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can we have a thread dedicated to the females in the warhammer 40k universe? and not just limited to sisters of battle‚ daemonettes‚ and tau. what are some other fan interpretations of female characters?

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So you want a 40k genderswap fetish thread.

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uh‚ i guess? not really fetish‚ i don't want porn‚ i'm more coming from the perspective of a tumblr social justice uh‚ thing

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Eldar Psyker potential is judged based on the size of their tits.

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Explain Idranel.

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>does a good job at hollowing out the torso and sculpting tits
>absolutely fails at attaching the head
>absolutely fails at posing
>absolutely fails at painting

How does this even happen?

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>i'm more coming from the perspective of a tumblr social justice uh‚ thing
pls go and never come back ever.

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Her boobs gradually get bigger through the campaign.

Causing painful breast expansion.

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Not a bad idea, though. I might do something if I ever decide to play ta-pffthahahaha

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is that an ancient Eldar STC?

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the panitjob is pretty meh‚ but i don't think they did that bad a job on the head and hair sculpt‚ the head is a little wonky but it isn't that bad‚ i wouldn't call it and absolute fail

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Fuck, man I don't know. I play Tau. and have never once seen an Eldar Player.

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What bothers me is the length and bumpiness of the neck. The hair looks completely unmodified.

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>STC to construct Farseer waifus

This is a direct order from central command: secure that template at all costs.

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What a shitty paintjob.

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i think i got one of the bottom two figures‚ or one similar‚ for a birthday when i was much younger‚ as well as some random chaos sorceror

i modded the eldar figure into an ork weirdboy‚ pretty shittily‚ but decent for a fourteen year old

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yeah the neck is fucked up‚ no denying that

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Do the IG have a female commander waifu?

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i've seen a few female commisar scuplts‚ and a female catachan

both were pretty terrible

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As expected from GW sculpts

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>i'm more coming from the perspective of a tumblr social justice uh‚ thing
Have a waifu.

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Tau hs no tits.

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She dead. Shows what good her psychic potential was.

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Wow, actual good xeno art. Guy should spend more time making pieces on this level instead of the little doodles.

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nah man they were fan made‚ iirc

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The last thread I was in dictated that all tau have breasts and wide hips.

Something to do with water sacks and hooves.

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> social justice

i'm going to kill myself tonight, and you are the reason.

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forgot pic

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He usually does. And then he slaps a diaper on it.

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No dude that is what she/he/heshe/shehe wants

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Such a fine model.

Such a terrible paintjob.

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>he last thread I was in dictated
You fapfantasy group meetings dosent count.

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I'm pretty its a well known fact that earth caste tau have hips to fucking die for.

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oh man‚ that's so much better than the other genitalia theory i have heard regarding tau women

it was inspired by diaper fetishism


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yeah well sometimes the bad guys win

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>fapping to tau regardless of gender

That's some pretty fucked up shit you're accusing of me.

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Technomancer sucks, yeah.

I guess he's good at the timid featureless moeblobs (like Xenos) that you guys love so it works out for you.

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I'm actually not the biggest fan of Xeno. In fact, the only thing that has endeared me to her is the amount of hate she inspires for being such an inoffensive creation.

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I liked this picture.
And then I saw the hands.
The hands!
Oh Greatest Good her fingers have melted together! And in fact she has a different amount per hand! Count the knuckles! This poor girl!

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>devoid of personality, timid, submissive, child-like behavior, hints of infantilism, ultimately pointing toward a (male) power fantasy of control or violation of the character

Implying that's not what she was created for and you don't fap to her for that reason.

Implying that is exactly what the artist/author intended for the character and that its not an irredeemable pile of shit

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she's secretly a slaanesh cultist

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New theory: Shadowsun is a Slaanesh cultest

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>no Inquisitor Valeria model
>no Inquisitor Valeria art
Goddamnit, Gee Dubya

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>Her breasts and body outgrowing her clothing.

T-that is my fetish.

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But all that other shit came later. And once again, that shit is largely inoffensive. Bland, yes, but bland is by definition inoffensive.

As for fapping, ugh no. Even if I found the art sexy, it would be like fapping to a chick with downs.

