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ITT: Any awesome, cool, awe-inspiring Warhammer 40k artwork either official or not official; it really doesn't matter.

Pic very much related

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Your picture is one of the worst examples of 40k art ever created, though. His tiny little head and stubby arms are laughable.

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Sanguinius is still the best.

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His arms still look wrong, and his legs are basically impossible.

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none awesomer

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But OP, that picture is painfully bad.

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here ya go OP

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It's terminator armor. That's what it does faggot.

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Every time I see that thumbnail, I think the Rubric Marine is sweating.

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Not according to the models it doesn't. Guess which is less aesthetically offensive?

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Actually, he's not THAAAAAAT anatomically incorrect.

Assuming he's like ten feet tall, and the armor is thick as fuck, of course

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His legs are still longer and wider than the rest of his body. He's also not 10 feet tall in anything but a fanboy's imagination.

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Still the best Sororitas picture.

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he's drawn that way, though.

That's not an exact true-to-fluff spess mehren; it's done by a guy who mixes his own aesthetic and characters in

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...No shit it was drawn that way, that doesn't make it good, appropriate, accurate, or anything other than stupid-looking.

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>herf derf context doesn't matter
>my opinions are facts!

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>I think it looks fucking amazing and I wouldn't change a thing about it

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Number 1 amongst the Primarchs, dayum look at that sexy beast!

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And so what if he thinks it looks nice, you pretentious sperglord? Does it wound your pride, knowing that someone has a different opinion?

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More than that.

That's mother-fuckin' Fulgrim!

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Evil Batman.

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Not particularly, I just have a hard time believing that someone has that horrible a taste, but this is a faggot who likes 40k, so what the hell should I expect?

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You will never find a more wretched hive of combat drugs and gladiator girls

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Right, Curze. That's why white hair and purple/gold armor.

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Takes after daddy.

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Are you being sarcastic or something? Of course that's Curze, that's why he has black hair, is pale as fuck, and is covered in Night Lords heraldry.

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OP is a great example of the wrong way to draw Termie Armour.

Pic is a great example of the Right way to draw it.

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You wanna take a look at the picture I referenced? The one with hair whiter than the skin, and purple armor with gold trim? See how his hair and eyebrows are white but his skin is a dark grey? See how his armor has that purple shit coming out of it with NO heraldry on it? Here, I'll link it again so you can stare at it while you go fuck yourself.


Blind fucking faggot.

>flabellately bHungD
Flabellately indeed, Captcha

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See? Here we go. My only complaint about this one is I think his feet should be a little wider.

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space burrito

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...Oh, I see what happened here. No, the 'Vampire joke' image was a response to Fulgrim, not another pic of him.

Clearly we all know the difference.

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Enough. It's perfectly fine.

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I only just realised the left one is a chick.

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That's an odd sentiment coming from a guy who draws pretty much solely Marines.

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It's called being edgy and not playin' by da rulez.

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Nah, Cross really wanted an SoB action title more then Space Marine.

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Oh no, I remember where this eventually went.

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hey artist, shit up the right side tau's wargear some more. your point isn't obvious enough.

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Nothing you ever do will stop the legs from looking absolutely retarded.

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Tau don't have red blood.
Also the idea of a renegade Marine joining the Tau is laughable.

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Space Burrito and Space Coca Cola™

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I'd like to try some space nachos.

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>Tau Marine

This is ultra mega heresy son.

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>Tau Marine

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Eh Marines have been known to do stranger things like I dunno...worship the chaos gods, become pirates, strike out on their own and such. So one joining the Tau isn't too farfetched and those space commie bastards are rather subversive......

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Implausible armor, you say?

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The Chaos Gods offer unlimited power and ultimate freedom.
Their subversion is actually SPIRITUAL.
They can offer you ANYTHING. What the fuck can the Tau offer? An Ethereal telling you you did a good job?

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A few days off and decent food service.

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Which they can get from being a renegade. The Tau are not required.
Why would a Marine go renegade just to exchange his old masters for new alien ones?

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The Tau pay better than going rogue.

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Or if you prefer the Thousand sons (I do)

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No they don't.
Do you have any idea how rich a piratical renegade Marine ends up?

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Usually dead, whereas a Tau marine actually has buddies who will help him out.

>> No.21174583

Yeah, the Red Corsairs are TOTALLY dead, right?
Oh, wait.

Any renegade Marine can pick up buddies.

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It's not actually a marine.
It's autonomously operating power armour that was designed for use by the imperial guard.
It was declared heretical and somehow managed to slip into Tau hands at some point.

Look up Hammerhead Down 40k

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I kinda hate that picture though, because it makes it look like Magnus has tiny arms.

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Meanwhile, the Emperor has two left arms in your picture.

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The fight with Horus screwed him up in more ways than one.

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Best 40K picture.

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>few days off and a decent food service

Marines love warfare and killing, why would they want time off? And why would the Tau empire give a valuable asset like defecting marines time off?

And food service? Where does this factor into the Tau fluff?

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Human sized power armour exists and looks different.

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By the way, does anyone have the Wallpaper sized SM, IG, Ork or Tyranid Victories? I can't find them.

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I'm aware. It's semi-autonomous.
It either pilots itself utilizing a heretical AI or incorporates a soldier who is essentially rendered a quadriplegic from wounds sustained in past combat.

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That is one fucking stupid looking sword.

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>Marines love warfare and killing, why would they want time off?
It matters not who lives and dies... blood is shed, as it has always been. There is nothing else in this forsaken existence.

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Agreed, but you can get it at some point in retribution.

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It's not a sword, dopey. It's a Deamon weapon.
They can look like whatever they want.
It's in the Constitution!

>> No.21174846

It still looks like something you'd see in WoW.

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I call it "Shark Sword"

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Secret fact: The majority of the Chaos God's power not from mortal worship, but rather by siphoning the souls of our dimension. They used to do this via sports, but their power has nearly tripled since they introduced the soul-crushing MMO genre.

That empty feeling you get after you look up and realize you spent an entire day grinding rep points to buy a sword slightly better than your current one? That's your very life being sucked away to feed the Gods.

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Guess I need to stop browsing 4chan

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Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet

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Fool. You think you can resist the temptations of the Gods? Admit it, Nurgle has you in his apathetic grasp. Tzeentch fuels our creative mind. Slaanesh keeps the board perpetually /dlite/, and Khorne? Have you seen the nerdrages of /tg/?

You cannot deny it. They already own you, body and soul. And that's just /tg/.

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how thick is a sororita´s power armor? or is she just that thin

>> No.21175146

The "armor" is just bodypaint.

>> No.21175155

I don't think that's your typical sororitas, and if so I don't think that's power armor. At least not legitimate power armor.

>> No.21175180

It's Light Power Armor.
So, not very.

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That is the most glorious image I have ever seen. I don't have many mechanicus pictures so keep em comin.

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