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Can someone explain to me the appeal of interspecies attraction?

Especially with things like insectoids or avians or sentient liquid or plasma, etc. - things that really shouldn't be attractive from a mammalian evolutionary perspective.

I mean imagine if your coworker was some kind of sentient plant. You two get along real well, hang out after work and talk until one day she tells you she really likes you and was hoping you'd be her pollinator. You think you know where this is going but then she tells you she isn't ready to have sproutlings or whatever yet so you find out that all she really wants is for you to just start petting her flower petals with a paint brush. You go along with it, only to start seeing her limbs rustle while she emits strange noises that you find really off-putting and a bit frightening.

This eventually ends and she tells you that you were awesome, after which you trudge along back home to cry yourself to sleep.

Now does that sound like fun?

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> Now does that sound like fun?

Yes. Yes it does. Next step would be to show her how to get you off. There's a good fapfic about a guy and a thri-keen...

Anyways, half of xenophilia is about the new experience. It's a strange world out there, and it's humanity's job to fuck the sentient part of it.

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> Anyways, half of xenophilia is about the new experience.
Agreed. To change from the mundane

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And make the non-sentient part sentient.

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we will fuck the sky

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Bust through the heavens with our dicks!

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some people are attracted to unconventional or just plain weird stuff.

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I mean imagine if your coworker was some kind of sentient plant. You two get along real well, hang out after work and talk until one day she tells you she really likes you and was hoping you'd be her pollinator. You think you know where this is going but then she tells you she isn't ready to have sproutlings or whatever yet so you find out that all she really wants is for you to just start petting her flower petals with a paint brush. You go along with it, only to start seeing her limbs rustle while she emits strange noises that you find really off-putting and a bit frightening.
> This eventually ends and she tells you that you were awesome, after which you trudge along back home to cry yourself to sleep.

That sounds kind of hot to be honest.

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Blargh. I'm so tired that I can't even quote things properly. Off to bed for me.

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OP, you are uncultured swine.

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This also has the benefit of explaining most of the rest of human behavior as well.

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At least female humanoid (or even just female) objects of attraction have those female aspects you're attracted to.

Explain foot fetishes to me. That's one I'll never get. They're feet. Would a guy's feet get you off just as much? They look about the same.

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>Be allowed to participate in what is basically a handjob for an exotic sentient species
>She says I was awesome
>Strut back home with a fucking grin

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>Dream about cuddling with her and nibbling on her petals

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Fucking Sylvari.
Brainwashed sprouts that have zero qualms with eradicating life-styles that differentiate from their views, which they know have been artificially granted to them by a fucking centaur hermit some two hundred years ago.

There's also nothing stopping them from destroying other creatures, if these go against their values.

Scary shit, right there. Just 25 years from their awakening and they possess a large area, and areas surrounding them appear to adapt to their needs.

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We were just having a thread about why Dragon's would want to fuck humans (since they seem to all the time) and it mostly just came out to boredom. I guess that's the appeal, doing something different than most people, conquering a new experience.

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Asura Master Race.

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More than likely that any skritt that remained underground, possibly now that Asuras aren't there to quell their numbers, will multiply into horrendous numbers and cause some new calamity from there. Possibly with old asura tech.

Anyways, dredge master race-hood is undeniable, comrade.

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Yeah, for some reason Dredge seem to be tougher than pretty much anything else except Destroyers (when comparing similar level mobs).

If only they had some social graces. Calling everybody else stupid all the time doesn't make you many friends.

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Love how so many people jump on the HURR masa race /pol/ train despite the whole point of the story being to end that shit.
That said for all HFY threads use this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2U7uCBpX0s

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Dredge aint got shit on the risen. chill and cripple and they still out run you.

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In the spirit of the thread

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Brain's a learning machine, captain. It's wired to be happy just after it's assimilated new knowledge.

Some people like learning new ways to fuck things up. Others like building stuff. Still more get their fix by cooking, reading, writing, eating, seeing new things, understanding the inner workings of the universe, singing a new song, etc.

Some people just want to figure out the most optimal way to fuck a theoretical creature because that ties two basic biological things together: Learning and Fucking.

And then some people go the distance and fantasize about a thing that tastes delicious on top of having fuckable orifices and that's how you get a vore fetishist.

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OP, you act like there's no such thing as a bad lay with your own species. Plant bitch was selfish and lazy, not willing to reciprocate in a satisfying manner, and you're apparently some sort of emotionally stunted manchild who moonlights as a doormat. Go home and cry yourself to sleep? What a faggot.

No, the true attraction is in fact discovering how to push one another's buttons and find a configuration that works for both of you. It's exotic, it's strange, it's... well, the complete opposite of boring. And I suppose that wears off after a while, but really once you commit to a lady of the xeno persuasion there's no going back. The soft caress of mandibles on your member, her twitching palps tickling your skin while a hard, chitinous hand strokes your belly... there's benefits a human girl simply can't offer.

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I didn't have much problems with them when actually fighting them. The only problem is when i just want to run somewhere, and even then a Thief has plenty of tools to handle it.

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That, I must admit is hot.

Now that I think about it, I avoid any possibility of close female relationship like the plague, but my rock goes cock hard with xeno love.

There maybe something wrong with me /tg/, bu I dont care

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Ah well elementalist so, yeah i get shat on.

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That skin texture. Looks like you dipped her in chocolate up to her face and started licking it off.

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Imagine introducing her to your parents.

Just imagine.

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HA, my parents are already worried that I havent developed even ONE relationship with a girl, and Im near the end of college. Hell give me a couple of years and I'll be a full-fledged wizard

But with them being devout Christians, I think things wont go easy
>Think of a paladin initiate that came home to his proud devout Pelor-worshipping family, walking with a bug lady while holding hands and smiling to each other

I have to admit that is hilarious

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>well son, at least you're not gay

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>holding hands and smiling to each other.


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Could be worse than having to introduce your Thri-Keen girl to your parents.

A Goo Girl would be pretty brutal.

> Not intelligent
> Pretty base instincts
> Not many avenues for employment
> Not easily slotted into housework duties
> Essentially has to be treated like a child

Tell me that isn't like saying you want to marry a retard.

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Basically a fetishy fuck slave.

