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Dear /tg/,

Here are 4,245 carefully organized fantasy pictures: http://thraen.minus.com/uploads

Thanks for keeping me entertained and inspired. Keep on being awesome, /tg/

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Settings - Mystical and Surreal

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You're fucking awesome.

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Heroes - Fighters

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Scenes - COMBAT!

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I need this for sci-fi

Do you know if there's an archive like this for sci-fi pics?

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Heroes - Mages and Warlocks

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You rock OP.

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How do I download it all?

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Scenes - Story Elements

I'm actually working on a sci-fi one. Stay tuned for more details. Message me on Minus for updates.

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Settings - Nature

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Traps and Puzzles

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try tgbooru

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Settings - Indoors and Streets

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Theme - Arabian, Egyptian, Desert

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Monsters - Abominations and Oozes

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Marry me please OP

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Monsters - Dragons

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Heroes - Elves & Drow


Taken, I'm afraid.

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Heroes - Druids and Shamans

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Themes - Norse, Celtic, Arctic

Last thread /tg/ suggested that I create desert/arctic/asian themes. Here's a sneak peak for all you Viking-lovers

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Settings - Aquatic and Coastal

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Settings - Cities and Castles

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Heroes - Rangers

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Monsters - Humanoids & Giants

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Settings - Taverns and Bars

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Heroes - Dwarves

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Theme - Asian and Mongolian

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Heroes - Barbarians

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Heroes - Rogues

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Settings - Towns and Cabins

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Settings - Dungeons and Ruins

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>ITT Op is a cool guy who does cool things

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Monsters - Humanoids and Giants

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Monsters - Elemental and Magic

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Theme - Mayan, Aztec, Incan

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Monsters - Plants and Fey

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Heroes - Dragonborn, Tiefling, etc

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>I'm actually working on a sci-fi one.
I will love you forever.

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Heroes - Groups of Heroes

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Heroes - Unholy and Necro

In addition to a sci-fi one, also working on post-apocalyptic Earth, steam punk, and a few others.

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Is there a "select all" button that is invisible or do I have to select every thing by hand?

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Settings - Outposts

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Monsters - Constructs

There is not a select all button. I'm working on trying to figure out how to make all of these pictures instantly downloadable for you guys.
Maybe add download links to the folders to each page.

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Items - Collections

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Items - Books, Scrolls, maps

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Items - Misc

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Runes, Symbols, Banners

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Monsters - Serpents and Reptiles

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Heroes - Paladins and Nights

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<- Your powerlevel, OP.

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No monstergirls?

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really people? have you never heard of http://cghub.com/ or something?

oh well, ill play along,

monsters- abominations and oozes

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Amazing OP.

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is there a way to download these in bulk?

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How long did it take?

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Heroes - Artificers and Alchemists

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You truly are an elegan/tg/entleman, OP. I salute you.

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Why can't pokemon be this?

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Dear OP,

Why no Orcs?

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The orcs are dissapointed in you!

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OP, you amazing man.

My only complaint? Not enough DEM HIPS in the Wakfu section[/spoiler.

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Alright, now I've got to go and dig up my copy of Blue and hope it still works.

What is even with those wings. Those tiny tiny wings.
So tiny.

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OP here. There are orcs. Find them in Monsters - Humanoids section. I need to move them into their own section though, to be honest.

Having trouble posting pics now. Oh well -- enjoy the pics everyone.

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He'd probably use them for gliding or to slow descent, not flying.

Likely he'd be a hell of an ambush predator.

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You're awesome, and you should feel awesome.
Take this completely random image in thanks.

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OP... you're wonderful. That's a great collection, very helpful to spark imagination when creative ideas are running a bit dry

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Rock on, dude.

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I too would also like to know this as well.

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You are a true gentleman and a scholar and you should be proud of yourself.

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We need more in the Paladins and Knight category.

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Bumping with awesome because this is awesome.

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Awesome picture. Got any more?

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Maybe you could try looking in the huge-ass image folder.
In the OP.
That this entire thread has been about.

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Pretty cool, I download my loli and trap eromanga from there.

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>Implying there is a folder called Pokémon
>Implying I was asking for the entire image set.
>Implying you could of just said "Under X folder".

