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would you?

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Rather not get sterilized and worked to death.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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>Death Camps


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Go sterilize someone else you bovines.

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Please, i already am. I'm a Xenographer in rogue trader.

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humans are not sterilized, it's just that human males are just too busy buttfucking all those blueberries to bother with human females.

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Probably not, unless the other option was Death.

They don't have the power to affect things on a mass scale.

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And betray humanity for communist pleas?


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Ehhh...I dunno...she does look alri-
I'm in.

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>not dreadknight

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Do tau have any artirelly units?

Because the IG doesn't let me man the harpoons.

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Sorry, I already gave my allegiance away.

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To a dead God?

Stupid Gue'la.

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They don't really need them, they have XV88s and Hammerheads.

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>have blood machines
>sterilization doesn't hold

so, what kid of half-breeds can i make with them?

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But these shoot in a straight line.

What if there is a mountain range? How do they hit the guys on the other side?

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huegtau claims another recruit for the greater good

inevitably successful in all things

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Shoot her and loot her superior weaponry?
Yes! Yes! In a heartbe...

Oh, hello there, Comissar sir! I was just saying how I'd love to crush vile xeno and speamroll their inferior tech with our glorious Lasguns.

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>would you?

I could not, would not, on a boat.
I will not, will not, with a goat.

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>would you?
If anyone answers that with anything but a lasgun shot in the filthy xeno's direction I'll have you all executed on the spot!

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Unlimited Missile Works and very good Airforce.

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The Skyray.
Long distance missile support.
Also, smart missiles.

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I'd hit it

With a chainsword

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But sir I have a Plasma gun.

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The Skyray Missile Gunship is the only thing that comes to mind for any indirect fire.

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still wouldn't?

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And I notice you aren't firing it in the direction of the xeno, potential discipline booster.

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erm ... thats a power sword bro

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Somebody's daddy was a Vespid!

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I could not, would not, on a boat.
I will not, will not, with a goat.
I will not eat them in the rain.
I will not eat them on a train.
Not in the dark! Not in a tree!
Not in a car! You let me be!

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Well you specified lasbolts, so I was clarifying

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What's going on here then, hypothetical morale restorers?

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Just waiting on you, Sir!

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How many blueberries will I get?

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Men of the Imperial Guard! I command you to open fire on that daemon! Vanquish it with Imperial might!

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>Consorting with xenos
>Betraying the Imperium

No. that is illegal.

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I sure would. Tau might be imperialistic communists, but it beats living in the Imperium. I might not even get sterilized if I explain my firm belief in the Greater Good. and rat out all of you loyalists.

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I'd devour her biomass.

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From what I hear you've already started.

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How many sna-, er, 'ambassadors' have the Tau sent to the nids?

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Look, she's not wearing a diaper! that's terrible! She's going to get scared by all those horrible things that abound in the 41st millenium, and soil herself at any moment! Someone, help her!

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I bet you love Technomancer too, filthy xeno-loving scum!

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I require source on the Tau sending ambassadors to the nids thing.

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I don`t know what that is, exactly, but if it has anything to do with the Mechanicum I probably don`t like it.

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>shorter stature
>fewer digits
>shorter lifespans
>weaker than all other races
>most ideologically naive
>neglected by every 40K authority
>hated by the community

There is literally nothing redeemable about them.

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Farsight has something going for him.

But since he's a renegade and outcast.. there's no reason to join the Empire. At all.

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He's a drawfag who does some 40k art for /tg/ on occasion. Some it is awesome, some of it has diaper girls.

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>being a part of any kind of blue faction

Nigga for real.

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Someone hasn't seen enough blueberries.

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Someone is being reported to the Inquisition.

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This is all I could find from him on the spot taht is Tau related. And yes, I like it.

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>being a dirty dickwraith or "triple-team all phantoms" warrior of sunlight

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why's that asari wearing funny armour?

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>Not Praising the Sun
I bet you like Way of White, too.

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Theard needs more HUGE

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besides the tidf guy I don't think there are any hardcore tau fans on this board. All I see these days is one sided threads on tau bashing.

pretty sad to watch.

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>Sad to watch xeno bashings

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>pretty sad to watch.
The only thing sadder, is how the marine bashing tends to get drowned behind a bunch of manchildren upset that somebody doesn't like what they like.

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at least the Way of White doesn't require two butt-buddies to fight off an invader.

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>>Sad to watch xeno bashings
>posts an Ork /tg/ meme

You are the biggest faggot I've ever seen. Even bigger than anyone currently working for GW.

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I'm a nid man myself, but Tau are appealing to me. Dem weapons, dem battlesuits, dem hips.

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I don't need buddies to spear assholes with lightning bolts.

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It's less fascist than the Imperium so that's nice.

But I'm gonna take my chances with Chaos instead. Mostly because I hate incompitent goverments.

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>lightning spear
>being remotely useful in PvP without you having 45 Dex and the opponent playing for his first time, is fat rolling, and has TWoP casted on him

Shiggitty diggity

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>Implying Chaos isn't incompitant
>Implying Chaos isn't totalitarian
>Implying Chaos isn't worse then the Imperium

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Chaos lets you have fun.

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YOU FOOL! Don't speak his name lest you wish to summon his wrath!

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>implying I care about how effective it is
>implying I don't let the host distract them and then either toss bolts or charge in with glorious Tarkus greatsword

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I like their general aesthetic. Fire Warriors and Crisis Suits have a nice look to them. Plasma weapons are very sci-fi. The concept of alien auxilleries is also very cool, if underutilized.

I'm a fan, but I'll admit they lack depth. They are basically just a kinder alien Imperial Guard.

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Only if you're stuck in the habit of being a bootlicker.

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>implying that's not a direct contradiction of your "I don't need buddies" assertation
Sunfags gonna fag.