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Sure. And you have to explain to your parents that you love her and that she's the only one for you. Your parents, who are devout paladins.

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Just imagine it ...

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It's a joke, fellow.
Also I don't see why anyone should go out and try to prove people in HFY wrong in any way. It's something which certain anons enjoy, which they are free to do.

Also humans play part of elves in the game. Word of God.

>mfw dipping the bat-goblins in chocolate, then just licking the chocolate off, for no reason so you gotta apply the chocolate again

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>There's a good fapfic about a guy and a thri-keen...
Here it is:

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That being
>play the part of elves in the game.
Which means they're the setting's elves, if we compare it with other settings which have elves.
Your dwindling, calamity-facing race that is about to be out-bred by wholely different races, even in its own cities.

More 'butnik.

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There's the "Thri-Keen Erotica" one on 1d4chan, and a google search for "The Thri Who Loved Me" would probably come up with another one (I had just followed a link here to both)

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This is quite embarrassing... must I wear this uniform? It seems a little childish, not to mention tight in a number of places... could you explain why this is arousing to your species?

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Are you SURE you're old enough for pollination? Seriously, no way I'm going to plant prison. I KNOW what happens to humans there.

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Hey hey, plant prison is vital. How else will we weed out all the bad seed of society.

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Asura master race.

I'd post my toon but fuck im too lazy.

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>plant prison

It's not so bad. Sentence is actually pollentary, and you can leaf whenever you want.

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Well the only way to be REALLY sure would be to cut her open AMD count the rings.

One way or the other, it's plant prison for you boy!

>orstomed prisoner

Yep, you fucked.

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It's fecken political, mang! They just lock up all us undesirables, saying we're weeds, when we just wanna bloom! It's no more than simple eugenics trying to cull out whatever they don't like!

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Well, if you have doubts... you could always try me. Trust me; I'm the oldest thing in the building. And I still know how to wear something to please a male.

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I think she's pretty.

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Asking someone to explain xenophilia is a lot like explaining why you like redheads, or blondes, or black girls over white girls.

Personal preferences aren't easily defined to begin with, and when you get into paraphilias and fetishism, the explanations are even more esoteric and inexplicable.

And before you ask, furries are not xenophiles - xenophiles don't believe they are incarnations of aliens or want to be the wolf-person. They just find scales, mottled skin, and digitigrade legs sexy.

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Pretty sure most people would find digitigrade legs sexy, given how bonkers we go for high heels

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lol no one posted the thri-kreen fapfic


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so what you are saying is monster girls? we've already long since accepted those.

lets talk about more hardcore shit like acid golems or man of worms.

quoted from a friend

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>mfw plant-girls/dryads that are human enough not to make me try kill them on instinct, but exotic enough to be hot as hell
Keep your fucking thri-kreen erotica to yourself. Bugs are my phobia.

>> No.21149096

Snakegirls and nagas make my knees turn to jello.

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>You'll never get together with a beautiful, kind, soft-spoken bug lady who want to hold hands with you and love you unconditionally
You're tearing me apart, /tg/!

>> No.21149174

And feminine gelatinous beings do the same to mine.

>> No.21149196

As succinctly as I can: Humans will fuck anything.

>> No.21149206

And before you ask, furries are not xenophiles - xenophiles don't believe they are incarnations of aliens or want to be the wolf-person. They just find scales, mottled skin, and digitigrade legs sexy.

That's otherkin, bub, don't lump us furries who just find fur, tails, and other animalistic features sexy in with those reality-challenged sperglords.

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>silly boys cant get with us

>> No.21149214

The biggest problem is that most of you give the indication that you -CANNOT- fap to anything else.

>> No.21149239

Regular women are still plenty fappable, friend. But I'll be damned if I ever turn down a xeno/monstergirl/what have you.

>> No.21149244

I didn't say ALL furries were like that, but the ones that open their damned fool mouths on the internet tend to stand by the thought that normal girls aren't attractive.

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>read The Thri Who Loved Me out of morbid curiosity
>go to bed
>have a sex dream about thri-kreen
>wake up confused as hell
God damnit, mantisfag.

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Taboo or genuine preference for other species.
Some people are just open to trying new things.
People used to feel the same about inter-racial.

Personally, while I prefer my women primarily humanoid, I'd be open to considering other sapient species.

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OP, I don't think this is a problem. But if it was, CoC sure as hell isn't helping.

>> No.21149270

Admittedly, it's not good for PR on the whole, but I'll accept that everyone has their own version of 2d pig disgusting. If everyone is willing to fap to something, be it gelatinous snake-bottomed bug trannies or whatever, there's going to be someone who militantly refuses to get it up for that. Some dude is going to be turned on by the idea of double-jawed moray eel blowbogs; someone else is going to have their dick retract in horror.

Still, just because it does less than nothing for you doesn't mean you should be trying to shout down everyone else who is into that. This applies double so if what you are against is something 99%+ of the people on earth are into. You might THINK that salmon-girl roe bukaake is the true pinnacle of sexuality, but you really just sound like a ron paul supporter fresh off of reddit.

>> No.21149310

I bet /tg/ can't think of a way to have sex with a sapient Orb of Annihilation.

>> No.21149321

Condom of major-anti annihilation.

>> No.21149326

>We'll bang, okay?

>> No.21149341

Why is Garma hiding under Icelina's dress?

>> No.21149350

Now you are just making bullshit up.

>> No.21149357

>implying I wouldn't be turned on and demand something in return

>> No.21149367

I'd have an artificer and an enchanter go to fucking town on that thing, test it on my rogue.
She's got damn fine hips.

>> No.21149373

It's a fucking flying sphere. It doesn't even have erogenous zones.

>> No.21149390

So's a melon (if you throw it), and I have it on good authority that dudes fuck those all the time.

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>> No.21149401

That's why it's major protection.
I guess I could just stick my dick in it, and cast a regeneration spell.
Or have the group artificer, played by my best friend, miserably fail the roll for construction and have a metal spiked chainsaw cock.
Or would that be a good roll...

>> No.21149412

Rolled 14

rolling for construction

>> No.21149417

Aww, a regular dildo dick?
I ditch it in the rouge, try again.

>> No.21149424

How about a tarrasque? Would you fuck a monstergirl tarrasque? A living engine of destruction?

