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I've got a bit of a problem at my gaming club with a "that guy" something or another.

I started up my own club about 6 months ago and its been going great, about 15 regular members, everyone is aged 16 - 27 and we all play 40k apart from the some guys who just like to paint and have a chat.

For a while now a guy who doesnt actually go by his real name has been coming along, lets call him "Dag" for the time being.

We started a friendly 40k tournament last week and it went smoothly, everyone was having fun games apart from Dags table which seemed very down and gloomy, I didnt think much of it till I played against him today.

I have never played someone who follows the rules so much to the letter its painful to play the game, someone who exploits every possibility such as a slightly misplaced flamer not being able to fire due to hitting 1mm of my own troops, or shooting at me through a hole which is 5mm in size. Another example of having 9 troops behind a building, and 1 out by 2inches to allow that one to use physic powers but meaning only that one model could be shot.

Dag is 16, very quiet and I believe to be autistic. He doesnt engage in conversation with anyone about anything, he doesnt seem to be interested in anything but playing the game. He gets incredibly excited about you loosing and gets very upset about loosing, but he stays very quiet.

I want to go talk to him, tell him to maybe lighten up a bit and try interacting a bit with the other members and maybe not take the game so seriously, but to be honest he scares the crap out of me. He gets so defensive when you say that he is mistaken about a rule.

I could do with some advice on how to help him, or maybe manage him with the club and the other members.

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bump for stuff

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You know, he probably is autistic. I'd say arrange it so people play him as little as possible, but that seems like a dick move.

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this is a touchy situation.

I'm not so sure that you're going to get a lot of good advice here. Most of the time the solution to a "that guy" problem is to up and leave.

But this isn't what you're doing. You would be kind of a dick to just randomly kick him out.

So try and talk to him, get him to open up a bit.
Start with something that he's familiar with. Talk metagame with him for a while. Then sort of work your way into the game as a whole. From there, go for the fluff, and branch out into other stories and such.

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That sounds like very real autism. When he talks, does he seem no tot have any volume control?

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>I have never played someone who follows the rules so much to the letter its painful to play the game

Oh... oh my fucking god. You mean... that HE ACTUALLY FOLLOWS THE RULES?!?!?! Holy shit!! Murder him NOW before he reproduces, because GOD FOR FUCKING BID anybody actually play the game the way it's actually supposed to be played!!

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Just so you know, if he really is autistic, talking to him will have absolutely no benefit. That's kind of the shtick with autisim.

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confirmed for sperglord

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Please explain to me why actually following the rules is such a crime against humanity. If you don't actually follow the rules why have them in the first place? I'm being 100% sincere here.

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Don't be so defensive, Dag.

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Ahahaha, 40k tournaments. Seriously, you brought it upon yourself.

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It's a tough situation. An autistic person's idea of "fun" may well be to exploit the game system. He's playing to win, as opposed to letting things slide for the benefit of everyone.

How about you talk to him about it. Tell him to lighten up a bit. Get some people around to play some Munchkin etc. Stuff that relies on social interaction, not hard number crunching.

He's autistic, not stupid.

Imo 40k attracts a crowd of guys like this because there's some much cheese you can do.

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Kick him out of the club. You're running a gaming club, not a retard baby-sitting service.

I don't know why parents dump their grubs and retards on gamers to take care of. You should've aborted the thing if you didn't want it.

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If he is following the rules properly as written then you are wrong OP and Dag is a hero.
If he is deliberately misinterpreting the rules for unfair advantage then he is cheating.

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Yeah, I mean, who cares about shit like empathy or human kindness.
Seriously anon, its as if you're the autistic one.

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Autism isn't an on-off switch. It's an entire clusterfuck of dials, switches, knobs, levers, and buttons. I for example have asperger's and I can talk to people just fine, and I know a girl with autism that barely talks unless you talk to her first. To say she's shy however is outright false.

tl;dr Autism is a very varied disorder, thinking they're all the same or similar is like saying that all kinds of cheese are the same.

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So was he following the rules or was he cheating OP? Because its one or the other.

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>I for example have asperger's and I can talk to people just fine
Y-you too?

If this were any other board...

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arrange a late night tournament and when he gets there everyone in the gaming club violently rapes him.

with any luck he'll kill himself in the shower.

at least that's how we dealt with dudes like that when I played Warhammer on Rikers Island.

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>who cares about shit like empathy or human kindness

Not autistics, that's for sure.

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Yeah, I have it too, and I can talk to people, but holy shit, I can't maintain eye contact at all. I actively try to focus on peoples' eyes and I just can't do it. I end up staring above their head or at their chest (awkward if it's a chick.).

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>human kindness


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This seems to be less about following the rules, which is a perfectly valid thing to do, than it is one player memorizing them or checking them every other minute and then insisting on following them right down to the letter to the detriment of the actual fun of the game.

TL;DR, Dag is an autistic jobsworth, OP needs to make him understand this.

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How do I get a chick with aspergers to be my gf?

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You can't, only white middle class boys seem to get diagnosed.

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You get "Not caring" and "Not comprehending". If you don't care about something, then you pay it no heed even though you're aware that it exists. If you can't comprehend something, then it's a different matter.

Say you drive along a bridge with a certain shape, and that shape is one that makes it dangerous to drive along due to a lowered weight limit. It's not that you 'don't care' that the entire thing can collapse, it's more that it simply doesn't cross your mind because it's beyond your understanding.

Meanwhile an architect would take one look at the bridge and have a heart-attack when he sees some idiot driving along it about to plummet to his death.

Replace "driving over a dangerous bridge" with "Saying something offensive without meaning it" and "some idiot driving along it" with "hearing some fuckwit ask an offensive or personal question" and you have a pretty decent metaphor for autism.

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>I move and shoot
>Dag consults rulebook
>"You can't shoot until it's the shooting phase, and it isn't the shooting phase yes because you haven't declared your move phase to be over."
>*sigh* "Okay, My movement phase is now over, I now declare it to be my shooting phase."
>"Allright, I'm gonna have my space marines fire at your squad, it looks like five of them have line of sight."
>Dag meticulously checks their line of sight
>"Okay, three of them have line of sight to four of my squad, two of them have line of sight to only three."

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Eyup, that sounds about right.

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Thats because only white middle class boys have mommies that are able to badger the doctor/teacher/authority figure to back off their pwecious son because FUCK YOU HES GOT ASPERGERS.

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Even if your grammar and sentence structure is a trainwreck, that explained it quite well.

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He is talks as quiet as possible

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>whispers all the fucking time

Kick that mofo out.
Watch as his mommy comes and yells at you for being mean to her wittle boy.
Give no fucks.

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Do nothing. You won't change the child. He can only realize by himself.

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Resident assburgers sufferer from earlier here.

If the guy is autistic, it would be like sending you to a foreign country where even the most mundane and common things are the most foul things you can do. It'd be smarter to explain that sticking too close to the rules slows the game down and how that isn't any fun for you.

People with autism need to have things explained to them, we're just not that good at automatically picking things up in social contexts. If we continue to fuck up in the exact same way though, go right ahead and bring down the hammer. Also, tell him to speak up.

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That is when you push the guy out of your face and tell him not to get in the way during your turn.

Also get a referee.

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No OP here, but that would leave a bad taste in everybody's mouth. If the man who founded the club was an asshole to some autistic kid who just wanted to play the game, then why would you keep going to that club?

Handling this situation as badly as you suggest could kill this young little club.

captcha: gentleman's deracef
yes, Captcha, let's be gentlemen about this

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If you cannot function in normal society without being told EXACTLY what to do at any given time, and also being unable to figure out what to do by watching others and learning from your own stupid mistakes, then you should not interact with normal society.

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Don't get me wrong, I understand. I stretched things for the sake of a joke.

