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Hi /tg/ Im making my own setting and I need a few descriptors for the religions. Something along the lines of pic would be great.

The gods are as follows:
God of light and hope. Uses the sun as symbol to burn the wicked. (good)
God of darkness and despair. Uses the darkness to conceal his servants. (evil)
God of nature and strength. Nature is its own strength and the strong can fend for himself. (neutral)
God of structure and trade. Cities and technology will bring advancements beyond anything nature could ever give. (neutral).

I already have the God of Light and Hope (in pic) but I need the three others.

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Have you ever read the Golden Bough?

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God of Nature is called The Great Beast. He exists in brutality and uncaring aspects of the natural world. Farmer and humans who live in rural environments pay him homage out of fear and respect more than love. Savage barbarians worship Him for strength, and druids revere Him as the true nature of the human soul. He should be chaotic neutral.

The god of structure and trade is also the god of fire, because thats the tool He gave man to create civilization. His holy symbol is the wall, and his paladins are duty bound to protect the walls of all human civilization. Merchants, soldiers, and bureaucrats are his primary followers, but anyone who seeks shelter behind a wall will pay him some amount of homage. He is lawful neutral.

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The god of darkness and despair is traditionally worshiped by various twisted monster races and doomsday cults, but a popular new branch that is more open and friendly focusing on personal freedom has sprung up in recent years. The new branch is still underground, as worship of the night god is still illegal, but they're not fanatical cultists - they're mostly just desperate peasants who are interested in a different worldview. The night god is also the oldest of the gods, so there are a few particularly powerful and dangerous elder races in far-flung comers of the world who still follow Him.

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The God of Light, the Lord of Hope and bane of the wicked instructs those who would seeks the sun's blessings to be kind and just in their actions, to be faithful, and never to speak untrue; if you must deceive, do it with truth, for even light can mislead and blind, but never with anything other than what it truly is. It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak, and the duty of the meek to provide for their rulers as well as their families. The Day is seen as Light's most focused and powerful form, and is the seal taken up by righteous crusaders and leaders alike. The Stars, however, are likewise light and instead represent the efforts of individuals in a sometimes unkind world to brighten the darkness and to remind the followers of Light to keep faith and carry on, even in trying times, for the sun shall ever rise again.

The people of this faith are very optimistic, tied to duty and traditions of loyalty and trust, but keep a playful measure of competition in wordplay as part of their society; rap musicians and word-smiths are held in high-regard for their mastery of language and the ability to keep to the God of Light's tenants while giving multiple meanings to their words and rhymes, and while the formal religions don't talk about it as much, the Moon's sign is considered to be within Light and Hope's realm as a trickster aspect of the Sun Lord.

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I always liked Litast the bat god of rainbows and children

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The Mask in Shades and Whispers preaches freedom through secrecy and stealth; that though other powers may reign and control, that the willing spirit may still decide their own fate by evading notice of those that would enforce it. Those that follow the path of shadows are hidden, both from sight and from notice for the most devout. The ability to move about unhindered has encouraged some of the lower-income and less powerful families of the land to abandon their duties, causing unrest among the followers of the Light. Those that simply wish to travel and take hold of their lives are kind enough, but as one might expect the ability to move unnoticed has also been exploited by some for more malicious purposes, and as it does not take long for worship of the Darkest to grant such freedom, the number of issues that come from this following increases each year.

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The god of structure and trade is primarily worshipped in towns and cities where trade is wide spread and trades are being honored. Especially traders, law enforcers and tradesmen worship this god but also scholars, nobles and pesants worship him as the god of reason, god of order and god of protection.

His priests and paladins use hammers as their weapons of choice because it can double up as a tool when building forts but also battle axes are common as they are also a common tool in construction.

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OP here, I love these! Keep em coming!

The god of nature and strength is primarily worshipped by foresters, rangers and pesants but also druids, trackers and other people who spend time in the woods. Travellers often offer him a prayer before heading on the road and ask for his protection.

Orcs, giants and ogers also worship the god of nature and strength which leads to the fact that this god has a rather bad reputation amongst the city dwellers as a god for the savages. These greenskins and giants worship the god of nature and strength mostly for the strength aspect but also as a god of the wilderness, hunting and fury in combat.

His priests and paladins usually use axes or bows and arrows as they double up as tools for life on the road by providing shelter and fire and can be used for hunting.

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The god of the darkness shines his cold shadows over his followers, shrouding them from prying eyes while they do his bidding. He raises unseen terrors from the dark of the earth and sends them to..

Welp I got nothing honestly.

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A little insight of the world: Basically the entire world is covered in a thick fog. Scattered around are clearings up to the size of small countries. These clearings each have their own little world in them - usually a small kingdom but some have several tribes or towns battling for control.

The fog itself is the domain of the fog dwellers - basically, demons without bodies. They cant leave the fog but they can possess people inside the fog and make them do horrible things, even after they exit the fog. For this reason, war between the clearings is pretty rare but so is trade and information sharing. There are few people who can travel between the clearings without harm and those are the fog striders. They can see clearly in the fog and seem to be more or less invisible to the fog dwellers so they are much safer out there and many of them make fortunes as messengers or traders.

