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/tg/, I challenge you to design a setting or system more rape-y than FATAL.

Are you bad enough dudes to rape the rapists raping rapists?

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so a buttfuck train, it stops being rape after raping the first rapist

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For some reason, I find it massively unsettling that I can recognize this image and the set it's from. I need to reevaluate my life.

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>/tg/, I challenge you to design a setting or system more rape-y than FATAL.
>Are you bad enough dudes to rape the rapists raping rapists?
Ho ho!
Let's raise the stakes and make it PLAYABLE.

I suggest basing the system around Tri-stat.

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>Houserule all males as casters
>Houserule all females as Fighters/Samurai.

And the rape will flow.

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"The game of little girls running."

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It isn't /that/ bad.

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Is 'Mindbroken' an advantage or a flaw?

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First one, then the other.

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Didn't someone in Sweden release a free-to-print RPG simply called "Gang Rape?"

I may be getting the details wrong, but there are certain things I just don't want to Google.

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Fairly sure GURPS can do that.

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Design is unnecessary. Just homebrew a few rules and classes into an already existing system (D&D or Pathfinder is usually a good choice), get a veteran /d/M to run it, and boom, all the mindbreak, futa, rape, orgies, bondage, monstergirls, and whatever else your /d/eviant mind wants out the ass and then some. No shit. Why make a system from scratch when it's already mostly done for you?

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>Didn't someone in Sweden release a free-to-print RPG simply called "Gang Rape?"

He did, but you can only get a copy if you email him for it. I had one years ago, but somehow deleted it, and the fucker won't respond to my emails!

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>[The creator] understood that Anonymous would either want to be the little girl or at very least want to chase her down and gut her where she stands.

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Yes, and I've read the rules for it. It... isn't pleasant, and it wasn't meant to be.

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The DL link for this is dead and so are the ones on /rs/, anyone got it?

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>Implying I'm not desperately looking for players for a fetishistic dungeon crawl already

Not having a single ounce of luck though.

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Online or irl?
Which fetishes?

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I cannot help but think I know you.

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Online, most anything save for hardcore humiliation/degradation/scat

I want to talk to my players about what they want to include before doing anything.

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Using what system? Skype? IRC?

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IRC, and I'm not -sure- what system I want to use yet.

irc.rizon.net on #notapproppro

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I may drop in later, thanks.

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I'd like to read Panic and Gang Rape.

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If I can find a way to mask myself without quitting the other channels I'm in, I might join later. I don't want the other people I play with to know, ya dig?

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Channels can be made hidden by their OP on some servers.

You might also be able to log on to the server twice, by opening it again in a new window.

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I'll test that, then.

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addendum: still can't actually join for at least 45-60 minutes.

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Seriously, you barely need to change anything if you're a caster. Dominate, Mindrape, Wrack, Eternity of Torment... Not to mention the kind of things you could do with overlooked spells like Horrible Taste, Primal Form, or Miser's Envy

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Well, provide source.

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>He wants Yugioh porn

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>He doesn't want to watch the Faye Titsariffic get mindbroken

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>I've already read the hentai Onigashima which is a lot more brutal than pointless rape

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I think you mean...

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Porn is porn and I'm mildly curious where it ends.

Probably not too exciting, though.

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I forgive the watermark.

This time.

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Rolled 100

...PLEASE tell me you got that off a Google image search.

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I just upload most of my images straight from Google Image. It was the only one that wasn't shitty for some other reason.

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>getting mad at things on the Internet

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>pretending the internet is anything less than a streamlined method of cultural interaction and therefore theft and cheapening of one's culture is not even more vitriolic online than in person.

Why yes. I do get mad on the internet. Because it's not a magical alternate plane like it was so easy to pretend it was until the recent past.

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Whelp, while we're on the subject, might as well advertise:

>GM and/or Player, if appropriate
GM, game currently looking for more players
>Game(s) of Choice (board, card, RPG)
Kingdom maker ERP using Dresden Files
>Timezone & Times Available
GMT, most evenings from 6 onwards
>Contact Info
#pregerp on Rizon IRC
Come look if you're curious.

We're also starting a secondary evil campaign, which is going to pretty much be a tounge in the cheek Dungeon Keeper style game, with various levels of ERP and Villiany.

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Got a system in mind yet?

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...Something more rapey than fatal? Are we talking about the rape of your soul, or a game where rape is literal? Theoretically speaking, if you want to go full rape with fluff that will make you vomit Wraethu, is probably the way to go. Additionally the rules are almost as bad as Cinnibar, but not quite as bad as FATAL.

What is Wraethu about? Why it's about a group of aliens with starfish genitalia who want to convert men to the race and is based of a popular series of urban fantasy smut books. Also they have no patience for women.

Sure if you want to be technical, FATAL is the best for this (IE anal circumference, ejaculate that can go super sonic etc) in a technical aspect, however what really makes Wraethu stand apart is the full on insane amount of detail in fetish they have with the fluff.

Give me a few days, I designed a FATAL lite for fatal quest, I guess I can turn into "RAPEFEST: THE RAPPENING" or some shit.

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black tokyo

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Actually, I've been thinking, I want to design an RPG which is less about murder and more about... well, not rape necessarily, but about defeating people without killing them. Corruption of Champions is a partial inspiration, in that you rarely kill people in that game.

