty of it. Chaos always wins, regardless of the setting.

>> No.21285945

I think you're on the right track with that, but you give too much credit to the power of emotion. Even 40K states that the emotions of the Eldar are incomparably more delicate and powerful than that of humans - hence why they could give birth to Slaanesh. I guess it depends on the quality of the soul more than the quantity involved.

For example, my girlfriend has some curious abilities. On one occasion, the two of us and a great friend of ours had a "superhero movie day" where we watched lots of superhero movies. The third was about to be Spiderman 2 when she said she had enough but we said that it'd be great and pressed the issue (she has a habit of keeping a distance from new things). As my friend was looking through his folders for the file, he "accidentally" deleted it. Now, he's a very thorough and precise guy, and he genuinely wanted to watch the movie, so it couldn't be said that it was just random or he changed his mind (he would have said so without deleting the file). This wasn't the first time so we immediately realised that her DO NOT WANT aura made him do that little mistake and there you have it. We had a great time.

>> No.21285952

To expand, worshipping Chaos in real life does have its benefits. Since they are patrons of emotion, using such a personal belief system could spur you to enjoy more things in life. People could go "but why not just do them instead of using the pretense of a belief system?", well, you CAN do that but where's the fun in that? Why restrict yourself in life? Get that party started.

>> No.21285968

So instead of saying "we made them real", I'd rather say that "they were actually real", but the stories are probably distorted due to all the time that passed and all the times it was told.

Considering how Tzeentch works, or rather, the Warp, I'd be more careful with that. You know: you can never know.

>> No.21285981

Non 40fag here. Does anyone really use Allies? It seems interesting and fun.

>> No.21285997

I did, though only in theory so far. Giving a Monolith Scout with Creed is all sorts of crazy and fun.

>> No.21286020

about the Eldar thing, I agree. It's been stated that Eldar emotions are far more profound due to their nature. I imagine it's like... the level of profound heartbreak in a human, an Eldar would feel it to be a minor flicker of sadness. The emotional power of an Eldar feeling profound heartbreak would be so devastating to a human that I can't even begin to imagine how to describe it. They basically feel emotions x10 or more than what a human feels.

Such raw power multiplied by the vast Eldar population at once? BAM. Massive hole in spacetime, Decadence made manifest.

>> No.21286033

Has to be a model from imperial guard codex, its clearly stated that way + FAQs

>> No.21286037

I haven't yet because my armies revolve around the use of the full 2k points each. If anyone wants to have a larger battle though, TS and Crons team up to fuck shit up all day erry day.

>> No.21286054


So your saying it was a bad idea to get that nurgle tatoo on my thigh? ~coughs up blood~

>> No.21286064

I run chaos IG. I -never- go without an ally for theme purposes. I actually randomly roll which allies I will take sometimes. CSM or Demons?

>> No.21286072

I use tau and IG as allies for my 2000 point list. Having five guardsmen squads as a meatshield for my broadsides and having basilisks to back them up are a real help.

Granted that entire army can't fight close quarters for crap

>> No.21286082

They actually bothered to FAQ that? GW truly has a no fun allowed attitude.

TS+Crons is actually pretty fluffy. Especially if it's Ahriman and Trazyn.

Only time will tell.

>> No.21286090


Nope, but you are hella wasting points. For the same cost as your Brother Captain you could have 10 strong strike squad with a psycannon.

You have an assaulty inquisitor with no Rad or psychotroke grenades. Psychotrokes can turn a losing fight into a victory. Put the assassins in the Storm Raven so they can assault the turn they come in. They have 2 power weapons, pick which type they are. Maul/Axe works wonders for me.

Put the paladins in the chimera. Give the chimera a heavy flamer. Ditch the incinerator for a second psycannon. Inquisitor doesn't really need demon weapons or power armor.

>> No.21286127

I play tau so my list is pathetic simple
shas o with a stim injector, plasma rifle, missile pod, multi tracker and a bonding knife
Nine crisis suits with twin linked plasma and a flamer
36 fire warriors
6 broadsides with stabilization systems.

The reason I use twin link plasma is it saves me from having to get pathfinders and their waste of a fish. Plus I mostly fight marines and this is cheaper then the plasma+Fusion combo. The re rolls from twin link also REALLY HELP in counter charge overwatch

>> No.21286149

I doubt it, I was getting the Mark of Khorne on my right shoulder (That's the arm I punch with).

A friend compared worshipping chaos to LaVeyan Satanism but I disagree. LaVeyan satanism is just a glorified excuse to be a narcissistic asshole to me. Worshipping chaos in real life would be you worshipping human nature, embracing the myriad of possibilities you are capable of. Don't shy away from decadence, from violence, from hate, from rage, from spite, from lust, from jealousy. Embrace them just as much as you embrace things like love, altruism, kindness, generosity. The negative emotions don't make you less of a human, they make you a COMPLETE human.

Come, my brothers. Let us praise the Dark Gods.

>> No.21286167

Night Lords Chaos

HQ - 305

Lord - MoN, Jump Pack, Power Fist, Lightning Claw, Blight Grenades, Sigil, VotLW


10x CSM, Champ w/melta-bombs & Power sword, 2xplasmas, VotLW, Rhino - 235

10x CSM, Champ w/melta-bombs & Power sword, 2xplasmas, VotLW, Rhino - 235

10x Cultists w/flamer, MoT - 65

10x Cultists w/Stubber, MoN - 77


Helbrute - 100


5x Raptors - Champion w/Melta-Bombs & Powersword, 2xmeltas, VotLW - 145

5x Warptalons - MoN, VotLW - 195

Heldrake - Baleflamer - 170

Heavy Support

Land Raider - 230 - need to make use of it

Forgefiend w/ ectoplasma cannon - 200


>> No.21286181

You called?

Pic related, this is how I Khorne.

