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Venting thread!

Feel free to join in.

To the group I'm playing in: taking in these new players was the worst idea. How was I supposed to know one of the new guys would drag in marysue tier faggotry? How was I supposed to know one of the old regulars would actually enjoy and join in on it?

Romance between PC's is just horrible when you end up alienating the two other players. Mr. GM, you KNOW I'm not having fun, I can see it in the awkward glances we share during gametime. Do something about it man, come on. You're awesome and witty (and quite handsome) but you gotta learn to reign these fetishfags in.

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>know and solve my problems without me saying anything about them

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>read my mind, I know you can because you seem to have some social experience, unlike me

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Dear players.

I constantly throw you into impossible situations.
I invent mary sue NPCs.
I steal shit wholesale from Anime.
I flub my rolls whenever i goddamn feel like it.
Yet you never catch me. Instead, you think my game is the coolest thing in the goddamn world.
You're too retarded to realize whats happening, and you HAVE FUN no matter how hard i try to make you suffer.


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Holy shit, can Iiterally just C&P my last previous response?

Stop being such a passive, pathetic asshole.

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Player, please stop minmaxing. You are bad at it and it's not at all necessary, especially since your Ardna feat will be giving you a massive boost in four levels and you have enough skill to make it until then. I should know, I'm writing your fucking encounters.

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>GM giving you a made up feat and forcible power up
>complaining about what you do with your character in the mean time
Why don't you just write a novel.

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To the group I'm DM'ng.

Sorry if I'm so damn scattered sometimes. I try to give everyone ample amounts of spotlight, and the pressure can get to me every now and then. You're all still sticking around every week, so I guess you're having fun?

You. The one player. Stop trying to set your character up for 'awesome shit'. I greenlit your conspiratory requests ONCE because it was interesting and original, but making your character do awesome shit is YOUR responsibility not mine. Nobody's special snowflake on my game just because we're fucking Steam friends and everyone else only runs IRC.


Joke's on you dickheads, I've already run it past the GM. We've had a nice, lengthy talk about how to keep everyone happy and in the group.

Talk amounted to nothing though, fuck that noise.

Goddamn these kittens are adorable holy fuck.

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Sounds like you should quite the game if you are not enjoying it and the GM doesn't want to change the game to suit you.

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Stop creating loner characters who don't work well with others. You are in a fucking party with other PCs; does it really take a genius to see how this is doomed to fail? It's extremely inconsiderate when you refuse to cooperate with your teammates and decide to do stupid things that endanger the group "because it's in character". Try creating a character who isn't retarded. Try creating a character who isn't a headstrong idiot who insists on doing everything his way all the time. Try to see how you force everybody else to compromise their characters in order to keep the game from derailing. And try to very, very hard to comprehend that when you've taken things so far that people really can't bend any further in your direction and a showdown results which causes you to leave the party (AGAIN), that you have become high fucking king of the motherfucking douchebags. Stop it!

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I don't understand my players at all.

>Half-Orc Fighter: I wanna slay monsters!
>Aasimar Summoner: I wanna be the BIG DAMNED HERO. YAY
>Half-Elf Ranger: I want loot. LOOOOOOT
>Warforged Ninja: Assasinate

- Create an encounter with a monstrous Otyugh. Grapples the half-elf and the warforged. Fully expect the half-orc to "SLAY THE DRAGON". He rolls diplomacy/survival/handle animal and befriends the Otyugh.
- Provide multiple opportunities for warforged to assassinate corrupt governor. Decides to go through the front door, fully exposing himself and his weapons to the guards. Crash into elegant dinner party. Corrupt nobles errywhere. Defeat the governor and his bodyguards. Half-Elf stops his party from stealing the silverware, because stealing is wrong regardless of how much of a douche the nobles may be.

Level-appropriate combat encounter. I playtested it an hour before hand. Glass canon archers. Sneaky conniving general. Motherfucking kidnapped a Sexy Elven Princess. And what does the Summoner do? (Synthesizer) Turns into his warbird combat form, wins a grapple check against a companion Fighter NPC that's 2 levels above him that's main purpose was to watch helplessly from the ground as the Aasimar proves that he's not just some "kid", Carries him all the way to the third floor where the general is, drops him off, and the npc fighter proceeds to essentially win the day.

