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Here starts the game of GorkaMorka!
On a planet of Angelis,Orkish tribes will struggle to find the way to finish the construction of horrible metal beast and start a greatest WAAAAAGH galaxy ever seen.

Characters are to be rolled in next hour or two.
Only orks and grots are accepted.
Also we need one space marine, eldar or inquisition player.
Armies shouldn't be too great.
I am writing the prologue at the moment.

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Gutgears da II Stats Mek boy M:4 WS:4 BS:2 S:3 T:4 W:1 I:2 LD:7 ARMOR :5+

Gear: kustom shoota. Spanner trot and wrench

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Characters can be made dark heresy style or traditional warhammer stats... such as mine. I looked up the mek stats in my rule book.

My character is aligned with Mork.

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Sorry boy dat 'old on.>>21108137

Just a minute.

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This sounds fun...how would one roll up a character?

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Come on, i wont rely on crunch too much in game.
Its about roleplay, not strategy and tactics.
Your char need to be alive, he must have appearance, character, ambitions,friends and foes, history and everything else.
Also you can give him some traits or defects.

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Like dat

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Marauder is best drawfag.

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Rolling a character is something like that, i think.

2.Gork or Mork.
6.Appearance and character.
7.Traits and defects.

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Master race reporting in. Do I need a character, a squad, or an army?

Don't worry ya gits, I know I'm going to to lose. I'll be sure to stock plenty of shiny soul-gubbins for you to salvage.

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Its one post above you, silly pointy-'ead!

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Gearhuts da II

As with all mek boyz. Gearguts is born to build.... and break. He is a smaller Orkney with two metal goggles covering his eyes. His back is attached with zapping power pak. His namesakes come from the fact his intestine is replaced with clockwerk. His prizefighter possessions are his kustom shoota and wrench.
He wears normal tiff leathers and boots he is shirtless. His grot GripGrip is snippy little hugger who has a penchant for snitching parts for his phut gun. The gun is scrappy and rarely works but sometimes blows up in the general direction of the enemy. Gearguts gun is a shoota with "advunced" targeting and a shark face printed on its barrel.

Strengths fixing, cooking and name hurling and driving
weakness: aiming and fear of squigs

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Damnable auto correct.

Alliance Mork
Gear toolbox
Band: anyone who can wiff good teef.
personal ride: bike with attached side car and gun mount for da grot

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Correction pay witt good teef

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Gol dang and once more it's gutgears da II

Hate the Cpu some times

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We are waiting!

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Wait for me, i am writing!

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Come on, where are ya'll?

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You are not expecting me to play with only one man, do you?

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that feel when internet crashes just as you load you guy

anyway is basically a nob who rides in a pick-up and pulls vehicles close with his harpoon arm will get stats up in a bit

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Dunno, think about it yourself.

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Smash Gob the Nob, Gork
M: 3 WS:4 BS:2 S:4 T:4 W:2 A:3 I:3 LD:7 ARMOR :6+ Inv:5+
gear:harpoon arm(grabbin' claw), cybork body, choppa, waaagh banner

ride: armored, oversized pick-up with machine gun (and some boys/ boarding planks?) on the back

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It was dawn on Angelis, but sun was still as scorching as always on this desert world.Orcs gathered in a canyon, where the orkish ship now turned to town landed decades ago.Despite the temperature, Gorkamorka was pretty lively: grots and snotling ran around on errands, orks was bragging and fighting,meks tinkered with huge metal body of representation of gods.
Gutgears da II,the best (self-proclaimed) mekboy of Angelis slowly wandered around town, heading to quarters of Boss.
-"Damn, i hope, none o' dese squigs live 'ere"
-"Why so, boss?" - asked Gripgrip, his personal grot, squealing as mighty scarred hand lifted him from the ground.
-"Cuz i hate dem squigs, ya stoopid git" - was the answer.
-"After that accident with Face-eating contest on hulk?" - Grot obviously never realized, that he was sticking his finger in old wound.
-"Yes, after dat, and now shudup!" - Gutgears smacked Gripgrip with the back of his hand.
Gretchin squealed one more time and they walked in silence to the residence of Da Boss.He was obviuosly into that fancy Blood Axes stuff, cause his house was painted in red and black, with lotsa guns sticking out of windows and, most importantly, two nobs in uniform standing by sides of door.
Gutgears approached them and said:
-"Da boss called me on vox,said ta come in right now"
Nob looked down at him and said
-"Boss said not to let'cha in bifor ozers show up"
Gutgears tried to push himself through the doors:
-"Oi, wat da zog gitz, boss wants to meet me now!"
Nob pushed him back and cried him in face:
Mek quikly changed his mind, walked to opposite end of street,sat down by a wall and started to wait.

