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>Vetock doing Chaos Daemons
Praise to the dark gods! Truly they have blessed us this day.

>Ward on DA
Congratulations DA players. Enjoy your assault 2 plasmaguns and the like. I wish you luck fending off all the bandwagoners you are gonna get jumping onto your fun codex.

>Cruddace on Tau
Im so sorry.

>Kelly on Eldar.
well, who else would it be?

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>Dark Angels players
Is this a thing that exists on /tg/? I've never seen anyone talking about them ever, even after Dark Vengeance came out.

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i know one at the flgs. but only one.

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can post the link because spam. its on faeit 212. post titled "Release Schedule Rumors: News Sometimes Isn't Good:"

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Who the fuck is Vetock?

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Dunno. He never appears on /tg/'s regular 'which codex writer do we hate most?' threads.

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Thanks Tau Players world wide, thanks for taking the fall for the rest of us.

We'll never forget your sacrifice.
I promise I won't rag on the Tau for as long as they have a Cruddex, pic related

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He has mostly done fantasy stuff, Skaven for example

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He mostly writes WHFB. Did Skaven. thats good

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WHFB writers is a whole different thing from 40k writers

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New to 40k. Play Tau. Just how bad is Cruddace?

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I play DA, the only thing I want really is to be able to take Ravenwing and Deathwing for troops without having to take the named chars. And Typhoon launchers being same stats as vanilla dex.

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I keep calling them plasma rifles, because I see them and that's what I think.
And there's this one neckbeard who corrects me
every time I say plasma rifle.

sage for offtopic

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50/50 chance of being unplayably bad, or super broken and borderline unbeatable.

100% chance of 95% of your codex being totally useless

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Here's hoping that it's the kroot who are the useless ones. Fuck those guys.

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He wrote both nids and imperial guard. Thats terrible books in both directions!

Thats me. I'm sorry.

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Fellow DA player here. Yeah, not a whole lot of us on tg. I just want Belial to not suck complete ass.

Also: Plasma Blasters.

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I play DA and Eldar, a warddex will be fun to play around with as long as he doesn't fuck up deathwing something stupid, I hope they let Kelly make it a labour of love this time instead of the stripped down bastard the 4e book was

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Elfdar here- I feel similar, just want the existing units to be re-balanced so they can do shit on the tabletop. What we're both going to get, however, is a shit-ton of shiny new units.

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Cruddace can't into external or internal balance. Expect a bland, limp-dicked codex.

Damnit /tg/ stop distracting me, I'm trying to study pharmacology.

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One day, I'm going to lose it, I swear

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>I hope they let Kelly make it a labour of love this time instead of the stripped down bastard the 4e book was
It should be. They've turned away from 'less is more'. Now we're back to more is more.

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>Watt Mard writing DA


I can see it now, mechanical lions, 5 point plasma, Belial runs in and out of Abbadon's arsehole...
He'll probably even fuck with the whole Cypher thing

and don't even get me started on all the shit i'm gonna get because of bandwagoners


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>that feel when /tg/ is keeping me from my schoolwork too

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his last books were IG nids and SoB. IG was great and full of fun and fluffy choices. best book out there. Nids suck, but that because he is a mech and shooty lover, ward was the only one that could have made the nids playable. SoB suck cause well.... they are SoB. he was given no time, told they were not even getting new models and no new units. why put real work into that abortion?

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>not looking forward to your Swag Lord dex

If you really think it's that bad, look on the bright side, at least you're not getting Cruddex.

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Good news, everybody! Lion El Jonson returns... in the form of a giant mechanical lion with pauldrons!

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>Implying that mechanical lions wouldn't be somewhat awesome and practical

He's done his worst to Grey Knights. Dark Angels are already backstabbing, paranoid assholes. He can't do much to mess with that.

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I don't play 40k, but I like the setting.

What will these things mean for the fluff?

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>full of fun and fluffy choices
and unfortunately, 95% of them were useless.

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cypher has already been fucked with
he has a c'tan phase blade now

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Oh you poor delusional soul.

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Unfortunately, if you're in for the fluff, Ward is probably bad news.

He'll probably only give them D3 pieces of bad fluff, but Mat Ward's D3 pieces are awful.

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name 5 units you cant find a use for.

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I think people are over-reacting, I don't think he'll add anything too crazy besides giving DA a few unique setups for Ravenwing and Deathwing, and adding some units to the codex that other marine codices have. I would like to see the stormtalon move in along with scouts as troops, more librarian powers and land raider redeemer added in.

