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Me and my wife are having a child in a few weeks. Its going to be a boy. We're thinking of a middle name...and both of us are geeks. We both decided the first name should be Joseph...but...that middle name...

I want
-Horus (Yeah yeah 40k.)
-Biggs (Darklighter)
-Kane (Lives!)

She wants
-Mario (To common...)
-Luke (To common...)
-Bones (Uhg)

Any opinions or suggestions? These likely won't get used but....its fun to think about.

What middlename can be used for A: a geek reference, B: sound -epic- behind Joseph

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I always wanted my middle name to be Danger.

Or Sphere - Thelonious Monk's middle name.

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Actually, the kid's name should be Conan Conan CONAAAAN if you want it to sound properly epic, but you can give your son whatever disabilities you like, I guess.

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>"But, Joseph, isn't this dangerous?"
>"Hah! Danger is my middle name!"

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Joseph Khan-whateveryourlastnameis

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Thirding Danger.

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Hum. Rogal (from Rogal Dorn)? I dunno, I suck at names.

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Dont give him an identifiable middle name or admit to where you got it from, you'll just embarass the kid.

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This. If you are going to give your child a cheesy middle name, why not go all the way. Then they get to say "Danger is my middle name". I do recommend a non-silly middle name though. This is something your child will be carrying with them for life, and using it to point out "MY PARENTS ARE NERDS!" seems like a dick move.

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Danger is fucking hilariously epic... I doubt he would like it though. Its gotta be subtle.

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Holy fucking shit, posting in a sticky.

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Rolled 9

Wait-for-it. Joseph wait-for-it <last name>.
Alternatively, make his first name something like "Captain" and then make Joseph his middle name, then tell people his name is Joseph. I can't tell you how many times I realized it'd be useful to be able to tell people that I'm Captain.

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Joseph Danger, treasure hunter archaeologist.

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>thirteen posts in
Huh. Didn't think threads ever got stickied that quickly.

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First off, congrats.

Second, sweet Jesus do not do this. Please just give a remotely normal name.

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You could get all kinds of cool name signs.

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This thread is stickied? Holy shit, I didn't even notice

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Joester, or something that sounds like that. Joestar would be too weird.

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Danger sounds like something that would be to have as a name middle name throughout your life IF you can live up to it. the names you want are rather subtle besides Horus, thats just way to out there even for a 40k fan such as myself. out of the ones you want id say Kane is a good middle name if you can't convince your wife Danger is a worthwhile investment

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1: Ren - Means: ''Clean, Pure, Reindeer*Fuckyeah*''
2: Ulv - Fuck yes.
3: Björn - Bear
4: Erebus - WH40K Fuck year

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Stalin. No one is going to mess with Joseph Stalin.

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I think Stalin sounds pretty good.

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Damn, I was gonna put down another vote for Danger.
Wait-for-it is also a great one OP

i got one. Stalin. or slightly less obvious Stylin.

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When my wife and I were thinking of names, I got to decide the first name (David), and she got to pick the middle name, William, which is her step dads name. Me, wanting something cooler, convinced her that our son should have two middle names that flow and create a strong image. She agreed.
And thus David William Lazarus was born. Lazarus, as far as my wife new was just a badass name from the Bible (niether of us are religious), but when he was finally born, I dropped this line on her: "The Archbishop Lazarus, once King Leoric's most trusted advisor, led a party of simple townsfolk into the labyrinth to find the king's missing son, Albrecht. Quite some time passed before they returned, and only a few of them escaped with their lives."

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Stalin mind.

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Let's be honest with ourselves, OP. This is not about what the child would like, is it?

I'm insisting on Danger.

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That is a pretty badass name

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Don't use Horus. Everyone will assume that his parents are crazy neopagans

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How about Göbbels?
Don't give him the middlename Göbbels.

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David Göbbels Stalin

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Please trust this guy. My family gave me a weird name and it was torture for ten years.

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Grats on your child!

I would go with Cain.

Joseph Cain (whatever). Say it out loud.

Or have it hispanic Jose (ho'zae) reference, since hispanics love it when a fellow has such a namesake and he is bros with them.

So Ho'zae, Joe, Joey, Jo(almost like saying cho), Seph, Seth, etc can all be nicknames his friends give him. Depending who they are and what he accepts.

Vocaroo'n this.
>otherwise congratulate over vocaroo

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You people are the "that guys" of naming your kid.

Name him something that's common, but you guys might enjoy when you see it, say, Arthur(Arthurian legend).

Don't put his middle name as Danger, however cool it sounds, he will be made fun for it.

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I'm going to support Deckard and Gordon.
The people who would make fun of those names don't know what they mean and the people who do know those names would have too much respect for them to insult someone over it.

Either way, think along those lines - Mario, Luke and Bones(what the fuck?) are just plain not acceptable.

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Gefahr - German word for DANGER

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Bombardini if you want to fuck with him. Eventually he'll find out where it comes from. Save money for therapy for that day.

'Joseph -fantasy race name- last name'
Joseph Dwarf
Joseph Giant
Joseph Elf

eh nah that's a stupid line of thought...

hmmm....Joseph Kid lastname. Bastion reference but Kid wasn't the kids name just how he was referred to. Joe Kid sounds like an old western cowboy too. If only because of Billy the Kid. The kind of jokes you can make off it are pretty pathetic...

