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So wait when I first make my trainer in Pokemon Tabletop I don't get a single feat?

General PTA thread I guess.

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Also more glorious Dunsparce. I wish I could start with one.

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Was anyone else waiting for Dunsparce to get an ultra-awesome ridiculous evolution that takes it from pathetic to god-tier, in the same vein as Magikarp>Gyarados and Feebass>Milotic?

I mean, that fucker's just crying out to become a huge-ass winged serpent with a drill for a tail. Its wings are feathered, too. Maybe base it on Quetzalcoatl.

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I want Dunsparce to be Dunsparce.

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but Dunsparce is like, 1 step above Magikarp, who at least has the decency to become awesome when he evolves.

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But Dunsparce is terrible.

Look at him. Awful.

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Dunsparce has a drill for a tail, that's all the awesome it needs.

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You know, it's not all about fighting. Sometimes you would just wanna hang out with pokemon.

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I'm not convinced it does anything. It can only Struggle, so as far s we know, the little fuckers jump up and bite you, hurting their retarded selves in the process.

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Yes anon. I want that. But the world isn't ready.
Nobody can argue against dunsparce adorableness. But adorable->awesome would still be cool.

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>You know, it's not all about fighting. Sometimes you would just wanna hang out with pokemon
Get away form me, you filthy NPC

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But candy slut, anon has a point. Working together with your pokemon to parkour through cities, make awesome archeological discoveries, build the treehouse that would make Gary MOTHERFUCKING Oak wet himself, or just chill on the high seas. It's fun.

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What in the FLYING FUCK could you do with a Dunsparce besides carry it around like the kind of retarded toy chihuahua that equally retarded women like to carry around in miniature purses?

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But look at Dunsparce. Does Dunsparce look like it can do any of that stuff? No, all it looks like Dunsparce can do is sit there. Sometimes it's trainer walks over and pokes it, just to make sure it's not dead. It'd be cruel to take that thing on an adventure.

The best it can do is lie of your feet to keep them warm.

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You can were it like a hat.

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>not using your dunsparce as a skateboard
>not using your dunsparce as an all-in-one powertool
>not using your dunsparce as a mini powerboat


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He can play video games with you.

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He can play video games with you.

Trying again with the right picture.

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you can do none of those things
or this thing

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All dat spiral energy.


Maybe that's what Nintendo WANTS us to think! When we struggle, we only hurt ourselves!

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Sounds like you guys don't know shit about Dunsparce.

Dunsparce is one of only seven pokemon that can have Serene Grace as an ability, Serene Grace makes moves with an additional affect (flinch from bite, paralyse from body slam, confuse from water pulse for example) happen twice as often.

It just so happens that Dunsparce is the only one of those seven that can use all three of those moves I used as examples, why is this relevant? Because with that move set Dunsparce can reliably inflict enough disruption upon the foe that they can act less than a third of the time.

He isn't competitive by a long shot but he is certainly a threat.

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I didn't got something about getting a class, when I get the class Ace Trainer for example, do I get the two features of the class and nothing in the normal table of levels or I only get to choose one of the two and then the normal level bonus stat or no stat too?

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That a pretty cute mental image.

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No, you don't, because you really do start off as an NPC. You get feats when you distinguish yourself as more than an NPC.

PTA has some great potential, but the initiative phase can get really confusing, with trainers and Pokemans all jumbled into the mix.

I just wish I could've been a player rather than a DM. I wanted to be a breeder and have babby pokemans.

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You are an unimaginitive git with no trust in your partner. I pity you.

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it really dont matter if he doesnt have high enough speed

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EV train and selectively breed for high speed.


It's been at least six months since I tried running it, and DM Stark doesn't come here anymore.

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Then we will have a battle. You bring your Dunsparce and I'll bring a fucking caterpie

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I just nostalgia'd all over myself. I hope you're happy.

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This will be the great battle of our time.

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Paralysis taking hold means speed isn't an issue. Assuming being sweeped isn't an issue and it takes hold first time, like I said he isn't perfect but he's no magikarp. Dunsparse may not compete vs ubers but the same can be said of most pokemon.