>> No.21286233

My 2000 daemon list that just got 2nd in our 24 man league (which tabled the person who got first)


4 Flamers
4 Flamers
4 Bloodcrushers

9 Pink Horrors
+ Changeling
+ Bolt
7 Pink Horrors
+ Bolt
5 Plaguebearers
5 Plaguebearers
5 Plaguebearers

6 Screamers
10 Seekers

Soul Grinder
+ Phlegm
Soul Grinder
+ Phlegm
Soul Grinder
+ Phlegm

>> No.21286244

so im starting 40k soon and im going chaos space marine. im getting the old battle force but my question what should i get next? mind you im new. but im really liking typhus and what he does with the cultist and the plague marines. but any one want to recommend me some stuff i should add on the wish list

>> No.21286261

This is how I Tzeentch (sometimes), brother.

>> No.21286283

There is two routes you could go down to start chaos. Firstly, u could buy the csm battleforce, or u could buy the chaos portion of dark vengeance. Both are good, then buy the new codex, and read it a lot. Bear in mind to familiarize yourself with the game before you start. Typhus turns cultists into zombies, which can only attack using melee, but have the fearless, feel no pain and slow and purposeful rules

>> No.21286292

You sir, have my utmost respect. Truly. Do you perchance have any of your battles recorded and on the internet? I would gladly watch your Daemons set loose on the table.

My advice: love first, master second. What you like is what you will have the most fun playing. The rest comes with experience.

I didn't realise Tzeentch is into corgis but I'm okay with that.

>> No.21286358

It's HOPE, my friend. The cuteness of the Corgi inspires men to rise from their sadness and attempt to keep going. This is also how some people transition from Nurgle to Slaaneshy! Striving to perfect yourself, to attain heights of personal glory you thought were previously unattainable.

Truly, we are all Undivided. Brothers and sisters in essence.

>> No.21286412

Tau 1000

Shas'o 75
-Missile Pod 12
-Plasma Rifle 20
-Multi-Tracker 5
-Hard-wired drone controller 0
-2x Shield Drone 30
-Hard-wired Target Lock 5
-Hard-Wired Black Sun Filter 3
Total: 150

Remaining: 850

-12 Firewarriors 120
-1 Shas'ui 10
Total: 130

12 Firewarriors 120
-1 Shas'ui 10
Total: 130

3 Shas'ui 75
-1 TL Flamer 6
-2 Flamers 4
-2 Multi-Tracker 10
-1 HW Multi-Tracker 5
-1 Shas'ui Leader 5
-2 Burst Cannon 16
Airbursting Fragmentation Projector 20
Total: 141

8 Pathfinders 96
-1 Devilfish 80
Total: 176

Heavy Support
1x Broadside 70
-1 Targetting array 10
-1 Leader 5
-Hard-Wired Drone Controller
-1x Shield Drone 15
-Hard-Wired Black Sun FIlter 3
-Total: 103

Hammerhead 90
Railgun 50
Disruption Pod 5
Smart Missile System 20
Black Sun Filter 5
Total: 170

Total: 1000 Points

>> No.21286415

6++ isn't going to help much.

>> No.21286416

Yes, it is the rawest kind of motivation: to surpass.

Indeed, pic related.

>> No.21286466

Hey /tg/. I'm looking to get some allies for my Slaanesh CSM. My list is pretty shooty with lots of Noise Marines and Forgefiend support. But, I'd like to take some help that can give me a little extra close combat bite against Terminators since I can't take anything AP2 without loosing initiative, and help me deal with heavier vehicles that Forgefiends can't penetrate. Preferably something cheap too that won't break my bank and is sorta fluffy.

I was maybe thinking Necrons for their Lychguard and warscythes to deal with land raiders and the terminators within. But its not really fluffy at all.

>> No.21286518

Kharn always get me in that. What a guy.

>> No.21286578

My first answer would be MORE SONIC BLASTERS IN THE NAME OF ALL CAPS, but you're probably looking for more interesting solution (otherwise you wouldn't be playing Slaanesh, right?). You could always look into Traitor Guard for solutions, or, if you can keep them away from each other, Dark Eldar, the folks who are into Slaanesh so she wouldn't be into their souls. I would avoid CC if I were you, and just keep adding dakka until you don't have more points left. CC isn't good in 6th. (opinion)

>> No.21286670

MORE SONIC BLASTERS was my original plan, but I've seen the resin upgrade pack and wasn't impressed. I'd rather wait until there's a full-plastic Noise Marine kit to add more sonic power to my collection.

Dark Eldar aren't a bad idea. Some Kabalites in a Raider with splinter racks could just drown enemy terminators in shots (and failed armor saves). I've always liked those wacky Space Drow anyways. Thanks for the advice!

>> No.21286740

Yeah, I'd wait for the new models too, they shouldn't be far away (in GW terms).

Glad I could help.

>> No.21286869


How then does this sound:


Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, Rad Grenade, Power Weapon (50)
- 10 Death Cult (150)
- Chimera (55), Heavy Flamer

Ordo Malleus, Terminator Armour, Psycannon
- 4 Lasgun Henchmen
- 3 Plasma Gun Henchmen
- 3 Plasma Cannon Servitors
- 2 Jokaero
Total: 288


5 Terminators, Hammers, Banner, Psycannon (225)

10 PAGK, 2 Psycannons (220)

10 PAGK, 9 Halberds, Hammer (255)


Stormraven, Missile (230)

That's 1,498 and has an extra scoring unit, a shooty Inquisitor with laser apes, and the Assassin deathstar in a Stormraven

>> No.21286940

This is for the guy who wants to do Egyptian-style Thousand Sons. Hope you're around, bro, you might want to look at this.

>> No.21286959

Wait, a better idea is replace the Terminator Inquisitor with Coteaz, and laugh heartily as that objective-sitting laser ape squad is now Troops. As are the Death Cults.

>> No.21286983

Yes sir, that's what actually inspired me to turn my sphinxes into TS Defilers before 6E came out, then I figured Forgefiends are better and I got a great yet simple concept in my head for them.

Hell, If I had a set of Defiler legs, I'd build them modular. Necrosphinx torso, put it on defiler legs = Soul Grinder. Attach extra guns? Defiler. Attach on original sphinx body? Maulerfiend.

