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> Plasma Pistols are disposable items
> Wiping your ass with money
> Bringing the Emprah's Light to heathens and xeno scum with the business end of your flamer.

Rogue Trader General

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Today's first topic - lifestyles of the rich and dangerous!

What kind of 'Trader are you? Pragmatic military man in a long-coat and big hat? Space-scoundrel with a bleeding heart? Pompous noble?

Second, having the resources of several worlds at your fingertips means you can pretty much have someone carve you a suit from pure diamond. How do you describe your character - do you cover yourself in gold and bitches, or are you a disillusioned gutter-crawler in a t-shirt and sweatpants?

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I never played a Warhammer 40k game, but i am wondering, did you use a Imperial Guard character?Why he left the Army?

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Rolled 11

Guard can get out of the military once their service term is up (not likely, they're long) or if they get seconded by another organization - the Inquisition or a Rogue Trader, for example.

I think it's also possible to get a medical discharge if you're injured badly enough that they can't slap a cheap cyber bit on you.

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Generally I bring the emprah's light to the xenos with the end of my little rogue trader

Sometimes heretics too but not nurglites, diseases are not cool

Having said that my rogue traders MO is find out if it has an orifice and from there commence negotiations so...

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What about a desertor?Does the Imperial Guard bothers with it?

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Well, technically a DM, but as far as the RT's father which I've had to create myself, who I *suppose* counts for a character...

Flamboyant as sin swashbuckler with a heart of adventure. Cuts and thrusts his way across the Expanse in search of Eldar Princesses to rescue, treasures to plunder, and Prostikroots to save from their sordid lives of sin.

Dressed like pic related, but with cream for the shirt, dark purple for the jacket, bright red sash, and a navy blue bicorn. Also, replace both firearms with their melta equivalents.

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Actually, I haven't seen Stardust before. Is it worth watching? Just remember seeing the trailers in theatres and that was the extent of my involvement.

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Deserting from the guard is grounds for summary execution the moment you're found, or induction into a penal legion (which is also a death sentence).

You *could*, in theory, successfully desert and end up with a Rogue Trader, but why would a Trader take a deserter and use his political clout to defend him if anyone comes looking?

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Oh boy, this is gonna be a long one.

He started out as a haughty noble, because I wanted to play the suave and intelligent mastermind who doesn't sully his hands with manual labour. Due to incompetent minions, his own refusal to be stealthy, the GM's propensity to have NPCs habitually disrespect the party and the party itself having serious synergy problems, the captain is now far closer to being The Monarch from Venture Brothers than anything.

However, he still gives it his best. A suit of golden power armour modeled after the Emperor's own and a purple ermine robe make up his attire of choice.

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There could be a lot of reasons a RT would take a deserter in

They might have valuable info that they ditched the guard for that is worth billions, they might know a secret that the trader wants to keep or find out for themselves, they might be extremely skilled and worth the trouble.
Could even just be they saved the traders life and they felt that was reason enough

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Hence why I asked the question. It's something the player, trader, and DM have to agree upon.

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Pretty much what this guy says. RT power levels being what they are, would you really say no if Marbo deserted and asked to join your crew?

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Some day I will actually play a foppish, dandy Navigator who responds to all backtalk with *pic related* and eye beams.

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A character like that would be great.

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>Rogue Trader thread
>With Specter Cell 17 as the image

Something is wrong about this situation but I just can't get it.

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I've always kind of wanted to play a game of Rogue Trader where everyone on the ship is named after/modeled after a major economic figure, presided over by Captain Adam Smith.

>that feel when your friends cannot into Warhammer universe

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I would be the Seneschal, Mr. Keynes.

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Dat feel when you have Bachelor's in Economics and can't name a single major economic figure.

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>Everyone's been posting about wanting to play Rogue Trader online for days
>I'm on the game finder doc willing to run Rogue Trader
>Keep mentioning that
>Empty inbox

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I actually have a Xeno pony made from a diamond material.

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how often do you run games/what time do you run them?

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I don't, and I can run pretty much whenever. Not a NEET, I just set my own work schedule.