Yeah I'm going to suggest Kid.

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Dooo eeeet!
Joseph Danger would be an amazing name.

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How about Dohvakin?

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Gefahr - German word for DANGER

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Kid wonders if his parents ever gave him a proper name.

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reddit pls go

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invisimod here.. i suck at html :(

Name your kid Danger, OP.

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/tg/ related content = children names

I'm loving this thread already.

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Future parent, the trips also support this approach to naming your child.

Also, Urza - no normalfag will recognize that name. Especially since most of the people he will go to school with will be born long after that edition came out.

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>not Nerevar

You must be new here

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im thinkin gygax

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Joseph Mengele Stalin Göbbels

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Hey idiot. Maybe you shouldn't be having kids if you can't spell "too" correctly.

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also, congrats on your babby

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Why is this thread stickied? Why?

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don't give your kid a weird name cause if they don't turn out to be handsome or charismatic then the name is just going to be a handicap.

hansome person with an odd name= exotic.

ugly person with an odd name= weird.

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>Not Vivec
What the fuck is wrong with you. I will fucking use my milk fingers on you you motherfucker. This is my godamn plan A. I will CHIM you up.

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>Not having a son named Joeseph 'The Nameless One' Smith

I'm disappointed, OP.

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Just give him a normal middle name, he'll be much happier.

Danger is acceptable if it is short for Daniel Gerald. Or just Daniel if you don't want two middle names.

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His middle name should be Gygax-Ward.

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I go with Ciaphas personally.

Or Gordon middle name Freeman. Though that may be a bit too obvious.

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>make a joke referring back to that stupid Skyrim contest
>accused of being Reddit and/or a newfag
I was just trying to get a chuckle out of some people. ;_;

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Name him Arneson.
It's pretty normal, and the people who you want to get it will.

>> No.21167801

Kane is pretty fucking awesome, OP. Gygax is also a pretty cool name.
Joseph Kane.
Joseph Gyxas.
They roll off the tongue nicely.

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Only acceptable answer

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100 Baneblades

>> No.21167820


Is it possible we can have both informative stickies linked together? So that any 'other stickies' like this thread doesn't take up three spots instead of two.

Just something for the future, nothing pending. If say, something like those D&D/WotC threads get stickied, with the two others and then this sort of sticky wants to pop up we'd be at 4. 2 informative, 1 fun, 1 discussion.

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This sounds sufficiently name-like to not embarass the hell out of the kid. I recommend something like this.

>> No.21167823

My name is Joseph Baneblade
And this
Is my mega battle cannon

>> No.21167838

Joseph 4chan

>> No.21167846

Kaldor or Draigo

>> No.21167848

This is probably a temporary sticky. Don't worry about it too much, it'll be gone in a couple of hours.

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>> No.21167854

Joseph LarpNig420

>> No.21167857

I'm voting for Arneson.
Also, how do you pronounce Gefahr?

>> No.21167859

"Swag Lord"

With the quotation marks as a part of his middle name.

>> No.21167863

mother fucking.
sounds like a great last name

>> No.21167865


laughed way too hard at this retarded shit

>> No.21167867

>Not Kamina

Do you even spin?

>> No.21167877

He'll be tripping on /mu/ and can be like "What, this is my real name"

>> No.21167891

Yeah. But any of those heavy threads perhaps one quest thread gets super packed, like the chaos codex threads that flowed out and stayed prime for a week straight.

Just sayin'.

So no more vocaroo congratulations? I anon'd it here:
>I assumed the mod was posting at first

>> No.21167893

>Daniel Gerald, Danger for short
Best name ever.

But OP, go with something normal, regardless of what you based it from. Kane, Luke (which is a normal name despite what some anons think), Gordon... also what geekery do you both like? It'd help.

>> No.21167901

Because the quotation marks don't be silent?

>> No.21167904

Joesph Dice
Joesph "Mother Fucking"
Joesph The
Joesph Stalin

>> No.21167911

Seriously, your child willbe JOSEPGH DREDD! the most badass and disciplined child ever!
This, or Cain.


>> No.21167924

Joseph Ward.
Joseph Emperor.
Joseph Broseph.
Joseph Marisa.

>> No.21167927


I'm gonna second this; Cain both sounds sufficiently badass in combination with Joseph, has the biblical naming theme thing going (so the kid has plausible deniability when others find out about it), and you'd be naming him after the one vampire to come through the Twilight era and still be awesome (albeit with a less extreme spelling). What's not to love?

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>> No.21167937

What's the last name? Or last initial, if you're uncomfortable with giving that out.

Can't EVER name a kid so that his initials spell something.

>> No.21167945

You should make his middle name krieg, because it sounds fucking cool.

Joseph krieg

>> No.21167954

Joseph Opholus

>> No.21167957


My husband's first name is Jareth after the goblin king in the labyrinth. Honestly I'd give my kid the middle name Cohen because The Last Hero is the most epic picture book ever... Just saying.

>> No.21167964

So I wasn't the only one thinking "Joseph Joestar".
And yes, this.

>> No.21167967


Joseph Pius

>> No.21167972

>Tasslehoff or Burrfoot

I always liked Dalamar myself

>> No.21167988


I read that as "Joseph Plus". So I recommend Joseph Plus, especially if you spell it with a +

>> No.21167989

So why did this thread get stickied exactly?