>> No.21149427

Roll to seduce!

>> No.21149428

girl with a hymen that constantly repairs itself so you're taking her virginity with every thrust? yes please

>> No.21149433

Rolled 4


>> No.21149436

You didn't even add your bonuses, the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.21149446

Rolled 17

I'm tired, shit.
Welp, reroll?
This is going to end.

>> No.21149450

Forgot to stop rolling, damn it.
Sleep sounds pretty appealing soon.

>> No.21149481

I can't make a thread for this because /tg/ is not /r/, but I've been looking for monster_girls.rar, a 311mb rar file containing a shitload of monster girl pictures, mangas, etc.
All links on google are dead because of file deletion or websites shutting down. Anyone got a mirror link for it? Would be greatly appreciated.

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It is weird, but I would do my best to judge them by their actions instead of their appearance.

>> No.21149515

>Dicking around on /tg/, decide to wander into a Thri-Kreen thread, new fetish
>dicking around on /v/, here I am


>> No.21149527


*/tg/ I got linked here, I am not doing well tonight for some reason.

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Can't argue with this.

>> No.21149570

Causing pleasure in others is something that usually causes pleasure in you as well. It's a basic part of your monkey brain that promotes cooperation and altruism. It's why people do charity, sometimes even at the expense of their own best interests. This goes double for sexual things.

Going down on a girl and giving her a big orgasm and having her tell you you're great is awesome, even if it didn't give you direct sexual gratification. I imagine it wouldn't be much different for any other sentient species. Of course it'd help a lot if it was an attractive species. And that's not even considering you could have her return the favor and have fun experimenting.

Just because normal sex isn't possible for whatever reason doesn't mean you can't do things that are mutually pleasing.

Either way, Sylvari have more or less normal human genitals so it's a non-issue for your picture anyway.

>> No.21149589

>Going down on a girl and giving her a big orgasm and having her tell you you're great is awesome, even if it didn't give you direct sexual gratification.

>> No.21149590

Your resistance only makes the taboo stronger.

>> No.21149602

My dad seems to think I'll never get laid my entire life, and my mom seems to have reached the "I wouldn't be angry with you if you told me you were gay" stage.

It would be hilarious to have them try and reconcile "he's not gay/foreveralone" with "he's fucking an alien monstrosity".

>> No.21149606 [DELETED] 

>playing GW2
>roleplaying on my two hour old Sylvari character who knows just about as much as me about stuff that is, very little
>wandering through divinity's reach with bro
>name is very nord-y
>OOC comment that the idea of an asura saying something like that would be hilarious
>we get on to the topic of asura-nord relations

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>> No.21149611

Intresting point. Why do we "go bonkers" for high heels anyway?

>> No.21149613

>playing GW2
>roleplaying on my two hour old Sylvari character who knows just about as much as me about stuff that is, very little
>wandering through divinity's reach with bro, hear
>in the chat from who knows where
>name is very nord-y
>OOC comment that the idea of an asura saying something like that would be hilarious
>we get on to the topic of asura-nord relations

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>> No.21149615

>Interspecies attraction

I'd a lamia. Having one coiled up around you seems pretty neat.

>> No.21149616

The altered position of the legs accents the butt.

Also, they make the legs look longer, and lots of guys dig long legs.

>> No.21149623

you watch the big bang theory too? sheldon is so epic XD

>> No.21149625

The internet has completely changed what being a furry means.

It used to be that furries would actually go out and pretend to be animals (in those ridiculous suits you still sometimes see at furcons and shit), getting in touch with their "inner animal" or even "animal self".

Furries were to animals what otherkin are to fantasy creatures.

Now with the internet suddenly half of everyone is a furry just because they wank it to human-shaped cartoon animals. That's not the way it works.

>> No.21149634

>implying demons, dragons and foxes aren't the best monstergirls
Inb4 a monster girl expert (300+ monster girls fapped to) calls me a casual

>> No.21149637

As with so many things, there's a loud obnoxious minority claiming the spotlight and giving the whole subculture a bad name.

How do you tell a "good" furry from a "bad" furry? Easy, the good one will realise his fetish is his own business and you'll probably never find out he is one unless he's among other furries.

>> No.21149648

No, that's therians you are talking about. Furries were originally a merge of the scifi fandoms (scifi in the 60-80's period was full of animal people) and cartoon fandoms (I doubt I'll have to elaborate). The current fandom is a continuation of that. The suit stuff was actually made up by a former Disney animator, not a therian.

>> No.21149654

>normal female humans
>not attractive

Liking furry art is supposed to be just another kink, not a mental problem.

But yes, I apologize for every other raging furry fuckwad who ever ruined a thread by blowing their load about tailholes or some shit like that.

It's goddamn embarrassing to know I like the same shit they do.

>> No.21149656

I can explain it in one word - exoticism. Its essentially a more extreme of Jungle/Yellow Fever. Same thing goes for monstergirls. Men are just looking for a sexy lady with a little something extra, like three tits and some mandibles.

>> No.21149663

>you find out that all she really wants is for you to just start petting her flower petals with a paint brush. You go along with it, only to start seeing her limbs rustle while she emits strange noises that you find really off-putting and a bit frightening.
...go on.

>> No.21149670

Well it stops being awesome if she never returns the favor and/or you start feeling like you're being used, but other than that making her happy is never a bad thing, and will make you happy as well (and even happier later on).

Hell, certain studies show most women don't give a fuck how good a guy is at "the act" or how big his dick is as long as he's good with his fingers and/or tongue.

>> No.21149676


>> No.21149679

Is it gay to a plantgirl so long as you don't touch the anther?

>> No.21149690

It's bisexual at worst and that's only if the person judging you is a douchebag.

>> No.21149691

m-must not... fap
to this crap

>> No.21149696

Where is DLFG when you need her...

>> No.21149712

>cry yourself to sleep.
If I don't do that now, when I'm not getting any at all, why would I do it when I know that the cute plant girl likes me and all I have to figure out is the biology?

>> No.21149713

Give in to the weird side.

You know you want to.

>> No.21149721

I know what you mean. Dem sepals, man, dem sepals.

>> No.21149723

I think OP is disappointed he didn't get to j-j-jam it in.

Clearly he is new at this.