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> Had 4 or 5 people asking to join my game yesterday
> Empty inbox

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I'd be into it if I had more time, college and work eat all of it up.


Smith, Keynes and Marx are the only three I can name off the top of my head. They drilled the theory and formula into us a lot more than the history of economics where I went to school.

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as long as I can play a Weirdboy or an Explorator, I'll be quite happy

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Look, i will play if it is text based, just send me the link and i will reply to you.

(my english isn't perfect, so keep in mind)

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I don't see any Rogue Trader GMs on the Game Finder doc.

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Original Captain Economist guy here; I'm not the one running a gamefinder thing, it's another dude.

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Linked to the wrong post.(>>21238096)

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Where's this game finder doc?

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I second this question

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Well this died quickly.

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So, there is any GM here that can run a game?

I couldn't find anyone suitable in the gamefinder doc,soo

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I see a guy who says he'll run d100 games.

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What is your email?

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>be mid ranking Rogue Trader
>inferno pistols are disposable items

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My group is stuck with a bunch of Orcs mercs because the Rogue Trader has a High as his neck honor and won't betray.

What do?

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Accidentally vent them into space.

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I can't wait to kill him... stuck on the demon hunter quest
>on pc

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>be high-ranking Rogue Trader
>planets are disposable planets

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Convice them to lower the Gellar Field, saying that is useless and not Dakka enough

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Orks accidentally space themselves, blame it on clown.

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Every other Rogue Trader is fucked.

Would Baldrick count as a gretchin?

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Kinda late, but it is good.Of course you won't have a 10/10 plot full of twists, but it is a nice witch tale

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<- My groups Rogue Trader. He's a rather cowardly, fat, borderline heretical and tight (money-wise) middle man.

I'm playing the groups Arch-Militant, a sole survivor of a Krieg regiment who the trader picked up while investigating the planet a few years after the other guardsmen had died. Currently demanding that the trader buys us more sandbags and entrenchment tools for the ship.

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And of course I forgot the picture. Derp.

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Start the game with people new to 40k, and some new role players, so try not to break the game. Build what is essentially an ogryn with synthetic muscles without meaning it, but trying to explore the system a little.

I think 3.5 has engineered me to twink the system subconciously.

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My rogue trader ran away to be a pirate when he was a lad because he hated his father (who kinda ran the family business into the ground). After the father died and made the majority of navigator houses hate the family, his mother basically pulled him back across the galaxy by the ear to make him give up piracy and make the family money.
He is usually drunk and responds to insults by declaring a duel (he hasn't lost yet).
Most of the game has been the party trying to salvage situations and solve the problems while I make a distraction by drunkenly fighting people.

For example, once in a bar (as these things always start) a navigator insulted me (because my father killed navigators from his house) so I challenged him. After me shrugging of some psyker powers I had him on the ground and was about to execute him but my missionary punched me out (with one sucker punch) so the navigators wouldn't hate me more. They then stole all my pocket change to cover the tab and hire a new, shady, navigator (who I have nicknamed ragtag "because he wears the clothes of plebians")
When I woke up they told me I killed my enemy and spent all the cash on celebratory prostitutes.

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Am am now slightly tempted to share the story of Oogie and Berry. My first (and so far only) game of Rogue Trader

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It's /tg/, you just offered the possibility of a possibly interesting story time, get to it!

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I put my name down for rogue trader/deathwatch newbie, if anyone wants an extra player. I've basically read all the books and generated characters/voidships/deathwatch marines/space marine chapters/imperial guard regiments, you name it, but everyone where I live is completely oblivious to the 40k universe, and I've never actually had the chance to learn to roleplay in it.

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Alright fine I'll tell the story.

The GM that roped me in for my first game of Rogue Trader was incredibly nice too me, letting me get away with a LOT of stuff that I really shouldn't have. He said it was because the game was not very kind to new players so he wanted me to have an edge, his other veteran players were okay with this. They're real response was as long as I made something cool/unique/interesting they could care less if I had some lee-way. So I decided to roll up an Ogryn named Oogie (Oogie was a LOT easier to say then Ogryn) who was a very friendly, strong as all fuck bruiser type who had an obsession about space marines and their power armor ("one day Oogie gonna be a reen!")