Fact is, it's not OP and his gaming group's responsibility to teach this kid how to function.

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Is this entire club made up of "sensitive" faggots? Kick that asshole out and forget about it. If some autistic fuckwad was fucking up my FLGS and the owner kicked him out, I'd buy the owner a fucking drink.

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... And do what, then?

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Stay at home or check yourself into an institution. Don't fuck up MY life because you cant handle your own.

and before anyone asks YES I was the kid who failed tolerance class for laughing at the retard they brought in.

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That is nowhere near what I just said.

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Then fucking clarify, don't expect people to understand your assburger-speak.

besides saying that having autism/assburgers is like being thrust into a competely foreign society is kinda exactly what

People don't go to foreign countries without studying that shit, at least rational intelligent people don't.

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Talk him down.

And then talk with the group, if they are fine leaving him, try to calm as much as you can't.

If they don't bother, just move on

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You're allowed to tell him he's unpleasant to play with or frankly be around and that no one actually wants to play the game with him any more.

Just because he has problems doesn't mean he's actually entitled to you bending over backwards to make sure he's included.

If they are capable of improving, hopefully this shocks them into actually changing how they behave. If they aren't capable of improving, then they're going to be miserable to be around forever.

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The guy probably does have autism, the mild kind of course
Or heck maybe full blown. Not all autistic people are raging lunatics incapable of social contact. Some have a good grasp on their condition from a combination of medication and force of will but occasionally things slip out that they just can't help

You gotta look at this from a parental figure perspective. Don't be mean to the kid, but don't be soft either. If he is actually autistic, you need to find the balance between structure and laxity. And most importantly earn his trust. Be his friend

A guy that has that good an understanding of the game is probably great to play with if you get him to be friendly.

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Yeah, its basically like this, expect no "WAAAIT"

More like

"Errr, you cant do that" - Leans down, mesures, checks everything out "You cant see 1 member of my squad!" And proceeds to smile at me like a Murderer.

I think the best thing I can do after reading most of these replies (Sorry for the delay I was on LoL) is to try and get people to interact with him a bit more, talk to him about the fluff and maybe get him to chill out a bit. Ask him if hes made his own units or anything he custom built.

Also, I flipped through his Codex and everything had been altered to the recently released FAQ's. For example he crossed out "power weapon" and replaced it with "power Sword" and his entire codex was like this.

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That's pretty beta you let him get away with that OP.

>> No.21244378


So you're socially autistic?

>> No.21244386

This. Explain things to him.
Yes there is a good chance his feelings will be hurt in a mixture of anger and embarrassment, but if he gets over it and can adjust, you've made a valuable contribution toward him understanding the proper behavior there.
He's still young, he can learn to be a better gamer, but it will take people communicating with him to do it.
Otherwise he'll just sit wrapped up in his own little understanding of things, and the longer that goes on the harder it will be to break from bad habits/ideas. So ignoring him, or kicking him straight out, won't help him be that better gamer you'd like to have in your group.

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No, it means he had nothing better to do so he memorized every last fucknig word in the rulebook. That's not fun to play with, that's fucknig pathetic and weird. Dag needs to be told that his rulemognering shit is not tolerated and that if he really really wants to play he needs to learn how toa ct like a normal human being. If he cant or wont do that then he needs to be told to fucking leave. People shouldn't have to tolerate bullshit from autistic n retards just because they're autistic retards

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No i just realize that retards aren't like normal people and shouldn't expect to be treated like normal people. If you see a one-legged man you don't treat him like anyone else you treat him like a cripple, same with retards.

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Know what? I'm not even going to bother clarifying that until you learn that getting fucked in the ass throughout your childhood doesn't entitle you to be a bitch on the internet. I question who has the social ineptness in this thread and I'm leaning heavily towards your spiteful, bitter, and angry self who had to get up off his lazy ass because his mum didn't bring his crisps.

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No shit. Aspergers is the easy mode of autism, it's the one where if a person actually has it (and has not just self-diagnosed like a fuckface) and hasn't managed to learn not to be a shitlord, it's entirely on them. They've been informed of their issues, and they're things you can actually practice at a bit and end up essentially no worse off than any other person.

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So... you ARE socially autistic. How's that assburgers treating you?

>> No.21244453

Pretty damn well, since its apparently so mild no one has figure don't I have it yet. Including myself. Except you, a completely uneducated anon. Who probably didn't go to med school and get a degree. So yeah, pretty damn well.

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>NOT having voices tell you what to do all the time
bitch, get on my level

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*Figured out I don't have it* fuck I cant grammar today.

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I would also like to maybe take him to the side when he gets there, and luckily enough he usually gets there before I do and just ask him if he has Autism and just explain that its alright if he does and Id like to maybe do things that could take the edge off for him.

Everyone at the club is surprisingly normal, jobs, college, girl friends and generally friendly, hes the only one who sticks out like a sore thumb and Id rather he feel welcome than a outsider.

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hohohoho, I realize how this is now. Well done anon, you have figured me out. Woe is me.

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Autists gonna aut.
If he's really that incapable of dealing with people, he probably has some sort of helper at his school, maybe you can make contact with them for help dealing with his oddities. Not that he'd like it, mind.

>> No.21244509

He is entitled to me not bullying and mocking him for his issues. But no one is REQUIRED to babysit someone with problems as a matter of course. That's not called empathy, that's called being a fucking doormat.

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You are speaking out of your ass and obviously have no idea how to interact with someone that actually has this condition

I know that you like to throw around the word assburger at anyone that mildly annoys you at the game table, but on the flipside, don't forget it's a fucking serious condition that actually EXISTS
So yeah, blow it out your ass

It's best you don't mention the possibility. Read up on articles online and try to access if he actually has it before doing that.
It's fairly easy to pick up on once you know what to look for

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>everyone else is fine
>this sperg is the only outlier
>we need to bend out asses over so he can fuck them so he feels welcome

Beta as fuck Op, beta as fuck.

>> No.21244545

>real condition

AHAHAHAH keep telling that to the people your mommy paid off to make you feel special so you don't have to actually learn how to interact with people.

>> No.21244552

>having compassion

>> No.21244563

Pretty much, yeah. Don't you know that being alpha means being an asshole? I thought that was like the first rule of being a real man.

>> No.21244590


-every autismal faglord ever

>> No.21244591

You're going into hate speech territory quite quickly.

>> No.21244595

I though the first rule of being a real man was getting a girlfriend with big titties?

>> No.21244602

I kinda feel sorry for you.
There must be a story behind why you lash out like that.

>> No.21244604

don't ask him if he has autism.
if he doesn't, he'll get offended as hell
if he DOES, he'll feel like he's been "found out" and people will treat him differently

so even if he isn't autistic he probably is just sorta talk to him mono a mono, and just sort of talk to him. Casually.

>> No.21244608

>You're going into hate speech territory quite quickly.
Blow it out your ass.

>> No.21244616

That's like saying autism isn't a real condition. Or schizophrenia.

>> No.21244618


He's just frigging 16, and probably hasn't gotten the best social exposure up to this point.
Explain what people find enjoyable in your hobby, explain that his behavior isn't enjoyable.
Do it calmly, and somewhere out of direct sight of the others. There is a good chance he'll feel emotional about it, and being away from the others may lessen his personal embarrassment.

Man, that feel stings, but it is vitally important to learn early.

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>this anon is saying something I don't like on an anonymous image board


>> No.21244633

While I don't agree with the person you're responding to, no one is obligated to engage in enabling behavior with people who are anti-social.

Talk to him about it, OP. Chances are he'll be so upset/embarrassed about the situation that he'll stop coming or hang out with his autistic brethren at the card game tables.

>> No.21244641

My mom didn't have the money to have me declared special, so i had to endure actual interaction with people my age.

