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So you go into your cave. What's your power animal?

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A fisher

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An older me, with graying temples and the infinite patience I so greatly desire.

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A pony

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Better be shetland or you're cheating yourself

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Omniscient SpaceDragon obviously

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An octopus. Octopus is best powah animal.

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Mike Haggar.

>> No.21171063

a volcano

>> No.21171067

This mother fucker right here.

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A wooden spoon.

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A meerkat

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A Sparkle Coelacanth

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18 bears

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A banana.

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ITT: Fursonas of /tg/

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Clearly, this is the best spirit animal.

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A wolf

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Bruce Campbell

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Come on.

The Tiger.

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Some kind of corvid.

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I'll stick with the Chin thank you

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Some kind.

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A T-55.

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A chinchilla.

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>Not a Paladin

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A dinosaur.

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Mai Waifu

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A virus is not an animal. You have to be a living thing to be an animal.

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Those things make scary sounds

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a duck

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>Not living

U w0t m8?

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Cephalopods are so uguu ^_^

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So what kind of fire? A campfire? A kitchen stove? A chunk of asbestos on fire due to chlorine trifluoride exposed to air?

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But didn't you know, anon? Biologists have yet to unequivocally define life. Besides, that other guy claimed a tank as his power animal and no one seems to be up in his shit (probably because he's a tank).

But fine, you asked for it, now I'm a drug-resistant strain of T. pallidum instead. Enjoy your genital sores

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I am the noble goat, wise, humble and powerful. I return from the cave and use my vast powers to ascend the Goat Tower and claim godhood.

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Please no

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Fool, no mortal can ascend the goat tower!

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Stop it guys. Let's not turn Teegee into /v/ v.2

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fucker lives in a cooler house than I do.

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A pug.

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I once took a numerology test, and it said mine was Mike Tyson. I guess we both like pigeons, so that makes sense.

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>liking pigeons

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Mah nigga.
Elsewise...I don't know...maybe a Rock Dove?

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Fancy pigeons and racing pigeons for one.

>> No.21172177

Thomas and Martha Wayne. I keep telling them I'm not their son but they just keep giving me advice.

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>Not liking Mourning Doves, Diamond Doves, Homing Pigeons, or any of those big beautiful Australian motherfuckers.

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>big beautiful Australian motherfuckers

Are you talking about the Crowned Pigeons, Bronzewings or something else?

Here is a decent looking indonesian pigeon.

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Mourning Doves are horrible.

They're the least intelligent of all birds, they shit all over my patio furniture, and for some reason the neighborhood falcon never kills them.

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From what I understand, the Pangolin's armor is so durable it can stop a pistol shot.

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Lets actually do this excercise /tg/


It comes from breathing. Its a meditation. Slow your your breathing. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

Now just slow it down to a very low pace


That slow pace. Only concentrate on the breathing.

You can see the darkness. It's the darkness in the cave


You're in the cave /tg/. You're there.

And so's you spirit animal.

What is it /tg/?

What does it tell you?

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I closed my eyes. Now what?

>> No.21172291

It's OP.
He says he's a fag.

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Mine was this motherfucker and he looked me in the eyes and told me to fight...

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touche' I only realised this doesnt work written down, just now.

Fuck my balls that was stupid of me.

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A Cardinal appeared to me and told me to make war in his name until all the nations of the world kneel before me.

>> No.21172457

That's probably not a good sign...

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Think he's got it bad? A Cardinal appeared before me and told me to kneel before him...

>> No.21172538

and then anon was Hitler.

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I saw a group of elementals, Fire, water, wind, earth, a lightning/storm thing, a few others. The told me they wanted sex. Does this mean I'm a bard?

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A pissed off jellyfish.

>> No.21173055

A squig. Power planimal of the year, all years.

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It's a butterfly.

It's telling me to bring back 80's speed metal.

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>Power Animal

>> No.21175388

A mothafuckin Horgi. Aww yisssss.

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I have no suitable reaction image but just so you know that's adorable.

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Here you are, good sir.

>> No.21175444

Step aside, kittens.
We have a new head-exploding-into-candy catalyst.

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Katy Perry is my spirit animal, as far as pool is concerned. I've yet to lose a game while listening to teenage dream, and can count my winning games otherwise on one hand.

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In all seriousness.


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Infiltrate and devour.

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An ostrich first, pink like a flamingo and with small wings like a chicken, but then the Honey Badger came and bit her throat, fuck yeah!

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It told me to touch it's tail

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Taily~po, taily~po...
Now I've GOT my taily~po!

>> No.21177141

A mantis.

They sit around all day and wait for food to come to them

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It's a crocodile. And it just rolled over and made funny faces. What does it mean?

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When animals show up in my dreams to tell me something important but cryptic, it's invariably wolves. Since animals telling you stuff is an important indicator, can I just assume it's wolves?

Other types of animals show up in dreams in very consistent ways, but it's only wolves that talk.

>> No.21177269

That's a corgidile, though.

>> No.21177307

When animals appear in my dreams its invariably weasels or otters and I usually fight to the death with them... I wonder what this tells about me

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I followed this video to do a bit. My spirit guide came to me in the form of an androgynous person, with black hair and a white streak down the middle.

Now and again I would look at them and see they had turned into a badger.

I followed this video.



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That you hate narrow animals SO MUCH?

>> No.21177545

I got a Rock Lobster

>> No.21177553

My California Sea Lion gives no fucks.

>> No.21177568

you're gay. Weasels represent homosex.

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>> No.21177589

Pistol Shrimp! My punches cause Explosions!

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A giant steel cuttlefish.

>> No.21178577

A motherfucking Beholder

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Huh. Not that anon, but the only animal I've ever seen in my dreams is a weasel too. I had it on a rubbery leash and used it to shoo wombats out of my grandma's garden (my grandma doesn't live on a continent with wombats). It was a complete bitch to control and tried to bite me whenever I tried to handle it.

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A miniscule homosexual horse.

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A fucking chicken.

>> No.21181536

It BEAR and OWL, both yet NEITHER.
err, or not.
Big critter tho'.

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I like you, you seem like a cool guy.

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Polar Bear

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Weird as shit, the thing changed shapes a whole bunch of times before it settled on a rat and started laughing at me, talking about my fate is to bring humor to others.

I guess it makes sense? I'm a generally cheery guy, always got a joke or terrible pun ready.

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A cat that didn't say anything and it ignored me. Well, fuck you too, cat.

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I tried that video, and couldn't get my inner monologue to shut up. Unless my spirit guide is in fact my inner monologue, which would suck because the guy who writes and narrates my inner monologue is a bit of a twat.

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