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Weapons thread part 2. Now with more shoulder shattering action!

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>The Doorknocker
>A 13mm anti-tank PISTOL
Toten sie.

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I call her Olga...

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Now this is a DOOR-KNOCKER

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gentleman I give you, The Davy Crockett

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more dakka!

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The hell do you hold this thing?

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You can check the blast radius here

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You do know you can get a gun similar to this right? What you want is a Thompson Center Arms Contender refitted to fire .45/70 (which equates to 11.6mm). Not quite the same as 13mm but pretty damn close. It could also be refitted to .44 Magnum or .444 Marlin if you want to go at 10.9mm.

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This thing looks like real life bolter.

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>real life bolter
>anything other than an AA-12 with FRAG12 rounds

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for some horrible reason, I wish this was real.

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That gives me the weirdest boner.
Can't tell if Heresy or Sexy

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Colt Navy. may not be as "flashy" as these other guns. but god damn it if it didn't get the job done.

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>T/C Contender
>Not getting one rechambered for .30-06
>Not shooting bullets made out of your own ribs
Do you even Magus Killer?

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Heresy. Complete heresy. The rails are all in positions where they serve NO purpose on a levergun.

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how do you hold this thing now?

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>Colt Navy
>Not dead sexy in a miniskirt

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Sorry mate, can't hear you over my shotgun revolver

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The cavalry sword designed by General Patton himself

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Patton was a fucking moron. He knew what he was doing, but really, he needed to drop that old world bullshit.

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I love those guys.

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>heal 30 hp per round
>see this gun
yyyeeaaah I'm getting that. My bones will mend themselves

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I was going by bullet diameter to bring it as close as possible to the initial anime presentation. .30-06 is 7.62 x 63mm. So its almost half the width. Although if we want to stick to true to the anime best decision is probably a .500 or .600 Nitro Express.

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She can be pretty glamorous too when she decides to dress up.

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does it count if it can be easily used as a weapon?

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>easily used as a weapon
The bottom jaw of that thing entirely prevents you from making any sort of slashing attack, and the top guard prevents you from making any sort of stab or jab forward. You can only hurt someone if, say, they stick their arm out in defense, and you latch onto it. That thing could never open wide enough to get someone's torso or neck in it, and stooping to try to grab someone's leg is just... fucking dumb. They'd kick you in the face before you could get them.

tl;dr 0/10 kill yourself

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god I want something like this so bad

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Tanks in that universe sure were some flimsy tincans.

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Is that a fucking caster?

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40mm pump action. Fuck yeah!

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the one with the 19 barrels is just too ridiculous.

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how about just bludgeoning someone with it? You think of that huh, smart ass? well did you?

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6.25mm of armor

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The calibre is about 20mm, IIRC. That's bigger than .75 calibre.

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That's a joke right?
ou wouldn't have a hand after firing that beast.

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It's not about the barrels, but about the damage you can cause. Both mentally and physically

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i shoot knife

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>This is a joke right?
Samuel Colt never jokes.

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This thread needs more gustav.

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No contenders?

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Jesus, just give the damn thing a rifle stock and call it a carbine, at least that way you've got a chance of not breaking your hand when you fire it.

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I'm more a melee fellow myself but what the hey.

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>Penis mag

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Just one hit from this and you're retired.

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The feeder mechanism inside the drum magazine forms an "∞" shape, therefore it never depletes.

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And this one makes you silent and feeds you too.
Shame it only fires tranq rounds.

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>4 barrels

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>posting reaction images instead of guns

>only fires tranq (it doesn't)
>implying it fires/works at all

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4 BIG barrels.
It's a double-double-barreled shotgun, that's just a pepperbox.

See the filename of it.

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Gotta be to the knee tho.

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Speaking of tranq ammo, imagine what this could do with real bullets.

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1335104371862.jpg ?

have some glorious ar180

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>Skyrim jokes.
Fuck it.

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In the brackets, after the size and dimensions.

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fuck off

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It's time for sum holy nipon superior warfare technology.
But seriously fuck anyone who thinks this is a good idea.

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>posting a shoop
>not even a real obrez

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Why wouldn't it be?

I was handed that image in good faith.

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Wars are a terrible thing..

If that officer had been born just a few decades later, he'd probably be on /tg/ right now

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I'll see your glove and raise a ring.

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no, he'd still be japanese, he wouldn't be on /tg/, maybe 2ch, but he'd probably have more of a life

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Let me offer you some shoes to match with it.