Also >>21167706 gets my vote.

>> No.21167995

I know a dude who goes by the name Cain.

Saying it out loud is pretty manly. If he turns out anything un-geeky (kids tend to be pretty opposite of their parents more often than not) he could still be proud of the name.

My first name is after an actor, last name means something in german. I dislike my middle name so much I sometimes forget how to spell it. A bit hard to remember ey or just y at the end when you've not spelled it for 2+ years.

>> No.21168004

>My husband's first name is Jareth after the goblin king in the labyrinth.

>> No.21168013

Just use fucking John or your grandparent's name or something. Do you really want your child to be bullied?

>> No.21168014

Joseph Weightfarit *

>> No.21168018

CREEEEEEEED would be a little over the top, but I think Creed sounds nice.

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It's fine to give a kid a weird name, but they need a normal one to fall back, on if they get too much shit over it, or at least make the name one that can be shortened to something more mainstream.

For example should I ever have a daughter, I intend to name her Genevieve, (after the vampire heroine of Kim Newman/Jack Yeovil's novels), which is rather nerdy, but can easily be shortened to Jen or Jenny

>> No.21168034

Joseph Utsler

>> No.21168053

My cat's name is Genevieve. I love her so much. She comes up to me and curls up on my feet when I'm playing vidya.

>> No.21168067

Rolled 89

I vote for danger as well.

On another note, WHY is this stickied?

>> No.21168069

>Two results for "Joestar"
You guys are great.

But seriously, your son will hate you both for putting a "quirky" middle name.

Even though JoJo would be a cool nickname.

>> No.21168073

Titus or Thaddeus.

>> No.21168077

Tiberius after captain James Tiberius Kirk

>> No.21168081

Seconding Deckard for Bladerunner.

>> No.21168091

Harmonica Hazard, buck the gender stereotypes.

>> No.21168093

>naming him after that scumbag
>not glorious Jean-Luc Picard

>> No.21168099

>So why did this thread get stickied exactly?
One of our own is becoming a father. That's worth it right there.

>> No.21168109

>me and my wife
You should make it Howdoiintogrammar

>> No.21168110

>ctrl + f
>no results

/tg/ I am disappoint

>> No.21168112

Vivec please go.

>> No.21168120

Danger is best idea.

>> No.21168128


>> No.21168132

I think Danger would actually work, OP. It's something that wouldn't get your kid made fun of, kids would think that's awesome.

>> No.21168145

Rolled 93

Actually, reading through the thread, I definitely vote Kain.

>> No.21168164

Joseph Dragonborn.
Joseph Ironclaw.
Joseph 1D6

>> No.21168169

But what about middle school and college? Everybody knows that teenagers and adults can be worse than kids.

>> No.21168185

I vote Chill, but that's the only Joe which comes to mind.

>> No.21168191

High school tends to be the worst. By college most people have outgrown that.

>> No.21168193

It's a good lead in for a joke. I think people would find it funny in a not "laughing at you" sort of way.

>> No.21168201

I've always liked the sound of Gideon, myself. I think it'd go well with Joseph, too. It's a biblical name, but it's also from the Ravenor inquisition series by Dan Abnett.

>> No.21168206



The Last.

He Who Waits at the End of the World.

Imagine it, "Joseph Godeater Geekington, get over here".

>> No.21168212

Fuck adults, seriously. What they're gonna think are their own problems.

>> No.21168213


You have extra names for next eight.

>> No.21168221

Go with Kane/Cain. Nice biblical name, so it's nothing particularly odd, though less common thee days, and it's after a pretty awesome character. Also references quite a few, as well.

>> No.21168224

Joseph Harkonen

>> No.21168226

Similar to 'Jafar' from Aladdin, but with a hard 'G' that's almost a 'K' sound.


>> No.21168228

>No results

I'm somewhat pleasantly surprised.

That being said, Leman. As in Leman Russ.

>> No.21168229

Middle school is SO much more awful than high school. Where did you go where the high schoolers were less mature than the middle shoolers?

>> No.21168232

Stormageddon, Dark lord of all.

Stormy for short.

>> No.21168239

Horus "Pun-Pun" Peregrin

>> No.21168249

Anything involving air-quotes and/or multiple words.

My better half has 3 middle names. She hates filling in forms because there's never enough space.

>> No.21168257

The Nameless One

>> No.21168258

oh how about cool than he can be snoopy for haloween as a baby and all the other adults will get the referance

>> No.21168272


>> No.21168279

>Joseph 1D6
That gives me an idea. Deeton. Or Deetin or however you want to spell it so long as you're mashing D and ten together.
When he finally catches on, if he ever catches on, it'll be priceless.

>> No.21168284

His middle name should be Star.
Weird enough to be weird, but not weird enough to be made fun of, and hilarious for anyone else who gets it.

>> No.21168306

If you go through with this, save up to pay for the deed poll.

My contribution: Joey Joe Jojo

>> No.21168323

>Not d12
>Not barbarian master race
Conan is disappointed.

>> No.21168336

My gym teacher one year did this.