>> No.21149734

annnnnnnnnnnnd new fetish, thanks a lot /tg/ honestly I pick up more from here then /d/ for fucks sake.

>> No.21149743

Rolled another 1 did we?

>> No.21149744

>not wanting to be pollinated by a futa plantgirl

What are you, gay?

>> No.21149748

>"So... so if the baby is in the mother as its forming... how does the male get his seed... uh... involved? Do you just squirt it on the live baby, or what?"

>> No.21149750


1s on the board 20s on the table is how I roll.

>> No.21149753

See, that's why I took Improved Iron Will at 3rd.

>> No.21149757

What I like about /tg/ is that in /d/ it just tends to be like, BAM here's a fetish and a bunch of pictures, fapping time! While at /tg/ you get a whole discussion about how and why it would work and all kinds of aspects of it you might not have considered, which makes you think about it more and it gets under your skin for more than just a quick fap session.

>> No.21149797

>You will never be pinned down and dominated by a female predator in heat

>> No.21149800

Just calling attention to my request one more time and then I'll leave it alone. Come on, /tg/, one of you must have monster_girls.rar sitting around on your pc! I want glorious monstergirl faps. Thanks to this thread.

>> No.21149809



>> No.21149812

>Same thing goes for monstergirls

I don't know brah, monstergirls kind of extend into that realm of "something the Japanese would do" which is to say, weird as fuck.

>> No.21149821

What the HELL did I just watch?!?!?!?!?

>> No.21149824

the one time I can't find my picture of a half succubus tarrasque.

>> No.21149825

A Gif named wat.

>> No.21149828

One of the best gifs you'll ever see on the internet.

>> No.21149830


I hate to break this to you but I haven't seen that particular .rar for several years, it may still lurk on one of my old machines but getting one of those running would be akin to a second coming of jesus.

>> No.21149850

If I wanted that, I would just go with that bitch with the ovipositer.

>> No.21149852

You fucking bet

>> No.21149859

Just go to a booru and look for monster girls. No need to hunt down some ancient rar file to get your fix.

>> No.21149866

>not wanting tsochari-chan to wriggle into you and nest between your organs

>> No.21149868

>dose abs

Oh my.

>> No.21149885

There we go!

>Tarrasque- living engine of destruction
>Half-succubus Tarrasque- living engine of desfucktion

>> No.21149905


Two, two from one fucking thread, okay /tg/ you know what, I relinquish any hope of finding normal human woman attractive ever again, go for broke, give me another fetish I dare you.

Tally so far is:

Half-succubus Tarrasque
Plant girls / that guild ways plant race...whose name escapes me for the moment despite maining them...fuck.
Already attracted to Thri-kreens and naga so that's out btw.

>> No.21149915

What, do people not want that? Come on man, who the fuck wants to actually fuck a goo girl?

Fucking goo girls is smalltime.

No, I want her up my ass, all the way through me, into my lungs and small intestine, diffusing into my bloodstream and becoming part of me, a living symbiote, able to control my actions and thoughts, able to literally bend me to her will as she drives me to do things I never would if I had a choice...

And then we take a shower together and cuddle.

>> No.21149934

How about xenomorphs?

Fuck, anything Giger. The Species aliens?

>> No.21149957


>> No.21149962

I would love a cute xeno-maid.

>> No.21149969


already found a xenomorph fetish, read a fapfic about a xeno who after generations of dna merging via face huggers developed "feminine" curves and a rack to go with it. The drone then witnessed a human couple mating and yeah...kinda went from there.

>> No.21149970

inb4 Astrozerk pictures

>> No.21149986

>implying you don't want dat ass

Care to take it up a notch with a queen xenomorph, begging to be fertilized so that your young can spread and dominate?

>> No.21149991


>> No.21149993

Check out
for more lovely xeno-fics

>> No.21150008

What is the best color/consistency of goo girls, I wonder?

>> No.21150017


>> No.21150020

Like what you get when you do that cornflower goo trick. Hard if you hit it, soft if you gently smush it.

Also burgundy.

>> No.21150033


Alright stay with me, I'll get you that link.

>> No.21150034


>> No.21150041

And get my dick burned off with acid vaginal juices?
No thanks.

>> No.21150042

>Meanwhile in japan.

>> No.21150050

Those two ended up skull-first through a wall with broken noses, so take from that what you will.

>> No.21150067

Oh I know, I have all 7 chapters that I know of of the series.
I particularly like the fact that the lamia doesn't have some goofy ass stubby tail.

>> No.21150068

Blue. Jello.

>> No.21150069

You can just watch, then.

>> No.21150079



Forgive the horrible link, I forgot where I read it and had to hunt down the writer instead, it was either this link for furaffinity.

>> No.21150083

>Can someone explain to me the appeal of interspecies attraction?
There are none.

Humans are just complicated beings, and complicated things malfunction easily.

>> No.21150084

This man knows his shit

>> No.21150096

Nah, I'd go something a bit firmer than that.

I do like blue though.

>> No.21150098

The Lamia honestly seems like the best option of the 3.

>> No.21150099

That rear end.

>> No.21150106

That's mostly because our mods decided to start cracking down on discussion threads relatively recently.

>> No.21150139

I had this player of mine always reject monstergirls and the other players loving them to death (I was only HT because I always wanted a half-dragon waifu). We found a slime girl and he immediately started flipping out his shit.

Until I came up with an idea, you see, his girlfriend was the classical slightly chubby but beautiful ca/tg/irl...

>When you touch her, her consistency isn't that much like jell-o, your hand sinks just a little in, and it feels like a soft, supple, and surprisingly warm breast.

>HFW he was just massaging her shoulder.

>> No.21150142

Centaur is adorable, though.

>> No.21150146

>you will never have genuine intercourse with anthromophed oddities

>> No.21150168


All my feels bro. But when you think about it, it's more like monster girls are fantastic exaggerations of real girls. none of us is the chosen one either.

>> No.21150178

I give it another 50 years, barring extinction events.

Humans will reach other stars. They will unlock the secrets of what makes the universe work. You bet your ass they'll be fucking monstergirls.

>> No.21150200

And then they will wave them before your nose and laugh in your face.

>> No.21150201

I really don't think I could have stopped myself from lighting the Harpy on fire.