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Well, thats the end for you, Gearguts.
Seriously, that guy can tear you limb from limb.

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Exarch Fueganon Yotsuo of Kher-Ys Craftworld

1. Fire Dragon Exarch
2. Khaine
3. Crack Shot, Tank Hunter, weak jaw line, lack of choppiness
4. Firepike, Melta Bombs, copy of Bolt Thrower's "War Master"
5. 9 Fire Dragons, flaming but heterosexual (he thinks)
6. Pic related. Knows Eldar is da strongest and goes around messing up anyone who screws with the Maiden worlds. Longs for a home, too bad there's only war!
7. Strong leadership, No home to go back to after that whole She-Who-Thirsts thing, Extreme racism, Phobia of Xenos jacking his ride
8. Kustom Wave Serpent with all of the options piloted by a couple of wiseguy Guardians who managed to escape their craftworld's demise with Fueganon and the crew. Somehow even more flaming than the Fire Dragons.

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did i mention i have no idea what im doing?

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1. Grot
2. Mork
3. Grot
4. Spanna
6. Grot
8. Legz

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Dats okay for ork.
But you forgot to describe your character.

BTW, Gearguts, does your gear-guts counts as cubork body?Maybe you should get an extra wound or toughness point?

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Did I get something wrong?

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But you will get stomped by our nob or killed by Gripgrip.

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Okay, i will indroduce our nob now, good?

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Itz a tuff life, bein' a grot.

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oh yea..

Smash Gob is your average blood crazed ork but even more so. he care not for who or what is smashed but that it's smashed and he was the one to smash it. he is quite clumsy because of his lack of forethought and brains.

good enough?

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One orkish mary sue, coming up!

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Also, put on a trip and a name.

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Gutgears decided to do something useful to pass time so first he took his gun apart, then put it together again, several times,to make sure everything is alright.
After third time he noticed, that there was some spare details left, gun was still shooting, though. He grabbed the parts and shoved it into his pack, just in case.He looked around to find his grot and 've seen him talking to another one.
-"Oi, Grip!" - he shouted "Watcha doin' out 'ere?!"
Gripgrip and second grot quikly approached.
-"Ummm,Boss,dat git over here, Draggit, would like to become your ammo-runt,can he?"
After some thoughts Gearguts decided, that it would be nice to have another helper in workshop, so he answered
-"Ya, o'coure he can.Jus' keep an eye on him, so he wont stial anyfing."
Draggit smiled, thanked him and ran away with Gripgrip.
Satisfied, Mek turned around to see another figure closing to him from an alley.By closer look it appeared to be a bigass Nob, wiv lotsa bionic stuffed into his body.His Harpoon Arm apparently attracted Gearguts as an aspiring Mekanik.
Nob closed in to door and did the same mistake as Gearguts - tried to shove guard away and come in.Mek could have seen a guard grinning and taking a big choppa from somwhere behind him.As Cybork've seen it, all his courage flied away and he pulled back.Nob still took the opportunity and hit'd him with the blunt of his weapon.Cybork approached Gutgears muttering -"Un day i'll show dem stoopid nobs, oo's da boss".Only when he almost walked into Mek he notised him.
-"Oi, you are a Mek, aight?Fix me arm - blasted circutz ar on fritz again!Imma paing wiv teef"
Cybork reached his back and took out a bag.
-"Name's Smash Gob.Ya gonna do yoor job or what?"