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Tau suffer from being Aliens from being Xenos in 40k, or to put it another way, they're just filler.

Something for the marines to shoot while waiting for Chaos to turn up

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I like all of the factions in 40k, really. Just wish the fluff wasn't all from an Imperial Perspective. Kind of hope Ward gets to do Tau or Craftworlders, actually.

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I always thought them to be like the Imperium in its early days, or like humanity during the early DAoT. They are an emergent empire that seems to be going down the same path as humanity once did.

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I march for Macragge!

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>I'm a fan, but I'll admit they lack depth.

Most of that is the same reason why Necrons lacked depth for so long (and still do). Or why so many armies have had their depth scaled back considerably (i.e. craftworlds, regiments, clans, chaos legions). It's basically because GW hasn't really bothered to give a fuck about expanding or maintaining any army's depth with exception to loyalist marine 'big name' chapters.

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Yeah, to much Imperium faggotry in Xeno books.

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Well...it's kinda what they have to do for the tyranids. Commentaries from other species is how they're described.

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As a Chaos fan, I find it offensive when my faction has to share the ''Greatest Threat'' seat with the Nids.

Xenos are meant to be Filler. It is the ''Imperium vs Chaos'' that is the main Plot. That's what makes 40K interesting and unique.

Focusing too much on the Xenos at the expense of the Imperium and Chaos would cheapen and ruin the setting turning it into another generic Sci-Fi.

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There is no plot or story. There is only the setting.

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>As a fan of my favorite faction, I think we should be the best!

Get lost. You are the same kind of person other players hate for wanking over Space Marines or the Imperial Guard.

>> No.21276309

So you would join the tau and get away from the imperium.

>> No.21276313


Someone sure is overestimating chaos...

Why yes, I do enjoy tyranids anon. Shower me with your butthurt now.

>> No.21276314

People like you are the reason Xenos factions barely ever get some love.

There's the door, use it.

>> No.21276318

Can someone elaborate on this? I've heard my 40k friends mention things like this, but I'd like to hear the full story.

>> No.21276319

Fine, the correct word would be ''Theme''.

The Imperium versus Chaos theme should be the dominant in the setting.

>> No.21276355


Tell me, do you refuse to play against the other armies? Or are all of your games CSM/Daemons vs Space Marines/Imperial Guard/Grey Knights?

Either way, you're an asshole for thinking that your tastes are somehow superior to any other player's out there. Everyone's favorite army is the best in their own eyes. That's why they play it. Shut the fuck up, okay?

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The theme really is more a "Imperium vs."

Chaos is just the "A" plot.

>> No.21276363

Well, it fits the Tyranids that express little opinion in things outside eating. Gives them a mysterious angle.

>> No.21276377

Isha help me, but this.^

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Who should write the Orks next?

>> No.21276404


No. If we were talking Craftworld Eldar, then maybe. But not fucking Tau, with their commie sense of good.

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>extending the pinky.

What a classy lady. Maybe I was wrong about those xenos!

>> No.21276418

I dunno, you could make a pretty big argument for Eldar being one of the major armies of the game, just as much as IG, SM, and Chaos. Orkz as well.

>> No.21276419

This fucking thread is still up?


>> No.21276421

>thinking Eldar would ever let a human join them


>> No.21276436

>next Ork codex is entirely written in Orkish low Gothic and every fluff passage is from the viewpoint of an Ork narrator.

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>> No.21276444

That and prescience that actually allows eldars to plan things.

>> No.21276458

Aye, and I sincerely hope they stick to it.

>> No.21276484

Not if Ward writes their next codex.

We'll be having Tyranid dynasties.

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>Kind of hope Ward gets to do Tau or Craftworlders, actually.

No, you really don't want him to do that. He plays favorites. 40k players just haven't seen it yet, because all the books he's written so far were his favorites. Want an example of what he might do to Tau or Eldar? Just look at 7e Orcs and Goblins. It was hands down THE WORST army book of it's edition of WFB, and possibly of all time.

>Who should write the Orks next?
Jeremy Vettock. He's supposedly going to be working on 40k codices now, and he did a great job on WFB's Skaven and O&G 8e books. He'd make a good writer for the 7e Ork codex (because odds are pretty pisstacular you'll see one for 6e).

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How can armies possibly get WORSE? That's what I don't understand. Does the writer go like LET'S INCREASE ALL UNIT COSTS.

>> No.21276530

Well the Commissar says it's cool

>> No.21276535

Look at all the Butthurt Xenophiles!

Chaos is THE plot that drives the whole setting, mind you.

The Necrons got retconed into a lesser threat. So there is hope your faction would get put in its rightful place as well in the future.

Oh...lord I can't wait to taste your tears then, bug boy.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate Xenos.

I would play against them and all. BUT I consider them nothing more than filler. Just the warm up for a real fight with the Imperial players.

This is 40K back then.

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>Inquisitor Czevak doesn't exist
Imperial/Craftworld relations are not as volatile as you might think they are. There's a lack of trust because of the turncoat actions of Biel-Tan and Corsair bands.. but.. I mean, they actually have serious diplomatic relations with each other.

And on a level much higher than the Tau, who are only really known by people operating in the eastern fringe.

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Hey, jerkoff. Marines weren't that important in Rogue Trader. Tyranids beat the ever-loving fuck out of the Ultramarines for a long time. Orks kicked the shit out of the Crimson Fists and everyone sent to Armageddon. Craftworlders and Tau are interesting as non-evil xenos factions.

Stop being retarded.

>> No.21276574

>"back then"
>posting the modern version
"Back then" the Emperor rocked standard Astartes power and terminator armour. Like a boss.

>> No.21276587

This is Warhammer now.