Man Dunsparse can beat a butterfree easy enough, a caterpie is just being retarded.

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Our DM just started us at level 1.

Beginning the game at Level 0 doesn't really make sense. It's like if your D&D character had to take.a level of commoner before any real classes.

And, don't quote me on this, but I heard that the Level 0 thing won't be in the next edition.

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We'll have you by dawn.

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I love me some Dunsparce, but Magikarp CAN compete against ubers, it just requires gimmicky flail set-up shenanigans.

I don't even think trainers should have levels, but I also don't think d20 is the right system for pokemon.

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Why shouldn't trainers level?

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Because it doesn't fit with the source material at all unless you are running a Pokewars campaign. And even then, games like Conquest didn't have the trainers taking the field. It's silly, it's overcomplicated, and it has no basis in the games, manga, anime, or anything else.

Why -should- they level?

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Because the designers wanted the players to be able to gain skills as they increase in experience

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It's about growing with your pokemon, dude. It's part of the fun. For me and my group, at least.
I respect your opinion.
>no basis
True, but that doesn't make it a bad thing.

You are the first person I've seen that doesn't like it, now that I think about it. To each his own, I guess.

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hey, can you answer >>21255204

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I really just object to all the baggage that d20 progression entails. Did Red grow through Special? Yeah, sure, but he didn't gain base attack or hit points or all that other stuff. It's just not a good system basis for emulating the feel of any part of the franchise, I think.

As above, the idea is fine with me, but the implementation less so. Given the kind of narrative bullshit the manga/anime are prone to, I'd almost rather see pokemon done via Fate than through d20. Skill progression AND your Pikachu can beat Onix.

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When you take a class (whether base class or advanced class) you get both of that class's core features in place of the feat you'd normally get for that level.

As for stats, I believe the modifiers listed for a base class are in addition to your usual stat increase for the level.

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>Yeah, sure, but he didn't gain base attack or hit points or all that other stuff.
You realize you don't get that in the Pokemon tabletop either, right? When you level up, you improve one stat of your choice and get a trainer feature (ie, a nifty new skill). Your trainer class isn't really a "class" in the same sense as a D&D class; it doesn't determine your rate of advancement in any area, just defines the set of features you have access to.

You do get some more HP with each level, but frankly that's hardly ever relevant anyway due to the hilarious disparity in pokemon offensive capabilities vs trainer defenses. HP is only relevant for a few classes, and in those cases it actually makes sense that it's something that would grow with level: psychics use it to fuel their powers, and martial artists are all about being tough motherfuckers in the first place.

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I am gonna have my normal gym leader have a Dunsparce no matter when my players get to him.

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Also creating a campaign for PTA is the most fun I've ever had making a campaign

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I'm curious, was it because of the universe that made it fun?

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Basically. I mean I always have fun making campaigns but when I DM MnM I default to smashing the DC and Marvel universes together so people can meet their favorite capes . . It keeps people happy and then I make a campaign there but in PTA it gave the opportunity to make an entire region, cities, leaders etc. I guess for my money PTA facilitates me flexing my world creation muscles more.

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Plus I love and am knowledgeable about pokemans.

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Ah, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures. I was so innocent. Nothing could stop a trainer and his pokemon. And then the bastard died. A sobering experience. The game can be ruthless. But fun.

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That's rough.

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Any GMs have advice for someone who wants to run this? I have been reading a ton of Pokemon Special and playing the video games a lot recently, and I'm itching to design a campaign.

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I'm a first time GM myself so sadly I can't help you. I am still finishing my campaign

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I said I didn't have the answer here >>21255256

Try visiting the P:TA wiki

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So /tg/ I have to ask is it outrageous for me to give my players the option of a starter for each type of Pokemon as well as a gym for each type? I fear I may be over planning but I feel that a GM can never give his players too many options.

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>reading the manga

That's a good source for ideas. As the one-shot DM from earlier, I had some problems with the initiative and move order (the pokemon). I'd suggest having flash cards with the names of the pokemon and trainers that are acting, so you can organize them easily from combat to combat.

Also, a small party might negate that initiative screwup: my group was six people, with one pokemon out per each: that's twelve entities acting in one turn on the PLAYERS' side.