He... he even told the princess that it was the NPC that saved her, not him... I don't- I don't understand.

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No, now would you get your shit together so we can do another session already?

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You're forgetting the magic phrase: "a good compromise leaves everybody angry".

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Seems like your players learned the true meaning of friendship.

Kill them all.

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No, you don't understand. He picked out this feat. He's also, before and after each session and randomly through the week, asks to change his class, random class features like what he casts from, take on alternate race and class archetypes, take on major events in the game for prestige, stop doing those major events because he doesn't like them anymore, and constantly complains he's behind everyone power-wise.

I have let him change casting abilities twice, change classes full-on once, change his entire feats list once, and the only reason why I haven't let him just kill his character willy-nilly is because if I do he's just going to kill and replace characters the minute he feels weak and unimpressive again, like he did in his last campaign we were both in. I don't mind letting him change some things of his class, god knows 3.5 can be utter shit when it comes to mechanics and I will try and help him keep as viable as everyone else, but when the bulk of our conversations go "So, I was looking in Book of Obscure And Random Shit and found an alternate casting system that looked interesting, so can I change my entire spell list again and change my feat from Augment Bullshit to Counteraction Bullshit? I know I asked to change Powerup Wanana to Augment Bullshit last time, but my Warrior Elven Prince Swashbuckler/Witch/Wizard just looks like a wimp compared to the Corgi Monk and the grumpy Human Sorcerer."

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I should've ended that sentence with "It drives me fucking nuts", but I think I got the message clear on that.

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Dear players,
I really don't know how you're enjoying this. I'm not creative and I don't have nearly enough experience to be using a system that gives so much freedom and responsibility to the GM. Combat takes more than twice as long as it should and everything else is bullshit because I can't predict what you're going to do and everything I come up with on the spot is terrible.

I understand that my biggest problems might not be immediately visible, so let's go down the list:
I have no idea how to balance things. You probably haven't noticed this yet since you've been mostly avoiding combat so your pokemon are all still level five and six. One of these days I am probably going to knock out every pokemon in your party with an encounter that isn't supposed to be hard.
My pacing is horrible. We've already had, what, four sessions? You guys are level one and your pokemon are fives and sixes. You have barely done anything related to the main objective. It's not your fault, it's mine. I just don't know what I'm doing.

Let's not forget, guys, that I let one of you rape an unconscious NPC. Yes, it wasn't even the first session, but I should have known better. You should have, too, but that doesn't make it any better that I allowed it.

How, after all this, are you guys still enjoying this shitfest I've put together?

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I hate my current DM, some of you may have seen the story when I told it a few days ago, but I digress.

Making us play quaggan was not funny, nor was informing me that my weapons were dual wielded purple dildos, nor was allowing one character to be omnicidal and randomly attack teammates every time he attacks, nor was giving me (and only me) a homosexuality score and making it increase for being grateful to the cleric for healing me, basic human fucking gratitude should not make people gay. Oh and letting everyone "backhand" things into instant oblivion is also not funny, it's retarded you enormous fuck.

And your view that "The GM shouldn't be doing anything advantageous for the party, his job is to kill everyone" is just a little bit retarded.

I feel better now.

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>rape an unconcious NPC

Woah dude that post of yours took a nosedive after that line. I wouldn't worry about it too much though, as long as your player's pokemon are getting levels, it'll be fun for them. Try to give out a gym badge/ribbon/plot level per five sessions, that's a nice, solid rhythm.

. . . can we get context for the rape? Was it human on pokemon?

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>hate my current DM, some of you may have seen the story when I told it a few days ago, but I digress.
>Making us play quaggan was not funny, nor was informing me that my weapons were dual wielded purple dildos, nor was allowing one character to be omnicidal and randomly attack teammates every time he attacks, nor was giving me (and only me) a homosexuality score and making it increase for being grateful to the cleric for healing me, basic human fucking gratitude should not make people gay. Oh and letting everyone "backhand" things into instant oblivion is also not funny, it's retarded you enormous fuck.
>And your view that "The GM shouldn't be doing anything advantageous for the party, his job is to kill everyone" is just a little bit retarded.
>I feel better now.

Sounds like he's trying to pull off sarcastic internet humor and failing it very badly. Sucks for you, dude.

Also, I really hate that mentality.

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Man I am giggling like an idiot from reading all that.