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whoa man‚ different guy but‚ i think you might be reading too much into this‚ yeah maybe some of that stuff is accurate subconsciously‚ but i doubt more than a vocal minority of her fandom(?) actually actively think like that‚ and i think you are generalising the fandom(?) by stating that they all fap to her for those reasons and those alone. i know i have never fapped to her‚ i've honestly never even thought of it‚ the only warhammer stuff i fap to is daemonettes and sisters of battle

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nah, its pretty offensive to women.

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Imagine her tender hooves grinding against your shaft.

And just as you're reaching the climax-zone, she smiles and slams her headpussy down onto your penis, permanently enslaving you to the Greater Good.

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>ignoring the regal as fuck female inquisitor models
some of the best GW females, actually.

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Teh fawk?

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who cares

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why don't human women have head pussies?!

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Like I said, largely inoffensive.

But seriously, the tumblr card was already played in this thread, you cant play it again.

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They all have that retarded Victorian/Elizabethan/whatever giant hair coifs.

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They're called mouths.

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half the species you tool.

also cool misogyny bro lol so edgy XDDD

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Because headbanging is too hilarious to be allowed.

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>we got called out on being shitty people, you can't do that again!

not how this works, broseph

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No no, you dont understand. I ALREADY checked my privilege. If I check it again, then I have to check my privilege checking privilege.

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why am i so proud of myself for getting the tumblr into this thread first‚ ugh‚ someone take me round back and convert me to slaanesh

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So explain to me what exactly you meant by
>tumblr social justice uh‚ thing
Did you mean like some kind of strong independent female space marine who don't need no man or something?

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So in 40K, are trannies worshipers of Slaanesh or Tzeentch?

>> No.21251111


A transfat factive system grey-A demisexual space marine who fights against kink shaming.

>> No.21251112

Because fantasizing about fictional females and not caring if some women out there are offended by your thoughts (thought crime!) is to hate females.

Goddamnit how I hate feminists. Why do you have to ruin everything fun?

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someone blamed Tumblr for 4chan behavior, this thread is already over.

It was fun guys.

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Both, or neither , or either.

Just being a tranny wouldn't make you a chaos worshiper.

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>Warhammer High

>> No.21251129

>Just being a tranny wouldn't make you a chaos worshiper.

Sounds like tranny talk to me, boy.

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Uh, females are 'sorta' under-represented in 40k

No female orks, no necrons, a few tau, Daemonettes, no chaos space marines, sisters of battle, eldar, Spess Muhreen, IG, tyrranid don't count, plenty of dark eldar

Wow my argument sucks, yeah someone kill me please

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>No female orks

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Because you and your collective online groups, where they can (usually) escape any sort of scrutiny by the public at large, both encourage and harbor sexual predators. You fall into your hug box online communities that foster shit like CP and so on as being 'perfectly acceptable'. Its one big circle jerk of misanthropy and, with as many unhinged people as there are out there (especially on the internet), giving them a place to feel that their behavior is not only acceptable but should be embraced, is kind of fucked up. Especially when they DO go around sexually harassing, assaulting, or even raping or killing someone.

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haters gonna hate.

I personally like it.

>> No.21251172


Well I don't think there is anything against transexualism in the grim dark future of the forty-first or some odd millennium. At least until get fed up with the admech trying to replace your sexual bits with machine bits and offer yourself up to, Herestical, non-emperor, non-admech, non-divine very ruinous powers

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That's a good argument, though I don't really think it applies so much to /tg/.

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Hey man, you can fap to whatever you want. Just don't expect others to like what you fap to.

You can go out there and wank it to baby seals getting clubbed for all it matters, but when you open your mouth about liking it you have to expect your foot to be shoved in there.

That is how society works.

>> No.21251185

>Baby seals getting clubbed

>> No.21251187


Well that's not an ork, its a grot.

>> No.21251193

...Pardon me while I fap

>> No.21251194

its of genus ork fag

>> No.21251197

>Well I don't think there is anything against transexualism in the grim dark future of the forty-first or some odd millennium.
Trannyism is quite literally the domain of Slannesh. You heard it here first, trannies advocate and support the devouring of eldar souls.