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didn't he also do new tomb kings?

i was actually going to start whfb with TK but after looking through that book i put my money into other hobbies

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you do not have everything to worry about.

>> No.21279140

Everything will stay exactly the same, except for the Dark Angels, who will become the most ridiculous Mary Sues With Dark Secrets since the Grey Knights.

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Rough riders, penal legion, ogryn, deathstrike, valkyrie.

>> No.21279166

Ratlings, Ogyren, penal legion, Sentinels, Deathstrike

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>new codex
>not adding as many new models as they possibly can
That's not how these things work.

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>storm troopers
>harriers (flying MC)
>pots FAQ mawlocs
>5e hormagaunts (fearless wounds)

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Dark Angels hump their Ultramarine-gifted copies of the Codex before going to sleep each night.

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>Also: Plasma Blasters.
I have faith Ward will bring them back.
Also, Watchers in the Dark as playable units.

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Not a whole lot. Codexes contain a relatively small % of the fluff of 40k.

There certainly wont be any radical changes. no races are as badly in need as a reboot as necrons were, and while they did say that they weren't opposed to advancing the overall plot/setting they said it probably wouldn't happen in 6e.

you should expect a lot of people crying about Ward's stuff, even if its not bad/actually good. greh knots left scars.

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You got told, son.

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If it's not called a Vendetta, Meltavet, or guard blob. It's probably useless. Lemon Russes are fine for filling in the blanks in your points

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There's a LOT of good threads tonight!

>> No.21279208

>no races are as badly in need as a reboot as necrons were
Tau however are heavily in need of fleshing out. Would have been hilarious if Ward got the job, but not all dreams are meant to be.

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and the other 5% led to broken lists

>> No.21279242

I would literally murder a hundred babies for a ward tau codex. I don't even care if he pulls some ridiculous bullshit with the fluff or releases a hundred must-have units, I've put too much time and love into converting and painting this army to have a crapfest like nids.

>> No.21279253


>griffon-basilisk ordinance batteries not listed.

Its one of the best things in the codex. at least in this edition. And also, people don't cry at you for it.

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I'm a DA player and have been for 20 years.
Here's what I'm worried about:
Since the DA codex seems to always get fucked or marginalized we will once again get stuck in the "low powered codex" trend like before. CSM was anything but OP and I see DA being the bedrock low power codex. Then people will be uhuh! And GW will be " ok. Here's the new space wolf codex in 2016. Long fangs cost 1 pt a piece"

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Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing ward do a tau dex either to be honest. Having the alien allies part fleshed out would be especially good.

>> No.21279272

Wardified Tau fluff would actually be excellent. I think he'd maximise the weaboo to barely conceivable levels. He'd use the word 'honour' ten times in each sentence.

>> No.21279283

Actually SM codices the last couple years haven't seen that many new kits/models. The BIG releases have been Fantasy and Xenos 40k.

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fuck you
don't care
just hate cruddace

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"No, Shas'la. Your OTHER honour."

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He had a phase-blade back in 3rd edition, too. It was only in fluff, but he had one. Stabbed a C'tan with one, though it didn't work too well.

He doesn't draw the sword on his back. The knife is just something else he has.

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Grey Knights? That was quite a lot, no?

>> No.21279319

I wish we got The Ward Chaos Dex that could have been

>> No.21279335

Wards impartiality is compromised. He did Grey knights.

>> No.21279345

>I wish we got The Ward Chaos Dex that could have been
what the fuck do you have to cry about? your codex is full of great units, and even the worst ones are playable

>> No.21279353


Vetock snorts just as much blow when he writes. Its just he cuts his lines on the pages of "Writing for Dummies" This'll work out, I swear.

>> No.21279354

You don't want Ward to do your chaos dex.

Love, Fantasy players

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primaris biomancy psyker in a ogryn squad has a great chance of becoming a deathstar. sentinels(armored especially) provide additional fire support on a mobile and armored platform. penal legion are not stellar, but are certainly not useless. valks are great against light infantry and still can carry a unit while being cheap. ratlings again, not stellar, but snipers in 6th are great at killing special weapons and sergeants. riders and death strike do suck a bag of dicks though.

>> No.21279377

new CSM codex is pretty balanced internally and externally. Thanks Kelly! Too bad no one else shares your design views, so it will end up being stomped by Ward Cheese and The One True Build from any Cruddace book.

