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Give me stories of good final battles! I needs some inspiration!

Boss fights that were epic, challenging, and fun!

While we are at it, boss battle music!!!

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I was running the Black Sepulchre and the final boss there was pretty fucking great.

It ended with the Cleric shooting a (self-blessed) rifle at a half-manifested Daemon Prince.

After they shot a Volcano Cannon at it from top of a walking Imperiator Titan. And screamed its name at it from inside a whirling flaming daemonic library.

What I'm saying is that the Black Sepulchre is pretty cool.

Here's your music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckxy-i7Dc5U

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i only know what half that stuff is, but it sounds awesome.

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Basically the team shot a horrifically powerful daemon with a holy gundam-sort-of-thing after weakening it by screaming its true name at it while half in hell and finished it off by shooting the fuck out of it.

(after it crushed all the organs out of the psyker).

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Do you think Brick Frog has a mechanism to breathe underwater? He might just be my next character. Should he be a sort of aquatic character or just wear a frog suit for disguise bonus?

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When will they make new Venture Bros. episodes?

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He just wears a frog suit and runs around hurling bricks at people from his sack of bricks.

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Wikipedia says February of 2013. It'll be worth the wait.

I just feel like there has to be more depth to him. Granted, throwing bricks if pretty cool.

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>Be Artificer
>Get to final boss(es)
>Suggest that party force the baddies to group together.
>Spend two actions taking my coat off.
>Have an unseen servant take my cloak to the big bads.
>Reveal that there were 40 Explosive runes on the inside of my coat that were crossed with Arcane Mark to hide them.
>Read them to trigger them.
>Do 302 damage.
>The day I became a Striker.

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>Gming Shadowrun.
>Due to shenanigans and a poor understanding of the fluff on my part, the final boss is Bob the Great Dragon.
>Party goes to the park to face them.
>One has several large drones, one is in an anthroform, and two have the best armor and weapons they could buy.
>Get large speakers by stealing them from Radio Shack.
>Set up speakers in middle of park. Call dragon over.
>Dragon is uninterested until he is insulted.
>Flies over, player shouts "Stop!"
>Challenges him to a rock-off.
>Dragon summons spirits to make up his band.
>Player summons Dragonforce, who happened to be on tour.
>They rock harder than anyone has ever rocked in a best-out-of-three matchup.
>Dragon wins first song, Players barely wins second, Players handily wins third.
>Seattle was saved from the wrath of Bob the Great Dragon.

This is only the abridged version, unfortunately. I've got class starting soon.

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