>> No.21251203

Thats close enough, I would think.

>> No.21251210

I can confirm this as true.

>> No.21251211


Well I don't think any non eldar is against the devouring of eldar souls. I mean some people sort of care in that it empowers slaanesh, and there are people who are against that, but if it didn't do that I don't think they would give a shit.

>> No.21251214


Why fap to Blue? Why not to delicious Primarch's Daughters?

I'd do Victoria. Dem tits.

>> No.21251232

Because the primarch daughters are fucking retarded and already the personal waifu of their respective writefags.

>> No.21251237

Blue has
>Being a wrench wench
>Dem hips and thighs
>Being damn adorable

Though I must say, gotta love Freya and Hana.

>> No.21251242


That's your opinion. We all have our own opinions and we are entitled to them.

>> No.21251245


I'd argue it does given the amount of creepers I have personally known who regularly browse and post on /tg/, but that is a bullshit answer on my part.

As for the creeper character fetishbait shit. The art is disgusting to me but i'm not opposed to it existing, being spread around or viewed. I will not advocate jeopardizing creative and expressive freedom because it grosses me the fuck out.

What I despise is communities built around discussing and proliferating their highly questionable fetish material, such as CP or guro, or other blatantly misanthropic works (which, yes, includes misogyny, racism, and even ~misandry~) . We do not need places that are actively encouraging shitty, sociopathic behavior toward other human beings. We do not need communities are actively corrosive to us as a society and a species, such as (ponyfags).
>CCAPTCHA: stoned wardian

>> No.21251247

Tha description sounds like Venus.

Venus and Blue, fund it.

>> No.21251253

Hana and Kelly

>I can't hold these beauties .jpg

>> No.21251270

Venus isnt a wrench wench. Shes some prissy noble bitch with a forge. A fucking forge. Little Miss Fancypants and her fucking forge. Blue has a corner of a mekshop and she STILL pumps out quality orky goods. You know why? Because she isn't wasting all of her time fretting over who to grimtake to the futureprom.

>> No.21251273


Well, I myself could never waifu any of them, but then I don't write tenny-bopper drama per se, I write Grimderpness set in the WHH Universe.

Also did no-one get the Gav and Bob reference in my last story?

>> No.21251274

Its hard to fap to something when you know someone has built them from the ground up to be his personal waifu.

>> No.21251278

>/tg/ lusting after prissy high school girl waifus who are no different than the ones who rejected them IRL and drove them to become fa/tg/uys

Why do this to yourselves?

>> No.21251280

I don't read your stories because they suck, but now I'm kinda chafed you tried to sully Gav and Bob with them.

>> No.21251295

You'll notice that just about every primarch daughter that isn't a raging lesbian seems to grab themselves an awkward and shy slightly nerdy boy who is way beneath their league but they love them anyways because LOVE. I wonder why that is...

>> No.21251296

You read to much into everything.

And it's highly unreasonable to demand that everyone should behave a certain way just because there are some wicked people out there. Most people here are normal and those who aren't would be running around doing abnormal things anyway. Because they're abnormal.

Also, as >>21251173 says: this doesn't apply to /tg/. Calm your tits.

>> No.21251300


Just think of it as NTR. Wouldn't you totally do a hot MILF even if she was married to someone else?

>> No.21251310

So how many other fan characters are there along the line of blue, cultistchan, etceteras

Also what are some names of female tau, blueberries I think they are colloquialised as?

>> No.21251311

If you don't read it, then how do you know it sucks?

Also as I have said, haters suffer from pic. Enjoy the red hot Kakapo love

>> No.21251325

No, its creepier than that. Its like, someone built what -they- think is the perfect woman and now they WANT you to fap to her to further affirm how perfect their waifu is. It just gives me mad creepy vibes.

That and I find the primarch daughters as well as their physical designs about as interesting as an uncooked potato.

>> No.21251335


Who is Venus?

>> No.21251336

>read some of a story
>“wow, this sucks”
>don't read any more stories from that guy
Not that hard, champ.