This what happens when you deviate from the core theme that makes this setting great. Screw you all from wanting to ruin it with your Xeno Fetish.

Dune didn't need Aliens to be great. Neither does 40K.

Remove Xenos!

>> No.21276599

Let's be reasonable. I know our spiritual liege has stirred some shit, but...tyranid dynasties? He wouldn't do that. I mean, really. C'mon.


>> No.21276601


Czevak was like THE leading Eldar expert though wasn't he? It's like enemy nations allowing certain specialists or researches to take a tour of their country/facilities, I'd imagine.

Also what is this Biel-Tan thing you're talking about?

>> No.21276609


What is the new armor? Artificer armor? Artificer terminator? Or one of the older terminator armors?

>> No.21276615

>Implying Chaos was anything to worry about at the beginning of 40k.

Kids these days.

>> No.21276623

>core theme
>implying the most iconic piece of art from old-school 40k isn't Crimson Fists fighting Orks
>implying Ultramarines versus Tyranids wasn't a starter set
>Implying Ultramarines versus Orks wasn't a starter set

Jesus Christ, you people get a new book and it goes straight to your heads.

>> No.21276629

>This what happens when you deviate from the core theme that makes this setting great.

What? 'Let's throw all our WHFB armies into space'?

>> No.21276631

Czevak is one man. They don't let droves of humans in like the Tau.

>> No.21276642


Biel-Tan is a Craftworld.

If a term shows up that you aren't familiar with, look it up on Lexicanum. Saves everyone time and saves you from trolling misinformation.

>> No.21276645

>Also what is this Biel-Tan thing you're talking about?
Biel-Tan has a habit of showing up and offering aid for colonies under attack... and then killing their allies afterwards.

and Czevak is THE Eldar guy (having gone into the Black Library and all), but there's dotted mention of other sorts visiting craftworlds (techpriests and lexologists).

>> No.21276650

>'Let's throw all our WHFB armies into space'?

I used to think this was what 40k was. I am still a bit disappointed.

>> No.21276656


No, what's the Biel-tan turncoat you're referring to. Which battle?

>> No.21276665


It was, originally. Space Elves and Space Orks and Space Knights and Space Chaos running around, being all heavy metal and shit. There were dwarves, damn it. And the Hrud are Space Skaven.

>> No.21276680

Wrong, Hrud is what the space skaven could have been called at one point.

>> No.21276681


Do you really think someone will know who Czevak is and not Biel-tan? Really, use your head.

>> No.21276694

I don't even know. I guess you could call it artificer armour.

it's right in the codex, man

>> No.21276712

This has got to be a troll. You cannot seriously believe removing all the factions but the Imperium and Chaos would make it more interesting. Then it would just be the future space gothic humans versus other space gothic humans except the second group worship demons and commit lots of atrocities. It would remove all the shades of grey from the setting, because the Imperium is clearly better morally than Chaos.

>> No.21276728


Not even that. It would just be bad guys versus worse bad guys. The Imperium is pretty fucking evil, mate.

It would just be pointless, circular grimdark. The aesthetic would seriously just be Gothic and spiky Gothic.

I think he's a troll.

>> No.21276794

>Implying canon evidence for any of these

Fuck yes I'd join the Tau. Beats working myself to a death at 30. I might even see the age of 40, or a tree. Or healthcare!

>> No.21276831

Imperium are republicans. Tau are democrats.

>> No.21276925

You replied to a Britfag, son. I haven't the foggiest as to what the major difference is. From what I've seen they're much of the same.

>> No.21276957

I laugh, then I cry.
It is not a Good Pain.

>> No.21276973

Republicans are Tories, conservatives ect.

Democrats well they're more like the labour party, I'm not to sure

I'm Canadian so i have Conservatives (Tories), Liberals (Grits), NDP (socialist), Bloc (Traitors).

>> No.21277020

>How can armies possibly get WORSE? That's what I don't understand. Does the writer go like LET'S INCREASE ALL UNIT COSTS.

Seriously, go look at the 7e Orc and Goblin codex. It's biggest 'fixes' that it made to the 6e one, was giving Black Orcs Choppas, 2-handed Weapons, and Additional Hand Weapons as standard equipment, and removing the "Black Orc Heroes eat up an additional Hero slot".

What it made worse?
-It removed 80% of the magic armor items, locking some of those removed on named characters (i.e. Azhag's Heavy Armor with a 5++).
-It made what was formerly the most powerful magic weaponry in the codex dependent upon Rank Bonus (and so you lost the effects when flanked). The standard outfit for a LORD level Black Orc Warboss became the army's only ward save (5++), an Enchanted Shield (common 5+ magic armor), Heavy Armor, and a Boar that he dragged on the base behind him so he could claim a 1+ save with a 5++. Compared to other Lords who could buy 1+ save magic items, 4++ ward saves, gained regenerate and ward saves, had reverse ward saves that worked by rolling under the strength of the attack that wounded you, and more.
-It removed very characterful magic items like the 'Double Doing Do-Dads', which could let a shaman double-cast, or the magic mirror, which could reflect spells back. In fact, most of the new magic items simply 'sucked' for lack of a better term.
-It made Orc heavy cavalry stupidly expensive at well over the cost of generic human knights, despite having less strength, a 3+ save instead of a 2+, and animosity.
-which leads me to animosity. EVERY non-troll/giant unit in your army had a 1-in-3 chance of doing something you didn't want it to do. Compared to now, and prior, where it's a 1-in-6 to even roll on the Animosity tabel to begin with.

>> No.21277042

>Democrats well they're more like the labour party, I'm not to sure

Kinda... they're more 'centralist'. They for the most part work for the labor party... but the problem with democrats is they tend to not follow up on their promises (though what politician really does?). Republicans mostly work for the rich and the bible-thumpers who are convinced that voting a republican president into office elevates him to the level of Messiah.