He was effectively Ed of Ed Edd & Eddy

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I DM'd for a game a while back. Played through the Whisperer thing and added my own stuff on the side. Never finished it. The RT himself was utterly useless. Spent the entire x months talking about making Svard this and this and that and be all amazing with pleasure boats and target practice on convict ships, fine. I can dig that. Except he wanted to be both Jack Sparrow and Batman without ever once reading the manual, despite saying he would learn it as he goes along (He never did). At first i thought it was just new player syndrome, then he eventually started rolling d100 whenever i said something and go "What does it do?". So aside from refusing the learn the core mechanics because 100+/- bonus was "clunky" and he only likes d20, he was ineffectual as a character, guns and intimidate in his eyes should be mind control, and anything i tried to play serious was met with what boiled down to "drinks eat, eats teacup, insert non sequitor".

Love RT. Hated the RT.

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That went wrong in translation. Drinks tea, eats teacup.

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I like where this is going

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Oogie was special (not in just that he was not that bright at all) I asked the GM if Oogie could start the game with a very wrecked suit of Space Marine Power armor (did not fit, did not work) he gave me an odd look about it but he okayed it. For the roleplay side when Oogie brought the armor on board, the crew gave the Ogryn an odd look. "If Oogie gonna be reen, Oogie need reen armor!" The teams techpriest told Oogie that not only would the armor not work, but that it wouldn't even fit. "If Oogie get more reen armor, could Oogies friends make them fit?" The techpriest said why not, gave the crew a cute little side goal, and the crew earned a scary strong and very loyal person that day. So every job that they did, Oogie's cut was spent on two things. Funds to the techpriest to make the armor Ogryn sized, and after the third session (job) Oogies new favorite food blueberries. Oogie had found someone selling the (synthetic) fruit at a stupid high price. And with how dim Oogie was he bout em. After the first one he was in love with the fruit.

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There is any GM here?We can easily mount a group

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It was a long time till Oogie met Berry, A good fifteen sessions past (and the entire crew amazingly staying alive this long) And Oogies Space Marine armor now actually fit (it still didn't function, for oogie it was like putting on an extra layer of armor)
The job that they had been on was looting a scrapped Tau colony for whatever they could find. The captain had sent oogie on a wild goose chase to tie him up since Oogie wasn't all that smart, and a bored oogie left alone on the ship led to broken things. He had shown Oogie a picture of a Pulse Rifle (he doubted that any tau weapons tech was left, so something safe for oogie to look for) and like the big dumb lug he was he went hopping through the rubble laughing the whole way. Now oogie had failed HARD to find anything good (he had seen some good scrap, but captain said only find the gun) when Oogie heard a little gasp, when oogie looked he saw a little Tau girl, about 7 by human standards
>I gave the GM a look, cause that same day he had read the story of Blue off of 1d4chan. But then I shrugged and rolled with it.
It took a little while but Oogies dumb but friendly demeanor won the tau kid over and she quickly latched on to the big lug. And when Oogie came back to the ship in tow with a little Tau, the captain of course said no at first. But when Oogie said "Berry is Oogies friend!" and put his foot down, it was either let the tau on, or leave Oogie behind, and the crew liked Oogie too much.
Thus is how Berry (she never said her real name, the name that Oogie gave her just stuck) joined the team

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Gotta do some shopping, I'll continue the story when I get back

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Also adorable.

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>Every thread until you like it.jpg.png

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Do you guys have any experience with Kroot/Ork PCs?

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Orks are tough as balls compared to the average RT char and with a good melee weapon (you have no excuse to not have a good melee weapon) can retardmuscles their way through everything not overwhelming numbers and the biggest monstrous gribblies (That comes later).

That being said they are genuinely fun to have around, especially Meks with a sense of how a mek should behave and not be Explorator-but. Kroot have the same issue, shapers with the overactive whatssit gland and one of the specialised/splinter breeds can dominate the battlefield through sheer mobility and ludicrous dodge. Fun but stronger than the average crewman between rank 1 and up to 4-5 if the groups not entirely savvy

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Yeah, i noticed that.I was asking more about the fluff.

