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How good is your chess?

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I play Go, not your baka gaijin games

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I think it's alright. Not tournament material, but decent enough to beat most people.

Then again, people are terrible at estimating their own competence, and I have no objective data to quantify my skills.

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I am so fucking good at chess.

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I can do a scholar's checkmate and am supbar at best in every other aspect.

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I am slightly below Master.
>Words that sound way cooler than they really are.

But I haven't played seriously in months.

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I play the occasional game. Never really gotten a good bearing on my skill, though. I can win most games unless they're actually experienced, in which case I just get crushed. Intuition without technique, I suppose?

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I know how the pieces move.

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>Using horse thieves
Goddamn casuals.

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Facekickers are a real man's piece.

They can even wallrun!

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Chess is obsolete, computers are better than humans at it.

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>Then again, people are terrible at estimating their own competence, and I have no objective data to quantify my skills.

Interestingly though, people who underestimate their own skill and are subsequently taught that fact will tend to correct in the appropriate direction, reporting a more-accurate picture of their skill.

They will not typically BELIEVE it, but that's another thing.

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They're ok, not the greatest, but I'm not shit, and I'm a bit rusty

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Put your money where your mouth is.


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Actually, the best player so far is a human/computer team.


"Lured by the substantial prize money, several groups of strong grandmasters working with several computers at the same time entered the competition. At first, the results seemed predictable. The teams of human plus machine dominated even the strongest computers. The chess machine Hydra, which is a chess-specific supercomputer like Deep Blue, was no match for a strong human player using a relatively weak laptop. Human strategic guidance combined with the tactical acuity of a computer was overwhelming.

The surprise came at the conclusion of the event. The winner was revealed to be not a grandmaster with a state-of-the-art PC but a pair of amateur American chess players using three computers at the same time. Their skill at manipulating and “coaching” their computers to look very deeply into positions effectively counteracted the superior chess understanding of their grandmaster opponents and the greater computational power of other participants. Weak human + machine + better process was superior to a strong computer alone and, more remarkably, superior to a strong human + machine + inferior process."

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I just bought the new expansion pack and I love the crowd control mechanics of the new pieces!

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I love this so much, and I look forward to the day we each get our individual life-assist program buddies to make all of our decisions with us.

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That's actually really cool, thanks for sharing.

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I know right?
Facekickers make towers their bitches.
Oh man did you get the preorder or something?

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And then get our individual life-control programs to make all our decisions for us.

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I'm terrible at chess.

I also find it boring and don't enjoy playing it. I'd rather a game of Battletech.

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I'm actually working on a business proposal for one of those things to present at a startup weekend in a few weeks. Fuck paranoia about idea theft, I got it from SciFi: A hardware and app suite to keep track of your larder and tell you your shopping list or automatically order things delivered to you. I think we're at the point where it's cost effective and it's just a matter of someone putting together the pieces.

No problem, I love this shit.

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And then skynet will have won, without firing a single shot.

I can't wait to go to sleep, and wake up with the computer program running my body having done the chores and exercise for me.

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I'm awful at normal chess. I'm slightly less shit at Shogi, but I'm still shit, and while I have an extremely good understanding of Go THEORY, I'm terrible at actually playing the game. The only old-as-fuck traditional games I don't suck donkey dick at are Poker and Mahjong, and I'm only mediocre at those.

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I don't mind if a computer in my brain handles me doing chores or whatever. Especially if I get to play gameboy on one of my free eyes while it is doing so.

That sounds ideal in fact. Thank you, compubuddy.

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Eyes? We won't need eyes where we're going.

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yes I do.

I need at least one spare eye to play my gameboy, and I need a secondary eye to do my chores with that my computer can manage.

preferably more, if possible.

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horrible. Can't get myself to think more than one move ahead.

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i'm pretty terrible at chess

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>preferably more
My point. Who says you need to have photoreceptors to see an image? Plug that game boy into your compubuddy and play WITH YOUR MIND

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man, my spectra of detection mediums is always going to include photons. probably radar and infrared too, first upgrade.

I don't really think I'd install gameware on my brainsystems though, I get like... all of my viruses from my foolhardy game piracy.

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I summon white queen

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that thing is so right.

I've never once beat my chess program 1v1, not even 1 time.

Yet I'm having my chess program fight someone high level online, program is like 0.5 ahead, then like 1 ahead, then it suggests a move which makes no sense and puts it -99 behind black.
Instead of doing that move I undo and pick a random trade instead then ask the computer to think.
Suddenly it's ahead several points for the rest of the game and wins hard.

Apparently the algorithms do really stupid shit sometimes that a human can correct, even a 1400 elo player with a 2300+ elo program.

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this... this is a really good post. This is such a good post about chess, it's an awesome post about Cyberpunk, too.

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Probably pretty bad, since I haven't played in a long time.

Has /tg/ ever made a homebrew set of rules for chess?

I keep wanting to try to make some kind of combat system with dice instead of guaranteed captures, and modifiers for different pieces. But I know fuck all about combat systems in the first place, so I never get anywhere except a straight up dice fight, highest roll wins.

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Incredibly rusty. I do OK on chess problems, but I shudder to think how bad I am at the game now.

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Google Chess II. I'm not posting it here or subjecting myself to looking at it again.

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Has anyone here ever played Jetan?
Stealth Chess?
Bughouse Chess?
Tri-D Chess?
Any other weird variants I can't think of? How were they?