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Oh and don't forget the purse.

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And a cane, for when you turn your pretty ankle.

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That fucking knifegunknucks

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Isn't it glorious?

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If by "glorious" you mean "makes me want to rip my eyes from all the moronic implications in entails" then yes, yes it is.

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Would you care to expand on specific flaws?

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For starters the barrel has no protection whatsoever so it will pepper-spray your hand mangling your sking once fired.
Then the trigger is so maladjusted to the shape of the knuckle that it could fire if loaded while usin the knuckle, and lastly the knife doesn't have a good support.
How about you, have you found more flaws you would care to share?

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Oh fuck me, I can't spell worth shit at this hour.

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I don't get it.

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Sorry, I thought you were talking about the katara. Please disregard.

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Pff at least the katar only has 2 fintlocks attached, it's not outlandish it just looks stupid & stilysh at the same time.
If anything it has a slight chance of dropping some powder in your hand and could cause you a sore-wrist when fired but it's fully functional.

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You realise that when it's put into knuckle mode the trigger is folded up, the only way it could fire like that would be if you used a screwdriver to push the trigger base back.

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What the fuck is this? I see a knife in there but what the hell is the rest of it?

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Alright, what is that exactly?

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Looks like a Tommy Shotgun.

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Might have been a Tommy gun
No idea what it is now
Have this instead

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>real life bolter is an AA-12
>Laughing AAI 18.5mm Rocket Submachineguns


Pic unrelated, but also a worthwhile weapon.

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Nerf guns really have a nice aesthetic to them once they have been painted something else than the factory yellow.

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That's a fucking nerf gun.

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Needs moar #15 buttfuck cartridges.

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Superior revolver is superior. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

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Is it just me or do black Nerf guns give a really big Halo vibe?

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Just like this one
and the one before

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That gun got hit by the ugly stick.

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Yay guns!

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Yhea, for an anti-aircraft gun.
Not for a fucking pistol.

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it's like i really want a nuclear winter!

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For all your 100 bullet problems.

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If you can figure out what's so odd about this gun, you win honorary /k/ommando status.

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Well, it has no way of ejecting brass.

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The barrel slides forward when the gun is fired.

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It has no slide, the hammer is entirely internal, something else?

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I'm also not entirely sure how the bullets get to the chamber, there's no indication of an opening there.

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But it does.

The whole barrel assembly moves forwards by the full length of the cartridge when it is fired, causing the gas pressure inside the barrel to blow the spent brass out of the gun.

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Force on casing pushes entire slide forward? That can't be effective.

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It's cut in half

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It's not made in 'merica

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Completely internal hammer?

How the hammer is "activated"?

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It was a real thing back in the early 20th century.


Had the interesting effect of allowing the barrel to be almost the full length of the gun, while more normal pistols have half their length taken up by the slide.

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>GM Sends me a message for the first time in a month
>steam dcs

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The diagram is woefully incomplete. I would assume it's a double action trigger like a Glock. You know, that cocks the hammer as you pull the trigger.

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like a glock...

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Does it means that explode?

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Ten years in Paint.

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This happens.

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Does anyone have a fancy looking long rifle with a nice wooden stock? I have been looking for a example to use for special rifle my players are going to come across

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Took me a minute to see the barrel. That's... actually pretty cool, if a little unconventional.

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None fancier.

Though judging from the numerous oddly shaped and positioned grips, it may have been designed by a tentacle monster or possible one of the crab people.

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What am I looking at here?

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It might be a gun.

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Can't say I'm certain about that.
Doesn't look like it has any way for that barrel to receive ammo, and if it is some sort of single-shot gun it doesn't look properly balanced to be a sport pistol..
So yeah, what am I looking at here?

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Might be 'art', or a prop.

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Ah, found it myself by hitting google with the image.
>1896 Model 2 German Bergman automatic pistol in 5 m/m Bergman calibre

Loads a 5-round clip under that flap in front of the trigger. Yes, clip.

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I suppose a .45 would certainly make someone pretty tranquil, assuming you're about ten feet away.

>> No.21286331

So it is has a fairly short actual barrel.

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I like you.

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I agree, 40k is a horrible drug.

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Well, in /tg/, they say anon's weapon folder grew three sizes that day.

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It's called an Apaché Revolver. Based on the Apaché French gangsters that used it.

I don't have many gun images anymore.