I fear that one of them will try to play as an Ork and i have no idea how to handle with(they are new players, so they don't have the BURN XENO SCUM mentality)

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There is anybook that covers the Eldar PC?

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>GMing Rogue Trader
>The Rogue Trader has the best damn warship a player can get with the original books
>Gets screwed over and leaves the planet
>Saves a bunch of Kroot from xenophobe terrorists
>Hires them
>Leaves Imperium space to eventually .make it to Tau controlled space
>Joins tau in battle against a bunch of Dark Eldar when they exit the warp
>Tau thankful
>Rogue Trader defects the Imperium and joins GREATER GOOD
>Forces the remaining Dark Eldar to work for him
>Pays and feeds them to get morale up
>Rolls still allowing this crazy stuff to happen
>He has the Explorator fix the two hijacked and taken eldar ships
>Trades them in for second huge warship
>Now has Tau and Imperium warships
>Moves all his monetary assets from imperium to tau
>Gains a shipmaster rank within the Tau
>Cap'n Bob is his name.
>Hires Ork Freebooter to pilot Tau ship
>New player picks up the Freebooter as a PC

Oh man next week is gonna be INSANE.

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So, my players are currently on a pleasure world and I need to give them something to do. Eldar Corsair raid sounds good, just need to give them a motivation for the raid.

I'm thinking it would be interesting to have the motivation be the recovery of some ancient Autarch's soul stone and weapons and just that. Thoughts?

>> No.21240293

No, because nobody wants to play with your extra special Space Elf Princess, who is also Half-Daemon, half-C'Tan, Half-Tau, and related to the Emperor.

Not to mention an Eldar would never deign to work with Mon'keigh.

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Soulstones are an easy one.
Or maybe an Assassination -retribution for some killing, or done to prevent something from coming to pass.
Or perhaps a Kidnapping instead. The Corsairs are after someone they need to lure into orbit to take, or maybe they're bait while a B team sneaks in and steals away with the target.
Maybe the Pleasure World is actually a Maiden World, and the Corsairs think that if they can start a big enough brawl the planet will wake up and start crushing Humans.
Maybe there's a malfunctioning Webway gate down on the surface, and the Eldar need to repair or demo it before it can fizz open at random.
Corsairs aren't nearly as constrained as CWE. They can strike for about any reason, including LOLRANDUMB.

>> No.21240347

I dunno, I can see a Ranger maybe joining a Rogue Trader crew for the ride. Or a Harlequin because why not.

>> No.21240351

Why not?You don't need to search too much before finding an Eldar/Human truce.

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And back!
Now having a little Tau kid on the ship was more trouble then it was worth at first, little thing got into EVERYTHING. But Oogie was always on her tail and punishing her for going into places she wasn't supposed too. Then of course after being punished the first time Berry got sad, and Oogie hated seeing Berry cry, so he got an idea and quickly pulled from his stash some of his blueberries. Now while Berry is happy as a clam with the sweet tasty fruit, the rest of the crew is freaking out because Oogie doesn't share his berries with ANYONE. Sessions passed and things got silly at times with Berry on the ship, but the little tau kid grew on everyone, kinda like a team morality pet of sorts.As for the relation of Berry and Oogie, it was a lot like the Bulldog and kitten from Warner Brothers. Berry would get in trouble, Oogie would waggle his big meaty finger at her but she would just look cute and get off scott free as long as nothing serious or dangerous happened from her shenanigans. And if I had known what I knew now, the whole dog and kitten analogy would have been VERY accurate when I had been playing

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This is getting serious.

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shits getttin srs

>> No.21240733

Wow. If that had happened in my game, that Tau girl would have mysteriously disappeared, and the Ogryn vented into space if he suspected anything.

Tsk, tsk, learn to keep your crew in check, Rogue Traders.

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So we have about 15000 Tau, 11000 Dark Eldar, Kroot, And an Ork.
Its been two games.
These players are maniacs!

