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Surprise! The rogue psyker BBEG possessed by a Warp entity that your party finally managed to corner after a whole campaign of hardships and spent fate points is actually /x/-tan, and she has no idea what all the fuss is about.

Wat do?

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Not sure.

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bitch needs a suntan

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Roll up my character sheet and smack the GM over the head with it.

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Oh hey, you saved the original.

I resized it and added this part. The artist was asking in his own thread "what is this missing?" so I did this and he thanked me for it.

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I would probably make a thread on /tg/ asking what to do.

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Turn her back to the Emperor with lawful hot dickings.

Alternatively, tell her that the ghosts are real, sit back, and laugh.

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Fall to Chaos, of course. This seems like an excellent opportunity to transition from Dark Heresy to Black Crusade.

What did you expect? Surely no one could bring themselves to execute /x/.

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But ghosts are real. Ever try opening your eyes the instant you turn off the light at night?

Try it a few times. Also try turning the light on when you close your eyes.

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Has the existence of ghosts ever really been in controversy?

I mean, my house is haunted as fuck. Ghost bitch always be messing with my shit.

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>I mean, my house is haunted as fuck.
Ghost waifu?

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I kill her or knock her out. Either way, I'll deliver her body back to the Black Ship.

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Sounds legit. Also, I should totally try stealing that chest of stolen Spanish gold from the grave out back of my house that I keep finding dead cats ontop of. That way, I'll be sure to meet a nasty lil' ghostie!

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If only...

The ghost is one of those move stuff around when you're not looking, footstep noises at night, appear in your peripheral vision then vanish when you turn to look kind of ghosts. She's a massive troll.

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Giver 7 inches of magical healing cawk, and save the day.

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Haven't you ever seen Pirate of the Caribbean?

Leave the cursed gold alone or you'll turn into a skeleton.

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Well have you TRIED to talk to her?
Maybe she's just teasing you because she likes you.

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I would in a heartbeat. If we've got to have a board waifu let it be /ck/.

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Have you tried saging it?
how do you know it's female?

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The only thing that comes to my mind at the moment, is him sitting there late at night 7 months down the road and yelling "WOOOOOOOO GHOST BLOWJOB!"

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IIRC, /tg/ gets a harem, and /ck/ is taken by /co/.

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monster girl Pride?

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the hell do we get /s/?

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Admittedly, /s/ is the hot girl who never puts out anything more than a striptease, so it's not like it's *that* amazing.

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>how do you know it's female?
Because the daughter of my house's first owner died in the house back in the 1880's.

And I caught a glimpse of the ghost in a mirror once, and it appeared to be wearing a dress. I guess it could be a trap ghost, but that seems a bit far fetched.

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Because nobody else asked /s/, and that was back when there were a few ca/tg/irls posting nudes here, so there's some connection.

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>but that seems a bit far fetched.
Maybe it's a ghost of a crossdresser who died without fufilling his only wish, to feel like a girl and have someone treat him like a girl.

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well, if it can move shit around, it shuld be able to write. have you tried leaving it a note?

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We got /s/ the same way anyone with some balls gets the smoking hot chick in highschool to go to the prom with them. We asked her politely.

But as someone else mentioned, /s/ doesn't put out... she only puts on a show.

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What age-range does it appear as? Little-girl? Young adult?

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Don't you mean /d/ gets a harem?

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>technomancer art
>immediately expect the incoming diaper

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Haven't tried that. Perhaps I should, next time the ghost shows up. For the most part, I try to ignore the haunting, since she only does noticeable stuff every few weeks.

Young adult.

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I have three pics of /x/tan in them. Should I post them?

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I don't really like the whole -tan shit since it is quite literally nothing more than waifu wars, so go ahead.

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That shit is just another forced meme.

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It's really not a forced meme anymore. The original artists are all gone and people just post Cultist spontaneously now.