>> No.21150209

>i will never get with a real goo girl waifu

>> No.21150215

Like mud, and green iz best.

>> No.21150220

I wish there was a way of fusing the two of them together. I mean, the Cerea is literally a white knight, and that kinda sucks, but she likes courteous love and has slightly more control of herself.
Mia is like that ex girlfriend you couldn't quite get over with, she's tender and has a lovable personality, but you wonder if you could stand such a lady as your wife or if getting married would ruin the feeling.

>> No.21150228

Quaggan master race

>> No.21150238


Insectoids? You get to fuck an ovipostor.

Slime girls? Vag can form into any tightness or length. Avians? It's a bird. Everyone wants to fuck birds.

>> No.21150239

I wonder what Freud would say about this thread...

>> No.21150245

Simple. We all want to fuck our mothers.

>> No.21150250

"I told you so."

>> No.21150255

I dunno, man. Depending on how quickly genetic modifcation technology progresses and whether or not Japan gets their hands on it, you might have a shot at a catgirl or foxgirl if not a full-blown goo girl or other such more complicated organisms.

>> No.21150258

"Fuck me."

>> No.21150263


>> No.21150281


>> No.21150319

As an anarchist, I cannot condone the ownership of another sentient humanoid species.

But goddamn I will fuck one.

>> No.21150333

I'm half tempted to find that reverse mermaid picture in response to this.

>> No.21150350

>As an anarchist
>as a sixteen year old

Fixed that for you.

>> No.21150396

Maple dryads running a pancake house.

>> No.21150409

Dispensing maple syrup from their jugs?

>> No.21150414

The punk movement ruined anarchism for all adults.

>> No.21150419

>from their jugs
That's one option.

>> No.21150424

Loving relationships between two species, or three, or four, depending on the story.

>> No.21150431

50 years?
No way. At the current funding for space exploration it will take 50 years just to get mining scows out to the asteroid belt.

No one alive today will see when we put a human into another star system. Just because the math for FTL works doesn't mean that FTL can really work.

>> No.21150439

>Y-you mean like jiggling all the time?

>> No.21150440

Says you, I'm going to be immortal.

>> No.21150446

Goddammit /tg/, quit giving me ideas I could never implement in a game without my players lynching me.

>> No.21150451

>No one alive today will see when we

>Bitches don't know 'bout my liches

>> No.21150453

Nah, leave it as total subtext, have the dryad leave the room to refill syrup containers.

>> No.21150454

Haha, oh man, the notes of the author always had me laughing my ass off

>> No.21150460

The way I see it, everyone is immortal until proven otherwise.

>> No.21150464

Maybe it's your audience that's at fault.

>> No.21150465

>I am astonishingly ignorant of the history and philosophy of actual anarchism and can only parrot empty memes I've received from popular culture which make up the total of what I know about it

Have a monstergirl.

>> No.21150470

I've bled too much and felt the aftermath of such bleeding to agree.

>> No.21150471

How so? You cannot translate human thought into binary, and the meat always dies.

>> No.21150479

I can't translate it -YET-, besides there are ways being pioneered now that will grant an exceedingly long lifetime.

>> No.21150481

>You cannot translate human thought into binary
Says you.

>> No.21150485

Maple the Dryad has been done, though not in that manner. I think it was a fighter who the druid reincarnated, and came back as a female dryad. Was rather good.

>> No.21150486

I don't have all that many even kinda safe pics on this comp...

>> No.21150490

Oh /tg/, never change...

>> No.21150495 [SPOILER] 

Spoiler to be safe

>> No.21150502

>greentexted rebuttal
>Freely given monstergirl

Truly, we are kings of disagreement.

>> No.21150503

I know right?
>Dat Midriff

>> No.21150504 [SPOILER] 


>> No.21150518

Don't bother, they'll delete the whole thread even if the shit is spoiled.

>> No.21150520

please don't make moot take our spoilers away.

>> No.21150524

Truly we shall never reconcile our differences

Save over porn.
Have some more.

>> No.21150526

Yeah, maybe 150 years, tops. Ctyonics doesn't work, and the nearest star is well farther than that away. Not going to happen.

Say's real science your cartoons are asinine.

>> No.21150528

>you are not logged in or do not have permission to access this page.

Pastebin please

>> No.21150530

You're right.

>> No.21150538

>I particularly like the fact that the lamia doesn't have some goofy ass stubby tail.

Fucking this.

Too many artists fuck up the snake tail

>> No.21150545

All my kinda safe stuff is either furry or not related... someone else must take up my stead.

>> No.21150553

Kind anon,if you are in the dumping mood, start a thread on /d/ and link it here.

>> No.21150560

>Meanwhile in the land of lucky fucking bastards

>> No.21150565

4chan is 18+. Please leave.

>> No.21150580

>I have read the Wikipedia article on anarchism and therefore consider myself an expert on the issue

>> No.21150581

This truly is a wonderful thread.

>> No.21150585

Lets see, Proxima Centauri is at about 40x10^13, the fastest manned rocket according to wikipedia (Apollo 10) had a speed of 40x10^3 Km/h, so if we launched one right now it'd take 10^10 hours. That's 1141552,5 years.

Yeah, we've got a while to go.

>> No.21150589 [DELETED] 

So, while we're still on topic, there's nothing wrong with being attracted to anything sapient, right? Like, sure your biologies may not be compatible, but dammit, you're still gonna try.

Pic related. Oh gods, pic related. /me cries

>> No.21150594

>Muscular back
>Sexy thong

>> No.21150599


>> No.21150601

While I agree with you in principle, that is literaly the worst possible image you could have used as an example.

>> No.21150605

WELP. Time to load up CoC.

>> No.21150606

Please leave.

>> No.21150609

>your biologies may not be compatible
>Pic is of a shapeshifter.

>> No.21150618

I would, but I must prepare some other work to share with /tg/ later tonight.

Busy busy busy.

>> No.21150625

C-can I have more of any of these? I-it's not like I like them or anything!

>> No.21150627

I'm neither god or dragon. I'm just your woman.
She is a water dragon revered as a god. She would rather just be with you.

>> No.21150629

This anon
has it. Either you're trolling or truly ignorant. Pony hate has died down, yes, but it is still there.