I game mostly for shenanigans and explosions, could never into serious RP, so I'd probably enjoy a game like that if it were to pop out from nowhere on me.

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Yah, I plan on dropping the game soon a letting them continue without me, perfect timing too since saying "Orcus" apparently summoned him and got me insta-killed with 10d4 damage, what with my 6hp and all. So I figure that even with his promise to "drop the resurrection costs" I think -20hp is a good an excuse as any to gtfo.

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No, it was human on human. Her being unconscious was my fault. He just took advantage of the situation, and I let him do it. I've made some progress since then, hopefully I'll be competent by the end of the year or so.

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>How was I supposed to know one of the old regulars would actually enjoy and join in on it?

Honestly, I don't sue. But oh, how I want to. If the door were ever opened, I would so go there. Because being an imaginary fantasy hero is fun, but my true fantasy is to be a fantasy hero who's so darn powerful everything is easy.

But, that's more of a confession than venting, so to keep it on subject:

QUIT GOOFING OFF YOU TWO. We can hardly get anywhere each game because you can't stay on topic, you break into inane unrelated banter at every opportunity. A joke here and there is fine, but keep it in moderation, and at the very least, make your comments funny or cogent when you do go off on a tangent. And even when you're focused on the game, you waste in-game time on the dumbest stuff. AND I'M TIRED OF ONLY PLAYING LIKE, A HALF HOUR OF IN-GAME TIME OVER THE COURSE OF SEVEN OR EIGHT REAL HOURS! Sometimes it's even less, it's terrible.

Also, expand your characters. Give them backstories, personalities, and pick some abilities/feats/etc not directly related to hitting stuff with a sword. My single character killed the rest of you despite his relatively weak direct combat skills because he has that diversity. Take a lesson from that and diversify a bit. Saving your lives in the real campaign is getting old.

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>nor was giving me (and only me) a homosexuality score and making it increase for being grateful to the cleric for healing me,

That actually made me laugh out loud. Sounds like the DM's taking things not-at-all-seriously. Which is fine, as long as everyone else is cool with it.
Besides, if you don't like it, say something. Or chill out. Either approach would work.

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As for the other stuff, I might have to force them into combat or make noncombat exp gains to keep their pokemon leveling, since they've been avoiding combat. I'd rather not force them into combat if they don't want it, so probably the latter.

As for the pacing rhythm, they got a plot level in session 2. They might be able to get another by session seven, not sure. They don't have much interest in badges or ribbons, but I might be able to get them to at least try for one.

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/tg/ at what point does a character become a "gimmick character"

Like I was talking to my group earlier and they were saying that most of my character ideas are "gimmick characters" when really they're just a set of mechanics with a personality. Like the druid who wants to fill the earth with trees, so he needs money to buy out all the land and the trees. As such he is True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral, because all he wants is to get the money. That's not to say his character can't evolve over the course of a campaign, but his initial predisposition will be to get the money and run.

Is this a gimmick or is my group just throwing words together because I'm not making characters in the exact same way that they are?

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I tried to chill out, but being all but called a faggot every two seconds grinds my gears, plus the fact that everyone else finds this hilarious, I dunno, maybe I'm just unknowingly autistic and convinced that they're laughing at me but this is just one part of many as you see in my post.

Asking won't do much, this dude isn't the kind to respond very well to "could you stop that please?" He's liable to either say that "it's just a game, lighten up, everyone else is having fun with this joke." or simply throw a bitch fit and kick me out for trying to "ruin the fun".

That last one might not be a bad way to leave actually.

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So the NPC Elven Fighter is now betrothed to the Elven Princess. yet he still feels the need to adventure with the party because of oaths and other some such nonsense (Bros before hos. Plus they're not actually very good at fighting so I kinda use this npc to serve as a tank, mindlessly taking damage and hitting things). The party objects and soon I find myself creating another npc with several levels of Aristocrat.

The warforged assassin decides to split from the party to do ninja shit, but instead of being sneaky, openly announces his presence to the enemy and he is dismantled. Cue the creation of a Halfling Barbarian with a "gangsta" flavor. The next 3 social events see him as blowing the whistle on corrupt cops, folding down to intimidation from commoners, and using acrobatics to dodge and get away from enemies.

