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I play Imperial guard. Yes, the front line fodder that basically dies at the poke of a finger. BUT! I have been doing quite well recently, thanks to bassilisks and more tanks then you could shake a melta at.

The only problem (Problems, who am I kidding?) I am having, is that Deepstrikes EAT ME LIKE A FAT KID EATS A TOOTSI ROLL! That and air units.

Now, I know I need a hydra, but for those deepstrikes... I cannot seem to either counter them fast enough or seem to fall short of just being able to do ANYTHING to help assaulted units...

Any suggestions?

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and 'don't play imperial guard' is not a suggestion.

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You have a turn to shoot them before they can assault you. You have the cheapest tanks in the game. Use them.

Also, why the fuck are you using a hydra? counter air with air; the vendetta is the most broken thing in 40k at the moment.

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Have your troops get them engaged in close combat, blast with arty.
>The IG way

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>That and air units.
Explain why you haven't maxed out Valkyries. Immediately.

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Very true... so true infact that it may be my next thing... I totally forgot about that. Thanks.

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Money, mainly. That and apparently stocks are low. Some BS reasoning at the local store.

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Stocks are low because it's the most bullshit unit in the most bullshit army. Get scratchbuilding, soldier!

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The best way to combat deep strike, especially with your parking-lot setup is all about deployment. Don't give your enemy holes in your lines to drop their shit. Always make sure your artillery units are protected and try to deal with already-on-the-table units as much as possible, especially artillery and heavy vehicles, because when mid-game rolls around and reserves/deepstrikes start coming out to play the last thing you want to deal with on top of your new party guests is the shit that was already on the table hurting you.

If you can spare the points look into getting units that fuck with your enemy's reserve rolls if they're really that much of a problem.

-Coming from an IG player who got his start fighting Tyranids and who had to deal with deepstriking Trygons everywhere as well as an army that's 50% reserves.

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Seed some meltas/plasma/krak missiles screening your stuff from the front, but in range to kill deepstrikes in the rear.

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Play imperial guard.

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Ok, here is the story. Fought a Greyknight army... gay as all hell in itself, I got rid of all ground units, save the command squad and his little fag-gang. Got rid of one Dreadnought with autocannons, one dreadnought with missles and a flamer, got rid of an inquisitor chimera, and got rid of a few fag-gangers.

Suddenly... Terminators... and a ship (totally forget what its called.) They like to rape my shit. Rape it so hard I couldent really counter it. Otherwise, I was doing rather well. I won due to the fact it was a killscore game, and I wiped more units. My Techpriuests were able to keep my tanks and arty alive.

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I like the idea that someone honestly thinks imperial guard aren't the best army in the system at the moment. Its good to think that people still pick armies for theme.

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> gay
> fag-gang

I think you might be on the wrong site, friend.

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You sound like a faggot.

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Care to try again, this time informing us what the retinue of the command squad was?

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>not Tzeen
u wot m8

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Wow. I made that filename troll years ago, and every time I post it, somebody else falls for it. What do you think, /tg/? Is it because I get nurgle and khorne's names right, or is it just that it's so simple that they don't think it can be wrong on purpose?

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IG can deal with deepstriking rather well, I think.

The stuff that's defenseless, like your CCS if it isn't properly equiped or your HWS or your artillery, should be guarded with an infantry squad with a meltagun or something. People will think twice about vehicles, because they can rarely bring down the whole squad in shooting if they strike close to it. Assuming what is deepstriking doesn't have an armor value, a meltagun can still reliably deal a wound assuming you hit, and lasguns will stand a chance when the meltagun doesn't, at least enough to keep the strikers in check until you can focus your whole fighting force on the necessary targets. Additionally, you can screen infantry squads in front of your important stuff so they can't be assaulted or shot at without a 4+ cover save. Infantry squads with meltaguns, each, will be 60 points a pop, and you need one per weak unit you have sitting in the back. Expensive if the opponent doesn't deepstrike, but worth it if he does.

As for air units, as
said, vendetta will be an excellent counter to air. But, a hydra is not a waste of money. It's better than heavy weapon squad autocannons, and cheaper. The only drawback is that you don't have that heavy support option for tanks, which might be worth it if you're running a mech-dependent list. Some well placed autocannons in a HWS, while not the best for shooting down air units, can function in a pinch, especially if you have a CCS to give them Bring it Down! Even if they don't have air targets, they can still give some deadly shots to the enemy.

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Apologies if you do not like my expressions used, it is simply how the public system and my childish mind preceve things. not that they are homosexuals, but bad. I persoanlly am indifferent to that subject... OTHERWISE!

Command squad had that damnable man with a hawk on his arm along with six servetors. three with meltas and three with heavy bolters. The term squads were only hammers... by god the hammers...

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Right. So to you homosexual terms equal bad, without any further thought. GOOD TO KNOW.

Also, that would be Coteaz. He does that. You have meltaguns to use on transports, but they work equally well on terminators and paladins. Use them.

Remember, unless he makes your vehicle explode (or stuns it), you've got your full force ready to shoot next turn even if his hammers crack open your chimera. Meltavets are a thing for a reason.

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public school ftw. And yes. Three squads dropped accordingly... though two of them were in the middle of all my forces and my one hellhound tor them a new one.

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God, I love these things.

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I think there was one about Space Marines defending a planet or something that was really good.

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These are great. I don't even play this system and I think they're hilarious. Truck on soldier. And die horribly, but amusingly.

captcha:general oturesr, he commands it.

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It's because we think you really are that retarded. We've seen some shit.

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Help me, /tg/. My penis is confused.

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More smaller squads including cheap no upgrade doughboys.

The fire artillery directly at you sacrificial squads.

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I believe in you, Guardsman Anon.

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An Imperial Guardsman who forget Vendettas are 130 points. A shameful Guardsman...

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