Horrifiyng isnt it

>> No.21244658


It isn't so much that you're saying something I disagree with, is that you're being an ignorant daft bastard and talking in a speech pattern that is more at home in /v/ or /b/ than here

>> No.21244659

That too. But I'm pretty sure "being an utter fuckwad" was like in the top 5.

>> No.21244671

Welcome to 4chan sperg, everyone talks like /v/ or /b/. Or they pretend they're better then /v/ or /b/, but they're really just blowing it out their asses.

>> No.21244683

Unfortunately, people do that.

>> No.21244691

More likely that he has mild sociopathy, much easier time hiding it and is actual not caring, rather than not understanding.

>> No.21244696

Better yet, Let HIM be a referee for games.

>> No.21244700

Also, there was this one retard at my school who had the habit of pushing people he got near. like really really hard. I got slammed into the ground and cracked a wrist, and I decked him one. Guess who got suspended for 'violence" and "intolerance"

So yeah, I mad.

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Well. He only talks when it concerns the game or talks when spoken too.
He never asks for a game.
Stares deeply into your eyes like he wants them for him self
Is very quiet
Basically knows the rulebook inside out
Knows all his troops inside out
Doesnt do any form of small talk
doesnt say Hi, or good bye
Never sits down.
Has thick moustache stuble at 16

I like it when people think being Alpha means being a dick.

Ive always lived with the principle that to be Alpha is to be a leader, someone to look up to, someone who is kind and passionate but doesnt take shit at all, from anyone whats so ever.

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Personal responsibility is really downplayed nowadays.

If you so much as hint that it's someone's duty to get their shit fixed before they expect others to even bother dealing with them socially, then prepare for an earful of Tumblrite-platitudes.

>> No.21244714

But why be so aggressive about it though?

>> No.21244715

You are so obviously fresh off the boat from ED it's nauseating.

>> No.21244721

Autism isnt real either, its just people being reatrded and liberals wanting a "nicer" name for it.

>> No.21244729

For my reason.

>> No.21244735


>> No.21244738

I can't say I have ever seen someone claim anything even close to that.

>> No.21244741

everybody cool with ignoring the shitposter?
I'm sorry, anon, but this douche is new to things outside of /b/ and /v/. There may be a day when he may know cool things, and enjoy them without being a prick.
But that is not this day.

>> No.21244742

>writes in a manner you don't like
>must be EDiot.

hahahahahaha no.

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You're not helping his condition by ignoring it, OP.

If you don't confront him about it you're leading him to believe that his behavior is acceptable.

Autism, even on lower ends of the spectrum, is universally treated through engagement and immersion therapy.

By not saying anything, you are doing far more harm than good.

>> No.21244765


Actually the quality of posts in /tg/ tends to be far FAR superior than both of those boards, not to mention that board culture varies greatly between individual ones

Your inability to recognize this leads me to conclude you're an utter fucktard

Also, about the asperger thing, I will concede there is very little backing up it's conclusive existence, but we aren't discussing aspergers here
The kid could very well have autism plain and simple. But of course you, in your huge ignorance, assume autism presents itself in what you've labbed "pseudo autism" or full blown cases where social faculties are severely impaired, and that is simply NOT the case

But do carry on with your bullshit. It amuses me

>> No.21244777

>I'm sorry, anon, but this douche is new to things outside of /b/ and /v/. There may be a day when he may know cool things, and enjoy them without being a prick.
Blow it out your ass.

>> No.21244783

Stop taking my job, I'M the only one allowed to shitpost here!

>> No.21244786

Fuck off Duke Nukem.

>> No.21244802

anons arguing about who gets to shitpost.

Now I've seen it all.

>> No.21244815

>Actually the quality of posts in /tg/ tends to be far FAR superior than both of those boards, not to mention that board culture varies greatly between individual ones

Holy Christ, I can hear you stroking your neckbeard through the fucking net.

We're no better than anyone. This is just another shitty board, only slightly slower and therefore less chaotic.

>But do carry on with your bullshit. It amuses me

You sound like an angsty 15-year-old.

>> No.21244827


Yeah that's just autism. No burgers of ass quality there
Least I'd assume so. He's 16, probably not much social interaction. I'd bet you he'd medicated though.

A good dosage of real world and general patience will help loads. Just don't be permissive as I've said. Crack it down if need be.

>> No.21244835

>implying that isn't my fetish

>> No.21244841

Look I feel for you, I really do. That's an unfortunate situation and the special needs kid should have been removed from the school environment.

But that doesn't mean you get to shit all over people who actually suffer from autism because of one personal encounter.

>> No.21244844

>You sound like an angsty 15-year-old.
Look who's talking.

>> No.21244863


he not doing any 'harm'. at all.

>> No.21244868

And you sound like duke nukem, which definitely makes you far worse than him.

Now fuck off, you deluded shitheap.

>> No.21244874

alright, so a couple things.
whatever his issue is, your problem seems to be that people don't have fun playing against him. This is something you might be able to talk to him about. See whats rolling around in that fluffy little brain of his.
Second, if he's trying to shoot through walls and shit and you guys don't appreciate it, JUST MAKE A HOUSERULE AGAINST IT. If he seems to be cheesing his way through stuff, just rectify the situation. Leading to:
Third, you said it's a tournament. if he can't interact with people, you sadly have every right to boot him.
I honestly could care what "mental" excuse people have. My FLGS had a bodyodour policy a while back, and it took care of 90%, if not more, of the usual problems.

>> No.21244877

I love how empathy and kindness have become callsigns to allow people to ruin everyone else's good time.

Are you running a gaming club for profit, or is it in your spare time for enjoyment? If it's the latter, why concern yourself with babysitting some retard with which you will never be able to reason?

Politely tell him he isn't welcome. Either that or you can allow him to stay and ruin a good time for everyone because you don't want to hurt one guy's precious feelings.

Just don't come here bitching about it afterwards.

>> No.21244886

>the school handled this one incident badly
>so now I hate anyone who's different!

Grow up. When I was 5 I nearly DIED due to an incident with an individual with Down's Syndrome, I got over it.
And don't assume I don't remember it, because its clear as day.

>> No.21244892

>>You sound like an angsty 15-year-old.
>Look who's talking.

you still sound like an angsty 15-year-old

>> No.21244894

>Ive always lived with the principle that to be Alpha is to be a leader, someone to look up to, someone who is kind and passionate but doesnt take shit at all, from anyone whats so ever.
You're a good man, OP.

I'd leave out mentioning any conditions by name, whether he's been diagnosed with anything or not, probably best to avoid guessing at it. Just explain things to him as best you can. Decent chance he might leave for a few days, but if he can adjust, you'll see him quietly come back as a better person, comparatively.
If he can't adjust, and gets argumentative about it, then you'll have to teach him a harder lesson by removing him from the group, but he's young, so I would have hope for him.

>> No.21244907

He's making other people uncomfortable and making them not enjoy their sessions.

If the retard gets to be accommodated, why don't normals get to be accommodated against the retard?

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Indeed, if this were any other board.......Anyway, I found mine has decreased over time or atleast isn't as prevalent as it was when I was in my youth.
I know an asian chick that's diagnosed with asbergers. Huge occult/thelema-head, knows Crowley literature back and forth.....
Seriously asshat, go back to jerking off to furry porn.
And OP.....whats been given is what's been given. It doesn't sound like the autistic dude is utter clownshoes shitstorm insane like Chris Chandler. I would recommend the trying to talk to him and try to learn what cheers him up/get him to relax a bit about being 100% anal about every rule....

>> No.21244926
File: 46 KB, 369x354, asfd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So wait...let me get this straight.

Can't the OP just ignore him?

I mean, isn't that what being an adult is all about? You have the freedom to avoid someone if you don't like them? I mean, if he's a sperglord weirdo who's an anti-fun rules-lawyer, then why not just...you know...ignore him?