>> No.21279382

I agree with this.

Though I wish we got Ward fluff.
I really think GW missed out on not giving Chaos Space Marines Ward fluff. If there was ever an army that would work well with him in the fluff.

>> No.21279386

nids dont count. that book was sadness personified.

>> No.21279388

>Chaos codex is full of great units, and even the worst ones are playable
Let's see whether that's still true a couple of Wardexes down the line...

>> No.21279400

Orcs and goblins are so OP now.

>> No.21279402

Yeah, but think about the codex in the edition it was written in. That's the test of his abilities. He couldn't predict 6th when he wrote it.

>> No.21279415

>Thanks Kelly! Too bad no one else shares your design views, so it will end up being stomped by Ward Cheese
I've seen too many "Ward Cheese" lists get stomped by Kelly lists to take this part of your post seriously.

This is not to say I dislike Kelly. I think all the writer besides Cruddace are fine.

>> No.21279479

i stand by valk. ignore the ratlings. and ogryn are still great beat sticks if you care to have them. a PF commisar with cloak in the middle made for one hell of an annoying unit to remove. even now, 5 ogryn will kill any tank but a rear 14 on the charge everytime.

>> No.21279532

Have you seriously found an application for Mutilators?

>> No.21279553

>5 ogryn are 210 points
>42 points each
>take 9 hits with a bolter to kill on average
>bog standard marine takes 6
>defensively is effectively a 28 point space marine
>therefore, ogryn are always shot to pieces before making it to the frontlone

>> No.21279571

(not that anon)
Looking bad-ass?

Seriously, other than their faces I actually really like those models. Chaos done right.

>> No.21279579

Mark of nurgle and you have a 2w t5 terminator for 61 points, they're actually really efficient in terms of being dropped in and punching shit.

>> No.21279599

unless it ends up as another guard dex.

>> No.21279621


now add Yarrick and make sure he stands in front. Any wounds against him must be rerolled. Once that's done, look out sir your way up the table.

>> No.21279650

That's actually pretty genius. Or add Uriah Jacobus for extra awesome

>> No.21279659

Or for roughly half that cost you can get t5 termis with shit that can shoot and pummel the shit out of stuff, your just giving up 1 wound.

Don't get me wrong, I don't even play chaos, but that unit in particular just seems like an extraordinary waste of points.

>> No.21279671

Wait no. Wounds allocated to him must be rerolled, so you can't LoS them.

>> No.21279696

Oh, I know - but people underestimate the cost. For good pummelling you need a power fist, 44 points for a t5 terminator with a pfist.

Compare that with 17 points for an extra wound, an extra attack and the ability to switch to different weapons for different situations.

>> No.21279709


oh is that how it goes? Damn. Either way, funny idea that stemmed from some guy at my GW who wanted to take a max unit of Ogryn just because, and see how stupid it could be made.

>> No.21279719

oh look over there. is that a chimera? 55 points?! well if you insist chimera, ill let you hang on to my massive mongoloid friends untill they are ready to unleash hell upon my foes.

>> No.21279752

Oh, it can still be made stupid - attach Uriah Jacobus for an extra attack, FnP and rerolls to hit. Attach a couple of primaris psykers and try to roll some unit buffing powers.
Proceed with rape

>> No.21279773

Oh yeah, that sounds like a wonderful idea. Give up a chimera, which becomes an incredibly obvious target and even if they get there they have to spend a turn standing around doing nothing because you can't assault from them any more.

>> No.21279774

Everytime I see someone say stormtroopers are terrible I know they're an idiot.

They may not be on the same level of say a manticore or vendetta, but they're still pretty fucking good. That rerollable deepstriking melta/plasma is awesome now that you allocate wounds from closest to the first shot, and they can still rape vehicles if you need them to.

>> No.21279801

why not get buddy buddy with a spacemarine librarian with biomancy in terminator armour? T5, 2+ 5++ and a 2+++ witha bitch load of wounds. if you get endurance, you have the most fuck you unit ever.

>> No.21279821

The main issue is that there's really no point in bringing stormtroopers when you have meltavets.

>> No.21279837

ripperguns are assault 3 s5 12" at bs3. thats enough dakka to kill a few marines, or alot of xenos.