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This image should get some /k/ommandos thinking....

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In this case because the joint where the blade joins the gun/handle, is too weak to actually use the thing as a sword.

In the mean time the gigantic metal piece of uselessness makes aiming the gun hard to impossible.

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...is that supposed to be a percussion lock pistol he's got there?

Plus the "schiavona" and the mismatch between the volunteers clothing and weaponry.

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I'm not a /k/ommando and i hate the person who made this.

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but it's a tiny blade not a sword, just knuckledusters that go bang and also stab the intended target at the same time

>> No.21288497

Follow one more quote.
He's talking about the officer's sword-pistol with a clip-on blade.

>> No.21288523

>because the joint where the blade joins the gun/handle, is too weak to actually use the thing as a sword
That's assuming the blade doesn't run the length of the gun's handle and is just soldered on top of a regular gun.

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bloody hell.
I've handled half the swords in that picture now...

that's a scary statistic. I need to get out more.

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>>21289016 I need to get out more.

So the museums won't deliver the other half to your doorstep? I'm telling you, people just aren't properly service-minded these days.

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> It was discovered that the impact and frequency characteristics generating by firing the GSh-6-30A on the ground did not correspond to those which took place in the air. The first 25-round burst made in flight was ended by the failure of all of the avionics in the cockpit. In further test flights there were cases of deformation and even tearing away of the nose undercarriage door, and because of the strong vibrations the ammunition feed fell apart. Electronic equipment in an aft-of-cockpit compartment also failed.
>Even given this background, the case which occurred in the 24th Division on 29th March 1989 appears to have been unique. On recovery from a dive after gun shooting, the instrument panel fell onto the pilot's legs: the panel fastenings had been sheared by the recoil force. The pilot reached an airbase holding the panel, which was hanging via electric cables, by one hand.
Quite possibly the orkiest gun ever built.

>> No.21289155

But iron, cold iron...

>> No.21289190

Did the air rushing past at high speeds somehow significantly alter its rate of fire or something?

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>> No.21289226

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>> No.21289244

"Remember the alamo" - The Electric Communist From MGS3

>> No.21289305

I always thought a cordless reciprocating saw would make a cool weapon.

>> No.21291385

Like a SawsAll? Those things can destroy anything.

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>> No.21294053


My god... is that a revolver revolver?

What's next, a gatling gun where all the barrels are independently rotating, smaller gatling guns?

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>> No.21294081


Oh god now I can't stop trying to design the gear mechanism that would make that make sense

>> No.21294103

you should work for Darpa!

>> No.21294168


Not orky enough, Anon. You need a double-Gatling gun which shoots bullets which, in turn, split apart into smaller bullets.

Also, rather than rifling the barrel, cut a lot of parallel grooves down the barrel and just spin the barrel too.

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>> No.21294236

The original FCS IFV design has a dual-calibre rotary railgun-cannon.

>> No.21294253


Oh, hey, image limit reached.
Well, I was going to post "a_robot_with_guns_for_arms_shooting_a_plane_made_out_of_guns_that_fires_guns.jpg"
But I guess you all get the idea.

>> No.21294259


You are morally obligated to host this image on Imgur or something and link to it.

>> No.21294277


It's just a screenshot from the Simpsons.
Google image "plane made of guns", and it should be the first result.

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>such is life on Pandora

>> No.21295102

the recoil force was of 5,500 kg

not even on the ground the gun could be fired without causing structural damage to whatever it was bolted on

>> No.21295430

>Recoil force
>Units of mass

>> No.21295471

Where can i get one?

>> No.21295532

What do you mean by 'old world shit'? If you are referring to the calvary sword, he invented that literally right before they were rendered obsolete. And the few times it was used, it was frickin insane, he essentially realized how stupid slashing from a horse was and decided to shrink a lance to convenient sword size. It was simple, ugly, but gosh dang was the sword effective. As soon as tanks started coming out, he applied Calvary mentality to them, and it was far more effective then what anyone else was doing.

Now if you mean a lot of his attitude, then it's hard to argue except for the simple matter of the results of what he did. If he did drop his attitude, he probably wouldn't have had the ability to make Hitler and his top men shake in their boots everytime they got reports on Patton's movements.

>> No.21295620


The 'double gatling gun' has been done in vidya game. The minigun of Unreal Tournament 3, it is one of those three barrel gatling gun designs, but each of the three 'barrels' are another three barrels that are spinning.

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