Is there some unwritten rule that says you have to tenderly cherish every weirdo who crosses your path?

>> No.21244930


clearly you must out autism him and master the art of rules lawyering to the point no game ever gets past first turn.

>> No.21244933

Why do you automatically assume that he'll never be able to find a place in the group?

>> No.21244938

>doesn't like someone calling him out on his self-diagnosed bullshit

>calls them a furry.

Do you know what I REALLY REALLY HATE? It's spergs thinking /tg/ is their personal board. WE don't like you anymore then /v/ or /b/ does.

fuck off.

>> No.21244944

>Hyper aggressive.
>Unable to grasp basic social cues.
>Extremely defensive.
>Incapable of comprehending that everyone else is uncomfortable with his behaviour.

Sure is autism in here.

>> No.21244953

It's rather difficult to grasp social cues via text on an imageboard.

Also, I'm not uncomfortable with him, Actually its amusing watching him rustle all your jimmies.

And why is the idea of a self-loathing autistic so hard to comprehend?

>> No.21244954


Because he's ruining it for other players?
And kicking him out without even giving him a chance is unfair? I mean he's just being a rules monger, not like he's going about speaking in weeaboo and talking about his sonic OC

If he does that by the way, feel free to crack down the hammer full stop.
There's acceptable quirks and problems and then there's Sonic OC

>> No.21244965

There's no we here.

We're all telling you to fuck off.

You make us all collectively uncomfortable.

Nobody else is the problem.

Just you.

Please fuck off now and take your inferiority complex with you.

>> No.21244968

Well OP, do the alpha thing, take him out in the back and give him a long, hard talk about good sportsmanship or whatever the word is for tabletop gaming.

>> No.21244977

Sounds to me like OP is buttmad that some kid who knows how to play the game beat him. It's a tournament OP, why shouldn't he follow the rules?

>> No.21244979

> no we here.
>we're all

sure is hypocrisy here.

>> No.21244986

The social cues I was referring to were regarding his little personal life stories about laughing at retards and such and not realizing what's wrong with that.

>> No.21244992

>self-loathing autistic

Got my next VtM character idea.

>> No.21245005

Nope. Just trying to help you understand that the "we" you were referring to doesn't exist, because nobody is backing you up here.

>> No.21245006

Years and years of gaming. I've seen more than a few people like the kid you're describing; I've never seen one be made into a productive member of the group. They almost always end up getting booted.

You're welcome to try. Don't say I didn't warn you, though.

>> No.21245017

When he said, "There's no 'we' here", he was talking about what you said:
>WE don't like you anymore then /v/ or /b/ does.

You think that deep down inside, everyone's as ugly as you? You're alone.

>> No.21245019

>Man, I'll just tell OP to be a faggot and ignore someone who is ruining everyone at OPs club's fun


Sure is tumblr in here.

>> No.21245039


I was talking about the guy who isn't actively giving the kid therapy. not the retard.

>> No.21245046

If you weren't as 'ugly' as me, you wouldn't be posting in an autism thread on an imageboard.

You'd be enjoying life like non-autistic people do.

I'm autistic, you're autistic, everyone on this board is autistic because we all spend our time arguing about this shit instead of doing things and interacting

Checkmate thread

>> No.21245058


I've dealt with this stuff before but I always try and give the guy a little leeway, often enough just get to know him and letting him know its not him but his attitude and that'll be enough to change his ways. Its tough but I just can't kick a guy out cause I'm sure I've been equivalently bad in this or other realms of life so I can't feel good for just tossing a guy out cause he's not perfect.

Get to know him first, guys who play the game that way often have little else to look forward to so winning games becomes not only a point of pride but even something they can base their worth off of. Try not to look too harshly down on them, we all know what its like to feel useless, this guy has just dealt with it terribly by tieing his worth to a board game.

Bewarned, if this works you will start getting a lot more attention from him. Just a little PS note.

If that happens though it means he values you and that's when you can make suggestions about changing his attitude cause he'll listen. Just make sure you tie it to his attitude and not himself and be sure to directly state that. (e.g. It's not you man, I think you're a cool guy but sometimes you can be a little strict when it comes to the game and it can be a pain. We, I, would have a lot more fun playing with you if you could tone it down a bit)

Most of the time this fixes it/makes it easier to fix it. Its odd but that guy is only usually that guy cause nobody takes the time to non-threateningly tell him otherwise. We're all decent folk at heart and if a friend lets us know something is unacceptable we'll usually attempt to ratchet it back.

Oh and if he continues to do it then you can drop the hammer. At least you tried and hopefully it'll be a lesson for him and his next group.

>> No.21245064

> By not saying anything, you are doing far more harm than good.
No. If you say something which is ignored or does't get through or reinforces the boys opinion you are doing far more harm than by letting him socialize unhampered.

>> No.21245067

>Sweeping generalization


>> No.21245068

A lot of people think they have the privilege of emotionally abusing others, even though it makes everything unpleasant in an extremely obvious way, and even though they can't take any similar inconveniences when directed at them (such as actual criticism). And they usually claim that their victims are the ones who don't understand "social cues". The "cue" in question is presumably to shut up and let them ruin things for their own selfish reasons.

>> No.21245070

Well played.

>> No.21245072


>> No.21245074

>start 40k tournament
>be an idiot who doesn't know the rules
>play against someone who does
>he corrects you during the game
>go on /tg/ and accuse him of having a mental disorder
>thats the only way he could know all the roolz right guys?

Okay OP, you sure are all Alpha, whatever you say buddy.

>> No.21245080

ITT: Spergs fightin with spergs over the topic of spergs.

and a shitposter rustling everyones jimmies.

>> No.21245084

Well, lets see. I could have accused you of alot of things overall, but the entire point is your a fucking insecure cunt more than likely. Were you the omega in high school? Did people pick on you that much?
Or is it the factor that you are a steaming pile of shit?

>> No.21245089

Hey hey hey, you possible basement dwelling neckbeard. don't try to drag me down to your level. I've seen this "were all retards" approach to settling a dispute, and it never ends pretty. Act like an adult ffs.

>> No.21245112
File: 40 KB, 163x169, 1321095392334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kick him out.

Just do it. There's no fixing him, and he'll only get worse with time. All that Disney love-and-tolerance nonsense doesn't fly in the real world, so you'll have to make a choice between having a decent club and not hurting some weirdo's feelings.

Social-ostracism is the only solution for sperglords who can't into basic social cues. It's not your fault he is the way he is, but it's also not your responsibility to deal with it.

Kick him out for your own sanity.

>> No.21245114

I wasn't omega, but i was something like sigma.

>> No.21245120

>Because he's ruining it for other players?
But, he's not actually doing that. No one is forced to play him. They can just play other people.

And again, we are talking about some socially awkward sixteen year old kid. I don't think we have to get out the torches and burn him at the stake, he certainly can still learn to be better at the whole social-fun thing.
Being a dick to him will ultimately just get us an older social misfit that is more insufferable, and will have a harder time changing that, and even harder to find someone willing to try.

>> No.21245137

yeah, I get the feeling trying to rectify these peoblems usually leads to a good hard boot to the poot.

>> No.21245138

To everyone arguing with the shitposter: You do realize you're feeding him right? he's probably laughing his ass off about how mad you all are getting. Just ignore him.

>> No.21245142


It's a tournament. They're gonna HAVE to play him

>> No.21245153

There's no harm in it. It could be a misunderstanding, and it's not like seeing if the guy could be swayed to chill out excludes the possibility of kicking him out at a later point if he continues to be insufferable.

>> No.21245160

I was trying to make him crap himself personally. =(

>> No.21245164

>not we're

Ok I'm a take a break from shitposting and trolling to get actually legit mad.


