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Sup /tg/, a 40k question here.

How many units of Troops is the "right" number at 1500 points and above? I've heard people say stuff like Tactical Squads/Chaos Space Marine squads are a "tax" and you shouldn't take too many but then I don't see you being about to hold objectives, which are most of the game types now.

Chaos get cultists for cheap objective camping, so would 1 squad of marines in a metal box plus some cultists to go to ground on objectives be enough troops at 1500, or would 2 marine squads (1 2x meltas, 1 2x plasmas) be better?

Also would you rather take two Forgefiends for maximum dakka, or a Forgefiend and a Lascannon / Lascannon Sponsons Predator?

If you stick Gargoyles, a Havoc Launcher and a Combi-Bolter on the Pred it becomes a pricy, if effective, vehicle with higher BS.

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Your troops are cheap. Take three scoring units. Remember that the "tac tax" only applies to vanilla codex really because BA, GK, and SW have better troops. But vanilla can combat squad if they are hurting for troops or are playing against an opponent where full squads are unnecessary. Or they can take 5 scouts which many do.

Las is still an overpriced piece of shit with Chaos discount. Not worth paying the Chaos tax to get autocannon predator.

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Thanks for the advice - I was thinking one tooled up squad with a Rhino, 2 meltaguns and the FNP Icon for rushing forward and blasting tanks, and 1-2 10-man unmarked squads with 2 plasma guns each, probably in Rhinos as well.

Plus a blob of 30 autogun cultists with 3 heavy stubbers for protecting my home objective, giving me 3-4 scoring units.

10 Marines with 2 plasma guns and a Rhino is 205 points, 217 if you take the Havoc Launcher too. A couple of blocks of those seem a good basis for an army.

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