Allis Dust, motherfucker!

>> No.21287013

To add, look. The chest bit looks like a winky face. If you look at the two dots and the squiggly from the side, it's also a :V

>> No.21287032

You sir, you truly have great imagination.

Pic related.

>> No.21287058

Here's a couple Dreadnought conversions, because Helbrutes are dumb.

>> No.21287076

I just wish that at some point there'll be a Thousand Sons Dread Character.

>> No.21287085

This is what I've been running lately, the inquisitors attached to the dakka units to get the primarus divination power of rerolls to hit.

ordo mallus inquisitor, 2 sevo skulls, termie armor, psysic

2x melee henchmen (6 deathcult 6 crusaders in a chimera)
2x dakka henchmen (7 acylites w/ storm bolter, 2 jokero, 3 servitors w/ heavy bolter, razorback with psybolt and assault cannon)

3x psyrilemen dreadnoughts

2 hq
4 troops
3 heavy

>> No.21287097

you know i hope they just put the hell brute in a different pose or maybe do a little someting different with him. i do like im though

>> No.21287117

Sweet jesus goddamn. I fucking wish.

Thanks brah. Here, have a pic of one of my unique 'zerkers, though I don't field him. Taking the piss out of LOYALIST DOGS all day erry day: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/519EA2KDXTL.jpg

>> No.21287142

2 x Hive Tyrant
- Whip & Sword, Scything talons, toxic, regeneration, 2+ armour

2 x 3 Warriors
- Toxic, pie plate cannon

2 x 3 Carnifexes
- 2 x Scything talons, toxic, bioplasma, regeneration

2000 Points

>> No.21287148

1. Company Command Squad, 4x Plasma gun

1. Veteran Infantry Squad, 3x Meltagun
2. Veteran Infantry Squad, 3x Meltagun
3.1 Platoon Command Squad, 3x Meltagun, Chimera
3.2 Infantry Squad, 1x Autocannon Commissar, chimera
3.3 Infantry Squad, 1x Autocannon
3.4 Infantry Squad, 1x Autocannon
3.5 Special Weapon Squad, 3x Flamer, Chimera* (From Troops 3.2)

1. Vendetta; Transports squad 1
2. Vendetta; Transports squad 2

Heavy Support:
1. LR Executioner, Hull Heavy Bolter
2. LR Battle Tank, Hull Heavy Bolter
3. LR Battle Tank, Hull Heavy Bolter

Thinking of dropping the plasma guns from the command squad since they tend to just hide behind the rest of the army, maybe use the points to add more dakka to the tanks.

>> No.21287153

Why don't you field them? I mean, if I were you, I'd just:
1, Field them all the time
2, Bathe in their impotent rage
3, Back home go to: http://www.rainymood.com/
4, Imagine it's their tears falling from the sky
5, Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahh

>> No.21287169

World Eaters using C:SW:

5 TAWG, assault cannon, combi melta+PF, 3 SS, LRR
6 WG, PP+FB, Razorback with TL LC
6 WG, PP+FB, Drop Pod

Around 1500 points.

>> No.21287200

>1. Company Command Squad, 4x Plasma gun
>No medkit

>> No.21287208

Land Raider
Land Raider
x10 Berzerkers
x9 Berzerkers
+10 CSM (flamer, missle)

Got third in my last tourney.

>> No.21287215

I hope that's a fun list, or I'm horribly uninformed about today's tyranid meta.

Chop the troops a bit, make it 3 Vendettas and 3 Executioners, and get an Astropath. I'm no IG player but a skilled friend of mine has these and they steamroll.

>> No.21287221

Well, I used to use them as "allies" from a fluff standpoint cause I wanted more CC units in my shooty TS list but then I kinda said fuck that and made fluff to justify the use of other units and to give me more conversion work. I HAVE added some doodads to a plastic Daemon Prince so I can paint him up and field him as an Ascended Kratos from God of War. He's got the shoulder armour as the golden fleece, chains around his wrists and weapon and gonna paint that bitchin' tattoo on him in brass.

Small Khornate ally contigent, i'm pretty set for playing games now, I realized. My other berzerkers include: Conan the Barbarian, Jason Voorhees, Dante from Devil May Cry, an assortment of dual-wielding psychos and a guy in a "COME AT ME, LOYALIST SCUM" pose. Fun as fuck to do up. I love Chaos, I can take the utter piss and still be serious.

>> No.21287227

Die for the Emperor or die trying.

>> No.21287234 [DELETED] 

1850 Pts - Blood Angels Roster

1 Aegis Defence Lines
1 Aegis Defence Lines

12 Assault Squad
12 Assault Squad - Chainsword; Krak Grenades

1 Baal Predator
1 Baal Predator - Twin-Linked Assault Cannon; Heavy Bolter (each side)

4 Bike Squad
2 Bike Squad - Krak Grenades; Twin-Linked Bolter
1 Bike Squad - Meltagun; Krak Grenades; Twin-Linked Bolter
1 Bike Squad - Plasma gun; Krak Grenades; Twin-Linked Bolter

1 Captain in Power Armour
1 Captain in Power Armour - Storm Shield; Krak Grenades; Iron Halo; Twin-Linked Bolter
[Unassigned: 1 Thunder Hammer]

5 Death Company
3 Death Company - Krak Grenades; Chainsword
1 Death Company - Krak Grenades; Power Axe
1 Death Company - Krak Grenades; Power Fist

4 Devastator Squad
2 Devastator Squad - Missile Launcher; Krak Grenades
1 Devastator Squad - Heavy Bolter; Krak Grenades
1 Devastator Squad - Lascannon; Krak Grenades

1 Drop Pod
1 Drop Pod - Storm Bolter

1 Gun Emplacement
1 Gun Emplacement

1 Librarian in Power Armour
1 Librarian in Power Armour - Krak Grenades; Force Sword

2 Razorback
1 Razorback - Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter
1 Razorback - Dozer Blade

1 Rhino
1 Rhino - Storm Bolter

1 Sergeant
1 Sergeant - Lightning Claw; Krak Grenades

1 Sergeant
1 Sergeant - Power Maul; Krak Grenades

1 Sergeant
1 Sergeant - Krak Grenades; Melta Bombs; Power Lance; Twin-Linked Bolter

1 Sergeant
1 Sergeant - Krak Grenades

1 Sergeant
1 Sergeant - Krak Grenades; Melta Bombs; Close Combat Weapon

1 Sergeant
1 Sergeant - Power Fist; Krak Grenades

5 Sternguard Veteran Squad
5 Sternguard Veteran Squad - Krak Grenades

9 Tactical Squad
9 Tactical Squad - Krak Grenades; Plasma gun; Heavy Bolter
Total Roster Cost: 1850

>> No.21287237

>Land Raiders
>Third in tournament
Do tell me how that happened, I wish to be enlightened.