>> No.21150637


>> No.21150645

>You will never seduce and marry a succubus that was once one of your mortal enemies lieutenants.

>> No.21150648

>hate when people post the smaller version of things they find on boorus
>do it myself


>> No.21150660

Is that like, plant neotare?

>> No.21150669

Well, if you used the DNA of da Vinci and Spock to make the biggest genius ever, and that child disected a wasp and created a minuscule clockwork wasp from chinese rice paper that behave justonike a real wasp, that would still not be a wasp. Even if he took a living wasp, and gave it one fully-functioning rice-paper leg and a rice-paper antler, and so on, until no wasp was left but only rice-paper-faux-wasp, the original wasp would still be gone. Qualia

>> No.21150674

You're still alive, aren't you?

That's all the evidence I need.

Being immortal doesn't imply being invincible.

>> No.21150675


>> No.21150676

Not for a lack of trying. Oddly enough, it wasn't from any injury, it was from a nosebleed brought on by allergies.

>> No.21150677 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Shapeshifting does not imply compatible biology. I may be able to stick it in her cheeselegs, but that don't
mean our chromosomes are gonna do the crossover tango.

Why are you two some kind of fetish police? We're talking about sex with different types of sapients. Was my pic sapient? Yes. Is it hot? Well, to me it is. I feel I'm on topic, but I suppose I'll change the pic.

Pic related.

>> No.21150679

Theseus' ship.

>> No.21150690

You were on topic, but you're still in violation of Global Rule 15.
/tg/ never had a huge issue with them like other boards, but it's still thin ice.

>> No.21150698

Or laziness. They want a kid, but don't want to have to change their diapers for a century.

>> No.21150703

This is assuming goo girls are automatically nonsapient, which is a pretty narrow assumption.

>> No.21150707

>Global Rule 15
Huh, how long has that been there?

Interestingly, there's a pony thread on /b/ almost constantly with 300+ posts on it, so I don't think this rule is enforced very well.

>> No.21150712 [DELETED] 


Well, offending pic deleted, just in case. Let it not be said that I'm an asshole about it.

But seriously, wtf. I feel odd about being attracted to that. Man. I used to be a normal kid, y'know? Fucking listening to Eminem and Limp Bizkit.

Now? I furiously masturbate to shapeshifting bug/[/spoiler]pony[/spoiler] things, and could probably get off on chestbursting. Gah. Where did I go wrong?

>ticnove love-hate
Shut up, captcha

>> No.21150714

Nothing against your fetish, man. But you tempt the neckbears that enter maximum oversperg at the barest hint of pony. I've seen many a good thread drowned by them. I'd rather this was not one of them.

>> No.21150720

http://www.wisedude.com/animals/examples_of_symbiosis.htm Symbiosis, bruh.

>> No.21150721

Context? I have no idea what's being discussed.

>> No.21150728

They try, but there's twenty or so of them who are huge multi-ban evaders who just do it for the sake of enraging people. See some of Moot's comments on the subject on /q/ for more details.
They enforce it where they can, and on /tg/, they can.

>> No.21150732

Given the fact you used /me, and now are behaving like you are being persecuted is why this shitstorm is brewing. I will reiterate what I said before. Please leave.
I still enjoy that second Living with Goo Girl comic where he teachers her about

>> No.21150737

>nosebleed brought on by allergies
Impressive. I only get them from not drinking enough during the winter.

>> No.21150740

Stop being a spineless moddrone when people are for once having fun.

>> No.21150744

Copy + Past story to pastebin please lest you fall to the level of quadruple nigger.

I'm kinda curious whether or not what I read about this type of attraction is correct. Where technically it's not the actual appearance (per say) of the abnormal hominid we're attracted to but more or less what the being symbolizes. Certain animal traits meaning different personality traits and whatnot.

For instance, the lamia is part snake and snakes have always been represented as a sign of seduction. The mantis girls are portrayed constantly to be rather shy or innocent in behavior (possibly even virgin with some of the stories I've read).

What do you guys think?

>> No.21150747

Teaches her about how to not go overboard and ends up bathing inside her. Its actually rather charming.

>> No.21150757

Took me like 15-odd years to figure that one out, still kinda pissed about it.

>> No.21150780

Requesting information about this doujin

>> No.21150785

>still not sure if troll.png

>> No.21150788

i was never into naggas or snake chicks then i owned one, then we moved and had to give her up, now delicious snake girls are my fetish

whats wrong with me

>> No.21150791

Ever tried getting treatment for them? Mine are a hell of a lot better than they used to be.

>> No.21150799

>This thread
I'm so fucking tired.
I've been up all day and I just want to go to bed, but I know when I wake up this thread will be gone.

>> No.21150803

>my fetishes are weird and I feel weird

Accept your own sexuality. It is as much a part of you as anything else.

And as someone who gets off to Lolicon, Bestiality, Rape, Tentacle Pits, Xenos, Monster Girls, and Insects, fapping to ponies ain't shit.

>> No.21150808

>Peach once again returned to the world

Well, I know my next major plot-hook. An devil warlock who's gradually stolen all the fruit from the kingdom, turning the masses into obese monstrosities within a single generation.

>> No.21150813

Google tells me "The Concealed Ending has been Found"

>> No.21150818

He dresses like a clown and his name is Ronald?

>> No.21150820


>> No.21150823

>You will never have her bound by machine or tool, keeping those deadly parts in check.
>You will never slowly slip on some protective gloves before giving an examination, slowly sliding your fingertips across the varying plateaus of chitiny exoskeleton.
>You will never remove the hand-gear, pressing a palm against her forehead to slide your hand across her long head slowly, having the privilege available to actually work this act.
>You will never slowly bend down behind her, tail raised in bondage as you work your curious hands around her nether region.
>You will never work her with your hands and tongue until she becomes heated and needy, only to finally satisfy her as you slip your manhood in with a slow push.

I'm upset, /tg/.

>> No.21150825

As a person who gets off to most of that as well, ponies confuse and disgust me.

But I don't give a shit if you bring them up so long as it's kept to a decent level with the rest of our freakish fetishes. Who am I to judge?

