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Hey /tg/, I have a question.

Exactly what are Gork and Mork? The fluff is extremely confusing about these things, because at times it states the 4 Chaos gods are the only ones and the most powerful, and others it say that things such as Gork, Mork and the unknown source of the Tyranid synapse are stronger than the Chaos undivided.

So what is right and what isn't?

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>A pair of K cup boobs.

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its one of those things that depends on who is saying it and they're probably all lying anyway. Orks think Gork and Mork are the strongest, Chaos think their respective gods are the strongest etc.

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I have a better question for you OP,

Why iz you muckin about?

Get back to waaghin, ya git.

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over 9000 hours in lexicanum

>Gork and Mork are the twin gods of the Orks. Ork traits and emotions have a reflection in the warp the same as the traits and emotions of Humans and Eldar do. These Ork traits manifest in the form of the strong, belligerent, and indestructible Ork gods Gork and Mork. The difference between the two gods is very subtle, Gork being brutal but cunning while Mork is cunning but brutal. The upshot is Mork hits you when you aren't looking and Gork hits you harder when you are. The strength of Gork and Mork is too strong to ever be quelled and when confronting the gods of other races they can never truly be vanquished.[1]

Both gods are believed to offer help to individual Orks in battle, but in the grand scheme, it doesn't matter which god is worshipped. Generally, Gork is worshipped by the regular boyz as a more direct manisfestation of brutal power, when Mork is the God of Oddboyz, the cunning Orks like Meks and Weirdboys.

>The titanic Ork Gargants are constructed in the two gods' image; consequently, they are living idols and war machines. The Mekboys who build them work from a vision held within their imagination, usually inspired during times of Waaagh.

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One of dem is brutal, anna other is cunnin'

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That is what I mean. If you read the articles of the Chaos Gods it says they are the greatest ones. Articles contradict each other

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They are the greatest for the ORKS but not for anyone else.

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>Whaa whaa, I can't handle cognitive dissonance

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It's almost like we're viewing the universe from many biased sources

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>mfw the anons don't know about Waaagh chan.

Late night /tg/ is best /tg/

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Oh god I forgot about Waaagh Chan. So amazing love Late Night /tg/

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>Articles contradict each other

That's the point, bro.

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So since Orks easily outnumber humans, and their gods aren't divided against each other the way the Emperor and the Chaos Gods are, does that mean Gork and Mork are that much stronger? Or does each faction just get its own pantheon of equal power to everyone else's?

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>Waaagh chan

Aren't Cultist Chan and Taucron enough for you fucks?

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The chaos gods represent the manifestations of various emotions; rage (Khorne), Love (nurgle), avarice (slannesh) and er ... Tzeench.

Gork and Mork do brutal and cunning (respectively) because Orks dont into emotional.

Its like comparing apples and oranges, they have different fields of intrests.

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K cup Orkess? I wouldn't mind to see

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But waaagh chan is 3D pig disgusting...

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Then why is she waaagh chan if she isn't an ork?

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>3DPD K cup

What? seriously???

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Oi seez wot you done 'dere.

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Tzeentch is curiosity

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Gork and Mork are the strongest of the gods, more powerful than the Chaos Gods, but they have no fucks to give for anything that isn't fighting. The reason they don't have much of an impact on things is because they're usually to busy fighting each other to bother with Chaos.

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You lost me at Orks the size of planets, GW.

srsly, hasn't anyone else see this shit?

I want CRUNCH for Orks the size of fucking planets.

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Behold Gork and Mork and despair

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looks more liek gork and gork

or gork and barf

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It is unfortunate the thread the other night ended when it was just getting good.

Oh well. All praise Waaagh Chan.

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In some old fluff it sates that Orks don't get sick because Gork And Mork stopped fighting each other to beat the tar out of Nurgle when they heard he was developing plagues for Orks.
Gork and Mork have by far the most followers and are therefor the most powerful god sin 40K. But they're too busy fighting each other to give a crap about anything else.

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since when does Elwood 'play Orks?

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Poor ork

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Orks *can* fall to chaos, there is official art of them - it's usually nurgle or khorne though.

Pic related - Nurgle Ork

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>Gork and Mork do brutal and cunning (respectively) because Orks dont into emotional.

I was under the impression that Gork was cunningly brutal and Mork was brutally cunning. Or maybe it was the other way around. The ambiguity was part of their shtick.

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PLEASE tell me there is more!!!

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The thread was destroyed after only 5 or so pictures.

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share the other 4 pictures?

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Sorry, I didn't save them.

I think there was a thread on /r/ with the collection. I couldn't say where it is.

Again, apologies.

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Which is bullshit. Nurglite orks show up in the 6e CSM codex.

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Only Stormboyz tend to follow Khorne. Genestealer cults can actually fall to Chaos as well.

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Speaking of which, there are orkstealers.

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