The clearings themselves are very varied, some inhabited almost solely by greenskins or dark elves while others are more varied - the most common theme though is human settlement with scattered elf/dwarf/halfling/vos (a non-furry wolf-like man - basically a gypsy human with a deformed face and claws)/greenskin settlements.

The gods, however, are mostly the same all over the world (with a few exceptions allowing for local gods who are mostly pretty weak)

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The Goddess of trade and structure is a patron of deals, agreements, and pacts. Breaking such a pact is a sin, but forgivable if the contract had contingencies for such a departure from the original agreement (escape clauses are a Must in any follower's contracts.)

Her dogma is that trust is paramount in dealing with relationships both casual and formal, and that a breach of trust is the bane of all progress, technological, social or otherwise. Piracy and thievery is seen as breach of social contract in civilized zones, and a disruption in the trades and agreements of others in un-lawful areas; those that would commit such acts have no protection under her dogma nor under the laws of the cities and nations that worship her.

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Evil? What you call evil, I call kindness.
You sit in your tower, holding the emblem of the sun. You say you will protect the weak and punish the wicked.

A man, fleeing strife, war, hunger, or disease arrives at your door, and what do you do? You shun him. "You were cruel. You were usurious. You lied. You have your comeuppance."
I do not make such judgments. My door is open to all. You call him a criminal. You call him a monster. I call him family. He shall have a bed and a meal. I care not what he does to you and yours, so long as he maintains the peace in my house.

So long as you are "The sword that smites evil," I shall exist. "The shield that protects all who ask."

"Conceal evildoers?" It is only natural for a mother to protect her children. and so Mother Night shall.

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Important part is that noone worships the fog dwellers. They are feared as fuck though and most people consider it worse than suicide to wander into the fog because you never know if you may return changed.

And naturally there are wizards who try and bind them for power and all that but since the fog dwellers are mostly invisible, thats kinda hard. Magic is rather limited in that teleportation spells require that you have been at your destination before and there are no spells which reveal invisible beings.

There are a few very very rich wizards who traversed the fog, usually guided by a fog strider, who make a ton of money teleporting clients between clearings but they are few and far between as few dare traverse the fog, even when guided by a fog strider.

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These are awesome

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The Great Beast is feared for its violent potential, but as it also the patron of plants and animals, hunters often pay it tribute in prayer before a kill, and after by leaving part of it for the creatures of the wilds. Sea-farers (if there are any, idk with the new fog info) worship it as The Angry Gale, and even in the cities it is called upon, either to stave off natural disasters like earth-quakes, or to aid in some of the more cruel and violent deeds that are done even in civilized lands.

Followers of the Beast and the Mask may get along, and are sometimes the worst and most malicious people imaginable. Other times, they may be the type to avoid calamity and attentions alike, and simply hide and avoid trouble as best they can.

The Beast's followers are often at odds with the Traders' Patron Goddess, though any actual Ire is on behalf of the Traders; those of the Beast's following do not Hate their counterparts, but simply do not respect their laws and ways, and act only according to nature's call. There may be a small, heretical group that mean to bring the teachings of both the Beast and the Trader together, thinking Technology to be a natural development, and Nature something other than the primal wilds, though such thought and method is heretical to both its parent faiths.

The Beast's followers are likewise often at odds with the Lightsworn, forsaking laws and loyalty whenever it becomes more troublesome to operate under the Sun's rule.

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The faith of the God of Light and the Trader aren't nearly as mutually exclusive to each other as their counterparts, and establishments of both may be found openly and in some cases cooperatively depending on the sway of the people in a given population. The Light's call for truth suits the Trader's oaths well, though many of the Trader's Guilds don't appreciate the Lightsworn's habit of twisting words, and find it frustrating to have to spend hours pouring over each agreement just to pin their partners down some times.

The Trader's folks, however, also get along marginally well with the Mask's followers, though such deals are usually done in secret, and start with very complicated and harshly enforced Non-Disclosure Agreements. These arrangements help with "legitimate" smuggling rings that bring goods to and from locations where they are allowed, but often through territories where they are not. Additionally, there are whispers of Traders and Shadows looking for ways to bind even the Demons of the Myst to contract, perhaps finding ways to safely progress into the fog, or at least gather more information about the world hidden within the shroud.

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Does it make sense to make the god of structure also the god of fire when there is already a sun god in the setting? It seems somewhat counter intuitive.

Love the idea of the Mask though!

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There can be sea as well as land in the clearings. Imagine Earth, covered in a thick layer of fog and then randomly dotted with clearings. Some are inland, some are completely sea and some are coastal areas.

The main reason for this setting tbh is so that I can have a campaign with simple and changeable settings constantly as long as the main setting with the fog stays the same. One day they are in an advanced human settlement with kings and wizards and all that, and the next day they are in a barbaric desertland governed by orcs who keep dwarves as slave miners for instance. Normally that shit wouldnt fly with the king being able to just send in the army if its that close, but with the fog as the all-round-plot-insulation, this is not only very possible - its also awesome!

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