>> No.21277044

Lets make a tally of Xenos.

The Orks : A lolrandom comedic amoral faction of space hooligans who exist only to be comical punching bags. They add nothing to the setting but cheap chuckles.

The Eldar : No comment.

The Necrons : A butchery upon the fluff and the setting. Shoehorned so hard into the setting it nearly killed it.

The Tau : Lets add a race that's thematically incompatible with the setting and lets pretend its won't be an eyesour.

The Nids : Lets hype these bugs so much that everything else looks like a joke compared to them. It totally won't cheapen the worth of any other faction in the setting, no sir!

I am not saying remove the all Xenos just some of them and tone down the rest. Humanity struggling against its dark nature, that's what people want to see. You can have your filler as long it doesn't disturb this.

>> No.21277062

What weapon is that supposed to be? Some kinda pulse shotgun?

>> No.21277064

I was thinking relatively.

Democrats are closer in ideology to the Conservative party of canada than it is to any of our central/leftist parties.

>> No.21277067

>The Orks : A black comedic amoral faction of space ww2 soviets who exist only to be plot punching bags for the marine-wank. They could add to the setting, but GW won't let them.


>> No.21277069

>that's what people want to see.

Nope, that's what you want to see.

>> No.21277077

Amusingly, the Tau system of government is classified as an aristocracy, with an 'aristocratic class' (the Ethereals) that it is basically impossible for other people to get into. It differs from most real-life examples in that the Ethereals actually seem to care about doing a good job and don't care as much about personal power, but it's a heck of a lot closer to, say, feudal-era western Europe than any communist system.

As for the other powers (as far as I know), the Imperium is either a Stratocracy or a Theocracy, the Eldar (and maybe also the Dark Eldar) are a Meritocracy, Chaos is Anarchic combined with Theocracy (is it still a theocracy when the gods are real and occasionally do things?), the Orks are an Anocracy, the Necrons are some kind of Feudal Monarchy, and the Tyranids are hungry.

>> No.21277084

eh.... They're our "liberal party" here in the states, and referred to as the 'Left Wing', but really... they're centralist. I don't know where the Canadian conservatives sit, but it does seem like the Democrats get most of their ideas from Canada.

>> No.21277127

The fact that you think those are the only Xenos in the entire Imperium is laughable.

They are the only SIGNIFICANT ones.

>> No.21277160

the conservatives are our right wing party, but If they were compared to american politics they would be slightly left of the american centre.

The liberals would be far left in america, but are centre left in canada. The NDP would be communist scum in america, while here they're Socialist and the left wing party. and the bloc would be about centre here so close to the democrats but more on the left leaning side. but the bloc are traitors who only ever run in quebec so nobody really takes them seriously other than an indicator as to how unhappy quebec is with the way the country is running.

>> No.21277165



You know that they planned to lock Czevak up for his ENTIRE LIFE, right? They literally had him on display like a 'living relic', and he only got enough because of some plan they pulled off.

>> No.21277203

>Feudal era western Europe
Not in any way, shape, or form.

The system of government does not rely on fiefs, ethereal do not have absolute control of one part of the Tau empire, nor are they military leaders.
The Tau empire is Maoist with a caste system

>> No.21277303

I know there are little Xenos empires. Some even more dangerous than the tiny Tau and Eldar.

You do know what I like about them? THEY ARE INSIGNIFICANT and don't bother me with the fact of their existence.

A race of green smurfs with ''Clap if you believe'' powers is black comedy?

Nah, I will stick to calling them what they are. LOLRANDOM RED GOES FASTA WAAAAGH!


What I want to see is the main event. You want us to watch the filler.

I won't stand for it, Handover the remote right now, you jerk.

>> No.21277321

I was trying to think of a real-life example, and you're right, that isn't a good one, but they're not Maoist because entry to the ruling class is hereditary only; there is no possibility for a member of the other castes to become an ethereal. It's unknown how the ethereals rule amongst themselves apart from that they have a similar hierarchical system to the other castes.

>> No.21277337

You make me glad that the marinefags at my LGS are such bros.

>> No.21277343

That's covered by the "Caste system" part.

>> No.21277347


Hey. Tell me what's in the starter sets. Tell me what's on the cover for 1e 40k. Tell me what the poster boy marines, the Ultramarines, are most famous for fighting.

You're fucking stupid.

>> No.21277396

>Black Library throwing retcons around just for kicks
Nothing new there. Previously he entered and left at the consent of the guardians of the Library, and had also spent a peaceful tenure aboard Craftworld Iyanden with a small entourage.

But if you're taking Black Library's word for things, didn't Ephrael Stern the biggest mary-sue in the setting go into the Black Library as well? With an Eldar husbando no less?

>> No.21277413

No, I'd rather not join an alien civ. I rather like being around other people.

>> No.21277425

Where the fuck is all this talk of sterilization coming from? Are you guys seriously taking DOW as canon?

>> No.21277440

Tell me what's the more important event in 40K history which shaped everything in the setting.


What's the most important current event in the setting.

The 13th Black Crusade.

What are the Xenos?

Filler for these events.

God, you're annoying.

>> No.21277452

FFG Deathwatch also mentions it.

It is canon. Deal with it, Xenophile.

>> No.21277461

That came from DoW? I would have sworn that was in some book...

Either way I'd my balls if I ended up in the 41st century.
> that feel when helping earthies fix crisis suits

>> No.21277476

Teeeccchhhnnniiicccaaallllyyyy the biggest event was the Old One/Necron'tyr war. Either that or the formation of the Eye of Terror and Slaanesh.

