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>Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army book: Bretonnia
>Bretonnia forces colonizes Albion
>add in Highlander, real Longbowmen, Heavy Billmen, Crusader knights
>fluff: Albion Bretonnian vs Mainland Bretonnia ala the 100 years war
Wut you think teegee?

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No Fantasy fans tonight?

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>Bretonnia forces colonizes Albion

Why would they do that


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I want a Napoleonic revolution to happen, and Bretonnia somehow manages to beat and dismantle the Empire just like in real history.

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It's kind of honorable.

Maybe the Lady guide them there.

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I think they would have better luck colonizing parts of cathay and indus (which iirc they already have trading posts)

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That would make sense though, as the Norman did colonize buttfuck England.

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>I want a Napoleonic revolution to happen

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Maybe one of the Lizardmen colonists called the Lady a watery tart, and they're out for scaly hides to avenge the insult.

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U wot m8?

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>he thinks Albion is England

More akin to Ireland methinks

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>Poetic name for England

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Let's see.

It's foggy, it has a stonehenge, it has druids and warpaint naked dudes.

Sound like England pre-Norman to me.

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>He doesn't know about our bitchin' wool exports

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>sounds a lot like Britannia, the ancient name for Great Britain

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>stone henge
>naked dudes
Sounds like Britain today.

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A lot of those were in Ireland too

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Nah, that would mean a lot of muslims and indians.

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Ireland is next to England, so we can have both.

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>real Longbowmen

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You mean some buttfuck native american tribes.

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Real, professionally trained longbowmen that can pierce plate armors in long distance.

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Please. They're not nearly polite enough.

Clearly their slaves are the Canadians, while the DE themselves are Americans.

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So, wood elves?

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Someone explain Tilean and Estelia, whose bright idea to make those names sound so similar to each other?

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You know how there are katana fanboys who obnoxiously insist that their favourite metal killing stick was somehow a divinely inspired super weapon? Yeah, well longbows have their retarded fanboys too.

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Yes, except human.

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Oh god not you

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>combining England's missile troops and infantry with French's heavy cavalry
It's over, the Empire is finished.

The west wins again, faget krauts.

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>combining England's missile troops and infantry with French's heavy cavalry

But they already do that

Its called Peasant Longbowmen + KotR

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Im confus.

Isn't Bretonnia England? With their Lionhearts and King Arthur inspiration.

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The peasants aren't professional trained.

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Is someone sick of this masterwork bow bullshit?

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geedubs was lazy

they also hope no one gives a fuck about those 2

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That is a myth.
Longbowmen weren some superdudes with superbows.
If you actualy learn abot those battles ( and not from those shitty tv-shows) and about construction and durability of plate armor...
Fuck it. Im too old for this shit. I dont want to argue over pointless stuff on internets.

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King Arthur is a French invention.

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>The peasants aren't professional trained.
>english longbowmen

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Fuck you, this is MUH Warhammer fantasy.

Longbow pierces plate armor!

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No he was a Sub Roman from 500ish AD

whos name sounded LIKE arthur, then some buttard fucked it up

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>that can pierce plate armors in long distance.
Real, professionally trained longbowmen couldn't do that.

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>English Longbowmen


>Not landed Yeomen

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>King of Bretonnia
>The Lion Hearted

gw is so subtle

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Longbowmen are trained since birth.

In fact, when they are a child, they are already trained to fire a longbow that can kill a lion in 100 years.

It's uncomparable to the peasantry mass that "Bretonnia" is calling.

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>they are already trained to fire a longbow that can kill a lion in 100 years.

Thats a long time to kill isnt it

I mean do lions even LIVE TO 100?

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Even it's spelled Leoncoeur.

The Bretonnia is a mix-match of medieval Norman culture of both France and England.

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Meh. Could be worse. Kislev got bear cavalary.

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I meant 100 yards.

Silly typos.

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Not unless they get hit by an arrow from a longbow.

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Then there is immortal Green knight.

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Well, you have a force with competent hevay infantry against a force without it.