Currently, it seems that my players are much more interested in helping my 2 NPCs and acting as servants/loyal retainers instead of going on a high adventure like they told me they wanted at the beginning of the campaign. Ever since the Otyugh, my Half-Orc player has not fought a single large creature, but instead have against the odds tamed a wild Bullette and is now using it as a mount. The summoner has been reduced to hiding behind the NPC fighter and cating like a caster using wands and shit. And the Chaotic Neutral Ranger who just wanted to steal things is the most rational player in my group and is acting like a paladin.

Players. Players never change.

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It's not inherently bad to have characters like that, but it sounds like your group wants characters with more complex personalities and motivations. That character sounds mostly one dimensional, two if you actually do change him over the course of the campaign. You should aim for three dimensional, and see if they like that better.

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You're running a game in a very, very malleable universe man. I've had a session in my game that was just my guy milling around a fucking museum reading all of the exhibit descriptions (much to the GM's delight and the other players' utter boredom).

Take cues from the anime. It doesn't always have to be seizure monster cockfights. My personal approach to the pacifist party is to give them SCIENCE related missions. Catalog plants, chart caves, observe and record pokemon in their natural habitat, studying pokemon mating habits cutesy shit like that.

As for the rapist, have the NPC come back to haunt him. Recurring NPC's (especially villains) are always fun, both on the GM end and on the player end.

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Then leave,

You dont eat a shit sandvich just because you took a bite.

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Oh yeah I'm about to, I said as much myself. -20 hp is just a really good opportunity that i might not get again.

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For me, true sue-ism isn't defined by the character's capability, it's in the execution of their faggotry. A wildly and inappropriately different archetype amongst a group of mundanes, for example. Being different, obtrusive, and loud just for the sake of deviancy.

I do recommend you try out Exalted, or our very own Dungeons: the Dragoning 40,000 7th edition. After all, if everyone's a 'sue', then nobody is!

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>studying pokemon mating habits
>cutesy shit
Really though, since might be a good idea. For now, one of the players has essentially made their character into a walking plot hook (he has a tendency to do that kind of thing), but when we're not working with that plot stuff, science missions are a good idea. At least for the researcher character. For now the researcher and plot hook seem to be fine following the plot and exploring a few of the potential distractions I throw at them, but rapist seems to prefer lolsorandumb shit. That particular NPC will not come back to haunt him, since it was just an unnamed town resident, but the police don't like rape. If I can pull it off at all, next session is going to be very interesting.

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I mean science. Science might be a good idea.

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This is almost completely not gaming related, but last night I found out that I was being permanently assigned to the work crew that has this girl I like. She's clever and plays D&D and builds amusing little robots and talks dirty, plus she has quite possibly the greatest ass I have ever had the privilege to ogle. We get along very well and recently agreed to go to the aquarium together next weekend.

No more than two minutes after I was told I was being assigned to this team, she came bouncing in with a huge grin on her face and announced that she just accepted a new (dream) job on the other side of the country and had just put in her notice.

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Might as well.

Players, get your thumbs out! I give you a goal and a whole city full of idiots to abuse until you reach that goal, and you do nothing but sit on your hands and wait until you get step-by-step instructions on what to do!

And "I'm a bad GM" is no excuse for never running anything, you lazy cunt. I'm kicking you out the moment I find someone better.

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I seriously hate the 4th edition campaign we are playing. Our DM story is bland as hell, uses almost a cardboard copy of the traditional 4th edition world, is a massive fanboy of the ruleset and refuses to acknowledge its flaws.

He has no sense of immersion, frequently telling us monsters stats as we are fighting them. He cannot control the pacing, and WE are often forced to push him with "What happens now?", when he should be the one who is asking US what we want to do instead.

Combat encounters is starting to get bland as we are getting higher levels. He has no concept of encounter building in 4th edition, yet praises it as one of its largest merits. He constantly complains we have too much control and either creates pushovers or complete dickover encounters that nullifies half of what we got.

The only merit this campaign has going is that its been going on for quite a while now. Some players simply want to keep going because "we got to keep going with the campaign!". I keep showing up because I want to hang out with my friends, but I constantly find myself slipping into OOC talk as we play because my immersion and motivation for the campaign is extremely low.

FUCK. I wish we could get over this campaign and play something else, I cannot stand this much longer.

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I'm tired of people thinking the Summoner class is broken and I swear to god if I hear about half of the stupid shit they think it is broken for I will have to begin trolling every single thread about Summoners I find.