>> No.21287284

Pics, oh god, pics!

I still have two 'zerkers from my old army (which I sold quite a long while ago) because they accidentally ended up hilarious. One guy holding a skull ended up getting called Hamlet, the other with a head from the Possessed sprue got named Smiley because the paintjob made him look like he's laughing his ass off. I'm no great painter or converter, but this just kept happening aaaaaalll the tiiiiiiime.

>> No.21287287

Tzeentch and Nurgle have a thing that they don't like each other very much. Less then they do the other two at least.
But since they're my favorite gods since the time I read about them in the Hordes of chaos book, I want to field an Tzeentch and Nurgle daemon army.
If you want some fluffy excuse for this: Tzeentch and Nurgle sent their daemons down to kill stuff and whoever kills most is the winner. Wuhu.

So here's my 1500 Points list. Sorry for my lack of the actual english names.

Herald of Tzeentch
-Disc, Bolt, Breath, Mastery
Herald of Nurgle
- On palanquin, touch, aura, breath
3 Flamers
7 Plaguebearers
- icon, instrument
6 Plaguebearers (Herald goes here)
- Icon, instrument
9 Horrors
- Bolt
8 Horrors (Herald goes here)
- Bolt, Changeling
7 Nurglings
Daemonprince of Tzeentch
- Armour, Wings, Mark, Bolt, Breath
Daemonprince of Nurgle
- Armour, Wings, Mark, Touch. Aura, Breath

>> No.21287330

>One guy holding a skull ended up getting called Hamlet

Holy fucking shit dude, I actually have an aspiring champion doing this, me and a friend made him specifically to take the piss out of my name (which is a different spelling of Yorick). It's him holding a skull in his powerfist, looking at it as if he's about to recite poetry or whatever.

As for pics, gladly. I might get called out for being an attentionwhore though as I've posted my things plenty.. Oh well.

Come at me, brozerker, Konan the Berzerkian and Dante. I gave him two pistols for ebony and ivory and Rebellion on his back from a Chaos Knight lance.

>> No.21287338

Wow, Army builder really fucked that up.

Libby w/ Force Axe
TH/SS Biker captain

5bolter dc in a drop pod, 1 with axe 1 with fist

10man tac sqaud w/ heavy bolter plasma gun in a rhino, serg has maul

Aegis line with icarus

Baal w/ sshb

5 man bike sqaud, 1melta 1 plasma and serg has lance

Dev squad w/ 1 heavy bolter, 2 missles and a lascannon

8 man assault squad, serg has claw

6 man sternguard in a las/plas razorback, serg has bolter/pf

6 man assault squad in a heavy bolter razorback serg has melta bombs

>> No.21287350

And Jason Voorhees, still kicking ass 38 millenia in the future. Hilariously oversized machete and decapitated pizzafaced head of Freddy Krueger included from the post-credits scene of Freddy VS Jason (yes it was a shit movie but it was entertaining nonetheless)

>> No.21287413

Mine is holding the skull in his hand. When people ask "and where is his power fist" I say that he uses the skull for that which is burning but I'm not the Jackie Chan of modelling so it's not there. And even though I made that shit up on the spot back then, it's actually pretty fluffy. Thumbs up for improvisation I guess.
The models are great, though Conan's could use a sobbing whore at his feet. Or some other hint at "What is best in life".

I'm not familiar with the characters but the model looks awesome, it would certainly be an honour to play against well done models such as these.

>> No.21287585

I was thinking of adding a lizardman/snake head at his feet, for Thulsa Doom. I think you did great work, I'd love to play you. Thank you for the compliments, part of the joy of my hobby is putting in all sorts of references to shit I like. One of my custom Obliterators I modelled after Ash Williams from Evil Dead. Love it.

>> No.21288448

Bump for the Bump God!

>> No.21288940

1850 Tourny this weekend, need to remove 209 pts. Any tips guys?
1124 Primary Attachement
835 Allied Attachement
100 Fortifications
Total 2059 (-209)

Primary Attachement
65 CSM Lord
65 Lord
15 Mark of Nurgle
10 Combi-Melta
5 Blight grenades
15 Jump Pack
25 Sigil of Corruption
35 Murder Sword

Chaos Space Marines-275
75 Chaos Space Marines
130 Additional CSM x10
30 Additional CCW x 15
15 Plasma Gun x1
10 Autocannon
15 Veterans of the Long War x15

Plague Marines-205
120 Plague Marines
48 Additional Plague Marines x2
30 Plasma Gun x2
7 Veterans of the Long War x7

Obliterators 158
70 Obliterator
70 Additional Obliterator
12 Mark of Nurgle x2
6 Veterans of the Long War x2

Obliterators 158
70 Obliterator
70 Additional Obliterator
12 Mark of Nurgle x2
6 Veterans of the Long War x2

Obliterators 158
70 Obliterator
70 Additional Obliterator
12 Mark of Nurgle x2
6 Veterans of the Long War x2

50 Company Command Squad
60 Plasma Gun x4 (Veteran)
30 Officer of the Fleet
30 Master of Ordnance

30 Platoon Command Squad
20 Grenade Launcher x4 (Guardsmen)

50 Infantry Squad
5 Grenade Launcher
10 Autocannon team

50 Infantry Squad
5 Grenade Launcher
10 Autocannon team

50 Infantry Squad
5 Grenade Launcher
10 Autocannon team

50 Infantry Squad
5 Grenade Launcher
10 Autocannon team

60 Heavy Weapons Squad
30 Missile Launcher x3

60 Heavy Weapons Squad
45 Lascannon x3

160 Manticore Rocket Launcher
0 Heavy Flamer (replace Heavy Bolter)


50 Aegis Defense Line
50 Gun-Emplacement Quad Gun

>> No.21289270

If you're getting such a large CSM squad, drop the Heavy weapons. You want to get closer with that many bolters.

