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Hey /tg/ I'm making a Rouge Trader with Imperial Navy background and I need inspiration, so I'll dump whatever Imperial Navy pics I have and feel free to help out. Doesn't matter what you dump, ships, characters, whatever, only requirement is Imperial Navy.

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im sad to say that in all of my multitudes of pictures about 40k, I have not a single one of a spaceship. Sorry chief but I am monitoring this thread to remedy that problem

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Well fuck. I'm running out of pics myself.

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Space Mariny but it's the last decent one I've got..

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Acknowledged, vectoring heavies

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Fire as you bear!

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Switch to salvo fire!

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Realspace rupture! New contact!

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Entering low orbit

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ROGUE. unless you're in the interstellar cosmetics buisness.

As for inspiration: ALL [your lowly voidmaster should heroic level 'HUGE PERSONALITY', and an RT, Explorator or Navigator is just fucking EGO GODZILLA] your party should be larger-than-life. These are people who trade numbers never seen in any normal man's account as small change, who hold the life and death of worlds at the tip of their fingers, and travel through the psychic sub-reality on their own motherfucking schedule. They get, and often expect, a gold-embroidered carpet of the finest red velvet to be rolled out when they land on planet, and for the planetary governors to fucking show themselves. By the time you reach Rank 1 in Rogue Trader, you ARE and HAVE BEEN "Somebody" major, at the very least a head figure in a ship of a hundred thousand souls, for a while now, and got there by being a motherfucking badass for years.

So imagine big, powerful personalities, like Edmund Blackadder, Arnold Judas Rimmer, or even Harry Paget Flashman

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