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Hey, buddy. Lemme have my goddamn spotlight. I let you have your scenes good and plenty, so don't immediately show up every single time I'm doing something regardless of it's relevancy to you.
"Oh, but I would be worried" My ass. You have a billion other things to worry about other than "I wonder what that other guy is up to right now?"
and don't give me that "I can see this". No, we are in the middle of a goddamn tent city that you are waiting outside of. No you cannot see this argument, much less hear it. Things go fantastic until you decide you need to leap in and completely control the scene completely ignoring whatever the hell is happening.
Christ, we've got like 5 Hours to play, you don't need to be in every single minute of it.

>> No.21268359

I'm tired of stupid people playing Summoners. Let's just agree to forget about them.

>> No.21268364

In that case I guess I'm not really wishing to be a mary sue in the first place. They don't have to be anything too wacky in concept, I just want to play a character as effective as main character tier fantasy characters in other media. You know, fantasy novels and the like. I want to be a BIG DAMN HERO who can do a lot of things. Not just be limited to once class.

Seriously, it's not even huge stats I want, just to have a lot of skills and feats. More than a character should officially have.

>> No.21268367 [SPOILER] 

Stop externalizing your decision you catamite. If you want to quit, they can't stop you, and nor can anyone else.

>> No.21268372

Those who can, teach. Teach them instead and point out obvious misconceptions, weaknesses, and errors that are commonly made. Do your part to make /tg/ a better board.

>> No.21268383


See what you're doing there? You're making the world revolve around your players. Keep that up, it's a good thing. A sense of agency and the sensation of doing awesome things are the two most powerful driving factors you can have your players feel.

And feel free to punish the fishmalk. I got a player like him once, and sad to say I folded entirely and made him leave the campaign. (can't stand PC's actively trying to kill defenseless pokemon, I am such a wuss).

Don't bring it into the meta, punish the character. It'll give him avenues to think on the spot and be creative, and you may just end up spontaneously creating a memorable scene for everyone to enjoy.

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Reading that makes me need to rant about something similar. So we got this player, he constantly tries to get his characters into riskful but heroic situations. Got a cursed item? He'll be the one to reach out and grab it, just in case it will posses his character and make him do cool stuff.

Hell he even did this in front of one of my characters. My character was offered a magical item which we were reasonably certain were cursed and bad business, so we were debating whether I would accept it or not. This character reaches out and grabs the item, despite it being specifically offered to me. And I played the Party knight, I was supposed to be the one to take the risks and stuff.

God damnit, some players just want all the attention

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honestly, this used to annoy me too, not the whole running thing as I'm guilty of not running for the longest of time too.

Rather, the idea of giving a group of players a sandbox to fuck about it, giving that setting flavor and providing them with a loose but simple goal they can work towards and then watching them wait around for the railroad they inevitably complain about.

But I dunno, my experience in the past year or so of running a game has taught me players prefer you to take charge of the pace unless they (rarely) have something in mind. Most the time they are looking for you to present everything to them on a platter. So I've found myself thinking it's more my attitude that might be the problem, providing the setting and tools is one thing, but the impression I get is if I'm not hands on and even sort of controlling everything, they just won't set out to do it on their own.

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Stop playing Warforged characters.

Holy fuck I try and set you up with an NPC and you end up punching her into the ground when she flirts with you.

Everybody else in the game goes along with it and their characters get laid, why don't you.

>> No.21268419


>Everybody else in the game goes along with it and their characters get laid, why don't you.

>> No.21268428

I don't mind people not running. I mind people refusing to run for no reason. But that's not the important part - allow me to counter what you just said about sandboxes:

We're playing Rogue Trader.

>> No.21268433

Maybe he doesn't realize you're playing FATAL, might want to mention that next time.

>> No.21268468

Notes taken, extra planning underway. I don't know if I can make punishing rape fun, but I'm damn sure going to try.

>> No.21268479


>more than a character should officially have

Hm, you're pushing it broski. That's pretty dang near sueism right thurr, ayup.

I recommend you find a group who's into that sort of jazz. My friend's running a game where everyone's a half animal hybrid, capable of breeding with both people and animals, and people can get like 50 levels over the rulebook maximum. I personally think the setting's an uninspired crock of shit, but hey they're having a blast! So I keep my opinions to myself and let them have their fun.