Seeing as you have a Nurgle Lord, I'd get more Plague Marines.

Drop the VOTLW on Obliterators. Keep them away from assaulters. Alternatively, keep it only on those that will be deep struck or whatever puts them in assault threat.

I don't know how I feel about all those Infantry Squads. Regular CSM are probably a better option, even without any options. Maybe just get the minimum required.

You have 2-3 units that can deal with melee. Only the Lord really kicks ass in melee, though. Maybe get one of the many walkers or something else that excels in melee. Alternatively, more Plague Marines, as they are pretty good at defending assaults with their new poisoned blades. If you just want to shoot at shit, a Defiler could be an option. Park him near a cluster of troops and if someone charges one of them, counter-charge with the Defiler.

>> No.21289299

I was thinking or removing most options from the CSM Lord, and keep him w/ MoN, Blight Grenades and maybe a Power Axe
Then reduce the CSM to 10 guys from 15
Remove the MoO from the IG Command Squad
Take out the IG HW Missile Launcher team
Toss in 2 Rhinos for the CSMs
Seem like a good plan?

Also, here are my IG, the Svog 227th
From Left to Right: Master of Ordnance, Astropath, Officer of the Fleet

>> No.21289381

Thanks for the help.
I was thinking that no unit outside the Lord really excels at Assaults.
VotLW will be dropped, i doubt I will be getting them close anyways, it was more a LD precaution.

IG Platoon II shown here.

>> No.21290596

Completed the force:

65 Chaos Lord
15 Mark of Nurgle
15 Power Weapon-Axe (replaces Close Combat Weapon)
15 Aura of Dark Glory

120 Plague Marines
48 Additional Plague Marines x2
30 Plasma Gun x2
7 Veterans of the Long War x7
35 Rhino

75 Chaos Space Marines
65 Additional CSM x5
0 Replace Boltgun with Close Combat Weapon
20 Meltagun x2 (replaces Boltgun)
10 Veterans of the Long War x10
20 Mark of Slaanesh x10
15 Power Weapon-Sword (Aspiring Champion)
35 Rhino

-Heavy Support-444-
70 Obliterator
70 Additional Obliterator
12 Mark of Nurgle x2

70 Obliterator
70 Additional Obliterator
12 Mark of Nurgle x2

70 Obliterator
70 Additional Obliterator

50 Company Command Squad
60 Plasma Gun x4 (Veteran)
30 Officer of the Fleet

30 Platoon Command Squad
20 Grenade Launcher x4 (Guardsmen)

Infantry Squad I
50 Infantry Squad
5 Grenade Launcher
10 Autocannon team

Infantry Squad II
50 Infantry Squad
5 Grenade Launcher
10 Autocannon team

Infantry Squad III
50 Infantry Squad
5 Grenade Launcher
10 Autocannon team

Infantry Squad IV
50 Infantry Squad
5 Grenade Launcher
10 Autocannon team

Heavy Weapons Squad I
60 Heavy Weapons Squad
45 Lascannon x3

160 Manticore Rocket Launcher
0 Heavy Flamer (replace Heavy Bolter)
50 Aegis Defense Line
50 Gun-Emplacement Quad Gun

Total 1849pts (+1pts to 1850pts)

Slaanesh CC Marines should help with Assaults, Lord will join Plague Marines. Otherwise plenty of Dakka in the force I feel.

>> No.21291067

No critique or suggestions? No one actually said the last time it was posted if it was actually any good lol.

>> No.21291297


I generally prefer Slaaneshi or Tzeentchian Warp Talons (if Talons at all). They only have one real job, and that's killing marines, so being I5 really helps out with that. Tzeentch is a good choice because they get to be 4++ that way, which is more important for a CC unit. Yeah yeah, powerfists will ID you, but if you're facing a str 8 powerfist it's probably going to wound your 1 wound model and kill it anyway.


I'd personally ditch the lascannons on the HW squads. You already have two oblit squads and some melta in your csms. Consider taking some autocannons, then you could give your second oblit squad MoN and your lord a SoC.

Also your only vehicles are a pair of rhinos. Get ready for those two boxes to explode on the first turn when the enemy sends any anti-armor it has against them.


Your list is odd, your only long range asset that can reliably threaten AV13 is the HoD.

You have your two HotS but voltaic staffs are pretty short in the range department, and you're apparently going to be parking them right in the enemies face with nothing to protect them but 5 warriors.

And your boyz are slogging it, so they'll be lagging behind, getting shot up on the first turn.

>> No.21291406

Well I've been trying to work out a list to do at around the end of Nov, but I don't want to end up doing an air cav. list lol.

Or I could and not make any friends ever, either way.

>> No.21291646

Fluff imperial guard army only way to play them under 2000pts.

Company Command Squad: 50
Power Weapon( cause fuck yeah it shimmers) 10pts
Master of the Fleet:30pts
Master of ordnance: 30pts

Platoon Alpha
Platoon command Sqaud:30pts

Infantry Sqaud 1: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 2: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 3: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 4: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 5: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Special Weapons Squad 1: 35pts
3 Meltaguns:30pts

Special Weapons Squad 2: 35pts
3 Meltaguns: 30pts

Platoon Bravo
Platoon command Sqaud:30pts

Infantry Sqaud 1: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 2: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 3: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 4: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 5: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Special Weapons Squad 1: 35pts
3 Meltaguns:30pts

Special Weapons Squad 2: 35pts
3 Meltaguns: 30pts

Platoon Charlie
Platoon command Sqaud:30pts

Infantry Sqaud 1: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 2: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 3: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 4: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Infantry Sqaud 5: 50pts
Grenade Launcher:5pts

Special Weapons Squad 1: 35pts
3 Meltaguns:30pts

Special Weapons Squad 2: 35pts
3 Meltaguns: 30pts

Mock all you want but hot damn those troops and snapshots. My dick is so hard when I go to the local gaming store and people avoid me and this list.