The hundred years war was basically the tale of western europe realizing that infantry could and would fuck up cavalry if it was equipped well and willing to hold in the face of a charge, so the Albion would be at a decided advantage.

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Long Drongs Slayer Pirates!

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Still not quite as bad as Tiqtaq'to.

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>Long Dongs Slayer Pirates
>hurr hurr hurr

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Albion are a bunch of savage heathens.

Once they are conquered, maybe.

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That didn't stop people living in fucking Florida or Louisiana

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Whatever, I hope OP case happens so Bretonnia can get over the silly as shit setting right now, and I can have my highlander, armored swordsmen AND heavy cavalry.

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Does anyone have that pic with the roman on Hadrian's wall looking down at all the celts and picts in scotland and their all going:
And their covered with their own shit and nude?

I feel I need this picture so I can turn it into a bretonnians in Albion pic.

Also anyone remember the Albion Campaign? That was fairly fun... Or is that nostalgia blinding me?

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SO were the scots, but they were able to assemble a good force of men to hold of the real world english on several occasions- only the stupidity of their leaders caused them to fail.

I'm responding to ops claims of "hevay billmen" and so forth, in relaity abunch of subjugated sctos would make garbage tier troops who'd only be bale to defend fixed positions- the brettonians are just too fucking stupid to EVER understand how useful training a force of foot soldiers for complicated manuevers would be.

If they flat out CONQUERED the equivalent of scotland, they might get smart, simply because the terrain would force dismounted action on them. Or they'd MAGIC their way through ait and remain stupid, who knows?

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This is warhammer so cavalry sucks dicks anyways

>fills the battlefield with mortars, machine guns, cannons, and battle tanks

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It's Warhammer fantasy, it will work, it will just take a long time.

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That's it. I'm sick of all this "Peasant Longbowmen" bullshit that's going on in the WH system right now. Longbowmen deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine longbow in England for 400 EUR (that's about 510 USD) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even shoot trough slabs of solid steel with my longbow.

English bowmakers spend years working on a single longbow and bend it up to a million times to produce the finest bows known to mankind.

Longbows are thrice as powerful as eastern bows and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything eastern bow can cut through, a longbow can cut through better. I'm pretty sure a longbow could easily bisect a knight wearing full plate with a simple vertical slash.

Ever wonder why medieval Europe never bothered conquering England? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined longbowmen and their longbows of destruction. Even in World War II, German soldiers targeted the men with the longbows first because their killing power was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Longbowmen are simply the best bowmen that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the WH system.
(One-Handed Exotic Weapon)
1d12 Damage
19-20 x4 Crit
+2 to hit and damage
Counts as Masterwork

(Two-Handed Exotic Weapon)
2d10 Damage
17-20 x4 Crit
+5 to hit and damage
Counts as Masterwork

Now that seems a lot more representative of the cutting power of Katanas in real life, don't you think?

tl;dr = Katanas need to do more damage in d20, see my new stat block.

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Fuck. I screwed up.

>> No.21150365

The latter seems more likely, if only because Gee Dubya.

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>Commissions longbow
>pays in Euro

I call your shit.

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Lazy pasta is lazy. Plz delete and re-type

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I still have no fucking idea why Bret ships can use cannons, but for some reasons the land army rely on trebuchets.

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Hey guys I have an idea

How about we use guns


Yea yea?

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How i can delete it? I accidentaly pressed submit button.

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Bretonnian Navy is Colonial British Navy

Best in the world

They have ports in Cathay I think too

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New to 4chan eh?

Tag it, then click the delete button at the bottom right of the page.

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Tick the box beside the post, scroll down and press the Delete button.

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But if so, shouldn't Bretonnia army be musketeers and shit now? Instead of this knight and peasant?

>> No.21150406

Click the little box on the corner to select it. Go down to the bottom where it says Delete/Report. Click the delete button.

Although at this point its pointless because now there's this whole discussion about the post going on anyway

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>everyone else is so technologically advanced, even other orcs

best orcs ever OR BEST ORCS EVER?