>> No.21277479

Not him but...
>FFG, not GW (As much as I love FFG)
>mentioning in-universe rumours from an organisation sworn to rooting out xenos and killing xenos

>> No.21277483

...Huh, totally missed that somehow. The Tau have a really weird class system, though, since all the 'lower' castes are considered equal and the ethereals on top, which does bear some resemblance to the 'nobility/everyone else' seen in Medieval Europe.

Also, bear in mind I am classifying them by form of government, not ideology. Since the wikipedia definition is "Aristocracy (etymology removed), is a form of government in which a few elite citizens rule" I figured it was the most appropriate. If there was one that fit better, I would have used it.

>> No.21277505

Technically the most important event in the galaxy is the eventual day that the Tau Empire covers this galaxy and the next, having triumphed over the evils that inhabited them both with reason, logic and friendship.


>> No.21277522

> since all the 'lower' castes are considered equal and the ethereals on top
You mean like Maoism?

Just replace ethereals with "the rulers".
Although I gotta admit, the Tau have a bit more Confucianism in them than Red China.

>> No.21277548

You make me laugh.

The Tau are tiny. The,only reason they aren't put in the same position as the Hrud is because Gee Dubya wanted to attract Weaboos and Humanists.

Plus there's the fact that they'd get raeped the second a daemon LOOKED in their general direction...

>> No.21277584

It wasn't in-universe rumors by characters in the setting. It was the omniscient narrator.

Not so noblebright, eh Xenos?

>Necrontyr/OldOnes War


>Birth of Slaanesh

A Chaos related event, showing how Chaos is a major factor in the setting, and is also a prelude to the main event which is THE HORUS HERSEY!

>> No.21277621

Could you please define 'Maoism' for me? I think we might be working off different ideas of what it is. It's an ideology, so I'm having trouble finding what system of government it prefers, although if the main example is China, it's probably single-party totalitarianism.

>> No.21277626

>Plus there's the fact that they'd get raeped the second a daemon LOOKED in their general direction...

What, exactly, will the daemon do?

>> No.21277629

>that face
They dont breed the water caste for looks, it seems.

>> No.21277632

or you know that fact they have fought daemons.

Also killed Slaanesh.

I still feel the Necron were shoehorned into 40k worse than the Tau.

>> No.21277677

You never know. Maybe the Tau find poor art to be an incredible turn-on.

>> No.21277698

Single party totalitarianism is a consequence of Maoism, yes.
Maoism refers to a system with egalitarian principles and a (possibly) personality cult surrounding the ruler.
It also refers to constant political sloganeering, and enforced political doctrine education.
Like say "The greater good".

>> No.21277730

>says greatest event is event A
>gets corrected because event B is actually greater

geddoutta heah ya hypocrite.

>> No.21277737

So basically you're saying Tau is Best Korea but nicer-ish?

>> No.21277743

Doesn't your argument hinge on this being 100% correct? If so, it buckles at the part where it says that the Imperium ALWAYS burns publicly kills people is untrue, why can't the former? If this paragraph is totally canon, the Assassinorum temples are removed. See the problem here?

And that's again ignoring that it came from a third party company, much like Relic's take on the franchise.

>> No.21277784

Apologies for the sentence construction, I really need sleep.
>If the sentence that says the Imperium always burns people is as true as the sentence before it, we can assume the entire thing is a bit wrong as it renders the Assassinorum defunct.

>> No.21277789

More successful is probably a better term.
The tau are mindlessly dedicated to the cause, little more than children in their moral understanding of the world (Leaving that, and the associated guilt, to the Ethereals), and with no perception or inclination to perceive anything outside of the system.
Tau works, and that's horrifying.

>> No.21277800

They stabbed a bleeding hole into the setting and crudely jammed the Necrons right in the hole. And then years later they ripped the Necrons from that old festering hole, created a new hole, and jammed the Necrons in the new hole.

All fine and dandy except the festering hole, blood, and gore all over the place.

>> No.21277806

Not really nicer, they're just standing beside SUPER-HITLER and ROBO-STALIN and kinda pale in comparison.

>> No.21277820

Well, I'd agree on most of their system, but their system of government isn't single-party totalitarianism, since in that system the only necessary qualification for being in power is being a member of the ruling party, whereas for the Tau, the qualification is 'being an Ethereal'.

As >>21277737 says, North Korea is probably closer since there is an aspect of hereditary rule, but it's still not a perfect match.

>> No.21277843

>Yeah the Tau always sterilise all humans! Boo hiss on those filthy xenos!

No, go read that again. It says human populations are sterilised to prevent excessive population growth. Because Tau don't want their worlds ending up like modern day Earth: too many people, too little resources.

So no, it's not OMG-EVIL! it's pragmatism

>> No.21277847

Hmm, I phrased that badly. When I said 'being an Ethereal' I mean it's race-based/hereditary.

>> No.21277882

You mean like a caste system?

>> No.21277917

Oh god, one of these fags again.

>> No.21277948

A caste system is not a system of government, and if it is, it's certainly not single-party authoritarian. In fact, the vast majority of real-world examples had aristocratic governments.

>> No.21277957

And the reason the DOW humans were De nutted were down to them being double/tripple traitors

>> No.21277962

Horus Hersey is the greatest event in the setting.

I was never corrected. That poster just mentioned other events that are of little worth and relevance compared to the Heresy.

When people think of 40K history, they think back to the Hersey because of its unrivaled importance in the setting.

All is Canon, Nothing is canon. That's the game.

You can ignore this totally canon piece of information and I can believe it as gospel truth.

Sterilization is Grimdark, I guess. So my opinion of Tau fluff is more in tune with the setting flavor.

>> No.21277969

I'd join the Tau like so many other human worlds have because the Emperium of Man is clearly the villain in the 40k universe.

Also, anyone got the extra fetishy version of this?