Gutgear, will you fix him?
He's fo Gork, remember.
Also, i forgot to mention, but dem nobs are much stronger than any of you.
Even Smash Gob won't fight them.

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Btw, how do you like my writing?
Suck ass, ain't it?

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You're doing fine. I don't think there's anything wrong with your writing.

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its fine, better then mine thus far

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Ok, gonna wait for one more character.

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Maybe it's better to try again another day. Sometimes /tg loves something, sometimes it doesn't, and it changes by the hour.

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Yo sorry went to an opening of a new comic and games shop! Irrelevant terrible for not telling you.... I'm back though.

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the greater "I" reporting to wage war against the green skin scum

what do i need to play sirs?

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Still accepting players.

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I want to be a burnaboy with a bigass skorcha instead of my hand.
Can i?

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>that pic

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> implying that's impressive
You've never seen the orkosphere, huh.

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Besides, they're both just edited versions of the Megas Ork.

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I'm game-ish.
How's this work?

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1. Autarch of Idharae.
2. Kurenous.
3. Purple and Silver armor -beaten up and scratched.
4. Hawk's Wings, a human chainsword, and a Fusion gun. Traveler's supplies, ammo, and power packs.
5. None now.
6. Sabra has bright green eyes that peer from her perpetual squint and her long violet hair tied in stringy, dirty braids.
7. Proud. Bitter. Resigned.
8. Just the Wings.

Sabra is a sad, pathetic thing: a general with no troops. Commanding a strike force when Idharae was raided by the Invaders chapter of Astartes Sabra returned "home" to a shattered, dead craftworld.
Swearing vengeance she refused to adopt another craftworld as home and led her troops after the Invaders.
Unfortunately the Webway tunnel she choose was overrun by daemons, and when as the greatly reduced fleet limped back into realspace Sabra was forced to choose abandoning her pursuit to leave her forces with another craftworld while she pushed on with an elite cadre of warriors.
Tragedy dogged them across the sectors until Sabra alone remained.
With all hope gone, Sabra's last ambition is to find a safe Webway portal she can use to deposit the waystones of her beloved soldiers before resuming her quixotic hunt.

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Oh, to clarify.
5: Mercenary. Likes to soar out of the sun(s) and make stuff explode. Sabra is very pragmatic -she refuses jobs that pay only in Teef, and doesn't stick around for a fight she can't win.
Any one worth being that pissed off about is worth shooting in the ear while their sleep.

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...looks kinda like whatever might have happened, isn't.

Too bad.
Oh well.

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So, we have two eldars right now.
How 'bout i introduce you in the game and you cooperate to flush orks out?

>> No.21119426

Sounds good, sure.

Fuck, I'm dead tired. Sorry mate, I guess I can't really get anything proper going.
Too bad, you've got a great idea.
Hope to see it in the archive later.

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Kay, will post it in hour.

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Sabra sounds like !Xhadoom, just saying.

>> No.21119533

It's cool.
She's totally OC DO NOT STEAL but surely influenced by other characters anyway.

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Into The Strom and The Navis Primer make it real easy to run an all-Ork game.

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-"That 'Smash Gob' greenskin looks pretty strong" - Said Sabre looking on dosier.
-"No stupid savage can ever compete with power of Eldar" - was the answer from Yotsuo as he inspect—É–≤ his arms
-"To underestimate your opponent is foolish, even if he is a savage."

-"All we need to do is embark, destroy orkish search teams and go away.How hard can that be?"

-"That's what she said"


-"Nevermind.So, what do we know about our targets?"

Yotsuo looked down on dosier again -"Right now we know about two targets: Mek called Gutgears and that Nob you talked about.First one looks really easy but secon can be a good challenge.HQ will contact us as mor info will be available."

-"Good, mission wont take too long.We are embarking to planet in half an hour.Lets brief the guardians"

-"Ah, yes, briefings.The most boring part of any mission.Well"

-"Well, there is nothing you can do about it.Prepare your men and move to the embark zone"

Gonna draw a map of Angelis, then you choose the place to embark, ok?

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