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This image is far too lewd for a christian image board. Please delete it.

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Now I am picturing Dunsparce using those tails to breed.

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So all you GMs do you make your own region or use one of the 5 existing ones?

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I used Hoenn, but in a different time period than the games. Basically used it for geography and city layout only.

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I made a whole new region. It was so much fun to make, I call it the Helvetica region and all the cities and gym leader are named after fonts and type faces. I drew loads of pictures but I don't have them in digital format because I am a horrible artist. It is tear drop shaped and has 3 major islands and has forests, deserts, plains, moutains both rocky and snowy, tundra, beaches, rivers, the safari zone has a fake jungle.

Man I could go on and on about it but no one wants to hear it so whatever.

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I would love to hear this.

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I made my own, but I know plenty of people on the P:TA forums who use one of the five, particularly to start with.
Kind of wish I did use one of the five now, would've been nice to have all these maps and route-specific encounter charts, rather than encounters by habitat.
Oh well.
Means I can throw more shit at them and get away with it.

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I cannot tell if you are serious.

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I am serious. Sarcasm is dumb online.

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Oh um okay I will give a brief overview of the cities, leaders, elite four, creation myths and what not. Give me a few minutes.

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You have my minutes.

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And my bow.

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And my sword.

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And my axew.

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>My sides

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Okay so I will start at the begining.

The people for the Helvetica region have told tales of the creation of their land for generations. They say the region was formed when a star fell from the heavens guided by a powerful pokemon. Once the pokemon landed he set out to make the rock inhabitable by man and pokemon alike He cut out sections of the to star and filled them with life giving water and over time life began to flourish. He then separated the land into the islands off of the coast. His job done the pokemon retired to the inside of the star to sleep for the rest of his days.

Realistically it was a meteor that fell into the ocean and became a livable continent. Over time the landscape changed from the unlivable porous rock to the varied terrain Helveticans know today. Cryptozoologist in the region theorize that the reported creator of the region is the legendary Pokemon Deoxys and their ancestors thought this unfamiliar pokemon a god since they had never seen anything like it.

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The region of Helvetica is split into 4 main parts. There is the main continent which holds all of the major cities of Helvetica including the region's capital Arial city, which is also home to the region's sole airport.

Aside from the main continent there are three small islands surrounding Helvetica.

The first known as Impact Island has become a training ground for all of the the greatest martial artist and fighting types in the region, due to it's harsh rocky terrain and unforgiving heat. The island has only one city which is also named Impact

The second island is Calibri and was uninhabited until very recently when an eccentric gym leader decided to put his gym on this god forsaken, featureless spit of land. With him came scores of people who turned the deserted beach island into a resort and soon Calibri island became Helvetica's main source of tourist income. There is no better place in the region for sun, sand and surf.

The third island is know only to a select few and on the map is only marked with the mysterious words "Here there be Dragons" according to those who know of the island this statement is correct. This island is seemingly only inhabited by Dragon Pokemon and those brave enough to live with them. It is rumored that the pokemon league champion Roman hails from this unnamed Island. He has never confirmed or denied this but his choice in Pokemon says enough.

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Deoxys...weird thing. And apparently a xenocidal badtard. He threw a friggin meteor at earth?

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Because the region is so large Helvetica has many bustling cities. Here is a quick rundown of each.

The player's hail from the small town of Cornerstone which has been the home of professor Geneva for some time. Aside from this the town is unremarkable

Next there is the gateway city of Herald which is the primary entrance to the Pokemon League. It is a small unassuming city that in the last few years had DRASTIC changes to its gym leadership.

Following Herald city there is the city of Rockwell which stands next to the expansive Fransiscan Forest that reaches far west into the Helvetica region

Then here is Tahoma City which is a nature lovers paradise. Built into the heart of the forest this small city works around the trees rather than through them.

Further north in the plains of the Helvetica regions lies the agricultural mecca of Univers town. Most of the region's food comes from this area despite the city's "boring" atmosphere.

Beyond the mountains in the far north of Helvetica region is Kabel City. Due to the icy taiga in this far northern region few are cray enough to live here. Having to go through mountains to get their doesn't help either.