>> No.21279885

>I play both Tau and Tyranids


>> No.21279895

Yea, I see where you're coming from, I just feel that GW had this amazing unit concept and then really fucked up execution. Even with the viability that they have you'll never see them because there are cheaper options that can outperform them.

Also, Fucking finecast? really!? you already have fucking plastic chaos termis GW just add some fucking possessed arm sprues in there.

>> No.21279898

Well, no, that's actually terrible dakka for the price. You're on average killing one marine for every three ogryn, compare to one every four and a half marines (discounting special weapons) and week. One ogryn does not cost one and a half times more than a marine.

I'm finding that a lot - defensively and at range, an ogryn is the equal to one and a half marines and costs a whole ton more.

>> No.21279899

I know that feel, kinda. Tau with Tyranid "kroot". Good guys can't win.

>> No.21279928

Earl cacmor
Yeah, plus the finecast looks terrrible. I'm planning to just glue a bunch of weapons to a terminator and call it a day.

But I was thinking they actually could be worth the price in a daemon allied list - drop them in there with everything else and I'm not sure what else could do their job more efficiently.

>> No.21279932

>Cruddace on Tau

I hate the tau so... this is fine.

>> No.21279934

Pics related, some dual LC chaos termis i'm working on for a friend, yes I know I'm a terrible painter, don't remind me.

>> No.21279950

Potentially better mutilator models and I just made them with spare possessed bits and some aobr termis.

>> No.21279955

Dear god, are you using house paint?

>> No.21279965

Great concept.

>> No.21279968

No, I just suck at painting that badly.

>> No.21279971

terrible execution

>> No.21279981

actually looks pretty cool

>> No.21279989

They look about the same as GWs mutilators.

>> No.21279991

My main problem with mutilators is the solution to making them better is obvious, not sure why it wasn't included. Just give them fearless, rampage and the ability to take a (cheaper than average due to three units) icon.

>> No.21279992

Who is doing orks?

>> No.21280006

And then they would show up more frequently, there are at least a dozen chaos players it my flgs who have openly stated that mutilators are cool but just cant find a way to fit them in a list that works with our stores meta.

>> No.21280013

why most of the Daemons are choppy anyway.

Also on the subject of Ogryns I would rather have 4 firewarriors than 1 ogryn.

>> No.21280018

Dude, in 5th Ogryns were literally on par with flashs gitz for worst unit in the whole goddamn game. In 6th they might be better, but I'm pessimistic considering their cost.

>> No.21280031

>getting a new codex within the next two years

>> No.21280138

you're ignoring the fact that the cost exactly the same as a space marine, both ungraded of course. I dont see the st being worth the same but if you found a way to use em im all ears

>> No.21280451

I feel really bad for Ogryn cause my IG friend spent ages converting his squad from Fantasy Ogres, sculpted flak armour and doodads and everything!

And I play Necrons. With 2 Doomsday arks. I'm at a loss if I should just flatten them with a pie plate or not on Turn 1, i'll feel like such an asshole..

>> No.21280622

What you could do is infiltrate them with huron/ahriman, force the enemy to fight them. I tried it on vassal with max squads and mark of nurgle. Lasted 2 turns after taking up all the enemy fire.

>> No.21280646

Being a Tau player is suffering.

>> No.21280757

Do what I did bro, cut your losses and move on. I was always into Necrons ever since I started 40k but I hated how bland and shit their codex was, so I decided on Tau. After a box of Fire Warriors, I realized their codex was pretty fuckin' old and bland as well, so I quit before spending any serious money. To Chaos Marines.

Cue a year and a half with those and I just felt so fucking frustrated. Then the Newcrons came and I was elated. Now i'm good at the game, both my Necrons and Chaos are powerful and I'm having so much more fun converting shit and writing fluff and playing.

Move. Just move, man. It's for the best, you'll be happier. You can still use them as allies.

>> No.21280804


I actually quit 40k and sold my Tau a while ago, I felt like posting though.

Glad I did.

>> No.21280889

Its not that 95% of them were useless, its that 95% of them were overshadowed by the so incredibly OP ones, hell hounds are great but who'd take one when you can get a vendetta?

>> No.21280928

No one is going to listen to me anyone so I might as well use my outside voice. NIDS ARE AWESOME NOW. 6TH ED. MADE THEM THE BEES-KNEES. MCs RAPE YOUR FACE.

