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Sup tg, i've noticed, that we dont have any RPG's running at the moment.
How 'bout we start one?
I have some skills in writing and i was a DM several times so i think that i will be able to keep you entertained.
But, i dont know what we should play, so i accept any suggestion, we can even play FATAL.
I am pretty much into orks so maybe we could make a game about Waaaagh!

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I suggest a thrillingSpace Hulk adventure in role of Magos-Explorator.

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I'm down for a game.


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Dark Heresy maybe?

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I'm voting for orks.
We'll kill stuff, loot stuff, and doesn't be afraid of anything.

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Genestealer Orks.

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That's my suggestion
(Sorry forgot to type it in)

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That would be pretty awesome, but i'm not sure i will be able to come up with the proper storyline.

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How about some ENDURANCE?
We play as Dreadnought, serving the Emperror and sleeping for hunreds of years, trying to stay sane.

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You can try though.

Think about it. Instead of preparing the planet for tyranid invasion they prepare for the WAAAAGH!!! with plenty of bashimg and sneaking.

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Also i need to know one little detail.
Should some anons make a party and travel together like in dark heresy or DnD or i should let anyone to partake?

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Ok, but we need some more people to vote.

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There's the problem>>21107362
Having a 100 man anon party could be... difficult.

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I thought of it.
If we choose to play as a party i will make us a squad of three to five Kommandoz or a company of Flashgitz.

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Man, I want to read a story about a dreadnought who's perfectly fine with being a dreadnought.

Maybe he's even happy about it.

He asks them not to put him to sleep after battle sometimes, so he can converse with his battle brothers and meet new recruits. He's not going insane, he just doesn't give a shit that he can't actually move

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So far its 2 for Orks, 1 for Genestealing orks, 2 for Dreadnought and 1 for DE.
Not bad for twenty minutes.

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Maybe we should play GORKAMORKA?

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What if we play as Ahrimann on his tour through the Web?

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You and OP know the rules?

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I am voting for orks.
It the best variant.We can do anything we want.

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Come on, i want to be a Drednought!

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Yep! Got the rule book and even rebel trots with Lego vehicles!

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Teach me?

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Meant to say grots! Stupid auto correct.

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Do you know anything about it? Just for starters?

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Maybe we should make an interpretation of Fear and Loathing in Las-Vegas?
'We'v got 2 bags o' teef, 75 bottles of Battl juse, 5 big shootas, half o' crate of sluggas and also skorcha, attack squig five dozn of 'nades and rigger grots the only ding i wuz afraid of iz big choppaz.Unce you get addictid dere iz no way out. '

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I know that you plays as either mob of Gorka orks or Morka orks, killimg each other.
Also, i suspect that its played with d20

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Gorkamorka is about Orks who along time ago crashed landed on a desert planet. After joining up again they turned to the men boys to fix there hulk of a ship. As they "built" it two sides began to form. One side was trying to make it look like Mork and the other Gork! Of course this led to fighting! Now Orks face across the landscape in vehicles to gather scrap fight Orks get paid and get off this ZOGGIN ROCK!

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Double that.

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Gol dang it.

Well first we need to pick a side Gork or Mork?

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So, its just old-fashioned Foightin' and Winning?
Count me in!

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Lol OP you there?

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We should play as a dreadnought. We have multiple ork threads a week. Let's go for something different.

A Contemptor or Ironclad would be awesome.

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So we are sure about it?
But there is only three of us and i am GM and cant play.

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Of course i am here, ya unpatient git!
Really i am more and more eager o make a dreadnought RPG.
That would be a nice change from oldfashioned games.

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OI that just enough three to play main Orkney drivers and boys and a GM to be da boss! And its a persistent game! Upgrades to weapons and vehicles! Upgrade your Orkney fun missions and lots of driving!

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Come on, lets play Dreadnought!
We had lots of ork games earlier.

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The problem with dreadnoughts in my opinion is they cant do much. They can ONLY fight. Orks and humans can talk and do varieties of mission but dreadnoughts have one purpose and one way to do it.A Leo I played a dreadnought in deathwatch I stopped because I was basically a one man group and I wanted to actually play with my friends.

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Yeah, being a powerful from beginning once in a while would be nice.
By the way, what kind of Dred?
I prefer the Venerable or a CQC combination.

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We can do something besides Orks but I'm only one guy so decide and I'll roll with it.

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Salamander dreadnought if we end doing this.

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So, either Dreadnought or Gorkamorka.
I will wait fifteen minutes more and then we'll start.
Btw, maybe we play as some Kommando in third war of Armaggedon?

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i can play, but don't really know how to play

>> No.21107779

I will teach you all

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dreadnought it up

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You just make yourself a mob of boyz and do whatever you feel like.

Can we play as Rogue trader or Inquisitor and explore shit?

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One thread to decide what to play another to actually play it.

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Five minutes left and i'm counting the votes.

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I'm down to play, but alas, do not know the rules either

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Ok, the votes are counted and we play GorkaMorka.
Should we roll our characters in this thread or i need to create new one?
Also, we need to choose the place and goal.

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Alright I assume you da boss?

I'll roll up in a sec

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Well we ethier start in our camp or mektown.

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Apart from GM'ing what are my responsibilities as Boss?

Also i think i came up with storyline.

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Well you tell us what to do, resolve disputes put us in posistions.

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I think the storyline will be like following:
Da Boss Mekanik(Me) send Gorkaboyz and Morkaboyz into the wastelands to find the details, needed for construction of Gorkamorka.
Tribe that manages to get details and bring it to me first gets the right to call the construct in name of it's God.
And to spice things up, some inquisitiorial troops/space marines/eldar embark on planet to prevent orks from starting the horrible engine of destruction.

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this sounds acceptable.

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So, you roll your chars here, or i start new thread?

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I'd say start a new one, but either way is fine I think

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Okay, imma starting mah thread!

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Gutgears da II
Stats Mek boy
M:4 WS:4 BS:2 S:3 T:4 W:1 I:2 LD:7 ARMOR :5+

Gear: kustom shoota. Spanner trot and wrench

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And thats all?
Its going to be more of RPG than strategy.
Think of character, describe what he looks like, give him a band of boyz, etc.
Also, new thread is started come in

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Oh yes, sorry gits.

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