>> No.21168337

congrats on your baby
pick a cool name

>> No.21168361

I'd go with Kane, for sure. Joseph Kane has a nice ring to it.

>> No.21168379

Bulldozer. Joseph Bulldozer.

Nobody's gonna think that guy's a girl.

>> No.21168389

Even better if you short Joseph as Joe, so the reference is easier to get.

>> No.21168408

I've always thought that naming a kid after some Roman Emperors was a cool idea. Names like Vespasian, Trajan, Octavian, Marcus Aurelius, etc.

Tiberius would be good too were it not for the fact that everyone would assume it's a Star Trek reference.

>> No.21168427

Hadrian. Justinian. Maximillian.

>> No.21168451

Joseph Ucking [last name]

>> No.21168467


>> No.21168468

Joseph The 8th Everchosen, Lord of the End of Times.

>> No.21168477

No wait this

>> No.21168480

Ucking Cool

>> No.21168508

Exactly, mahbruja

OP, where you is?

>> No.21168509

Since we're having fun with this. If you don't like Cain(Kain?) you could go with...


/k/ would love you if you did it though.

>> No.21168528

Wolfgang (Von Goethe)
Moot (moot)
Or anything else mentioned in this thread.

>> No.21168529

After my latest JoJo binge, I'm going the have to go with Joestar.

You're son is going to grow up FABULOUS

>> No.21168548


>> No.21168552




>> No.21168553

that is all

>> No.21168561

At least spell it right.

At least, don't name him Rusty.

>> No.21168579

grigorio not nerdy just a cool name

>> No.21168589

Too close to Gringo. Lots of hispanic/mexican(spanish) speaking kids will grow up with him.

>> No.21168598

It works perfectly.

>> No.21168602

Bob is always a great name.
It just gets better if you add a weird name with it.
"Joseph Stradivarius Bob [Name]

>> No.21168604

adorable little adolf.

>> No.21168607

>that moment when OP's son meets a guy named Ceasar

>> No.21168609

well it is italian for gregory
>>also what if meheecan

>> No.21168625

Joseph Thinyourpaints.

>> No.21168627

If you're gonna go with Roman Emperor, go with Caligula.
Deviant motherfucker slept with a senator's wife during a banquet (which he was at as well), came out, and told everybody how good of a lay she was.
Nobody will fuck with him.
The pussy will roll in, and if not, his name gives him the right to take it.

>> No.21168634

Either way, they won't treat him that way.
"Hey gringo."
>"It stands for Gregory!"
"Yeah whatever gringo."

>> No.21168650

>175+ replies
>only one person replied Dredd

You're all a bunch of fucking retards.

>> No.21168652

Not /tg/ related, but who wouldn't want to be named Joe Cool?

>> No.21168661

Joseph Shmo
Destined for greatness.

>> No.21168674


>> No.21168675

'bout 15 years ago, my wife gave birth to twins. We already had a three year old boy, so I named my daughters Nora and Sophia.

I managed to dodge where I'd come up with that almost ten years, but one day it came out while on a retro binge. Was in the doghouse a few days.

Sophia the 3rd Nora MA-01

>> No.21168676


>> No.21168681

>calling everyone retards over calling out dredd
>only watched a movie recently
>will come back at this post claiming he's into the comics/fan of stallone movie
Stay simple, troll.

>> No.21168683

I chuckled, that poor kid.

>> No.21168695

I can't want you to want this enough


>> No.21168702

well than joseph gygax stalin dredd creed cool danger[insert last name here] sounds like it would fit on the birth certificate go with them all

>> No.21168705

Combine all of the above
Joseph Cain Joestar Stylin Danger Dredd Mcnerdington

>> No.21168725

Bitch I've been reading Dredd since my daddy gave me his Dredd collection when I was a wee babby.

I even read the fucking Ace Trucking Co comics that were in 2000AD, and they were shit.

>> No.21168728

or dyel?

>> No.21168734


>> No.21168737

Some countries have laws against this kind of thing.

>> No.21168744

His first name isn't Johnny.

>> No.21168767


Name him Horus, that way when he eventually turns against you you can say to your wife "I told you so."

>> No.21168784

Ciaphas would be my vote.
Shortened to a C. that sounds pretty nice.
Joseph C. Nerington or J.C.Nerdington.

>> No.21168785

It's a middle name I doubt he gets made fun of. My best friend's middle name is nabuo, I think its Hawaiian or something. I've known him since kindergarten and never found out his middle name till half way through high school. By that time no-one was gonna make fun of you for a name.

PS. Shel

>> No.21168786

Prove it.
>oh you can't really do that here

Thus another internet tough guy fags up another thread with distanced alpha attitude syndrome. Similar to little tough guy asshole and big bully syndrome. You're acting a bit related to them.

How does that feel to be related to them?
>calling the whole thread something negative
Stay simple.

>> No.21168800

2/10, apply yourself tripfag.

>> No.21168803

Horus Danger Henderson.

>> No.21168834

>dat low rating
At least what I'm saying isn't going in one ear and out the other. Thanks for listening(reading) to what I had to say.

>> No.21168838

I lost my shit reading this.
They're still great names though.

>> No.21168839

valid point is valid
its not like in school the teacher says your full name its always first and last. my vote is for gygax or dyel! the exclamation point is a must

>> No.21168843

>he will be made fun of for it.

