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/tg/ I can't paint for shit and just started an Ork army. How do I not suck ass at painting the tiny people?

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do cocaine beforehand

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First off, you'll need practice. Buy some plastic army men from the dollar store and paint them in the scheme you want, just to steady your hand and learn how the paints are.

Second, be patient; sometimes you'll need to put on two or three coats of a thin paint to get the effect you want.

Third, avoid bright colors; they're harder to work with.

Just keep practicing, you'll get it eventually

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Training, training and more training mostly. If you're really new to all of this then http://www.mediafire.com/?5znldzcki1m could help point you in the right direction, but you'll have to get there on your own.

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you could try dipping your orks.

it's a quick and dirty way of producing at least passable tabletop quality models.

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Practice. It's really not that hard to get a decent look with simple techniques.
Basecoat in Black, paint exposed flesh a dark Green, clothes whatever colour you like, and metal bits Boltgun. Finish with a Brown wash and you'd be amazed what they look like.
Basing is easy too, get a little PVA glue and some flock and boom, they're on a green turf.

Best advice though, don't buy ANYTHING direct from GW stores, especially anything which isn't GW exclusive (modelling tools, paint, flock, glue, epoxy putty)
If nothing else, buying rival brands makes it harder for them to get a monopoly and dictate prices. I mean, if everybody buys GW Brand Epoxy (Green Stuff) nobody else will bother making it, and GW can hike the price all they like.

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I don't play 40k, but I wonder: has that model in your picture ever been fielded? That would be pretty fucking neat if it was

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Paint basic colour blocks, wash with a black wash (or whatever devlan mud is called nowadays, never used mud), go over raised areas with the first colour... you'll get a nice table top quality that way and its easy.
pic related.

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Dipping or Inking are definitely good choices.

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Well I have a metric fuckton of orks to paint, so any kind of shortcut would probably be welcome.

Since I've got so many to paint, I'll probably be some kind of fucking pro by the time I finish my first 20 boy mob.

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Open pot.
Submerge model top-down.

It's not good, at all, but if you're painting a couple hundred infantry it's fast.
They will end up looking half-melted, and you will likely hate them.

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The pictures are very accurate representations of what you can expect. There will be a certain amount of blotchiness, but in a giant mob of orks, you honestly won't notice. It tends to be a very quick process as well, as you only need to spray prime, and paint large areas with single colors. Very little detail work involved.

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OP - there's also a PDF on painting techniques from Cool Mini or Not that's worth a look. I bought it and would recommend it to new painters.

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I'm going to give you /tg/'s time honored secret technique for painting models.
Thin your paints

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>looking half-melted

My orks look very close to this pic. It's really not that bad of a method. I did use a cordless drill to spin-dry them, however. I don't recommend trying to remove excess varnish by hand.

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And you end up losing a lot of paint.
Meaning you buy more.

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it's like the 80s are back
i'm so happy

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Why is it so fucking shiny, it's like it was painted with mothershitting nail polish.

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Use a matt varnish or "anti-shine" spray and the model stops being shiny

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It's because the medium used for the wash produces a glossy finish. Use matte varnish over the top to take the shine off of it and you're golden.

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As an example, these are some space pirates I was working on for 40k. They have all been dipped but the model to the left hasn't been sprayed yet, as you can probably notice.

And yes it has some pooling but this was before I started to apply the dip with a brush instead of actual dipping

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Far left guy's left leg oh god

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uhh...? What? I know they look shitty zoomed in but I cant see anything wonky with his leg.

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do you have a million warzone minis like I do?

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1. Prime your models black.
2. Dry brush the skin parts as dark a green as you have.
3. Apply an ink wash.
4. Dry brush the raised areas with a lighter green.
4. Repeat to the other parts of the model in the appropriate colors.

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Oh yeah, I hadn't noticed that. You get what ypu pay for I guess.

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Art is a skill. The idea that only some people can paint and draw because they have some inborn talent is bullshit. They're good at it because they practice it all the time. You're first models will suck. This is not because you can't paint, it's because it's a new skill that you've never accomplished before. Just keep practicing and you'll get better.

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If you use a brush, it's not dipping.

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What do you suggest I call it then?

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At least it's not as bad as space marine terminators with their shoulders level with their heads.

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