>> No.21277974

3/10 for responses. Was believable at first but now just too obvious.

>> No.21278010

The Tau sterilize the human, If they grow beyond their methods of control, and vanish anyone who disagrees with them.

It has nothing to do with resources or whatever.

Re-read the text, Xenophile.

>> No.21278015

Funny thing, Chaos is even more of a Saturday Morning Cartoon threat than Orks. Orks and Nids are both more brutal than Chaos, Tau are more subversive and seductive than Chaos, and Eldar are far more conniving than Chaos. All Chaos has is more facetime and plot armor.

Even the Hrud are a bigger threat to the Imperium than Chaos.

>> No.21278020

Problem is, Horus Heresy is the greatest event TO HUMANS. Since 40k is centered on the Imperium (too much, I'd say, but that's my opinion), it makes other events greater than it smaller because of perspective.

Doesn't make it the greatest event though, objectively speaking.

>> No.21278021

I'm not even going to bother anymore.

Last time, and I'm out.
The system has leaders who are born into this role, ala a caste system, everyone else are also assigned roles based entirely upon their birth, ala a caste system.
The system has one political doctrine, ala Maoism, and enforced egalitarianism, ala Maoism.

The ruling class is aristocratic in the same sense that the party in Russia and China was.

>> No.21278086

So when do we get finecast felinids in the Gray Wolves?

>> No.21278103

By virtue of the Humans being the dominant and most influential species in the setting, The Horus Hersey is the most important.

Because it help shape the faction that rules the current affairs of the galaxy or least most of it.

>> No.21278144

I too can't believe GW hasn't made felinid models ASAP to take advantage of the ^____^ crowd

>> No.21278160

>Even the Hrud are a bigger threat to the Imperium than Chaos.
>mfw I have no face

Hrudboy stick to bothering the Tau before you hurt yourself.

>> No.21278175

The moment they forge the Sword of Omens.

>> No.21278188

>Tau are more subversive and seductive than Chaos
Oh god no.

>> No.21278189

The point I'm getting at is that even in the Soviet Union, it was possible, if unlikely, for a member of the common class to become a member of the ruling class. The prerequisite was party loyalty (though you had a better chance with good connections).

This is absolutely impossible in the Tau empire. Therefore, it has a different system of government to single-party authoritarian, which is precluded by the existence of a caste system. I suppose I would call them Aristocratic Maoist? Although Maoism and social classes are technically supposed to be mutually exclusive.

>> No.21278211

What are you gonna do about it? Sic some orks on me, cackle about how youre such a genius, fail miserably and then either die or shout I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME CAPTAIN PLANET!
I don't see any Chaos iPods on the most Holy Terra.

>> No.21278219

It's Maoist with a caste system.
Single party authoritarianism is not necessary for Maoism (There's a democratically elected maoist party out there right now, only one though)

>> No.21278221

And thus were born the pimp-est army in the Imperium, the Thunder Cats.
"Thunder cats, ho!" *bitchslap*

>> No.21278236

Slaanesh would be all over the Imperium then.

>> No.21278238

And before I get another 'not aristocratic' the closest caste example is the one that existed in feudal Japan, which went, in order of hierarchy, Noble-Warrior-Peasant(farmer)-Craftsmen-Trader, which aside from the non-existence of an 'air caste' mirrors the tau system very closely. This was an aristocratic government.

>> No.21278248

Really? Which one?

>> No.21278251

Does someone have that pic? For...research purposes, of course.

>> No.21278257

Lets me end the debate for you. The Tau are called collectivist and Equalists in the fluff.

Collectivism and Equality are code words for Communism.

The Tau are space communists.

>> No.21278281

In Nepal.

>> No.21278283

Were the Tau not part of 40k, or if 40k was not simply the titanic behemoth of industry that it is, I'd totally steal them and transplant them into my other RPGs.. More specifically, I'd transplant the /tg/ version of them, because the actual fluff is absolutely horrendous, contradictory, and outright retarded in some places, as it is with much of 40k's writing..

Wouldn't be the first time I've blatantly stolen and flavored an idea to make it more palatable, though.

>> No.21278291

It's not Heresy if it's for the Emprah?

>> No.21278317

>focusing on the grimdark

I...I just...you are some kind of faggot.

>> No.21278392

Better than making up noblebright, pansy.

>What are you gonna do about it? Sic some orks on me, cackle about how youre such a genius, fail miserably and then either die or shout I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME CAPTAIN PLANET!

No, I'll just stand here, point, and laugh at the rat boy who thinks his Non-Codex Xenos faction is worth a damn.

>I don't see any Chaos iPods on the most Holy Terra.


>> No.21278475

Yes, with returning fire and indiscriminate ultra-violence.

>> No.21278533

This daemonette-dick sucker doesn't even realize that tau tech has spread its influence all the way to Earth. You know, that place that Chaos hasn't touched since Horus.

>> No.21278585

I think I'd rather eat a melta bomb than swallow that burn. 10/10.

>> No.21278633

Maybe you shouldn't believe whatever the TIDF says.

>> No.21278668

Maybe you should pay more attention to the fluff.

>> No.21278687

No, goat hooves. Must be related to daemons.

>> No.21278743

So I guess all that stuff I read about rich nobles using tau battlesuits for funsies and entire ships unanimously deciding to defect without being psychically brainfucked by godcock never actually existed.

>> No.21278779

Thread needs more Huge Tau

>> No.21278790

>Tfw Necrons turned into space tomb kings

>> No.21278798

>anyone other than tau using tau battlesuits
There's a fan theory that the Spryers in Necromunda use Tau technology, but it's pretty unfounded aside from one naming similarity.

The Tau don't give away their more advanced stuff. Only things like pulse weapons have been shown in the fluff.