>> No.21291669


So... what exactly do you do if your target is more than 30" away from you?

>> No.21291708


Have you not read the rapid fire rules for 6th. so the better question would be 36" away.

how would you handle 206 models...I am gonna assume your two autocannons may kill a few before I wipe your troops.

>> No.21291756

Trying to work out a Tyberos list for a 1500 point game

Tyberos – 190

Captain – Bike, arty, fist -175

Terminator squad w/ LC – 200
In a LRC- 250

5 Bikes with 2 plasma + Sergeant with meltabombs and fist – 150

5 Bikes with 2 plasma + Sergeant with meltabombs and fist - 150

10 tactical marines with missile launcher and flamer. -170

Stormtalon – 130.

Dakkapred -85


How is it?

>> No.21291797

>Have you not read the rapid fire rules for 6th. so the better question would be 36" away.


>> No.21291813


My annihilation barges are going to love that list of yours~

>> No.21291892

Taking armor is useless unless you take alot of it, so if you're taking dreadnoughts, take two they'll fit well with the preds as well; however if you plan to field this list at a tourny watch for softscores. I personally recommend the podguards, they get alot done and are relativity safe. AS for the lib taking the storm shield might not be worth the points, I'm not sure if c:sm libs get a free iron halo, but I do know that a ss is expensive. And the two tac squads are of course good options, just watch for those damned explodes! results because they will kill 1-3 of your marines.

>> No.21291921

Maan a storm raven or doom scythe would fuck you up.

>> No.21292000

You've got less than 30 bodies in 1500..

I don't think those bikes will pay off, to be honest. And your land raider is going to be slag in no time flat, being a 650-point egg basket with no other significant threats.

>> No.21292012


So what would you recommend?

>> No.21292037

Lists was made before the hippy dippy flyers. Still fucking fun to play otherwise. but at 2500pts I add 9 hyrdas 2 vendettas a astropath and a bodyguard just for kicks.

>> No.21292039

I wanted to create a hard assault SM force, bolter spam, drop pods, rhinos, and siege tanks (vindicators, whirlwind).

So with the fear of getting called a sternguard list, I'll whip something up and post it (real list lost on a harddrive).

1850 points Crimson Fist strike force
Pedro Kantor - 175 points

9 man Sternguard with 2x meltagun and a Drop Pod - 270
9 man Sternguard with 2x meltagun and a Drop Pod (and Kantor) - 270
Ironclad in a Drop Pod with Hurricaine Bolters and a Heavy Flamer - 175 points

10x Marines with Missile Launcher and Plasma Gun in a Rhino - 215 points
10x Marines with Multimelta and Meltagun in a drop pod - 215 points
10x Marines with Multimelta and Plasma Gun in a drop pod - 220 points

2x Vindicatior - 230 points
1x Whirlwind - 85 points

>> No.21292118

Does anyone mind helping a newbie out? I love Warhammer 40k but knowing all the in and outs of fluff doesn't really help when you're making an army list. Can anyone suggest a basic 500-1000 Slaanesh-themed CSM list, hopefully one I could build off of?

>> No.21292144


/tg/ is a pretty terrible place for warhammer advice. Nobody knows how to build a list.

>> No.21292147

Easy... Anything you want to field in a unit, should be in multiples of 6 if you can.

Get Noise Marines. Give them the Feel No Pain icon, if possible. If you ally your army with anything, ally it with Slaanesh Daemons.

For 500-1000, I recommend cultists, and Noise Marines with a Slaanesh Lord for a start. Chaos Marines are fairly decent as well, and gives you something other than Sonic weapons. Obliterators aren't bad, neither are the new dino-bots.

>> No.21292156


>should be multiples of 6

Fuck off flufffag.

>> No.21292158

That's not true. There are plenty of people who know how to build an army list, both for competitive play and 'not being a dick' play.

>> No.21292161

if it were me..?

I'd try and fit in a second predator, or ditching the predator and grabbing a pair of vindicators. Contingencies, y'know?

Basically, you need something to take the heat off of the land raider, while also being able to dish out damage if they survive and the 'raider bites it. Vindicators are great for that sort of thing. So are podding Ironclads.

Bikers are.. expensive. With the 475 you've invested in them, you could get a whole lot of regular marines.. or tanks.. or both.

>> No.21292163

>if you can
doesn't mean

Fucking aspies...

>> No.21292198

Late to the party, but I've considered bringing a Skyshield and plopping it as far out into the middle of the board as I can for my Daemons. Unshielded, you can Deep Strike without scatter onto it, then run your stuff off of it. You'd never use it shielded, but whatevs.

>> No.21292209

This is my 1500 point list. Thus far I've won a local tourney with it (2-0-1 was my final record, drew against flying circus).

Lord - Bike, Mark of Slaanesh, Sigil of Corruption, Black Mace, Power Axe-

10x CSM - 2x Plasma
10x CSM - 2x Plasma
10x CSM - 2x Plasma
10x CSM - 2x Plasma

7x Bikers - Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, 2x Melta Guns, Champion with Power (Lance, atm) and Melta Bombs


>> No.21292324

St Celestine - 115


Sisters of Battle x10 - 200
Melta Gun, Heavy Flamer
VSS - Combi-Plasma

Sisters of Battle x10 - 200
Melta Gun, Heavy Flamer
VSS - Combi-Plasma


Seraphim x10 - 200
Hand Flamer x2
VSS - Melta Bombs

Dominion x5 - 125
Meltagun x2

Dominion x5 - 125
Meltagun x2


Exorcist - 135
Exorcist - 135

Retributers x10
Heavy Bolters x4
Simulacrum Imperialus

Aegis Defense Line - 100
Quad Gun

Behold. Everything worth taking filled out in 1500 points.