In the center of the region is Arial city, Helvetica's capital. If you need something chances are you can find it here. From gambling to an airport. Truly this city never sleeps

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Eh. That sounds almost accidental.
In my game, by comparison, Deoxys is going to be the first of the legendaries I throw at them.
See, Deoxys has these neat capabilities called Invisibility, Multiform, Telekinesis and Avatar.
Avatar, alone, allows it to take a human form, while retaining all it's moves, stats & capabilities.
I'm planning to get the PC's stuck in a military facility with Deoxys inside as lockdown is called, leading to them having to desperately fight away this being of Godlike power as it actively kills, drains and steals the form of the personnel present.
I'm basically going to go full The Thing on them.

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To the right of Arial is Lydian city and if you couldn't find it in Arial it is in Lydian. That includes Helvetica's only university.

Further to the right is Vedana town which would be the least interesting area in the region were it not for the ever expanding Safari Zone which boasts some of the best technology money can buy including an artificial jungle.

In a secluded area south of Vedana is Futura City which used to be nothing special but after the gym leader switched to Psychic type pokemon the city has expanded in a huge way technologically speaking. This city is responsible for all medical and technological breakthroughs in the region but is wary of outsiders who do not carry psychic types.

On the edge of the southern mountain range lies Copper Plate city, home to the regions power plant which supplies energy to every ity but Futura.

At the southern end of the island by the regions largest lake lies Jester city which stands as an oasis from the harsh desert surrounding the city and lake. Many an expedition into the Papyrus ruins has been launched from Jester.

Finally south of Corner Stone lies Claredon city from which ships leading to Impact and Calibri Island are launched

Um If you guys aren't tired of this I can tell you about the Gym Leaders.

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Since when do creation myths make sense?

>> No.21259342

Dude. I'm actually working on some gym leaders, right now. Maybe you can inspire me with your ideas.

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Herald city's leader is Lucida who is a cruel trainer of ghost pokemon. She recently became the leader when the previous leader left under "mysterious circumstances. She delights in tormenting her challengers.

The leader of the Rockwell city is Bouldera rock pokemon trainer who is an odd man that has an obsession with fossilized pokemon remains. He is the regions foremost expert on the subject and never fails to spout off facts about them regardless of whether his challengers want to hear them or not.

The leader of Tahoma city's gym is Pickwick an fan of all things creepy and crawly. As the gym leader of the nature loving Tahoma City some would describe Pickwick as "preachy" when it comes to tings like using technology, eating meat, disrespecting nature, etc, etc. If battling wasn't in a Pokemon's nature it is doubtful if he would even train Pokemon at all

In the sleepy city of Univers one will find Sans a man who is more renown for his Miltank farm than being a gym leader. Sans is quite possibly the nicest man in the entire region and always insists that his challengers eat with him and his family before the actual battle. Due to his seven lovely daughters most challengers agree earnestly. Good thing too because despite his gentle nature Sans has a temper as big as his enormous girth.

>> No.21259648

Pious and faithful Paladin-style Martial Artist/Weapons Master(/Hunter?) who believes in the strength of Steel.
Hard-boiled Pokemon Ranger/Detective(/Rider?), who doesn't play by the rules. Bit of a Dark character.
Never backing down Ace Trainer/Attack (Speed?) Ace(/Chaser?), Dragon Gym.
Mythology-loving Researcher/Cryptozoologist(/Watcher?) with a taste for shocking developments.
Warm-hearted Breeder/Hatcher(/Chef?) with an icy exterior.
Respected Researcher/Petrologist(/Mad Scientist?) who loves the earthiness of the mountains.
Humble Psychic/Clairvoyant(/Empath?).
Ex-boxing champ Ranger/Tag Battler/Survivalist. Something about him Bugs you.

>me in charge of not giving away plot points on /tg/

Dan's list looks good, too.

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Forgot to mention Sans trains normal type.