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>Young adult.
Well, she might just like you then. Especially if you're the only one seeing her. I agree with the idea of leaving a note. You could also try taking poloroid pictures at random, and seeing if anything shows up. I remember some true ghost-story where people living in a house first began to notice odd white blurs in photos they took while in the house. They began asking questions and taking pictures immediately after, and would end up with pictures that had the answer written in white blurs across the photo. Eventually the ghost shifted to straight latin, and they had to begin translating it's responses.

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You fuck off too, daggerchin.

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When it appeared it was a forced meme, just that whole Reddit shit is spammed on /v/. There is no difference between the two.

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>female ghost
>young adult
>teases you
She wants to fuck, anon. You are the waifu for a ghost.

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But she's endorsed for her own short run miniseries webcomic.

Surely you can acknowledge her now? Just look at her and tell yourself you hate her.

Not everything forced is a meme by the way. Maybe things that catch on are not a meme, like dubstep. Just because chan's are resembled by images, doesn't make them staple memes.

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No, its just more retarded cutesy LOLSOKAWAII shit wrapped in shitty art to boot. If I wanted that, I would just read Xeno's Adventure. At least that isnt so painful on the eyes.

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Shared harem, probably.

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Well. Normally I'm all FOR SCIENCE! guy. However since I believe than no law of physic should stay on way of someone happiness i say: GO FOR IT!! And good luck.

Also to the ghost lady ( I know you are over his shoulder right now. ): Take good care of him. Will ya?

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You should leave rose petals out and play this song:

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>not http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4uxIo4t7xM

I thought you wanted to bust open that ghost.

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I'm turning this into a general spook thread.

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>doesn't know about cultistchan

Jesus man you really must be new

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...but I just described cultist-chan to a fucking tee. I could go on about how she originated as R63 of the cultists from DoW or how she didn't get much attention until Mr. Culexis spammed the fuck out of her, but the end result is still the same. The art is an eyesore and the character is dull.

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But she's liked and you aren't

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>art is an eyesore

Most of it, yeah. There are some good pieces of her done by competent artists.

>character is dull

It's a cultist...

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I approve of this argument. It's a fallacy, but I like it.

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>character is dull.

There have been attempts by people to make her more interesting, including someone trying to replace Abbandon with her. And it has been said time and again, it fucks up the character, she is best as a dull dimwitted cultist.

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What do? I think that's pretty obvious: two bolter rounds to the head and the rest of the clip center-of-mass. Bitch was walking heresy!

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Should have said burn the witch.

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I'm more liked than CC, which isn't saying much.
I meant dull as in uninteresting, not as in stupid. Which she also is.

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I miss the /tg/x/ stuff.

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make them fight.

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I propose an alternative.

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Burning takes time, and you can always burn the corpse later.

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Yeah I know, it's what I meant to. Coincidentally, it works both ways.

Chaos cultists ARE supposed to both dull and stupid.

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The slutty ghost lingerie. WOO WOO

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this brings up a better idea.

Instead of just finding some random girl the party has never met before, why not have one of them be taken or consumed or whatever by the warp early in the campaign.
While the rest of the party thinks that character is dead, have the PC that was playing as her continue to bumble through a bunch of crap (through private sessions or something) that inadvertently results in most of the hardships that the rest of the party faces.

A bit cliche I guess, but better than just finding someone who is clueless that you've never met before causing you a ton of trouble.

Now what do you do with a party member you thought was dead and left behind who is now tainted, immensely powerful, but otherwise ignorant of the consequences of their actions?

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Poor girl...

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You might want to keep in mind that if you end up romancing the ghost, she will invariably kill you if you try to move to a different house.

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Failed visual h novel /x/ started a while back. paradating.ownforum.org
It might not end in .org, I haven't been there in forever.

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Considering how he disappeared from the thread right after we convinced him to try to contact the ghost it's probably safe to say she already killed him.

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Say what now?

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Characters from a visual novel /x/ started a while back. From left to right: Bloody Mary, a ghost whose name I can't remember, /x/tan, red slime, Ozoi (the nijuara maid), and a succubus.

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forum died

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