>> No.21292325


Bikers may be expensive, but they're crazy survivable and with FC they're quite dangerous on the assault. Once they win a combat they get rage too.

Should I be ditching them for tactical squads in rhinos?

>> No.21292352

T5 3+ is great against small arms fire and close combat, but you still die to plasma and ordinance like a regular marine.

>Should I be ditching them for tactical squads in rhinos?
*I* would. But my opinion isn't necessarily what you'd want to play with. I just feel that when you're already sinking a huge chunk of points into a death-star, complimenting it with bodies is generally a good bet.

>> No.21292397

you make it sound like a bike doesn't have the manueverbility to keep it out of plasma's way, i will give you the large powerful blast though, especially if its barrage.

>> No.21292425


Considering that the bikes are intended to be used as assault units they really aren't going to be all that maneuverable.

>> No.21292464

they're carrying plasma themselves. If you want to actually use them, they're going to be in harm's way.

Bike units are great en-masse or when acting as support, but when (aside from a land-raider) they're quite literally all you have to shoot.. their durability only goes so far.

>> No.21292486

What vehicles should a new CSM player running Iron Warriors fluffed list (no particular marks or noise marines, etc.) focus on?

Playing against low point GK(only two psycannons) and Necron(no fliers)

>> No.21292858

Space Wolves / IG
2000 Points

Rune Priest, Master of Runes, Runic Armour and Chooser of the Slain - 180

3 squads of 5 Grey Hunters with Melta gun, Power First and Yiff Standard - 470

1 squad of Grey Hunters with Wulfen and Melta - 95

2 Rhinos with Dozers - 80

3 squads of 6 Long Fangs, one with all Las C, another with Missile Launchers and the third with Heavy Bolters

Co. Command Sqd. with Lascannon Team, a flamer and melta - 85

Vert squad with 2 meltas, a single heavy flamer and a las cannon team - 85

3 Leman Russ Exterminators with heavy bolters everywhere and Camo Netting - 570

>> No.21292994

65 CSM Lord
15 Power Claw
15 Jump Pack
15 Aura of Dark Glory
30 Burning Brand of of Skalanthrax
15 Mark of Slaanesh

75 CSM squad
65 additional csm x5
0 replace bolter w/ CCW
20 Meltagun x2
20 Mark of Slaanesh x10
10 Veterans of the Long War x10
15 Power Weapon-Sword (Serg)
35 Rhino

75 CSM squad
65 additional csm x5
0 replace bolter w/ CCW
20 Meltagun x2
20 Mark of Slaanesh x10
10 Veterans of the Long War x10
15 Power Weapon-Sword (Serg)
35 Rhino

Fast Attack-155
95 Raptors
20 Meltagun x2
30 Lightnings Claws (Champion)
10 Mark of Slaanesh x5

Heavy Support-140
140 Obliterators x2

Heavy Support-70
700 Obliterators x1

1000pts for you. All from Boxed sets too so minimal conversions.
Lord joins Raptors and is really good in CC and his Flamer can draw out models in cover and kill other Marines well,
CSM in Rhinos are quite good at CC and can get their fast with Rhinos. Serg is for challenges. 2 Melta for killing tanks and MCs, and SV 2+
Oblits are your anti-anything

Now go out an win in the name of Slaanesh!

>> No.21293025


Uh.. those lascannons are wasted in those IG squads.

Put the three meltas in the vet squad, and make your command squad x4 flamers.

>> No.21293169

Preds are outclassed in most ways for CSM, so avoid
Land Raiders are to pricey to be used.
Obliterators are fluffy and the best choice by far
Vindicators are quite fluffy and decent, make sure to give them a Combi-Bolter solely for the fact of the 50/50 chance a weapons destroyed takes that out instead of the Cannon.

>> No.21294048

nobs aren't great. Change to FC means that they are I3 combat troops, even on the charge. Real combat troops will eat them. Meganobs are better, and more bad-moon too.

Those mobs of boyz could be bigger, ideally with big shootas. As things are, you might as well grab objective grabber grots and spend the extra points on another units.

Deffkoptas probably don't need bigbomms, you have enough anti-infantry if you buff up the boyz mobs.

>> No.21294208


Battle report for this list here

>> No.21294289

I would like to get into Wh40k, but I could use some guidelines for my first army. I intend to get a Salamander's one.
Could someone give me a list of what to work towards? It might take a while.

>> No.21294450

Coteaz- 100
GKSSx10 psycannonx2 with rhino-260
Warrior Acolyte bolterx7 plas/meltax3 with chim-132

Friends and I are getting into 40k and starting with 500 (and probably never going much higher up). Meltas if friends squeeze in mech (they're nids and DE so not really) and plasmas if they go elite/MC heavy.

Was also thinking of dropping one WA and taking two servitors with multi-meltas and/or heavy bolters to make better use of the 5 hardpoints and make them really shooty/beamy. Thoughts?

>> No.21294468

Don't have enough shoota boyz painted up for the 500 point tourney this sunday, so I'm running this for shits and giggles. Pretty much everyone is casual as fuck, me included. I know I spent way too many points on my nob bikers, but they're so deliciously indestructable.

Warboss (Powerklaw, Cybork Body, Eavy Armor) 100 points


3 Nobs (3x Warbikes, 1x Powerklaw, 1x Big Choppa, 1x Bosspole, 1x Painboy, 1x Grot Orderly, 3x Cybork Bodies) 220 points

21 shoota boyz (2x Big Shoota) 136 points
1 nob (Powerklaw, Bosspole) 40 points
176 points

1 Ammo Runt 3 points

499 points

>> No.21294480

Get a vindicare assassin.