Arial city's gym leader is home to the wannabe flying ace Serifa. Despite the woman's pie in the sky dreams of being a piloting ace she has never had the talent for anything other than Pokemon. Her lack of a pilot's license is a sore spot for the young spit fire and is best to be avoided if one wants to stay on her good side. However Serifa is like most young women her age. It should be oted that her good looks and skill with pokemon have made her a bit of a celebrity in Arial city. Something she isn't fond of.

Lydina cities gym leader is Pegasus who is also the dean of it's university . An odd anti social man he mainly stays in his office. Getting a meeting with him can be like pulling teeth unless you impress him. This odd little an is a fan of Dark Pokemon

Verdana City's gym leader is Bremen who is a hot headed, spoiled fire type trainer. His father is the wealthy owner of the Safari Zone which causes Bremen's foolish spoiled behavior. Rumor has it his father bought him his pokemon.

Copperplate city's gym is ran by Allegro who is as charming as he is foreign. His electric type pokemon help supply energy to the power plant a job he took free of charge to help give people cheaper energy. Due to his kind nature and the save way he handles women most men in the area are worried about losing their waives to his ways

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I used Hoenn because I didn't like Gen 4, and there is a lot of wandering room there. I mean, a lot. Every fucking climate to the extreme, it was like Colonial America, a bunch of little cities loosely connected by trails.

>> No.21259977

Charlesworth of the Futura city gym was a kindly old man of some means who loved his job and his assortment of Pokemon with all his heart. However one day he suddenly announced that he would be using psychic types exclusively. From that day forward his Alakazam has never left his side, not even to go into it's poekball. After this announcement all of Futura cities residents adopted psychic types and it was this time that the drastic changes to Futura City happened.

Jester City's leader is the kind-hearted Heather who is a breath of fresh air to travelers of the harsh desert. As a grass trainer in the desert she is obsessed with making the area as beautiful as possible and is an expert in all things botany.

Clarendon city is home the the brash water trainer ZAP who boasts that he has never one lost a Pokemon battle. He is a loud arrogant man who constantly belittles his battle opponents. No one in town is a fan and his gym leader doll is the lowest selling one

The icy Kabel City's gym is Galliard who is as cold and distant as the Pokemon he trains. He only ever speaks to give his Pokemon orders. However he is a man of no small character and makes sure trainers are handling their Pokemon correctly.

>> No.21260159

The rough island of IMPACT is ran by the strongest martial artist and their Pokemon. The post is currently held by Calisto who is the first female to run the island. Not one to become a cliche Calisto doesn't try to prove her power to anyone. She simple does what she does to maintain her skill. Her legend has spread all across the Helvetica region.

The eccentric gym leader who first moved to Calibri island is Dauphin. A hard woman to define she knew from birth that she was destined to be different and do innovative things. She refused to use just a single type of Pokemon and instead uses both Steel and Poison types a combination no one had thought of before. Her strange ways and Pokemon choices have mad her popular enough for a loyal fanbase and is the reason Calibi island took off like it did.

I want to get into the Elite Four but it would give away some of my plot and I don't know if anyone in this thread will ever be part of my game.

>> No.21260215

I am actually putting the finishing touches and hope to get started soon. I want to gt some /co/mrades to play but I can't exactly ask them since it isn't board related.

>> No.21260286

I'd love to join your game but I don't have a regular work schedule.

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>> No.21260540

I'll be there in spirit!
Every fighting type you use will be me, pushing you forward to be the ultimate GM!

>> No.21260575

There will be plenty of those. Fighting is my favorite type. Heracross being my favorite Pokemo.

>> No.21260628

My biggest challenge is narrowing the pokedex down. I want every pokemon to be available but that is way too much.

>> No.21260637

Well fight on, brother!

>> No.21260950

I've been using this.
I find just throwing encounters at them (eventually) gets through the non-legendary pokedex, with a bit of creative GM'ing.
(For instance, at one point, the encounter rolled was two Zangoose in the mountains, so I had the party hear and spot from afar the Zangoose cornering a Seviper, who was fighting for dear life).

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How do you feel about the newest additions to the fighting type?

>> No.21260986

I'm having that same problem. I don't want to limit my player's options, but I don't want to force every pidgey equivalent from every generation into one area.

