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In Dark Heresy, how would you correctly roleplay as a Catachan Jungle Fighter?

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By being a reckless sadomasochistic idiot who has more muscles and guns than brains or sanity.

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Watch Predator.
Take notes.

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Try and get killed as quickly as possible. Then get three of your friends to replace you.

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by being deployed to a desert world by a bored bureaucrat who keeps minimizing orcspore sweeper every time the administrator walks by.

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Make him Australian.

Think about it a moment: He's form a planet where life is so cheap that every moment could be his last. The entire damn planet is determined to kill him. I mean, even the FROGS are biological melta-bombs.

Remind you of anywhere?

Make him laid back and casual as fuck about everything. Discipline should be something he has absolutely no concept of, as is fear.

I mean, seriously, does it even fart out neurotoxins? Nope? Then nah worries mate, I've totally got this.

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In the fluff, they tend to be descipted as cocky. They're brave and loyal, but has no respect for people who try to boss them around without earning their respect first, especially if they're "outsiders".
Play them as over the top 80s action movie macho as possible, if you want to stay to the stereotype in the official stuff.

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This. Bonus points if you research vietnam warfare.

depending on how serious you're taking it, throw in some Duke Nukem proportionately.

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"We've run into scorpions the size of battle tanks, three men died from Eyerot last week. I've sweat enough to fill a lake, my boots got sucked into a sink-swamp and the trees are so thick in places, you can't squeeze between them. Emperor help me, I love this place! It's just like home!"

– Captain Rock of the Catachan III 'Green Devils', commenting on Varestus Prime

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Look here
If you're a catachan jungle fighter, you've never been anything else in your whole life.
Growing up, you lived in a bunker. Inside the dome, if you were lucky, but not everyone gets to be inside the dome. Your daily chores included manning the guns on lookout for Devils and burning away the predatory brush that crept ever towards your home.
On some planets boys throw stones at grox; you carried grenades around in your pockets in case the swarms showed up. On some planets little boys wear hats; you wore combat boots and camouflage your whole life.
Also, there are Orks on Catachan.

Compared to daily life on your homeworld, pretty literally anywhere in the galaxy is a bed of rose petals. That's why catachans are so often creepily jolly in the fluff. Fighting anything less than Tyranids is like being tickled with feathers.

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This is also why catachans tend to see most other humans as pampered wimps. They'll be fiercely loyal to you if you earn their respect, but few things short of defeating a Hive Tyrant in close combat will do that.

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If you don't want to play as botox-filled Rambo or austrian-rockface Dutch, you can always be Kirk Lazarus for a more light hearted campaign.

"You just went full heretic, abhuman"

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Watch all of the Rambo films, and the first Predator film.


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Like Animal Mother on roids, naturally.

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To all guys saying "play it like Rambo".
No, you can't.
There are few things in the galaxy that would PTSD a catachan guard worth of his boots.

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This. There is no other way to play it if your GM allows this.

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I'm pretty sure they all suffer from PTSD. They just ignore it and keep going.

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The difference between Catachans and Ramdo, Predator dudes, etc. is that those are people from 1st world countries going to wage war in a jungle.

Catachans live in the jungle. Their whole life is struggle against nature. They go to fight to get out of the jungle and get stuff for their families and villages. Catachans are more like Vietcong and other jungle based guerrillas. They don't have high education, they don't stress about having to try and forget all the horrors they've seen and done and live normal lives. They don't know of a live outside of fighting to survive another day.

Law of the jungle is what they live by. They do stuff that works and they don't know about wiping their shoes or which fork to use. They get the job done their way and they won't listen to you, no matter how many medals you have and how "impressive" your title is, unless you can prove yourself.

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