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>really just shoot on sundays for fun
aww shit nigger, I clearly spent the equivalent of TEN YEARS in training with a bow, and I shot at specific targets instead of a stretch of empty field.
Gonna go all legolas up in this bitch, shoot arrows out of the sky, shoot down some planes.

Or, you know, i might have just gained an ability to put an arrow within a fewinches of any given point on a target at close range/in the correct stretch of field to hit an real target, and do it faster and for longer than most people.

Kind of like actual longbowmen.

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We will miss you.

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/tg/, paladins of newfriends.

He might not be new. I was here for years before I decided to not be a shit poster, and delete pointless posts and bad ideas, haha!

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I wish GeeDub write away this whole hurr durr Bretonnia hating ranged weapons shit.

It's embarrassing.

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Proximity to the Wood Elves

Inland are close to Wood Elves, get mind controlled

Coastal are far from Wood Elves, they dont get mind controlled

>> No.21150433

Nope, because nobles are stupid, and wood elves are actively enforcing stupidity among said nobles.

The Britannian navy isn't anything noble if I remember well, so they wouldn't have to go "SHIP ME CLOSER, I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD!"

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At least this means there are a lot of traders in Bretonnia then.

Which means an industrial revolution MIGHT happen and Bretonnian might be going Napoleon on the Empire's ass, which will force the Empire to reassemble into...another Empire and start a World War.

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>not using battle train


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This actually makes sense.

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Plz no Napoleon/Renassiance

I want my Warhammer world to stay medieval.

>> No.21150478

Unlikely. The Asrai are watching and you don't want a Wild hunt on your ass just because some random guy decided that steam knight was a thing.

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>not using cannons strapped to yak rhinos


>> No.21150493





do you not know of a faction called THE EMPIRE

>> No.21150494

Meh at least I want my Late medieval England/France army.

Which means a bunch of professionally trained militias, noble infantries and heavy cavalry.

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The Empire is still struggling in its Renaissance phase, it's not like they all reform into pike and shoot.

>> No.21150510

>No Renaissance
I'm sorry to break it to you, WH is already Renaissance aged, it's just Bretonnia that is a backwaters shit hole.

>> No.21150511

>Maybe one of the Lizardmen colonists called the Lady a watery tart, and they're out for scaly hides to avenge the insult.

Ahahahaha! You funny, post-guy, I like your post!

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>Which means a bunch of professionally trained militias, noble infantries and heavy cavalry.

So you're using the Empire Book?

>> No.21150523

Surprisingly, yes.

I guess if Bretonnia does get Renaissance, it's just gonna be an Empire clone.

>> No.21150525

>it's not like they all reform into pike and shoot.

Detachment system says Hi

>> No.21150535

(Land) Bretonnia is Orc-tier in terms of tech, holy shit.

>> No.21150536

>noble infnatry
Try just "professional infnatry and nobles forming the corp of the army"
Militias generally didn't fght unless the combat was close to home.
Sure, they could be quality, but they still weren't about to stand up to full time soldiers.

>> No.21150537

... sounds like Bretagne, the name of a French place?

>> No.21150546

Either Bretonnia goes high fantasy or it changes into Colonial British/Napoleon army.

This 13th medieval century bullshit has been going too long.

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Greatswords are great

But then they turned into Goldswords

>> No.21150549

you mean the Welsh then?

>> No.21150554

That's the Empire.
The Empire has SCIENCE!
And SCIENCE! has granted them cannons, howitzers, organ guns, matchlocks (repeaters are experimental weapons as of now), and more!

>> No.21150556

So far, the two Bretonnian infantries are just that, poorly trained militias.

>> No.21150561

>Either Bretonnia goes high fantasy

But they are already high fantasy

Cannons bounce off of them if they pray

>> No.21150567

Yeah, the Empire has a lot of cool doodads, I just muh Bretonnia to have some properly trained armies.

>> No.21150569

>Savage orcs
Fucking god tier orcs, they embody everything glorious about orcs in one brutal as fuck package

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>> No.21150571

Source on this shit?

I remember all the Brets thread start with the Hellfire cannons blazing on Bret knights.