20-ish bucks to ensure your friends never buy any vehicles unless one of them is running iron warriors like one of my poor friends

Just make sure you brag loudly about the 3d6+3 pen; you'll be the hero they deserve, and the hero their wallets need

>> No.21294496


If I wanted to make an artillrey unit army, what fact would I use?

That's right, I want t7 w2 guns to poke my opponents eyes with.

>> No.21294508

drop down to 20 boyz, drop orderlies and ammo runts, add another nob biker.

>> No.21294520

or forge world.

>> No.21294523

I thought about VA but he seems to be way to point heavy in that bracket. We thought about eventually buying like one more addition and playing 650 games and I was going to either tag out a psyfleman dread or a VA. As for vehicles, one is a nid and am assuming he's going tervigon/ genestealers dependent. I can play the ignore game to the tervigon and any gants he drops will get swatted no problem.The genestealers Coteaz should keep them in check with that out of turn shooting. Speaking of, you wouldn't get overwatch with that as well, right?

>> No.21294525

Wave serpents laugh at you.

>> No.21294535


>all those melta-guns

He better hope he isn't playing against orks.

>> No.21294544

A nob biker is expensive as fuck though. 20 + 25 for the bike and then he doesn't even have cybork or a big choppa.

>> No.21294550

Those are some pretty bitchin' skele-guard there.

>> No.21294565

Are land raiders ever worth it in 6th? People seem really opposed to the things.

Sure people can glance your HP to death, but on the contrary it's much harder to blow them up outright.

>> No.21294836

Actually, Forgefiends are great if you want some more dakka, which you should. Oblits are too expensive if you compare them to Dakkafiends. Vindicators with Havoc Launchers and Demonic Possession are beastly as well.

Depends. For CSM? Forget it. Seriously, we can bring so much dakka to the field that even Orks shed a tear of joy. For anyone else who can take it? It's still a good idea, just prepare some countermeasures for glance-spamming armies (Necrons, Dark Eldar, etc.).

>> No.21294942

For 65 points more you get a Spartan Assault tank.

If your flgs is okay with FW stuff, take that over the chaos land raider, since it has far more transport and firepower than the vanilla raider, being able to load Abadabadoo, Typhus and a whole squad of terminators for a super tough and killy deathstar

>> No.21298695

Thanks pal.
Over 1.5k pts of bodies alone, then I have 18 Chimeras to pack them into.
Only taken me 3yrs to do this.

>> No.21299163

1. Company Command Squad, officer of the fleet

1. Veteran Infantry Squad, 3x Meltagun
2. Veteran Infantry Squad, 3x Meltagun
3. Veteran infantry Squad, 3x Metlagun
4.1 Platoon Command Squad
4.2 Infantry Squad, 1x Autocannon Commissar
4.3 Infantry Squad, 1x Autocannon, 1x Flamer
4.4 Heavy Weapon Squad, 3x autocannon

1. Vendetta; Transports squad 1
2. Vendetta; Transports squad 2
3. Vendetta, transports squad 3

Heavy Support:
1. LR Executioner, Hull Mounted Lascannon
2. LR battle tank, Hull Heavy Bolter
3. Manticore

>> No.21299376

Did you use fantasy skeletons or some other type?

>> No.21299698

any recommendations?

>> No.21301638

Only VC Skeletons for infantry, then Grave Guard for Vets

>> No.21301676

CCS wants a HW, Likely a Lascannon to take advantage of the BS4
PCS can take 4specials, so run 4 Grenades
4.2 Infantry squad does not need the Commissar
4.3 does not need the flamer
I personally dont like the LR Executioner, but thats personal, I would rather pack another LR Battle Tank

>> No.21301719

From this thread, it seems like marine players are a minority, at least on /tg/. So why is everyone complaining about MEQ oversaturation?

>> No.21302034

I believe that Marine players tend to add for list advice less often on /tg/ because there are many more marine players, so it is easier to find lists/advice other places online.

>> No.21302259

1. Company Command Squad, officer of the fleet, lascannon

1. Veteran Infantry Squad, 3x Meltagun
2. Veteran Infantry Squad, 3x Meltagun
3. Veteran infantry Squad, 3x Metlagun
4.1 Platoon Command Squad, 4x Grenade Launcher
4.2 Infantry Squad, 1x Autocannon
4.3 Infantry Squad, 1x Autocannon
4.4 Heavy Weapon Squad, 3x autocannon

1. Vendetta; Transports squad 1
2. Vendetta; Transports squad 2
3. Vendetta, transports squad 3

Heavy Support:
1. LR Executioner, Hull Mounted Lascannon
2. LR battle tank, Hull Heavy Bolter
3. Manticore

this looking any better? I like the executioner because of it's ability to kill terminators at a higher range than the Demolisher, although throwing own a big pie plate of death sounds fun.

>> No.21302995


That's a good hypothesis, but what about all the IG lists in this thread?

>> No.21303242

Am I going to get shanked for fielding two Masters of ordnance plus a allied Chapter Master for orbital bombardment?

>> No.21303541

For some reason it is hard lately to find good IG lists... well harder than it is to find most space marine lists. It seems like everyone has varying opinions on what the best type of list for Imperial Guard in sixth edition is, or rather there are many ways to field the army competitively. Whereas most marine armies have 1 definitive list that is better than all of the others.

>> No.21304171

Depends, are you using "Bring It Down" to twin-link those Masters of Ordinance shelling enemy tanks?

>> No.21304332

I really like this
I actually like the Medusa more then LRBT's, but thats a preference
This list looks quite good, should fare quite well vs most forces.

>> No.21305098

Why thank you.

I never really hear much about Medusas, but i just looked them up and they seem amazing. Why don;t i see them in many competitive lists?

>> No.21305144

I think you are not finding the right places.
In 5th they dominated, not sure in 6th. Either way, they are cheap and effective, and can remove high-density threats like Paladins or Tau Battlesuits or Ork Nob Bikers, or simply do crowd-control because of the AP4

>> No.21305198

I think you are confusing Manticores with Medusas. Medusas are the strength 10 ap 2 ones, with the option to take the ap 1 melta small blasts.

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