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Tabletop, or actual RPG?

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RPG, both roguelike and pen and paper type (probably can use a slightly different version for both).

This isn't to say killing wouldn't happen... it happens in Corruption of Champions, too. But I decided that RPGs are too grimdark, especially because the source of the phrase "grimdark," 40k, doesn't usually result in one side or the other completely dead, whereas you almost always have to kill fucking everyone in an RPG. Often, the enemies you tend to face are so fucking evil and psychotic that they are guaranteed to try to kill you or other people to the point that there's no sense in letting them live, and no real chance that they will let you live, and running is usually impossible and unprofitable.

Its not just that its mildly disturbing to contemplate the heaps of carcasses your character makes every session, but also bizarre and unrealistic in that, say, a battle with 50% casualties like Custer's Last Stand is renowned as a crushing defeat and not "Tuesday."

This isn't some kind of moral condemnation of RPGs, mind you, its just the attitude always seems to be kill everybody.

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I call it "Rapist: The Fuckening"
It's a World of Darkness splat where you play humans who have been possessed by the unholy will of the Fuck God, an in order to maintain your sanity, you must sate this primal hunger with rape.

Consensual sex will not do. Only rape.

Luckily, the will of the Fuck God has granted you powers that can allow you to better stalk your victims, alter their moods making them more succeptible to your manipulations or even less willing, making the struggle that much more fruitful, or you can transform your body in hideous ways to perform masterful multi-fucks by becoming the tentacle beasts of Japanese legend.

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Before you start on the roguelike type, don't follow Noxico's example. If you want to be more..let's say, 'adult' and 'mature' about it, develop the games mechanics first; stuff like clothes ripping, arousal, lust, stamina, what kind of health point system you'll use, etc. before you go into the more mature-based areas.

Same for the RPG tabletop, don't focus so much on the sex/sexual organs, focus on the storyline and the games overall mechanics and try to make them enjoyable and good before digging into the carcassi of mature/sexual based/adultbased/whatever-based theme you're going for, generally speaking.

Can't say what a good system would be to use as inspiration for this, though. It just depends on what type of game you're ultimately going for.

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Wheres this image from

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We created the Rape Factory.

Get on our level, OP.

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>theft and cheapening of one's culture

Jesus, get over yourself. 4choad isn't a "culture", it's a piece of fucking software.

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It isn't going to be a sexually oriented game... I am inspired by Corruption of Champions in that it has RPG conventions but centered around beating people senseless rather than killing them.

In lieu of killing, I'm thinking the usual term would be "defeated." Killing can be done, if you really want, but is more messy, prolonged, and difficult.

Most monsters are either magical creatures or significantly huger than humans.

- Dragons and giants might often be encountered laden with stolen loot they're taking back to their horde, and defeating them results in them dropping what they may have stolen and making a run for it (and if they're prevented from fleeing through PC effort, will begin to SERIOUSLY fight in a frenzy, which isn't something that is going to be a comfortable experience for most PCs). You are basically stabbing such creatures in the foot until they decide "fuck this I'm going home." Unless in a frenzy, they are more likely to rob the PCs as well than be interested in killing them.

- Zombies and possessed are easier to revive/exorcise than to kill, and killing a possessed also frees the demon within, who will be significantly more powerful than before.

- Creatures like wraiths, ghosts, and even vampires are more parasitic in nature than killy; they typically attack by clinging and siphoning away life force, blood, etcetera, killing them causes them to turn into vapor or mist for a time.

- Goblins are excellent illusionists, thiefs, and rascals. Defeated goblins simply vanish, either teleporting away or being revealed to be illusions in and of themselves, and a goblin attack may often similarly have illusions of monsters, and illusions are themselves a category of monster. Of course, if you really desire to kill them for good, something like Dimensional Anchor would work.

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- Mindless skeletons, bugs and golems (of the giant hunk of materials variety) themselves are probably okay to be destroyed under typical situations.

- People-on-people violence, which are probably going to be unusual, will typically feature people becoming too injured to continue fighting long before they actually die. With healing being reasonably prevalent, few fights lead to death, and looting+ransoming is preferable.

The basic core of the idea is just D&D type game minus killing, though I plan innovations not pertaining to this aspect. But it is a doozy in and of itself.

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Give your PCs two health tracks. Do the same exact thing for them, but track them separately. When the first hits zero, they're KO'd. When the second hits zero, they're dead.
Lots of games feature "stun" mechanics.

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>the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group
>A group of over 30 specific communities cohabiting in the same area, each with their own rules, ideals, in-jokes, and beliefs
>Not a culture
4chan isn't a program. It doesn't collect data from across the internet for you personally to look at and examine. It isn't just automated responses pinging off each other bringing up the same programmed answers to the same programmed questions.
4chan is people. It's people from all walks of life bringing things together they want to talk about and show to other people behind a mask of anonymity with no fear of being judged for what you look like, how you sound, or where you're from, but only judged for what you bring to the table.
It's not perfect. It's not pretty. It's not even good. But it's ours damn it. So you can just get out.

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Still crossing fingers for a copy of the Panic RPG pdf.

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Lost knowledge of /tg/...

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Couldn't we just play Corruption of Champions in a system?

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[Lowtech-city] Mizukidon (Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal)
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