>> No.21251346

Basically, what if a Salamander was a little girl except shes a snooty, spoiled high school brat. But its okay because she is better than you in every way or something.

>> No.21251352

To each his own. And I like the Scraplootas a lot. And sorry about the kakapo loving, the spunk stains will wash off eventually.

>risdayle fucceeded
Fucceeded, Captcha?

>> No.21251369

What do the Scraplootas have to do with me disliking your shit? And that whole egotistic artist routine does you no favors, especially if you actually give half a damn about your stories being worth half a damn.

>> No.21251375

That sounds fucking horrific

Someone post more pics of blue the wrench wench

And some other Blueberries, please

>> No.21251378

Come to think of it, when did all the hating of WHH start? Was it my fault for writing so much? Should I have done Scraplootas fiction instead, or focused on the Eye of /tg/ project?

Enlighten me elegen/tg/entlemen, so I may not make the same mistake twice.

>> No.21251390

>Should I have done Scraplootas fiction instead
Not the guy you arguing with, but please for the love of god leave the Scraplootas alone. They did nothing to deserve that.

Besides, someone already beat you to the punch if you were looking to make a sad Scraploota story.

>> No.21251409

>Enlighten me elegen/tg/entlemen, so I may not make the same mistake twice.
Yeah, its far too late to be asking /tg/ to critique you after you have shown how you react to criticisms.

For what its worth, its not JUST your writing that made me hate WHH. It was everything about it.I didn't care for the premise much, but it could have been interesting with the right execution. Unfortunately, we got some of the worst possible executions out there and egotistical writers to boot.

>> No.21251428

>blue the wrench wench
Her name is Dat Blue Grot, ya git.

>> No.21251444

This is the Imperium, bro. That shit is in the vogue.

They're still great sculpts.

>> No.21251462

Is there some booru or something I can find pictures of blue and others?

>> No.21251485

She also has a pet squig who rides a looted tau drone.

>> No.21251492 [DELETED] 

Sorry about that, hadn't thought things through. Honestly I like criticism, it helps me improve as a writer.

And I can tell you there was a lot of infighting behind the scenes for the WHH stories. I am a massice fan of the HH series, and own every single HH book. Promethian Sun, Aurelian you name it. And neither of the other two have ever read a single HH book, which tells. I wanted the stories to be close to the canon, which neither of them liked. Hell, SE shot me down when I wanted to introduce Chaos to Bleeding Out.
So tell me the unvarnished truth, rip me to shreds, I welcome it. WHH is full of shite tenny-bopper drama and waifus, neither of which I like. I wanted something which read like the HH stories, and it seems I failed at that one.
My thanks to all you haters, for trying to break the circlejerk and bring us back to earth.

>> No.21251537

I really think your obsession with the HH series is laughable, black library will never be canon. So is the fact you'd like to introduce a serious plot into WHH.

Now get the fuck out.

>> No.21251544

Heh, I suppose I didn't help the problem.
Oh well. Thanks anyway, it was worth the trip.

>> No.21251595

Uh, can someone tell me some more fun characters like cultistchan and blue?

>> No.21251646

Nope, thats all of them. The rest are all supar sewious speshul snowflakes. And Xeno. But Xeno is...special.

>> No.21251720

I call bullshit on basis of club tranny playing eldar.

I'll concede tzeentch though, she does play tzeentch.

>> No.21251722

Then tell me about the snowflakes, I'm curious

>> No.21251726


Eldar are pretty fucking Slaaneshi dude. They gave birth to Slaanesh.

>> No.21251728


>> No.21251730

yeah but the other guy said 'advocate the devouring of their souls'

Who wants their own army dead?

>> No.21251731


>> No.21251736

>I call bullshit on basis of club tranny playing eldar.
Slannesh is a tranny god who uses the eldar as its playthings.

Your club tranny is a tranny who has literal eldar playthings

>> No.21251744

see >>21251120 for a shitload of them.

>> No.21251745

The bulk of it revolves around Mr. Culexus.

>> No.21251747

hadn't thought of it like that. lol.