>> No.21150826

The mod that occasioanlly takes a passive interest in /tg/ is very anti pony. Week-long bans were handed out for a thread that was trying to do some work on one of the Pony-RPGs.
The hypocrisy becomes really apparent when a thread like that is made on /pony/ and they're told to take it to /tg/ for being a TTRPG.

>> No.21150827

Shit, was it that transparent?

>> No.21150828

I just take allergy medicine, it works, my nose only bleeds if I've forgotten my medicine or ran out for about a week.

>> No.21150831

I always thought my kinks were weird, but it looks like they're pretty tame compared to most of the internet
military uniforms, gasmasks, robots and machinery/vehicles

>> No.21150832

Guild Wars 2.

There are 5 main races in the game.

>Humans, who are a once-powerful highly religious race but are now in decline and struggling to hold on to what they have left
>Norn, who are basically bigass mountain vikings who worship animal spirits and value personal accomplishments above anything
>Charr, who have a Spartan/Roman legion theme and are highly industrialised, having almost singlehandedly brought industrial revolution to the fantasy world
>Asura, who are underground goblin shark-rats that treat magic like science and believe everyone else is a complete idiot compared to them
>Sylvari, who are sentient plants grown from a magic tree who used human corpses as blueprints, so they look like humans made of wood and leaves
>There are also a lot of minor non-playable races like Skritt (hive-minded rat things), Dredge (communist mole things) and Quaggan (underwater cute semi-retarded manatee things that go into BERSERKER BLOODRAGE)

The OP's picture is a Sylvari.

>> No.21150834

The concealed ending has been found.
Not sure the series it was referencing but the outline is basically this
>Hero marries demon he won the heart of from the demon kings army.
>Defeats the demon king and settles down into married life.
>Jealous party mage and hero's childhood friend who wanted to jump his bones plots to break up the relationship.
>Attempts to split it up by having party strong guy transform into a bull man and rape the demongirl after she's drained of mana.
>Backfires when the demon girl turns the bulls semen into mana and has it go to town on the object of his desires, the mage.
>Hero wakes up, demon lets him shag the mage.
>Comedy ensues.


>> No.21150836

You visit exhentai often?

>> No.21150843

Did Ripley know she could just fuck them into submission? The movies would have been over much quicker if she had.

>> No.21150847

1) Put it in
2) Break hymen
3) Apply burn cream
4) ????
5) Totally worth it.

>> No.21150848

there HAS to be porn of this

>> No.21150851

Lamirez! Cuddle that predator drone!

>> No.21150854

Oh, there is.

>> No.21150862

You have no idea ...

>> No.21150864


>> No.21150872

This is the 8th time someone has made a joke like this, and we have become exceedingly efficent at it.
Meanwhile in CoC I have a Lamia in fullplate and wielding a greathammer with no corruption.

>> No.21150876

How about no. Most of it is genuinely painful to look at.

>> No.21150880

>You will never have a Xenomorph Queen as a wife
>You will never be slowly changed into a half-human half-Xenomorph King Alien
>You will never teach your Praetorian daughters how to speak human languages

I know that feel, bro, I know that feel.

>> No.21150882


I built a lamia super-mage/detective for an upcoming HERO game.

>> No.21150900 [SPOILER] 

I think one would think ahead enough to use some sort of object dildo or something in order to take the brunt of that first.

>> No.21150910

Or you could just augment your skin to be acid resistant, maybe your sweat has an additional base applied to it.

>> No.21150911

But how can you say you love her if you're not willing to get her maiden's blood on your dick?

>> No.21150922

That was the last one I had have some tip collectors.
>That text
Mamabliss pls go.

>> No.21150925

whats a good edition to start playing CoC?

>> No.21150940

Sorry, guys, but I'm finding this fucking weird.
maybe it's because the xenomorphs are supposed to be utterly horrifying, brainless rape machines, or something.

CoC as in Corruption of Champions, not Call of Cthulhu. It's a webgame, so there's no real 'edition' to it, it updates globally.

>> No.21150946

>You will never mate a queen-to-be drone
>You will never slowly teach her to thirst for your lust after continuous copulation
>She will never quiver from climax of coitus atop you as you begin to figure out her "buttons".
>She will never begin to mutate/grow/molt into a Queen as she willingly gestates the fruit of your loins
>She will never birth completed hybrids as you start your own race and destiny.

Pic related, it's a concept pic of what they -wanted- the Xenomorph/Human hybrid to look like.

>> No.21150947

I fucking love warrior women... splash some monster in there, and I'd put on a bloody collar if they asked.

>> No.21150953

>thinks CoC stands for call of cthulhu

>> No.21150959

ahh thanks, ive always wanted to play a lamia but our resident DM is against LA characters

>> No.21150963


>you will never be a female human sex-slave to a massive Xenomorph King

>> No.21150967

>hasbro toys
If they made a kids' action figure for that I would lol so hard

>> No.21150972

>xenomorphs are supposed to be utterly horrifying, brainless rape machines, or something.

Yeah. And?

>> No.21150979

>playing 3.5
That will fucking learn you. Why the hell is he complaining, creatures who have to pay LA get butt-fucked anyway as players, you have to deal with their LA and HD.

>> No.21150987

...how can she drive a car with no feet?

>> No.21150998

Whenever I see a military lamia, I must always make a lamirez joke. Its in the rules.

>> No.21151000

thats why and we're moving away from 3.5 twords pathfinder

>> No.21151016

Mamabliss has a habit of starting out sexy and then going to the exact places that make me want to pull someone's tongue out through their throat.

>> No.21151019

>Hasbro Toys

>> No.21151021

There are cars with hand brakes and throttles. Usually for the disabled.

>> No.21151022

>nipple arms


>> No.21151026

Prehensile tail.

Or whatever configuration that wheelchair bound drivers have done. Which would also allow more tail-space.

>> No.21151044

Same way a paraplegic person does; paddles on the steering column.

>> No.21151045

the perfect reaction

>> No.21151046


Since the dawn of time, Man has been dogged by the urge to stick his dick into things that he maybe should not stick his dick into. This is one of the bleed-off effects of mankind having the freedom of creative thought, it is able to perceive sexual relations beyond the act of copulation or release, simply to find out 'what its like'.

This is the logic of interspecies attraction.