>> No.21245167


>being a dick to him will ultimately just get us an older social misfit that is more insufferable

You can either help a kid out, or create Chris 2.0 OP

It's your choice

>> No.21245168

>he's probably laughing his ass off about how mad you all are getting.
That ain't how it spreads. He's probably just as mad if not madder. Talking from experience.

>> No.21245174

Waitaminute, that isn't what that poster said at all..

>> No.21245184


fuck off some of us enjoy pointless shitfights.

also when did telling people to stop ever stop shit.

>> No.21245189

The sad truth.

If you feel bad, give him a going-away hoagie to eat on his sad walk home.

>> No.21245194

Actually, I am laughing. I've also samefagged at least 1o posts here. You are all too damn easy, just act like a KKK JR and you all get riled up.

>> No.21245196

This might be your best bet here, OP.

>> No.21245201


>> No.21245214

Yes, but not on the topic he wanted it too.

>> No.21245215


>You shouldn't interact with society if you need people to clarify shit for you.

No anon, you are the autism.

>> No.21245225

Fuck, I did mess up that didnt I?

>> No.21245236


Maybe. I myself don't have the time or the optimism these days for those kinds of social experiments any more.

OP, come back and let us know how it worked out.

I'll bet anything that you end up having to boot him. Seen it too many times.

>> No.21245245

this right here

>> No.21245256

Easy way to make bullying look good: contrast it against "naive" or "idealistic" strawmen.

>> No.21245262

I should probably preemptively point (alliteration~) out I'm being pretty pathetic here, just waiting for this thread to update so i can respond to you guys.

>> No.21245266

>a slightly misplaced flamer not being able to fire due to hitting 1mm of my own troops
Can't shoot own troops.
>shooting at me through a hole which is 5mm in size
True line of sight. 5mm is pretty big if you're a 28mm minifig.
>Another example of having 9 troops behind a building, and 1 out by 2inches to allow that one to use physic powers but meaning only that one model could be shot.
So... line of sight again?

I'm not seeing what's so bad about any of these. Proper rules lawyering would be saying stuff like 'nope, can't take plague zombies at all, with the new errata there's no way to include them in your army'.

>> No.21245269

>play that guy
>he starts rules lawyer
>start screaming like a deranged monkey on crack
>leap up on table dancing like ants in pants
>drop pants point butt at him
>dump a huge steaming pile on his models throw some of it at him.
>get down like nothing happened
>continue to play

aversion therapy ftw

>> No.21245279
File: 341 KB, 640x480, 1308431640393.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boot the sperg.

Had to do the same myself with a autismal tranny at my campus tabletop gaming club.

It's not worth the trouble of trying to break him in.

>> No.21245292

Why doesn't everyone just try and get along.

>> No.21245300


I take issue with the implication that not allowing someone to ruin everyone else's good time is somehow bullying.

>> No.21245305



isnt that exactly what OP is trying to do?

>> No.21245306

rape pillage burn! harm people because you can! make little kids cry!

>> No.21245307

>autismal tranny

Now you just making shit up.

>> No.21245310

Also, should add that the second one isn't even unfun. Sniping through a hole in a wall? Sweet. I believe they call that cinematic.

>> No.21245317

Doing these things makes my cock hard.

>> No.21245322

If you can't handle someone being a bit odd then I'm worried what will happen when life pops your little bubble and gets into your safety zone.

>> No.21245323

>telling an obnoxious autist to leave because he's ruining everyone's fun

>> No.21245340

>bit odd

>sperg being more a rules lawyer then actual laywers

Yeah no

>> No.21245348

if theres a fucking raincloud of lame over his cheesecock and anyone playing against him he's getting the boot. nuff said.

>> No.21245353
File: 463 KB, 640x480, 1308433482804.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Now you just making shit up.

I wish I was. Believe me.

S/he was a real basket case, and I really tried my best. I even tolerated the smell.

>> No.21245363

"Bullying" is specifically what it is. "Not allowing him to ruin everyone's (read: your) good time (by evilly existing)" is your misportrayal of it.

>> No.21245370

It's kinda dickish to do it on the assumption that he's autistic without ever talking to him about his behavior. Might as well give him a chance to explain himself before giving him the boot, it's not like any of us haven't gone through a similar period of confusion concerning game club etiquette.

>> No.21245381

See >>21245266.

Seriously, what's so bad about these things? Bear in mind we're talking about a tournament here.

Especially the third one, jesus. Sounds more like OP wanted to shoot people he didn't have LOS to. Would you not point out that that's against the rules?

>> No.21245383

>I even tolerated the smell.
Okay, now you HAVE to tell the rest.

>> No.21245393

Allright I'll bite. Give more info cartoon-general anon.

>> No.21245396

Go be cunt somewhere else.

And before you reply, please keep in mind that I enjoy calling you a cunt so don't bully me be asking me to stop.

>> No.21245425
File: 1.73 MB, 800x445, gaysp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tumblrmom infection detected

newsflash: in the real world, "bullying" becomes "Being a dick" and is no longer actually punishable.

>> No.21245432
File: 83 KB, 341x276, assange.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"What actually transpires beneath the veil of autism? Decent people shouldn't think too much about that."
-Academician Prokhor Zakharov, 'For I Have Tasted the Fruit'

>> No.21245435


I would also like to know what character that is.

>> No.21245450

It's nice of you to call yourself that so people can automatically ignore you.

>> No.21245463

Probably his furwaifu. or His attempt at being speshul. Ignore it and concentrate on his tale of the tranny autist.

>> No.21245470

was feeling the same way

>> No.21245488

That reminded of this god-awful PSA I saw on TV today that basically said that not wanting to sit with someone during lunch that isn't your friend at school is bullying.

When does it stop? We raising a generation of pussies that are absolutely going to break into pieces when they finally get into the real world.

Well, at least the pharmaceutical companies are going to make a ton off of them.

>> No.21245507


No doubt.

>> No.21245509

>these dern pussy kids!

Get back to bed granpa.

>> No.21245516

A generation of tolerant, open-minded people is a bad thing?

>> No.21245529


>plays 40k
>tolerant, open-minded people


>> No.21245547

A generation of pussies who think that anything that's remotely insulting or mean is "bullying" and then expects people to give two shits is a bad thing indeed.

No I will not go back to bed! YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO SONNY BOY

>> No.21245553

>that basically said that not wanting to sit with someone during lunch that isn't your friend at school is bullying.

What the actual fuck? There's so many things wrong with that. What if the guy liked eating lunch by himself?

>> No.21245558

When they can't handle even basic rejection without considering it a personal attack? Yes.

You aren't seriously this spineless, right?

>> No.21245572

>creepy fat loser
>comes sits down near me
>i get up and leave
Two hours later I'm in the principals office getting alecture on "tolerance" from the councillor while the fatties mom glares at me like Im hitler.

Are you me, anon?

>> No.21245576

They actually suggested that you report the "bullying" to a teacher.

>> No.21245592

Anyone? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here!

I'm picturing the three occurring in succession in the game:

>OP: my flamer dude shoots you (tries to place template without touching his own guy in front, fails)
>Alleged Autist: nope, doesn't work. You're shooting your own dude here.
>OP: grumblegrumblegrumble

>AA: OK, one of my dudes here can fire...
>OP: no he can't, that's a wall!
>AA: look, there's a hole in it bigger than his head
>OP: grumblegrumblegrumble

>OP: OK, I'm shooting your squad here (picks up fistful of dice)
>AA: dude, you can only see one of them. Put some of those dice down.
>OP: grumblegrumblegrumble

Later, on 4chan: autism thread!

>> No.21245596
File: 417 KB, 640x480, 1308429108463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Alright, fine, here's the gist of it. In my tabletop gaming club experience, one of the many interesting things I learned was that people have smell, and you really don't notice it unless there's something dreadfully wrong with them.