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I get frustrated knock away the chess pieces and challenge my opponent to a duel at dawn so not that good.

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Hey /tg/, what do you think of...


Yes, that's a real chess variant.


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Suicide Chess is the only variant I've played a lot.
It's very fun and completely different than normal chess.

The winner is the player who loses all his pieces first.
If there's at least 1 piece you can take during your turn it's mandatory you take 1 (if you have several options to kill, you choose which option)

The mandatory taking of pieces means in certain situations someone can force the next 10-20 moves from the opponent (he has no choice) as you hand him only 1 thing to kill each move.

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I've played Chess4, which was a 4 player variant, but it was a loooong time ago, though I remember it being enjoyable. (though that may just be because I was in middle school at the time). Need to get me another board for that so I can try it again.

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My Monk must learn this game and play it with the party Rogue. We're also the only two decent Chess players in our group, and this looks like fun. Especially if we played no-holds-barred, smacking each other's hands away from pieces and shit.

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That weird chess variant from the Barsoom novels?

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>Not Chess Boxin.

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>Incredibly rusty. I do OK on chess problems, but I shudder to think how bad I am at the game now.

Have a look at this problem and see if you can win in 200 moves or less.

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You're really a spaceball. You know that, don't you?

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I once checkmated my cousin in 4 moves.

We sat there for a good 5 minutes making sure because neither of us had any idea how I'd done it.

I've never been able to replicate this feat, generally I'm shit at chess (better than my family, but shit compared to actual players). I'd probably call myself a novice.

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>I'd probably call myself a novice
Confirmed. Only people shit at chess are amazed by the Fool's Mate. It never works on anyone who isn't clinically retarded so it's a worthless novelty at the most basic level.

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>what's he planning to do with that?!

Rape, I'd imagine

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That sounds intriguing. Sort of like complicated checkers.

>> No.21118907

Yup, it's particularly nice because all the normal memorization of openings for normal chess isn't relevant in suicide chess.

So two players of different normal chess levels can both have fun with it.

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I don't really play it enough to comment, but I'm alright. Above average, but I haven't put in the time/dedication to learn/memorise the patterns required to get good.

I prefer to play Go anyway, simply because just through intuition a Go player can at least get up to 3rd Dan knowing only the most basic of Joseki.

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How good is my chess? Hah, I am undefeated!

Yep, 1 for 1. Then I retired as it's best to go out at the top of your game, and the record has nowhere to go but down from a 100% success rate.

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>You're really a spaceball. You know that, don't you?

Yeah, I was hoping for a cheap laugh

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Honestly, I like Shogi. A lot. But it's fucked in so many ways which prevent it from becoming popular/widespread.

I realised this when I decided to teach some of my football team Shogi and then Go.

The Shogi game was a neverending series of questions, Go on the other hand was an immediate understanding and joy

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dis guy knows what's up

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That link was a great read. Thank you.

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Fuck Chess 2.

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So, everyone here agrees the memorization of moves in chess is what fucks it?

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Seriously, nobody on here has played Stealth Chess? The preferred game of the Ankh-Morporkh Assassin's Guild?

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It's the same as the Pokemon games. Everyone knows all of the finite optimal strategies, and knows how to counter every one of them.

This means that the game boils down to both players using basically identical strategies since it's the only one that has a hope of working against itself.

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I don't know enough about pokemon to say if you're shit about pokemon or not, but I am sure you do not know shit about chess.

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No, he's pretty much correct about pokemon. It's type matchups + stats + easily quantifiable strategies.

Also, I agree that >>21119038 is fuck-off wrong about strategies.

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But that's wrong.

>> No.21119122


Sort of, it mostly just makes the game unfriendly as fuck for people playing outside of their skill rank.

Unlike say, Go, which has a very fair handicap system for playing outside of your skill rank.

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I know this, but cannot state it, only replicate it.

Gets everyone once. Even people who know it get got by it, not expecting it.

As for the thread, I'm fairly good. I've played against the kind of guys who go to tournaments and managed to stalemate. Even won, once!

Also, I think I may have invented a new form of chess. Chess played on a cube.

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>I'm fairly good
Nope, you're another completely shit player.
No one except for shit players post about the fool's mate. It's only possible when the opponent is a complete and utter idiot, giving it absolutely no value except when two stupid people are pretending to play chess.

And double-confirmed you're shit if your most noteworthy accomplishment was taking only one game off some no-name 1300-1400 elo player one single time and not even during a tournament.
It's like missing 40 shots and landing a single 3-pointer basket then blogging "dudes I'm a good bball player!"

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I know how to play very well

>as a kid, grandfather played chess with me
>always let me win obviously
>go to chess club during middleschool
>play my older brother, close call but I beat him
>go to chess club some more
>finally challenge grandfather
>"Hahaha, you sure kiddo? I'll kick your ass. How about this, best two outta three, and the loser washes the windows!" (grandma was nagging him all week but he was lazy)
>Beat him just barely
>"Damn kid, you really have gotten better."
>I was 13
>never see grandfather anymore because mother and father broke up and he was on dad's side of family.

;-; I miss my granpapa

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I used to be just shy of 1200, back when I played almost daily (sometimes several times a day). But that was when I was 11 or 12, now I almost never play. My elo nowadays is probably closer to 700 or 800.

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Then go find him.

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>simian warfare

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Fucking awful.

My Reversi is rather good though.

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