>> No.21151049

>you will never warm up your lamia waifu's body temperature with a cup of coffe and a good cuddle on a cold day

>> No.21151078

I can not see that T-shirt without thinking that it says Dead Space for some reason.

>> No.21151079

Man, its like saying you dont get space travel. We have exhausted nearly all frontiers on this lovely little earth, so now its time to head to SPACE!!! to find amazing new discoveries to marvel over and strange new creatures to fuck. Its Manifest Destiny, but with your dick.

>> No.21151087

More like this regarding the human-like parts. And that brainchomper in her mouth, you know, that "second mouth" could be teethless, resulting in the world's best blowjobs. Then again, you'd have to get used to her jaws being wiiiide open in thea meantime.

>> No.21151095

You know that's a guy right?

>> No.21151110


Many insects have separate organs for implantation of semen and the ovipare.

>> No.21151126

TF can be good and all, but I prefer my porn to have at least something looking like a plot, and text that doesn't give people cataracts.
You know it is a picture right? I'm having to pull from my modern fantasy races folder instead of my dedicated monstergirl one.

>> No.21151149

Dark, military cut uniforms, crisply polished jackboots, and eagle motifs will always be the height of fashion.

>> No.21151165

Wait what? I always thought Einstein's theory of relativity disproves FTL but then I am not a physicist. Is there proof that math for FTL works?

>> No.21151193

No it doesn't, especially since it's a THEORY, and not a LAW.

>> No.21151195


>> No.21151197

Well, that theory was disproven by quantum. Last I checked they'd discovered some probable FTL activity in particles and there's always the good old worm-hole theory, but seriously quantum physics go beyond my layman capacity.

>> No.21151199

There's one semi-plausable theory, but it would still require an ungodly amount of energy. Around the mass-energy of the voyager 1 probe, I think it was.
But let's not talk about that, since that perticuler article spawned a half dozen idiotic threads a while ago.
Back to the monstergirls.

>> No.21151206

Everything about those tits makes me want them in my mouth.

>> No.21151223

I know that feel. Here, have some more (though from a less fulfilling angle).

>> No.21151224


Certain particles are FTL, but they don't carry information. There was a brief hubbub with during the higgs boson search about a particle that did carry information going faster than light and they held a press conference and everything saying not to get hopes up and it was later found to be a sensor error. Granted I shouldn't be spending my last year in the physics program on this board discussing the intricacies of lamias and other monstergirls, but here I am.

>Meanwhile in a folder I forgot I had.

>> No.21151235

A theory is any universal constant that explanes a phenomena, with NO recorded exceptions. A law is an equation that shows exactly what a phenomena is, again with NO recorded exceptions.
Ones the why, the other is the how. They are both equaly valid.
What you're thinking of is a hypothesis.

>> No.21151280

/tg/ on monstergirls:


>> No.21151312

Einstein had more then one theory, you know, and both special and general relitivity is still valid on a macroscopic scale.

Now, make with the monstergirls, guys.

>> No.21151327

Bad teleportation calculation? Hold still, I'll get something to help you move.

>> No.21151351

>Your spidergirl waifu will never spin you a fine coat
>Your spidergirl waifu will never make you the worlds comfiest underwear

>> No.21151374

Damn I'm having flashbacks to that M. Night Shamalamadingdong's movie featuring mermaid.

>> No.21151394

Actualy sink underwear is not all that great, once you sweat a bit.

Also, I think I've found love.

>> No.21151417

>not so subtle monstergirl/xeno request thread
Well done op.

>> No.21151418

It's a bit more complicated than that, the threads have to be woven first into a proper length of fabric before they even become viable for usage in clothing.

But, yes, that is the tragedy in these threads, such wonders that we will never live to see true.

>> No.21151426

Between that Horo and this Seras...

>> No.21151437

I think Seras would be more fun to hang around with, but Horo wouldn't accidentally put you in the hospital.

>> No.21151462

From what I understand, /tg/ now allows .pdf uploads.

Testing this theory with xeno-erotica.

>> No.21151470

You wouldn't trust this face?

>> No.21151492

Not so mcuh the face, but the wing-claw made of sentient murderous intent and blood? That's not something one wants near one's flesh.

>> No.21151514

I imagine in the 10-20 year timeskip at the end she's learned to properly control it.

>> No.21151882

Puts me in mind of that bit in Skyrim with the Dunmer trapped in the giant spider's web.

Well, except that in that instance I just lodged my axe in his skull and hacked my way through the webbing.

Okay, so it's absolutely nothing like that, except for the web and dark elf analogue.

>> No.21151925

What a damn shame that someone had to wrap such a hot looking muscled spidergirl in some TF shit.

>> No.21151955


While I agree with your sentiment can the same be said for more extreme stuff like say...snuff or guro?

>> No.21152030

Oh, there's a whole slew of this stuff.
It could be worse, it could be the shitty power trip TF shit

>> No.21152033

Don't see why it wouldn't.
As long as it's just in your head I don't see why anything should be considered badwrong

>> No.21152113

Considering the main story is pretty much utter shite through and through I think we can safely ignore all that Destiny's Edge garbage.

Also, norn are obviously the superior choice.

>> No.21152804

I know theres more of these, but where can i find them?
either a site or an artist name is appreciated.

>> No.21152830

Overlord Bob series. The shit is strewn all through deviantart I think that ICS guy has the 'official' ones on his site.

>> No.21152871

Can you link to his site? I can't find it.

>> No.21152896

I haven't been there in at least a year. Once he got into the heavier mindbreak/mindwipe sex slave shit I kind of lost interest.

>> No.21152990

>Also the counter to fucking creepy wizards without outright saying no.
Anyway. Fuck the TF, shit, more monstergirls.

>> No.21154417


>> No.21154471

Moon Over June.

>> No.21154495

YOu are a bad person and you should feel bad.

>> No.21154511

The name AND a link has already been posted. Bastard deserves what he gets.

>> No.21154650

No man deserves that...

>> No.21154670

If you waste everyones time, you sure as hell do. And quit bumping the damn thread.

>> No.21154766

I personally believe that if something is Sapient, Sentient and can consent that it shouldn't matter the form, shape, or anything like that.

I believe that love is love and so what if you like things that aren't your species. As long as they fit the basic requirements and you think they are attractive, mentally, physically or whatever, Go for it.

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