>> No.21280982

Fuck that i love my tau, But the first codex was shit, then it had a marginal update to make it somewhat playable, but that was quickly made obsolete (though it was good for a period), and now its old and busted and there's not that much of a chance that the new one will be much better.

But i love my huge ass tau vehicles too much to let them go. I've been playing bretonnia in fantasy for this long, so i'll stick with my tau through thick or thin, at least it IS a new codex.

>> No.21281031

Don't Tau tanks now get to be near-invincible for 5 points each? Seems pretty sweet to me.

>> No.21281057

Shhhhh, you're going against established /tg/ wisdom. Next you'll be saying something about Sisters doing well in 6th or Cron Air being beatable and we'll have to straitjacket you.

>> No.21281203

Hey, /tg/, am I being crazy or did 6th ed actually do a good job of balancing the armies? I've seen Tyranids, Tau, and Sisters players all saying they got a boost. There was talk of the Orks getting better as well, but I don't know how that worked out.

>> No.21281285

Lion's Pride Guard Of the Lionforce Elite who's Pack Lord wields Long Fang the Lion Blade!
I'm no good at this.

>> No.21281372

Ward is more like

....and then there was a great rumbling across the battlefield, as a Lion Raider 2000 entered the fray. It was shooting plasma! It was invincible! Then it got blown up by a rocket, but ten Deathwing Terminators came out of it. They were shooting PLASMA ROCKETS!!!1!!! and they killed 100 daemons. They were invincible! Then they climed into a Huge Mechanical Lion. The lion was made of plasma and it ate three Avatars! The Dark Angels won. Then they went home for dinner. But they were a little bit sad, because the long war was not over yet...

>> No.21281438

>i have to kill avatars fast and BULLETS TOO SLOW

>> No.21281472

I thought Chaos Daemon received a WD update. Was that just a temporary measure? Why even put it out at all if they were gonna do a codex soon?

>> No.21281493

>Dark Angels become Voltron: the army

I'm okay with this.

>> No.21281504

>Plasma Rockets

Those are actually used by the Mentors Legion.

>> No.21281541

uh, just in case you didn't know; Plasma Missiles exist in 40k.

>> No.21281587

Wait, who is this Vetock fellow? I have never heard of him.

>> No.21281617

They exist in the current 40k edition.

But everyone forgets Eldar exist.

>> No.21281632


I didn't know Eldars have chaplains. Shouldn't he have a melee weapon?

>> No.21281654

They suck in current edition 40k

>> No.21281677

Why can't there be Marines who have leaders focusing on shooty stuff? It's like as soon as you are promoted to captain or something, you have to use a sword or hammer.

>> No.21281719

Eldar chaplains use either melee or ranged depending on their Aspect of focus, though sometime it would seem they are using the one opposite to their focus, but that's actually because the Aspects are more complete combat disciplines than the basic troopers suggest.

>> No.21281752

Testosterone, that's why. Melee weapons are actually penises. Thought you know this, since, you know, you play 40K.

>> No.21281756

So did Ward when he wrote the above. Except the Avatars. He remembered them.

>> No.21281761

Lias Issodon is shooty and has some neat special rules. Sadly he is a imperial armor character and forgeworld dindt make him a model.

>> No.21281769

Guns can be penises too. Long thick plasma cannons ejaculating whiteness.

>> No.21281776

>Then they went home for dinner. But they were a little bit sad, because the long war was not over yet...

And it was Brother Leon's turn to make tea and he some how managed to burn the roast so everyone had to have cheese on toast

>> No.21281784

the more experienced a marine gets, the greater his understanding of the universe's meta gets.

At the end of the day, with all that advanced technology.. it all boils down to one dude hitting another dude with a stick.

>> No.21281795

That's too obvious, just look at the Tau. Also, guns aren't good for cockslapping (AKA challenges).

>> No.21281804

Anon, I think you're a poet and you don't even seem to know it.

>> No.21282226

The tyranid book is not bad, what is bad is that it has been 3 additions since it has been updated. Tyranids were pretty good when the codex came out but they did not fair well when the rules updated. Right now assault is pretty bad so tyranids are really feeling the pain.

IG is one of the strongest codices and was almost brokenly overpowered when it was released and only thanks to the likes of grey knights and necrons does the IG book not shine.

I think that tau players are pretty safe with curddance and people are making it a huge deal. Right now tau are actually doing very well considering they have a super old book. With updated rules and a more balanced point cost tau is either going to be top tier or pretty close to it.

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