She (he was trying to pass as female) had this particular...odor about her. It wasn't like the stench of death or unwiped-ass or anything. It was this stale smell that was kind of like sweat but not really - more like some kind of chemical like something you'd smell on cured leather. Occasionally though, she'd try to pass gas in the room and pass it off like it was someone else. She had some of the most heinous farts, and when you're in a room with thirty other people, loosing a fart is like that zombie-dad in 28 Weeks Later getting in that room full of civvies. I don't know if her hormones were out of whack or what.

Anyway, stinky gamers are nothing new, but what really made me (and the other officers) decide to boot her was her constantly hitting on the few other females in our club (wtf). Like, really inappropriate comments that persisted even after I pulled her aside a few times (she hated my guts - God knows why). At the risk of losing what few (biological) members of the opposite sex we had, we decided to give her the boot.

Good riddance.

>> No.21245603

>teechur teechur! Dat meanie wont deal with my ketone infested diabeetus breath while I regale him with tales of my Sonic the hedgehog OC! EXPEL HIM NOW!

WTF is wrong with people nowadays.

>> No.21245615

And they wonder why no one wants to hire the "Everyone gets a trophy!" generation.

>> No.21245627

So if I was in school or whatever, and I decided that I wanted to eat my lunch alone, other people will sit next to me because they're afraid of being seen as "bullying" me?

>> No.21245641

>boomerang logo

Mah nigga

I got in right before that generation started looking for jobs, and lemme tell you something. My 18 year old coworker got pissed because the boss wouldn't let him take 3 WEEKS off for "a spirtual retreat"

Godamn it America is gonig to shit.

>> No.21245646
File: 72 KB, 277x277, usayinilookmad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/tg/, what happened to you?

When did you become so callous and confrontational?

>> No.21245651

Fuck you. That's when.

>> No.21245653

I thyink what he meant is

>weird kid no one wants to be near
>comes sit down near you
>afraid to leave because BULLYING

When spergkids started demanding tolerance without earning it or giving it.

>> No.21245657

>When did you become so callous and confrontational?
Blow it out your ass.

>> No.21245659

Britfag here. We're infested by political correct bullshit as well. There's people here who have been arrested over shit they said on Twitter and Facebook.

>> No.21245671


like legit arrested? ffs UK get it together. also examples?

>> No.21245679


priobably a jihadi recruiting trip report him to homeland security.

>> No.21245688

Britain has never really fully into freedom of expression. We also ban films.

It's the lack of a constitution that does it.

>> No.21245692

>Britfag here. We're infested by political correct bullshit as well. There's people here who have been arrested over shit they said on Twitter and Facebook.
Murricafag here.

Don't feel too bad. We're not far behind.

Some Korean songwriter writing racist tweets was put in a mental institution in New York, which is scarier because there's no due process or way to get out. No one knows where she is now.

>> No.21245697

Yeah. From what I've seen you guys have it worse.

If it's any consolation, they tried this PC shit in the 90s and it failed miserably. I will fail again and we'll be back to normal. Then a few years will pass, something awful will happen, and they'll try again.

Actually, I don't know how that was supposed to be consoling in any way.

>> No.21245698

He is rather brownish. Could just be a surfer bum tan though, he talks like a stoner all the time. "like, man, thats not cool" and stuff.

>> No.21245707

OP has a problem with a guy...for following the rules of the game?


>> No.21245710

Korean citizen? cuz that shits illegal.

>> No.21245717

Did you not read the goddamn thread? OP has a problem with an autistic sperg being a fucking cheesemongerer and ruining everyones fun.

>> No.21245731

Isn't that shit like, y'know...covered in free speech n all?

>> No.21245732

My Google-fu found these news articles.


>> No.21245739

If by "pussies" you mean "spoiled brats" then you're it. You stomp up and down the streets, screaming at anyone who crosses your path for whatever tiny flaw your oversensetive mind invents in them.

>A generation of tolerant, open-minded people is a bad thing?
Only because he's expected to be part of it. He thinks that etiquette is for other people, who are morally obligated to tolerate his violent asshattery because calling him out is "being a pussy".

It's usually the exact opposite of "remotely", and increases every time it's pointed out, to punish people for pointing it out.

Apologists like to claim that people would "bitch" anyway even if it wasn't legitimately awful, so it doesn't matter that it is.

>demanding tolerance without earning or giving it
Again, that's you.

>> No.21245744

Nope. There's almost no due process to having someone put in a mental institution. Basically, someone needs to say they should be, and a doctor must agree.

That's it.

>> No.21245745

So an American citizen got arrested for saying something about a brit? Godamn thats scary as fuck.

>> No.21245756

See >>21245266
None of the actual examples of 'ruining everyone's fun' sound particularly unusual or bad.

>> No.21245762

Wtf are you even on about? Make sense you tumblr reading liberal fuckwad.

>> No.21245773

its not that what hes doing is bad, its the fact that he does it ALL THE FUCKING TIME in a REALLY OBNOXIOUS WAY and makes games go at about 1 turn every 3 hours that annoys OP.

>> No.21245782

>None of the actual examples of 'ruining everyone's fun' sound particularly unusual or bad.
Ironically, many of the suggestions for "dealing with" him do. The kind of people who act like that are not the kind of people I'd like to play with.

>> No.21245790


Dude that guy's face. Holy fuck Its like he's constipated.

>> No.21245794

If you break the law in a foreign country you get arrested/charged there. That's not unusual.


>> No.21245797

I got some better news for you:

4chan is an FBI honeypot.

Think before you post.

>> No.21245798
File: 192 KB, 283x352, Jeremy Clarkson after playing half an hour of TF2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nope. There's almost no due process to having someone put in a mental institution. Basically, someone needs to say they should be, and a doctor must agree.

That sounds terrifyingly easy to abuse.

>> No.21245803


I just read OP's filename and realized this whole thread has been a trolljob.


>> No.21245818

In civilized society, we'd just call him a dickhead and start ignoring him. No point letting a fool like him interfere with our life.

>> No.21245819

It sounds that way because it is.

>> No.21245822

Mmmmmm, honey.

>> No.21245823

Yeah but that article says the guy was in washington at the time. So basically some guy in washington posted FROM WASHINGTON a racsit post. And got deported to England.


The family's responsees were hilarious


Goddamn it people grow some fucknig skin. Stop letting people's words affect you so fucknig badly.

>> No.21245842

>OP starts troll thread about spergs
>succeds brilliantly.
>Ends up derailing into free speech and such.

/tg, untrollable even when trolled.

>> No.21245852

It was clear, but to simplify:

All this complaining about the evils of "political correctness" is hypocritical and selfish. People want to hurt others and have the consequences of their actions be censored. They want it to be politically incorrect to accuse someone of rudeness or hostility.

They try to justify this with extreme hypotheticals, where people treat things as harmful when they clearly aren't, but almost all actual incidents are clearly harmful.

>> No.21245856

You can't hoodwink the oblivious.

>> No.21245860

Haven't we always had bulllshit PSAs? I mean, I guess this indicates that we want our kids to be accepting and tolerant, and maybe they will be, but they're obviously not going to follow the letter of the law.

>> No.21245865

No, it says
>from Washington
i.e. he came from Washington. If he'd actually been sent to the UK it would have said. And US people would rightly have declared war, probably.

>> No.21245880

There's nothing hypocritical about it. The government shouldn't place restrictions on speech. If I want to call somebody an asshole, fine, but they can call me a cunt and neither of us should be arrested for it

>> No.21245894

>We're going to force everyone to think like we do, because we're right.

But censoring someone's actions is bullying them.

>> No.21245904

So basically We should all get along and hold hands? Fuck you and your family, go kill yourselves. If I want to yell and scream at a retard, I will fucking do so. After all they yell and scream at me all the damn time. Fuck being respectful, this is the real world where people dont give a fuck about your feelings.