>> No.21251758

>> No.21251760

Please stop using the word tranny, as a transexual woman I find that very offensive, tranny is a derogatory term man, not cool, and being transexual is not even slightly related to slaanesh, unless you count post conversion mutations

I could go on but I'm not a compete douchebag

>> No.21251774

It's fine being derogatory toward a piece of Warhammer 40k lore, but no, go on, bitch more about how using a derogatory term aimed at AN EVIL SOUL-EATING GOD OF RAPE, COCAINE, RAPE, PLEASURE, AND PAIN is offensive to you.

>> No.21251781

Iron Lung, you are the only true person out ther who critically reads our shit and reviews it. Don't stop, please. DM will most likely continue Ghosts once he's finished his sulk, and I'm not done with WHH just yet.

>> No.21251806

Hi, sorry about that, it may surprise you to find out the one referred to at my club was in fact, me, i just didn't feel like having shit kick off as it has a tendency to do, personally i also have very little qualms with the word, but yeah some do and if you do that's cool i'll watch myself on /tg/ with it.

>> No.21251819

Fuck that shit anon, this is 4chan, let them get butthurt about it, if they have sand in their vagina, then they can learn to get used to it. A person needs thick skin to be an adult, do not coddle them, it's hampering their growth as a human.

>> No.21251868

they can get butthurt off you, if you're gonna be a douchebag, but i'll stop because i know how horrible dysphoria is and i'm not going to make it any worse for her if i can help it

>> No.21251958

Bro, you are overreacting, it's the word, not the context, that people have a problem with, I'm not just talking about me, it's a derogative slur, it's politically incorrect

Hey, thanks

I know this is 4chan, but this is also one of the most civil boards, so it would make sense to be a little more, civil

>> No.21252262

cool i write 40k campaigns from this perspective too, i like you, ignore the haters

>> No.21252282

you're right + cool + i like you

>> No.21252307

It's nice when people say things like this! Good job! :)

>> No.21252421

…and this is why boards like /a/ immediately KILL any tumblrfag thread.

>> No.21252516

Because people are good humans in them, and people on this board are scared to see their bullshit get called out?

>> No.21252688

Yes… hehe… good humans… right.

>> No.21254053

As a woman I find trannies offensive because they think they know what it means to put up with the hardships of being an actual woman just because they got their dicks snipped.

>> No.21254123

I think that getting your dick snapped is already a more significant hardship than.. uh... what exactly? Your period? Having a muslim husband or something?

Also, trannies are hated by almost everyone. That alone is a more significant hardship than those an average woman in a developed country has to face.

>> No.21254135

Firstly, I'm pretty sure they have their own completely separate and fucked up problems. Secondly, the idea that oppression is a competition is silly.

>> No.21254143

>and being transexual is not even slightly related to slaanesh
yes it is
it very very much is.
There are official rules to make your character an androgynous creature, and Slaanesh is about transgressing things. Such as your sex and gender. Which is why all of his daemons look like cheap trannies to some degree.

>> No.21254156

Yeah, go ahead and belittle women some more. Its cool.
As is the idea that a man can ever know what its like to really be a woman.

>> No.21254187

>implying timid featureless moeblobs aren't the best kind of women.

>> No.21254201

Every time a man is being weak, petty, foul, he knows what it's like to be a woman.

>> No.21254218

>I'm going to completely derail the thread by being a self-centered, overly sensitive cunt muffin that demands the world bend to his whims
>But I'm not a complete douchebag~!
And this is why every tranny in the world should be lined up and shot. Nothing good ever comes from them. Trannies ruined the Matrix for fucks sake. The goddamn Matrix.

>> No.21254245

>i modded the eldar figure into an ork weirdboy
How does that even

>> No.21254282

Thats because you literally drove off anyone else who would bother to try. Nice to see you don't even stand by your own convictions and have to delete your own posts wherever you even consider the possibility that your shit doesn't stink, though.