>> No.21261004

The funniest moment I had in the pokemon game I played (which unfortunately only lasted one session) was when our psychic tried to read a Porygon's mind at a contest. Fucking GM showed the player a wall of binary text.

The most rage inducing was when the GM had an bug catcher NPC give me a pokemon. I was excited and opened the ball...and a Volbeat popped out

>> No.21261087

I wish I could find some peeps to game with. I want to play a guy with a Joltik that stays under the bill of his hat.

>> No.21261198

They have game finder threads on here all the time. Maybe you can find one there. Or ask on the pokemontabletop forum. There's gotta be someone in your general area.

>> No.21261223

I like Sawk and Throh but th rest do not impress me.


>> No.21261250

Shoot me an email if you are free Tuesday or Friday nights or anytime on Sunday.

I'm on CST.

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BAM! Convenient hook-ups, all up in this bitch!

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Well I can't sit on this great idea forever.

>> No.21261372

But mienshao is so flowy and cool


>> No.21261404

They are alight and I don't hate them but those clowns piss me off

Oh and I forgot Scrafty is in my top 10 favorite Pokemon.

>> No.21261425

dratini was cute
and that was gen 1

>> No.21261473


Dratini is the cutest sumbitch ever. I just wish it didn't evolve into Barney.

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I'm DMing a game at my local college, and the players seem to be enjoying the shit out of it. I am being pretty lenient, a couple of player pokemon should have died already, but I wanted to ease them in. Did show them repercussions of killing wild pokemon though (unburied zubat corpses being half eaten when the players get back to the cave from the pokemon center).

I set my game in Hoenn, but an indeterminate amount of time later. Pokemon from other regions have moved in, cities have expanded, some route layouts have changed, etc. Oh, and for an extra bit of fun, the entire Pokemon League is based off of FullMetal Alchemist characters.

The party started in Dewford City. The Gym Leader/Mayor/Sheriff/Tough Contest Superstar? Pic extremely related.

>> No.21261552


No, fuck YOU. I am never letting my Dragonair evolve into you! She is not bloating like I did!

>> No.21261595

>mocking Dragonite.

I want to do it IRL but I don't have a gm squares map/

>> No.21261668
File: 32 KB, 400x488, dragonitegonnafireitup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My bro. Outrage/Extremespeed all day erry day

>> No.21261673

OMG its so adorable!!!!

What? It is evolving!
Its like a bigger dratini, but more elegant. Also, its stats are better. Fuck yeah.

What? It is evolving.
The fuck is this? Is that barney? Well, at least its stats are better.....wait a sec.
>All of the vulnerabilities inherent to being a flying type
>Double weakness to ice

>> No.21261689
File: 46 KB, 556x350, Dragonite Hoodie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of my players is a Martial Artist, in a party of an Ace Trainer, Mystic, and three Researchers.
When the party were getting their collective shit kicked in by 4 Sandile in the first encounter, he spent the entire time flexing his muscles along with his Happiny.
I love that guy.

Shit, nigga, Dragonite's kawaii as fuck.
Got him on the back of a hoodie, pic related.

>> No.21261720

There is no point in complaining about a dragon type having a double weakness to ice. The three best ones do. Well the three best on legendary ones. If you train a dragon type you gotta be prepared for that shit.

>> No.21261723

Actually don't have a map either. It's more a game for fun than anything, so I've been generally just saying if stuff is in or out of range.

Gonna be hilarious when they fight the gym leader though. Bulk Up Throh and Sawk. The highest HP for the party's pokemon? About 38. The Throh? Almost 100. Highest attack in the party? About 12. The Sawk? 21. I stat up gym pokemon as though they're part of a player's team.

>> No.21261798

Make sure you calculate damage andsaves correctly.

The first time we played, everyone else was more balanced or defensive, and I had a glass cannon Houndour for a starter.

Every Pokemon I fought died. In most cases, they died in one hit. Little Havoc was a killing machine.

>> No.21261832

I haven't played since red/blue. As far as I'm concerned, dratini, dragonair, and dragonite are the dragons. Dragons got hyped up at being super-awesome with almost no real weakness. So obviously the final evolution of the dragon pokemon would maximize those strengths? Nope. It gained a bunch of weaknesses and a double weakness. It was pretty lame.

