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ITT: (one of) The (fairly) Old (semi-) Great Debate.

Pic 1000% related

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>lawful good

Who the fuck made this chart?

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>not true neutral
pic related

apparently a taufag

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I like this one better.

40k Lawful Good.
The standard is a little different.
'Course I think the Tau are LG anyway, but whatever.

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>Good Alignments

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at least they got Orks right.

Srsly, SoB lawful netural?

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Tyranids are the only true neutral.

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I like how you just took them and threw their positions around.

>hurr durr I swear guise, im not a troll XD

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>Not chaotic
Good lord, guys, it's in their freaking name. It literaly could not be clearer.

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OP here, never said I made that. I do agree with you that having chaos not be chaotic is True Stupid.

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Lawful Neutral at best. They do, despite being the 'nice guys' of 40k, still bombard and invade anyone that isn't strong enough to resist and is unwilling to join their little empire.

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>true neutral


ahahaha no.

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The only correct alignment chart.

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Only one with any hint of "good" in 40k in them might be th Harlequins or some less warlike craftworlds. They have an agenda that is not entirely selfish or blindly zealous and furiously indiscriminately violent.

They're still not "good guys".

Tau are Orwellian totalitarian caste-stuck dicks.
Imperium is brutally violent towards threats and totally uncaring of its people and planets, an impossibly large mass of bureaucracy struggling to run itself.
Chaos is chaos, evil, twisted and selfish.
Orks are sadistic, warlike and violent by their very nature. Comical, but still evil.
Dark eldar are junkies and parasites whose existence depends on the suffering of others. Evil.
Nids eat, eat, eat and survive. "neutral" in their indiscriminate hunger, but also very nasty.
Crons are evil. Kill everyone else, reinstate the old dynasties and take over teh worlds and stuff. Boring evil.
Eldar like Biel-Tan are racist, warmongering delusional fucks who are in ragemode going "Kahine smash!" at everyone.
Space marines are killing machines beyond human, with purpose only to fight eternally. Each chapter is driven by creed, greed or thirst for power. They might not be intentionally evil towards imperials, but not good guys either.

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I'd argue that orks are more dick-y than asshole-ic

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I'm just quoting Team America here, but no. Dicks fuck up everyone because they have to: war on a billion different fronts etc etc. Orks just want to shit all over the place without good reason.

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But it isn't the faction, it's the character. Eliphas is principled, eloquent, and objective in his glorification of Chaos -- if anything, he's Lawful Evil.

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I love you.

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Which is true, but I see the core of it in that quote; "Surrender for the Greater Good!"
Surrender. Implies a recognition of the enemy's right to live, survivable treatment accorded to a legally recognized combatant, and some kind of due process.
That may involve attempts at propaganda and reorientation, but in the end it's also "we don't kill you for lulz" with the possibility of a prisoner exchange (which probably never works because no one else takes prisoners).
That's Lawful, and barely 3E Good, but imho it's still LG.

No one else would even consider taking prisoners unless they were planning on also taking slaves.
Much as I am Eldaraboo, I can concede that the nicest thing the Eldar would to a surrendering enemy is just walk away. No more, no less, no supplies, no aid. Enjoy the snow/mud/radiation, Mon'Keigh.

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I would probably place Eldar as Chaotic Neutral along with the Orks. This is because the Eldar rarely care about anybody else and only ensure their own survival, no matter the cost (which seems like a very Chaotically Neutral thing to do.) Yes, they ARE defenders of the status quo and laws, but only in internal affairs.
In foreign policy, they act like they damn well please.

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It weird to see something you made then forgot about come back.

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>Craftworld Eldar
>Not lawful



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Tau are generally good, but there are a few extremists.

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Orks commit murder, enslavement, and genocide because its fun. Orks are as chaotic evil as you can possibly get.

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>Orks commit murder, enslavement, and genocide because its fun. Orks are as chaotic evil as you can possibly get.

But it's not evil if you're doing it for fun! Or something.

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The line of thought is basically, "It is the nature of orks to murder and enslave, and it is never evil to follow your nature, therefore orks are not evil." Yes, it is a stupid argument.

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I'm not sure that the Orks can qualify for an alignment on here. They were genetically engineered towards violence, rather than defecting towards it from some moral high ground. It'd be like calling a lion evil.

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Lions aren't evil because they are not an intelligent species. Orks are.

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Lions and Bears are pure unadulterated evil

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Quote of the night.

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Orks are sentient, and can choose not to murder. There are orks who trade shit or who build shit. Also, space marines and temple assassins are genetically engineered to murder, but they still have choice.

Ork fanboys need to get over the fact that murder is murder.

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>Orks are sentient, and can choose not to murder

No, they can't. They really can't. Orkz iz made fer fightan

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Tau are something Neutral, all Imperium factions are Lawful Evil, Orkz, DE and Chaos are Chaotic Evil. Eldar are something Neutral.

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By your logic demons and devils aren't really evil, because they were just born that way.

That ain't how alignment works.

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I never said murder wasn't evil. I just said Orkz don't make a conscious choice to murder. They are nautrally evil murderers.

Also I'm not the guy who brought it up I'm just agreeing with him.

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VASSAL 40K, All day, every day.

Not only is your set up time nearly non-existent, but you can find people to play with (VERY helpful if you don't live in a bigger city) and guarantees that you opponents have the same mindset as you.

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Wrong /tg/ thread. Sorry guys.

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>Also, space marines and temple assassins are genetically engineered to murder, but they still have choice.
And they choose to slaughter innocents by the hundreds, if not thousands. The difference is that they havent been built from the ground up eons ago over generations and generations to literally do nothing but kill. The whole SM induction trial is all about instilling in them a mere fraction of the eternal bloodlust that is married so closely to orkish genetics.

Now Im not saying orks are victims or that they should be pardoned for their crimes, but rather that, unlike the SMs and assassins, they literally do not know any better. Every fiber of their being screams at them to kill kill KILL and due to their low intellect they assume everyone else is exactly the same, just not as good since they're not orks.

In terms of DnD alignment, I would say this makes them chaotic neutral, as they care not what they kill, only that they get to do so. They are no more evil than a savannah fire or a tornado.

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Bears are godless killing machines.

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Thank you Colbert. We've established that.

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Hey, just trying to keep everyone informed.
There could be a Marxist Dire Bear in the room behind you
Armed with a Communist Manifesto and 4" claws!

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Oh god. Save me Iron Colbert!

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