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Tell me about villains that you fight with, kill, join or something else

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OP - elaborate on what it is you want.

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There was this dude, right, and we fought the hell out of him. It was kinda cool. You should have been there.

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Some German creep who would appear from behind doors and shit and tell us not to touch X Y or Z or he'd set our souls on fire.

We then went and touched X Y and Z, and got our souls lit on fire. Par for the course I think.

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Was it this guy?

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Fought the Great Satan. Managed to make them attack everything every after.

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Way back in the day, we did The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

The final encounter is with the newly reincarnated Drelzna, the daughter of a Demi-god. The module had some flavor text about her asking the party to join her before the fight kicks off, but we were obviously supposed to do her in.

When the DM hit the part about her asking, our thief says, "Are we talking henchman or generals here?"

We ended up helping a vampiric half-demon unleash a dark army on Greyhawk.

Good times.

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So what exactly are you asking for? Care to be more specific? Do you just want pics?

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Well, our first BBEG was Prince, a winter court loyalist who I think was an elemental.

He has a crown that can create loyal hobgoblins (of a limited sort) and was entered into a competition with another member of our motley by their keeper, who they shared, and supposedly the 'winner' would inherit their...domain or power or whatever.

Anyways when we finally met up to speak with him (he wanted us to pledge loyalty to him) I managed to get him to agree to a pledge of servitude to us, and forced him through it to order the freehold (which he rules) to leave us all alone.

We left, and now (a couple weeks later) we're telling the local anti-supernatural military forces (there's an army base nearby investigating the supernatural, they have Mages working with them) about him so they can kill him or whatever they want.

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Fuck him, I'm dumping pics anyway.

Evil Overlord/BBEG general?

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I want some story to read and for inspiration to my game

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The inspiration for the BBEG of the campaign I'm running.

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Adrian Smith fuck yeah! I really loved the imagery he conjured up for AT-43, too bad the company went under.

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This guy is a fitting Rogue Trader.

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Got a thing for spider- or snake-themed characters, and those guys fit the bill perfectly.

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I see and raise. Btw, is Motorcity any good?

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Raest is a badass.

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It's got style, that's for sure.
Its writing isn't the best, but it's very far from being terrible.

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He'd be terrifying as a BBEG. Personally I modeled my BBEG after pic related if he went adventuring with his new allies, instead of getting his ass kicked the instant he got out of prison.

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Every setting with an evil religion should have someone like pic related.

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I know she's from Magic, but what the hell is she?

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So, how do you make a villain unsettling and disturbing for the players? But you know, without making ME sound disturbing

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She's one of the five provincial leaders of Phyrexia, which is pretty much a zombie-cyborg-infested body horror planet.

Elesh Norn is Praetor of the Machine Orthodoxy, a church which believes that skin is sin. All its followers are flayed and have their skin replaced with organically-derived porcelain plates.

The remaining skin is used for drums, vellum, and homunculi..

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She's Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite of the Machine Orthodoxy of Phyrexia.

Likes: Flaying people alive, purging heretics and heathens, long walks on the beach.

Dislikes: Heretics, heathens, skin, anything not Phyrexian.

Also, this is how my BBEG gets when angry. He starts out fabulous and charismatic and then starts frothing at the mouth when angered.

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Elesh Norn, the bestest ever female Cleric of Pyramidhead

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Sounds delightful.

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She's /tg/'s waifu.

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She is.

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>/tg/'s waifu.
Slight touch of a generalisation there, I think. I don't play Magic, for one.

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Man, I loved that guy.

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Disregard that post, just saw the 1d4chan page.

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you guys totally lack subtlety

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There is nothing subtle about Gambit.

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Right now my players are teaming up with a sorceress who is sister to the big bad guy. He's kind of a mad-for-power generic villain, but the players don't know anything about it. Really, they just fight his minions and do weird odd tasks for the sorceress who is apparently willing to "help" them.

Players are kind of painting her as a lesser-of-two-evils type and preparing to kill her when the time comes, which I think I will give them. It's been interesting seeing this character sort of grow out of nothing

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Oh i mean how they look, not from whence they came.

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Is he....
Is he shooting lightning out of his penis?

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Well, yeah. I mentioned Evil Overlords earlier and subtlety isn't really their thing.

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Looks like. I take it you haven't read the latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

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cool villain bro

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fuck subtlety

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this villain?

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There was one D&D 2nd edition game i played a while back where the intended villain of the campaign, an evil nobleman representing a corrupt Vatican analogue, became my pawn in a very elaborate plan that earned me the tittle of campaign villain.

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Yup, that one.

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nice plan
and what next? brother revenge on players?

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First, take one step back ... and literally FUCK

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She will betray them, yes? Or will she be swayed by the power of friendship?

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I don't see overlord automatically as some huge ass monster fighter or wizard.
I picture him simply as a person commanding authority. That he is evil is just a trait.

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It helps to have him make an impression though. It's hard to paint an average Joe with no real distinguishing character traits other than being in charge, while looking like someone you'd see on the bus. Writing that makes me want to try though.

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Average? No, not average. But simply different.
That is enough to sway men to obey. That and power.
And it is about how do they display that power. Some have armies, some have magic, some have simple words. And others, i am sure you can imagine.

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So Gordon Gekko?

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If that is how you picture overlord, then yes.
That is also one kind of overlord.

But then again, if we are talking strictly about the "commander" type. The battle dominating type, then it is pic related.

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So Silas from Transformers Prime?

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Yes, the gritty warlord prototype.
Cruelty is not needed. Just obedience and effectivity. We have shadow lords and ordinary soldiers for cruelty.

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I have to admit to liking that type of villain. The antagonistic military commander is a frequent guest in my campaigns.

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Yes, but people often forget that person commanding such a huge army by himself has to have huge charisma and then they make him silent calm guy.
That is not the way. He has to say more with one wink than with a monologue.
And while cruelty is not needed, it is not needed because it is beyond him. Not because he can't do it. It is just that what purpose has raping one little girl when i have torching her hometown on today agenda? Let soldiers have her. I don't have time for this.

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Thread needs more vampire lord-types.

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that is dark elf from lineage though

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Well, someone was going to say it.

I know that's an elf, It just happened to be what was in the dump queue at the time I asked for pics.

Nevermind, I got my own.

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