>> No.21261860

It's roll+the extra damage if any+stat = Damage
Actual Damage = Damage - appropriate stat
Not factoring in like effectiveness and crits.


>> No.21261867

hey >>21261250 here, I sent you an email

>> No.21261938

Yeah, that's right.
Remember to add STAB when appropriate, STAB is level/5, rounded down to the nearest whole number.

>> No.21262049
File: 20 KB, 304x405, umbreon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Papyrus Ruins
>Not WingDing Dungeon
>₪◌↑ ῳ∫₪₲∂∫₪₲ ∂ѱ₪₲Ξ◌₪

I like the cut of your jib otherwise, sir.

>> No.21262124

Maybe on the dragon island.

>> No.21262153
File: 12 KB, 560x407, 1341021508741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Times New Roman Temple?

>> No.21262164

Comic Sans Castle?

>> No.21262179

Champion's name is Roman

Sans is covered.

>> No.21262752

I cracked up at that. God, I wish there were Ausfags playing this game.

>> No.21263646

What is a good party size? I was thinkin 3-4

>> No.21264393

FMA League anon here, I've got 6 players in my group, but one of them does nothing but draw pictures of the party. Will probably kick her ass out next session. I'll most likely keep it at 5 after that.

>> No.21264576

Hmm 5 seems like a lot. I guess not every player will want to fight the pokemon league.

>> No.21264918

I ran a game of this for about 12 months. Maybe a little more, online. We tried playing as trainers at first, but a bunch of people left and it got derailed. So instead we decided to play as pokemon in a mystery dungeon setting. We have our own feats and perks, trying to keep it even, it was terrific fun. The game started off with a cyndaquil, sneasel and riolu going off to rescue a hophip from trainers, and in the end of it, the party had saved the region from shadow pokemon, as well as liberated two cities, one was a city of slaves built by a greedy dragonite and the other was a city of ice types which was being ruled as a zoroark disguised as a suicune. We ended the game with an awards ceremony, where the four party members, (around level 50) were given medals of courage and had a statue built of them. It's the first time I've ever had a campaign go from beginning to end, and I was so sad to end it. It was really hard to just say, 'The end', it was so enjoyable.

>> No.21265372
File: 188 KB, 800x700, DunsparceHovering.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a simpler system that could be used for Pokemon out there? I want something I can play with some friends of mine who don't really know anything about tabletop games.

>Also, fucking Dunsparce, man.

>> No.21265396 [SPOILER] 
File: 8 KB, 236x171, pikathulhu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could always just take this and insert the correct types and moves, I guess.

>> No.21267224
File: 77 KB, 424x600, 3OXH6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dude, PTA is as simplistic as you can get with a d20 system. I know the rules are a bit intimidating at first glance, but once you're actually playing you'll see that the gameflow's pretty damn smooth. Of course I'm not a fan of rules lite, improv heavy systems at all, so I my opinion may not be the best kind to take.

Gameways, I've thought up a custom region, myself. Ran a game for a couple of my friends before they broke up and spoiled gametime for everyone, goddamn.

I'm also in a game that's almost a year running. It used to be the highlight of my week but two of the players pairing up in-game to make our sessions their own mary-sue-yuri-fagfests has been putting a bit of a stopper on the funtimes. Pic sorta related.

PTA's my all time favorite /tg/ original system, and the pokemon universe is the best thing in the world to RP in.

>> No.21267726

The PTA devs are even making a simpler version of the system, PTU.
I think some rules for it are already out.

>> No.21267789


I never got the simplification schtick PTU's going for.

If anything PTA needs more rules, more clarification, better wording, and more numbers/tables/charts for the fancy shit it allows in-game. As it stands players can cause all sorts of ridiculous bullshit, especially with the psychic classes.

>> No.21268111

I know, I agree.
At the moment a good 40% of play is GM ruling.
However, I understand some people want a simpler system, so this accommodates for that.
Plus Homebrew helps fill in some of PTA's gaps.

