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Alright Herc fans, last thread for the night! We've got to finish up AGAINST THE WORLD, wherein Amadeus Cho has just disabled every single thing with the 'SHIELD' logo within 10 miles of it. What will this do? How will Herc respond? Will the authors remember that Ares drove a pink convertible off a ramp into the flying carrier ship they're on? Let's find out!

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Oh look, horrible consequences!

It is almost as if his previous action was a badly thought out blow against authority that has repeatedly mistreated him!

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Love this page.

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ge eh ohn!

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Why hell there.

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I love this fight. I love this book.

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Hell where?

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>throwing people into missiles
>throwing missiles into people
That's just brilliant.

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>Dude, do you KNOW who our parents are?

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Ares cuts to the quick of it.

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>lists things humans love

uh ares

get a fucking clue

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>convertible fight
Boy you guys are gonna love the spiderman fight when we get there.

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Why does he have to be everywhere?

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"Khoiphoom"? Really?

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One comic, and it is absolutely worth it. He fights Herc. It does not go well for him.

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Dammit OP I don't want you to stop after this thread
We need a constant dump of awesome comics

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Who would win, hercules or superman?

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>actually explaining him using Hercules when everyone else uses Greek names

And didn't you post the spiderman one a little while ago? Or was that someone else?

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Ugh, I hate the X v. superman question; there's too many incarnations of Supes with too many goddamn power levels.

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I'm so sorry Anon, but I am frail and mortal, and must rest. Worry not, I shall return with more Hercules on Monday or Tuesday, and will not stop until I am out of Hercules to post.

They fight, decide to stop after a child is endangered and they both go to save it, and then Hercules manages to get Superman drunk after they head to a pub for snakes.

Or Wonderwoman attacks him because her Hercules is a rapist.

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They'd fight a bit, realise they were being stupid, and go bond over a goblet of wine and glass of milk.

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Given that Superman beat down Thor in the Avengers/Justice League cross-over, Superman. But then every other Avenger would go into a frothing blood rage and beat the kryptonian senseless.

Superman is basically a god, but the Avengers are absolutely stocked with actual gods, packing magical weapons that his immunity won't save his ass from.

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You know, I'll admit, I ripped this issue off shamelessly when I had the party run in to Herc in a Scion game. Shit was fucking cash.

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Alright, one more issue to go, then I'm gonna hole a vote on what I start with next time.

Herc alone has an entire Arsenal.

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I tried Scion, but for some reason I had complete writers block and couldn't think of jack or shit. I think was a bit too obsessed with keeping to the myths. Sad, because my merc Scion of Sekhmet or pilot Scion of Zeus would have been rad. Also Scion is terrible, which is sad.

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Alright, from here on out (with one excellent exception) the art remains consistently this style, which I personally like quite a bit.

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If there is any interest I was going to do the Dark Avengers Ares mini once you are done

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Also far more Herc centric. Amadeus is basically an important sidekick now, which he is good at.

Do it!

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One of the best scenes right here. If you don't love Herc after these couple panels, you have no soul.

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I was never comfortable with Strange's role in all this, or the punishment he received.

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I'm getting ahead of myself here, I meant this panel and the next.

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the best god

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Berserker Saint is a cool title and I am stealing it for a character at some point.

I never noticed that, haha.

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Hercules VS Everyone

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>Mess with people who are offering hulk food.
> Receive immortal beating.

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Oh, right, Hercule is married. This will come up later, with surprisingly good results.

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>D-did you just flex me off your body using your pectorals alone?

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>sad incoming

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You know, a metaphysical being that shows up when victory is in doubt and defeat is catastrophic would be a great way of building suspense and tension.

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Best description ever

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Stabbed his grandpappy in the beard, battle over.

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they nail that thing up pretty fast

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Ares is a Greek Zangief? =P

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Divine labor my friend, beats the shit out of college students.

No. A mohawk and a beard does not bearwrestling make.

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Zangief is a Russian Ares

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>beats the shit out of college students.
Olympus vs The Wall when?

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Juggernaut doesn't have the faces of his devoured gods bulging out of his head.

Alright, that's the end! Now, here's the question: What do I start with next time?

Sacred Invasion, aka Hercules and a misfit team of gods vs. the Skrull Gods,
Hercules is Banished To Space, and Has Space Adventures Involving Chariot Races and Galactus

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Can you do the one chronologically closest to the one you just did? Ares' role here seems to fluctuate.

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>Hercules is Banished To Space, and Has Space Adventures Involving Chariot Races and Galactus
That sounds like the best thing.

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Sacred Invasion. It's fun.

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Which one involves more Herc being Herc and ridiculous pick up lines from him?

Because I laughed my ass off at how stupid I like fish was for one that worked

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Sacred Invasion comes right after this comic, but the one I just did was a flashback story...

So fuck if I know?

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Then the one about space.

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Absolutely both.

He has fantastic adventures with a woman in both comics.

I'll be doing Sacred Invasion anyway, but I'd be doing after if Space wins.

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I'd do sacred invasion.

Gods are fun. Gods on gods is double fun.

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2 for both so far.

Sacred Invasion is rather more plot orientated and serious, if it matter.

And I'll still do Space, I'll just do it later, possibly after finishing Incredible Hercules.

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Space, I say. Let's go with less serious.

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My vote's for Sacred Invasion first, since it's the next chronologically.

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Space gets my vote then

Less serious is good after the PLOT of the last bit

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5 to 2 in favor of SPACe so far, I'll leave voting open for 5 minutes than the Dark Avengers fellow can do his thing, if he's still up for it.

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5 to 3 rather

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There's a board for this.

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Piss off, faggot
>>>/ y/

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seconding closest to chronological order.

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And so far you are the only one who has complained

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There is a board for everything. And /tg/ is that board.

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You see what you did? You fuckers made me upset enough to fuck up the linking.

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Not /tg/ related.

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Uncontrollable rage, clearly

We're just going to ignore you now, thanks.

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Alright, voting closed, SPACE wins at 5-4, which is so close that I'm pretty sure I'll have to do at least part of Sacred Invasion as well that session. How terrible.

Good night to all of you, it's been a pleasure.

Except you Captcha, fuck you.

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We love you too, Anon.

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Poor D-Man always getting insulted.

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