>> No.21278852

they were always space tomb kings, the problem is that now they are space tomb kings with an out of place social life .

>> No.21278859

Tau don't have to give for a Rogue Trader to take. And if I'm not mistaken, it was the spyrers, I think they're called. The ones with the hunting rigs. Some have opted to use tau suits instead, if I recall properly and I probably don't.

All the same, you wouldn't get away with using Chaos shit so easily, making the tau much more appealing to the average Imperium citizen.

>> No.21278865

No they weren't. They were space vampire counts with a lovecraftian and pseudo-ancient civilisation feel to them.

>> No.21278880

Chaosfag here. Setting aside the fact that my fellow Chaos brother is acting like a blowhard tool, is it wrong that I like my faction, but rather enjoy seeing them lose all the time? Like the whole hand-rubbing overly complex long con plans, which seem to blow up in their faces more often than not, is actually kind of fun to watch? Not that I don't enjoy productive individuals like Honsou...

>> No.21278885

Well, if you insist.

>> No.21278905

Not at all. I actually find Chaos kinda interesting at times too and I feel a little of your pain. I love orks, but the amount of misinformation on them is headache inducing at times.

>> No.21278944

look at the image

>> No.21278959

You double traitor.

>> No.21278990

>space vampire counts
hows that?
pyramids and scarabs are quite egyptian, and both (tomb kings and vampire cunts) have skeletons, the only time the word "vampire" is used in the old codex is when they are talking about the nightbringer and his draining of stars.

>> No.21278992

>And if I'm not mistaken, it was the spyrers, I think they're called
I mentioned them in my post. The ONLY link between the Tau and the Spryers is a fan theory about the Tau word "Mal'caor" and the "Malcadon" suit.

There is mention of broken tau weaponry being found in the underhives of some cities and rumours of some hive nobles making deals with the Tau, but no specific places are mentioned, and there's no details (only mention of rumours)

And all the auxiliary fluff we've seen show that the Tau are reluctant to part with their more advanced gear. They give pulse weapons to Gue'la, and pulse ammunition to Kroot.. but that's pretty much it. There are the Vesspid, but they use weapons that can ONLY be used by them.. so it's hard to draw a parallel.

>> No.21279000

Actually in the latest retcon the creation of the Eye of Terror blasted free the warpstorms that had been shrouding Earth and permitted the Emperor to begin the Golden Crusade.
No Slaanesh? No Primarchs, no Heresy.
Repeat after me: "Thank you recklessly hedonistic Eldar!"

>> No.21279026

Also, the only fluff on the matter of "non-tau piloting battlesuits" has a dude getting friend by the neural link's failsafe.

Think it was in "The Last Chancers"

>> No.21279054

derp, fried.

>> No.21279068

I thought it went

Empire = Imperium
Orcs = Orkz
Ogres = Orkz
Tomb kings = Necrons
Lizardmen = Tau
High Elves = Eldar
Dark Elves = Dark Eldar
Wood Elves = Exodites, who don't have an army
Dwarves = NO ONE or demiurgs
Chaos = Chaos

Bretonnians, nids, and counts have no equivalent.

>> No.21279088

>thinking pyramids and scarabs are exclusively Egyptian.

Beyond the fact that there are over 30,000 species of scarabs, the scarabs that they worshipped is found all over the mediterranean. Do you know how many other ancient cultures that had pyramid like structures existed in that area? Or the fact that a hell of a lot of ancient cultures had pyramids.

And look at the similarity of theme between Oldcrons and VC. It's much more closer than Oldcrons and TK.

>> No.21279109

What fucking similarities?
Come now.
Tell me what the VC and Oldcrons share besides not being alive.

>> No.21279158

Also skaven don't have an equivalent either.
Not that Skaven exist mind you.

>> No.21279170

All the tau waifus scare me sometimes.

>> No.21279200

>Do you know how many other ancient cultures that had pyramid like structures existed in that area?
dude, at the end of the codex there is an scenario with the motherfucking piramids of keops, cut that crap out.
and their scarabs werent worshipped by anyone else and i am pretty much sure than when games workshop added that shit they were thinking in egyptians and not in the obscure old natives from the canary islands (that made mayan like pyramids).

also look at this >>21278852

>> No.21279209


>> No.21279211

I do, I do

>> No.21279213

The entire origin story of the 'crons is ripped from the TK. Hell, the VC origin story IS the TK origin story up until the half-way point.

The big thing though, is that both 'crons and 'kings use armies composed entirely of their own undead followers and animated constructs of their own creation. The Vampire counts revive zombies of all races, which does not match with the Necrons.

More openly fetishized than the guard waifus.. but at this point I've been numbed to /tg/'s particular brand of insanity.

>> No.21279217

Persevere, my greenskin friend. This image of punching bag fluff will die down eventually.

Please. Watching anyone collapse for my personal amusement is perfectly in keeping with the will of the Dark Gods.

>> No.21279222

for the greater weeaboo

>> No.21279258

What vampires?

>> No.21279268


>> No.21279270

but they were not.

And Don't even mention chibbiKhorne and ChibbiTzeench. Lol Eldritch horrors of chutulutasticness. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.21279279

Star Vampires!

>> No.21279284


>> No.21279297


>> No.21279300

I thought that the main event was the survival of mankind in a hostile universe and what they would have to become for that to be possible. The Good vs. Evil subplot was emphasized in the fluff later on to attract teenagers and the kind of people Hollywood targets as an audience.

Think about it in terms of a jungle. Mankind is there and there are natives. Now, sure, man vs. man's nature is a fun fight, but we are in equal if not greater danger from the plants, animals, and diseases in the jungle. It is about total survival in the environment, which includes but is not only the us vs bad guys plot.

>> No.21279311

I miss my star vampires.

I also miss my Pariahs.