>> No.21268379

Exactly. 2 people (including the one I might kick out) are coordinators. One of which charisma'd an Aron into a pokeball without fighting it. Stupid nat 20...

>> No.21270581

Is that even possible?

>> No.21271291
File: 59 KB, 325x186, Genie Jawdrop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I houseruled it. He had been playing with some Aron for a while, and he asked to try and get in a pokeball. When he pulled the ball out, the Lairon that had been watching him charged out. The Aron talked the Lairon down, and he did the check. Nat 20'd it.


>> No.21271340

Can someone explain how STAB works?

>> No.21271505

So did you set some arbitrary DC or derive it from some of the Aron's stats?

>> No.21271538
File: 9 KB, 330x282, Remarkable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You add STAB (Same Type Attack bonus) to moves of the same type as the pokemon.
Say a Growlithe uses Ember, a fire move on a fire pokemon, STAB will increase the damage done.
Normally it'd only be 1d12+6+S.ATK, but when a Growlithe uses it, it becomes 1d12+6+S.ATK+STAB.
The pokemon gains one point of STAB every time it reaches a level divisible by five, starting at 0 for level 1.
So, for instance, a level 27 Growlithe would do 1d12+6+S.ATK+5(STAB, 5 levels from being above lvl25).
Does that help?

>> No.21272102

DC 20. He only had a +1 Charisma mod. I thought it would be enough...

>> No.21272120

Sorry, should say I set it as a DC 20.

>> No.21272259

Shoulda gone with 23. That is my go to should be difficult number.

>> No.21272360

I should mention the fact that I've never DM'd a d20 game before. DM'd a bunch of the Warhammer 40k systems, but that's it. I also wanted to be possible for him to do, just really difficult.

>> No.21272401

Rolled 17


There are actually guidelines in the GM guide to getting a pokemon to join you without a fight, but most people I see houserule that shit too.

>> No.21272568

I hear ya

>> No.21273656

So my game has 6 players. Man I am worried.

>> No.21275129

I see people bitching about the initiative system in this game. How does it work and what's wrong with it?

>> No.21275269

Rolled 4

Trainers go first, from highest dex to lowest. Then comes the pokemon, from highest speed to lowest.

The only issues I've noticed is that the lowest-dex player can always choose their pokemon based on what their faster opponent sends out. By raw there's no way to hold your actions either.

I've heard GMs complain that figuring out initiative takes a long time, but I don't know if it's true.

>> No.21275510

It seems easy not sure why people would complain but then again I have never actually GMed

>> No.21276407


Maybe it's the ones playing by hand? I could see it getting to be a pain in the ass if you have a bunch of pokemon and no computer to keep track of the order for you, especially since they can raise/lower their speed during the battle. But I don't think it'd be any harder than working a normal initiative system.

>> No.21276772

Just idle curiosity, but are there rules for aura users?

>> No.21276798

Yes. They're a whole class.

>> No.21279394


>> No.21280203

The amount of classes is pretty crazy and none of them seem like horribly abandoned bastards. Theres a class for everyone!


>> No.21282572

And that's before you add homebrew like the Glitch Trainer, Criminal or Wild Child.

>> No.21285363


>> No.21286814

Who would ever be a coordinator?

>> No.21287009

It sounds like you've never actually played the metagame. Togekiss slapped shit with stunflinch.

>> No.21288997


>> No.21289101

That thunderwave + air slash combo was dastardly

>> No.21289281

Would it really make that much of a difference to just have the pokemon act on the same turn as their respective trainer? Seems like that would cut down on the battle-bulk.

>> No.21289319

True, but then you tie the speed of the pokemon to the trainer, and that doesn't make a lick of sense.
Why should a Shuckle suddenly become as quick as the Ranger using it?
Why should the trained Martial Artist suddenly become slow when he sends out his Slakoth?

>> No.21289600

Makes the Pokemon speed stat not useful when it can be one of the most important. Shame the trainers can't call orders simultaneously like in the games

>> No.21289627


The new system they're developing, Pokemon Tabletop United (just a different approach for the rules) has trainers using pokemon stats, and thus, pokemon and trainers move in the same "round".

>> No.21289726


>> No.21291291


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