>> No.21150578

And I want Female Space Marines

see the problem here?

>> No.21150587

I don't think Arcturus Mengsk managed to pull that one off, to be honest.

>> No.21150588

5++ save when praying.

>> No.21150590

But you already got ye Bolter Bitches.

>> No.21150598

Its a freaking GAME MECHANIC

>pray and forfeit goign first

>> No.21150607

Before we continue, let's name all the "things" Medieval Britain and France are known for in popular culture.

>> No.21150610

Blessing of the Lady gives basically everybody in the army a ward save. Trick is, you lose it if your troops display cowardice, so you pretty much have to steamroll the other guy or he's going to return the favor.

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And you already have the Empire book for rules

>> No.21150615

Well, there's killing each other, for a start.

>> No.21150616

Norman armies ain't the same as Imperial armies, brah.

>> No.21150620

>being able to climb ladders

>> No.21150621

What popular culture? Because, being French or English or Chinese may have some impact.

>> No.21150632

You know, the cool shit.

Like highlanders, druids, claymore, shit like that.

Just like Swede and Norway are known for their Vikings.

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>> No.21150635

dont take guns or cannons


>> No.21150638


>> No.21150641

What about some Templar orders? Like notTemplar and notHospitaller?

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They also have stone skin spell that gives them +2t and 3+ save
(IIRC, I played them only once and its long time)
>what do you mean 16 hellblaster and 20 handguns shots doesn't kill any pleasant?

>> No.21150670

Already done with the Empire's knightly orders.

Just give up. Ain't no way to make Brets interesting outside from turning it into an Empire clone.

Enjoy ye bucket knights vs peasants shenanigants.

>> No.21150682

But I want muh heavy billmen, muh highlander shock troop, muh foot knights with great weapons

>> No.21150683

i like ogres and tomb kings

>> No.21150688

Play Empire.

>> No.21150696

What are ogres based on?


Why aren't there ogre horses?

>> No.21150708

the ogres eat them

>> No.21150718

they're morbidly obese mongolian cavemen sumo wrestlers

instead of riding horses, they ride on wooly rhinoceri and saber toothed bears

>> No.21150736

Tilea = Italia
Eselia = Espana

>> No.21150751

there are SO MANY mongols in warhammer

certain chaos tribes
ungol horsemen
hob goblins

>> No.21150845

Oh yes you can. You just have to expand on each province's specialty, the virtues and the arthurian lore.
>Pegasus knights specialised in hunting flying monsters
>Forest hunters
>Super heavy cavalry
>Vampire killers
>Hermit grail knights going full paladin
>Actual lords with actual commanding skills
>Siege engineers
>Knightly pledges like "Push the darkness back", "Slay the fiend", "Protect the weak" or "Smite the dishonorable", even for units

Have the book reflect that the army isn't some random knightly order. Each one of those guys is a lord, commanding and defending his own little realm alone. Each one of them has followers, ressources and damn badass skills at holding the damn line.

>> No.21151112

No, and for the reasons Machiavelli laid forth in his Art of War. They fight a lot of infantry with the means to engage pikes successfully, so they cannot rely on a pike wall to beat infantry.

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This one?

>> No.21151174

That is some really, really old fluff.
Man'o'War like old.

>> No.21151179

>Heavy Billmen
Empire Halberdiers.

>Highlander Shock Troops
Empire Greatswordsmen is the closest thing I know of.

>Foot knights with great weapons
Empire Greatswordsmen.

>> No.21151209

Nobles are not stupid.
Technological advance would be dangerous to them, so they decided to keep everthing stagnant. Hell, even crossbows are banned in Bretonnia, because they kill knights too easily.

>> No.21151214

Fucking celts.

>> No.21151434

>Machiavelli laid forth in his Art of War

>> No.21152212


Uhhhh what?

>> No.21155674

The current Bretonnia does lack the Scotland part.

No Britain is complete without Scotland.

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>> No.21160363

Bump so this is still around when I arrive home in 30 minutes

>> No.21160454


>> No.21162872


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