If we named people based on what would get them made fun of, none of us would even have names.

>> No.21168864


There is no debate.

Peace through power.

>> No.21168868

I haven't even seen the new Dredd movie yet, it hasn't come out in theaters here. And who the fuck willingly claims to be a fan of the Stallone clusterfuck?

Go make yourself useful by choking on a million dicks, tripfag.

>> No.21168869

>> No.21168876


>> No.21168877


>> No.21168905


How has this not been posted yet.

>> No.21168910


>> No.21168935

no joke, I was at the dmv and this lady was pissed that the dmv lady did not pronounce the hyphen in her name.

>> No.21168944

Was she called Le-ah?

>> No.21168950


>> No.21168958

Joseph 'Kane' Smith, future prophet. When the megacorporations take power, he will guide the people into freedom.

>> No.21168964


>> No.21168966

His name shall be De'Ath.
It is the only way.

>> No.21168971

[Congratulations]. OP!

>> No.21168976

How about a sneaky one?
Jay, as in Homer Jay Simpson.

>> No.21169027

Or just J.
He'd go everywhere as JJ either way.

>> No.21169034

Howard - refference to both Robert E. Howard and Howard Philips Lovecraft.

>> No.21169035

The only true answer is Joseph Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV Nerdington

>> No.21169041

Caligula wasn't even that guys name.

It was a nickname.

>> No.21169052


>> No.21169060

Caligula's name is also a byword for being a batshit insane cunt. So it's about on par with naming a girl Ophelia.

>> No.21169061

OP, if you don't call him Wheitforret you WILL have your awesome dad license revoked.

>> No.21169080

Dredd is the only western one that leaps out at me.

>implying this thread doesn't belong on /b/ or /adv/

>> No.21169104

> Joseph De'Ath
> J. De'Ath
Oh shit, that works even better than I realized.

>> No.21169134

Make that a J. De'Am

>> No.21169152

Joseph Jonathan - He'll be real life JoJo.

>> No.21169167

Joseph Blackstone Copperfield *last name*
And I hope you leave him whole. Please don't have him circumcised.

>> No.21169171


>> No.21169174


I was going to name my twins Lucas and Claus, but I felt that would've been inviting tragedy.

>> No.21169175


>> No.21169176

Name him Dredd

>> No.21169182

See >>21168284

>> No.21169193


>> No.21169199

Joseph Kane is insanely cool.

>> No.21169206


>> No.21169210

Have you considered 'Cain' instead? He can pretend it's 'Kane' and you get to talk about that brother he used to have.

>> No.21169216

>Not the original Vampire from WoD

If you name him Cain, that should be the reason.

WoD vampires got through the Twillight Era without as much as a scratch.

>> No.21169225

Fuck it, I'm naming one of my RPG characters that now.

>> No.21169261

>ctrl-f 'drummond'
>no results

>> No.21169269


I 'eam, c'mon, why not?

>> No.21169292




>> No.21169321


>> No.21169338



>> No.21169348

"Danger" not Danger.

>> No.21169355


Pronounced "Thunderscore"

>> No.21169356

Urza. Doesn't sound all that weird and is a pretty cool name.


>> No.21169366

Gotta go with "Danger"

>> No.21169381


>> No.21169390

i like it

>> No.21169416

Anyone else keeping a list for characters?
Some of these would be great.

>> No.21169437


Your wife is casual, delete her from friends list.

>> No.21169449

Seconding Urza

>> No.21169499

like le-a

>> No.21169514

Voting Kain.

>> No.21169515

My name is will, So my father wanted my middle name to be riker. He didn't think i'd like that though, And didn't name me that. Fast foward some years, And it turns out i'm a huge nerd, And a fan of star trek. Hm.

>> No.21169523

My brother's name is Jafar. Unfortunately, being born around the same time Aladin was released gave him some problems...

>> No.21169524

I have a friend who named his son that. He then bought his son a shirt with "My Middle name is Danger" on it. The kid is either going to be the biggest geek I've ever known thanks to his parents or totally not one.

>> No.21169526

How about Ezra

Joesph Ezra (insert last name)

i've always liked the name Ezra

>> No.21169529

So far in this thread the only ones I can throw myself behind are:

I would like to add:
"The"- Joseph The Nerdlord (only applicable if you have a cool noun for a last name)
"Thehammer" Because come on, Joseph THE HAMMER Nerdington

>> No.21169538

My own first name is Aristotle. I love my parents with all my heart because of that name.

>> No.21169543

They represent a physical component.
You have to do air-quotes or you're pronouncing it wrong.

More punctuation should work like this.

>> No.21169549


>> No.21169560

so op what is the last name

>> No.21169567

I had an English teacher named Aristotle. he ranted like a motherfucker, but he was such a great dude.

>> No.21169572


I know I wouldn't mess with a kid named Lych.

>> No.21169576


>> No.21169593

lynch and kane
have a second son

>> No.21169620

Indrick, obviously ...or Vance, or Creed, or Gaunt

>> No.21169640

GOD no. Those games were awful.

>> No.21169644

I rant about alot of thing's too, whether it's politics, card games, or various fluff. Seems to be a name trait.

>> No.21169653

Joseph Fulgrim ________

>> No.21169655

Is a much less cool name than Lych if you compare what they mean.