>> No.21245905

>jesus christ everyone I hurt is bad for being hurt and deserves the harmless harm because of it I'm not responsible for the effects of my own actions

>> No.21245915

...I don't follow. What's so trolly about it?

>> No.21245919

>wah We should let people get arrested for being the onlnie version of hecklers. Next thing we should do is stop people from ever disagreeing with our(read my) Point of view

>> No.21245923

You have the right to not be persecuted.

You don't have the right to never be offended.

It's impossible to make a world that is completely comfortable for everyone.

>> No.21245938

>i'm being a dick
>these people are getting seriously butthurt over me being a dick
>I'm getting hurt because they're accusing me and having me arrested

And so the cycle continues

>> No.21245942
File: 113 KB, 850x598, Wakfu Facepalm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Letting some guy you don't even know hurt you so badly with shit they said on the Internet that you want them arrested.

>> No.21245956

there's a really clear line between insulting someone and having an opinion

classical argument: it's illegal to yell 'fire' in a crowded theater; obviously 'freedom of speech' has never been taken literally.

>> No.21245957


That's how liberals actually think. It's why they can't ever get anything of value accomplished.

>> No.21245962
File: 41 KB, 592x512, deymad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being so thin-skinned anonymous hecklers get you butthurt and bawwing

>> No.21245970


Every time I mention the sperg stranglehold on tg, I get shouted down, death threats, ad hominim attacks. I hate it.

It's just like the hobby, I like to play with regular dudes and have a good time yet somehow these fucking mouth breathers insinuate themselves and lay claim.

>> No.21245972

Government restrictions, no, because laws like that can be exploited maliciously.

Basic courtesy and respect for your fellow person, yes, because words do affect people.

>We're going to force everyone to think like we do, because we're right.
That's you. And your point of view is wrong not because you have one, but because it's untrue and causes massive amounts of trouble in any community that adopts it.

>But censoring someone's actions is bullying them.
And people try to censor those who are affected by them.

>> No.21245982
File: 86 KB, 563x587, dazog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>insulting someone online is now equal to purposefully causing panic and inciting vi0lence.

>> No.21246003

>why dont you have basic coutresy and be nice

Do you even real world?

stop trying to make people fit into your candyland vision of the world

>> No.21246004

Good thing you people can't ever do anything but talk about feelings.

A world run your way would be awful.

>> No.21246016

So if someone (you) tells me to stop saying somethings because you don't like it, I'm allowed to have you arrested for hurting my feelings? Sweet.

>> No.21246031

I very hurt by what you've said. I'm screen-capping this thread and reporting it to the police.

>> No.21246037

What if my opinion is that that girl was as tupid slut who took the easy way out? Am I not allowed to express that because it's "insulting"?

Then you aren't allowed to express your opinion that I'm a cock, because that's "insulting" as well.

>> No.21246044


>> No.21246050

Perfect solution fallacy. No one is making the exact claims you're attacking. We're saying that it's bad to be pointlessly rude, because it hurt people's feelings. Or, if you prefer, shits up the community.

>> No.21246051

>Government restrictions, no
What exactly is your position, anon? I'm confused by all this arguing.

>> No.21246055

>gaming club
where do i find one of these ;_;

>> No.21246067

Shut up, dick. We're talking about free speech now!

>> No.21246071

I'm backing him up, spergle

>> No.21246075

Stop, just...stop. This is 4chan, the dregs of the dregs. WE dont care about your pansy niceties and feelings. Go back to tumblr and facebook and talk about it there, where people actually give a shit and you can hvae your ego infalted by all the thumbs up and "yeah tolerance!" comments.

>> No.21246095

You just said ou weren't, though.

>> No.21246101

Like this post if you hate bullying!

1000 likes and absolutely nothing is going to fucking happen!

I wish I could turn my cable-modem into a flame thrower.

>> No.21246104

The simple core of my position is that people should avoid being rude or hostile because it is makes people unhappy. Also, that many of the excuses people come up with are highly inaccurate.

As for government restrictions on speech, those are bad because they can easily be twisted in order to evilly oppress people. But the law can't be a perfect model of morality; even if something isn't against the law, it still might be a dick move.

>> No.21246105

>This is 4chan, the dregs of the dregs
>this is what people on the internet actually believe

>> No.21246121

Then I agree 100% and I'm confused about all the people disagreeing.

Has everyone noticed that this anon is NOT supporting laws against free speech?

>> No.21246130

Are you seriously tryin to say that 4channers are decent people? REALLY?

That opinion is insulting to me an my beliefs. cease and desist immediately or I shall inform the police that my happiness is being attacked.
>people should be polite and nice

NO we can't. So fuck off and stop proselytizing your pansy faggot liberal ways here.

We like hate, and we like hating. You can't stop us.

>> No.21246145

What are you on about?

Who cares what they're actually saying?

Piss off, cunt. We're trying to argue here.

>> No.21246147


Who gives a fuck? No one does. get over it you fucknig wimp.

>> No.21246166
File: 57 KB, 589x380, nohtzhuure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>on 4chan
>thinks 4chan isnt the absolute pisshole of the internet.

Sure is newfag around here.

>> No.21246168

The world run your way is awful. Arguments start all the time because people see each other as the enemy and act like it.

>WE dont care about your pansy niceties and feelings.
You sure care a lot about your own, though.

Yes, you're being hypocritical again. This stuff you're advocating is just more social trends. Poorly thought out ones, which cause more harm than good.

>> No.21246177

Because the idiot was trying to justify allowing someone to ruin a gaming club because preventing them from doing so would be hurting their feelings.

>> No.21246180

>Are you seriously tryin to say that 4channers are decent people? REALLY?
I'm saying that no matter how edgy you try to make yourself, you won't actually be a genuinely bad dude. You'll just be an edgy person on the internet. You're currently about Youtube commenter level, I'd say- hardly a scourge of society.

Also, I'm a 4channer and I'm pretty OK.

>> No.21246187

/pol/ pls go.

>> No.21246210

Hey guys, remember kindergarten? Do unto others what you'd want done unto yourself. What if you were the creepy autistic kid. What if the things you like and being the person you wanted to be pissed others off? Wouldn't you want someone to lend you a hand?

>> No.21246213


Your way of thinknig is naive and flawed.

tenbux dsays you are a pimply faced college freshfaggot who thinks he can change the world so he can get pussy from that oh-so-progressive chick down the hall. Who is probably gay anyways.

OR you are some 40 somethign soccer mom.

either way you dont belong here, so leave.

I realzie 'm being hypocritical. thing is though, I DONT CARE. I dont CARE about logical fallacies on my part, nor about how you may or may not be right. What i CARE about is that YOU are being a FAGGOT. and you need to LEAVE.

>> No.21246217

The key part of that is
>of the internet
That's a long way from 'the dregs of the dregs'. 4chan's mostly harmless.

>> No.21246229


I'm a genuinely bad dude. Post your home address if you truly believe 4chan is benign.

Yeah, I didn't think so.

>> No.21246231

I know im ineffectual and not actually bad. The problem is im not GOOD either, and i dont appreciate people trying to make me good or noble or compassionate. I like being an innefectual selfish fuck.

>> No.21246232

I think we're actually dealing with /b/ here.

>> No.21246244

>thinks dregs of the dregs means poster is talking about real life too.

>about a topic on the internet about the internet.

retard pls go.

>> No.21246252

and do so if you really believe that.

>> No.21246255

>That opinion is insulting to me an my beliefs. cease and desist immediately or I shall inform the police that my happiness is being attacked.
No. It was a simple statement, not an attack on anyone. Tolerating things you don't like works both ways.

I know you meant that as a strawman. I'm responding to it as if it were your honest opinion because it seems to actually be your honest opinion. For example:

>NO we can't. So fuck off and stop proselytizing your pansy faggot liberal ways here.
You've compared courtesy to evil censorship and are also demanding its advocates be censored.