I've been on his site multiple times, but without going through every folder.....

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>implying there is a folder called pokemon
There kind of is, actualy. Granted, it's abbreviated, but still.

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>Misc - Pkmn, Wakfu, Scifi, Babes

Why are you using an image hosting site when you don't even have eyes?

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Based on an image found on OP site.

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No haste or no hexproof and that wouldn't actually be so bad at that CMC.

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May thousands of warm, dripping cunts swarm you til the end of time.

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I now have a mental inage of a man running from a beelike swarm of disembodied vaginas chasing after him....

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Doesn't actualy sound that great.
My mind pictured a flock of winged vaginas, so dense as to block out the sun, swooping down upon the unsuspecting OP to carry him away to their dens, far from the light and warmth of the sun, where the walls are slick with their fluids are air think with the reek of cum. There, they begin their damnable work, ceaselessly violating the poor, abused form of our dear OP, drinking deep of the spark of his life untill all is extinguished, and his drained and broken husk is tossed mindlessly into the abyss beneath their breeding pits, there to wait emtombed for all the long eons untill the final end of all things.

My mind goes strange places sometimes, and only seldom do I follow.

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*and the air
I cannot into spelling.

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What, like that bit in It?

>> No.21272778

This is pretty much what I imagined, as well, but with the low buzz of all those wings....

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If I might ask OP but, where would i find the goblins in this, to be frank, awesome collection?

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Thank you friend, that would explain why I couldn't find it.

It was abreviated, when you CTRL+F for "Pokémon" and nothing shows up, you kind of assume it's not there. I then browsed through and couldn't see. Pkmn could mean Pikmin. It's also under "Misc" with such thing as "Wakfu, Sci-fi and Babes". Not to mention the album cover is not a Pokémon. Hence my confusion.

Instead of people being nice and going "Yeah, it's under Misc" they go "HURRR DURRRRR U BLIND EM EIGHT?????////////;oenon eoneoneone"

If people ask me a question, I try my best to help them. Hence my namefaggyness. Somebody asked me for HH unit stats, so I typed them out. Somebody wanted a translation of the Cypher codex page, I did it. Not that hard.

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thanks bro

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Dunno bout OP, but I could /d/ig that.

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OP here
Goblins would probably be under Monsters - Humanoid or under Heroes - Dragonborn, Tiefling, etc.

I'm a little bit on the fence about where to put things like orcs and goblins, because they're monstrous enough to count as monsters but they're also PC races, so idk. I think I'll make a unique folder for "Ugly PC races." Heroes - Goblinoid maybe

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Disregard that, I found them.

>> No.21272901

OP here

Monsters - Abominations and Oozes

lulz, works under both types.

>> No.21272910

thanks OP.

>> No.21272923

Or you could catagorize them as Greenskins.
That would be my personal catagory for them.
I love me some goblin's

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The soft beatings of their wings upon the sweet spring winds meld together into a warm, velvety throb that dulls the mind and ensnared the senses, as the thick, heady musk of a hundredscore quim drips slowly into the air about you, just as the drippings themselves patter quietly onto the budding leaves. You stand, awash and adrift in a sensual haze, as they dip in their course aross the sun-dappled sky, alerted to your presence by the moans their musk has wrung from your thoat. All at once, they desend upon your benighted form, and you are born aloft upon their soft, yet unyielding forms.
And the forefront of your mind is terror, for who hasn't heard the stories? You know your fate, and dread it.
And yet, in some dark and debased corner of your mind, you revel in it.

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OP-chan is a very cool guy. I hope he notices this post

>> No.21273108

Thanks, this is going to be invaluable for me as I'm planning a FR campaign right now.

>> No.21273172

I feel like I'm going to hell for asking, but is there more of this?

>> No.21273220

>calls >>21272555 friend
>I posted both that and >>21272327
>both are mocking
My sarcasm must be getting weak.

>> No.21273310

Damn it, I'm conflicted. OP is amazing, but vagina swarm derail is so tempting...

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Thank you OP, this has saved me many hours of trawling through image dumps
Not sure what to give in response, either a few funnies or a PDF of the collossals book, if there isn't one already

>> No.21273451

I'll post the artists I have who seem kind of similar to the style(s) you like, OP.