>> No.21254328

Dysphoria ain't that bad, it's when you think your culture's values have greater merit than the ones you develop yourself that you get self-esteem issues

trust me, an anonymous tripfag wallowing in the source of all cultural innovations, I'd know

>> No.21254355

Ladies and gentlemen, not trannies, you fuckers can leave if you're going to broadcast your lack of a gender identity to get attention:

this thread is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with "social justice". White knights run around like chickens with their heads cut off bitching and moaning about random shit that they don't understand, calling everyone around them prejudiced and flawed.

They come into a forum that is only here for enjoying games, create a giant clusterfuck, just to rile us up and make us unhappy.

Well, I say, fuck you and your "social justice". /tg/ doesn't have any of the problems you describe. If you want to crusade against 'teh ebulz' go to /b/, or /pol/, or any of the appropriate boards.

Sage for not /tg/ related.

>> No.21254374


>> No.21254391

What the fuck /tg/? This is obviously a troll thread and you're just eating it up? You're better than this god damn it.

>> No.21254397

Check your loyalty, heretiCIS scum.

>> No.21254426

To be fair, the thread was civil for a little while until the tranny showed up to bitch at everyone who likes their dicks for liking their dicks or whatever it is tannies bitch about these days.

>> No.21254431

I chuckled, thoroughly.

>> No.21254450

Last week, in France, they've been asking for the right to put whichever gender they want on their ID.

>> No.21254466

Fukkin trannies.

>> No.21254481

I'm getting off one way or another.

>> No.21254491

That's what transcreatures do.
And then bitch some more.
Also burst into tears.

Those people behave worse than furries.

>> No.21254539

I'm a prussian trapped in an asian's body.

>> No.21254552

>> No.21254569

>burst into tears

if only they could burst into treats.

>> No.21254596

>> No.21254598

I'm a moped trapped in a human body. Beep beep.

>> No.21254623

I wish to steal Boone's hood and eat popcorn from it.
Am I a bad person?

If wishes were wings, pigs would fly.

>> No.21254639

>Am I a bad person?
Yes, but for different reasons.

>> No.21254644

It's being used on a creature that is male, female, and neither, it applies. You want to defend Slaanesh, fine, but don't blame me when a bunch of mutated neckbeards show up on your doorstep looking for something to rape.

>> No.21254649

No, I also do.

But technically you can also eat popcorn from Xeno's head.

>> No.21254657

I'm a moped trapped under a psychopath
help me
i love it

>> No.21254673

>Trannies ruined the Matrix for fucks sake. The goddamn Matrix.
Wait what?

>> No.21254683

One of the Wachowskie brothers is a chick now.

>> No.21254699

Yea, but didn't that happen well after the third movie was finished?
Or maybe it became public at the end of the second movie's debut, I dunno.
Details are fuzzy.

>> No.21254717

I didn't say that it made sense, I just said why that anon thinks a tranny ruined The Matrix.

>> No.21254727

Sorry, I'm being overanalytical again in addition to assuming my vis-a-vis is making sense.

>> No.21254763

>not wanting to be in contact with Haruko ass all day
You would have to be a freak to not love it.

>> No.21254780


>> No.21254795

Good to see she's recovered enough dexterity to avoid squeezing people like tubes of toothpaste.

>> No.21254807

She is "very tactile".

>> No.21254827

Or maybe Blue is just ded 'ard from hanging around orks all day. Its probably the former, though.

>> No.21254843

Except, you know, Boone is ded squishy.>>21254552
Also Xeno can squeeze marines to death.

>> No.21254862

I'm just saying, man, dem muscles. That Venus cunt aint got shit on the amount of buff Blue has going on.

>> No.21254878

Venus was a goddess of beauty, I wouldn't expect her to be very tough.

Besides: squished space marines= squished orks= squished blue.

>> No.21254929

>Venus was a goddess of beauty, I wouldn't expect her to be very tough.
Im talking about the WHH broad who is the sexiest musclegirl since Aisha Clanclan the way WHHfags would spin it.
>Besides: squished space marines= squished orks= squished blue.
>Thinking puny humies are as mean and green as an ork
Squigga, you just went full git.

Joking aside, you do realize I agreed with you and was just making a joke, right? See
>Its probably the former, though.

>> No.21254933

muscles are squishy. They're basically boobs all over your body. That's why it looks so hot on girls.