>> No.21279324

>This image of punching bag fluff will die down eventually.
I'm more okay with that than the image of if orks clap their hands and believe hard enough, the Emprah will turn into crackers and Nids will all become carnifexes.

>> No.21279327

i miss oldcrons....good lord i still have dawn of war dark crusade.

>> No.21279337

>Imperium of Man
>At all
>in any conceivable way

>> No.21279338

>at this point I've been numbed to /tg/'s particular brand of insanity.
I would say that too, but every now and then the fear just resurfaces.

>> No.21279356

Why do you reject science?

The Waagh effect is a proven fact.

>> No.21279359

I'm still curious about how Relic will handle the newcrons.

I really liked their take on oldcrons.

>> No.21279384

How many times do I have to say it.

The dude has retired he is gone.

>> No.21279399

Theres a difference between the WAAAGH and the WAAA/tg/H. The WAAAGH is actually really fucking neat where the WAAA/tg/H is just asinine

>> No.21279408

>responding to troll/10

But that's not how it works.

>> No.21279427

True sir. I was going to put "us vs them", but I wanted to simplify it for the people who see 40k as "The Space Marine Show"

>> No.21279431

Please explain to us how the WAAAGH really works. I'm so gosh-darned excited to hear it.

>> No.21279449

>how Relic will handle the newcrons.

With HAM!

Gratuitous amount of HAAAAAAM!

>> No.21279480

Does this image remind anyone else of the pictures in scary stories to tell in the dark?

Horus has a real spooky face

>> No.21279509

This is how it works.

Please ignore the fool that rejects science and thinks his opinion means anything!

>> No.21279512

Make crappily made guns work better. not turn a stick into a shoota.

>> No.21279521

>And when he woke up he saw on the door...


>> No.21279578

Only race not being a wall of dicks.

Grimderp lovers can't abide.

"Rugged individualists" can't stand the idea of a collectivist society shown in a positive light, even in fiction.

My face when.

>> No.21279585

>Ogres = Ogryn
>Lizardmen = The Old Ones (Seriously, read your fluff)
>Skaven = The Hrud
I agree with the Nids, VC, having no analogue, but I also think the Tau don't, maybe Nippon...

>> No.21279603

>mfw slimy greyskin scum asks if I have a problem

>> No.21279634

>the tau are a positive society
>with concentration camps


>> No.21279643

We really need to ship those "rugged individualists" to a cold, unforgiving wasteland they confuse with countries with hundreds of millions of people. If we send them to Mars we get to have a space program too. The engineering is a lot simpler if you don't care if they can:

1. Return,
2. Eat, or
3. Survive cosmic rays.

>> No.21279676

The only difference between the Tau and the Imperium is that the Tau aren't fighting a war of survival on a thousand fronts that necessitates working their citizens half to death and executing people to ensure absolute unity just to live another day. If the Tau ever became enough of a player to actually defend themselves, they would be forced to become just like the Imperium (only worse, because they're mind controlling their people).

So, I'll stay where I am, thank you very much.

>> No.21279688


You know, those stories didn't start showing up until after the complains starting coming in.

"Baww! Filthy social-commies can never be good guys, even in fiction!"
"Okay, fine. Re-education camps and rumors of sterilization. Are you fucking happy now?"

>> No.21279714

>cosmic rays and starvation turn them into fantastic (cannibalistic) rugged individualists
not a good plan, man

>> No.21279779

My CO told me that they smell funny and are bad shots.
So no.

>> No.21279792

Y'know the cranky DoW narrator calls the /tg/-takes-as-holy-cannon sterilizations "rumors."
Seems like a powerful concept when not applied so selectively.
Those rumors were to explain the population crash after the wars. As opposed to disease, fatal climate exposure, battlefield pollutants, infrastructure breakdowns, and/or mass evacuations -the far more commonplace post-war reasons for depopulation.

>> No.21279793

Given that we're allowed to pick-and-choose our own fluff, I think there's enough room for most interpretations of the effect of Ork psyker-y.

>> No.21279809


"Can that tank really hit us from that dis-"

>> No.21279835


>> No.21279841

"Dunno, never seen one with 6 legs before."

>> No.21279884

That would be a concern if they were in Alaska, but another world millions of miles away keeps the risk of dealing with them down.

>> No.21279900

if there's one thing I've learned from experience, it's that anyone shot to mars will inevitably come back and try to kill everyone.

>> No.21279903

I would tie a mass of sperglords, make them immobile and make them watch me knock up some tau.
And I would let them watch tau male knocking up human female.
Then I would collect their tears and sell it as emperors tears.

>> No.21279914

That's basically what they're trying to do now. So the between-time will be a nice reprieve for everyone.

>> No.21279936

Until they come back as cosmic-powered space-zombies and everyone wishes we still had the old spergs.

>> No.21279978

if they're so hated, why is their codex on the waffles edition the second most complete?

>> No.21280029


as any good imperial citizen will tell you hate is a greater motivator and virtue.

>> No.21280198

Here /tg/, I drew you something

>> No.21280399

>> No.21280435


Because Waffles Edition sucks?

>> No.21280444

>only race not being a wall of dicks
>join the Greater Good...OR ELSE
>sketchy Ethereal caste leaders
>violent tribal roots

Yeah no.

>> No.21280495

They are more of a dickfence than a dickwall.

>> No.21280623

>ork weapons don't work unless used by orks
>diggas, ork hunters, etc. don't seem to have any problems

>> No.21284504

Ogres are orkz.
Sorry bro.
They've got nothing in common with Ogryn except appearance.

Also, for Lizardmen and Tau:

>The great plan
>The greater good

>Mindlessly dedicated servants bred for specific purposes that serve a "wise" priest caste.

>Use of giant reptiles

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