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I'm loving the maps/cities section. I've been looking for some good maps for my next campaign.

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Thanks Op!

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I love you OP

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Whoops, missed it was fantasy-only.

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I get the impression you're not so keen on art like this in style?

>> No.21274160

Hey OP, would if help you if we sent you more art for the categories you already have? I mean if we have some art that isn't in your library, would you want it? You've put considerable effort into this project and I was just wondering if its 'completed' or an ongoing thing.

>> No.21274196

I'll default to art I think you're more likely to like, I guess. You've got a dwarf this chick drew at least.

>> No.21274205

Oh man I did not even think of that.

>> No.21274209

OP here.

Sorry, I had work to do and had to finish it up. I actually adore these pics. I'll add them to the site in the next couple of day.

This is an ongoing project. I add pictures every single day. If you have something you think would be a good addition, just message me on Minus. We can exchange emails or you can just give me a link.

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>> No.21274232


Our mission is clear

>> No.21274248

Okay, I'll post more Larsen after I'm done with Sarah Stone. It's mainly Orc pictures.

Just wondered how you felt about that kind of more cartoony, less 'stereotypically digital' style.

>> No.21274259

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Message me on Minus! I would love more pics. That's a good idea. I'll be sure to mention that next time I start one of these threads.

I'm probably going to start another one in the next few days, to help share the picture-love.

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>> No.21274295

>> No.21274303


I'll probably just contact you through minus. On the homepage I see it says sign up to give you more space. Once I sign up how do I 'give' you more space?

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>> No.21274320

>> No.21274321

Will that thread have swarms of vaginas as well?

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>> No.21274341

>> No.21274343

I automatically get 1 gig of storage every time somebody joins through the link, but to be honest I've got more storage space than I know what to do with atm.

So many people signed up after the first thread that I'm not even at 10% storage capacity. /tg/ is full of bros.

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>> No.21274353

Sure. I'll kick that one of with a dump from my abomination /oozes folder

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>> No.21274365

>> No.21274378

>> No.21274388

>> No.21274403

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>> No.21274423


So pardon me being late and stupid. But is there a way to download the albums as a whole, or do I have to do it all individually?

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>> No.21274429

>> No.21274436

>> No.21274445

>> No.21274451

>> No.21274462

>> No.21274469

>> No.21274470

I love you, OP.

>> No.21274473

Minus doesn't allow mass downloads. You have to click each one individually, annoying enough.

The easier solution would be to follow me or bookmark the page. I add new pictures daily, except for the weekends.

>> No.21274535

Okay, back to Larsen.

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>> No.21274561

>> No.21274571

>> No.21274584

>> No.21274591

>> No.21274600

>> No.21274607

so many pictures to save, so little time

>> No.21274609

>> No.21274621

>> No.21274638

Obligatory viral, I guess, if you dig these pictures the chick is putting together an all-Orc art book.

...which I can't link to because of 4chan's spam detector, so fuck it. Artist is Christine Larsen if you're interested.

>> No.21274644

>> No.21274675

Oh shit, we're at image limit? Fuck, I was forgetting about the non-omitted replies.

Well. Hope some of these were useful. I've got another dozen or so I'll dump (finish the orcs, and begin another artist or two) if you want to make another thread.

>> No.21274715

I'm definitely going to have to make an orc / greenskin folder after all of the orc love.

I'll start another thread in a few days. You can just send me the name of the artist through Minus and I'll grab all of the best stuff from the artist's website.

>> No.21274773

I can't link because of the spam detection, but if you search Christine Larsen you'll find them.

The other artists I dropped in this thread are JenZee, one of the Bastion artists; Eric Belisle, a PF/D&D artist; Sarah Stone, a PF/D&D artist... and that's it.

>> No.21274886

You, sir, are a saint.

>> No.21275333

Is OP the reincarnation of The Collector?

>> No.21275614

OP is best OP.

>> No.21277438

Good show!

>> No.21280086

This should be closer to page 1 than 10.

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>> No.21280457

OP is the blackest nigger this side of midnight.

>> No.21283045

'SS' is the initials of the artist.

>> No.21283102

>check minus
>3 pictures from this thread added
You should probably say if you dislike something.

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