>> No.21240790

>inb4 berserker rage

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During a dock and resupply, a team of six marines (can't remember what chapter, or If they had a chapter) came a knocking to investigate the ship for any HERESY. Now here were true marines, these guys were Oogies heroes. So Oogie puts on his Ogryn sized Marine armor (at this point fully functioning armor) as they come on board. The marines looked at Oogie funny, but because if the size (and still visible battle damage) they thought it was just patchwork armor and brushed him off. As they awaited the inspection to finish, the techpriest piked up "Hey so, did anybody hide Berry?" Oogie looks at everyone confused, while the rest of the crew knows whats gonna happen but Oogie don't Cue a little kids scream of terror, and Oogie going full parent fear as he runs through the ship trying to find little berry. Some poor rolls cause Oogie to trip up twice, I curse the dice gods now because of those two what happened could have been avoided. When Oogie found Berry, he also found the marines just in time for them to PURGE XENOS SCUM. with a bolter execution style. Oogie is there in mild shock, his heroes, the guys in the awesome armor that he looked up too had just killed Berry for no reason (in his dumb eyes)

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Oogie is now angry, we're talking white phosphorous rage, the god damn HULKS got nothin on Oogie. I look to the DM and in the coldest voice I can.
>I'm turning the armor on
Now, what the techpriest had told the DM, but not me was that not only did he make the power armor work, but it was designed FOR an Ogryn not just to fit one, so it was enhancing my impressive strength even more. The armor was outfitted with two power-fists as well. So when Oogie went to punch the marines team captain in the face with a powerfist, i took the normal dice I would use, but the DM shook his head and gave me a handful more. Oogie killed that marine in one punch. Oogie then quickly begins to tear that marine team appart with a cry of rage. Meanwhile with the rest of the crew, when they hear Oogie flip out, and the ship shake suddenly (oogie had punched one of the marines so hard it left an imprint in the hull) By the time the crew makes it to Oogie, they find six dead marines, one dead berry, and one broken Oogie.

After that, oogie had thrown away his armor, and Four sessions later, Oogie died saving the crew from Orcs (One bridge between an Orc WAUGH and the ship, Oogie in a you shall not pass moment tore the bridge apart with him still on it) I don't think I'll ever be able to make a 40k character as fun as Oogie was, and maybe one day I'll make an Oogie and Berry model just cause

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When did it strat raining in this thrad? Shit, I can't see 'cause all this rain is stigning my eyes.

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Someone screencap this.

>> No.21241248

No, that's definitely not manly tears, it's bitch tears. The kind of tears a girl has when watching soap opera romance in which terrible, terrible things happen to poor innocent little things.

>> No.21241274

Calm down, little Xeno, that's just a story, it's not for real.

Just like you, actually. But still.

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...and just like that, the dream was dead.
R.I.P., Berry.

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>> No.21241383

Okay, whatever; more importantly, how did Oogie manage to change Berry's diapers with his massive fingers?

>> No.21241415

Not saying I'm badass, just saying that you're insulting manliness in general.

>> No.21241437


The closest you've had to manliness is watching your uncle in the shower before the bad touch happened.

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oh man, all my feels. the story of oogie and berry must be preserved for future generations of /tg/

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Here's your screencap friend
As I said she was 7 by human comparison, she was a little kid not a baby

>> No.21241488

>High ranking heretic/RT
>Buy as many best-quality unique items as I can and never use them just because I can
>trophy room is filled up more with ancient xenos items, archeotech and other incredibly rare gear more than actual trophies of conquests

>> No.21241511

Well, okay then. If she was above 15 by human comparison, and below 50 by human comparison, then she'd have worn diapers.

>> No.21241542

I'm sorry to break it to you, man, but that's just you.

>> No.21241545

okay I don't get what point this guy is making, someone splain please

>> No.21241582

Simply explaining that it's not surprising, for once, that this specific tau girl doesn't wear diapers, since she's not old enough yet.

>> No.21241605

Real men can cry when sad things happen, broseph.

Sad thing happened, he cried, got mad, then he punched shit till it exploaded. Sounds pretty manly to me.

>> No.21241619

Some people fetishize wearing diapers.

They're terrible people, and they ruin good porn for the rest of us.

>> No.21241666

He was sad because he was immature. He's an Ogryn. By definition he's more akin to a young boy than to a man, and that's why he wasn't mature enough to realize that he shouldn't be sad because his waifu died.