>> No.21169657

fine rios and salem
also running around naked grappling people while yelling to your friend "im com'n skeeter" fun times are had by all with shit games for shits and giggles

>> No.21169683

name after a great relative

the 1st born in my family are named after their grandfathers while the 2nd born are named after our crest

brother's middle is Johnathan and mine is Randolph

>> No.21169691

Well, then there's only one choice for the middle name: Dzhugashvili.

>> No.21169701

After several minutes of thinking, I don't think I should suggest a name. Nor should I have a child.

>> No.21169711


>> No.21169721


>> No.21169724

this has been suggested numerous times.
Even "Swag Lord" at one point.

I'm in favor.

>> No.21169743

I think you mean your wife is having a child, unless you are both pregnant in which case, congratulations.

>> No.21169777


>> No.21169794

Why would you congratulate a woman for getting pregnant? Honest question.

>> No.21169796

Joseph Caiphas, it's 40k and it's pretty unknown and different so he'll definitely stand out when future teachers take roll.

And congratulations!

>> No.21169805

Because it's like every success story.

Sure, people congratulate you now, but they don't have any idea how many times you got fucked to achieve it.

>> No.21169807

Why's this a sticky? Just because?

>> No.21169817

But that's wrong. By that poor play on words, you imply that women do not enjoy having sex with their husbands.

>> No.21169818

Because a child's middle name they'll have throughout the rest of their life is more important then edition wars and my shitty stories.

>> No.21169834

Mods sticky what they want and we have no say about it, since we're just regular browsers. Mods or janitors came back to /tg/ yesterday after they emptied their sacks on /d/ (I assume), and now the board's messed up. We have a dumb sticky, /tg/-related threads were or are being deleted, and now there's redditfags posting their redditshit around.

>> No.21169835


Not necessarily with their husbands.

>> No.21169840

That's why we have a bumps system. Important threads that people are talking in float to the top and shit ones that nobody posts in disappear into the other pages.

>> No.21169846

And if it's not with their husband, it's more than likely accidental and not what they wanted. It's like congratulating someone for having diarrhea.

>> No.21169853


>> No.21169883


>> No.21169884


>> No.21169905

You congratulate them becuase being pregnant means everyone works as intended and they are being more or less functional human beings who manage to complete the circle of life and keep the society from collapse for another generation.


>> No.21169943

Have you tried asking /co/? They read enough comic books, they've gotta know some names that'll have meaning to you and the missus without getting your kit fagbashed.

>> No.21169975

>without getting your kit fagbashed.
That had have been a typo....

>> No.21169978


Mormonfag detected.

>> No.21169987

What's wrong with Bones? It's alright. Especially with last name that also works as first name or last name that can be read as adjective.

Joseph Bones Damien.
Joseph Bones Black.

>> No.21170017

Gonna have to throw my hat in for Danger.

>> No.21170045


>> No.21170073


>> No.21170083

Joseph TDC

The TDC stands for "technicolor dream coat"

>> No.21170099

>Not ATD-C

>> No.21170104

Jack Hammer last name

>> No.21170113

I fucking KNEW that /tg/ also has good taste in music!

>> No.21170122

Fucking hell, I'm drunker than I thought I was.

>> No.21170123

>Make his middle name sound like a gun's model number
>When it really stands for "and the technicolor dream coat"
Well played, sir.

>> No.21170148

>no ASOIAF references yet

Gods be good, you knaves are slow today. The cool thing about Westerosi names is that most of them sound like they could be archaic real-world names.


>> No.21170150

Amazing Technicolour Dream-Coat but that's not important.

>> No.21170166

I suggest Jorah or Jojen out of those. Because JoJo.

>> No.21170191

But yeah, typo. Meant kid. Don't even know how that happened.

>> No.21170205

Bigus Dickus

>> No.21170241

Give him like 12 middle names or some wacky shit like that

>> No.21170334


>> No.21170427

Name your child Skepticism.

>> No.21170459

>ruining someones life by giving them a gimmick name

You make terrible parents.

>> No.21170470

Arathorn, so he can name his son Aragorn.

>> No.21170642

I'm proud of first guy to post, and all who follow his example.

Fuck subtely, you only get to give a child a middle name every once in a while. Go all the way. That kid will be able to handle anything the world throws at him. After all...

Danger is his middle name.

>> No.21170786

I was going to say you're a terrible parent for giving your son a gimmicky middle name.

Then I remembered my parents gave me a gimmicky middle name and I love it.

>> No.21170788


I was going to say Megatron.

Do it OP.

>> No.21170851


>> No.21170884


>> No.21170912

Any kid who doesn't like being called danger is not worth getting what they want. Plus he'll have the best luck with women when he's older.

>> No.21170913

Every image. You're an Iron Giant monster, aren't you?

Also Sabatton.

>> No.21170922

Tiberius, my ninja. That shit goes with everything and sounds badass all by it's self.

Historical, fantasy and Star Trek reference all in one.

>> No.21170931

Yeah, Danger, Kane or perhaps even Conrad if you want to go even more subtle and literary.
Oh and Captcha says that your son will be Lord Cabsci, so that's something.

>> No.21170935

And I've never even come close to posting the entire folder.