>> No.21254944

Sorry, I'm reading a Manga, making notes on a game I played last week, listening to music, and working on a character for a game I know will never happen, but it's a good exercise anyway.

>> No.21254982

>They're basically boobs all over your body.
Well...huh. Never thought of it that way. I always just considered that the hint of masculinity some muscle definition gives a girl only serves to highlight and accentuate her femininity. That and I always liked a girl who can roughhouse.

>> No.21254987

Specifically this one.

>> No.21254993

>muscles are squishy. They're basically boobs all over your body

Uhh.... No. Muscle is not squisy. And boobs are not muscle. Boobs are fat, which is why fit girls with little body-fat percentage tend to be rather small in the chest. And also why when girls lose a lot of weight through dieting and exercise, their tits tend to be the first areas that shrink.

>> No.21255009


>> No.21255016

Okay, I want you to take your hand, and wrap it around your bicep. Don't flex the bicep your hand is around. Now squeeze that bicep with your hand.

Notice something? It's fucking squishy.

>> No.21255021

I think he was referring to visuals. At least, that's how I took it.

>> No.21255039

Muscles ARE squishy. Boobs are squishy, but they're also floppy, which makes them slightly disgusting when they're jiggling.

>> No.21255040

And in comparison to you taking your hand, and grabbing hold of your gut. You'll see a major difference in which of the two is far squishier.

>> No.21255089

Well, let's say that muscles are, squishy but firm. As opposed to actually hard. But enough not to evoke dead meat like fat does.

>> No.21255119

As long as we can agree that both muscles and tits are equally squeezable on a girl, then I'm okay with this.

>> No.21255189

That's why a girl's body ideally features several thick, squishy things:

>> No.21255214

Damnit Technomancer.

>> No.21255217

Dammit Techno.

>> No.21255273

Are diapers really necessary? They are practically the reason we can't have nice things, damn it!

>> No.21255308

They're squishy and soft and silky to the touch. What's wrong with that?

>> No.21255315

is he a meme now?

>> No.21255335

They get in the way. Their softness/squishiness is canceled out by their obstructiveness.

Plus I'm not teally into diapers.

>> No.21255350

You cant grope a but if there's a diaper in the way. Also, they are far from stylish.

>> No.21255387

>not one of the sexiest, prettiest things a woman can wear

You know that you can simply pierce a hole through it, right? Or just put your hand in it though the leg holes. And that what's beneath it is usually not as squishy as the padding itself; I mean, you might as well fuck her in the diaper, provided it's thick enough, and not in the cunt/ass.

>> No.21255393

Don't try talking Technomancer down, he's crazy, and will add diapers to every character you like.

>> No.21255422

No, only the female ones.

But then again, seeing the type of quests we have on /tg/, fa/tg/uys only like female characters.

>> No.21255597

...Have some more Blue, /tg/ it seems to salve your wounds.

>> No.21255631

So let me get this straight
Dat blue grot is just a tau that somehow got mixed up with orks right?

>> No.21255638

>no Blue diaper pics yet
I'm sad. Something feels incomplete.

>> No.21255652

They looted her, mistaking her for a blue grot. Once they figured out their mistake, they didn't much care because she made good gubbins. Now she thinks shes an ork just like the rest of the boys and is loving it.

The Scraplootas are...different.

>> No.21255663

Not quite enough Choppa.

>> No.21255724

It started with a "Tau Cultural Exchange Program" thread (Basically, Tau Girl what do?).
Before it could go into Eldar/Dark Eldar mindfucking/regularfucking the poor Tau, someone posted about Orks finding her instead.
And then Blue found herself in a loving Tribe of Orks. It's like a Saturday Morning Cartoon featuring Orks, whacky shenanigans and etc.

Here's a list of pastebin links to a bunch of Blue and the Scraplootas stories.

I think Blue avoided Xeno's fate because /tg/ quit trying to develop her while they were still ahead.

So far at least...

>> No.21255799

Its also because she is part of something bigger. I think people would have been a lot more forgiving on Xeno if she remained the adorable right hand henchman of the Lady of Dusk and had a larger stable of characters instead being the driving force behind everything and the biggest bad around.