>> No.21268489

I get that you're getting tired of coming up with new stuff for us to maul, but for fuck's sake, why does every campaign have to feature your latest re-imagining of Immortal Jerkass Wants To Fuck You Guys Up And There's Nothing You Can Do To Stop Him?

If you want a recurring villain, just have the bastard surrender. We've taken people prisoner before, we have no qualms about turning them in to the appropriate authorities. The only problem you'd face is handling Jeff's insatiable thirst for blood, which you could sort out by catching him in a Paladin mood before offering him the chance to take the first step towards redemption.

Speaking of Jeff, for fuck's sake. I get that you want MORE HIT POINTS, DELICIOUS HEALTH, NONE CAN TOPPLE THE WALL OF MEAT, but branching out of the handful of classes that roll with d10-d12 hit die won't kill you. I've proven this time and time again by going solo with rogues. And having more to do than bang your head against a wall when the situation isn't revolving around combat would be nice, too.

Thomas, you are a kenku. By virtue of this, I cannot justly blame you for your dickish behavior, save for the event that will forevermore be remembered as The Bear Scandal.

>> No.21268490

nigga you srs?

>> No.21268550

Hey, whatever you want to call it. Restrictive class systems are a thorn in my side in tabletop games, video games, everything that they can exist in. I like characters that can do a lot of things. The value of teamwork shouldn't be so much in covering more skills, so much as having more people there to do more things, cover more ground, etc, at the same time.

If wanting to play characters who are good at lots of things makes me a sue player, so be it.

>> No.21268559

The... Bear... Scandal...?


>> No.21268560

Bro I'm glad you're enthusiastic but you constantly take loot, hell, remember the time I mended a book and you said that I had just cast it while you were holding it? Nuhuh bitch, that's not how roleplaying works.

Also stop complaining when other people roll badly, for god's sake. What do you want us to do, weight our die? And no, you don't fucking contribute more than anyone else, because your goddamn dhampir inquisitor of the god of merriment is NOT USEFUL. And stop fucking complaining when I channel! You made your negative energy character, not me.

And stop asking to roll before the DM has even finished describing the environment. We get it, you want loot. For fuck's sake. It's embarassing that you roll your eyes while I'm asking details about the environment and before exposition has finished you're rolling perception.

>> No.21268565

To the GM I'm playing with:
Could you possibly, potentially, maybe actually scale an encounter appropriately for us, for once? We're only level 3. not every fight has to include 7 halfling barbarians riding dinosaurs with drow sorcerers as backup.

And pulling every punch doesn't make it an easier fight. We still have to grind through the mountains of hit points each enemy has. A 3rd level halfling barbarian with 36 hp is not something I can easily kill when my average attack does 1d4+0 damage, and I'm more likely to miss than hit.

We never really "win" these encounters either, you just wait until someone is down, then have all the bad guys pull out.

Honestly: We are level 3. One gelatinous cube is an appropriate encounter, Four of them in a death-trap library with giant bat-form vampires Sounds awesome: but is ultimately not something we can survive without you pulling every punch, and it's not a real "win" when the bad guys just pull out.

>> No.21268593


Sorry if I was a bit inflammatory there. I'm trying to think of a system that you'd enjoy rocking, but am having a bit of trouble.

You could theoretically just play an all bard game of DnD. Jack of All Trades, after all. Make sure you get to epic levels and boom, everyone's no longer Master of None.

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Bear Scandal.
I am intrigued.
Speak to me, wise prophet, of this Scandal of Bears!

>> No.21268605

I agree, I think "the bear scandal" deserves an explanation.

>> No.21268613


Bears. Thousands of them.

He got caught by a bunch of them and proceeded to do the only thing that seemed reasonable at the time, which was boost their intelligence so he could reason his way out of that mess.

The bears took advantage of the situation, got him to make more of them intelligent under the pretense of having them lead him back to civilization(WHY DO YOU NEVER PICK UP SENSE MOTIVE, THOMAS, DO YOU LIKE SEEING ME CRINGE WHEN YOU TAKE THINGS AT FACE VALUE), and ended up explaining a good deal of how humanoid civilization works while they wandered him around in circles for a few days (SURVIVAL CHECKS ARE IMPORTANT, TOO, FUCK).