>> No.21170976

Kucan. Not quite as cool as Kane, but it's sneakier.

>> No.21170977

Was this thread really deserving of a sticky?

>> No.21170988


>> No.21170998

>Be a mod
>Make thread about your baby's name
>I'm a mod, thus important, thus I will sticky the thread so my thread will be lavished with attention

>> No.21170999

Do not question the mod, lest you bring suffering upon us all.

>> No.21171001


A middle name?


>> No.21171018

Is the continued reminder that we can buy passes, post .pdf files and how to roll dice?
In three separate threads.

>> No.21171047

Yes, because one of us is becoming a father and deserves some fun. Unless you're a no fun allowed faggot, hide it and move on.

OP isn't the mod.

>> No.21171074

It still isn't deserving of a sticky. Nothing can justify THIS THREAD being stickied, but no other threads that have been similar. It's not even that related to the board.

And giving your kid a 'lol pop culture xD' name is fucking stupid.

>> No.21171087

wow, you'll go far in life lad.

You'll go far.

>> No.21171091

nth for Danger, in the language of your choice.

>> No.21171102

Good thing you're not a mod, then!

>> No.21171134


>> No.21171137

>Call thread out on being undeserving of Mod favor
>Call thread out on not really being related to the board or even that interesting

>'hurr ur a loser wow'

OP/Mod detected

Go ahead and have the thread, but it's not that fucking important it deserves a sticky. There's been threads like this before, and they've never been stickied, because they aren't that fucking relevant.

>> No.21171223


So if I'm a mod, and i've been detected, and I make such clearly bad decisions. Maybe a good one would be to can your whining bitch ass from the board, making it a better place and forcing you to do something else with the seven hours you spend here pretending to be anything better than a NEET with entitlement issues.

Pity you'll never have your own kid for people to unite around in joy. But then again, best for its sake that you never could.

Thanks for the thread, all glory to you lord and master anon.

Sage isn't a downvote system by the way.

>> No.21171250

I hear the chan of seven's nice this time of year.

>> No.21171309

Oh man someone's mad.

>> No.21171330


You clearly do make awful decisions, and are obviously heiny-hobbled at the fact that you/your friend's baby's middle name is not fucking relevant to the board as a whole, and is certainly not important enough to warrant it permanently taking up space on the first page. It's only stickied because otherwise it wouldn't of made it past 20 or so posts before it naturally descended to make way for new threads.

/tg/ is not your/OP/The Mod's blog page, and they are not entitled to make their own lives and events happening in them front-page news.

>> No.21171375

What's your last name? You should do an acronym of some sort.

>girlfriend and I already agreed to have our kids be NATO and SCO

>> No.21171427

>first name Joseph
There's only one choice.

Guaranteed he'll go to med school.

>> No.21171462

hey OP not to be overly critical, but Joseph is the most god damn boring name I've ever heard. It's up there with John.

Is it your fathers name or something? cause you're just adding onto a long name of boredom.

Also your names are pretty name for "geek terms".
Subtlety is an art, give him something that isn't stand out geeky and can be seen as somewhat normal by the public: if anything I'd name him Creed.
He'd be a Tactical Genius. Or Cain from the Cipheas Cain 40k books.

>> No.21171512


>> No.21171593


>> No.21171712

>tfw I realize moot just wrote a script to randomly sticky a post on this board once in a while to make it look like someone cared about this place.
>mfw I realize all our sticky edition wars threads have been randomly stickied.

>> No.21171775

You could make the middle name Dio.
This way you would reference JJBA when writing it out and OP when shortening it to D.

>> No.21171789

Robert Jellyman

>> No.21171815

Joseph Beric
Joseph Tiberius
Joseph Cain

>> No.21171822


Because ... Hannibal.

>> No.21171831


>> No.21171978


>> No.21172009

You could of at least had the decency of posting an interesting image for a subtopic, btw.

>> No.21172136

I vote Urza

Or failing that Danger.

Honestly, guys, if the kid is awkward he'll get made fun of no matter what his name is. You should have heard the pathetic excuses for insults kids tried to come up with for my last name which is pronounced the same as REAL. If he is slick/socially proficient, it won't matter what middle name you give him. Plus, you almost never have to use your middle name, even as a kid.

>> No.21172139

Make his first name Darth and always call him by his middle name. So his middle name is really his main name but his first name is technically Darth.

>> No.21172169

Tankred or Jace.

>> No.21172180

Here's another idea. My grandfather on my father's side was named R.T. Seriously, he just had two initials for his name, they didn't stand for anything! Everyone called him Art. Never seemed to bother him.

>> No.21172226

If you name him Horus, and he has siblings, he will betray you and kill most of them!

>> No.21172234


Wow...that was getting weird when my name is David William <last name>

>> No.21172272


>> No.21172348

my first born son will be James Tiberius ____, my second son will be Charles with the middle name either Xavier, Eric (prof x and magneto) or Darwin. my first daughter will be Gwendoline Stacy. Best part is the first names are all shared by close relatives who wont get the nerd references underneath! we just look thoughtful!

>> No.21172380

Op here. Home from work. Thank you everyone for the heartfelt nick names. Your welcome to continue but I wanted to remind everyone that we likely won't use any... BUT. Danger is totally the best of this thread and might be a nickname.

>> No.21172383

How about....