Actually shit, a weakened Lady of Dusk sending Xeno on errands across the galaxy for her to bumble her way through to hopefully one day fully revive the Lady sounds way better than what she became.

>> No.21256029

I really don't like the Lady as a character. But I guess it could work, and seeing Xeno becoming a phaeron just like, because, lol, was really retarded.

>> No.21256072

Lady of the Infinite Abyss
Dusk was her lieutenant.

>> No.21256572

The Lady never really had a character beyond generic haughty AI. All I meant is that Xeno shouldn't be in charge. She works better as a better follower than a leader.
Close enough. The main point was that Xeno is a little too retarded to be the driving force behind anything. Shes more reactionary than anything else.

>> No.21256626

> Yet another spunky yet loveable female protagonist who [Blank] [Blank]'s the [Blank] [Blanks]

> /tg/ calls it original content.

>> No.21256659

But Blue doesn't blank any blanks.

>> No.21256674

>Yet another poster who [blank] [blank] a [blank] [blank] and thinks his shitposting is original and good critique.
>I can generalize shit too

>> No.21256714

why do people who always point out the pathetic shit most of /tg/ puts out is immediately accused of shit posting?

Usually the accuser is shitposting more than anyone else.

>> No.21256750

But he didn't point out anything. He played madlibs with himself and hoped we would fill in his critique with incriminating evidence for him.

>> No.21256763


>> No.21256802

/tg/ came together and decided to create something and fun was had by all.
Blue was just the start to the Scraplootas, which are not spunky yet loveable female protagonists. They are Orks, and /tg/ does not have a history of making Yet Another Ork Tribe like they have a history of making Yet Another Space Marine Chapter.
Why shit on it and decry it as unoriginal when you don't even know what you're talking about? Look at some of the stories under the Scraplootas article. Blue doesn't even feature in some of them, or plays a very small role.

>> No.21256826


>> No.21257987

>Its one big circle jerk of misanthropy
Nobody's making you stay.

>> No.21258059

Is that fly from "Gaston le Gaffe"?

>> No.21260646


Fucking Horus /tg/. How could you let something like this happen?

>> No.21261485


>> No.21262675

So "tranny" is offensive because "they decided it was offensive".

It's okay though, because since the whole "cis" thing blew up there is even more reason for us to defend our traditional description of NORMAL.

>> No.21262773 [DELETED] 


>Especially when they DO go around sexually harassing, assaulting, or even raping or killing someone.

I've never done any of that. But I'm not sure I wouldn't make an exception for you.

>> No.21262978

Ok, i'm transgender. First post ITT. Tranny is a bit offensive, but it's fucking lightyears better than 'drag queen' or 'shemale'. So all you other trannys need to put on your big girl panties and/or add more starch to your packie and stfu.

sage because off topic tranny crap.

(huh, i guess /tg/ really does stand for transgender, seems like a lot of us here..)

>> No.21263045

>seems like a lot of us here
And each and every one of you are a whiny cunt. I like to think myself an open minded individual, but the more I interact with trannies the more I think the world would be better off without them.

>> No.21263509


Well to be fair it's probably a lot like gays.

You've got guys who just like to fuck other guys ... and then you have mincing drama queens.

One is a hell of a lot more noticable than the other.

>> No.21264773


That.... was remarkably astute. Solid call.

And on the subject of Xeno...

>> No.21265275

At least gays don't respond to goddamn fucking everything with “As a gay, I...”
That shit right there needs to quit.

>> No.21268483

Sure they don't.

I think it's because without that distinction, some feminist is guaranteed to dismiss whatever they say as "privilege". Not that it stops them, but at least they look crazier in the eyes of mainstream bystanders.

>> No.21268840

Even if you're a special snowflake who likes to bully other transsexuals for being oversensitive people will hate you, call you a cunt, want you gone.

This is a pretty good example why transsexuals on the internet can get abrasive and act offended over nothing; they don't actually have anything to gain from being nice to you if you're going to hate them just for existing.

Why should they be nice to to you if you're going to hate them just for existing?

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