>> No.21246256


I think we're just dealing with a dozen bitchy teenage girls, because seriously, I can't think of anyone who'd be so invested in the "stop bullying" campaign except people who are really worried about first amendment rights, which has only been touched upon a little, and bitchy teenage girls who are mad they can't call people skanks in public anymore.

>> No.21246259


I thought this Navy Seal stuff only happened ironically. God, I really am on Youtube.

>> No.21246261

If you were really a bad dude you would of OD'ed or be in a prison right now. You just pretend because you're afraid of people hurting your feelings.

>> No.21246281


It just seems like every time we have a thread that can be sperged at by /pol/ or /b/ types, they trickle in over time and gradually eclipse any rational discussion. It just seems like something /pol/ would do on purpose.

>> No.21246283

No, if you actually had his home address you'd order fucktons of pizza or something equally lame, not actually do anything.

>pretty bad dude

Yes, I'm actually posting this from insdie the securimax prison im in for shanking some fools.

>> No.21246300

No, I'd prefer not to get feces in the post. I'll just take your word for it that you're the baddest kid on the whole internet, you edgy motherfucker, you.

>inb4 'yeah, I actually did fuck my mum, that's how little I care for your conventional human morality'

>> No.21246301

>all bad people are dead or in prison.

Do you even leave the house? I noticed you conveniently ignored the last part of my post though.

>> No.21246302

Wow. Not may people just admit outright that they don't care whether their statements are true or not.

>> No.21246304


Nothing you say matters. no one CARES that you are right, they just want to see you reply to them

>> No.21246305


Why not ask him for some tips? Or get him to provide some advice to everyone - since he clearly has a great grasp of the rules

Turn it into a positive for the whole group, make him an asset and up your warhammering skillz

>> No.21246316

I don't make it a habit of insulting people myself, but I don't think that other people should be arrested just for insulting someone over the Internet, because to me that's a bit too thoughtcrime-ish for my liking.

>> No.21246317

I really don't. Therefore, ultimately I've won. Your entire arguemnt rests upon us actually giving a shit. And I Don't. Its all about the lulz, not beign right or true or any of that bullshit.

>what can I say/post to make someone really mad, so I can watch them get mad

Is what goes through my head nearly all the time.

>> No.21246324

>That one guy who gives an on-topic answer when the thread is well and truly derailed.

>> No.21246329

There is always one guy who hasn't got the message yet.

>> No.21246336

Why are you so insecure? You know you don't have to be so wound up all the time, chill out. No one is going to hurt you here.

>> No.21246342


Autists wouldn't be grateful for any help. They don't think like other people who know what it's like to know and express gratitude, appreciation and courtesy.

I've dealt with them too many times to feel any sympathy for them.

Btw. New person joining the fiesta here. Hello!

>> No.21246345

Man no one does that anymore. its cliche. You'd probably want to keep any pets in the house though. Just saiyan.

>> No.21246353


There you go, there's your welcome.

>> No.21246361

I agree. Speaking as someone who is pro-etiquette, arresting people for it is clearly going too far. Communication etiquette is something that cannot be legislated thoroughly without giving the government abusable powers; it must be left up to the individuals.

>> No.21246367

The sooner everyone realizes no one is right the sooner we can all laugh and dream of killing each other.

>> No.21246370
File: 29 KB, 349x642, 4573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Grow up.

>> No.21246375

This nigga knows whats up

>> No.21246397

Yet the liberal fuckhead in this thread will still insist that you do everything humanly possible to accommodate him, even if it ruins the club and no one can have a good time.

Yay, tolerance!

>> No.21246429

Trying to win an Autist over with sympathy is like trying to win a pig over with algebra.

>> No.21246524

I'm 99% sure this is a grossly unfair generalisation, but dammit I lol'd.

>> No.21246529

True, but it doesn't mean you hate his guts and curse his name.

>> No.21246583


I'd rather say 'Do everything reasonable to help him fit in', which really isn't that hard to do. Who the hell has said he should do anything that would destroy the club? Hands off the hateboner, hannibal.

>> No.21246612

Your position makes much more sense when you take everything to an extreme. As if treating him like a person were excruciatingly difficult, or merely being in his presense was a horrifying nightmare.

>> No.21246635

>implying being the presence of an autistic spergo is not exceedingly horrifying
>implying that even communicating with them is like talknig to a robot

Wow you dont know that many spergs do you?

>> No.21246643

>fedora at all times

Shoulda shot that one

>> No.21246658


are you insulting pigs intelligence because they are pretty smart.

>> No.21246699

They can orgasm for 30 minutes too. I'd like to see a sperg do THAT.

>> No.21246714

>orgasm for 30 minutes
> I'd like to see a sperg do THAT.

[email protected]

>> No.21246765

This thread is now about animal bodily functions.

Derail of a derail!

>> No.21246774

And here I didn't think I was going to learn anything from this thread.

>> No.21246789

But he's not a person. He's a sperg.

>> No.21246841

And thus thine sperg condemned, cast down from upon high, for he was not of the hallowed flesh.

>> No.21246842


We should design a setting where spergs have attained their rightful place as the masterrace

>> No.21246855

Lo, and the LORD sayeth unto the peoples

>"Dont take no shit from no spergs y'all.

>> No.21246863


had me up till there. Begone, foul sperg-spy

>> No.21246951

There was a man of The Tribe of Assan, who was taken to reciting lines of the Torah repeatedly and without fail, but he would not handle any tools of man, merely rocking back and forth as if in a trance.

And the people of Assan prayed to the LORD for guidance, for the man was the son of the Tribe's elder, and was in line to inherit his father's postition. The people of Assan despaired, for what use was a man who idid naught but recite the Torah?

And so the LORD did view this man of Assan, and he did proclaim to the tribe

>This man is a sperg, blessed of mine enemy, the foul Satan.

And so the people of Assan through out the foul sperg, crying "begone devil, begone from this place!"

and the sperg replied "But y-y-your hurting my feelings!"

And the people of Assan did reply "So fucking what, grow up you weirdo."

Thus ends the tale of the tribe of Assan.

>> No.21246971

I was actually working on a story where they were the next stage of human evolution and ideal to make the transition into an entirely digital consciousness as humanity ascended into the web.

>> No.21247022

Spergisis 3:14.

>> No.21247098

>Wanting to restrict freedom of speech
Nah man you're worse than those who say "You're an asshat" and what not. Stop being a fucking pussy and suck it up.
>This is coming from the guy who had a teacher from 4th-6th grade who bullied me. Shit like throwing out my homework in front of me saying I never turned it in, send students after me, nice shit like that. Got so bad needed therapy cause I was suicidal.
Bunch of fucking pussies the lot of them and all those who wish to censor speech should do the rest of the world a favor and blow their brains out.
I can understand restricting something a 14 year old is saying but once you hit adulthood you should be allowed to say whatever the hell you want, and if people's feelings get hurt, tough.

>> No.21247136

Oh fuck forgot I had my name up from the last thread I posted in.

>> No.21247184

It's not what you say it's what you mean. Some people say they don't like the police but I wonder how far they'd get if they were air dropped into the middle of Somalia.

>> No.21247277

>4channers are decent people

/b/ sent a shitload of birthday cards to an old man just 'cuz. And that's /b/.

/tg/ funds children's dreams. Stop being such a sheep-brained idiot and go back to r/4chan.

>> No.21247348


3edgy5me bro, 3edgy5me. Just reading your post cuts me deep man, you must be the coolest cat in the alley.

>> No.21247367

Shit is so meta in the information age spergs will rule eventually.

>> No.21248877
File: 112 KB, 1275x1650, 1343725401291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4chan arguing against a player who wants to follow the rules
Truly these are the end times.

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