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I really should finish writing out more stories. I've actually got a backlog at this point.

>> No.21241731

Nigga it was a little kid, not his waifu.

Also, who the fuck wouldn't be sad if their waifu died?

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Our RT was a pompous good for nothing drunk who endangered his ship needlessly, accidently activated a Wraithlord (by punching buttons on an eldar vessel whit no knowledge of what they did. Despite me instructing him not to do that very thing till I had analyzed the control layout) and got me punched by said Wraithlord, ran away from a battle, leaving on my private Mechanicus shuttle leaving me and the Seneschal stranded temporary on a Deathworld. Then when the Eldar showed up to reclaim their lost vessel we opened fire on it and boarded the ship ( the only good thing he did ). while boarding the ship he got shot by the filthy Xenos and we had to spirit him away back to the ship for medicae treatment which I oversaw. The Seneschal and I conspired together for the good of the ship. Unfortunatly the Captains injuries were more severe than we at first believed. I lobotomized him and stuck him in a life support chair which he communicated with the ship by. And by communicated with the ship and crew I mean he said what we wanted him to say. The Mechanicus had a new ship, the Senechal had command and began pulling the dynasty out of the hole the RT had driven it into. We both had a patsy to feed to the Inquisition if they asked questions and the Lord Militant who was the only guy loyal to the Captain was left marooned on the Deathworld "Due to the damage suffered while engaging the Xenos vessel. we had to repair which took far longer than anticipated." A few months later we came back and policed up the equipment off the dead. Waste not want not. Just as planned.

>> No.21241749


>implying real men don't cry when their adopted daughter dies

I'm onto your wily ways, Satan.

>> No.21241767
File: 35 KB, 591x575, SHE IS A CARTOON.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21241774

I wouldn't, because they're not serious things, just moeblobs, no matter how pretty or funny

>> No.21241797

he was not a real man
she was not his adopted daughter
more like his puppy

(not that I would consider a puppy less endearing than a snot-nosed little brat, but people are typically of the opposite advice, so, for the sake of the argument, go with it)

>> No.21241850


>He's an Ogryn. By definition he's more akin to a young boy than to a man

No, he's more akin to a dog than a man. Ogryns in Imperial Service have had any childlike traits beaten out of them by rote and duty. The kid they were has been replace by the dog of duty. Fierce and loyal to their symbols of duty, yet shy and timid towards the unkown. Tell an ogryn to charge though hell and high water because "The Sky Beard" commands it and they will. Say the same to a kid and the kid will start crying, because one is a kid and the other is too stupid or to obidient to know better.

>> No.21241898

"she followed me home, can I keep her? I promise I will teach her to use the litterbox and take care of her!" is not a dog-like behavior.

>> No.21241925

Ogryn have lots of personalities like people have lots of personalities. The "lol not a thing an ogryn would do" bs should end here.

>> No.21241936

You've never seen a dog adopt another animal?

>> No.21241947

>Dark heresy image

Do you plebs even inquisition?

>> No.21241948

>Arguing and bitching about a good story
Looks like I have to wait for night-time /tg/ AGAIN.

>> No.21241970

But that ogryn did what an ogryn would do: he acted in a goofily childlike way; he adopted some xenos as if it were a flea-ridden sick puppy and cried a lot and threw a tantrum when it was taken away.

>> No.21241977

once or twice on TV. I saw many many kinds of animals to that.

>> No.21241995

>Not playing as a Tau tourist with a highly intelligent robot suitcase
>Not naming said tourist 'TauFlower'

>> No.21242003

Oh, it IS a good story, just not a "manly, tragic" story.

>> No.21242254

I don't know whats worse, that everyone arguing over if Oogie would do what he did, or if the story's sad or not.

Then again the creepy /d/eviant with the diaper fetish did not help

>> No.21242535

> manliness is not an abstract concept

>> No.21243325
File: 77 KB, 640x400, 1350853288150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I lol'd

>> No.21243512
File: 154 KB, 602x451, crying-anime-girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does every thread I post in die afterward?

>> No.21244253
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