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I've got some questions about the Necrons...
-What's the point of Hunters from Hyperspace? Doesn't that just make Deathmarks vulnerable to attack?
-If I wanted to take a Catacomb Command Barge with one of my Overlords, would you rather use Vargard Obyron or another Overlord with a Warscythe on it?
-What upgrades are worth it for the Necron Overlord?

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Oh, and am I the only one who thinks that Tomb Blades look pants on head retarded?

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how do you think hunters from hyper space make them more vulnerable. All it does is make them wound a chosen unit on a 2+

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he probably meant ethereal interception

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oh, that really does the reverse. It means they cannot possibly take damage until their target shows up and they can show up in range of it already

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RAW you can shoot on the turn (player turn) you deepstrike, even if it's your opponents.

People don't do it though because it confuses neckbeards and starts arguments over turn order.

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personally I just resolve shooting as simultaneous
against the squad.

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They can't make an attack on another player's turn, because of how the shooting phase works: the player of the turn chooses any or some of the units to shoot. However, they can deepstrike behind cover and still benefit from Hunters from Hyperspace.

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>The Turn: Exceptions
>...at other times, you'll find that both players will have to do something at the same time. When these things happen, the player whose turn it is decides the order in which the events occur.
The opponent gets to choose whether they shoot first or last, but RAW, it sounds like Deathmarks do get to shoot on the turn they arrive.

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there is absolutely nothing in the Deathmark rules about shooting out of sequence

The ONLY thing that happens is that they deepstrike immediately after someone comes in from reserve, and when they deploy you choose a target.

That's IT. No shooting out of phase. Only deploying.

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He's got a point... RAW say nothing about them shooting out of turn.

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Vargard Obyron is unable to take a Catacomb command Barge. If you meant Nemesor Zahndrek than a regular Overlord seems better to me.

Commonly accepted upgrades for an Overlord are a Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, and Sempiternal Weave.

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>Deep Strike: Arriving by Deep Strike
>In that turn's Shooting phase, these units can fire (or Run) as normal...

It sounds like they can shoot during the opposing player's turn.

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The only thing that I can think of that allows things to shoot out of phase are overwatch and intercept.

Neither of which are mentioned in this rule. If it doesnt say that you can shoot out of turn, you cant.

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>can fire or run as normal
>as normal

Unless there's a unit that only fires in your opponent's shooting phases, you don't get to shoot if you deep strike on a turn that is not your own.

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Fuck I hate people who cannot into the rules like this.

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>People don't do it though because it confuses neckbeards and starts arguments over turn order.

FYI you can shoot the on the Turn a unit arrives via deepstrike, people will contest to their hearts content and no one will be happy with the result.

This is why no one does it, not because they can't but because the arguments aren't worth it.

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>-What's the point of Hunters from Hyperspace? Doesn't that just make Deathmarks vulnerable to attack?

To put a 2 despair cryteks with them and get 2 AP1 templates that wound on 2+

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>Commonly accepted upgrades for an Overlord are a Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, and Sempiternal Weave.
>Commonly accepted

You mean mandatory, right?

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Hey now, if he takes a command barge you replace the weave with a phase shifter

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Whats really funny is if they are stupid enough to charge you in their assualt phase afterwards.

Yay 2d3 Automatic AP1 hits.

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>I am right because I said so
Whatever. No one use deathmarks alone anyway.

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I do.
5 dudes landing behind enemy lines and shooting at their backs, while there is still enough shit in their front to keep the enemy from turning around.
Also they are good to take care of wraithlords, dreadknights and shit like that. And for theat they don't really need a cryptek.

And this has nothing to do with the fact that the one time I put them with a cryptek and used his veil they landed in a wall and died.
No sir.

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Is destroyer spam viable in 6th edition? what would a good list look like?

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Come on now...

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I was thinking something like a destroyer lord and 3 squads with 3 heavy destroyers and 2 regular destroyers, though the comp of the destroyer squads can change...

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Why the fuck does nobody have anything to say about destroyer spam? are they really that fucking shit????

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For your lord, give the dude Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs, a Warscythe, and a Resurrectin Orb. Then stick him in a gob of 20 warriors and have them follow a ghost ark around, or vice-versa. If anyone ever manages to kill the entire unit, give them a high five...because it hasn't happened to me yet.

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ethereal interception usually allows ur deathmarks to show up earlier
been using zhandrekh to drop fliers well behind my lines so next turn they can rapid-deploy troops

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spam wraiths
at 1500, its quite viable to run 2 full-man squads of wraiths, a 2 wraith squad and 2 d-lords. ur looking at 24 3++ saves, and 10 2+/3++ saves.

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