Andhistechnicolourdreamcoat? As a middle name.

>> No.21172439

how bout

>> No.21172526

how about Slab

>> No.21172556

>Have thread stickied
>Won't even use any of the names


You're unworthy of the honor.

>> No.21172598


>> No.21172603

Name him Russ. People will think it is short for Russel but we will know the truth.

>> No.21172716

With Joseph as a first name... i think:
Ackermann -> assures ritches
Mengele -> you should go for that, great physician... from a nazi point of view
Stalin -> it is known
Göbbels -> great rethorics that one
Smith -> mormons

capcha: consequences offknig

>> No.21172812

Joestar is the only correct answer.

>> No.21172830

His name should be Joseph Robbie Paulson


Joseph Admiral Wolverine Lightningbolt.

>> No.21173053

Joseph Darkness Despair Dementia Raven Way.

>> No.21173056


>> No.21173083

Joseph "Motherfucking" <Last Name> does have a bit of a ring to it.

>> No.21173120

>-Horus (Yeah yeah 40k.)
No. Don't name your kid after an Egyptian god. Seriously.
>-Biggs (Darklighter)
No. He's not a lost RAF pilot.
>-Kane (Lives!)
Yeah, I'm sure he'll love being named after the Bible's second villain.

>-Mario (To common...)
Not unless you're Italian.
>-Luke (To common...)
The name is Lukas.
>-Bones (Uhg)
For once we agree.

Listen, the kid's gonna have to fucking live with this shit. Have some basic sense of decency and don't geek out here, he's going to be embarrassed about his parents anyway (it's part of growing up), so he really don't want to have your hobby stamped onto himself forever (or at least until old enough to have it changed, which will seem like forever to him).

Do what sensible people do and name recycle your grandfather's name instead. He's going to be an individual in his own right, not a way for you two to express your individuality.

>> No.21173127






(wintermute plz)

>> No.21173149

I like you. Seconding recommendation for kid, and adding rauta, Finnish for sword. Korpiklaani fuck yeah.

>> No.21173214

Joseph is the worst part.
Guybrush instead

>> No.21173266

Me amd my wife are naming our kid victor vallence x
Vic vallence is like the coolest grifter name ever

>> No.21173377

Please just give the kid a normal middle name.

My middle name is JK.

No, I am not just kidding. That is the actual middle name on my birth certificate, social security card, all of that. It is unbelievably annoying.

Don't do that to your kid.

>> No.21173393

What is with parents today and middle names?

No one gives a shit what someone's middle name is. I don't go around introducing myself as "Alex Joseph" to people.

>> No.21173396

Don't fucking name your kid a reference to something. Jesus christ you "geek" parents are retarded, your child may not have the same interests as you. Just give him a strong, normal name.

>> No.21173423

Middle names further identify you against someone with an identical first and surname.

>> No.21173439


Do Not give him this name if you're in an area with a lot of Christfags. Ciaphas is a biblical villain.

Though to be fair, it's usually spelled Caiaphas and Christfags aren't too smart.

>> No.21173447

Danger OP, having a normal middle name is gay, mines Luther, if mine was something fuck awesome I'd be pretty fuckin stoked. Seriously who gives a fuck if their middle name is something weird, it's not like you even need to use the damn thing.

>> No.21173450


>> No.21173481

What do Christfags have to do with the way a 40k novelist spells names?

>> No.21173496

Virtually nobody knows about that guy. He isn't a BIG BAD GUY like Judas or Herod or anything.

>> No.21173506

Has to be Joestar.

>> No.21173533

I've actually got my sons' names planned out already. (don't want a daughter, I don't like other girls :x)

Phillip Tidus Mylastname
Lestat Alexander Mylastname
Maverick Greenwood Mylastname

>> No.21173588

Give your son a manly name like Bruce or Conrad. Avoid faggy shit like Bentley, Grayson, Jaden, et cetera.

>> No.21173669


>> No.21173686

My son's middle name will probably be my father's name.
His first name will probably be my grandfather's.

>> No.21173724

saging a sticky

>> No.21173763


>> No.21173765


>> No.21173785


Joseph Magnus X-Nerdington

>> No.21173821

>wanting to name your son Maverick

I would earnestly desire that you do not engage in this behaviour

everyone will just think you're a sarah palin fan

>> No.21173831

>not naming your children Maverick and Goose

>> No.21173835

That's about as likely as people thinking the parents are unicorns.
Let's leave fictional creatures out of this.

>> No.21173871

You sound dangerously heretical, and your wife is boring.

>> No.21173890


Getting pregnant turns all but the most interesting women into zombies who only care about coupons and soccer games.

>> No.21173902

>Horus (40k)

reminds me of "'An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind' - MW2"

>> No.21174010


>> No.21174301

yeah, horus and kane? OP needs to stop trying to be 2edgy4u

>> No.21174417

Dude, DUDE, Horus was pretty bro for most of his early life.

Chaos does things to a person.

This is a bad idea on so many levels.
I tentatively agree.
One of my colleagues is called Merlin and it really messed with the guy.

On the other hand, well, it's "only" the middle name so there's that.

>> No.21177515

How about Ernst?
Can't have a name more serious than that. It means seriousness in German.
As in Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, the man who discovered the G-spot.

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