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So, let's create a list of dos and don'ts for dealing with Daemons in any game.


Do anything the Daemon tells you to


Stay on your guard at all times

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Don't attempt to seduce a succubus.
Don't attempt to catch a Daemon in a loophole.
Don't challenge a Daemon to a game of skill.

Honestly, having a hard time coming up with any Do's

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be a grey knight... all day erry day

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Have faith in some form of divine power, and never falter in it.

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Can we just talk about how awful that illustration is?

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Do; Enslave that stupid piece of filth and use it to sow terror in the local populace.

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Dudes head is SOOO small! It would be fine if it was too scale but damn he is either in that like a human in a gundam or so disproportionate it makes my head spin.

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His head is to small, but i feel the most injustice may have been in printing (or whatever) rather than the actual artist

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>>"Some" divine power
>>Implies there is diving power other than the Emprah.


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Do provide refreshements for a visiting demons, virgins are preferred.

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