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Elegan/tg/entlemen! I need your assistance! I am looking for a certain speech I have seen on her before between an old paladin and the youth he is training to shut up my 'herp derp paladins are annoying" friend. It's a heartfelt little soliloquy on moral obligations of the strong and duty and not being retarded.

It's definitely made the rounds a few times, I just have no idea how to find it.

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Let me tell you about my D&D character. He is from my favorite animes.

Name: Sephiroth Goku the Stampede
Race: Vampire Wizard Angel Demon (not a gargoyle)
Age: 100s of years old but looks 16.
Appearance: He has a red trenchcoat and he has a gun, but he only shoots the gun to hurt things because he doesn't believe in killing.
Backstory: He used to be an angel, but then he was a devil, and when he was an angel and then he was a devil, and he gave it up, because he learned how to love. See, he used to be a devil and an angel but he gave it up to be human because he he fell in love with a girl who is really simple but she loved him with all of her heart. He got bitten by a vampire, and he drank her blood and she died. So he's really sad about it. He perches on rooftops when it's raining out and he looks down at the ground like a gargoyle, but but he's not a gargoyle, because he's a vampire wizard angel demon.

The girl was a super goody two shoes over achiever school girl who looks like an eight year old but she was really smart and in high school. And then, AND THEN, and then 'cause after he got bit by the vampire and it caused him to kill his girlfriend he he got a big robot that he found under a rock, and the big robot said "I AM A BIG ROBOT, AND I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YOU." and the big robot said "WE'LL BE FRIENDS" and he climbed into the big robot and said "Let's go get the vampire."

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Weirdly enough, I almost always play characters that fit this speech, even though I've only briefly played one paladin once ever. Apparently I'm a closet paladin. Also a mutant freak among every group I ever play with since I'm the only person who always gravitates to being a selfless nice guy in my fantasy escapism.

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