It led to Bear County being established in the bounds of our favorite kingdom, but not before a bunch of nobility was subjected to bear puns from Thomas's kenku psion and a good deal of therapy.

>> No.21268621

I hate this kind of fake 'OH THE SHAME' shit people come out with. Founding a kingdom of bears is a pretty cool thing, I would enjoy having that guy as a player. You do to, you just couch it in this weird ass 'oh no' shit.

>> No.21268632

Oh god my sides. That has got to be the most... inventive solution to getting out of a bear encounter I've ever heard.

Bro deserves a pat on the back for creating a county ruled m=by intelligent bears.

>> No.21268652


Man, even with the cup shopped in a single frame from that scene can still give me feels.

On topic. I beat you in PvP you faggot, that's it. It's no big deal. So I stepped all over your special snowflake's balls, big fucking whoop. That's what happens when you try and fight the minmaxing combat junkie with your oh-so-original gimmick character.

Stop bringing your goddamn butthurt into the meta. I'd confront you about it, but doing so would most likely end up in you leaving, thus ending a good gaming group and breaking our poor GM's heart.

We used to be so chill man. Remember when we used to Maid RPG? When I used to hit on your original sempai (she was moe as fuck btw) with my cursed, flat-chest insecure android?

Why can't we have that back, man? You just up and stopped running the Maid game to spite me didn't you?

God I wish I was making this shit up.

>> No.21268669

>When I used to hit on your original sempai (she was moe as fuck btw) with my cursed, flat-chest insecure android?

Ah Maid RPG, those were the days.

>> No.21268686

did somebody say feels?

>> No.21268692


In my defense, it's somewhat funnier to me when I retell the story that way because I like to imagine that you're imagining a group of incredibly rotund people gathered around a table, simultaneously throwing their hands to the heavens and shouting.



It's funnier when you know that the guy sounds like Medibot.

>"I've walked for a week, and the last day was on my bear feet. Out there, I discovered a terrible -- no, a GRIZZLY scene! Bears, with the smarts of people! Ignored by their fellow thinkers and smarters, they try to handle the pandemonium of nature and sometimes... sometimes, even find love in their fellow bears. If I were a quick painter, I would immortalize it as a Kodiak Moment."

>> No.21268702

It's cool, I wasn't mad at you at all. I just have years of collective hostility at game design that thinks it's fun to come up with, say, hundreds of things characters can do, but you can individually only do maybe a dozen. It especially bugs me in anything with a multi-player focus, as it seems to be especially believed there that the only way to have teamwork is to REALLY limit what any one character can do. It sure is fun to have to basically choose if I want to have arms OR legs. Even if everybody can do everything, they can only do one thing at a time in one place at a time, getting around that is plenty reason for teamwork.

>> No.21268710

DM. Stop trying to set me up with an NPC. I have no time for love. Only justifiable homicide.

>> No.21268737

I can't bear it any more! Another ursinine pun I'll be forced to pandya!

>> No.21268750

To my fellow players:
#1 - Just admit that you're min-maxing. Denying it will only make it worse.
#2 - Paranoia is a nice roleplaying mechanic when used correctly. But you're not allowed to be paranoid against a party member who has done nothing but help you, while at the same time trusting drow to watch over you while you sleep.
#3 - Stop flipping out whenever another party member does something stupid. I know how you feel, but if they don't make mistakes they'll never learn.
#4 - Speak up during the game and exert yourself even a little, and you might just get to forward your character.
#5 - Leave now new guy, and find a group that will make time to help you get into the game.
DM - I'm really sorry for taking down that immortal assassin dude. I didn't actually think my Hold Person spell would work.
To all of you - Please close your laptops and put them away. If you're just going to play face book or play flash games during the game, then don't get offended when you miss something important.

>> No.21268839

Oh god, how fucking stupid can you get?

>> No.21269257

>My character can beat your character
Stop this, please. We already know you dad can beat his dad.

>> No.21269281

Dearest, players - I love you guys and everything, but please stop asking for more session, I lost all my ideas months ago and it's amazing you guys haven't noticed it yet. Please let me rest.

>> No.21269347

Maybe it was a LE Drow who siggned a contract with the clause "I will not kill, hurt, rape, or otherwise a Paladin of Pelor will frown upon to any party member while they sleep."

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